Once again, the Middle East drags us towards the abyss

By John R Bradley,
The Daily Mail, 1 May 2018

Will he play fair to Iran or suck up to Netanyahu, giving Israel the war it wants?

Tensions between arch-enemies Israel and Iran once again threaten to plunge the two countries into direct military conflict – one that could all too easily lead to a new and terrifyingly unpredictable regional war.

In a flash, such a conflict could drag in other major regional powers such as Saudi Arabia and the Lebanese-based Shia militia Hezbollah, which are aligned militarily with the Middle East’s two main opposing power brokers, the United States and Russia.

On Sunday, a ferocious Israeli missile strike on alleged Iranian military bases in Syria reportedly killed dozens of soldiers.

It is true that Israel has launched more than 100 such strikes inside Syria since the barbaric civil war broke out in that country seven years ago, targeting both Iranian and Hezbollah forces sent to the country to help prop up President Assad’s regime, which is still technically at war with the Jewish state.

However, the latest attack was the most brazen and deadly yet.

It was followed yesterday by a dramatic claim from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he has proof the mullahs in Tehran have been secretly developing nuclear weapons, in blatant contravention of an internationally brokered deal – sealed by Barack Obama in 2015 – aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

It saw the lifting of crippling economic sanctions on Iran, in return for limitations to the country’s controversial nuclear energy programme.

Mr Netanyahu accused Iran of having a secret plan called ‘Project Amad’, whose goal is to produce five ten-kiloton nuclear weapons.

This unverified claim will of course have been music to the ears of Donald Trump and the anti-Iran hawks the President has surrounded himself with in the White House.

Even before this dramatically theatrical display from Israel, Mr Trump appeared determined to scrap the controversial nuclear deal next month, because he sees it as being fatally flawed. The deal is still strongly backed by Britain, the EU, Russia, China and the UN-sponsored watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency. All remain adamant that inspections show Iran has and continues to abide by its principles.

Indeed, during a visit to the White House last week, French president Emmanuel Macron urged Mr Trump to stick to the agreement – echoing similar pleas by Theresa May and Angela Merkel.

But is Mr Trump listening more closely to his old friend Mr Netanyahu?

What we do know is that, as the deadline nears for Mr Trump’s decision on whether to re-ratify the nuclear deal, unprecedented threats and counter-threats of death and destruction are being hurled between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

In the past few weeks, each has promised to destroy the other’s major cities if threatened, raising fears that the proxy war they have been waging in Syria may soon explode into a direct military confrontation.

We should remember that over the past few decades Mr Netanyahu has repeatedly, but erroneously, suggested that Iran is just months away from declaring it has developed a nuclear weapon. Still, it is easy to see why he is so paranoid. Since the revolution in 1979 brought the Shia Islam mullahs to power, the Tehran regime has proudly promoted the destruction of Israel as its top foreign policy objective.

Worse for Israel, the civil war in Syria has resulted in thousands of Iranian fighters joining thousands more militia men from Hezbollah, Iran’s main regional Shia ally, which has already fought numerous wars with Israel.

Their ostensible aim was to help Assad fight Islamic State and other Islamist rebel groups, but that brutal experience means they are now battle-hardened, armed to the hilt and entrenched right on the Jewish state’s border.

—   §   —

Until now, Russia – which is allied with Assad, Iran and Hezbollah, but also has warm relations with Israel – has played a delicate diplomatic balancing act, backing Israel’s enemies while turning a blind eye to the Jewish state attacks against them in Syria.

But Russian leader Vladimir Putin recently signalled his patience with Mr Netanyahu had run out, and he has promised to deliver the advanced S-300 air defence missile system to Assad to help him defend against such aerial attacks. Israel responded by saying that any such system would be destroyed before it could become operational.


It is easy to see, then, why the price of oil is soaring on the back of Mr Netanyahu’s claims yesterday. It’s a sign that the international markets are afraid supply will be disrupted by strife and conflict in the region.

The great fear for diplomats around the world is that, if Mr Trump does decide to withdraw from the nuclear deal and reimposes sanctions, Israel will launch unilateral strikes against what it says are Iran’s nuclear facilities. That would almost certainly provoke a devastating military response – not just from Tehran, but also its allies in Syria and Lebanon.

And if that happens, it will take a massive effort of will to stop America and Russia coming to the aid of their allies – at which point the risks of a global conflict will rise sharply. Once again, the tinder box Middle East threatens to drag two of the world’s great powers to the edge of the abyss.


John R. Bradley has written four books on the Middle East.

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31 thoughts to “Once again, the Middle East drags us towards the abyss”

  1. This is the acid test for 4-D chess theorists. If Trump reneges on the deal and Israel kicks off WWIII, it will be the fault of the not so bright celebrity president. On the other hand, if he changes his mind at the last minute, then that supports the 4D theory.

    If war breaks out, modern weaponry and targeting, now available to Israels’ adversaries will mean Israel will be destroyed, uninhabitable due to leaking nuclear power station radiation.

    My own theory is that WWIII is seen by elites as necessary for economic, financial but primarily One World Government (= Talmudic) reasons. A nuclear war will usher in OWG and permanent, iron fisted, enslavement of us all.

    1. For Israel to wage a war with Iran it is necessary that it be suicidal. You can say many things about Jews, but not that they are suicidal. Jews cling to life, that’s why they never have produced suicide-terrorists. What Israel is aiming at is the non-continuation of the nuclear treaty with Iran by the US. Further more they want to continue to bomb government and Iranian installations in Syria as long as that is possible. They will avoid a direct confrontation with Russia. Israel has still not found a solution to the missile problem of Hizbollah in Lebanon. As long as that exists it cannot wage a war with Iran. Israel hopes that the US will attack Iran, but seeing Trump’s reasonable approach to the Korean crisis, that is not very likely. My prediction is : more tension, but no war.

    2. i accept the bet, flan, on behalf of 2-D (2d is good enough and complicated enough for me and it is better to play 2d well than 4d badly) chess wonks, trump is the real deal, meaning, jew will come out of this at the receiving end.

      and that is what it all boils down to, i am at the wits end how to convince people of the usefulness of the metrics i promote and they end up floundering and flailing and in the end, harnessing their asses to jew’s chariot, however much they detest him – yet, they end up volunteering to fight in his trenches.
      It is a matter of not being able to perceive the strategic reality and falling for all manners of soundbites instead: “nazi, zio-puppet, traitor, sellout“.

      Meanwhile, jew has the world’s most finely honed instinct for reality, something i never tire of promoting as a valuable weathervane, once one learns to read it.
      Because, ask yourself, if he didn’t have this ability, just how has a numerically small, weak, uncreative, craven parasite, totally unable to fend on its own, end up arrogantly dominating its incomparably more powerful host, the entire human species to such incredible extent?

      In fact, his peerless aptitude for discerning reality as it concerns jews is matched by his aptitude for simultaneously peddling bullshit to us goyim – and tragically, the goyim fall for it every time and end up underwriting his program of our destruction.

      so (i did link this very valuable articlepreviously), let’s see what jew has to say on the question of 4 2-D chess status:
      Will WE Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?
      this is truly a case of jew-talks-to-jew opportunity to eavesdrop because jew does not lie to jew – ask yourself who does she mean by “WE”.
      $$-quote follows – what she considers are trump’s disasters for jew, i.e., she lays every one at his door

      Warning signs include the relentless grab for more authority by governing parties in Hungary, the Philippines, Poland and Turkey …

      in Germany, where the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland has emerged as the principal opposition party. The danger of despotism is on display in the Russia of Vladimir Putin — invader of Ukraine, meddler in foreign democracies, accused political assassin, brazen liar and proud son of the K.G.B. Putin has just been re-elected to a new six-year term, while in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, a ruthless ideologue, is poised to triumph in sham balloting next month. In China, Xi Jinping has persuaded a docile National People’s Congress to lift the constitutional limit on his tenure in power.

      Thanks to allies in Moscow and Tehran, the tyrant Bashar al-Assad retains his stranglehold over much of Syria.

      Mr. Trump has steadily diminished America’s positive Judea’s negative clout in global councils.

      can it be more plain than this?
      What madam “500,000-dead-Iraqi-children-are-worth it” is lamenting is the fact that had it not been for donald trump, none of these biblical sized catastrophes would have befallen the poor, long-suffering jew.

      so what do you think jews, including madeline albright can realistically expect from trump on the eve of the “confronting-the-mullahs“?

      1. These positive developments of emerging nationalisms are not the result of Trump’s activity in any way. Most of them happened before he became president, but yes they are a threat to the global ambitions of that ethnic Mafia of which Madeleine Albright is also a member.

    3. Flan –

      I haven’t seen One World Government as a goal of elite bankers since I gave up listening to, and partially believing, Lindsey Williams in the 70s.

      One World Government and One World Currency would cut out $5Trillion to $10Trillion a day in volumes traded!!

      There has to be total chaos to stay in total control. I claim that a One World Government is not desired.!!

      Faking the nuke weapons creates chaos using fear as a motivation.!!

      Just a “YUGE” game they run in the ‘World-Sized Casino’ .. 🙂


        They want to get rid of it to the suckers in the casino!! 🙂 🙂

      2. Pat

        It may not be the goal of elite bankers, but it shouldn’t be assumed by anyone that they are the ones with the final say in the matter

        Something else is driving these elites, for whom money is only a means to an end

      3. Pat,
        Yep. I never carry dollars to Mexico. The currency exchanges used to screw me big time. I always send the dollars via MoneyGram from the US before I go home. Get a better deal. One world currency? No way. Too many schekels to be made via currency exchange.

  2. More doom porn, perhaps apropos! Once shorn, Samson grew a new head of hair. Death saddles up, its fierce mare rears up, the freshly sharpened scythe slices leaden air to pieces.

    Albert Pike’s Letter (1871) conveys a variant of WWIII that seems awfully close to the build-up documented here and elsewhere. (e.g., http://rense.com/general80/pike.htm).

    Ever the spoiler of unknown ends to stories we tell, the remarkably prescient Protocols have multiple entries with extraordinary detail, offering well tested recipes for a 33-course dinner with deserts [sic] awaiting its end.

    1. The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

      Interesting, according to this prescient document that never existed, Israel was created, and will be destroyed, as a catalyst to bring about global government. Makes sense for Jews to sacrifice their own to show just how horrible their poisecution as been and how it must neffer happen again, just like they did with the phony Hallowedhoax. Of course the answer will be to abolish all national sovereignty and govern the planet with a supranational government that will have absolute dictatorial control over the planet of slaves it governs. Jews already have the economic system in place that will serve such a government.

      Therefore, I recommend the following –

      (1) First and foremost, one must recognize life is a cyclical process. Everything is reconstituted in another form, so it is with the “soul.” Life might be compared to a movie where the characters and the scenery change, while the script remains the same.

      (2) Therefore, one is destined to return to life in the attempt to fulfill desires remaining from the last life.

      (3) This process is repeated endlessly until one achieves a state of what is termed “spiritual perfection.”

      (4) Critical to this process is the recognition that the material world is what maintains strong attraction for the ego and this attraction is the very thing anchoring one’s soul to this existence.

      (5) The design of this world is to create the catalyzing “fire” of misery and suffering that enables the soul to work towards its “perfection.” Due to this design, this process of suffering continues indefinitely through each lifetime.

      (6) As such, the situation continues to worsen through each and every life cycle, with the material world providing an increasingly dark existence as the ego’s greed grows ever more avaricious.

      (7) One can escape the darkness. However this involves giving up everything, every desire this material world offers.

      (8) Time is short, life is even shorter, but it is not too late to begin the work. One must start by recalling every person they have known and forgiving them of all perceived transgressions against one’s self, while recognizing and thanking those that have assisted along the way.

      (9) One must review their own transgressions as well in the effort to gain understanding of the ego’s reasons for committing such transgressions. One must forgive themselves for being the very same ill that they so readily perceive in others. However, these are only the beginning works.

      (10) The choice is yours. One may continue as they have for countless lifetimes, expecting a return to yet another life that will most assuredly be worse than this one. ~ Or one may begin work on the path towards “spiritual perfection” so the soul may move beyond this petty, materiel existence; an existence created by the misery and suffering from desiring those things that can never be achieved nor obtained by life on this planet.

      1. @ Arch Stanton May 3 1752 hours: Interesting, according to this prescient document that never existed, Israel was created, and will be destroyed, as a catalyst to bring about global government.
        ACD comment: Thank goodness non-existent documents nonetheless persist to give guidance and food for thought, eh?

        In recent response to a man who considered his Self “lost”, I circled back to where I “re-discovered” Self myself. The Holy Order of MANS (HOOM), when it had a “physical manifestation” on this planet, provided both windows and corridors to Truth since unmatched in my personal experience, with some exceptions (e.g., Yogi Bhajan — cf. “The Mind”).

        Lectures given by Father Paul (Rev. Blighton), a founder of HOOM, were transcribed and preserved by some of those he taught. I recommend this one as a counterpoint to Arch Stanton’s list of “To Do’s”.


        I wrote to my long-time friend and colleague the following, which I share with each and all of you, for what it’s worth. Best I have to offer here & now.

        “GOD bless you — whether now or anon, you’ll make it home, as will all souls, one time or another! Some souls appear more in a hurry than others., Some souls seem content to reside hereabouts in earth indefinitely.
        “I like the picture of a young person sticking head through the sphere surrounding this planet, peaking into the vast domain of Heaven, replete with stars.
        “For that experience, my friend, one does need confidence in SELF and in one’s Self. The path I took got me here and now safely. May yours bring you to where you have to be.”

        Bottomline: No need to rush to Heaven, dear souls, take what time you need!

      2. Arch

        Attaining spiritual perfection is a striving, not an attainment, or “achievment”. And the best we can hope for in this material existence is to move beyond it so that the striving can be done in earnest

        As for the designs of this world, I’d have to say that the true Creation force never intended for misery and suffering to be a catalyst in the soul’s striving for that perfection. This is another one of those rationalizations we make in an attempt to explain things, when all that is is a BIG LIE perpetrated by the one RESPONSIBLE for this punitive design

  3. It is easy to see, then, why the price of oil is soaring on the back of Mr Netanyahu’s claims yesterday. It’s a sign that the international markets are afraid supply will be disrupted by strife and conflict in the region.

    This is what I have been saying about the Israeli Near East land grab. Once Jews have Iran under their iron boot-heel, they will control the majority of the world’s readily available oil supply. So what might happen once that is the case? Can you say “screwed by Jews!” boys and girls? As if they haven’t screwed the white man enough.

    Reminds me of the movie Goldfinger where the thoroughly Jewish character Goldfinger plans on irradiating the gold at Fort Knox, thereby increasing the value of his own holdings. This provides a perfect excuse for the Jewish House of Saud to increase its oil prices. Does anybody out there wonder why their reality resembles cheesy (((Hollywood))) movies?

  4. “But Russian leader Vladimir Putin recently signalled his patience with Mr Netanyahu had run out, and he has promised to deliver the advanced S-300 air defence missile system to Assad to help him defend against such aerial attacks.”

    Absent some kind of credible references, this statement is just a bare assertion. I hope it’s true, but I’m not aware of anything that supports it.

    “The great fear for diplomats around the world is that, if Mr Trump does decide to withdraw from the nuclear deal and reimposes sanctions, Israel will launch unilateral strikes against what it says are Iran’s nuclear facilities. That would almost certainly provoke a devastating military response – not just from Tehran, but also its allies in Syria and Lebanon.”

    I know some will disagree with me, but I don’t believe that the ignorant orange savage occupying the White House (i.e. Mr. Trump) actually decides anything (beyond his original decision to be a loyal servant to his Satanic jewish-supremacist masters that is).

    And we see them doing their usual thing: They apply a stimulus to the system (unprovoked attacks on Iranian targets in Syria and a bunch of lies about the alleged Iranian nuclear program), and then they look for a response.

    They were probably hoping that Iran would retaliate somehow, right before the May deadline for “Trump” to make a decision on recertifying Iran’s compliance with the terms of the deal.

    Our Satanic gamesmen are probably not very happy that Iran has not yet retaliated for the attack, nor has Russia yet made a decision regarding the delivery of S-300 systems to Syria.

    So depending the gamesmens’ analysis, they have the freedom, through their puppet ruler in the White House, to take action anywhere along the spectrum from Netantyahu to Macron.

  5. here we go again, as if to underscore my previous contention:
    10 of the Most Sociopathic Washington Post Columns
    and the headliner is this one

    If You Really Want to Bomb Iran, Take the Deal:

    In a too-cute-by-half spin, Austin Long, assistant professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, set out to convince hawkish liberals that the
    Iran deal was good— not because it prevented war but because it could serve to launch one,
    something Long had been pushing for for years in other publications (Tablet, 11/18/11; International Security, Spring/07).
    Supposedly, the Iran deal concentrates Iran’s nuclear activity, which means any airstrikes would need to be launched at far fewer sites. The agreement is good not because it makes nuclear conflict less likely, but only insofar as it makes Iran a more vulnerable target, something Long calls “a rare win for both Iran hawks and doves.” Softening up countries for future bombing campaigns: a total “win.”

    but i fully expect a chorus of outrage from the army of clueless when trump cancels the deal – jews will be forced to applaud while gritting teeth in frustration.

  6. Let’s not beat about the bush: A very naughty Creator placed the Arab Semites on top of most of our planet’s black gold. How clever of him. Then he sent Terah on his wanderings, first to Haran in today’s Turkey and then he sent Terah’s son, Abraham, southwards to Canaan. God told him and then Moses to possess the lands of the Canaanites, the Jebusites, etc, for an eternity. So today’s Jews think that it is themselves, backed by their Yankee Christians, who will do all the possessing. Yeah they want all the ME black gold and in the long run will even possess what the crazy, sex crazed Saudis think they own. It has been said that all the gold ever found would not quite fill 2 Olympic swimming pools. Jews own two thirds of this. Soon they will own all the yellow and black gold and all the real estate. Then they will be the masters of planet Earth and the mischievous YHVH will laugh along with them. Of course the real YHVH is currently George Soros who was appointed by the red shield Rothschild patriarchs. The Jews’ God has always been an earthly Messiah. He is not up in that funny place Christians call Heaven.

  7. Just as I said over a year ago about North Korea, I’ll say the same about Iran, there will be no war. Just like North Korea, the international intel agencies holding Iran hostage will be purged resulting in peace.

    The Iran nuclear deal will be scrapped or renegotiated. The current deal requires the USA to pay $500-billion annually to the subverters in Iran which was to be split with the globalists involved with the Uranium One scandal that would result in a false flag nuclear hit on the USA or Russia to start WWIII. That’s why Macron and Merkel went to DC to beg Trump to say in the current Iran deal, they still want their cut. Trump is not going to pay his enemies to work against him and the world.

    What I’m most interested in is how Israel is going to be handled once Iran is liberated. Israel is last on the list to be addressed. How? Not a clue. Maybe the US Air Force will just drop pig parts all over the place and wait for everyone to leave of their own “free” religious will. 🙂

    1. Ungenius

      So whose money will prevail after 500 billion of it gets what, “reconstituted”?

  8. Trump conned us with his election promises of ending wars and friendly relations with Russia. The US media are now running a witch hunt against Russia and Iran,

  9. Middle East eye, “the war on Iran has begun”.
    A decent read.

    Here we are , one Friday closer to Nakba Day, then we may see the Resistance respond to Zionist provocations.

  10. The king of the Jews will be an earthly kochab:
    Protocol 29: 9. Only the king and the three who stood sponsor for him will know what is coming.
    10. The king whose unbending will, will be the master of all humanity.
    I warn you, greater than George Soros is about to come.
    The king will sit his throne in Jerusalem.
    World leaders will lie at his feet.
    The Supreme Court of Jerusalem will decide if you are fit to live.
    Most will die and the planet will be restored to the king’s grace.
    Bow down now to the king of kings and hope he does not smite you.
    Go to Israel and kiss the temple wall. Become Judaized.
    Act bad now! Real bad!
    Count your gold and treasure it.

  11. LOTSA GUESSES!!! 🙂 🙂

    Here is another one.

    Brandon Smith says that the system is due for a big reset and the “YUGE” POWERS are using the Syrian conflict to “BIGGLY” divert attention away from that reset.

    I have heard this for decades:
    Events in Syria are more grand gestures of illusion, designed to provide cover for the banking cabal as they pull the plug on financial life support.


    The true war, *a secret war*, is being fought between liberty champions and lying globalists. For now it remains a cold war, a battle of principles and facts versus disinformation and fear. One day this war will become a hot one. Until that time, distractions will assail the public like a hailstorm. My hope is that we can educate enough people to see through the fog of this hidden war; enough people to come out the other side and change things for the better.

    How can it be secret if he know about it?? 🙂

    1. The “YUGE” powers all count their coin in U.S. Dollars. (Even “cryptos” are valued thereby!)
      There will be no “reset” – but, maybe, a “fluctuation”.
      Too many too big too deeply-vested in the $tatus Quo of the Dollar (and they own ALL the big guns!).

  12. what a disgraceful way to treat hollywood’s darlings and oscar recipients for the best fakementary tool of jew-sponsored terrorism (in fact, ALL of it is jew-sponsored, there has hardly been a genuine case of terrorism in the past 100 years that didn’t have jew leering behind the curtain)
    Trump Cuts Off Funding For Syria’s “White Helmets”
    among many of their war-mongering crimes

    The evidence provided by the White Helmets of the alleged chemical attack was used by the West to justify several airstrikes on Syrian scientific and military facilities throughout April

    Do you see how Trump continually turns these exercises in talmudic deceit into anti-jew results … or would anyone actually claim that disbanding the White Helmets is somehow beneficial to JEW, in order to continue with the increasingly insupportable narrative of Trump as a “zionist puppet”.

  13. All over the western world people are being harassed and imprisoned for opposing the Zionist Jews.
    You are called anti Semitic and racist if you even mention a Zionist Jew or a Bolshevik Jew.
    I am currently allied with friends who are members of Neturei Karta. This group speaks for the 100’s of 1000’s of orthodox, true Torah Jews who know the Jewish people are still in exile by divine decree. I.e. evil, nationalist, non religious pseudo Jews should not have defied God’s word by setting up their filthy little Israel. Fifteen million so-called Jews reside on our planet. Only 4% of these Jews obey Torah Law, not to kill, commit usury, etc. The remaining 96% are heretical, fake Jews only after the oil and free real estate. The British monarchy sits at the head of the snake and have perverted Judaism. Most of today’s pretend Christians support the Zionist heretics. The common factor of persuasion is money. The fake Jews are still tending the monarchy’s money and gold.
    I repeat, as true Jews are still in exile and waiting for Godot, we should not blame them for the monstrosities of Zionism and Communism.
    I am joining Neturei Karta if they can sort out my problem of telling them that Jesus is the promised messiah from the house of David.

  14. @Max Bilney I appreciate greatly Michael Hoffman’s scholarship (Judaism Discovered, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome) and his views. I do not share his disdain for “gnosticism” (whatever THAT may mean to people, including Darkmoon denizens). A Roamin’ Catholic by choice, I partook of The Holy Order of MANS [HOOM] (see http://holyorderofmans.org/) and later, an off-shoot before HOOM was “delivered’ to “orthodoxy” (see http://www.gnostic.org). Beyond pantheism, I do lean precipitously toward “gnosticism”, which I recommend as a non-Judaic, non-true-Jews alternative for human beings. For what it’s worth.

  15. Anyone who would deny that we are now not in George Orwell’s 1984 is an ignorant fool.
    We are now all Winstons.
    Things are getting worse by the day.
    When I first read Orwell I wondered who would be able to stop the Party.
    I concluded that only Jesus has the blueprint for resistance.
    We must have leaders NOW and we must wipe out the 96% of fake Jews I mention in the above.
    A great Christian leader must emerge and cast out all those fake Christians who support the Zionist-Communist monstrosity.
    That will leave about 430,000 real Jews and about 124,000 real Christians.
    Then Islam must clean up its mess, leaving them about 100,000.
    Fortunately, a Christian leader could tell the truth about the Jews and soon convert most of the planet’s to being disciples of Dr Martin Luther who hated the Jews with a vengeance. Jesus also hated the serpent like progeny of the devil.
    Time for us all to start reading Luther. Nuke the Vatican and get rid of the Communist pope, who is an abomination to God

  16. You say, “Since the revolution in 1979 brought the Shia Islam mullahs to power, the Tehran regime has proudly promoted the destruction of Israel as its top foreign policy objective.”

    Where did you get that crock of crap? From the jewish controlled media? From US, Israeli, or European politicians? We have all heard the false and intentionally lying quote that Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” The truth is that the correct translation of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s remarks is: “This regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time,” echoing a statement once made by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    Please get your facts straight before you slander the Iranians. And while you’re at it, stop using the sinister weaponized terms “anti-semitic,” “anti-semite,” and “Holocaust.” It only helps the cause of our diabolical oppressors. Too many of us have unwittingly internalized their categories and their commands, thus crippling our attempts to overcome their satanic machinations.

    1. Darrell couldn’t agree more: Orwell explained that the enemy would control the language. Yes, stop using their weaponised words. To identify the Zionist scum of the earth as Semites is an insult to common sense and to the real Arab Semites. Similarly, there is nothing GAY about anus rupturing sodomy. You are correct in saying we remain crippled when we use their vocabulary. Doris Lessing said we remain helpless and without choice without correct definitions. Similarly, reading my above, there are real Jews (Torah law abiding) and Zio-Jews. Zio-Jews are the real satanic bastards. As Churchill said in 1920, before the Zio-Jews bought his soul, “International Jews have long lost the faith of their forefathers.” Hitler said that Zionists should be thrown out of Jewry. In all truth they have!

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