Migrants “will only see Italy on a postcard”

Sourced from the Independent

Italy’s far-right government turns away rescue ship with 224 refugees: ‘They will only see Italy on a postcard!’

‘Let us in! . . . We’ve come to invade Europe!’

Migrants on an inflatable boat 
“rescued” from the sea by a German charity on 21 June 
and brought to settle in Europe 

Italy has turned away a rescue boat carrying 224 refugees with the country’s new far-right interior minister saying those on board will only see the country “on a postcard”.

Matteo Salvini‘s latest move came just a week after the Aquarius, a ship containing 630 refugees, was also turned away and forced to reroute to Spain.

Mr Salvini said the latest ship, operated by German aid group Mission Lifeline, had loaded the migrants in Libyan waters against the instructions of Italy’s coast guard – a claim the group denied, saying the passengers were rescued in international waters.

Italy suggested Malta should accept the ship and accused authorities there of being “inhumane” when they did not.

Malta’s government spokesman said in a separate statement that the country was not the competent authority because initial “search and rescue” was done by Libya and that the ship had breached its obligations to oblige by Libyan instructions.

While Italy’s transport minister Danilo Toninelli said the ship was in Maltese search and rescue waters and in difficulty, an email to him from the Maltese military said the vessel ”has not manifested any distress”.

Spain later offered assistance to Malta.

Mr Salvini – leader of Italy’s right-wing League party – said earlier: “We cannot take in one more person. On the contrary, we want to send away a few. “Italian ports are no longer at the disposal of traffickers. Open the Maltese ports! Open the French ports!” He added: “They will only see Italy on a postcard”.


“Why don’t  you  evil racists  let us in?
How can you let 1.2 billion Africans starve?”

Mr Salvini went on to liken rescue ships to taxi services that finish the job of refugees smugglers. And he repeatedly claimed other European Union states were not taking their share of refugees and migrants headed for Europe, a point that Italy will press in forthcoming EU meetings. He has threatened that Italy will withhold its payments to the bloc if it does not get more help on the migrant issue.

Four days ago Mr Salvini announced a census of the country’s Roma population ahead of proposed deportations. It comes after footage emerged of him calling for a cleansing of migrants from the country “street by street”.

Some 640,000 refugees have landed in Italy, mainly from Libya, since 2014 – although numbers this year have fallen with 14,500 arriving so far this year.

Mission Lifeline said those on board its boat, itself called Lifeline, were holding up well but that many were fleeing “torture, rape, slavery”. Founder Axel Steier remained defiant. He said: “The rescue of human lives must be prioritised before border control.”

The latest spat came just days after German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer weighed into the Europe’s apparent migration crisis. He warned he would give Chancellor Angela Merkel 14 days to come up with a plan to resolve Europe’s perceived immigration crisis – or he would order the country’s border police to turn back migrants.

The Czech Republic said it would do the same.



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  1. The Europeans have no one to blame but themselves. They signed off on (((American))) adventurism and regime change because they chose to embed themselves like contempible jackals, up the posterior orifice of the US. The way to solve this problem is to withdraw from NATO. Have America remove all their bases from Europe. You’d be doing the American people a favour as well. All the money poured into the European cesspit could be spent on getting America’s crumbling infrastructure back up and running. Get the totally non-productive, paper shuffling parasites of Wall Street, and elsewhere, into Labour Camps and chain gangs. It’s time for Yankee to go home and take care of himself.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. You speak words of wisdom. If your prescription were adopted, the patient would be cured.

    2. The europeans are ruled by european jews who work for israhell. Send the fortuneseekers to israhell and make it a multicultural state. What I can say is Forza Italia and save Italy. It will not be easy because Italy will be under enormous oressure by the jews. Don’t forget that even in the parties of Salvini and di Maio are italian jews who secretly work for israhell as spies. Throw italian jews out of your parties mr Salvini and di Maio. Do the right thing.

      1. Yes; let us not forget Syriza. Regarding the so-called Western democracies, I’d say that all opposition parties are controlled opposition. I would not trust one alternative party. Just look at Sinn Féin in Ireland — it supports mass migration (okay, this one I’m assuming :P), abortion on demand and staying in the EU. I see nothing nationalistic about anyone who embraces such globalist nonsense.

        Just like Jeremy Corbyn, I am beginning to suspect that SF’s “pro-Palestinian” rhetoric is misdirection from a cultural-marxist core. Sure if the Shinners ruled the Levant, wouldn’t they be for slaughtering thousands of Palestinian babies, inundating the Levant with Nigerians and hooking up Palestine into the EU hegemony. All I see are phonies now.

        The DUP is now more Irish Nationalist than Sinn Fein 😉

        Against mass migration? Check (this is what Brexit was really about).
        Against abortion on demand? Check
        Against all the trappings and ways of cultural marxism (e.g. treating homosexuality as the new normal)? Check

        Yet the DUP is supposedly anti-Irish…wtf is going on his topsy-turvy world? Then again, I too would be anti-Irish if being Irish means being black and proud 😉 (reference to The Commitments, a movie that with hindsight now looks like more globalist cultural programming).

        Perhaps Ireland is just a testing ground or a sandbox for Oligarchic games and theories, e.g. let us put fluoride in the drinking water of the Irish Republic and use Northern Ireland as the control. As far as I’m aware, southern Ireland really does put fluoride in its water. So SF becoming anti-Irish and the DUP defacto pro-Irish might all be just one massive cultural joke being played on us by our (((Masters))).

    3. As an American, I AGREE with Felix! Except for Trump’s Israhell-loving rhetoric (to which Uncle Sam seems hostage), Trump’s ideas to more strictly enforce border control, here, are met with the usual bleeding-heart bullshit looking for handouts. Go Italy! Keep the bastards OUT!

    4. Boy,
      The pic above tells it all. 99 cent men. All military age. A few women thrown in for effect. Nonuvem are smiling. Seem pretty hard-core. Looks like the African prisions have been emptied. All well-fed and wearing life-vests. Donaldo has an idea💡. Lets invite them all to dinner and a sleep-over. Your young daughters bedroom will be next to theirs. But no worries. They are just innocent, down-trodden refugees. Go ahead. Tuck your young, virgen daughter into bed…….Good night Princess. Sweet dreams.
      Life is good. 🙂

    5. Bravo !!
      Well said.
      And in the interim … how many opportunists have made big money from this crisis.

    6. The EU elites seem to despise the people who pay their wages. A reckoning is coming as more countries refuse to take orders from these arrogant, unelected bureaucrats..

      Brexit for Britain may be unnecessary because there may be no EU left to leave. That would be good riddance.

  2. What goes around comes around. During WWII, there was a massive European migration to North Africa and the Middle East, where people were desperately fleeing their countries for safety. The US and NATO helped create this problem by bombing those countries to smithereens or by supporting Dick-tat-ors in Latin America and else where. You can’t trash your neighbor’s house then complain about the property value. https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1920&bih=943&ei=nekwW-jvCIrKsQXrloVw&q=european+fleeing+to+africa+during+war+war++2&oq=european+fleeing+to+africa+during+war+war++2&gs_l=img.3…2484.22249.0.22778.….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.20.782…0j0i8i30k1j0i24k1.0.Z8C6cKm-p7A#imgrc=S-4E4iT0J4xNdM:

    1. You as a muslim loves to greet those fortuneseekers in Europe. So you can be together with your muslimbrothers/sisters. I remind you that the nato was established in 1949. This was not during the second world war. Further I have my doubts about the so called ‘ european’ refugees on the pictures of the link you provided. Are you sure those passengers were not on vacation or profiting of the Transferagreement etc.
      Tell my why is it that muslims want to come to the West they hate so much? Is allah not enough to live their life? Aren’t they hypocrite to come to the west? I have still my doubts how it is possible that you worked for the US forces as a muslim? Something is wrong?

      1. What’s wrong, Mr. Notalmudplease, is that American legislatures have been invaded and overwhelmed by cultural Marxists. We need a HUGE house-cleaning, here, too.

      2. Is that while we of the West have been pumping their oil through our banks.
        We were over their looting for all we were worth.
        Syria discovered oil & gas deposits offshore – Israel – US – UK – France – and every other rabid dog was salivating all over Syria like a plague of fleas.
        The US want Saudi Arabia & surrounding nations to develop the moon crater that is now Iraq.

    2. Mahmoud,

      During WWII there may have been massive European immigration to the Middle East as you say. Donaldo doesnt know. Havent done the research. But one things for sure. Gangs of European men didnt roam the streets raping women, girls and boys. They were above that kind of behavior.

      Now you say, “What goes around, comes around.” A stupid comment. Please keep posting, Mahmoud…..humor me.

      1. Hmmm……..I read somewhere once that when asked,
        the people of france thought the best behaved of the soldiers
        in the country during ww2,
        were the German soldiers.
        there does seem to be quite a lot of documented evidence
        that gangs of european men, albeit in uniform, DID in fact roam the streets of europe raping women,
        don’t know about the men and boys.

    3. These refugees are Albanians who fled to Bari Italy in 1991 after the fall of Communism!!

      They are not Europeans fleeing to North Africa or the Middle East!!

      1. TJ,
        Gangs of black American military men did in fact roam the streets of France raping women. If my memory serves me correctly, more than 40 “nigras” were court-martialed and hung in France after the “liberation” of that country.

        1. Administración,
          The pic above of the dead, mutilated woman lying on her back with the sign in her hand is complelely doctored. Please explain the origin of this photo.

          ADMIN TOBY: The rest of this insolent Jew’s comment, accusing the Darkmoon site of being a “Zio site”, has been deleted.

          Whether the photo has been “doctored” or not we have no idea. If so, we are hardly to blame for that. The photo was taken direct from Carlos Porter’s website. You are probably too ignorant to know this, but Carlos Porter is a prominent Holocaust revisionist, a friend and interviewee of Ernst Zundel, and he is a well-known ANTI-ZIONIST.

          You, being a Jew, would naturally suggest that any picture taken from the site of an anti-Zionist “Holocaust denier” would have to be “doctored”.

          Scroll down and you will find the “doctored” picture here:

          Less insolence please! — unless you wish to be booted off this website permanently.

        1. Donaldo,

          Carlos had some extremely inflammatory pictures on his site which are no longer there. Maybe he was forced to delete them. The picture you refer to as “doctored” is tame in comparison.

    4. Wikipedia has an article on the ship in your post. I don’t like to use Wikipedia as a reference, but in this case they are correct. The ship (Vlora) was built in 1960 and it’s carrying Albanian refugees to the Italian port of Bari in 1991 during the Yugoslav war.


      That was easy.

  3. You feel like telling these desperate people to go back home, fight the regimes and make your countries better in a way that you dont need to emigrate and be humiliated this way.
    But after reading comments here i understand that the problem is way too chronic to be solved so easy at home.
    The only thing i cay do is spit in anger at mankind for what they have done to each other.
    what a pitiful, disastrous, unsuccessful invention of God man is!

    1. Avatar –

      You wrote:
      “what a pitiful, disastrous, unsuccessful invention of God man is!”

      That being the case, it reveals the lack of perfection of the inventor. ‘Pudding proof’ revealed. Big Mistake!!

      1. We just need to get our shit together man.
        Until now we have been reasonable isolated …
        Divided & therefore, maybe not conquered, but rendered useless to intervene in the bigger picture.
        Today we have each other.
        Friend up & be counted is what we have to do.
        It will make a difference.

    2. This would be the Jew-god YHVH. Like (((their))) mythical Hallowedhoax, YHVH is yet another mythical creation by Jewish elite as a means of controlling people.

      When one looks at nature, they find the parasite endemic to all life. Parasites like the Jew are simply the other side of natural law. The positive counterbalanced by the negative, the yin versus the yang. Note there is no “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong” in this concept, just as there is no good, bad, right or wrong in electrical polarities.

      The entire cosmos functions on the cyclical principal of creation, maturity and finally destruction. This is the natural order of the design. Because of this, there will never be peace or tranquility on this planet as this runs counter to the design. Christians can forget about everyone holding hands while drinking coke, it will never happen on this planet.

      As esoteric teachers have taught throughout the ages, the design of this planet is to provide the suffering necessary for the process of spiritual advancement. It is the overcoming of man’s animal natures, like those profoundly exhibited by the Jew, that leads to spiritual perfection. As perfection cannot exist in the materiel world, such attainment allows the soul to move beyond this purgatorial state of existence.

      So we come to appreciate the value of introspection as a method of practical work which permits us to know ourselves and enter into ourselves. As we gradually progress, we become more clearly aware of the real situation in which we find ourselves. The inner content of man is analogous to a vase full of iron filings in a state of mixture as a result of mechanical action. Every shock received by the vase causes displacement of the particles of iron filings. Thus real life remains hidden from the human being due to the constant changes occurring in his inner life.

      Even so, as we shall see later, this senseless and dangerous situation can be modified in a beneficial way. But this requires work; conscientious and sustained effort. Introspection carried out relentlessly results in enhanced internal sensibility. This improved sensibility, in its turn, intensifies the amplitude and frequency of movement whenever the iron filings are disturbed. As a result, shocks that previously were not noticed will now provoke vivid reactions. These movements, because of their continuous amplification, can create a friction between the particles of iron so intense that we may one day feel the interior fire igniting within us.

      This fire must not remain a harmless flare-up. Nor is it enough that the fire smoulders dormant under the ashes. A live and ardent fire once lit must be carefully kept alight by the will to refine and cultivate sensitiveness. If it continues in this way, our state can change: the heat of the flame will start a process of fusion within us.

      From this point on the inner content will no longer behave like a heap of iron filings: it will form a block. Then further shocks will no longer provoke interior change in man as they did previously. Having reached this point he will have acquired a firmness; he will remain himself in the midst of the tempests to which life may expose him.

      This is the perspective before those who study esoteric science. But to reach the state which has already been described, we must from the beginning rid ourselves of all illusion about ourselves, no matter how dearly held; an illusion of this kind, if it is tolerated at the start, will grow en route, so that suffering and additional effort will be necessary in order to rid ourselves of it at a later date.

      As long as man has not reached the point of fusion, his life will be in effect a factitious existence, as he himself will change from moment to moment. Since these changes will occur as a result of external shocks which he can almost never foresee, it will also be impossible for him to predict in advance the exact way he will change internally. Thus he will live subject to events as they occur, always preoccupied by constantly ‘patching up’ (‘replastering’). He will in fact progress toward the unknown, at the mercy of chance.

      This state of things, named in the Tradition The Law of Chance, or The Law of Accident, is – for man as he is — the principal law under whose authority he leads his illusory existence. Esoteric science indicates the possibilities and the means of freeing oneself from this law. It helps us to begin a new and purposeful life; first to become logical with ourselves, and finally, to become our own master.”

      Gnosis, Volume I

      The forging of the soul from the multiplicity of “commanding selves” into a single entity is the process called “enlightenment.” It is what allows man to consciously act instead of merely reacting to the forces driving him to and fro in his confusing state of existence. This is why things happen the way they do.

      “God” does not make mistakes because “he” exists only in man’s mind. It is merely man’s perception that there is a such a “God” that makes mistakes. The perceived imperfections of creation are in fact the perfection of its design. Those flaws humans perceive in this creation are due to his ignorance of how the design works and why it exists.

      To pursue the path of enlightenment, one must first move beyond religion.

      1. Arch, yes, we must move beyond religion. But you are rationalizing what is instead of understanding what “it” was never intended to BE!

        The esoteric teachers you reference who speak of “necessary suffering” are FRAUDS – they are LIARS who are PROMOTING the aegis of YHWH. They are the fraudulent “ascended masters” as presented by the seriously misled theosophists and their ilk

        Whither this design? WHOSE cosmos? The jews aren’t the “other side” of natural law, they are its purveyance

    3. Some of mankind are.
      What a pitiful, disastrous, unsuccessful invention of God mankind is.
      Not all.
      You don’t sound like one of the failed inventions & I hope that I am not, I like to think I am worth it.

  4. Salvini is right in refusing entry into Italy to the African “asylum seekers”, but he is wrong in trying to have other European nations accept them. Those Africans should not only “see Italy on a postcard”, they should also see Europe only on a postcard. Stopping this mass people smuggling should start in Libya itself, but it was the American and European politicians, working for their genocidal Jewish overlords, who had decided to destroy Libya in the first place. Qadhafi had already warned for this scenario…

    1. “but he is wrong in trying to have other European nations accept them”

      Not just wrong but playing the controlled opposition game. He’s implicitly saying that mass migration into Europe is not a problem; this allows him to say to his voter base “look we tried to move the migrants on but it looks like we’ll just have to accept them because, you know, mass migration is fine”.

      Syriza played the same game. They distracted the people with sophistry (e.g. holding a referendum asking should Syriza impose EU austerity just after being elected on a platform of not imposing EU austerity! ) instead of addressing the real problem, i.e. being in the bloody EU in the first place.

      The Italian and Greek controlled oppositions effectively brainwashed their desperate voters into believing they could negotiate with the EU. Then when the EU shrugs and insists on more migrants and austerity, the controlled oppositions can make a lot of noise and then continue the same globalist policies as the mainstream parties.

      [EDIT]: I just wanted to add a few crude expletives because, frankly, I’m pissed off at how the Masters of Discourse continually get away with their bullsh*t dialectics and the dumb f**ks that are the goy who continually nod like the proverbial dumba** dog and accept the nonsense they are fed.

      1. i agree with your comment as Salvini as so many politicians has met Ntanjahjew in Israhell, got his permission from this jew when he was on his audience. As I am not mistaken Salvini is surrounded with jews, Moscovici if if I am correct is one of them. As I already stated Europe is ruled by european jews. Opposition in europe doesn’t exist. It’s all controlled opposition. The muslims work together with the jews as they did in Spain in the past. Same tactics of the usual suspects.

  5. Mr Salvini said the latest ship, operated by German aid group Mission Lifeline, had loaded the migrants in Libyan waters against the instructions of Italy’s coast guard – a claim the group denied, saying the passengers were rescued in international waters.

    Mission Lifeline is funded by the wicked Jew George Soros who has said he wants open borders for all countries except Israel.

    We are witnessing the Genocide of Europeans in slow motion and how dare you Whites speak out against the Jewish master plan to destroy you and Europe? I guess it’s payback for the Holocaust. But did SIX million kikes really die at Auschwitz?

    Would you believe me if I told you the SIX million figure is a lucky Jewish voodoo number and nothing more?

    1. “We are witnessing the Genocide of Europeans in slow motion and how dare you Whites speak out against the Jewish master plan to destroy you and Europe? I guess it’s payback for the Holocaust. But did SIX million kikes really die at Auschwitz?” (JusticeforChinese)

      Justice for Germans – is overdue too



      Jewish Population in Europe:
      1933 – 9.494.363
      1948 – 9.372.668
      The Jewish population decreased by 121.668
      Any comments?

  6. Erdogan said it plainly enough, for anyone who has ears that want to hear.
    “Democracy is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off”
    The epitome of Political Islam..

    1. Erdodan is suspected being a crypto-jew, the tough ‘ muslim’ ‘ who keeps the real turks under his thumb on behalf of the jews. The same with the ‘ egyptian’ president al sisi another crypto-jew. That’s why those great ‘ muslim” leaders never attack Israhell. All working for the great jewish cause and oppressing the real Egyptian population under the guise of being muslim. The same in the west, the same jewish tactics.

      1. So does that mean there is no Democracy train to power? Because London’s Mayor Kahn (the fifth of eight children) and all the Arab/Muslim immigrants, migrants and citizens are sure making lots and lots of babies. It’s just a matter of math..

  7. democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.i believe in localizing power that way people can truly govern themselves . but the satanist will have nothing like that . they want one currency,one religion,one government and one skin color , preferably tan . so instead of whites blowing their money on tanning beds year in and year out , they should simply exchange bodily fluids with those incoming dark people and have a tanned skin for all season . no?
    Jews and gentiles don’t mix like , say, oil and water , they insist on being like a diaper , always on our asses and full of sh>>.

  8. Al,
    (((They))) are always on our asses and full of sh.t. Like a diaper. Good one. Was reaching for a $200.00 bottle of tequila when I read it. Spilt the tequila all over the floor. But its ok. Alls good. Got plenty more. Theres a full bar in Donaldos house. Never a dull moment on Darkmoon. 🙂

  9. …. fleeing “torture, rape, slavery”.

    Since there are no females on the boat, the proper verbiage is …. fleeing “torture, homosexual rape, slavery”. 🙂

    Based on my recent reading, it appears that Italy is refusing to dock more migrant boats with a 1,000 or so on each boat. Spain has also stopped accepting migrant boats. France has threatened to sanction EU countries not accepting migrants which resulted in Italy declaring Macron enemy #1. Merkel may lose her job shortly due to the migrant problem. Soros is still saying that everything is broken. Gotta love it when evil plans start unraveling.

  10. There is revolution in the hearts of the people, but the elites are determined to maintain their power. They have ignored the wishes of the people for so long that they now see the people as the problem.

    Shades of 1789.

  11. The “jews” are about to see a change of fortunes. Once they were like teflon and no one would point to them. Now they are like flypaper and everything will stick to them like glue. Their rags are lying unbought and being recycled straight from the newsstands. Their lying cameras are now disbelieved. The idiocy of their kind drives away eyes in droves.
    You cannot unsee the Truth Schlomo. Your censorship ENSURES that you and your filth will never be allowed back if SOMEHOW you and your kind have ANY SURVIVORS to kvetch about this culling to come. Its no small marginalised group that comes for you. You have no friends, no allies and no place to run to. The Mohammedans want your blood. The Christians seek Justice. The blacks are merely savages that go after weal and soft targets.
    The Whole World DESPISES the Synagogue of Satan. Yeah, it was no coincidence. You did it to yourselves. After Hitler and Germany, you imbeciles JUST HAD TO WEIMAR America and England. Being schlomo’s friend is FAR WORSE than shooting him and his kind and sinking their boats An object lesson to NEVER AGAIN try to help a poison tongued hate filled delusional parasite!
    The Army of God is already on its way Schlomo. I hear Archangel Michael leads them. I’ve never before seen the Whole Army deployed. This pissant planet and crude technology is full of nothing but clay pigeons for these guys. I’m sticking around to see this one. I’ve never seen Michael kill anyone before. You will be remembered as the foulest things in the Universe when people hear this story.
    The Four Horseman are already here. Hello to Pestilence-Chan, Famine and War. War is the # 1 guy. Let loose the Dogs of War. Lets soften up these rats, boys.

  12. Well done the current Italian government, but watch out for the 🔪 in the back from Zionist dictat Europe.

  13. The pendulum is picking up speed coming back this way. Italians are finally getting the right leadership in place. Matteo salvini – not one more landing. Clean them out “street by street “.
    Dr. Doom – the free media is freeing the world, but you sound like a troll to me boy, preaching the typical racist hatred of all Jews in general, hyping violence in the name of religion.
    It’s old hat man.
    Ungenius – good observation, where are the women? It’s just more hype.
    And the globalist don’t even get it that we don’t want rapists…
    Mission Lifeline – you can bet thats another Vatican funded operation.
    Everybody get the hell out of the Catholic Church.
    The Vatican is total partners with the global EU monarchy system. They all hate constitutional republics; nations of any kind. .. you can no longer be an American or a European nationalist if you’re still funding the Catholic Church. .. the Jesuits have been sabotaging democracy in the USA And assassinating our leaders for centuries. .. the Catholic Church is a Jewish conspiracy.

    1. I think you are too optimistic but maybe I am pessimistic. I read that italy and some other countries are talking about letting in a certain quota/ division of fortuneseekers into europe. So Italy and Salvini are already losing their principle of no more fortuneseekers in Italy. Salvini said he wants to throw all illegals living in Italy out. How is he going to that as for expulsion there is an obligation of their country of origin to take them back. It will not be possible if these illegals have no id or passport, as these illegals say, advised by jewish ‘ italian’ lawyers. Italy will unfortunately not leave the European union as Italy is in bondage by jewish banks and jewish institutions. Meanwhile the real italians are emigrating to northern europe to find work even/especially academics working in a pizzeria as italians are not popular in northern europe being mafia people. By the way mafia is a jewish enterprise started by the freemason Mazzini in Sicily. Many so called ‘ italian’ mafia have a jewish origin, study their surnames and you know. The fortuneseekers are received like kings and real italians are living in poverty. The ones who are living good in Italy are the italian jews hiding behind ‘ italian’ names only the jew wise know they are Jewish. Especially the real italians are hated by the ‘ italian’ jews the italian impostors.
      The real italians don’t know that as they are brainwashed by the ‘ italian’ jewish media RAI etc. And of course the ‘ catholic ‘ church who learns the Italians to venerate the jews. Italy is a colony of the jews as many countries are.

  14. There is your answer – Merkel against a wall about to be shot. Then Macron and then the big boys and gals. – Soros, Adelson, the Queen, Kissinger, etc. The evil must be eliminated. None of this crap rhetoric about yin and yang as the natural order of the cosmos, Arch Stanton! Jesus told us to listen to his voice and hear the truth. Since I accepted Jesus my life has changed – I have given up the women, the drink and the gambling. Now my thoughts are pure and I walk in the forest taking in the beauty. Then I get in my Porsche and drive home, totally refreshed. I am glad God provided me with lots of money as it allows me to ramble and enjoy life resplendent.

    1. You are too much Yang and too candid. First we give them a fair trial and then ….Theoretically they could be acquitted.

  15. An atheist, like Arch Stanton, has about as much chance of seeing God in Heaven as a camel fitting through the eye of a needle.

    1. Maxey –

      The Aramaic word for camel and for rope were identical….. homonyms.
      It should be “ROPE through eye of the needle” not “CAMEL” 🙂

      Even in modern Arabic the words are very similar:

      Rope – حبل
      Camel – جمل

  16. We are called racists if we say that Africans are not the same as Europeans, but these boats are full of young African men who, typically are not well-educated and come from a different culture than ours. They may be good people but given that there are 1.5 Billion of them we cannot allow open borders.

    1. Africans and Euopeans are not the same that is a fact. Both are humans but that s not the point. Every nation has the right to decide who is admitted to his country. I can decide who enters my house and it is not the stranger who decides. Send them all to Israhell and to all those jewish ‘ liberals, the social engineers. We don’t need your Tikoen Olam not at our detriment. Shalom

      1. I agree. It is the left/liberal EU elites who want to deny a country’s people the right to decide who should be allowed in. These people are paid by the taxpayers and always want more power. The tail is wagging the dog in Europe, and the sooner Britain makes a clean break from the EU the better.

        I love Europe, but not the EU. We were conned into it when we joined what was then the European Economic Community. It later became the “Ever closer” European Union.

        The remainers are distorting the arguments. Only 27 countries are in the EU. The other 168 countries are all trading with each other and with the EU.

        Brexit isn’t about economics, it is much more important than that, it is about freedom.

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