Munich: Six Afghan “Asylum Seekers” Rape 15-Year-Old German Schoolgirl

As the migrant hordes pour into Europe in endless streams, thanks to Angela Merkel and her criminally insane policies of mass immigration, so they bring with them an endless number of rapists from  Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Who is helping to finance these “rapefugees” and turn Europe into a multicultural madhouse? Is it George Soros and his malignant myrmidons? [LD]  

Six young men from Afghanistan are suspected of sexually assaulting
a 15-year-old girl, according to Bavarian public radio.

(Sputnik News)

The incident was reported shortly after a group of Syrians allegedly gang raped a teenage girl in the southern German university town of Freiburg, prompting thousands of protesters to take to the streets.

Bavarian police have detained five men, aged from 20 to 25, who are suspected of raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl in Munich, Bavarian public radio and Abendzeitung report. One suspect is wanted in connection with this crime. According to the reports, they are asylum seekers who came to Germany from Afghanistan.

The assault allegedly happened late in September. The socially challenged 15-year-old was befriended by one of the suspected rapists. The schoolgirl reportedly testified that the man forced her to have sex with him. She didn’t defend herself out of fear that they would beat her. She is also said to have been assaulted by five other men, who were acquaintances of her friend.

According to Abendzeitung, the raping allegedly continued for an indefinite time span in several apartments in Munich. The prime suspect denies the allegations, claiming the sex was consensual. Munich’s public prosecutor’s office has confirmed the detention to the outlet but declined to give any further details for the sake of the investigation, which is underway now.

However, Bavarian public radio says that there are no indications that the student was held in the apartments or gang raped. The outlet cites their police expert Oliver Bendixen as claiming that this was not comparable to the recently-reported case in the neighboring state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

There, in the city of Freiburg,  seven Syrians, aged 19 to 29 and living in refugee camps, as well as one German citizen were arrested and charged with raping an 18-year-old student. The men had been on the radar of local police long before the arrest in connection with other unresolved crimes.

The alleged gang rape prompted protests, partly organized by Germany’s populist AfD party.  Thousands took to the streets, demanding that the police combat migrant crime and a reversal of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s permissive migration policy. They were challenged by violent left-wing counter-protesters, who assaulted the anti-migration demonstrators as well as local police.


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  1. Twenty year old male migrants need money and a sexual experience. It is no wonder they are raping and robbing. The solution is providing them with a job or monthly check so they can afford a sex worker. Most of their farm jobs were lost by the Monsanto importation of cheap corn. Mom and pop shops were replaced by Walmart. More will come and throw rocks to get in.

  2. first to post!
    2- SEND THEM TO A COLOMBIAN-OR VENEZUELAN- JAIL so that their their heads get sliced and inmates can practice soccer with them…
    3- An American jail would do too, with the slight difference that they will instead get their cocks cut off and stuck in their mouths…
    4- leave them in Germany where they will get citicenship and an apology …
    Problem-solution –

  3. just another immigrant gang rape story…
    bad yes, i’m afraid these people by comparison to the kind of animals we have in the usa…
    will the protests do any good?
    not as long as the globalists still control germany and the rest of white europe under the eu…
    everybody exit like brexit and get back to being your own countries…
    stop the white genocide and preserve genuine diversity…

  4. Let is not beat around the bush. Arrest those who have “consensual” rape with German women and teens. Prove beyond doubt that the rape was “consensual”. Take the first rapist behind the barn with the other sub-humans watching and plug him right between the eyes. “Now, sub-humans, you have a choice. You can move back to your shit-hole countries, post haste, or receive the same treatment as the first sub-human.” That, and only that, is the cure for the rape. but of course “consensual” rape, of White women.

  5. You Europeans are fools. You need Adolf Hitler. You have a choice National Socialism OR Islam. Down with Bullshit Demonicracy. It never worked and will never work in country or in any age.

  6. The girl is under the age of 18, she is a minor, the suspect(an adult) admitted to having sex with her by saying it was consensual. I could get a conviction with just the article. Am I missing something? Why is the left protesting? Do they not support women’s right to not be raped? It seems to me that the entire world is under an attack to suffer depopulation, which is most likely to play out in the right killing the left.

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