On the Brink of War

By Mark Almond
for The Daily Mail, May 11

This abridged version by Lasha Darkmoon
has also been published on the Truthseeker

“We are now closer to open war between Iran and Israel than we have ever been.”

For much of this year the world has been fixated by fears of nuclear Armageddon erupting over North Korea. But over the past 48 hours, alarming developments in the Middle East remind us of the even greater likelihood of conventional warfare on a cataclysmic scale in the region. Now that its heavyweights — Israel and Iran — have traded blows for the very first time, we ignore that threat at our peril.

After 20 Iranian rockets were fired from Syria at military positions held by the Jewish state on the Golan Heights, Israel responded by launching dozens of missiles at Iranian forces in Syria early yesterday.

They hit a radar station, air defences and an ammunition dump — killing at least 23 people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is based in the UK.

Iran’s rockets — fired by the Quds Force, a wing of the Revolutionary Guards — either fell short of their targets or were knocked out by Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ defence system.

This is not all-out war, but it certainly takes us to the brink.

—   §   —

In the Middle East, two major conflicts have been simmering side by side for years — the Arabs versus the Israelis, and the Shi’ite Muslims against the Sunni Muslims.

This week’s events seem about to drag them together into a gigantic and highly unstable flash point.

Iran, which is not an Arab nation, is the chief Shi’ite power. Since the revolution of 1979 which over threw the pro-Western, modernising Shah and imposed the harsh religious rule of the Ayatollahs, it has been spreading radicalism. The regime detests the West: it refers to America as the Great Satan, and Britain as the Little Satan.

Iraq is dominated by Shi’ites, as indeed is Lebanon after Hezbollah, the para-military party allied to Iran and which loathes Israel, won this month’s general election.

The Ayatollahs in Iran back the Syrian government of Bashar al- Assad. Surrounded by hostile pro-Western nations, Iran needs all the allies it can find to help protect its regional interests.

Support for Syria also allows it to station forces far to the West of its own borders — closer to the Mediterranean, in fact, than it has been since the days of the Persian empire 1,400 years ago.

Those forces, as we are seeing, are within easy striking distance of Israel. But that’s only half the story. Tensions are also at breaking point between Shi’ite Iran and Saudi Arabia, the leading Sunni country. The two nations have been fighting a proxy war in Yemen, with the Iranian-backed forces enjoying most of the success.

However, it is Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states which control a majority of the region’s colossal oil resources. Now, many hardliners in Tehran are saying that, with Iran’s superior military power, it could seize those oilfields if they wanted.

And the ultra-hardliners in Tehran, who are even more numerous, welcome that plan because it would inevitably bring America and its allies (including Britain) into a war they know we wouldn’t have the stomach to fight. With such immense conventional forces arrayed on both sides, Iranian military planners believe the result would, in all probability, be a stalemate. While Iran would be prepared to take hundreds of thousands of casualties, they are betting that the Western allies would not.

That, bizarrely, would be seen in the Middle East as a win for Iran. If the Great Satan cannot overcome its enemy, its enemy is victorious.

—   §   —

The idea of provoking more conflict, and giving Tehran an excuse to restart its experiments with enriched uranium, seems wilfully reckless.

But Trump has a rationale for his action. He argues that his aggressive tactics over North Korea have forced dictator Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table, and kickstarted a process which might even bring about the reunification of the two Koreas.

Absurd as it may seem, suggestions that Trump  is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize should not be dismissed lightly.


most unlikely nomination since Stalin

When President Obama began talks with Iran to persuade them to abandon their nuclear programme, much was made of an ‘Axis of Evil’ — a loose alliance of Iran, North Korea and other rogue states, intent on global mayhem.

But what Trump has proved in his face-off with ‘Little Rocket Man’ Kim is that Obama’s evil axis is an illusion. North Korea isn’t interested in Iran. Dictators don’t do solidarity.

Trump hopes that by reimposing sanctions, he will force the Ayatollahs back to the table — and this time they will agree not only to cancel their nuclear weapons programme but also to cut back their conventional military forces and to withdraw from Syria.

That’s the goal, but the difficulties with the plan are twofold. Firstly, with America ending the trade deal, in economic terms Iran has nothing left to lose.

In theory, it can still deal with Europe (which continues to support the 2015 deal): in practice, it can’t buy any items that rely on U.S. digital technology, such as the Airbus planes it dearly desires, and it can’t borrow from international banks that have dealings with America (which means all international banks).

Secondly, Iran is not a one-man dictatorship. Power is shared between religious, political and military leaders, all of whom are competing to prove they are more hardline than the next, all of them convinced America isn’t prepared for a ground war fought to the last man.

It’s true that the U.S. does not want to commit ground troops. Israel, too, is anxious to avoid fighting with tanks and assault rifles against an enemy with long experience of guerrilla warfare.

That’s why the Israeli response to Iran’s failed missile attack was so swift and emphatic: ‘If it rains on us, it will storm on them,’ warned Israel’s defence minister Avigdor Lieberman. Iran is promising to respond, though this does not necessarily mean an all-out missile attack. Reprisals could take the form of terrorist attacks, either in the Middle East or further afield.

Whatever happens, we are closer to open war between Iran and Israel, with the Saudis and U.S. potentially being drawn in virtually from the start, than we have ever been.

Is there any chink of hope? Curiously, there is and it comes from an improbable source. Russia, which has been so belligerent over Ukraine and Syria, does not want to see Iran dominate the Middle East where it now has significant interests.

So President Vladimir Putin may hold the balance of power here. It’s worth remembering that the monstrous Russian dictator Josef Stalin was the West’s vital ally in World War II. Significantly, the Israeli PM was in Moscow to mark the Russian victory over the Nazis on Wednesday.

Strange as it may seem, because he can talk to all sides, Putin could be the leader who can avert a Third World War.

So how about a Nobel Peace Prize for Putin?
If you think Trump is a worthier candidate, step forward! 


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  1. SORRY but we doubt the Israel version…………………… that Iran wasted rockets like that is to stupid to believe ,,, it was IDF planting explosives so they could cry wolf and attack

    Putin gave BiBi the green light for it

      1. oh yea and what jew owned media would print that the Iranians caught Israel in another false flag?

      2. Jews do not own all media. There are alternative media, which are becoming more and more popular. Iran has its own PressTV. Accusations by Iran of a false flag would be news anyway. I have found no information on PressTV of the Iranian government accusing Israel of a false flag on the Golan. The Iranians had threatened with retaliation for a former attack by Israel anyway.

      3. Not a matter of IF, but WHEN the fuse is lit to ignite the ME powder keg

        A tried and true m.o. is to get the enemy to believe an attack is imminent and prompt him to making the first move through a classic false flag planted in compromised Intel circles

        Like Hitler was duped in June 1941, will the nutty yahoo also be in…..?

        Name an anniversary. “They” like those

      4. Has Clawson considered that Iran won’t bite whereas Israel would?

        Doesn’t sound like it

      5. As a neocon, Clawson is part of the never-right-about-anything crew who believe in “noble lies” and “creative destruction.” They are also believers in “creating their own reality”.

        The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore.” He continued “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
        Source: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Karl_Rove

      6. But Franklin, Iran DID Deny the attack (probably conducted by Syrian terrorists to provoke a response against Assad):

        Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, denied Israel’s claim that Iran launched missiles into Israel, adding that “Israel’s history of carrying out unprovoked attacks in Syria has been well-documented.” Iran maintains the IDF struck first, continuing its pattern of airstrikes and other military assaults in Syria.


      7. @Mark

        If that is true then it changes the dynamics on the ground.
        It was already suspicious that none of those rockets caused any damage to the Israelis.

    1. 1. Syrians – not Iranians – did launch 20 rockets from MLRS batteries – but did so as a result of Israel’s many attacks on Iranian / Syrian sites in Syria. Ziomedia always portrays Israel as the victim, beginning each new round of conflict with what is ALWAYS a response to Israeli aggression.

      2. Iron Dome was 25% effective. 16 of 20 rockets hit the Golan. They did not fall short, they were aimed at Golan, not Israel, Israelis occupying the Golan were down in shelters and sewers.

      Here is some truth – with a pro-Syria spin – but she provides documentation that is missing from Ziomedia reports.


      Click on X in top right corner to see / read a lot more videos and reports from Partisangirl and others.

      1. It’s important to remember that the Golan Heights IS Syria, It has been occupied by Israel since 1967. Israel and Syria are still in a state of war. No rockets were fired at Israel, there were rockets fired at the IDF in Syria.
        The other lie that is always ignored, is that Israel still occupies a small part of Lebanon, Sheba’a Farms. Israel occupied foreign territory, then refers to it as Israel. The lack of honesty, even in “alternate” news sources, is astounding.

      2. I never believed for a second there was a MLRS volley fired at IDF positions initiating the latest Israeli attacks on weapons and munitions bound for Hezbollah, etc.
        If that previous REAL video of an MLRS volley on ISIS positions didn’t demonstrate why, what does it take! Because if that alleged MLRS volley did happen they’d still be out there looking for IDF fingernails, and the aw shucks we missed, the rockets fell short, is lol as well..

        Like in the movies when the #1 hit man misses the hero with his .308
        Yeah, that’s the ticket. He missed..

  2. None of the parties in this conflict want an all-out war with Iran, especially not Israel. Israel cannot attack Iran on its own and would need the US to do so, but for the US a ground war in Iran is excluded. The US can only bomb Iran, but if it does so, Iran would retaliate with its missiles on US troops and installations in the Gulf and on Israel itself, which is within its reach. At the same time Hezbollah in Lebanon would rain its estimated 150,000 rockets on Israel, against which it has insufficient protection with its Iron Dome system (success rate only 20%). To instigate an all-out war with Iran would be suicide for Israel.

    Thus the only thing that could “escalate” is more limited attacks by Israel on Iranian troops and installations in Syria and Iranian attacks on Israel from Syria. That may become nasty but will not lead to a war with Iran itself. The conflict may last long and prevent the rebuilding of Syria. The ultimate loser would be Syria, which would once again become a battlefield for foreign powers.

    At best Putin could broker a deal between Israel and Iran : the Iranians leave Syria in exchange for Israel no more attacking Syria. Perhaps a chance for Putin to earn the Nobel Prize for Peace?

    1. “None of the parties in this conflict want an all-out war with Iran, especially not Israel. […] ”

      I think the murderous orange demoniac and his jewish-supremacist handlers want “all-out war with Iran.”

      Don’t forget we’re dealing with devil-worshiping, demon-possessed madmen here, and you never know what such sub-human creatures will do.

  3. “When President Obama began talks with Iran to persuade them to abandon their nuclear programme, much was made of an ‘Axis of Evil’ — a loose alliance of Iran, North Korea and other rogue states, intent on global mayhem.”

    Weakest “Axis” ever:
    -Iran – Rockets fell short even with $Billions in cash and Russian HY-TECH. 🙂
    -North Korea – Rockets exploded on the launch pad – NOW lookin’ for cash from Trump… and more HY-TECH from China.
    -Other rogue states – NO rockets at all. Get NO cash.

    I don’t know how many times I have repeated this:


    NO ‘Army-Gettin’ happnin’ here. NO glass!! 🙂

    1. Anyhow, Pat, it’d be ENTERTAINING to watch a whole herd of camel jockeys descend upon the jew-boys in “conventional” war! 😄. We Americans, protected by the oceans of God (and Jew money), can enjoy the show aired by Jew media – a sequel to “Lawrence of Arabia”!

      1. Interesting, eh Gil?

        In 1918 the actions of T.E. Lawrence were instrumental in the British giving Palestine to the jews. 100 years later, and who may be the new Lawrence to be the INDIAN giver?

      2. Who said I ain’t lightened up?

        The “entertainment” has only just begun. Grab some more popcorn (:>)

      3. “… the actions of T.E. Lawrence were instrumental in the British giving Palestine to the jews…”
        While his actions may have resulted in the British giving Palestine to the Jews, Lawrence believed that the Balfour Declaration was a betrayal of his promise to the Arabs, and sullied his name. He returned his war medals and even publicly refused a knighthood.
        While he was close to Churchill and was an advisor on Arab affairs, he was also opposed to the march to WWII. It is claimed that he had made plans to visit Adolf Hitler to plan for peace, but his suspicious death in a motorcycle “accident” prevented that.

  4. I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING the racist/supremacist Jews spew OR their hole of a nuclear rogue state any more than I would believe all those organs harvested from Palestinians were “donated”.
    D.C. has been “servicing” AIPAC/Israel too long. One look at what more than 100 years of Jew “advisers” screeching into the ears of their oval-office puppets would make a lucid people take notice. This sewer? Not so much.
    Thanks to “common core” and “Safe” kosher pharmaceuticals, most couldn’t FIND the middle east on a map, let alone have an objective opinion of the (self) chosen.

    A nation of fools ruled by Satan’s synagogue. A TRUE marriage made in hell.

    1. Race is an important aspect of Nature. Although the Jew is obviously supremacist, it is not a ‘race’ per se, being mixed with all varieties. Its leadership classes are comprised of inbred families, ergo their weird diseases.

      First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

      1. Fully agreed, Bob in DC! I do not call anyone “racist”. It is hypocritical. (For instance, if I were born black – I’d probably be the “biggest nigger” in town!) 😀

  5. “….the monstrous Russian dictator Josef Stalin was the West’s vital ally in WW2. Significantly, the Israeli PM was in Moscow to mark the Russian victory over the nazis…”

    whither the significance?

    As usual, these authors fail to think outside the box and present ideas that would pertain to what are CERTAINLY undercurrents beneath it all

    A conspicuous lack of imagination as seen with these eyes

  6. Sheesh, the very first lie came with the very first alleged opening volley of some 20 MLRS rockets deploying thermobaric and/or cluster munitions fired at Israeli positions in the Golan. This allegedly resulted in zero casualties for the Israelis. Is this what we’re supposed to believe (aka) C’mon man!

    Anyone who knows what these weapons from Hell really are, also knows zero casualties would be practically impossible, whether by accident or by design. So, with the very first volley the truth was annihilated and the rest, as they say, is history..

    Here are the Syrians firing a volley of MLRS at ISIS positions. Zero casualties, or zero survivors?

    1. MLRS is the great-grand-son of Katyusha rockets of WW2 vintage. MLR systems are extremely effective, one of the shock and awe weapons of modern warfare. Contrary to some suggestions, the Russian tech works very well, as demonstrated in that video and many others.

    1. At least the granny has a nice “rack.” Why does Israel need to be made great again? Was it ever great?

    1. Heartless soldier

      No Christmas truces for these fighters

      We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto

  7. The Oded Yinon War is meant to destroy infrastructure and more fully depopulate those areas which are to become ‘Eretz Yisroel’.

    The Jew, being the most persistent sentient parasite in Nature, will continue on this course, fast or slow, until stopped.

    First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

  8. Russia, which has been so ‘belligerent’ over Ukraine and Syria…” Sounds like the writer was channeling crazy Nikki Haley. Still, if this thing escalates and Washington attacks Iran, will Russia and China sit on their hands?

  9. Trump’s downfall is Israel’s rising up… for sure. I am still a Trump fan, but… he is going to get drown in the swamp of the middle east if he doesn’t watch his step. He has picked the wrong alliance. We should be allied with Iran and Russia, not Israel and the Saudis. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some kind of knife to his throat from the so called “deep state” which probably are Jewish occultists and their minions as is alleged all the time since practically the French Revolution… Still, if Trump gets us involved in a war in the Middle East he’ll get impeached and he would deserve it.

    1. @ Kapoore

      Trump is going to remove US troops from Syria which is not in Israel’s best interest for expansion via war. The process is in motion with Trump pulling out of the Iran deal that stops the $500-billion annual US payments. Iran is now threatening the EU players with exposure for all the bribery that took place for the “deal” if they do not fill in the cash void. The UK, France, Germany, and the EU are in a panic. With US sanctions to be reinstalled, there is now talk of the US sanctioning EU countries with sanctions if they do not comply. The EU has the most to lose by the Iran “nuclear” deal falling apart. The global Deep State plans are unraveling including a big war in the Middle East.

      Trump does not have the Deep State’s knife at his throat. He is too well protected and he is in hot pursuit of the Deep State. Since the Deep State is global, there is coordination between Trump, Putin and Zi to eradicate it which is why there will be no WWIII.

      According to Qanon, Israel is the last on the list for Deep State cleansing. There could be a lot of unemployed jews in Israel since most of Israel is Deep State. 🙂

      1. @ Ungenius

        “Trump is going to remove US troops from Syria…”

        Is there any actual evidence suggesting this (other than the cheap words of a shameless serial liar)?

        “…which is not in Israel’s best interest for expansion via war. The process is in motion with Trump pulling out of the Iran deal that stops the $500-billion annual US payments.”

        Is there any evidence that the U.S. government is giving the government of Iran any money above and beyond its own money (money that was invested in U.S. accounts that were “frozen”)?

      2. Ungenius

        The “deep state” is one thing, but there is a deeper state at play which supercedes it. Do you really believe these politicians have a handle on all there is to handle?

        While I agree that there will be no WW3, it’s difficult to imagine that there won’t be another general ME war to be prompted by the next major false-flag event

      3. Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal, because Iran, like Iraq under Saddam, stopped using the US dollar as the basis for selling oil. As for the “cash”, just how much would Iran’s assets, seized in 1979, be worth in today’s market? Sure they returned the assets, but not at their real value.

      4. @ CURMUDGEON

        “Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal, because Iran, like Iraq under Saddam, stopped using the US dollar as the basis for selling oil.”

        No he isn’t. Trump is pulling out of the JCPOA agreement because that’s what his jewish-supremacist masters are telling him to do. The petrodollar theory of U.S. aggression has been thoroughly debunked many times.

      5. ADMIN: Ungenius, please correct your user name or your comments will be held up.

        @ Harold Smith

        I thought you were not going to take me serious anymore.

        The word “going” is a future tense word. Of course there is no proof. However, the future does prove the past, so wait and see.

        If you can find an official copy of the Iran Deal, you will notice that Iran never signed it. Since the Iran Deal is not legal, would you expect to find official payments?

        @ Brownhawk

        Politicians do not necessarily know, but the NSA has it ALL, legal or not, and they fare working with the Trump “team.”

        @ Curmudgeon

        Iran stopped selling their oil in dollars years ago opting for the Euro instead. They even sold some of their oil to India for gold. If what you say is true, then certainly the puppet Obama would have fixed it for the jewish banksters before Trump arrived.

        Since there were kickbacks and bribes associated with the Iran Deal, Iran did not get even their initial value back much less current value.

      6. @ Ungenius

        “I thought you were not going to take me serious anymore.”

        Whether I take you seriously or not depends on what you say.

        “The word ‘going’ is a future tense word. Of course there is no proof. However, the future does prove the past, so wait and see.”

        Well you said “Trump *IS GOING TO* remove US troops from Syria” when you could’ve said Trump “may” remove the troops, or Trump “said he wanted to” remove the troops, or something like that. Because of the way you worded it, it’s not unreasonable to inquire about the basis of your claim, is it?

        “If you can find an official copy of the Iran Deal, you will notice that Iran never signed it. Since the Iran Deal is not legal, would you expect to find official payments?”

        Okay, but if I can’t “expect to find official payments” how can you? What is the source from which you got the “$500-billion annual US payments” information?

      7. Ung –

        The $500 Billion annual payments is a rumor.

        It is a “YUGE” ‘Trump-ism’ at best. 🙂

        Here is the only ‘official’ mention of $500 Billion – BY the US Treasury:

        Testimony of Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Iran Nuclear Agreement
        7/23/2015 ​

        “Iran’s needs are vast — President Rouhani faces well over half a trillion dollars($500Billion) in pressing investment requirements and government obligations. And Iran’s economy continues to suffer from immense challenges — including perennial budget deficits, rampant corruption, and one of the worst business environments in the world. Put simply, Iran is in a massive hole from which it will take years to climb out.”


      8. @ Harold Smith
        @ Pat

        The “official” Iran Deal document is classified Top Secret. Consequently, there will be no “official” record of payments. QAnon, the planned cryptic “leaker” closely associated with Trump, apparently has an adequate clearance and has revealed payment amounts and the lack of Iran’s signature.

  10. Hi i am a Palestinian and i have gotten so used to gettting my ass kicked by the Jew-wasp alliance that i already know the outcome of this next battle
    I am so used to getting my ass kicked but the faboulous thing about it is that we wont quit and that one of these days something will come out right ….
    I just celebrated my 26th birthday and i think i will live to see it

    1. It is a Jew dominated ‘alliance’ where traitorous WASP elites hope to regain past power. Fat chance. There has been too much kikejew infiltration into their top ranks – through marriage and greed.

      Their own people, the ones they allied with kikejews to screw, must deal with them harshly after problem number one is resolved.

      First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

    2. Avatar,
      Are you really Pali? You look like Neil Diamond in his younger days. 🙂

  11. I am a bit late to this , however , having read the first third of it , I am distressed at Darkmoon , The Gist, Iran struck first, bollocks, the Zionist entity righteously retaliated, bollocks, the UK
    I is “the little satan” bollocks.
    Come on, give us something to work with.

  12. Netanyahu is fighting to stay where he is. Its not strategy at all. Trump is still stuck in Korea. Netanyahu is about to be kicked out. This is his attempt to stave off being thrown out.
    Trump is an idiot. He knows zip about what’s going on. He makes many promises to everyone. Stupid he is, yes.
    The US Military is no longer an effective force. Its a quota hire goof troop that has had a major string of accidents lately. It looks like Launchpad McQuack is running the US MIlitary nowadays.
    Netanyahu cannot afford to wait. Trump has no idea what he’s doing. Most of the combat readies are parked in Korea. Trump is probably making all sorts of promises he cannot keep again. Its what this idiot always does.


    Good morning. I am Korean and I see your site often. I want to read your article today and write a word.

    The press of the world tells us that North Korea denuclearizes with the pressure of the United States. It is only an event to save the face of the United States. What really matters is that the war between North Korea and the United States, which began in 1950, is coming to an end. They are focusing on denuclearization to hide this fact.

    If the United States chooses to war with North Korea, America will perish. This is the truth. So Trump is trying to make a peace deal with North Korea.

    If someone is

    If you want to continue the war, you can remove the trump. So we can see if the trump is removed.

    In other words, the fact that Trump is not removed is like saying ‘they’ are going to end the war with North Korea.

     You said North Korean dictators are not interested in Iran. That gave me a laugh. Do you know where Iran’s military power comes from? Iran’s military power was entirely created by North Korea. Since long ago, North Korea has developed Iran on a strategic basis to fight against Israel.

    If the United States or Saudi Arabia hit Iran, it would mean World War III. I

    This war will be called the Armageddon War. Because this war will be the last confrontation between good and evil.

    Depending on which one wins

    The fate of mankind is determined.

    But do not worry.

    They will not want a confrontation with North Korea. Because they know well that the confrontation with North Korea will lead to their destruction.

    A long time ago, Cuba had nuclear weapons. There are North Koreans in Cuba and they still have missiles and nuclear weapons. Officially, Cuba has no nuclear weapons. I do not know Iran. I have never heard of nuclear about Iran.

    I will add a word. A few years ago Iran had a weapon that they had made public. I can not remember whether it was a movie or a photograph. Because, as I said above, everything in Iran is made by North Korea. So I did not look closely. Maybe it was a video.

    If the agents have not done so, maybe they will be able to find the video or photo.

     This is really scary.

    From take-off, to instantaneous movement, to instantaneous stop, to visible, to hiding, and even to laser shooting up to hundreds of millions.

    (A word about climate weapons, see the US climate for years: snow bombs, storms, whistles, wildfires, droughts, floods, volcanoes, and blackout alternatives Internet news media say deep stocks manipulate the US climate, If we can do so, many countries have already ended, for example, if they did not speak like Syria, they would have already destroyed Syria.

    So do not say that the US climate is a deep week.) In the West, it is called UFO, and in North Korea, it is called an ion-powered aircraft.

    Until a few years ago, there was only North Korea and the United States where there were space forces on the planet. Since then Russia has created a space defense force with the help of North Korea. China also wanted to create a space defense force. But I have not heard that China has created a space force. Probably not even now.

    China has been constantly betraying North Korea. The US space group is Mooney only. You will know. America has not even reached the moon yet.

    A few years ago, American and American aliens continued to fail when they shot satellites.

    Find and watch the video over the Internet. Then you can find the light that passes around the satellite, or remember the airplane that floated over Turkey that night when Turkey declared war on Russia, and so on.

     I will now talk about North Korea’s space defense forces. The scientists under Hitler were in the East, the East was in ruins, and the scientists went to the Soviet Union. I do not know much about it, but there was a secret project team at Hitler, and when did they get into North Korea and how much they helped North Korea?

    I do not know.

    Soviet scientists also went to North Korea after the Soviet Union collapsed, and Dr. Janko, who was called the Soviet nuclear father, went to North Korea. I do not remember the name because I heard it a long time ago. Dr. Janko says he would normally shoot hydrogen bombs.

     (Currently in the US

    North Korea’s two satellites 10 times a day

    It is turning. Talk about this emp

    Former cia director already

    However, if a war with North Korea and the United States takes place, this space force moves first before the missile flew.

     As a sign of gratitude to North Korea in the Syrian metropolis,

    There is a statue. The world knows that Russia has helped Syria. However, the world does not know that Syria could not exist without North Korea (in fact, most of the weapons used in the Middle East are North Korean weapons). So if they choose a full-scale war against Syria, they can go to World War III.

    So who is North Korea?

    All the languages ​​of the world started from Sanskrit. At present, our Korean people live on the peninsula.

    Every dialect is a prototype of Sanskrit. (‘They’ dominate the earth and they say that the people who used Sanskrit have disappeared but have not completely disappeared yet.) ‘They’ wanted to completely eliminate our nation. So they did not end the 70-year war with North Korea, leaving South Korea under their own control.

    The Cherokee Indians’ prophecy tells them that their brothers find themselves and save them in the West. The Cherokee Indians can not understand the meaning of what they mean by 70% There is a prophecy.

    : They ‘destroy’ the ancestors of our ancestors who used Sanskrit, the Incas, the Mayan civilization, the ancient civilizations of Egypt,


    On the Korean Peninsula

    I kicked it out. Those who did not go to the Korean peninsula and sold it to Indians were killed and killed. So then, the Columbus fooled the world that they found the New World. Also, people who used Sanskrit have been disappearing somewhere. If North Korea defeated the US in the 1950 Korean War,

    Koreans will no longer be on Earth.

    Our Korean people who caused modern civilization are white people. In ancient shamanism, white people were shamans. The shamans were the ruling class, healing the disease, connecting the heaven, the earth, and the human being. So it is natural that our ancestors were familiar with astronomy. Look at the ancient civilization that has suddenly disappeared from history. They are all bright in astronomy.

    ‘They’ used the Sanskrit language,

    After winning the battle with our ancestors, we have ruled the earth for 500 years. (The history we learn is utterly fraudulent. It is said that ‘they’ have only 500 years of history.) And the plan to dominate the earth as a single state was the home of the earth

    North Korea and the last

    There was a fight, so this war

    It is said that it is the fight of the destiny of mankind.

    You will know the conclusion of this fight.

    Our nation’s prophecies are foretold that salvation will come to save the world and lead mankind to heaven. It will be the end for them. Maybe God seems to have made it this way. Could not evil be able to beat Good?

    It took a lot of time to write the wiggle. It takes more time to look at the sentence. Translated into Google Translate. It takes a few more hours to see if it is translated correctly, so I just upload it.

    1. @ Thorby

      My first reaction to your stupid comment was to spam it. On second thoughts, I decided to approve it so that our readers could see what a brainless blockhead you are. Off you go, Crackhead, and don’t bother to return! 🙂

      (We’d hardly publish your cretinous comment if we were afraid of being “outed” as crypto-Zionists).

      1. @ Thorby

        There are one or two people on this who site who actually agree with you in believing that both Trump and Putin are Zionist puppets (e.g. Pat), but Pat would hardly be posting on this site if he thought that the Darkmoon site was equally compromised and was secretly on the payroll of the Jews! Most of our commenters are pro-Putin and anti-Trump. But we have nothing against posters here (e.g. Lobro) who feel the need to praise and admire BOTH Putin and TRUMP! (That’s OK with us, provided they do it politely and keep their cool).

        None of our regular posters think the Darkmoon site is a Zionist front for the simple reason that every single article written by Lasha Darkmoon has been resolutely anti-Zionist. In addition, she has written numerous articles in support of historical revisionism (skeptical about the Holocaust), and she has also written many 9/11 articles pointing the finger of blame at Mossad and American neocons (most of them Jewish) working in collusion to attack America.

        So how does this make the Darkmoon site an Israeli front, will you please tell me? 🙂

        Geniuses are rare on the ground, but an idiot is born every minute. You are one!

        Sister Monica

  14. “ON THE BRINK OF WAR”… Not really.

    It is more like: “On The Brink Of – THE – 21st Century Syria” with the ‘YUGE” Construction Contracts for ‘Put-On’ and his business oligarchs in Russia… after the FREE demolition carried out by his military and “BIGGLY” helped by numerous other countries!!


    The Russian business companies will enjoy favorable conditions during Damascus International Fair, Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Samir Khalil told Sputnik.

    DAMASCUS (Sputnik) – The Russian companies, which will participate in the 59th Damascus International Fair scheduled for August, will enjoy favorable conditions, Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Samir Khalil told Sputnik.

    The minister pointed out that some European countries started to show interest for Syria after the Syrian army supported by Russia and Iran carried out a number of successful operations against terrorists.

    “There is a decision to provide financial support for all transport operations on the export of Syrian goods that will be carried out under the contracts signed during the fair. A total of 50 percent of expenses on air transportation and 100 percent of expenses on sea and land transportation will be reimbursed,” Khalil added.


    Yeah… it was a “YUGE” flop…

    ONLY 2.2 MILLION attended JUST the last 10 DAYS!!! 🙂

    Most trade fairs are lucky to get 100,000!!

    Firms flock to Syria fair with eye on reconstruction
    August 18, 2017

    The top event on pre-war Syria’s economic calendar, the fair is hosting firms from 23 countries that have maintained diplomatic relations with Damascus throughout the conflict.

    Russia and Iran, unwavering allies of the Syrian regime since the war broke out in 2011, were each represented by several firms including agricultural and energy companies. “We want to extend our business to other regions of Syria,” Mortazak Yanji, of Iran’s Mabna, which has built two power stations in the country, told AFP.

    Business opportunity

    Other Iranian firms included manufacturers of cars, medical equipment and home appliances.

    “This fair is very important for the start of reconstruction,” said Igor Matveyev, commercial attache at Russia’s embassy in Damascus.


  15. d doom – i don’t think trump is nearly as stupid as people who hate him anyways are always trying to say… his korea deal just might turn out big and good.. like he said, it could have been done years ago if anybody had even tried,,, but they’ve been all pretty much deep state MIC puppets for the last few decades. obama a total plant. gwb and obvious fool… the big reconstruction money coming up in syria, way on top of the billions already transferred out of the military action, is probably the trade-off required in order to move korea forward, which kim understands the usa can make his country prosperous, up to south korea’s standards, and kim can be the hero of that.. either that or things get a lot worse the other way, that was trump’s deal with kim, i guess.. either kim takes the deal or we wipe his nuke program out, and his palace full of gorgeous young stuff… he don’t want that.
    trump got the hostages returned… ok good… maybe conditions are now improved in kim’s torture prisons, the same way they did in red china when nixon visited there…
    lots of jewish people want netanyahu gone. i talked to one lady the other day… he’s pushing hard for the war on iran before they get nukes too, but it’s really because iran feeds hezbolla and that’s what’s been stopping the joos from invading lebanon and grabbing the litani river… they need the water, and the zionists always want to expand their borders… israel has no borders…
    i know it looks bad but i’m not sure we should worry too much about trump killing obama’s iran deal… he’s just re-opening the negotiating process, which was locked out with obama’s deal, and the obama deal was a deep state production with all the rotten giblets. you can bet on that…
    does trump have something up his sleeve to eventually out the jews back in their place? let’s not give up hope on that….
    of course, the real story is – the iranians aren’t even trying to build nuclear weapons, though they do want reactors, while israel, on the other hand, has hundreds of them and makes a new one every month or so… iran is halfway westernized… it’s the zionist jews who are the real cancer in the area, since theodore herzel’s book – the jewish state, since the balfour declaration, since the ‘transfer agreement’ and the zionists’ pact with hitler, and harry crypto truman’s official recognition, and since the murder of jfk, who blocked their nuke program, and would have killed the deep state too…
    pat – war-and-reconstruction is probably the most lucrative manifestation of disaster capitalism.. all the banksters are lining up the loans, the materials merchants, etc… i remember when plywood doubled on the dick cheney iraq invasion…
    but disease is big money too man, and every corporate predator generally understands his bottom goes up if he can make people sick.. cancer, diabetes, heart disease… it’s all huge dough for the big-pharma drug predators… their vaccine poison program feeds the demo entitlement society by making retards out of about 1 in 50 autism victims now, with many, many others coming out halfway stupid, whereas if you go to amish country, where they won’t take vaccines, the autism figure is more like 1 in 50,000…
    and of course mother earth has always been the main victim of the capitalist disaster program…
    DIS-ASTER – knocking the stars apart…

    1. Bark –

      Correcto!! I agree 100% on Pharma-Issues!!


      The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…
      …the primary tool used to backlash SB277 and Big Pharma over the vaccine issue was Social Media. And that avenue for activism has been stopped dead.

      FaceBook, for instance, is TOTALLY blocking, or throttling, activists in favor of Big Pharma, and demands by quasi-communist-despot countries like Australia.

      It isn’t just politically conservative commentators, but ALL health issues.

      Anything that criticizes Big Pharma, or Big Medicine, are being blocked or throttled back.


  16. In the fog of war it is very difficult to say what is really happening. Information available to most of us is second, third or fourth hand, and every reporter or author has some kind of bias. There have been stories about Putin giving Israel a “green light” to attack Syria. There have been other stories, far more rare, that report a Putin/Nutty meeting in which loud shouting was heard through a closed door. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened.

    FWIW: Here is another report that has a whiff of truth about it, if only because it meets the criteria of matching known events: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

    (May have to scroll up to see it all)

    1. As per the Israelis using U.S. FOF signal to sneak attack with impunity, if I were Commander Ben Gurion or the infamous Ming the Merciless, then yeah, that’s what I would do too.
      So yes it rings true to me..

  17. Then again, some of the stuff Leenamwon said also rang true to me! So there’s that too.. (lol)

  18. The author states that Iran started the exchange by firing twenty missiles at Israel. But this now appears to be another lie — one of so many — initiated by Israel and spread via the servile western media. Check out this report at information clearing house — which asserts that Israel was in fact the instigator. Otherwise, good article!

    1. @ Mark Gaffney

      I happened to be online the night of the attacks and caught the first non-MSM reports. The first report was that Israel was artillery shelling a location in Syria, I forget its name.

      Yes, it certainly appeared to me that Israel was the instigator of the exchange. One thing can be counted on, jews lie, even Jesus said so in John 8:44.

      1. Ung –

        Of course Israel tossed numerous shells into Syria.

        Whether first, middle or last… they are among the ‘Deep Demolition Team’ razing the old buildings for new buildings to be raised. 🙂

  19. Congress weighs indefinite detention of Americans (i.e., it’s considering making the ignorant orange savage’s crimes “legal” and removing any potential obstacles to his assertion of complete unaccountable power).


    The ignorant orange savage embraces the imperial presidency:


    The ignorant orange savage makes Obama look like Mister Rogers:


  20. I see Is-ra-el as a geopolitical “booster rocket”. Useful in contributing to the “NWO” getting into orbit, and then jettisoned when its usefulness has been expended

    An esoteric moment, courtesy of observations gleaned from certain masonic-related machinations:

    The NWO won’t be stopped completely until the triangles making up the dark magic of the Star of David are restored to their proper spheroidal reality. Take from that whatever you will

    1. Another one of those “undercurrents” shows much of what is going on “above the ground” to be somewhat incidental to something pertaining to the aforementioned Star of David.

      This has to do with maintaining The star’s dark magic effect of keeping this worldly game going by keeping time as we’ve KNOWN it going. This is what the Mayan (and others) prophecy is all about.

      According to some mystics, when “time” is restored to its true role as an entity responsible for Man to have his “presences” (“space” being responsible for the environment of those presences, as with time, this being the status of Divine ordainment), the agencies of Darkness will no longer have their bearings in doing whatever evil they do. As things have stood since “time immemorial”, the entity of Time has been burdened by what we refer to as “passages”

      We are now living in “a time” when these passages will soon be shown the door

      “Here’s yer hat, what’s yer hurry?”


    2. What you say, Brownhawk, causes me to think of the Middle East as a welding arc combining East and West into One (a NWO). Obviously, powerful “Uncle Sam” has been commandeered to strike the arc, and intensify the weld. Syria is being “beaded” as we speak – and the “slag” is being “chipped” away. Instead of war, there is “Transformation”. Commerce is King – the Mammon system.

      1. Good one, Gil

        It’s the Mammon system all right, and we’re all held in it’s thrall

        Somethings gotta give…and it will

    3. I guess I’m in a metaphysical frame of mind. Here’s something I wrote awhile ago and posted on some thread. Pretty arcane stuff, but what’s new comin from me?!

      “A state of spiritual awakening isn’t being progressed TO. Rather, the places for it’s unfettered experience have been regressed FROM. Now, life on this planet is in the end-game of an imposition that finds itself in the contrariwise time-puzzle of ‘preceding BACK’.”

      Something to think about

    1. § – Section, sec.as in statutes.

      4 U.S.C. §1 is an example.

      The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field.

      (July 30, 1947, ch. 389, 61 Stat. 642.)

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