Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison

Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has now spent just over 100 days in a German prison for offending the Jews. She did this by producing a 6-minute video called “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.” A touchy subject, the Holocaust, which Big Jewry  tells us we must not discuss in public unless we first agree with them on the three most vitally important issues: (1) that six million Jews died in the Holocaust; (2) that they were deliberately killed in gas chambers; and (3) that this was on the express orders of  Adolf Hitler and his top ministers.  

You may write to Monika, who would love to hear from you , at the following address:

Monika Schaefer
JVA Stadelheim
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München
Here is Monika’s fourth letter from her prison cell in Munich. She tells us here about her daily routine in the Teutonic gulag. Don’t miss this beautifully produced video with its evocative background music.

VIDEO : 11.44 mins

Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison

Monika Schaefer, a Canadian political activist, has been imprisoned in Germany for denying the Holocaust. Here she breaks her silence in her first letter from a prison cell in Munich

Canadian singer and political activist

The basic facts surrounding Monika Schaefer are these: Monika Schaefer was arrested on January 3, 2018 while on a visit to Germany as a tourist, her crime being that she had denied the Holocaust, which in Germany is one of the greatest crimes imaginable — almost as serious as being a serial killer.  (more…)

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. They are in their final panic as the Goyim awaken, they only talk about the “Shoa” and avoid the word “Holocaust” as they know it has been used up.
    The latest attack on myself was justified by the claim that my work “undermines the trust that people have in our system of justice and law”. They stole all the electronic equipment they could find. They do not even mention the Hollow Hoax any more, nor do they claim incitement, only I am undermining the peoples trust in our system. Now they ordered me to appear in one of their interrogation centres. Here is my response to that:

    1. I have always said if anything dooms the Jew, it will be their incredible, over-the-top-in-your-face-fuck-you-goyim! Chutzpah. The evidence against the Hallowedhoax is now overwhelming and can no longer be denied except thought the use of draconian measures like their all-out attack on Hallowedhoax “deniers.” Paradoxically, these crazed efforts only serve to reinforce doubt in the remaining true believers.

      Websites like Darkmoon easily overcome the Jew’s effort at suppressing stories which would have once been unknown due to total media blackout. So just how arrogant have Jews become?

      This just in from Haaretz:

      Church of Holy Sepulchre Crisis: Israel Burns Its Bridges With the Christian World. Decision makers have continually ignored the political, religious and diplomatic sensitivities when trying to solve problems that concern Jerusalem’s Christian community. UPDATE (Feb. 26): Major church leaders opt to keep Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed indefinitely.

      The exposure of the Hallowedhoax as the monstrous lie it has been for over 73 years threatens the Jew’s very existence. Jews are “freaking out” (sorry, it’s my hippie past) all over as they lose their grip. The sheeple are divesting themselves of the Jew’s media propaganda machine in favor of the web-based cell phone.

      The problem with this is the race of cowards that hide behind a mountain of lies will invariably panic at some point as they did when Hitler exposed to the world what could be achieved absent the Jew’s presence, by turning Germany around from it’s Jew induced depths of economic depression in just a few short years.

      The result was global war and the slaughter of millions of innocent people and utter destruction and desolation of Germany. Remember I said Trump was put in office to administer the beginning of WWIII? The Jews saw this coming and in the best Biblical tradition have made their usual plans to destroy any and all that oppose them. It always looks darkest right before the lights go out.

      Jews Are Bustin’ Out All Over

      The war went out like a lion
      Feedin’ the liars all their hay;
      Then along came hoax deniers
      And Jews went apoplectic with what they say
      More crowds of doubtin’ Thomases
      once gone with Jew’s dark promises
      of keeping these deniers at bay
      are awakening every day

      But it’s comin’ dawn,
      We can feel it come,
      You can feel it in your heart
      You can see it in the ground
      You can see it in the trees
      You can smell it in the breeze
      Look around! Look around! Look around!

      Jews are bustin’ out all over
      All over the meadow and the hill!
      Bustin’ outa synagogues
      And rompin’ over Israhell
      Even the little wheels that control the propaganda mills!

      Jew’s are bustin’ out all over
      The feelin’ is gettin’ so intense,
      That young denier creepers
      Have been huggin’ the bejeepers
      Outa’ all the bright truth evident!

      Because it’s Jews.
      It’z Jews, Jews, Jews!
      Just because it’s Jews, Jews, Jews!

      Jew’s are bustin’ out all over!
      The sheep aren’t sleepin’ anymore!
      They’re awaking to the truth
      And determined there’ll be justice
      sheep aint’ listening to the screaming at their door
      wile Jews are all out keepin’ score!
      On acounta’ it’s Jew! Jews, Jews, Jews
      Just because it’s Jews, Jews, Jews!

      1. Arch –

        “The sheeple are divesting themselves of the Jew’s media propaganda machine in favor of the web-based cell phone.”

        From pan…. into the fire!!

        Google, Facebook and Amazon control the apps which run smart-phones.

        But there are real monopolies in this country, and three of them — Alphabet (i.e., Google), Amazon, and Facebook — control much of our online life. They are already showing anti-competitive tendencies, as well as censoring speech, and yet there is no perfect response to such practices. These firms could do great damage if left unchecked — but then again, their market dominance might not be as secure as it seems.

        It’s not time to smash these companies to pieces. But it just might be time to rein in some of their most egregious practices.

      2. As a former IT worker with more than twenty five years experience in computers, networking and electronics, I fully appreciate the fact Jews are moving into the web to control it, but consider the fact that before the web, Jews had a total lock on information. Outside talking with those who had “been there and done that” one could only see and hear what the Jew media told them.

        Despite the Jew’s efforts, the web still provides a viable information alternative as exemplified by this website. One can still swallow the Jew’s lies whole, but if they are curious, it doesn’t take but the smallest amount of effort to look for alternative information sources; a task that was once almost monumental and typically reserved to those with access to government, university or scientific resources.

        Even now, local library resources are closely vetted by Jew’s and their agents. It used to take me hours, weeks and sometimes months to find sources I can find in minutes today. Even though some sources have been seemingly scrubbed from the web, there still remains a plenitude available for those wishing to know the truth.

        It might be time to smash Jews controlling those companies.

      3. Thanks, Arch –

        I knew you knew what I wrote and copied and pasted, also. I appreciate your writing.

        Although I took my first computer courses in the 1970s, Fortran and COBOL, and more later, BASIC, I am not an IT specialist of any sort. I do not build computers.

        However, I do know that the smart phones are just dead pieces of equipment… UNTIL…. an ‘app’ (computer application) is placed on them… and even more apps add more features. Apps have been around about a decade. They came about to run smart phones. The apps connect those phones to the internet…. when ALLOWED by the jews running the show.

        Apps can even take the place of websites today. It happens thousands of times a day. Custom Mobile App building is responsible for 70% of the new web construction right now. Some apps have cost over $100 million, such as… Auto Nation..!!

        It is a huge paradigm shift.

        I wanted to make that point to those who might not know that we are – ALLOWED – to search and read.

      4. This video is a little longer (40 minutes) than some might want to spend on learning why Arch and Pat are making excellent points here.

        Brendon O’Connell talks about the Talpiot program: “Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US.”

        Monika Schaefer is in jail for a thought crime. The crime was compounded by making a video in which she expressed her thoughts, but the “crime” was committed – according to those who call it a crime – merely by thinking such thoughts. The laws under which Monika Schaefer has been jailed are coming soon to the USA if AIPAC / ADL /SPLC and several hundred members of the Israel lobby get what they want. The US Congress is currently considering more than 100 pro-Israel bills, ranging from H.R. 2914 – United States-Israel Anti-Tunnel Defense Cooperation Act to S. 720 – Israel Anti-Boycott Act and H.R. 612 – United States-Israel Cybersecurity Cooperation Enhancement Act of 2017.


        I don’t expect anyone to read all of the bills, but I hope that some will take a few minutes to scroll through the titles, check sponsors, and status.

        (Toby / Sister Monica, if this link cause formatting issues please delete. I’ll substitute a slightly less direct version)

      5. OK, lets go with this one:
        When that page comes up, just enter “Israel” in the search box.
        There should be 118 results, of which 100 will be displayed. Viewing the others requires an advanced search.

        N.B. This website is an excellent source of info, but it requires some care. There was a Congressman named Steve Israel (served in the United States Congress from 2001 to 2017) whose name complicates this search for years 2001 to 2017. Rep. Israel was a staunch supporter of Israel. He retired on Jan.3, 2017 before the 115th Session of Congress began.

      6. Carn –

        Good video. Watching now. Thanks.

        Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US. That “American” you see “controlling” something? He or she is an American Jew or Zionist, dual national Israeli American citizen. Israel rules. Until we target specifically this control of the high technology sector and specifically The Talpiot Program, we will all continue to wonder how Israel gets away with all it does. It is a racist state of the most odious kind. But who will stand up to them? From medical nano technology to cyber security to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical – Israel runs them all. This is Israel’s false flag nuke. If you value some original analysis, not parrotted state approved “alt-media” narratives, please consider an investment so I can keep doing it. Where I live, there are no government benefits.


        **If you need to shorten a long link… you can use:

      7. —Youtube and Facebook Are Purging Truthers, Using “Conspiracy Theories” as the Excuse—

        Paul Romano documents the purging of truth-community videos from YouTube and Facebook, because the controllers want to prevent people from questioning mainstream propaganda.

        Google is adjusting its search engine to make sure that certain words are difficult to find or show only negative comments when a search is made.

        Romano concludes that this is a sign that a major contrived event is planned, and the controllers do not want any coverage on the Internet that questions the official narrative.

    2. As late as yesterday the Nordic Resistance Movement was shoah’d from the Discord site and some accounts even IP-banned. So anudah shoah is happening all the time now.

    3. Mr. Schaefer,
      As a jew by blood don’t you think they’ll likely look the other way?
      Why are you shy about coming out on this?

      Don’t you think the Jewish Rhine Meadows death camps are indicative of a ‘Burnt Offering’, aka holocaust?

      Why keep Europeans, especially the Germans, brainwashed with kosher BS, and whom you seem to care about, denying something that did in fact happen? Jews were sacrificed, but the main victims were predominantly GERMAN.


  2. This monstrous parasitic life form is responsible for immense human suffering and terrible destruction to our planet. Unless the jew is dealt with there will never be peace or spiritual progress on earth.

  3. It’s a shame Zyklon B was only used to kill lice.

    “Mr Hitler’s peace-time accomplishments can
    only be compared with those of Jesus Christ
    who chased the money-changers out of the
    Temple. Hitler chased them out of Germany.”

    1. As written previously, Jesus and Hitler are the two most hated men in Jewish history because they did the same thing. They both attacked the Jew’s mechanisms for financial control.




    go get him ,Billy . you ain’t going upstairs .

    1. for Joseph P Bell, though it might be a little off topic, I would like to hear more of your views on de grate billy graham!

  5. “undermines the trust that people have in our system of justice and law”

    This is also the latest meme being promoted by the fifth column M$M and select big wigs of the DNC and RNC.

    Oh how will our nation and we as a free people ever survive such blasphemy against our protectors and heroes! Blah, blah, blah..

      1. Barbra Streisand blames Trump for Florida school shooting and reveals that she believes voting machines were rigged and Hillary Clinton actually won the election

        The Jew’s bipolar schizophrenia is really beginning to show. Juxtapose this Daily Mail headline with the above article about the DNC.

        So it’z okay for Jews to rig our elections, but it’z not okay for their opponents to rig an election? The Jew’s Janus-faced, bipolar schizophrenia is really beginning to show.

        (Yeah, I know it’s the Daily Mail. And Yeah, I know Jews put Trump in office like they have every just about every other president since Woodrow Wilson. Still Jew’s are demonstrating increasing difficulty with controlling and hiding their lying, duplicitous nature.)

    I believe in one Holocaust®, the Power almighty, creator of all correct attitudes in heaven and on earth, conceived in Hollywood and born of the New York media, source of Jewish immunity and exemption from any and all criminal responsibility and criticism; I believe in Six Million Judaics, who suffered under Adolf Hitler and were gassed, made into soap and lampshades, and cremated and never buried. In the 21st century they arose again, to haunt the living and the dead. I believe in the State of Israel, the Holocaust’s miraculously conceived racist and murderous Son, our Lord and Dictator of all Foreign policy; I believe in the Spirit of Zionism, our Universal Master and Enforcer of Discourse, Who speaks through the Jewish-owned and controlled media, academia, arts and entertainment world, and through its other Jewish prophets, our Masters, and through their Gentile prostitute fellow-travelers and brainwashed useful idiots; the Spirit begotten by Satan and itself begetting both the Power and the Son and nourished and strengthened by them in mutual and unholy Trinitarian dialectic, ever-growing while feeding on the Gentile world. I believe in Elie Wiesel and the geysers of blood, and Arnold Friedman and the color-coded crematory smoke. I believe in the holy Shoah biz Church, the communist saints, no forgiveness of German sins or those of Holocaust revisionists and Zionist critics, the resurrection of lies, and the shelf-life everlasting of the Auschwitz gas chamber stories. Amen. (Michael Hoffman)

    *Hoffman’s comment: You can deny the Virgin Birth in Germany. You can claim Blessed Mary was a harlot. You can deny the Resurrection. You can deny the Israeli holocaust against Palestinians and the Allied holocaust against Dresden. All of those are mere “opinions” of men. The only divine truth is execution gas chambers in Auschwitz. This is what the “Shoah” theology has created: the desacralization of Christianity and state-enforced belief in Holocaustianity. The “Shoah” theology represents the gradual erosion of the claims of the New Testament and the increasing supremacy of Orthodox Judaism’s weltanschauung.

    “After the Holocaust, we can do anything we want.” (Golda Meir)

    1. COMMENT “RESCUED” FROM OUR SPAM FOLDER. Why it went into Spam we have no idea.

      Well put, and if you compare the testimony from generational cult testimony with that of Russians, and Germans as to what the Jewish ‘communists’ did to their victims, you’ll find they’re an exact match!

      In short they projected their heinous tendencies like torture, rape, murder of children, women, priests, good cops/military and even grandmothers onto their “holocaust” of Germans!

      More evidence? Lookup the Nemmersdorf massacre images, and notice even the men had blood in their genital areas; you’ll also find photos intermixed of Germans hanging a couple who was likely the usual traitor.

      @DM It appeared your site or you, were indeed targeted on the #PunitivePsychiatry video.
      Further research was done on those doctors rebelling against organized Jewry and the “Supremacist Cult of Psychiatry”; ALL were blood Jews, except perhaps one!
      Please consider sharing what happened.

      With the proverbial chickens returning home on organized Jewry, should we not take care to give credit where credit is due? It’s certainly NOT all Jews, and those MD and Phd docs took a large risk bucking the corrupted system that precludes proper treatment for many psychopathologies.

      I’m sickened with those like “Brother” Nathaniel, IMHO controlled opposition, who say the problem is “THE JEWS” when some are standing up against the cult.
      (My blogs are attacked in various ways, usually subtle, but always beyond my control; their usual smear via the Hegelian dialectic.)


  7. The rat trap keeps tightening. Keep it up. Someday. . . Jews beg to be the most hated creatures on this God forsaken Hell im in. If anything happens to Monika . . .

    1. Thanks Maxx, I am telling the Jews that Monika offers them the opportunity to save their own life. Those Jews who now stand up and get Monika out of the gulag can hold that up as being proof that they are one of the “good” Jews. Otherwise, they will probably just be squished like the rest of them, when Humanity understands what these vile creatures have done to us.
      The normal Jews want us to use the JEWdicial system to get Monika out, so that they can amuse themselves as we behave like drugged roaches in a bottle, in their rigged system, expending all of our resources and falling over on our backs when we are exhausted.
      If I were one of those Jews, I would do EVERYTHING to get Monika out of the gulag, because that act would be sufficient proof of being a GOOD JEW.

  8. The web is exposing the big media lies the zionists have been perpetrating on the general public since the bolshevik revolution and the Jews’ acquisition of Hollywood. But all the Scofield so-called Christian zionists and most Jews refuse to listen. They are being replaced by this new generation of techie savvy milennials, and we’re thinking their SENSE OF TRUTH will increase as they rip along at the upper limits of communication.
    I have it on good authority that “we Jews should run the world because we’re so much smarter than everybody else”
    Anybody who thinks the world should be controlled by a select group of potent ates is unamerican. ..
    Since the Internet the zionists know their days are numbered and they’re now ramping way up their efforts to disarm the public in preparation for the coming crash-and-burn – the big societal collapse and dust-off….
    Revelations about the Holocaust BIG LIE are firing the awakening process . That tale (pretty weak really) can’t survive the web. It’s a big shift. … consciousness is rising rapidly. The jews’ game is up. Time for desperate measures then…
    More school shooting ops are needed now to kick the gun grabbing program along.
    Because until the public has been disarmed there are no sure bets on the dea gel cleansing. …
    Stienies abounding in the Florida deal. ..
    Sheriff ISRAEL no less. can you even believe it?
    Who’s the sheriff?
    Why it’s non other than JOHNNY ISRAEL….
    And he said “the lion doesn’t care what the sheep think”… yes he said that on tv…
    Well then, the LION OF ZION…. here he is…
    The supposed high school kid crisis actor spox, young Mr Hogg, has a CNN afiliate mother and an FBI daddy… how obvious is that???
    And it turns out his real name is actually ZOGG not Hogg… too bizarre to be coincidental…
    The nicked by a bullet lady schoolteacher on George commieopolous program, ms. Lippel, said the shooting started when the fire alarm went off. she also said the shooter she saw was wearing full swat thug combat armor as he came down the hallway firing his R GUN at the students… that’s a big deal. ..
    We’re not off topic. This is
    the holohoaxers at work here and now today, running one fake mass shooting after another, until public opinion accepts gun confiscation…
    Never mind that if even one of the laws already in place had been enforced it would have been prevented. …
    And if there were real dead bodies on the scene, it is most likely they were killed by moss ad death squad operatives….
    The supposed shooter was reported TO THE FBI by somebody saying he had been threatening to shoot up the school. … OF COURSE he had. … the cops had been to his house 30 times on complaints. .. SURE THEY HAD…
    And wouldn’t you know it – network reporters now say the school will be demolished. ..
    Media mythology, create the narrative. .

  9. There are TOO MANY HOLES in the official Holocaust story. Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them? Why use irritant cyanide gas (ZYKLON) when carbon monoxide from a badly ventilated stove would kill them painlessly in 15 minutes? Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany? Why did the Red Cross only give 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps? Why was there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library and a swimming pool and a soccer pitch at Auschwitz, in a death camp?

    There no signs on wartime aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies? Why weren’t thousands of tons of ashes and bones ever found. The piles of bodies show emaciation typical of starvation and disease, something that would not occur if people were being gassed on arrival. It was Typhus, dysentery and starvation that killed these people, because by 1944 allied bombing had destroyed the infrastructure of Germany.

    When there are so many inconsistencies in a scenario we SHOULD be skeptical.

    DOUBLE STANDARDS. The holocaust has been pounded into us for 70 years, but there is never a mention of the reign of terror conducted by the mainly Jewish Bolsheviks against the Russia people; 66 million dead (Solzhenitsyn). If most people knew about this it would stop the holier-than-thou-and-don’t-you-dare-criticize-us Jewish attitude. We are only allowed to say nice things about Jews. The story of the Holocaust was the main reason for the creation of Israel and the rise of Jewish Power, and we all, (but mostly the Palestinians), now have to live with the consequences of ethnocentric, racial supremacist and militaristic Jews subjugating the Palestinians and stealing their country, bit by bit.

    There are many decent Jews and they should make themselves heard, to stop this sort of show trial. It harms Jews more than gentiles.

    1. “…There are many decent Jews and they should make themselves heard, to stop this sort of show trial…”

      Because they don’t they are not really “decent”.

    2. Would I now be arrested for writing this if I entered Germany?

      It would be worth doing time in a German prison to make the British public aware of what is going on. Most of them think, (as I did), that the official holocaust story was the whole thruth.

      1. John –

        No need to do time in German prison. Just pay for an ad in all the papers and email everyone you know:

        Support & Join CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust):

        The aim of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust is to promote intellectual freedom regarding the “Holocaust” and to offer a forum to those who contest the orthodox Holocaust narrative.

        CODOH is operated entirely by volunteers. If you believe you can help, please go to our Volunteer page to view the many ways you can participate, and please donate to help achieve our mission to repeal anti-Revisionist anti-free speech laws around the world.

        Company Name:
        Bradley Smith Charitable Trust
        aka CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust)

  10. I do think the Nazis killed Jews, but it’s also a fact that later Jews have turned this into a vast, embellished holocaust industry to fleece the goys.

    But try debating this with any American. Like I’ve repeated here many times, Americans think sports are important, tv and movies are real, Jews are good guys, and the rest of the world is one giant bad guy.

    You can’t get anywhere with people like this. I DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICANS.

    1. Dolph –

      “Jews have turned this into a vast, embellished holocaust industry to fleece the goys.”

      “But try debating this with any American.”

      You keep writing that for some strange reason.

      You should know that Kevin MacDonald is an American. He lives in California. He can help you find some of the hundreds of thousands who work against jews and queers…. unknown to you.

      He could show you how it is done:

      (Courtesy SPLC)

      Kevin MacDonald is the neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic. A psychology professor(ret) at California State University, Long Beach, MacDonald published a trilogy that supposedly “proves” that Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies.

      MacDonald started the new millennium off with a bang when he agreed to testify as an expert witness for the British Holocaust denier David Irving in a London libel trial. Irving had sued American professor Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher, Penguin Books, claiming that she had defamed him in her 1993 book, Denying the Holocaust. (Irving ultimately lost the internationally watched trial, with the judge ruling that he had “a distinctly pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish bias.”) Irving sought out MacDonald’s “expert” testimony on Jewish behavior and MacDonald was happy to comply, flying to London in January 2000. During testimony, Irving asked MacDonald if he “perceived the Jewish community as working in a certain way in order to suppress a certain book.” MacDonald answered in the affirmative and added that there were “several tactics the Jewish organizations have used.” MacDonald later wrote about his decision to testify in an article published in the Journal of Historical Review, a well-known Holocaust denial journal published by the Institute for Historical Review in California. In the article, MacDonald wrote that Jews undertake various strategies against their “enemies.” One is to distort history by presenting “Jews and Judaism in a positive light and their enemies in a negative light, often with little regard for historical accuracy.” (HA!!! 🙂 )

      1. @Pat
        I have heard more than one well reflected nationalist with a more than skeptical attitude towards the jews stating that Kevin MacDonalds ‘The Culture of Critique’ is a must-read to understand these people. It is on my reading list. Maybe one day….
        On my desk I have another recommendation: ‘ Tell the truth and shame the Devil’ by Gerard Menuhin (yes, a jew and the son of the famous violinist – so I will read it carefully in more ways than one).
        These (((evil critters))) are a pain, and I wish I could spend more of my time on other things than Zhu’s ‘know thy enemy’. But we seem left with no choice.

      2. Thanks for that link, Pat. I have a few issues with the digital age, not the least of which is the ease with which info can be changed or made to disappear, but the opportunity to obtain copies of books that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain is surely one of the best things about the internet.

      3. Carn –

        Glad to help. I agree.

        Copy and save to backup offline – not to clouds – while you still can… before Google gobbles them up.

    2. Dolph –

      You might want to join IHR to help you find some of the thousands of kindred thinkers in America:

      The Institute for Historical Review (IHR), founded in 1978, is an American organization best known for publishing articles and books promoting Holocaust denial, a practice which attracted notoriety to the IHR. It is considered by many scholars to be central to the international Holocaust denial movement. IHR is widely regarded as antisemitic and as having links to neo-Nazi organizations.

      The Institute published the Journal of Historical Review until 2002, but now disseminates its materials through its website and via email. The Institute is affiliated with the Legion for the Survival of Freedom and Noontide Press.

      IHR wesite:

      You could also join the thousands of AMERICANS at CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust):

      38 Miller Ave., #274
      Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

      The aim of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust is to promote intellectual freedom regarding the “Holocaust” and to offer a forum to those who contest the orthodox Holocaust narrative.

    3. Hi Dolph, Yes, the Nazis killed Jews, especially Jewish Bolsheviks, and there were atrocities on both sides, but only the German ones are publicized. The idea that Auschwitz was a death camp does not stand up to scrutiny.

  11. so i heard, there was no mention of any death camps in either churchill or eisenhower’s histories of ww2…

    right on darrell. it’s a religion…

  12. dolph – don’t sell us short yet…. we may have to save your country again…
    yes the nazi regime killed CERTAIN jews.. hitler was a jew himself… he looks like one too…
    according to spielberg’s movie it was jews who loaded the other jews on to the boxcars…
    that is how that works.
    most likely that would have been the zionist jews murdering the non-zionist ones..
    non-zionist jews were the first enemy of zionism…
    later on in israel ben gurion gave non-zionist jews’ children radioactive oatmeal… here’s the ringworm deal… and it wasn’t just arabs.
    “So these Mizrahi children were suitable as fodder for the greater good of medicine. Though Nazi medicine operated in a context of a plan to exterminate the Jewish race in Europe, the experiments performed in Israel were not dissimilar in nature. Sheba knew his radiation dosage would harm children, even kill them. It turns out it did so on a far larger scale than he may’ve imagined. But the subjects were deemed expendable, just as Jewish subjects of Nazi doctors were. And tens of thousands were killed, just as the Nazis did.” it wasn’t just arabs. it was also non-askenazi jews…
    according to the hollywood version, which is probably accurate, in iraq saddam assembled people he wanted to deal with and ordered some of them to shoot the others. either you do it or you will be killed too…
    in david crawley’s gray state movie, after the big clampdown some of those among the left alive will be ordered to report to a certain facility to operate the guillotine..

    1. Zionists did indeed send the ( non Zionist ) Jews to the camps, they did a deal with the Zionist thinking ruling party in war time Germany, they even pressed a medal, in commemoration of their Joint achievement.

  13. This Lady’s defence should start with her locally elected political class in Canada, these are the people/person that should be feeling the pressure, give us there names so WE may convey our disgust at their inaction.
    She is a citizen of Canada, Canada’s where she should be.

  14. Dear Lasha,

    You are not only a foolish woman as I have asserted earlier – quite correctly, I might say – you are way behind the curve with your endless talk about the holocaust-molocaust, stinking Jews, hitler-mitler, and all kinds of other meaningless garbage talk.

    Breaking News

    The US will be shitting in its pants after today’s Annual address to Federal Assembly by the president of Russia:

    We are fed-up with US bulling. Enough is enough. The Western civilization is fucked up … literally. And it was your own doing; Jews have little to do with it, if any at all.

    Let the Anglo-Americans remember this day as the Germans remembered Stalingrad of 1942-1943. You brought to Russia more humiliation, more moral degradation, more material devastation, and more human suffering than fascist Germany ever could.

  15. I’ve just received an e-mail from Lasha that from her location the Darkmoon site appears to be down again. From my location (western US) the site appears to be working. If anyone can see this comment, please respond with:
    1. Your location (in general terms).
    2. Does the site appear to be working normally?

    1. All good southern US.

      The glitch may be the cause of decrease in comments over the last day or so.

    2. @ Carnaptious

      The site was offline for several hours in the UK (3-4 hours). It was the same old story as before. ACCESS DENIED. Then LD sent out an SOS to her Technical whizkid helper to come to her rescue and fix the problem. LD didn’t expect him to get her email or respond, but he must have got her message and fixed the problem, as LD certainly didn’t.

      I only hope this is not going to be an ongoing problem. Wish we knew what was going on.

      1. @Admin

        Hmm, judging by the lack of response to my comment, I’d guess the outage was wider than just the UK.

        Glad the outage has been fixed, for now. I’m quite sure it will be an ongoing problem, but that’s not a discussion for here and now.

        I’d suggest deletion of these off-topic comments. Up to you, of course.

    3. site still viewable from the Left Coast of US, Inc. No e-messages of new comments posted received in the last day or so. GOD bless Monika and keep her safe. Write to her captors, write to the atrocious Justin Trudeau — GOD continues to surprise with this one, even worse than Obama to take such high office. Wow….

  16. Circ . – you really think the Jews have nothing to do with what’s up with the USA you must have rocks in your head. ..

  17. It’s good to see this website back online. I wrote an email to the administrator while you were down but I didn’t receive a response so I wasn’t sure what was happening. Welcome back. The resistance continues to gain strength and you’re a valuable part of the resistance.

  18. A very apt presentation! Monika is making the best of a bad situation, and deserves letters of support and encouragement. If anyone writes to her, make certain the writer’s full name and mailing location is displayed on the “return address” section of envelope, or prisons may reject it . Also, if you might expect to get return correspondence, include your mailing address in the text of the correspondence, because prisons often destroy the envelopes before mail is distributed to inmates.

  19. monika’s not in a GERMEN PRISON.
    she’s in a JEWISH PRISON..
    amazing as it is – zionism has gone from a very small and highly despised minority of the 600,000 jews in germany in 1933, despised among the jews themselves, to having established the state of israel in palestine, as a nuclear power yet, and taken complete control of germany, even to the extent that a totally harmless citizen merely speaking against the zionist narrative gets stuck in prison.
    in fact, were it not for the zionists and their partnership with hitler, the nazi regime would have most likely been sundered in its infancy on account of the very effective jewish instigated boycott run against the german economy from much of the western world…
    amazing, in a dreadful way…

  20. Thank you Monika for your letter, thank you Charlotte for producing this video, and thank you Lasha for presenting it here on your site. Monika is a dear, close friend, and when I heard from her brother Alfred that Monika had been captured by brainwashed German sycophants, minions of Satan’s Chosen, it was like a knife in my heart, a resounding blow to my solar plexus. I too am a musician. I’ve played harmonica in and with numerous bands and musicians and was in Mexico for an extended period this winter and usually accompany various musicians both resident and who pass through my favourite of all Mexican beach towns…but I couldn’t! I tried, but it was impossible. Music for me flows through my heart, then through this simple but remarkably expressive little reed instrument…and playing was impossible for the pain in my heart. As I sought to explain to many who appreciate my playing what was happening, both Monika and I were condemned for holding such illegal thoughts! I rapidly found friends who meditate, who consider themselves to be liberally open minded, who practice yoga and exercise and eat as consciously and cleanly as is possible in our current global asylum, were horrendously judgemental and condemning of me and of Monika for having discovered the lie and massive deception that is this now trademarked phenomenon known as The Holocaust. I’ve lost my family, numerous relatives and virtually all whom I thought were friends over the years and have just observed a new wave of pervasive cognitive dissonance as I have made phone calls and sent emails to remaining friends and contacts online about Monika’s incarceration. I have been about the business of revealing our essential spiritual nature, and of the Jewish Plague for over 45 years now…and as I thought when I heard first of Monika’s arrest, “I’m next!” The lockdown on our freedom by those who are in fact the living body of Satan on this sacred planet, the Jews, proceeds unabated. We are all Palestinians now. Bless you Monika.

  21. This sort of thing is increasing anti-semitism. The Jews always seem to overplay their hand

  22. Hey kids, what time is it? It’s time for Uncle Arch’s, Theater – of – the – Absurd

    Come on everyone! It’s time to play – Yarmulke Frisbee!

    Tired of your old Frisbee? No wonder, it was developed from a dead cat squashed flat by a truck. After a few days a young Jewish boy went out to examine the cat and when he picked it up to throw it away, he discovered its aerodynamic properties and the Frisbee was born. But now, Jewish genius has come up with something even better – the Yarmulke Frisbee. Yes! This Frisbee flies better’n Jesus. It’s even better than arguing with a Rabbi at the Yeshiva!

    This incredibly brilliant toy was developed when a ten year old Jewish boy was angered by an anti-Semite questioning the holocaust’s six million figure. The boy was so upset, when he heard the anti-Semite claim only 5,599,999 Jews died in the Holocaust, he took off his freshly starched Yarmulke and threw it at the man. He was astonished to find it actually flew better than his old plastic Frisbee! The boy immediately went into production so you could share the joys of Yarmulke Frisbee.

    Today this young billionaire is proud to bring you his discovery at the low cost of $66.60 dollars. Here’s how you play. First a Star of David is laid out on the field, then each player must match his name with the mystical, numerical equivalent. After each name is decoded, the highest number takes the first position on the star, with each descending number taking the next point.

    After all players have taken their position on the star, the first player takes the Yarmulke Frisbee and in a loud voice recites a passage from the Talmud, like this: “Epilepsy is caused be standing naked in front of a lamp, or sexual relations with the light on. (BT Pesahim 112b).” The player then throws the Yarmulke Frisbee to the next player who recites the next Talmudic passage, “The law regulating the rule for how to urinate in a holy way is given. (BT Shabbath 41a).”

    Players must toss a shekel into the center of the star for each misquoted passage or a passage given out of order, for example “Everyone has two kidneys, one of which inspires good deeds; the other, bad deeds. (BT Berakoth 61a).” or “Even before the election Trump turned into Hitler. After the election, he turned into thorns and demons. (BT Baba Kamma 16a).”

    The process continues until either a Jewish mother serves knishes or an anti-Semite disrupts the game with a hateful comment directed towards the players. The game is called when one of the players successfully argues the rules with god and wins. Yarmulke Frisbee will soon be a virtual reality game, where every successful throw decapitates a Palestinian terrorist under the age of three.

    So don’t miss out! Get your Yarmulke Frisbee today before the Iranians develop a nuclear Frisbee and spoil the fun.

    For Jews who take their nonsense seriously.

  23. How impressed I am with Monika. What a beautiful woman Her spirit is strong.
    No doubt this spirit of her kind is why they are hated so by evil and distorted beings.
    I pray for her freedom.

  24. Monika Schaefer: if you can read these lines in prison i want to tell you that you are a very courageous woman because you are fighting for what you believe in.
    I am sure you are a person who isnt racist and that your ultimate goal in life is to free mankind from the yoke of these monsters who are the biggest bigots there are.
    I humbly salute you lady and take off my Palestinian kefiyeeh for you.
    i was in jail myself in the United States and faced maximum security, suicide watch, solitary confinement and protective custody
    be strong

  25. Also remember Monika, in Palestine we know the Jews are doing blood libel because they kill my people every time there is a Jew holiday.
    They just love that shit, slaughtering people who arent Jews: they did it two fridays ago when people all over were sad because Jesus was crucified and during three previous attacks on gaza; one during “purin” one during “hanaka” and one during another stupid Jew holiday.
    But good news !
    When muslims arrive in Palestine the great white sharks in the mediterranean are gonna feel very sick because they are gonna mistake the jew bodies for bunble bee tuna fish and they gonna end up getting all the pretty Jew deceases like:
    Cystic Fibrosis, Familial Mediterranean Fever, Fragile X Syndrome, Glycogen Storage Disease, Type II Phenylalanine, Hydroxylase Deficiency,
    Retinitis Pigmentosa 28, Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy,
    Tay-Sachs Disease, AND THE ONE AND ONLY ……..Wilson Disease
    its chill time, i say

  26. Truly a sad situation, but we should not be surprised.

    Jesus speaking to the jews in John 8:44 (KJV): “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    Unfortunately, there are tremendous numbers of gentiles that have picked up the flag of the jews not knowing who they follow. Hopefully, they will see the error of their ways as the great awakening progresses.

  27. Ung

    While awakening will certainly clear the mind in dealing with our coming resurrection*, many will be muddled as we go through “the sorrows”

    *it is implied that a “rebirth” will no longer be an action whereby what has been man’s collective level of awareness limits him to reincarnating, with reincarnation inferring that we are without recourse in being subject to a randomness of the situation we are reborn into

    The reality of time is changing with our having moved far enough beyond the kali yuga. This is making it possible to choose what those next situations will be – go with Christ and get off the implacable wheel, or stay and keep “chancing” it.

    Basically, I believe this conjoins information of the gnosis with the Eastern understanding

  28. @ Brownhawk

    I have never been a fan of stew, a mix of ingredients cooked long enough so that all flavors blend, especially concerning religion.

    I chose to be a follower of the teachings of Jesus. I’m okay with someone else choosing whatever religion it is that floats their boat as long as it is not spread by force and does not promote evil. Everyone has a right to decide for themselves, free will.

    Reincarnation/recycling of the soul has always bothered me. It appears to be evil’s get out of jail free card. An evil a-hole that enjoys being evil can look forward to enjoying being evil as long as they like. Maybe that is over simplified, but it is how I view it. If someone else wants to believe in reincarnation of the soul, that’s fine with me. Everyone is the care taker of their soul, so free will reigns.

    I like religion the same way I like scotch, straight up with no contaminates. 🙂

  29. The ALL LIES fire bombing of hundreds of German cities was a real holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of victims were burnt alive.

  30. I watched the Letter from Monika video above and I replied to Jim Rizolis comment and I asked him to have a read of my book titled ‘The Truth about Germany and the World Wars’ on Jim Rizoli replied and said he bought the book from Three days later my author account on was terminated and my books deleted. Obviously the ADL are the gatekeepers on Youtube and they must have seen my comment on Youtube, contacted and had them remove my account. We are being watched.

  31. (ADMIN: Comment found in Spam — approved for publication).

    What about all the intense hate speech in the Jewish Talmud directed toward the Jewish Semite named Jesus Christ and his Christian followers, such as the statement that Jesus Christ is now located in Hell being boiled in hot excrement ( which includes by implication all of his Christian followers ).


    Why is the Jewish leadership never imprisoned at all for this worse Holocaust hate speech in the Jewish Talmud that is directed toward Christians ?

  32. Video is not available. Why am I not surprised. Saddened, but not surprised.

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