5 thoughts to “Mozart: Violin Concerto No.1 in B-Flat Major, 1st movement”

  1. ADMIN :

    Thank you for the beautiful music. It’s a nice break from all the bad news in the world. More than nice, it’s sublime music. I guess Mozart’s Violin Concerto put me in a good mood, I’m actually being polite to ADMIN and actually thanking ADMIN. Very Rare! When whiddlej🤕ew in Spamblinka battered and bruised who was with forethought maliciously falsely accused by ADMIN of being a “joo” and a “troll” and a “thought criminal” and “no good” and an “idjit” and “useless” and put thru a Darkmoon Kangaroo Court and thrown into Siberian oblivion thanks you, then you know you finally did something right for a refreshing change of pace. The music is very uplifting and inspiring. ADMIN does something right for a change and it certainly is a pleasant ¡Surprise!, something out-of-THE BLUE so to speak — as it’s so out of character for ADMIN to do anything right, Very Rare! *grin*.

  2. Magnificent – thank you 🙂

    HAUSER – “Live in Zagreb” FULL Classical Concert – Youtube
    The first piece – 00:34 Benedictus – & 1:14:56 Tango en Saki

  3. 2 CELLOS – Benedictus [LIVE at Arena Zagreb] – Youtube
    Luca Sulic from Slovenia ….. I was born in Slovenia years & years ago.
    Stjepan Hauser from Croatia

    David Garrett – November Rain – Berlin 08.06.2010 Youtube

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