Les Visible: A Brief Synopsis on my Situation


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This moving account of Les Visible’s recent health problems is followed by a 3-minute video poem called “Mystic Musing”, beautifully ready by Patrick Willis.  My heart goes out to Les in his pain and suffering.  His stoical endurance of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune reminds me in many ways of the life and work of Marcus Aurelius. However you look at it, Les is a unique spirit sustained by his faith in the unseen world, a world of angels and demons — in short, by the Ineffable.


My friends, I am truly sorry for keeping you in the dark about my situation and my status. About two weeks ago I went to sit down. I didn’t fall. I wasn’t addled. I heard a crack and my other hip broke. It was around midnight and my friend was on the East Coast. I called my friend and was not believed for a bit; surely I was joking? I wasn’t. So… for almost 20 hours I had to sit and move as little as I could until my friend arrived. By grace I had some small amount of a painkilling substance but it was by no means enough or strong enough but otherwise, surely I would have lost my mind. Something I thought I had lost a long time ago but, however, pain definitely concentrates the mind.

My friend called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital and the next day they replaced my other hip. Now they are both replaced and I am using a walker and almost getting around. I had enough pain medication to mute the pain while hospitalized but that was all. When I was discharged, I received enough for five days and they said they would give no more. When the other hip broke in Germany I received two weeks more than I have gotten here and that was sufficient for me to make it on my own.

The result is that I have been in extreme pain until earlier today when I started having drinks, which I am moderating so as to keep the pain at bay because each day it lessens by some degree. This morning, getting out of bed was an experience I hope I never repeat. I was screaming for a short time until I got myself righted. I am not asking for sympathy or support of any kind. This will pass.

I do not understand why I have been plagued with such physical problems in recent years. I’m told I will be fine and that this is all at an end but I have been told such things before.

I do not know what to think but perhaps you can understand why I have been reluctant to communicate and have simply chosen to bear this in silence until it passes. Forgive me if this is the wrong decision but I couldn’t have written this until recently because of the difficulty of movement and controlling my mind in respect of all of these tasks.

I have spent deep meditation upon why I should be experiencing this. I had near convinced myself that I was one of the good guys (grin). The looming fear is that I have been under attack and I certainly went through a few of those recently… leading up to this.

I am protected but not entirely, apparently. I have been told I made an agreement before I came here to ease the passage of others by taking upon myself a degree of suffering. It seems to me now that at this time (if true) I did not know what I was agreeing to. I can only hope this passes and that I get some period of respite for a time. It has been excruciating. I never expected this but… what are you going to do?

I have put myself out of reach for a time and sought out a cloistered sanctuary of sorts. You would think as creative as I am I would have made the effort to have the necessary analgesics but it is one of those things that is kismet-fate-whatever you want to call it.

Let me assure you that my pain lessens each day and now I can get about with a bearable state, unless I am just getting used to it.

Some of you are being very insistent about reaching me and some of you have even shown at at the door of the house where I was living. How some of you managed that I don’t know. Please do not do this anymore. I am asking with real concern that no one goes to the trouble or expense to hunt me down. I will be very unhappy should you do this. Let me be and all will be well. There is nothing you can do and I am already healing more rapidly than a normal person would. You need have no concern for me. What can be done is being done unless you can teleport things (grin).

Remember me in your prayers. That should be sufficient. Ask the ineffable to grant me protection from whatever this is that has been coming at me. I have been involved in a war for some time. Of course the only war there is is within us but at the same time, God does not have angels for no reason and all of us have different destinies and some of us have unusual destinies.

My biggest concern is the fear that has come upon me now and again recently as I cannot fathom the rhyme nor reason for this. It may well be that all will be well now. I will certainly proceed with caution and the fear does not remain long since I know the ineffable loves me and through me.

I don’t want to write anymore. I can’t think of more to say but let me ASSURE you that I am better than I was yesterday and much better than the day before that. If I could think of something you could do for me I would ask but prayer is all I can think of. I had to admit to some amount of laughter upon celebrating my birthday in a hospital bed (grin)

I had been planning to record the Lord of the Rings as a Christmas present for you all and a few other things; they must all wait now for a bit but where there is life and breath they will occur.

Please do not indulge in anxiety or hysteria; God is great and good and real and all will be well! Be certain of that. We are not given more than we can bear, even if it seems so at times.

Please be well and do not concern yourself with me. Everything is much improved and it will resolve itself and bright days I am sure, do lie ahead.

Much Love to you!!!

Sourced from Truthseeker
via Smoking Mirrors

VIDEO  :  2.53 mins

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      1. Yer gonna have to explain that one Circ. Is that some sort of trick question involving physics? If so, don’t tell me.
        Give me another clue. I like riddles. 🤔

  1. Poor guy; I hope he recovers soon.

    So he was living in Europe, but now he’s back in the U.S. somewhere?

  2. “to learn as we grow old…. the secrets of our soul” : A quote from the song “Question” by The Moody Blues, one of my favorite groups . Lyrics start at 1:52. Poetry put to music, it’s very beautiful, very touching. It’s what Les Visible is doing, striving to learn the secrets of his soul, and that is a worthy striving.

  3. Harold, he’s living in Arizona for the last year or so and is currently in Mexico recovering.
    Visible prabhu has what the academic trend setters coined “a beautiful mind”

    He’s also more stubborn that Pat, if you can imagine such a thing.
    Hope you’re feeling well enough Pat!

    1. I’m thinking you must know Les personally or correspond with him?

      From the brief narrative, it seems to me that what he describes is not a normal feature of aging. I’m thinking he should consult a nutritionist, as he may be deficient in important micronutrients such as vitamin K1 and K2, vitamin D, magnesium and perhaps trace minerals such as boron and silicon. Of course gut health is extremely important too, and and certain probiotics (e.g., Bifidobacterium longum if I remember correctly) have been shown to increase bone mineral density in animal models.

      1. Brownhawk’s basic health advice:

        1) No wheat, rye, barley, or oats. All unfit for human consumption

        2) No oils or frying with oil (real butter OK)

        Consumption of these foods inhibits absorption of nutrients – the #1 cause of disease

        3) Given that depletion of vitamins and minerals from the soil is a pandemic crisis, supplement your diet with these.

      2. Harold, I’m sure knows all that and more.
        He has many people and their good intentions advising him.

        BTW, good timing. I just finished a big glass of kefir.

      3. I’ve been seriously interested in the subject of aging and disease – regarding nutritional and lifestyle interventions to slow and/or reverse aging and to treat age-related diseases and conditions – for about 20 years or so.

        I do a lot of literature research and I try to stay up to date on the subject as best I can, and it seems that probiotics may be “the next big thing.” Check out the following for example:





      4. Harold, I drink a quart of kefir a week. I also take a HSO probiotic, a whole food multi vitamin and 8 mg Astaxanthin, daily. In the winter when sun exposure is limited, I take daily D-3 and K2 (MK 4 – MK 7 blend).

        I use castor oil (palma christi) externally on shoulders, knees, ankles, skin and abdomen pack (Edgar Cayce special) when feeling under the weather. I also take a daily astaxanthin, the uber antioxidant/anti-inflammatory!
        Someof the modern supplements are marvelous.

        I haven’t been to the doctor ill, in 50 years.
        I have had the flu once or twice (viruses) but the doctor is not much help for the viruses.

        A couple of weeks ago I had a wisdom tooth removed which became a dry socket and then an infection. I don’t think the lazy dentist sterilized his tools properly.
        Now I’m forced to take antibiotics which kills a lot of the established good gut bacteria along with the bad, but via kefir and my other probiotic I shall build up my defenses once more!

        Oh, and I’ve also been taking hydrocodone for the pain this week.
        Hence my “I’m on drugs” comment to Admin as a poor excuse for misspelling my email address..

      5. Sounds pretty good HP.

        I’m a believer in astaxanthin. I’ve treated animals with it.

        I also take B vitamins, some extra niacin, betaine, a few amino acids, and I make sure to get some “superfoods” like organic sprouted flax seed powder, which I believe is a potent anti-aging food.

        Brownhawk alluded to something important: depletion of minerals from the soil. Because that’s an unknown, I take selenium, chromium (polynicotinate), boron and iodine – a few times a week.

        I believe that Bruce Ames “triage theory of aging” offers a plausible explanation as to why so many people don’t make it to anywhere near the ostensible max human life span of 120 years.


  4. I love the work of Les Visible and the readings by Patrick Willis are heavenly. Be that it may, below is my question.

    Les Visible said: ” … I have spent deep meditation upon why I should be experiencing this. ”

    If Gods rules, physical and moral are perfect,

    … then surely that is the answer to the Les Visible’s meditation. Simply in the physical field of genes and environment there are a googleplex”, (a 1 followed by 100 zeros) of possibilities as to why an old man would suffer a broken bone.

    If Gods rules are perfect why is the puny brain and selfish heart of Man required to pray for an intervention.
    Prayer cannot alter one jot of the Perfection, its impact is on self development of Man’s heart.

    I wish Les Visible quick recovery

    1. I have to beg to differ, having had real education and experience along the line of thought that you pretend to propound. To my way of thinking, deficient as that may seem to you and others, reason is ego’s delight, the bane of Mind, the burden of Soul. Consider the neglected, maligned work of Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), founder (twice!) of Church of Christ, Scientist. Heal thyself, physician! When one can accept healing, one can dispense same to others. As you think, so you are!

      Sure, accidents befall, injuries ensue. All remains perfect — and perfection does not diminish with healing. Prayer works, despite your unreferenced, unsupportable assertion. In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

      [See http://www.gnostic.org for additional resource material along this line of inquiry. Full disclosure — not my site, that of a teacher I know.]

  5. How can you laugh, my heart,
    When someday you and I will disintegrate in the grave?
    Not too long ago we were in the prime of youth,
    Joyously singing, while flitting from one branch to another:
    Exuding dreams, love, and bliss.
    Now, nothing left to reap save disquietude.
    Unwillingly, my heart, you departed the homeland,
    And still removing the painful thorns of misery.

    O, what a life!
    I am hopeless, tired of this life,
    Pessimistic about this world.
    I have never been wrong about its nature,
    Nor its delusive nature will ever change.

    Best wishes to our inimitable friend as the good LD once discribed him .

    1. @ Al

      Excellent poem! You exhibit a rate gift for poetry. But no need for such a bleak outlook. In a recent poem by LD on this site, this line was quoted as the epigraph:

      “It behoved that there should be sin; but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”
      — Juliana of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, c. 1393

      Just substitute the word “pain” for “sin” and the message is: “Patience! All will be well in the end.”

      If I’m not mistaken, this is the philosophy of Spinoza who was satirized by Voltaire as the philosopher “Pangloss” in his novel Candide. Pangloss kept saying “This is the best of all possible worlds”, despite the fact that everything that kept happening around him in the world was pretty awful.

      In other words, no matter how desperate things seem, this is “the best of all possible worlds” because pain and suffering are necessary as purifying agents. The end result, however, is good — because in the end “all manner of thing will be well” . . .

      Hope this makes sense.

      1. Don’t forget the PUNCH line: Tend to your own garden!

        Wife and I have to moderate our own ebullient forays in the real world of horticulture, the domain of agriculture. When you have “zucchini boats” to feed to chickens (a dozen to two dozen eggs a day) — non-GMO, no pesticides, heirloom! — that’s one aspect, win-win with the poultry! We also have beans up the Wazoo; we give thanks for mastering pressure canning, finally, taking a load off of three freezers. We plan to reduce to two or even fewer freezers, with the construction of a “cellar storage” somewhere on our 10 acres.

        Prepping becomes a way of life, from excess (there’s always the grocery store!) to efficient self-sufficiency. FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD! Not to put too fine a point on Candide’s realization.


        Thanks it does make a lot of sense .I believe all will go to heaven eventually even the disbelievers but first they must be purified through suffering in Hellfire .

      3. @ Alan Donelson

        Don’t forget the PUNCH line: Tend to your own garden!

        You are obviously a very well-read man! Apparently the last sentence in Voltaire’s great book, Candide, has created endless controversy as to its “meaning”. Why I don’t know, since its meaning seems pretty clear to me.

        “Cela est bien dit,” répondit Candide, “mais il faut cultiver notre jardin.” — Literally translated: “That is well said,” Candide replied. “But it is necessary to cultivate our garden.”

      4. @Sardonicus. Thank you for the compliment — well read on a scale of 1 to 100, perhaps a 75 (a C+). But for education at a small liberal arts school — Earlham College (once Quaker, now morphing into Professor Doom’s worst nightmare) — I would never have known the “punch line” I cited.

        Even more saliently, but for living another half century, I would never have appreciated its meaning as much as I do now. Thanks to all the “mothers” in my life….and all others who kept faith in me! GOD bless all, we have many, many miles to go….

  6. Prayer works…
    Prayer is a way to focus the inner energy of each man or womb-man. The great energy given by the creator.

    1. A couple more hints.
      LOVE is the channel through which POWER moves.
      The Law of Prayer is, more generally, the Law of the Triangle.
      As a “fallen away Roman Catholic”, altar boy and all, I found teachings through the Holy Order of MANS (HOOM) most helpful. With an emphasis on experience, teachers of HOOM provided up-lifting moments that exceeded those I had then experienced with psychedelic drugs.
      The mortal remains of HOOM you can access at http://www.gnostic.org. I highly recommend The Golden Force, Father Paul’s work, required reading even for those of us NOT vowed and “inside” the Order! Father Paul made prayer understandable and testable to spiritually lay humans, in my experience. Wife and I, two heads better than one, practice same with successful effect to this day, decades later!

      1. (ADMIN: Comment held up because of typo in your email address)

        Alan you say – “To my way of thinking, deficient as that may seem to you and others, reason is ego’s delight, the bane of Mind, the burden of Soul.”
        “LOVE is the channel through which POWER moves.”

        Alan, you might enjoy this short sweet essay by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura,
        an expert at both. Reason and Love

      2. @hp “Alan, you might enjoy this short sweet essay by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura”.

        Enjoyed that I did. Questions arose like gas bubbles in the cauldron of our morning boiler. Is “Reason” Mind? If not, where does Reason operate, how we do in Self reason at all? Questons so posed, I myself refer to Yogi Bhajan’s series of lectures, The Mind, a graduate course in relation to Earnest Holmes’ “The Science of Mind” — and with a great deal more HOW TO! Faith without works, indeed!

      3. Alan, another you might enjoy, as per the mind.
        “The mind is like the intermediate connecting medium between the spirit and that material external covering called the body.”
        “The soul has no material activity.”

      4. @hp et al. A fantastically well done, expertly produced documentary I highly recommend RE MIND.
        The Minds of Men, a four-hour exploration conducted by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, available on DVD. See https://www.youtube.com/user/TRUTHstreammedia. The trailer provides a brief exposition. By Jiminy Cricket, a recent production gives the essence and promise of the full documentary.
        A Talking Cricket, a Self-Writing Quill, and the Coming Hive Mind

    2. @ Pat

      Everyone has the freewill to believe as they want, so I’m not being critical of what you have said. That said, thanks for the lead in. 🙂

      My experience on prayer is that we only do the initiating for the source of all power, the Father, to do the work. Acknowledgement of the source of all power seems to be the reason for the initiation requirement.

      A couple of months ago, a thought about praying for the sick occurred to me out of the blue, so I went researching the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. My initial thoughts about what I would find were true. Jesus did not say to pray for the sick. The reason is because we are supposed to command the sick to be healed, just as he did and as he told is disciples to do. All it takes is belief on the part of the one commanding and belief on the part of the one being healed. Anyone can do it, so there is no reason for anyone to consider themselves special and exalt themselves for being able to do it.

      About three years ago, I discovered that sometimes a healing of symptoms is not what we need, but answers to why we are having a problem. Perfect resolution is the apparent reason.

      I’m currently working on a paper about praying properly that also addresses the misinformation we have all been subjected to from the past that gets in the way. If Lasha or Sister Monica wants it when complete, I’ll send it to them to do with as they please since it is on the long side due to addressing the misinformation.

      Again, thanks for the lead in.

      My best wishes for Les Visible.

      1. The only legitimate request to the Beloved is that others become enlightened to the truth. This is what every true master like Jesus and the Buddha worked towards. Other requests are merely different forms of praying for a new bicycle.

        However, such masters will tell you that while all may have the potential, due to the immense effort required, very, very few among humanity will ever achieve a state of enlightenment and so the cycle of ego-based life continues. The masses of humanity will continue to suffer as long as their desires for the baubles of this material world drive their existence.

      2. “Other requests are merely different forms of praying for a new bicycle.”

        “Daily bread” in the Lord’s Prayer includes ALL that is NEEDED to acquire the “daily bread” regardless of the society that the one praying is in.

      3. I look forward to your contribution! Brought to mind: (((Werner Erhard’s))) definition of “personal and individual responsibility” — ability to respond, essentially. First to Self, then to others (my wording here). First, heal thyself. Then, by all means available, branch out, just like the Tree of Life!

      4. @ Alan Donelson

        I’m not familiar with Erhard, but I agree in concept. You cannot give away freely what you do not have.

        Because of the length of my proper prayer paper, Admin would have a fit, rightfully so, if I posted it in a comment. When complete, I’ll send it to Admin and let them decide what to do with it since Darkmoon is their site.

        I should put up my own site. It all depends on whether I can corral my tech-head son to help me get it done properly. If I can, I’ll post the link to you in a future comment.

        In a previous post, you mentioned that you and your wife were doing pressure cooker canning. Always be cautious when pressure cooker canning. Steam under pressure is powerful.

        Happy farming is therapeutic.

  7. Salam u Aleikum dear Les,
    May all the efforts and sacrifices that you have made throughout your Jihadist life to expose the monsters who stole my country turn into a million litle angels that would come into your pained soul and heal it completely …
    People of Palestine love and bless you
    stay strong …

  8. “I have been told I made an agreement before I came here to ease the passage of others by taking upon myself a degree of suffering. It seems to me now that at this time (if true) I did not know what I was agreeing to.”

    Be careful what what ask for and agree to – you may just get it. I never wish anyone a long life, as I reserve that for my enemies the Jews. They, more than anyone, need it.

    My best wishes to you Les. May you have a speedy recovery.


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