Make or break time for Trump — and America

By Irish Savant
via The Truthseeker


As the caravans begin to reach the Mexico/US border outriders have already begun to clamber over the fence. (According to the Drudge Report’s  ‘Caravan Jumps Border Fence: No Troops’). Apparently there’s actually a kind of platform on top of the fence, presumably to offer the invaders a chance to recharge their batteries after that energy-sapping climb. One thing is certain: If Trump doesn’t firmly halt this invasion, his support among his base will collapse.

According to a Bloomberg report, migration has actually increased in the second year of Trump’s Presidency while deportations have declined. We know that he’s facing opposition from the country’s traitorous Fifth Column by way of sanctuary cities, the (((courts))) and a virtual mutiny by some high-ranking military officers. But a tweet-storm of threats and insults will not stop the invasion and in that event his base will throw in the towel because he’ll have conceded defeat on their most important issue, the overrunning of America by the Third World.

And here’s a bit of advice. Stop insulting the migrants, calling them bad people, gang-bangers and terrorists. Not because they’re not – huge numbers are – but because it will lose him support. The  reason being that the media will always root out a worried dedicated mother and her adorable children who just want to flee the violence in their homeland and become hard-working honest Americans. The sole difference between them and us isn’t qualitative but geographical: they’re there and we’re here. We’re lucky; they’re not. Good or bad fortune isn’t meritocratic. Americans have no more of a moral right to dry homes and safe streets than those Hondurans do.

Virtually everyone on this blog can see through this shameless manipulation. But the great unwashed out there, and especially the women, will see what the manipulators want them to see. They’ll easily succumb to the siren call to ‘just let them in’.

What Trump needs to do is emphasise the catastrophic impact that mass migration is having on America. That the kind of people who created the societies they’re fleeing will become a majority in America if the invasion isn’t stopped and inevitably make America more like the countries they fled. That the country does not have the physical, educational, health or housing infrastructures to accommodate them. That if such a caravan is allowed enter or its members given some preferential asylum rights (which is on the table) then there’s no logical reason why a billion other migrants from Third World hell-holes shouldn’t qualify for the same treatment.

Trump then has to follow up on it with some really tough practical measures such as arresting mayors of sanctuary cities and making them do the perp walk in hand-cuffs. Pour encourager les autres. He should continue with this program even when ordered to desist by activist judges. Appeal their rulings all the way up to the SCOTUS if necessary while – and this is crucial – he continues with the program awaiting the appeals.

One thing is certain: If Trump doesn’t firmly halt this invasion, his support among his base will collapse.

The facts are clear: America is rapidly approaching a demographic tipping point after which it inevitably devolves into Brasil del Norte.



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  1. It has already reached the demographic tipping point.

    Within 10 years, Republicans will stop winning elections.

    This is now a certainty.

    America will become Brasil.

    1. Don’t be stingy John. America will become Brazil, India, Bangladesh, “the heart of Darkest (Africa) and the rest of the 3rd, 4th and 5th worlds all rapped up in a New World Order multi-racial-cultural bow ruled over by the likes of Mr. George Soroass and his fellow (((tribesman))). Please stop this train ride into madness. TJ wants to get off.

  2. Trump is the white god and he will not be replaced until his 8 years are over. Expect his replacement will be a black goddess who will accuse all whites of racism. The white minority will still hold all high-tech jobs and the rest will live off their pensions and savings. Behold the new America.

    1. Hi Melvin,
      Nothing worse than an old fag. Anyway……crickets chirping…..go play with yourself.

    2. “Drain the swamp” Trump is likely a crypto Jew like Stalin, has a Jewess wife like Stalin, has filled his staff with swamp creatures and has children that have tens of millions in loans from high level swamp managers.

      Trump is one of the “fellas” and those who think otherwise are delusional.

      1. Fame and fortune is guaranteed by hopping onto the Ashkenazic Express. Young Trump got onboard after becoming an honorary Jew. Shmulke is the Presidents Rabbi and spiritual advisor. Moving the White House to Jerusalem is the Globalists dream.

  3. Unlimited illegal immigration is part of the Zionist playbook to subvert and destroy America by flooding America with illegals which will be allowed to vote for the bolshevik / communist / demonrat party that is wholly controlled by the Zionists who are driving for a satanic NWO.

    To see the complete template ie game plan of the satanic Zionists read The Protocols of Zion.

    1. Entire North/South continent was occupied by a billion natives. They were partially exterminated by European invaders. Surviving Indians have now been strengthened after being infused with black and white blood. Politically minded half breeds are now attempting to share and reclaim the Northern Continent. They cannot do it with guns, but super breeding and high fertility rates will do the trick.

      1. It’s too bad the founders didn’t finish the genocide here and effect it in Africa as well. Can you imagine how nice the earth would be now if there were no amerindians, Africans, muzzrats, or Jews ?
        The white and Asian nations could just peacefully coexist.
        Or is perpetual war and more total murder because of all these savages more moral than a much smaller but earlier genocide ??
        Tough question.

      2. Ed

        You sound like yet another stupid goyim that plays right into the hands of the very (((thing))) responsible for human beings to build their own prison walls.

        ALL humans are in effect the “masons” mortaring the bricks to do the job, hoisted on our own petard as we fiddle and diddle in the comfortable numbness of our bread and circuses while “Rome” burns


  4. Speaking about how demographics are destiny. Choose your partner wisely.

    There is an optimal genetic distance for a partner. The greatest reproductive success observed for couples related at the level of third and fourth cousins.


    Previous studies have reported that related human couples tend to produce more children than unrelated couples but have been unable to determine whether this difference is biological or stems from socioeconomic variables. Our results, drawn from all known couples of the Icelandic population born between 1800 and 1965, show a significant positive association between kinship and fertility, with the greatest reproductive success observed for couples related at the level of third and fourth cousins. Owing to the relative socioeconomic homogeneity of Icelanders, and the observation of highly significant differences in the fertility of couples separated by very fine intervals of kinship, we conclude that this association is likely to have a biological basis.

  5. This is the “Sardonicus trigger” — if Trump lets the migrants through then we also see through any kabuki the guy is engaging in.

    My triggers on Putin included s300s to Iran (check); Syria not partitioned (currently a de-facto partition seems to be settling over the country, so not looking good); and no private central bank setup in Syria. The “Resistance” is currently working behind the scenes to end the occupation of Idlib, NE Syria and Al Tanf, so we’ll see how that plays out. I expect the SAA to go into action again if the West does not give up.

    So there you have it — you can actually make up your mind on the kabuki if/when we get to see an end to these events. Are they scripted or are they not? If Syria is partitioned et al then Putin is indeed a monkey; if that migrant carnival…sorry I mean caravan gets into the US (no matter what sophistry is slapped all over the story) then Trump is also a monkey dancing for the man.

    Incidentally, Sard, if May lets her not-Brexit plan go through then we know she is also a shill; I’m fairly convinced of it now but we only ever find out at the end. Our true masters in the UK seem to be edging for either an indefinitely postponed Brexit (the May plan) or another referendum that will be super-rigged to keep us in the EU. This also finally clarifies Corbyn’s role (who we all know is a shill) as the fear factor, the bogey-man to turn the people away from another General Election.

    And no I still haven’t bothered checking out the “Churchill as kike” theory…I keep putting it off.

    1. Excellent post, Flopot. You have it all figured out! I admire your logical mind.

      In regard to Trump, as I’ve already pointed out, he now faces his big litmus test. If he lets that caravan of illegal immigrants into the US, we’ll know for sure he’s one of the bad guys. Irish Savant makes exactly the same point: “One thing is certain: If Trump doesn’t firmly halt this invasion, his support among his base will collapse.”


      Incidentally, Sard, if May lets her not-Brexit plan go through then we know she is also a shill; I’m fairly convinced of it now but we only ever find out at the end.

      For what it’s worth, Flopot, I am now 100% certain that May is a total fraud, a Zionist shill — by far the worst prime minister Britain has ever had apart from the iniquitous Tony Blair. LD makes this quite clear in her denunciation of Theresa May in a recent article:

      An anonymous correspondent writes to me: “This devious little snake-in-the grass [Theresa May] should be put on trial for treason! And if found guilty, she should be executed by firing squad, along with that other great betrayer of her people, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

      An unhelpful comment no doubt, given that we no longer have capital punishment in Britain. The sentiment is nevertheless understandable. The visceral loathing many people feel in Britain for this cheating liar, masquerading as a good churchgoing Christian—a Vicar’s daughter—probably stems from her arrogant hypocrisy.

      Tony Blair was guilty of flagrant war crimes; he is now a multimillionaire who has managed to escape justice. Theresa May, you can be sure, will escape justice too and will soon be on the lecture circuit like the mendacious war criminal Tony Blair. Here is a picture of Mrs May with her friend and mentor Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

      Maybe the good rabbi will inspire his duplicitous protégée to write her memoirs during her retirement.

      This is not Brexit, the “Brexit means Brexit” that Theresa May promised. It is Brexit betrayed! A broken promise. A fake Brexit.

      1. A powerful denunciation. There’s a real sense of anger where I live. You can see how the “cabal” works as they even have the DUP over a barrel with the threat of a Corbyn government hanging over them. I still think that the General Election that May called was not only unnecessary, but called precisely to enable a redistribution of the seats in Parliament to bring us to this very situation, i.e. it was rigged.

        They tried to rig the referendum but the yes turnout was so massive they couldn’t manage it 😀 No way was it a 52 to 48 split; no way. I still hope the English voters will waken up and make it clear that Brexit will mean Brexit; the “celtic peripheries” are now dominated by crypto-globalists. For example, the Scottish Nationists and Sinn Fein now wave the purple flag and bang on about gays and migrants. Strange days.

      2. @Sard

        I also do not think it a coincidence that London witnessed distracting protests about the fake climate change issue. All to distract. Expect many, many stupid events to be invented, engineered or manipulated in order to distract the UK public from the Brexit betrayal.

      3. For what it’s worth, Flopot, I am now 100% certain that May is a total fraud, a Zionist shill.

        This wasn’t obvious from the beginning? Here is a simple test for politicians.

        (1) Are they “elected?” If they are “elected” politicians, then they are gutless sycophants working for the Jew’s perniciously destructive agendas, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be there in the first place.

        (2) If they aren’t elected, then they are administrative bureaucrats following a not-so-hidden agenda that lies beyond any elected “politician” or political issue.

        At this stage of the game, it’s really quite simple. Those who might now, or someday in the future, present real opposition are never allowed near any “elected” leadership roles. No one is allowed near any real political levers unless they are:
        (a) Jewish or
        (b) Have groveled in open mouthed fealty before a Jew’s unzipped frontal region.

        Using this yard stick, it’s easy to figure out which politicians and administrative bureaucrats are on your side, working in your interest – none of them.

  6. If Trump lets these Third World invaders in, then it becomes impossible to maintain that he is playing some mysterious 4D chess game. Sometimes simple problems call for simple solutions.

    1. Franklin,

      Of course you’re right. You state what is so blindingly obvious to anyone with a smidgen of intelligence that it never ceases to amaze me that the promoters of the 4D chess game will still go on pretending that Trump is the new Messiah even if he fails this vitally important litmus test. There’s always the future, you see! The orange-haired Messiah is biding his time, it will be argued lamely. One day, when he’s ready to make his move, the New Messiah will pull the rug away from under those Evil Jews and Pax Judaica will come crashing down!

      Step forward Lobro and his band of merry men as chief proponents of this weird theory! 🙂

      And yet, you know, Lobro could be proved right if Trump actually takes decisive action against those invaders from the south. Now is the testing time that will provide the definitive answer to the question: “Is Trump the genuine article or a fake?”

    2. The citizens of Tijuana may have as much to do with ending these caravans as does the Trump Admin. I’ve seen that they cannot handle the deluge, don’t have the resources, the migrants are committing crimes, and they are demanding that these migrants leave. If Trump sticks to his guns and does not go back to Obama’s failed policy of “catch and release,” maybe the citizens of Mexico will take care of the rest of it on their own.

  7. i don’t think i’d believe bloomberg any more than cnn…
    it’s make or break time for trump, true enough… you’re the man donald… it’s good they hate you already anyway… start by arresting people who incite against the office…
    make fake news on you, national security matters and border issues a serious crime…
    border security is the reason everybody voted for djt… he was the only one who even talked about it…
    and if he flunks this test, i don’t know who else there is on the scene to save us..
    but making that claim would propel another candidate…
    right now the court’s position is that illegal immigration is a civil issue… it needs to be made a criminal matter…
    it must also be a major crime to foster non-citizen voting, which is where hillary got the extra 5,000,000…
    the republicans could have made all that progress when they had control, but most of them are rinos…
    of course, if these caravans are allowed to enter, more will form up and head this way…
    the idea is that they create a new country inside the us borders…
    there has to be a limit, and it was passed years ago…
    it’s an invasion.. arrest not just the mayors but also the governors… appoint governor generals where necessary.. arrest the bishops and rabbis coordinating and funding the invasion…
    no more the president submitting to the orders of judges… declare a national security emergency, commit to a martial law police action on the border… use deadly force in cases of disobedience… while we’re waiting to begin construction, make a wall of military vehicles… fire any cabinet officers and generals who don’t think so.. close all border traffic… no more deals with mexico until they get with the program..
    otherwise it’s only a matter of time until we become the palestinians… you’ll come home one day and find some hondurans living in your house…

    1. Virile immigrant invaders without women are as sex crazed as the armies that conquered Germany during the great war. Each invader will spawn countless welfare supported children. None of the urchins will know the ID of their father. With white women as stimulation, it will be the greatest population explosion in recorded history. VIVA ZAPATA.

    2. Barkingdeer

      JFK went on national TV in the Summer of 1963 to warn the American people of what was afoot in the land. This got (((their))) attention BIG TIME, and the rest is history.

      JFK was understandably grim in front of those cameras 55 years ago. You can still catch it on YouTube.

      To say this is Trump’s defining moment is an understatement

  8. The Irish Savant is correct! This straightforward article, without wordy embellishment, should be read by Trump, himself. Irregardless of their personal plight, the migrant horde are INVADERS, and must be confronted as such. What we are seeing marks the beginning of The End if it is not handled firmly and resolutely.

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  10. Stopping the caravans is NOT NEARLY enough. He has talked a good game about ending Birthright Citizenship, but where is the signed Executive Order, Mr. Trump? The order, of course, will not stand due to the liberal judiciary, but it should be fast tracked to the Supreme Court. If this so-called conservative court rules against Trump, then we’ll know that the Constitution, as interpreted, is indeed a “Suicide Document.”

    Also, the article above did not mention the infamous, society destroying, Jew-inspired Hart-Celler Act of 1965. ( Jew Emmanuel Celler spent his whole Congressional career working for this.) Disastrously, as whites become less and less of the demographic, it has no chance of being repealed. RINOS like Ayn Rand disciple Paul Ryan (so glad he’s leaving) are worse than Pelosi and company on this. The best and only chance for white America is to break free from this dying polyglot collapsing empire and start their own free nation.

    1. North America has always been a free and open territory and is a bread basket to the world. It now is inhabited by over 350 million relative newcomers. There is room to shelter a billion more of those searching for the good life. Those that want to close the borders of a free and open territory are shutting off a guiding light for the wretched and destitute of the world. Let them come, we will leave the light on.

      1. Melvin, you are indeed hilarious! I enjoy reading your pithy comments, though sometimes I have a hard time deciding if they’re satire or not.

  11. Folly

    Don’t leave out the RED MAN, who was here for thousands of years before the first WHITE MAN fled the madness of Europe to establish a free nation that the Iroquois were ALREADY establishing. Some Europeans recognized this, and willingly worked with them in creating a solidarity
    But this of course represented a dire threat to (((them))), which led to greatest genocide in known history on the two “American” continents – approximated at a half a billion people (that’s billion with a “B”)

      1. Until HIS Story gets told, written, or recorded in Truth, accessible to all, we have spiritual, utilitarian, archival memory available for review and education. It would seem that, for any man, any hu-man group, any subset of putatively man-like beings to claim “ownership” of portions of this planet — lands, air, seas — one or the other has already cast lot with Lucifer and his Legions [L & L].

        L & L, like “ISIS” in ME deserts, seem to have uncertain supply lines and great difficulty in understanding mission. In the mean time [etc., etc.], let us choose to steward that space & time granted to us by the LORD of Lords, and act accordingly. Grow good food, love GOD, love neighbor as Self, cease looking gift horses in the mouth, and expect Love, Joy, and Peace as one’s heart’s content. THEN, defend your Self and family and friends and neighbors! If not Indians, brigands! If not the FEDs, then local ne’er do wells, including many if not most deputies of Sheriff’s offices nationwide. The list seems so long that it puts a good [Roman Catholic] Litany Mass for the Holy Mother to shame for brevity!

  12. Today over Nevada County, Kalifornication, intensive applications of bugspray (a.k.a. chemtrails) replaced the smoke of so-called Camp Fire, which literally burned down a whole town called Paradise. To venture further into this topic would take this post “off campus”. So I merely note nothing seems “natural” about that fire and others still raging. Off topic? No. Personally, I categorized “cessation of geoengineering” as a litmus test for D. J. Trump, POTUS 2016. Crickets, of course, ensued. No change. More of the same. Continuity of government, indeed.

    In the domain of so-called “immigration”, It would seem Mr. Trump has jumped from the frying pan to the fire. It’s one thing to skate along the shiny ice of elitism, groomed from the get-go by TPTB, ostensibly reaping wealth from the dominant financial system while guided by those who run it (e.g., NY and NJ real estate and gambling interests most noticeable). Like William Jefferson Clinton and The Shrub (Molly Ivins, RIP). Just like Obummer (alias Obongo). It’s entirely another thing to assume the fake role of “President”, perhaps foolishly believing for a moment “I am the State!!”, only to find out presidential orders do not necessariiy get followed, especially if not cleared with certain advisors and international buddies. Only to find out directed and decisive actions along the border will not occur by fiat.

    I would hope DJT has a “come to Jesus” moment sooner than later. Sure, there’s the Dallas Exit to consider. The Donald’s demise — the other The Donald, not that of our our DC — will like arrive dolled-up, trumped-up, to mislead the majority of people. Heart attack. A last lovemaking session with his dear, drop-dead third (fifth?) wife. Too many sodas with HFCS. Overweight. Don’t forget that flu shot, special for the POTUS 2016. Volatile affect, poor cardiovascular system. The President is dead. Long live President Pence.

  13. Trump does not have to obey the dictates of federal judges. The three parts of the government (executive, legislative, judicial) are separate and independent. If activist judges try to make new law, they are breaking the law and therefore qualify as terrorists under the Patriot Acts. Trump can and should arrest them.

    1. As Andy Jackson said regarding a Supreme Court ruling he took umbrage with; “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” Oh how I’d love to hear Trump utter similar words. But Indian killer General Jackson was made of sterner stuff, even engaging in a duel, while our President dodged the draft with heel spurs. Trump brags about himself far too much. Something is not right there and it’s worrisome. Is he, as they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle? POTUS couldn’t even keep a**wipe fake reporter Jim Acosta out of the WH. He should have closed down the daily briefings first.

  14. CBS News – Illegals Wait For Names To Be Called At Tijuana
    Entry – Then Let In To US To Ask For Asylum – They Will Be
    Put In Detention Centers With Full Food And Medical – Vid

    New Salvadoran Caravan Sets Off For US Border

    3,300 More Illegals Arrive In Tijuana – Trump Says Nothing

    Angry Tijuana Residents Want Caravan Illegals GONE

    Big Tijuana Protests Against Illegal Caravan – Vid

    Trump Says It’s A Good Time For A Govt Shutdown
    If He Doesn’t Get The Money For His Wall. – Vid

    Caravan Illegals Flood Tijuana – Mayor Threatens
    To Deport Them As Clashes & Tensions Grow

    Border Patrol Says ‘Anything Is Possible’
    As Caravan Illegals Gather in Tijuana

    Central Americans Pour Into Tijuana – Buses
    Apparently Being Used To Transport Caravan

    Central American Illegals Clash With Tijuana Residents
    Threats Hurled Back And Forth (Argentine TV) – Vid

    National Guardsman arrested for cutting in
    on NORTHCOMs smuggling operation?

    Click on for these and other stories.

  15. Meet the (FRONT) man behind the migrant caravan headed to US>>>>>>

    Meet Bartolo Fuentes, the Honduran ex-lawmaker who helped launch the 7,000-strong caravan marching toward the United States — on a promise he says he never made. In September, Fuentes began ­coordinating with groups dispersed throughout Honduras seeking to make the trek north.

    A woman reportedly part of the caravan told TV anchors of Fuentes’ efforts, and she mentioned “assistance.” The anchors then supposedly said Fuentes would pay migrants’ food and transportation costs — which he denied in an interview. Still, thousands took a chance, since a human-smuggling “coyote” charges upwards of $7,000 to take someone across the US border.

    “After that news program, I started to get hundreds of calls, then it took on a life of its own,” Fuentes said.

    “In Honduras, the government wants to minimize why people are leaving — they know they are going to leave and they want to say they are doing so because of lies and the opposition, not the conditions that they created,” he said. “This is in line with what the United States is saying — that there are false promises being made. And this pro-government news program played into that messaging, trying to say that there is financing when really people just need to get out.”

  16. Lol. Apparently Trump has sent the troops to the Eastern end of the US border with Mexico; meanwhile the carnival is settling down near the Western end of the border with Mexico. Now that is what I call 4D chess.

    A lower level court has just ruled that Trump’s executive order does not apply when it comes to turning back “asylum seekers”. This might be the excuse Trump uses to let ’em in.

    Anyway, not looking good (I am secretly disappointed — deep, deep down I had hoped that Lobro was right. But when I dug deeper I found a note reminding me that I should expect the worst).

  17. Lol. Apparently Trump has sent the troops to the Eastern end of the US border with Mexico; meanwhile the carnival is settling down near the Western end of the border with Mexico. Now that is what I call 4D chess.

    A lower level court has just ruled that Trump’s executive order does not apply when it comes to turning back “asylum seekers”. This might be the excuse Trump uses to let ’em in.

    Anyway, not looking good (I am secretly disappointed — deep, deep down I had hoped that Lobro was right. But when I dug deeper I found a note reminding me that I should expect the worst).

  18. i’ve just killed probably 15 rats around my place in the last couple of months..
    they were living in under my garage somewhere and coming out at night to get the bird seed and excess chickenfeed..
    mostly they were trapped in the spring traps, and that’s not a pretty business…
    but i did shoot a few of them too…
    the smell of cordite in the evening, not saying i love it, but there is something about it…
    anyway, i didn’t look for any pouches, but kangaroos or not, i don’t think one rat is a heck of a lot different than another, certainly not on it’s ability to survive and thrive just about anywhere…
    i don’t doubt for a minute the religio-corporate ptb plotted and succeeded to turn the average working man against the epa, giving him the impression it was senseless and restrictive… i know lots of guys like that..
    yet without the endangered species act there’s no line drawn…
    the point however is, that said forest mismanagement, letting too much brush grow, as if it were possible to cut it all anyway, is the cause of these conflagration catastrophes, is off base…
    it’s the houses that are the fuel; they burn so hot that they ignite one from the other way before the flames get within 100 feet… hot enough to melt a gun safe to the slab; guns, safe, everything in a puddle…
    there have to be no more blocks of subdivisions without plenty of 100,000 gallon steel water tanks interspersed at intervals closely sufficient enough to pump spray when it happens…
    PG&E gets the blame, and i’ve personally seen several such cases in my time here, where their lines sparked and set fire to the surrounding vegetation..
    but i’m not at all certain these fires are not being deliberately set, maybe with laser ray guns, by any number of un globalists, who have made it plain enough they want us all honeycombed into their stack and pack condo complexes, with nobody living anywhere near the forest..
    and if not them, then any of a variety of other common political terrorists or simple everyday homeless psychopathic wandering idiots..
    plenty of people do hate us, though from what i hear by people who would know, mexicans all over mexico praise trump for his cojones…
    so look, on the one hand you have catastrophic fire after catastrophic fire continuously shattering records on death and destruction, origins suspicious enough, and on the other hand millions of anti-white america hating foreigners already here and now coming in a succession of caravan convoys…
    i say play it safe… tell djt to turn back the caravans… and block the border..
    one this is certain though – if any of that is the case, the state, which as yet has absolutely no answer for any of it, will never tell the public…

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