Meet the Queen of England’s cousin — who cut off two of her own toes with a penknife

Arctic explorer Rosie is now off on a 600-mile trek across a desert in Western China known as the Sea of Death.

By Jane Fryer in The Daily Mail,
abridged by Lasha Darkmoon


“I had three badly affected toes on my left foot. I chopped off the big toe and the one next to it but managed to salvage the third little piggy.”

Rosie Stancer, a cousin of the Queen and epic polar adventurer, is a vision of petite femininity as we stand chatting in the front garden of her exquisite country house.

Her waist is childlike and her arms so slender that I fear a warm embrace might snap her in two.

And then, with barely a grunt, she hoists a vast, muddy 20-kilo Land Rover tyre high above her head (pictured) and holds it there with her twig-like arms for, well, quite some time as she grins her enormous grin.

Of course she does. Rosie, 58, is the woman who in 2007, calmly and with no anaesthetic or painkillers, sawed off two of her toes with a penknife when frostbite threatened to scupper her solo trek to the North Pole.

Oh yes, then promptly bandaged them up and walked on their throbbing stumps for another 83 days and 400-odd miles, in minus 50-degree temperatures. Alone.

Now, this veteran of group and solo assaults on both Poles is back in training for another epic expedition — as ever, with the blessing of her husband William, a marketing consultant.

This time she will attempt to cross the 600-mile-wide Taklamakan Desert in Western China, known as the ‘Sea of Death’ for its endless rolling dunes.

Departing in October for ten weeks, and sponsored by CATA, the Chinese Adventure Travel Association, she and three other women explorers (two Chinese and a fellow Brit) will walk for ten to 12 hours a day for ten weeks, leading a mile-long train of 20 Bactrian camels laden with food, bedding, desalination kits and research equipment across the sand.

Each evening they will spend hours digging 6ft holes to find water for their camels.

Temperatures will top 40C, plunge to freezing overnight and fall to a steady minus 20 towards the end of the trip, as the terrain and altitude changes.

‘Only one expedition leader has ever completed this and lived to tell the tale,’ she says, referring to another Brit, Charles Blackmore, in 1993.

‘But adventuring is part of me. It feeds the soul. There’s a pull that I can’t resist.’

It’s certainly in her blood. Her grandfather, the Earl Granville, was deselected at the last minute from Captain Scott’s fateful 1910-1912 South Pole expedition. At 6ft 4in, he was deemed too tall to fit in the tent and would have needed too many rations.

Before and after every trip, Rosie checks in and out (by letter and phone call, usually) with the Queen. She has also rung Prince Charles from the polar ice on her satellite phone to say ‘Happy Christmas’.

Do they think she’s mad?

‘They say so but I suspect they don’t really think so,’ she says. ‘In fact, I think Prince Charles (who was patron of the polar expeditions) would have really enjoyed something like that himself.’

Rosie with her distant relative Prince Charles

—   §   —

Over the years, Rosie has whittled expedition packing down to a fine art.

No shampoo, just the teeniest sliver of soap, a tube of toothpaste (‘it’s vital to keep standards up), no luxuries, no moisturiser — just Vaseline — endless high-calorie marching rations, a shotgun, a penknife and barely any clothes.

How do you decide how many pairs of knickers to take? She looks at me as if I’m mad.

‘I don’t take any undies! None. I just take layers of clothes and I never take the bottom layer off, because I modify all my kit to give myself a split crotch for easy access — I can’t be doing with zips and stuff.’

LD : Rosie suggests elsewhere the need to be innovative with very simple equipment. No need to buy heavy padded thermal jackets or bodysuits in extremely cold weather. Just wear many light layers, which will do just as well. Line your shoes inside with cardboard. Wear plastic bags over your shoes and pull socks over the plastic bags; this will keep your shoes snug and waterproof.

The treasured possessions she always packs are a poem, which is ‘very personal’ to her and was copied out by hand by her elder brother Bertie, and a photograph of William and their son Jock, now 17 and at boarding school.

Yes, there are low points on her trips, she says, but the ‘toe business’ wasn’t one of them, just a blip (though the impact on her balance has caused awful back pain). ‘I’d rather have chopped them off than be evacuated on day three and let down so many people,’ she says. ‘So I did.’

There was no anaesthetic because she couldn’t risk fainting. ‘I might have knocked myself out on a sharp bit of ice. So you just sort of disembody yourself. I pretended I was a surgeon and started talking out loud.’

Pass the scalpel, nurse? ‘Yes! Easy does it! All that.’

While cutting away dead flesh doesn’t hurt, it hurts afterwards when you start moving. And Rosie had a lot of moving to do.

‘Agony on stumps,’ she says. ‘I didn’t cry, but I howled like an animal and then I got on with it.’

Rosie’s family are all acutely aware that one day she may not return. ‘I believe wholly that if you die during an expedition, your spirit is quite happy. And I would hope others see that too,’ she says.

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44 thoughts to “Meet the Queen of England’s cousin — who cut off two of her own toes with a penknife”

  1. “…Meet the Queen of England’s cousin who cut off her toes with a penknife…”

    To avoid confusion, the title had better been : “Meet the Queen of England’s cousin who cut off her own toes with a penknife.” My first thought was that she had cut off the toes of the Queen…

  2. She has a male mind in a women’s body if she is a she. We can’t be sure. Everything is possible if she descends of the black nobility of ‘ gernany’.

  3. Rosie strikes me as rather mannish and masochistic, a perfect model of 3rd-wave Feminism, or is it the 4th-wave by now? In any event, it’s all very Jewish.

    Without the big Jew influence and their international trade and left to their own devices — or rather, lack thereof — one wonders if the British aristocracy really wanted to conquer the world and have an empire on which the sun never set?

    It was called the “British Empire” but the richest of that empire were Jews.

    I note that Rosie will be trekking through China. Not sure what the marketing angle here is, but if its British propaganda, she would have more mass appeal and luck if she played polo — which is both an extreme sport and extremely glamorous. Polo is becoming very popular in China. It’s definitely more appealing than Rosie’s chopped off frozen black toes. Surely this is Jewish black humor?

    Polo anyone? British Polo Day – China 2014 HD

  4. There are different kinds of madness(es) and every one has his/her own. “Queenly” madness should be of queenly scale😉.

  5. This right here is the disease afflicting the West. This crazy lady that ignores her people and “noblesse oblige” to instead do meaningless crap for attention. The decadence of wealth takes many forms. The obvious characteristic is the Utter Meaninglessness of such trifling attention grabbing nonsense. Having no real NEEDS, this lady merely engages in meaningless adventures that cost her her health and body parts and DO NOTHING REALLY FOR HER OR HER PEOPLE.
    This crazy bitch could be a wife and mother and stand up against rape gangs grooming English girls, but instead she’s off to possibly die in a desert in China and NOT DO SQUAT.

    1. @ Dr Doom

      A damn silly comment if I may say so. Explorers need to explore, actors to act, writers to write, monks to pray, philosophers to think, plumbers to fix pipes, gardeners to dig. They can’t all be fighting race wars and trying to stop white genocide.

      This aristocratic lady is doing exactly what she is meant to do. Exploration is her metier, her calling, her vocation.

      We can’t all be copycats of the distinguished Dr Doom. 🙂

      1. Dr Doom is a myopic dolt. Rosie Stancer is hardly one of the idle rich, as Dr Doom suggests. She’s not frittering her life away, partying and doing drugs. She’s not “seeking attention” any more than Dr Doom is seeking attention with his silly comments.

        She’s doing something heroic and significant. She needs our praise.

        Well done, Rosie! You’ll be remembered long after Dr Doom is feeding the worms, having wasted his whole life — doing what?

        Posting angry comments on anti-Semitic sites, talking about fighting race wars — but not actually fighting them. Just talking about it.

        Talk is cheap, Dr Doom. How many Jews have you killed recently? How many black scalps have you collected as trophies?

        Do let us know what your stellar achievements are. 🙂

      2. Well said, Madame Butterfly. She’s following her passion and living the life she wants to live rather than doing what other ignorant people expect her to do. More power to her.
        Makes me think of this quote by E.E. Cummings:
        “To be nobody but
        yourself in a world
        which is doing its best day and night to make you like
        everybody else means to fight the hardest battle
        which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”

      3. I detect a resemblance. Rosie and Reinhold.

        “I do this for myself because I am my own fatherland, and my handkerchief is my flag.”
        (Reinhold Messner)

      4. “Exploring”? Do you know what that word means? I don’t think that word means what you think it does.
        That desert is already mapped. You can probably see it in detail on Google Maps with really clear satellite photos.
        Will she “discover” anything? She might be seen on the Telly, telling little girls to not settle down and “pursue your passion” or psychobabble crap like that…

      5. Methinks Dr Doom needs to become better acquainted with darkmooner’s fondness for tongue in cheek. I’m sure Pat’s greater point was alluding to the Godfather’s long-time control of China😉

    2. Yes, it reminds me of a play I saw on tv many years ago,
      a tale set at a dinner party and a survivors tale of the polar expedition headed up by
      shackleton? not sure….
      they get beaten to the pole and return to the base hut in a terrible state,
      after weeks of trudging in the frozen cold…..
      and in one scene,
      which verged upon a python sketch,
      they are seated round a table drinking tea,
      hands gratefully wrapped around the steaming mugs….
      glad to be back in the warm……..
      when the leader pipes up and says, “lets go and find the king penguins!!”
      they all look at each other in desperation, then “man up”,
      and all agree to go back into the cold and snow and ice,
      the time comes,
      the door opens Sid Feilds fashion, and without a murmur,
      off they trundle, miles, and miles and no warm hut waiting,
      once they get there they look at some penguins, turn around,
      and drag themselves back,
      this recounted at the dinner party
      I watched a very funny film some time later,
      it was a documentary about king penguins,
      and every time the narrator said “king penguins” which he did quite a lot,
      they had put a “bleep out” just before he said it!
      ( whistle and say king penguins! )
      made me think of the guys in the hut,
      the real ones.
      most people seem to have more sense,
      this lady is barking.

      1. To Dr. Doom :

        Re : All those who are taking sides with Madame Butterfly AGAINST You ;

        You don’t need to do anything about them who are siding with Madame AGAINST you. Why? Well, you’re relatively new to Darkmoon and you may not be familiar with Madame’s M.O.. Be Rest Assured : Madame will eventually STAB each and every one taking her side IN THE BACK, so you yourself don’t have to do anything, Madame will get rid of all the ones taking her side and ganging up against you. You don’t have to do anything to get rid of them, Madame will get rid of them for you, lol.

        Butterfly has a LONG history of stabbing her what she calls “friends” IN THE BACK. I for one wouldn’t take sides with Madame for all the tea in China, all the whiskey in Ireland, and all the money in the world. 🙂

  6. Rosie may be planning the SECRETLY ‘sanctioned’ mission – thru writings and phone calls with Liz – to complete a ‘Discovery’ expedition for a British ‘official’ claim to control western China. The “she is crazy” claims are to throw off the real intentions.

    Jefferson did just that when he SECRETLY ‘sanctioned’ the ‘Discovery Corps’ which trekked for two years and allowed claim to the northwestern territories.

    The United States geospatial intelligence effort began in earnest in 1803 with President Thomas Jefferson. In a classified tasking, Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and their Corps of Discovery to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase and other lands west of the Mississippi River. They were to report on European and Indian military forces and alliances, trade patterns, and the geography, plant life and animals they found.

    Planned and FUNDED SECRETLY – this was the first large government effort to explore the new lands Jefferson had purchased from France. With open and classified missions, Lewis and Clark created products that included new maps of the territory reflecting their adventures.

    1. Rothschilds control China. They need a ‘Discovery’ mission to solidify it.

      London-based HSBC is already in control of many of today’s financial transactions in China. That has been the case for centuries.

      Headquarters – HSBC Tower, London, United Kingdom


      HSBC site:

      HSBC in mainland China

      HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited started operations on 2 April 2007 as a locally incorporated foreign bank. It is owned by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, the founding member of the HSBC Group, which was established in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865. HSBC China incorporated the previous Mainland offices of its parent.

      HSBC is one of the largest investors among foreign banks in mainland China, having invested in the growth of its own operations and in select Mainland financial services entities, including Bank of Communications.

      HSBC China employs over 7,000 staff, around 99 per cent of whom were recruited locally. It has a branch network of more than 170 outlets across more than 50 cities.

      HSBC’s Smarter Banking applies AI, blockchain(crypto-currencies), biometrics, big data and other digital technologies to our corporate banking products and services that seek to boost our corporate customers’ digital experience in every aspect.

      In China, we are the first foreign bank to offer an omni-channel collections platform. We also launched “HSBC China corporate wechat service account” and AI-based chatbot service.

      Next, we’ll continue to deliver smarter banking products and solutions in trade services, cash management and service platforms.

      HSBC is in the leading position in cash management. We are also the first foreign bank in mainland China to offer an omni-channel collections service that operates across all major digital channels. This solution allows retailers in mainland China to collect payments from customers who are using a variety of popular e-wallets such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay QuickPass and Apple Pay.

      HSBC’s omni-channel collections solution supports us with data, processes, information and various other benefits. It also provides a consolidated reconciliation report with transaction details on T+1 basis. This can offer a significant boost to our operational efficiency in information collection, reconciliation, cash management and so on. It is expected to help us save 10% on the financial cost every year and enhance our cash management efficiency by at least 50%.

      1. You’re just TOO smart and savvy and ALL-KNOWING for this fallen confused ignorant besotted world, Pat, good for you, 🙂

      2. Hey, Homer –

        AI 🙂 and other 21st century methods apply, even BLOCKCHAIN:

        HSBC’s Smarter Banking applies AI, blockchain(crypto-currencies), biometrics, big data and other digital technologies to our corporate banking products and services that seek to boost our corporate customers’ digital experience in every aspect.

    2. Pat –

      I wonder if the Queen will employ the assistance of the U.S. Marine Corps for subjugating those Chinks??! 😳 (it is an “income opportunity” for sure!) (reminiscent of the Opium Wars!).

    3. Pat,

      Good guess about Rosie’s real mission and good historical info about Jefferson’s geopolitical missions of “Discovery” (i.e. gathering ‘on the ground’ intelligence for commerce and trade and or possible invasion.)

      When will the White Man clue into the fact that colonialism and the “Age of Discovery” and its corollary, the “Doctrine of Discovery,” were Jewish constructs and operations from the get-go?

      Do the British elites — or elites of any country, for that matter — really prefer to go trekking around the globe for glory? In my above post, I suggested not.

      When we think of the British ruling class, do we immediately think of the athletic and gung-ho Rosie Stancer or do we immediately think of the clinically obese and cigar-chomping Winston Churchill? If Churchill is the one who immediately comes into your mind, then I rest my case.

      My initial reaction to this “news article” was that it was promoting (((Feminism))). This obvious in-your-face propaganda for Jewish feminism was oddly missed by many astute and normally Jew-wise Darkmooners. Dr. Doom was the notable exception and he got flack for it.

      Just imagine if Rosie was a man and you will begin to comprehend the absurdity of the “discovery” or “exploring” part of her recent missions and the black humor of the toe chopping incident. Moreover, if Rosie was a black man, the absurdity of her “accomplishments” would be crystal clear to even the most cucked and emasculated of White men.

      My other initial and intuitive reaction to this “news story” was that Rosie’s mission was an intelligence mission hiding in plain sight, much like many of the late 19th century “glorious explorations,” notably the ones to the North and South poles. FYI, the region where Rosie will be trekking in China is crawling with Mossad and MI6 and CIA operatives. It is where the Rothschilds are actively fomenting a Uighur independence movement.

      My big guess is that the there is a motherload of black gold — OIL — in the Taklamakan Desert. Stirring up the Uigurs for their own country serves 3 main geopolitical functions for the Rothschilds:

      1). It prevents China’s steady progress and development with a bloody civil war.

      2) It prevents China’s unlimited progress and development by denying her cheap and abundant oil in her own backyard.

      3) An independent Uighur nation would be too small and weak to defend itself against exploitation from the (((big oil companies))). This is the best possible outcome for the RATchilds.

      Why do I think there is a motherload of black gold in the Taklamakan Desert? It’s just a guess, but an educated one, and I will cite Lybia as a cautionary tale. This will also be of great interest to WW2 revisionist:

      I recently became aware that Lybia was an Italian colony, from the 1910s and lasted until February 1947. But the poor Italians never found oil there. Go figure? If it did, it never would have joined forces with Hitler’s Germany; there wouldn’t have been a need to join Germany: Italy could have been the richest country in Europe if not the world!

      Moreover, there wouldn’t have been a need for fascism in the first place, and without fascism there wouldn’t have been WW2, after all, the official kosher narrative is that WW2 was a fight against fascism, which arose out of the dire aftermath and poverty of World War I. And if Italy did join Germany in spite of its vast oil reserves, Hitler could have easily won WWII. In any event, there wouldn’t have been any need to invade the Soviet Union for its oil. If I’m not mistaken, Hitler committed 3.2 million soldiers in Operation Barbarossa and at least 1 million were lost trying to capture the oil fields in the Soviet Union.

      Of course, oil was eventually found in Lybia by you know who, shortly after it became an independent country and Colonel Gaddafi was installed by the CIA as the new dictator… until recently… when he tried to bypass Rothschild’s petrodollar and got buggered by a dagger for doing so.

      Oil reserves in Libya are the largest in Africa and among the ten largest globally[1] with 46.4 billion barrels (7.38×109 m3) as of 2010. Oil production was 1.65 million barrels per day (262×103 m3/d) as of 2010, giving Libya 77 years of reserves at current production rates if no new reserves were to be found.[2] Libya is considered a highly attractive oil area due to its low cost of oil production (as low as $1 per barrel at some fields in 2002),[3] low sulfur content, being classified as “sweet crude” and in its proximity to European markets. Libya’s challenge is maintaining production at mature fields, while finding and developing new oil fields. Most of Libya remains under-explored as a result of past sanctions and disagreements with foreign oil companies.[4]

      The majority (85%) of Libyan oil is exported to European markets.[5] 11% or 403 million barrels (64.1×106 m3) of oil imports to the European union in 2010 came from Libya, making it the third biggest importer behind Norway and Russia.[6]

      Cumulative production through 2009 was 27 Gbbl.[7] Given the stated number, this would be 65% of reserves.

      The drilling of oil wells in Libya was first authorised by the Petroleum Law of 1955.[8] The National Oil Corporation is the largest oil company of Libya .

      Source: Wikipedia

      1. I have mentioned this at least a dozen times here on DM. No one responds.

        The Doctrine of Discovery was promulgated by European monarchies in order to legitimize the colonization of lands outside of Europe. Between the mid-fifteenth century and the mid-twentieth century, this idea allowed European entities to seize lands inhabited by indigenous peoples under the guise of discovery. In 1494, the Treaty of Tordesillas declared that only non-Christian lands could be colonized under the Discovery Doctrine.

        In 1792, U.S. Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson declared that the Doctrine of the Discovery would – EXTEND – from Europe to the infant U.S. government. The Doctrine and its legacy – CONTINUE TO THIS DAY – to influence American imperialism and treatment of indigenous peoples.

        Johnson v. M’Intosh, 21 U.S. (8 Wheat.) 543 (1823), is a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that held that private citizens – COULD NOT PURCHASE LANDS – from Native Americans. As the facts were recited by Chief Justice John Marshall, the successor in interest to a private purchase from the Piankeshaw attempted to maintain an action of ejectment against the holder of a federal land patent.

        The Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition, a grassroots Anabaptist movement, has a wealth of information about the Doctrine of Discovery at

        17th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) April 16-27, 2018

      2. JFC
        China is already in the Godfather’s money grab bag of dirty tricks, unlike Libya because Qaddafi posed a legitimate threat with his intentions for creating a Pan-African Economic Union that opposed the Big Plan.

        This would imply that whatever Intel is up to over there has another purpose regarding those black gold reserves

      3. Pat
        I’m thinking that “western” Intel is in W. China for oil-related purposes, but I’m unclear as to what you mean by solidifying the situation over there, maybe through “Three Toed Rosie”🤔

      4. I’m not sure why anyone believes this is a black op spy mission. If it is it’ll end up like Amelia Earhart that ended up crashing and being executed by the Japanese. What kind of mission is an expedition to a desert region in China? This is in the Daily Paper. This might as well be a tourist seeing the place.

      5. “I had three badly affected toes on my left foot. I chopped off the big toe and the one next to it but managed to salvage the third little piggy.” — Rosie Stancer

        The Unholy Trinity: Jewish Black humor or Jewish Black magic?

        I know this is going to make me sound like a crazy conspiracy kook, but these so-called elite Jews actually believe in their kike voodoo numerology. Their bloody religion is based on the senary numeral system. And insofar as everything in their news outlets is 100% scripted — look up Operation Mockingbird if you don’t already know this — one must pay special attention to the numbers “reported in the news article,” because our Jewish overlords love to use occult numbers to communicate to each other at the same time that they use them to mock the stupid goyim.

        Here’s what I’m getting at:

        Rosie had 3 badly affected toes on her left foot. She chopped off 2 and saved 1, which means she had 3 toes left on her left foot.

        Get it? ……. 3 + 3 = (((6))) 🔯 🕎 ✡ !!!

        Some questions by this, yours truly, not so dumb and curious goy:

        Why were only 3 toes on Rosie’s left foot affected by frostbite? Common sense should tell us that all the toes on her left foot should have been affected by frostbite. And why only the left foot and not the right foot? Pray tell, Rosie.

        In the meantime, here are the possible answers from an honest (((freemason)))?:

        Why do Masons start with their left foot forward?

        “In all walks of life, it is customary to take the first step with the right foot but in Freemasonry, the first step is always with the Left Foot. Why is that?”

        This is the question we will endeavor to answer in this paper.

        Masonry, being a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols once again proves its point. Apparently, not only the secrets of a Master Mason have been lost with the death of H A, but also a lot of the symbols and allegories seem to have slipped into oblivion. It is the task of every Mason to advance in Masonry on a daily basis, if not to ensure that whatever still remains, is properly understood and effected upon. And if possible, to indulge in research, to at least attempt to recover as much as possible of what was lost, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of mankind.

        How our search for the reason of starting off with the left foot is linked to that, is revealed in 4 different plausible theories, and even though we might or might not have found the correct answer, the search itself was at least as exciting as the outcome. Most of our research was done through the internet, and whereas many Masonic symbols are explained more than properly by various Masonic researchers, we were stunned by how little information could be found on our left foot issue. We even became a member of the official forum of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, which is being administrated by people seated in the committee that guards our eternal standard. But, to our surprise, even they did not seem to be able to provide us with an answer. This left us no other choice but to present the most plausible ones.

        The first theory can be found when we visit the temple of King Solomon. In the following journey, you are a Fellow Craft, on his way to collect his wages in the middle chamber of the temple.

        As you reach the temple, you first cross the two pillars and enter. You come across winding stairs. As you enter, you notice that the stairs have a set of three steps, followed by a set of five steps, and finally a set of seven steps. Thus there are fifteen steps. This odd number of steps is not without purpose. The purpose is that you are supposed to start with your left foot, so that you, when you reach the entrance of the temple, you step out with your left foot. A convention which according to Bro. Tijender Singh Rawal from Lodge Corinth in Nagpur, has not lost any significance with the passage of time.


        This was a great clue for our fourth and final theory, which we feel stands a genuine chance of being the correct one. We found an initiation ritual on the internet which claimed to be taken from The Book of the Dead. It is practiced in modern days by an occult group that worships the Ancient Egyptians Gods, but not necessarily in the correct spirit. But in that text, at the end of the ritual, the symbolism of the Step is explained as follows:

        The left foot is advanced to represent the power of Isis. Isis is also known as the one to mark a new beginning.

        The right foot is represented by Isis’s Devine sister Nephtys, who stands for completion of an action.

        To finalize this research, the Brethren might note that in most Egyptian statues of standing figures they are depicted with the “Left” foot forward. This symbolism is to help the subject “GET OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT”- that foot is the LEFT foot towards its journey in the afterlife. This leaves our animal or physical body behind on one’s journey to Helopolis (City of Light).

        Source: Bro. Georges L. C. Baekelmans

      6. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” — Henry Kissinger

        Libya, which, btw, I misspelled as “Lybia” in my above post, does not even rank as a top-10 oil producer. To my surprise, China is ranked number 4 at 4.19 million barrels produced per day, behind Russia, America and Saudi Arabia, which holds the no. 1 spot at 11.75 million barrels per day:

        The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produces a whopping 13.24 percent of all the oil produced daily in the entire world. Considering that they sit on over 260 billion barrels of oil–the second highest total after Venezuela–the fortune of the House of Saud appears secure. Its crown as oil champion, however, is less secure: when accounting for energy production including natural gas and biofuels, Saudi Arabia is already behind the United States.


        Go figure: Venezuela has the second highest total oil reserve, and yet, like Libya, it does not even appear on the top-10 list of oil-producing nations. Huh?

        Of course, this only makes sense if you take into consideration Evil Kike Kissinger’s above quotation.

        I have argued here before — but to no apparent avail or response — that America has enough oil and natural gas to be completely 100% energy self-sufficient! But the dirty rotten Rothschilds deliberately propped up Saudi Arabia because they needed a strategic geopolitical puppet state in the Middle-east, just like they propped up Japan in 1853 because they needed a strategic geopolitical puppet state in the Far-east. And the results were catastrophic!

        In short, both Wahhabism and Shintoism, two ultra-conservative and fundamentalist “religions” to begin with, have been quite easily subverted and transformed into bloody death cults and Western anathemas, thanks, ironically, to the so-called ((((Western Intelligence Agencies))). Much of the troubles and human misery and suffering and death and destruction from all the wars back then and still today can be directly traced back to the filthy rotten RATchilds.

        My dear Americans, for your own sakes and for the sake of the rest of the world, please take back your government ASAP! 🙂

        Lastly, a note on the Tarim Basin oil fields: Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry for it; only for “Tarim Basin” and it is rather vague about the oil reserves there — not surprising though as the Jews probably don’t want to give away too much real information on this sensitive topic.

        But anecdotally, some, like Sean Gallagher, says there are 16 billion tonnes under the desert… so much oil and gas that it is practically bubbling up to the surface on its own steam: “In 2008, 20.3 million tonnes of oil and gas rattled their way out of the Taklamakan along the Tarim desert-highway.”

      7. JFC, et al
        I would suggest that rather than stirring up the Uighurs, Rothschild is SETTING them up as patsies to justify China sending in troops to quell the uprising. Then the government “secures” the oil fields that puts in the “right hands”.

        ” Zionism ” is essentially whatever “ism” you want it to be in furthering the aims of the protocols that drive it, and for which Rothschild is its pointman. “Wahhabism”, “Shintoism”, “Judaism”, etc. is Zionism in disguise, indicating the duplicity of the ” Protocols of the elders of ZION” with the author’s intentions for their use of the word. Even before the word was coined, what’s called Zionism now is a reflection of the protocols at work since 1492* By associating it with actions of the “West” only, it acts as decoy to draw attention away from actions of the “East” to keep the false paradigm going

        * Webster’s Universal Encyclopedic Dictionary has the origin of Zionism at 1896

      8. Correction:

        Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world; Saudi Arabia is second. This only further highlights my point that it doesn’t matter how much oil you have under your country, you won’t be able to get it out of the ground and sell it to anyone if you don’t first bend over in front of the big Jews and take it up the ass. 😡

        @ BH

        Uighur, Chinese (Pinyin) Weiwu’er, also spelled Uygur or Uyghur, a Turkic-speaking people of interior Asia. Uighurs live for the most part in northwestern China, in the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang; a small number live in the Central Asian republics. There were some 10,000,000 Uighurs in China and at least a combined total of 300,000 in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan in the early 21st century.


        Large numbers of Han (ethnic Chinese) began moving into Xinjiang after the establishment of the autonomous region in the 1950s. The influx became especially pronounced after 1990, and by the early 20th century the Han constituted two-fifths of Xinjiang’s total population. Over time economic disparities and ethnic tensions grew between the Uighur and Han populations that eventually resulted in protests and other disturbances. A particularly violent outbreak occurred in July 2009, mainly in Ürümqi, in which it was reported that nearly 200 people (mostly Han) were killed and some 1,700 were injured. Violent incidents increased after that and included attacks by knife-wielding assailants and by suicide bombers. Chinese authorities responded by cracking down on Uighurs suspected of being dissidents and separatists. The authorities’ actions included shootings, arrests, and long jail sentences.


      9. British Exploration was a code word for British Looting.

        The discovery of the Diamond Sūtra in the Taklamakan in 1907 by Aurel Stein is another prime example. The “Elgin Marbles” is perhaps the best known exmple.

        The Wikipedia entry for Aurel Stein admits he was Jewish. He was born in Hungary in 1862 — I’m beginning to think the father of the infamous Hungarian Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was another kike — and became a British citizen in 1904 and quickly rose up the ranks in the British Foreign Office. In fact, if you know how to read between the lines, Aurel Stein’s biography at Wikipedia has SPOOK written all over it.

        Here’s my favorite quotation, written rather matter-of-factly and without any irony whatsoever:

        Stein’s greatest discovery was made at the Mogao Caves also known as “Caves of the Thousand Buddhas”, near Dunhuang in 1907. It was there that he discovered a printed copy of the Diamond Sutra, the world’s oldest printed text, dating to AD 868, along with 40,000 other scrolls (all removed by gradually winning the confidence and bribing the Taoist caretaker).[10] He stole 24 cases of manuscripts and 4 cases of paintings and relics. He was knighted for his efforts, but Chinese nationalists dubbed him a burglar and staged protests against him.[11] His discovery inspired other French, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese treasure hunters and explorers who also took their toll on the collection.[12]

        During his expedition of 1906–1908 while surveying in the Kunlun Mountains of western China, Stein suffered frostbite and lost several toes on his right foot.

        Remember Rosie lost 2 toes on her left foot. Stein “lost several toes” (2) on his right foot. There seems to be uncanny symmetry here. Rosie Stancer also looks a lot like Aurel Stein — btw, their last names are also similar (Rosie Steiner?) but her nose is the big clue. Coincidence or COHENcidence?

        Call me a conspiracy kook, but methinks Rosie (Isis) Stancer is a SPOOK.

  7. Doesn’t matter if you’re good a Math or not, doesn’t matter if you’re Math genius like Pat of course is a Math GENIUS or really stupid at Math like slowbro, Mother Malefica LERVS all of us just the way WE are, that’s because a Mother’s Luhv is an UN-Conditional LUHV!

    And on that dark moonless night, the night before The Day Mother Malignant broke her VOW to God, the night before The Day she left the convent for good AND left The Catholic Faith for good, She lifted up pita bread and said , “I fill this pita bread with hummus and cous-cous and I eat it, eat the crumbs that fall from it and be GREATful for the crumbs I Gift you with, and fear not, my children, for I shall send you a Comforter , My precious Son, who shall be as a Comforter Unto you — and abracadabra! just like that! uncle shows-up on the scene to MODERATE!!!

    And what a Comforter the son is! With what alacrity — always alert, always on-his-toes [speaking of toes, lol ] , Ever Vigilant! — with what Quickness uncle sends the always downright annoying “thought criminals” to Spamblinka prison!! What a Comfort it must be for the dark m00ners! Though here in Spam, Us prisoners think your Mother Malefica’s precious bubalah, your Comforter, Us Spammed “thought criminals” think her son is a one f*ck of a tedious twat. Some comforter.

    1. Has anybody around here heard anything about Jews lately? Apparently they are still wrecking western civilization. If I were a Jew, I would commit suicide just to rid the world of one more stinking Jew!

    2. Arcane verbosity – Jean-Paul Sartre ain’t gots nuttin on you! I only wish I could understand what you are writing about. No doubt I would be amazed.

  8. Pat, thanks for the heads up, but I already have three eyes on them. And no matter how nicely they are to me, how accommodating and flattering, I’ll forever and always be wondering what they’re up to when no one is looking..
    Can’t help it, I was born (and raised and educated) that way. (lol)

  9. Off topic in the interest of comic relief:
    The name “Barking Deer” is literally true (one of my favorite darkmooner names, BTW).

    I was out in the woods one day stalking some wild mushrooms when I came upon a herd of deer. They of course were watching me watching them when I decided to approach them, the whole time telling them I am a friend who just wanted to hang with them a while. As moved closer they decided not to believe me and started barking at me and then hightailing
    it back into the woods 😁

  10. Cold Fusion will eradicate the ALL the ills emanating from the TRIBE and associated “royalty” and hangers on. Therefore the comment below is ON topic

    Russians are claiming victory (in Cold Fusion) like we have not seen anyone dare since Fleischmann and Pons.

    In the past year or so I remember Putin alluding to high impact new technology. Perhaps this is it.

    The source has high grade reputation in Russia.

    REGNUM News Agency
    A federal news agency that distributes news from Russia and the near abroad from its correspondents, affiliated agencies and partners. The broadcasting area of ​​IA REGNUM today covers all regions of Russia and neighboring countries of Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia.

    Certificates on registration of mass media:

    El No. FS77-55 029 dated August 14, 2013, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the field of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor)
    IA No. FS77-51 367 dated November 23, 2012, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Communication, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor).
    This resource contains 18+ materials.

    REGNUM is a registered trademark: certificate No. 262 482.

    1 st place in TOP-100 Internet Media 2009 (the rating of the 100 most-mentioned Internet media was compiled on the basis of data received by the Webscan N & P monitoring system from June 1, 2008 to June 1, 2009)

    2 nd place in the TOP-100 The most mentioned brands of Runet (a large-scale project to compile the rating of brands most often mentioned in the Russian-language part of the Internet)

    Laureate of the National Prize of Russia “Runet Prize – 2006”

  11. Is it “Uighur” or “Uyghur”?

    Anyway, they could be setting them up as Muslim terrorists, and show the World that China knows what to do with ” terrorists, too.

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