Merkel’s Madhouse — ‘Don’t go to Germany!’


Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has just been arrested and thrown into prison in Germany. She had committed no crime. Author Mike Walsh warns potential visitors to Germany to stay away from this dangerous police state.     

As Germany turns into a repressive violent state, travellers are on a ‘visit at your peril’ red alert.  Entangled in electoral mayhem and threatened by refugee violence, the Merkel regime is said to be staring into the abyss.

Normal life is fast disappearing.

Also disappearing are many Germans now fleeing to Hungary.

And Poles are returning to their homeland to escape rampant refugee violence gripping Germany’s once beautiful cities.

Greece has suffered a calamitous 41 percent drop in tourism as a consequence of the invasion by non-European benefit bandits.

German’s tourist sector is reeling from an even greater drop in visitor figures.

Private properties in the hotel and leisure sector have been commandeered by the state to accommodate the new foreign invaders.

In the latest bizarre twist, STASI-like German cops have arrested a visiting Canadian pensioner. The state-sponsored abduction occurred in front of an astonished courthouse.

Canadian Monika Schaefer, whilst attending a Munich court hearing on January 3, was seized by three armed cops, handcuffed and taken to the cells.  Attendees and observers seated in the court’s public galleries stared at each other in disbelief.

The retired musician, a Canadian citizen of German ancestry who learned to play the violin at age 7 and is a skilled solo performer, is now in a High Security prison in Munich.


In an astonishing exchange of words Germany’s State Prosecutor snapped at the protesting music teacher, “If you wanted to stay free, you should have stayed in Canada!”

Is the diminutive music tutor a deranged escapee with a long record of violence? No, she is a getting-on-in-years lady and happened to take an interest in the holocaust. Disturbed by what appeared to be exaggerated figures that relate to compensation pay-outs, Monika Schaefer discovered that the holocaust was being used as an international scam to extract money from the German State and to bolster sympathy for Israel.

Despite overwhelming evidence of holocaust related fraud, which has been published in western media, Monika Schaefer’s arrest could result in a five-year prison term for carrying out investigations that actually supports many leading figures, including prominent Jews, who are also outraged at the extent of holocaust-related fraud.

Observers say this is a deeply worrying trend and compare it to the notorious 17th Century witch hunts of Medieval Europe.

The mainstream media is playing safe and publishing press releases issued only by Jewish pressure groups. This strategy gives readers and viewers a skewered account of the bizarre abduction.


Supporters of the UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS are advised against travel to Germany and urged to warn friends who may be contemplating a visit to Merkel’s Germany.

sent to prison in Angela Merkel’s Germany
for asking awkward questions about the Holocaust!



“Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown
and now represents a 
danger to Germany.”
— Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and author

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      1. Have you seen Merkel do the Snake Dance in a bikini ? The horror forever etched in my memory ! Something very wrong with that one.

  1. It’s still not clear on which legal grounds Monika Schaefer is being prosecuted.
    Can her lawyer, who is he?, explain especially the competence (jurisdiction)/the right of ‘ germany’ to prosecute her. Is she still german?

  2. My experience of ordinary Germans has been nothing but good. They are highly intelligent, decent people, and they have been betrayed by their own government. That betrayal has not just been in the form the recent immigration crisis, but also in allowing the Jewish holocaust industry to loot and smear Germany over the past 70 years.

    Ms Merkel has allowed millions of foreign young male asylum seekers into Germany. As somebody here has said, “What could possibly go wrong?”

    I hope the next German general election will see a reversal of present policies.

    1. A German renaissance would be good for the whole of Europe, in fact for all ethnic Europeans. It does not mean violence and wars, but it would mean some big changes in leadership. In fact the whole EU needs to be closed down. Free trade? yes, European trade protection area? no.

    2. What went wrong is that effective and continuous indoctrination of the Western Indo-Europeans (a more precise term than “White”) have been subjected to the most intensive conditioning and inculcation of deductive thought control on par with the most historical autocratic and Demonic regimes. Western governments today resemble the past regimes of the Soviet Union than their not too distant cultural, economic, and political, et al. milieus.

      It is telling that over the past 10 years or so a significant plurality of the GERMAN VOLK have voted for Merkel or the even marginally worse Social Democrats. The term “Muti” (Mom) was in common use for Merkel as implicitly looking out for Germany’s best interests. One can be sure that all the lessons learned from academic mind and brain study plus the experiences and trials of the past and present Marxist/Communist regimes are being applied to the population at the earliest ages on up.

      I believe the people involved-right up the scale to the Bundestag, who initiated these laws, informed them, and agitate constantly for them are, in the main, German Gentiles or Goyim Steeple. Very b-a-a-a-d.

      As Lasha DM and Professor K. McDonald have said, the damage done to “Whites” by Whites is not exceeded by the Chews. Why, and what can be done about it?

      1. I think that to assume that a significant plurality of Germans voted for Merkel is naive. As Stalin said, it’s not who votes that counts – it’s who counts the votes.” There is certainly vote fraud in the US and elsewhere – why would there not be in Germany?

    3. John,
      You are hoping that “a reversal of present policies” can be accomplished at the ballot box without violence. Others say that the situation has already deteriorated too far for that. As Ma Merkel has just been re-elected to a 4th term, even though her party has lost some support, how long will it be before another election? And how much less will be the German white population by then? Merkel is a walking advertisement for the need for term limits, I think.

      1. Angela Merkel has not been elected by the German People. She has been selected just like Obama was selected. When will you learn to see that elections don’t work anymore. There is no regard anymore for the will of the People in Germany as well as in the rest of the World.

      1. TROJ and I actually attended one of Merkels parties at an undisclosed location in Berlin. Guess it was before the New Year. TROJ and I sat at the bar drinking and discussing politics as well as our Darkmoon posts. Hes actually quite a guy. Merkel briefly excused herself into a backroom to get high I suppose…..later emerging with the same facial expression seen above. Sadly enough, this woman is the leader of Germany. At least TROJ and I had a great time. He even bought me a few drinks. Who knows what 2018 will bring. I hope its better than 2017. 🙂

  3. Multicultural and multi-religious cities are advocated more by Freemasons than communists who actually don’t want any culture or religion. Likewise, the initiations and other activities in Freemasonry are so rigid, dogmatic and controlling, that the members of this order lose contact with reality to the extent that many experience a mental breakdown. Both Merkel and Trump have been blamed for psychotic behaviour, and they are both the highest-degree members of this order. Merkel has also been a Bilderberger since 2005, and the Senior G7 leader. Despite all this success, her husband, Joachim, is treating her like a dog, and is constantly cheating on her.
    Angela Merkel doesn’t have much power actually, less than a CEO of one of Rothschilds’ banks and insurance companies, housed in the House of Finance in Frankfurt, and the “government”, the Germany Inc. (Gmbh), is just a network linking these banks and companies. Practically, Germany hasn’t had a real government since it was invaded by US and USSR about 70 years ago, and the USA Inc. has had the de facto governing power of Germany.
    ‘…in 2008, the EU established recruitment offices in Africa to have 56 million African “workers” plus their families emigrate to Europe as “workers”. – American geo-strategist, Thomas Barnett
    The decision makers in Germany, and Merkel’s bosses, are the Deutsche Bank, the Rothschilds’ Allianz and [through Masonry] B’nai B’rith, who also control the kangaroo courts staffed with members of CDU and SPD, two left-wing parties. So, Merkel is a Shabbo Goy in a Jewish madhouse, where the slogan of the mentally deranged masters, ‘Germany must perish’, is being realized. Germans have made a horrible mistake because they hadn’t demanded a true constitution to replace the illegitimate Basic Law before the influx of migrants.

    1. SNEZ. You are absolutely correct in your assessment here. Merkel was also a communist Stasi member in East Germany from what I have learned.

      1. Mark Glenn, Noor, and Lasha, for years and years and years and years ardently promoted with a religious ardor massive Muslim immigration for the West.


        Go fuck yourselves Glenn, Noor, Lasha [ and MachtNichts , you TOO, cunt, yet another cunt in the controlled-opposition n00sphere, you’re all lying dissimulating cunts. I include lobro in the cunt category. Yet another crocodile in an extremely crowded and over-populated fetid swamp crying lots of croc tears about things he really LERVS. I shall call you all “crocodile cunts” from now on.]

        ADMIN TOBY : (To all our readers):

        Now you know why this brain-damaged poster, TheRealOriginalJoe, in permanently in Spamblinka. No one has been more eloquent than Lasha Darkmoon in opposing mass immigration into our Western homelands, whether by Muslims or other Third World invaders. Never once has she done what this brain-dead troll suggests she has been doing: “for years and years and years and years ardently promoted with a religious ardor massive Muslim immigration for the West.”

        @ (((TROJ)))

        I think you deserve to have every bone in your body broken for telling such bare-faced lies, you brain-damaged sonofabitch.

        I suggest you APOLOGIZE for your lie in your next post and offer a COMPLETE RETRACTION. Failure to do so will carry with it a simple penalty. No further comments of yours will be posted on this site until you apologize.

        The choice is yours.


          TheRealOriginalJoe’s hatred of Mark Glenn and Noor stems from that fact that he has been blocked from posting comments on their sites. His hatred of Lasha stems from the fact that Lasha refuses to have anything to do with him. He consoles himself by writing sexual fantasies featuring Lasha Darkmoon in which he imagines Lasha visiting the stables every night for sex with her favorite stallion.

          What we have here in Spamblinka is not only a mischievous troll but a sexual pervert who is probably an in-patient in a mental hospital or a high security prison for sex criminals. If you guys knew what he was writing — but it doesn’t get published — you would never speak to him again with jokey kindness, as if he were just a harmless clown.

          He is far worse than a clown; more than half his comments feature sexual perversion: bestiality, vibrators, masturbation, “yeasty twats”, “mandingo dildos”, erect dicks, etc. etc. I think he even jerks off while writing his comments. The ultimate Spamblinka perv.

      2. @ Admin Toby

        So why feature his comments at all? That’s the big mystery!

        I mean, if he’s been banned from every other website and is not only a mischievous and mendacious troll but a sexual pervert into the bargain, I cannot understand why you feature any of his posts at all. Sure the site would be better off if you just gave him the push.

        None of us readers, I assure, are going to shed crocodile tears for him if you ban him for good. He is simply demeaning this website and bringing it into disrepute.

    2. She was born Kasner and many has argued it is a jewish surname. Others say she isn’t. Time will tell if she’s a shabbos goy, a jewess or just half-jewish.

      1. Merkel is a Berliner, ¾ German and ¼ Polish. She has been the leader of the Christian Democratic Union for 17 years. She became popular thanks to her fight for the re-unification of eastern and western Germany. However, she did have contacts with Marxist organizations in eastern Berlin, and I think that is exactly where she was noticed and chosen by the Jews who were well connected with each other, and constantly travelling on route New York-Berlin-Moscow, their main centres. Jewry has always been infiltrated in all possible political organizations, while being loyal only to their own tribal cause.

  4. ITZ important to note that:



    The ALL-LIES liquidated the legitimate government of the Reich, executed the leaders, took over, divided, occupied and plundered Germany. They stole all remaining assets, and their culture, and then imposed their own, both in the FRG and GDR. In the West, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces, SHAEF, erected a bogus state (a legal fiction). They wrote and imposed the “Basic Law” (not a constitution), and in spite of the so-called “reunification” in 1990, that law remains in effect today, as an entirely foreign construct. There is no “Made in Germany” constitution. That means …. Germany is still an occupied and foreign controlled country!

    Germany is an occupied country, occupied by the United States, and this status has not and will not change.

    During a speech at the Ramstein Airbase in 2009 the then, United States Warmonger-in-Chief, President Obama, made mention openly, though it is something that remained largely unreported by the controlled jewsmedia, that “Germany is an occupied country and it will stay that way” and this fact, not the speech only but the reality of the interpretation is no secret either amongst US military officers.

    The occupation that began after the destruction of Nazi Germany in Spring of 1945 remains an occupation, by the USA, for it is they that are the total occupying power and have always been in charge, even in the other zones such as the French and the British, in West Germany. That is why the French and British have all, basically, gone home while the Americans have stayed. They are in charge.

    The so-called government of the Federal Republic of Germany is but an administration that has been put in place by the occupation powers – in fact by none other that the USA – and nothing more.

    And the so-called reunification of the Federal Republic with the German Democratic Republic was pushed through by the same power, namely the USA, as it suited its purposes for the expansion of NATO towards the territory of the former Warsaw Pact and, after its demise, all the way to the borders of Russia.

    West Germany, aka the Federal Republic of Germany, never was freed by the occupiers as never a peace treaty has been worked out and signed and the only paper that exists is the capitulation of the Nazi forces to the Allied powers in the West and the consequent agreement of cessation of hostilities and the ceasefire.

    It is this status quo that the United States always want to retain while the GDR did have a peace treaty, though only with the Soviet Union and never with the Western powers. Making a peace treaty would mean relinquishing the ultimate control over Germany and thus, seeing that Germany, as it is, is the leading country in the European Union, also control though Germany over the EU.

    It is for that very reason, trying to retain control in the EU, that the US government has basically told the UK government that any idea of the UK leaving the EU would be a bad one. And such interference by the US in the affairs of the UK also shows what status the UK has, as far as the USA is concerned, namely that of a vassal state. Or, also, more or less, an occupied nation. And we see, although the Brits voted to leave the European Union many months ago, still not much of anything has occurred nor is their any news reports about it.

    This is all part of US Government, which is controlled by jews, expansionist desires to conquer and rule the world.

  5. The Jew York Times says it all! [Is she picking her nose in this photo?]
    ‘Efforts to form a coalition are challenging, with the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party gaining the support of 12.6 percent of the electorate. For the first time since World War II, Germany’s parliament will have a large right-wing bloc with members who express revisionist views and even glorify the Nazi past… Critically important is ensuring that whatever the election outcome, Germany will remain a key force in countering intolerance, populism and hatred in Europe, and a supporter of Israel and the trans-Atlantic bond.’

  6. Merkel is just a puppet of Zionist Israel, just as Trump is and almost every so called leader of the world, Merkel is also a Satanist as are almost every so called leader of the world, please read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

    1. Angela Merkel TIME magazine ” Chancellor Of The World ” , is the homely childless ultimate Anti German German . She is example of the Jews Left / Right Matrix. Her family of Polish Background , chose to move to Communist East Germany . Her father was a Lutheran Minister ,( Stasi informent) with the unheard of luxury of two autos ,in that barren state ! Merkel the high ranking ” Young Pioneer ” , in the Red Youth Organization , became a ” good Christian Conservative” ,and protoge of US / CIA cut out ,Channcellor Helmut Kohl when the nation divided by International Jew Puppets FDR Churchill,Stalin succeeded with Rothchilds renewal ,in the early 2000 s to get ” discovered ” for leadership . Her mission is to finally make the cancer of International Jewry , Globalist Agenda of the destruction of Western Civilization complete,by going for the point of no return . In 1942 , Adolf Hitler exhorted recent Military Academy Graduates to ” Halt the Red Tide and save civilization”. The speech so powerful ,despite orders not to, the young officers sprang from their seats to cheer with enthusiasm ( See ,HITLER John Toland ) , do any such Germans willing to stand up and fight live today ? It’s Merkel ,” the Free Market.Conservatives ” , policy of open borders ,arrests , and social upheaval to make sure never . ” The staunch ally of Murica”, is wiping out ;the Soul Race of the German People must be erased. Without good blood , high culture , Tradition, and unity s nation perishs. Germany culture is the culmination of the best Western Civilization has created . The Monotheist Jew ,and their minions must wreck this for good . The article speaks of the ” Alternative For Germany”. They are Kosher too . Like Le Pen, Farange , Trump ,etc they fall into they beg to be seen as Israel servers . They fall into the Matrix of ” Right Wing ” , which keeps them ,and their support running in the Jews circular firing squad . Only by breaking the Left / Right system as Hitler’s National Socialism did , can the International Jew be broken . National Unity achieved beyond party ( Hitler eventually wanted his OWN party abolished ,as ” no German should be divided by such ” ) , and people free to see beyond narrow ideological divides . The Eternal Jew fears NATIONALISM v International Jewry . It does not fear ,” Right Wing v International Jewry.

      1. Germany is committing national suicide led by Marxist Merkel and so is America led by Zionist puppet Trump via open borders and unlimited immigration , which is what the Zionists want and this will enable the Zionists to install their NWO.

  7. Too bad “nukes” aren’t real… The whole damn WORLD has become a target-rich environment! 😰

    1. Hi Gilbert,
      I don’t understand this idea that nukes aren’t real. There are videos of massive exlosions. In the pacific a hydrogen bomb blew a crater where an atoll had been, and radioactive fallout killed fishermen 100 miles away.

      There are plenty of nukes missing from the old Soviet Union, (Up to 100?) and there is a lot of plutonium around the world.

      I think that eventually one of these terrorist groups will acquire a nuke and explode it in a city. I would say that the likely targets are New York, London or Tel Aviv.

      Support the CIA. They are the ones trying to stop this sort of things.

      1. I agree with Gilbert. Nukes aren’t real. Terrorism isn’t real either.
        While nuclear weapons are real, as are terror attacks they aren’t real in the contexts used by the fake media.
        John, let me ask you; do you really think Iran and north Korea are really being targeted because of their nuclear ambitions? The only two countries without kabalic central banks.

  8. ‘Don’t go to Germany!’
    I don’t think think boycotting Germany is the answer. Isn’t that what the j’s threatened in the 30’s. Go to Germany but boycott the j outlets and Germans should do the same.

    1. I think it’s an effective title. It serves not only as a wake-up to Germans about how their nation is being perceived but also reminds others who question the WW2 narrative that they are at risk if they travel to Germany.
      Having followed Mike Walsh for several years and corresponded with him, I do know he has a deep abiding love and concern for Ethnic Europeans everywhere and most especially for (falsely) guilt-riddled Germans.

  9. Assuming their last election was legit, with Ma Merkel being re-elected yet again, the Germans, starting in kindergarten, have been completely brainwashed by Jew Holocaust propaganda. (Of course, this is true of many other white countries also). Goebbels Big Lie has now become the Big Lie of Merkel’s brain dead far left. When German men were real men, would they have put up with her nation destroying policies? Sometimes I feel that the best of their white male gene pool was wiped out in the two world wars, before they had a chance to procreate.

    1. Dr.Goebbels ,or Adolf Hitler ever endorsed the so called ” Big Lie “. The Fuhrer explained it’s use by Allied Propaganda against Germany in WW 1 . The Allies ,and subsequent ” Patriots ” , within the Kosher ” Conservatve”,along with stupid Marxists within the approved Left / Right set, have LIED about this for years .

      1. Amen. They need their lies to justify the destruction of Germany, Europe and the British Empire, or the British might ask why they chose self destruction and bankruptcy when Hitler said Britain should remain a world power with Germany as its ally.

  10. Angela Merkel… Globalist, Bilderberger, ex-Stasi, and current builder of a new, more rigid German police state… So many things one could say… But a picture – or a video – is worth a thousand words. Here is a 43 second video of Angela Twerkel Merkel that you simply cannot un-see. When I look into those cold, lifeless, blue eyes, I recall this video, and laugh out loud.

    On a somewhat more serious note, I have “things to do” today, and really don’t have much to say about Merkel. But my morning rounds of news led me to an article by Gilad Atzmon, which linked to another Atzmon article, from December 27, 2017. In that article, Atzmon wrote about German Jewish activist Elias Davidsson:

    The tribal operator (Davidsson) ended his slanderous article about me in the German New Left Rubikon magazine: “As a longtime anti-Zionist, I will not allow our fight for a just peace in Palestine to be disintegrated by psychopathic anti-Semites, nor will I regard people as comrades spreading the horrible theories of a Jewish world conspiracy. This theory has already resulted in millions of bodies.”

    One of Atzmon’s regular themes is that Jewish power is best demonstrated by their power to stop any discussion of Jewish power. Atzmon believes

    there are NO Jewish conspiracies. Self–identified Jews don’t hide a thing, they act in the open. Jewish Power, accordingly, is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power. This is exactly what Davidsson is attempting to do. And so he implements the Hasbara guidebook.

    Davidsson objects to Atzmon’s questioning of Holocaust dogma.

    “Atzmon is primarily concerned with the freedom to question the Holocaust, not the general right to freedom of expression,” says the son of David. Is this true? Have I ever excluded any other intellectual domain? A week ago, at the Babylon theatre in Berlin, I spoke out against all history laws.

    Now I certainly don’t want to see Atzmon given the same treatment as Monika Schaefer. I think Atzmon is a highly intelligent and articulate spokesperson for Palestinians in particular, and anti-Zionism in general. I read his articles whenever I see he has produced a new one, so I’m not sure how I missed seeing the 12-27-17 article. However, given the nature of Atzmon’s presentation in Berlin, I do have to wonder how he managed to escape the brand of German “justice” meted out to Monika Schaefer. Atzmon, speaking of his presentation in Berlin, writes

    I specifically mentioned the Nakba Law and the Armenian Genocide law. However, it is the primacy of Jewish suffering embedded in the core of the Holocaust religion and the laws surrounding it that bothers me the most.

    Perhaps Atzmon was simply one step ahead of the German authorities, and managed to catch a flight back to Blighty before German prosecutors could assemble their case against him, but Atzmon has written books deemed to be “anti-Semitic” or “anti-Zionist” by literally hundreds of individual and organizational tribal defenders, and those books have been available for years. Furthermore, it’s not as if he surreptitiously entered Germany and made a quick speech in some small town coffee house . The talk in Berlin was at a major venue, requiring advance notice, ticket sales, and advertising. So how can Atzmon make a speech in Berlin that questions the Holocaust without getting arrested while Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer, sitting quietly in a German courtroom, gets a three man arrest squad and the possibility of five years in prison, for an old video in which she apologized for not believing her mother’s defense of pre-WW2 Germans? There seems to me to be only one answer, and it goes back to Jewish power. Jews – even apostate Jews deemed to be “self-hating Jews” – can say things that Gentiles can’t.

    Even if that’s true, given what happened to Monika Schaefer, Gilad Atzmon would be well advised to think twice about a return trip to Germany where he might be invited to work on a jazz interpretation of Jailhouse Rock.

      I read your reply to my comment on the other thread but it puzzles me why you rate Atzmon;

      In the first GA quote you give in the above comment Atzmon gets on his victim pedestal;
      “The tribal operator (Davidsson) ended his slanderous article about me…”
      For pity’s sake Gilad, who gives 2 shits about your reputation. You’re a multi-property owning millionaire self publicist. “slanderous”? if you can’t stand the heat don’t stand near the oven.

      Atzmon continues;
      “there are NO Jewish conspiracies.”
      Really Gilad? Jews do conspire continually. The Holohoax is a conspiracy to fool the goy into an external guilt trip and extort monies. Gilad does the usual jew technique of stating completely over the top ridiculous shit to gain control of the discourse by an imposed nonsense narrative eg his 3 types of jew where he states he never criticizers jews.
      Atzmon is a big fat rich jew surrounded by jew friends and family, who uses ghost writers to write his books, then acts like some sort of pseudo intellectual oracle on all things jewish.
      Carn you say;
      “I think Atzmon is a highly intelligent and articulate spokesperson for Palestinians in particular, and anti-Zionism in general.”
      Intelligent maybe, highly no. Articulate? no. He certainly is not a spokesman for the Palestinians, Atzmon speaks for Atzmon – his concern for the Palestinians is merely cynical kvetching to ingratiate himself with Palestinian sympathizers to increase book sales.
      Have you ever met him Carnaptious, actually sat down and talked to him? It’s all about him no one else.

      “Gilad Atzmon would be well advised to think twice about a return trip to Germany…”
      Why? the people who demand Nuclear Subs and billions of dollars, rejoice in the deaths of Palestinian children and demolish their homes are his family for Christ’s sake, he wont be touched you can be sure of that.
      Jailhouse Rock is more jew bullshit, check it out 🙂

      1. Atzmon is throwing bones to the angry barking Goyim dogs, and, in privacy, laughing with his co-ethnicists at gratefulness of Goyishe kopf. The most obedient Goyim dogs also bark, as ordered: Merkel announced a burka ban and Sharia law exclusion in 2016, first in order to appease Europeans before her fourth term [s]election, and later when migrants settle down in order to trap Muslims just as she and her Jewish bosses trapped Europeans. Holocaust denial will then be forgotten in the arena of new conflicts. The chosenoids™ write all barking scripts for obedient Goyim dogs in a “prophetic” way.

      2. @Jimbo,

        Differences of opinion are what makes comment boards interesting. I’m not likely to change my opinion that Atzmon is highly intelligent and articulate, regardless of the merits of his arguments, but I don’t feel any need to try to change your opinion on that subject, or any other.

        You may well be right that Atzmon is all about Atzmon, and his “his concern for the Palestinians is merely cynical kvetching to ingratiate himself with Palestinian sympathizers to increase book sales.” Atzmon does go overboard on self-promotion and pushing his books.

        Atzmon’s claim that there are NO Jewish conspiracies is clearly false, but his assertion that Jews “act in the open” does have some – infuriating – merit. However, simply acting in the open does not necessarily mean that motives and intent are apparent. “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” I think Atzmon, like most of us, cannot entirely escape his heritage, even if he genuinely desires to do so. I would say that some of his writing and speaking supports Jewish claims of superiority or being “chosen”, so it’s possible he is, wittingly or unwittingly, controlled opposition.

        Atzmon’s Dec. 2017 article, and speaking engagement in Berlin, provided evidence that German prosecutors are selectively enforcing laws against Holohoax denial. That could be a result of Atzmon having the protection of prominent family in Israel, or it could be a result of the unfortunate post-WW2 German hypersensitivity to any possibility of offending Jews, even those labeled “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating”. It seems to me that in terms of “Holocaust denial”, or questioning Holohoax dogma, German authorities had more reasons and better reasons to go after Atzmon than Schaefer, but I don’t think anyone should be jailed for simply asking questions.

        I give credit to quite a few Jewish writers and speakers, more than I want to list here, because on many subjects they write well and, as far as I can tell, truthfully. I also recognize that in some areas, the Holohoax is usually a big one, they will tolerate no dissent or questions. As others here at Darkmoon have pointed out, 2 + 2 = 4 is still true, even if a Jew says it. But when 6 million minus 3 million still equals 6 million, and people go to jail over questioning that, then there is a problem.

  11. Be Aware … since the end of WWII Germany has been an occupied colony of the negative forces … WWI and WWII were planned by them in 1871, when the separate German speaking states amalgamated under Bismarck to become Germany … which was seen as a threat to the negative force world order controlled by the Vatican and its colonies England and the USA … thus both wars were forced on Germany!

  12. “…the best of their white male gene pool was wiped out in the two world wars, before they had a chance to procreate.” Exactly right, Folly. The same thing via the so-called American (un) civil war. The genetic loss of over 600 thousand of some of the finest American Nordic and Celtic males and for what? This loss from the White gene pool of the American population was tremendous.
    Here is the future plan to make the US into a Germany writ large. First, bring in millions and allow millions to invade, one way or the other, the one time White European-American culture and civilization. These third world invaders, at least 90%, will become the minions and voters of the Democratic Marxist party and the Democratic apparatchiks. Many, if not most of these invaders will live as parasites off of the diminishing White middle class. By 2060 Whites will make up 50 percent or less of the national population. The Marxist-Jewish Democratic Totalitarian Party (MJDTP), who will have captured the Washington DC political apparatus from top to bottom by 2024 or 2028 will then be a position to alter the basic foundational documents of the nation. By 2050 the basic freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights and Constitution will be trashed. The United States of the New Dispensation will become a latter day Bolshevik Soviet police state and a clone the current Marxist-Stasi Germany, on Steroids! In the near future, with the levers of political power fully in their hands, the slavering MJDTP with their non-White third world canaille in tow will begin in earnest the final demise of the White race in America.

    1. And who will drive it to this 2024 ? Who did it 2000 to 2008 ? Total Kosher Conservatve rule changes! Or the Gingrich period in Congress who gave ” Liberal Clinton ” his ” New Democrat Agenda ? ” ( Banking ). Kosher Conservatives ! As in Germany ,Merkel IS NO ” Liberal ! “. She is a International Banking ( Jew ) pro Finance Capital ” Conservatve” . Just another part of the twin matrix.

      1. DA, I agree. No one, a politician or not, controlled by the chosenoids can be in any way liberal.
        archaic: of or befitting a man of free birth
        capitalized: of or constituting a political party advocating or associated with the principles of political liberalism; especially: of or constituting a political party in the United Kingdom associated with ideals of individual especially economic freedom, greater individual participation in government, and constitutional, political, and administrative reforms designed to secure these objectives
        1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) relating to or having social and political views that favour progress and reform
        2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) relating to or having policies or views advocating individual freedom
        3. giving and generous in temperament or behaviour
        4. tolerant of other people
        5. abundant; lavish: a liberal helping of cream
        6. not strict; free: a liberal translation
        7. (Education) of or relating to an education that aims to develop general cultural interests and intellectual ability

  13. South Africa had a nuclear program. It produced nuclear bombs. Highly qualified scientists were part of this project. They, although old today, are extremely qualified personnel, still alive and may be contacted on this matter. The same would count for the USA or other nuclear countries.

    When someone claims this and that, it would also be good to in the same breath mention his or her credentials. For nuclear matters for example a PhD in nuclear science. I believe in relying on the experts in areas where I lack own expertise. Otherwise I will take up the opinion with a pinch of salt. When someone is dishonest or inaccurate in one matter, one ask oneself if the other statements are equally credible.

  14. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than
    those who believe they are free.”

    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  16. David Irving is at the forefront of this type of persecution. He has based his adult life on revealing the truth about WW2. He spent years collecting all the evidence and talking to relatives of some central characters particularly in Germany.He has been villified for his efforts but has uncovered fascinating details about WW2 that are very different from those that we have been spoon fed by Hollywood.He even had to start his own publishing house as the book publishers refused to print his work unless he change it.

    He even had a court battle with Deborah Lipstadt he defended his own case and performed very well, but was up against the $15 million given to Lipstadt by Steven Spielberg.
    The Jews have tried to kill him.

    Then in Addition there is this:

    Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

    and this is brilliant:
    David Brockschmidt on Schindler’s List .

    As is this:

    Anne Frank — the Jewish Girl That DIDN’T Write the Famous Auschwitz Diary

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