Migrant Caravan Struggles Each Day for Food, Care and Shelter

Video Report By Al Jazeera

The trek has left children dehydrated, faint and sick, according to advocates and paediatricians. The group is so exhausted that on Wednesday they paused for the day in southern Mexico, to rest and in hopes that buses would take them to Mexico City.

Al Jazeera’s John Holman joined a family of four as they travel through Mexico to the US. We look at the challenges they face as continue on their journey.

VIDEO  :  2.40 mins

11 thoughts to “Migrant Caravan Struggles Each Day for Food, Care and Shelter”

  1. These poor Third World migrants are only seeking a better life for themselves and their children ! Therefore they have started spontaneously a march towards the rich North. But will the evil racist Gringos accept them or will they keep egoistically their “white privilege” to themselves ? That is the question !

    Somehow the “evil racist” Gringos have some doubts :

    “All of a sudden, thousands of Guatemalans/Hondurans decided to walk 1,5000 miles !!! buy a back-pack, arrange for food for 12,000 meals every day for 2 months, get money for travel expenses, have drinking water for 4,000 people every day x 60 (that’s 720,000 meals for the trip), get directions for the best route to take, have extra clothes and sanitary items, have medical care available, prepare for rainy days, get 4,000 sleeping bags !! If they can cover 25 miles every day, all at once and they would arrive in the USA just in time for our election. What an amazing event. Let this sink in.”

    Source : Mami’s Shit, http://www.grizzom.blogspot.com/

    The “migrants” are also get paid : https://youtu.be/2xyNHhWdqyM

    Who orchestrated this so-called “spontaneous” event, and who is financing it ? Understandably the name of global Shylock George Soros is mentioned. Yes, that is the same George Soros who financed the mass migration of so-called “refugees” to Europe. Interesting times !

    1. Would that be the very same George Jabba the Hutt Soros who has Hillary collared and on a leash with Kamala as stand end in the wings.

  2. White males will be the victims if the Southern border is open to caravans of Mestizos. White Males aren’t Racists but they want a Mestizos free environment. More than half the population in the US is non-white, an influx of millions more will create no living space for the white male. Without any room to move, it will be a payback for what white male Cortez did to the Mestizos.

    1. “…it will be a payback for what white male Cortez did to the Mestizos…”

      When the Spaniards invaded Mexico “Mestizos” did not yet exist, they were “created” later on, by those same Spaniards. Their status was privileged in comparison with that of the Indians.

      1. Spanish speaking India/Mestizos are a Tequila drinking romantic people. They are a sub-race that has not assimilated with the European/Americans or African/Americans. But since they are so numerous it is not necessary for them to mix or share their culture. Blacks can do their thing as well as whites. Jews are mostly Cosmopolitan types, they assimilate well into big city high/culture. There is presently room for them all in this large nation. China is the same size as the US and has 1.3 billion people. Whites, browns, and Blacks will be squeezed together with no wiggle room. All will be playing made in China video games on their Smart phones. Bad breath is not tolerated.

    1. See Pat, the invading hordes already consider themselves US citizens with constitutional rights. Well at least some f-cktard US attorneys think so. Everyone wants to get on the immigration gravy train.

  3. It sounds as though this migration has been organized. Most of these people really are poor refugees fleeing corrupt and violent countries, but you can bet that many of the worst in society are hiding amongst the innocent.

    In Britain we had the left wing Blair government DELIBERATELY encouraging mass immigration. The result has been that many old towns are now no-go areas. Those who resisted this fiasco are accused of racism and hate speech, and can be sent to jail for free speech, where even the truth is no defense. Well what is wrong with racism? Races do differ and if you want to take a view on that matter why not?

    The left have made a serious error of judgement. They assumed it would all be accepted, but it definitely has not been. Many native Brits now want repatriation of immigrants. The multicultural society does not work. You only have to look at the black faces of perps on TV, but the media are too scared to say it out loud.

    President Trump may be an oddball but he is dead right on this.

    1. Gee John. Who would have thought that the horde headed our way is organized. It’s the American way after all.

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