5 thoughts to “Mozart: Violin Concerto No.1 in B-Flat Major, 1st movement”

  1. ADMIN :

    Thank you for the beautiful music. It’s a nice break from all the bad news in the world. More than nice, it’s sublime music. I guess Mozart’s Violin Concerto put me in a good mood, I’m actually being polite to ADMIN and actually thanking ADMIN. Very Rare! When whiddlej๐Ÿค•ew in Spamblinka battered and bruised who was with forethought maliciously falsely accused by ADMIN of being a “joo” and a “troll” and a “thought criminal” and “no good” and an “idjit” and “useless” and put thru a Darkmoon Kangaroo Court and thrown into Siberian oblivion thanks you, then you know you finally did something right for a refreshing change of pace. The music is very uplifting and inspiring. ADMIN does something right for a change and it certainly is a pleasant ยกSurprise!, something out-of-THE BLUE so to speak — as it’s so out of character for ADMIN to do anything right, Very Rare! *grin*.

  2. Magnificent – thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    HAUSER – “Live in Zagreb” FULL Classical Concert – Youtube
    The first piece – 00:34 Benedictus – & 1:14:56 Tango en Saki

  3. 2 CELLOS – Benedictus [LIVE at Arena Zagreb] – Youtube
    Luca Sulic from Slovenia ….. I was born in Slovenia years & years ago.
    Stjepan Hauser from Croatia

    David Garrett – November Rain – Berlin 08.06.2010 Youtube

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