Open Season on Russians

By Finian Cunningham
from Sputnik

The ordeal imposed on Russian citizens traveling or sojourning in Western states shows that hysterical Russophobia and official paranoia is out of control. It’s “open season” to criminalize all Russians.

“There is evidence that the British are running a covert assassination campaign against Russian exiles in Britain for precisely the purpose of smearing the Kremlin.” — Finian Cunningham

The cases of Maria Butina detained in the US, and that of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, the two men who traveled to Salisbury in England, are illustrative of a totally irrational anti-Russian mindset that has run amok.

All have been accused of being Russian agents. Butina is facing five years in an American jail if she is convicted of spying. Her lawyer maintains she broke no laws while in the US. The only thing she seems “guilty” of is networking with various social and political groups — and of being Russian.

The two men mentioned, fortunately, made it back to Russia before British authorities incarcerated them too on false charges. Petrov and Boshirov have been charged in absentia by British police in connection with the apparent poison-attack on a former Russian spy living in Salisbury. The British government accused the two men of being assassins belonging to Russian military intelligence, GRU. The basis for accusation is the pair were filmed by public CCTV cameras being in Salisbury town on the weekend that ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were allegedly poisoned with a nerve agent.

This week, Petrov and Boshirov came forward to allow an interview with RT and Sputnik’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan. The two friends said they are not members of the GRU, and that they visited England for a weekend leisure break as tourists. They denied having anything to do with the Skripal incident, saying they didn’t know of him at the time of their visit. Skripal’s name hit international headlines after they returned to Russia when the British government issued sensational claims that the Kremlin had tried to assassinate the former spy with Novichok nerve poison.

If Petrov and Boshirov are telling the truth — and their interview suggests they are — then the British authorities are caught out on spectacular lies. The men are not Kremlin agents, as the British claim. They did not possess Novichok nor any other toxic substance while in England. Yet the British authorities claim the hotel room where the men stayed had traces of Novichok.

Their names are not aliases, as the British also claimed. They are genuine Russian civilians who happened to be in England at the same time the Skripals became ill.

We still don’t really know how the Skripals were stricken. Was it really a nerve agent? We only have the British government’s word for it, which is not reliable. The British appear to have detained the Skripals in an unknown location — six months after the Salisbury incident. How bizarre is that?

Another key point is the inexplicable CCTV images of Petrov and Boshirov showing them separately in a corridor at London’s Gatwick airport apparently at exactly the same time. But the men said they were together at all times during their arrival.

Further, it seems strange that so many CCTV images were made available by British police of the pair while in Salisbury, yet as former ambassador Craig Murray astutely points out, there are no images of the Skripals who were criss-crossing the town at around the same time.

Petrov and Boshirov say they went to Salisbury to visit world-renowned medieval tourist sites. They couldn’t reach Stonehenge because of atrocious weather and disrupted public transport. Those circumstances are a matter of record. Salisbury, its 12th century cathedral, and nearby Stonehenge, attract millions of tourists every year, among them many Russian nationals.

It is therefore plausible that the two men are telling the truth.

What is also plausible is that the British government is so desperate to incriminate Russia for propaganda purposes that all reason and due legal process have been utterly abandoned. The British have cast a verdict of Russian culpability in the Skripal affair, and the whole process since has been about finding “evidence” to fit the policy.

This is reminiscent of the infamous Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) allegations against Iraq in early 2003, when then British Prime Minister Tony Blair fabricated “facts” to fit a policy of waging war against Saddam Hussein, to ingratiate Britain with the American GW Bush administration. It turned out that Iraq did not have any WMDs, even though a war was launched, killing over one million people, with horrendous consequences reverberating to this day.

It seems reasonable to posit that the British jumped to a reckless conclusion that Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as a way to further demonize the Russian Federation. The information war has been going on intensely for the past four years since the Ukraine crisis. Western allegations of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, covert invasion of Eastern Ukraine, shooting down a Malaysian airliner, and doping of Olympic athletes, interference in elections, and so on, are just some of the propaganda memes that the US and Britain in particular have promoted. The British have very enthusiastically pushed the meme of Putin and the Kremlin allegedly assassinating exiled Russians living in Britain.

There is in fact evidence that the British themselves are running a covert assassination campaign against Russian exiles for precisely the purpose of smearing the Kremlin.

In any case, the Skripal affair gave the British another opportunity for a propaganda coup against Russia. A traitorous Russian spy falls ill (and he may have been poisoned by British secret services), and the knee-jerk response is to “blame Putin”. Of course, the supine British media lend a helping hand by amplifying the accusations against Russia instead of probing the huge anomalies in the official story.

The next requirement for the British authorities is to find a semblance of evidence to fit their anti-Russia conclusion. How easy it would be to sift through CCTV footage of Salisbury and come up with two Russian men who can then be labeled “Kremlin assassins”.

The whole dirty trick relies on a crucial psychological condition: Russophobia.

Shamefully, the American and British governments and their dutiful news media have inculcated Russophobia into the public mind from relentless denigration of Russia and its political leadership.

No evidence is ever presented to substantiate the claims, but it has become almost a doctrinal “truth” that Russia is interfering in US elections, subverting Western democracy, endeavoring to sow division within NATO states and between allies, threatening to invade Europe, and so on.The efficacy of propaganda is that large numbers of people begin to accept outlandish assertions as if they are fact. The corollary of this mindset is paranoia and suspicion towards Russia and Russians. The World Cup was an important counter to the mindset. Nevertheless, that was against a tsunami of Western propaganda demonizing Russia.

This anti-Russia mindset indoctrinated by the US and British, but also by pro-Atlanticist European politicians and media, is crass. It is a mindset leading to war.

When Western authorities start criminalizing innocent Russian civilians simply on the basis of their nationality — “open season on all Russians” — then we know that the Western public is being conditioned to accept the unacceptable nefarious logical conclusion of such thinking — WAR.

Sourced from Sputnik

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  1. Seems like the U.K. is trying to get America embroiled in another one of their peeves. Israhell, my ass! Britain’s crybaby crap got us into WW2, and made us fight against our German cousins who really did try to stifled the Bolshevik plague. Of course, many Americans now living (myself included) already distrust Russians because of our inbred hatred of communism (we have a hard time trusting Russians because of their past), and it shouldn’t be ignored that smart Brits might try to capitalize on that circumstance, bringing Yankee Doodle to wrongfully ignor little Ivan on the playground. I certainly believe that if Putin wanted to eliminate some errant Russkies, he’s sophisticated enough to do it outside the scrutiny of Scotland Yard, if he wants.

    1. Hi Gilbert,
      Cry Baby Brits? I grew up during WW2 on a working class council estate in the North of England, and I can assure you that the kids were the toughest I have ever come across. We would go out every morning and collect SHRAPNEL! There was no whingeing, just a grim determination to survive and win. The mood really was as portayed in films. It really was freedom or death. Remember that in 1940 Britain’s population was only about 25 million, compare with that of the third Reich, about 50 million, (Including Austria and the Sudetenland).

      BUT…. you are right about one thing, the war was unnecessary. We, the people, never knew the skulldugery that intenational Jewry were involved in. They had declared an economic blockade on Germany as early as 1933, that is six years before the outbreak of war, so it is not surprising that Germany considered them to be enemy aliens. The Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, told JFK’s father that the Jews were forcing Britain into war with Germany. The best books on the subject are “The origins of WW2” by the historian AJP Taylor and “The unncessary war” by Patrick Buchanan. Both make clear that there was a powerful lobby inciting war for many years before 1939. It was the Jewish Lobby, particularly the American Jewish Lobby.

      I will always be grateful to America for coming to Britain’s rescue in 1941. We were on our knees, and America saved not just Britain but western Europe from a weird and cruel regime. The sad thing to me is that a decent race, the Germans, were driven into the arms of Hitler, and that was in revolt against the Jewish-dominated Weimar period.

      My Father had a German friend, captured as a boy soldier in 1944 in Normandy. He told me that when he was 11 or 12 he was brainwashed into a kind of pro-Hitler religious mania. They had been told that if the allies caught them they would be executed. Insted he was fed, clothed, taken to Britain, adopted and given a good education. He would visit, but never went back to live in Germany and lived and died in England.

      You can maybe see why I am now so determined to resist Jewish Power. A new generation is being pushed into wars for Israel.

      1. ” It really was freedom or death.”

        “Hitler could have walked into Britain.” were the words of a friend, stationed on Englands south coast along with “Dad’s Army” types. “There was one man for every 2 miles of coast”

        Hitler was fraternal towards the Brits. Dunkirk and sending Hess as envoy proves this. The only threat to your health as a boy was duffer Churchil conscripting you. Once Churchill starting mass bombing civilians you also had the threat of some bombs, but nothing compared to Dresden.

      2. Hi Flan,
        It would have been easy for Britain to come to a truce with Hitler in 1941, but I am proud of the fact that it did not take the easy way out. If it had done there would have been a Nazi dictatorship ruling western europe. for many years

        Leaving aside the strange idea that we are all responsible for the acts of our governments 200 years ago, I think that it really was Britain’s finest hour, and I am glad I was there to see it. I was born in 1937 and was eight when the war ended; old enough to have clear memories of vivid events. I remember the Blitz and seeing the red glow in the sky as the city burned. You never forget that sort of thing.

        That is why I am so anti-war.

  2. The last two paragraphs from the article:

    “This anti-Russia mindset indoctrinated by the US and British, but also by pro-Atlanticist European politicians and media, is crass. It is a mindset leading to war.”

    “When Western authorities start criminalizing innocent Russian civilians simply on the basis of their nationality — “open season on all Russians” — then we know that the Western public is being conditioned to accept the unacceptable nefarious logical conclusion of such thinking — WAR.”

    Both paragraphs ended with the word WAR!

    Writers wanting publicity and fame on the web… use WAR to do so.

    Paul Roberts does it all the time. He garners high praises for it. 🙂

    ‘Put-On’ is just a glorified gas station attendant. If WAR ever happens from ‘Put-On’ … it will come as a result of the wishes and financing of his bosses… the US & London’s Bankers.

    1. In order to get a true picture of this poisoning dust up, reread this fine article and replace British with Jewish. As Pat says, (and not the senile Pat Roberson) “Put-On” … may very well be a “…just a glorified gas station attendant,” or is Putin a true blue (White) Russian Nationalist. TJ is open to either side of this question. TJ thinks that the object of all this affection for Vlad is cover for the real object of (((their))) affection, the orthodox Christian Russian people. This affection harkens back to when Jacob Schiff, yes, that Jacob Schiff of NY Kuhn-Loeb fame, financed the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905 hoping the Jewish Bolsheviks could get a leg up on Jacob’s leettle Russian revolution. The Japanese got their little butts kicked, so, as we all know Jacob and is (((banking))) buds had to wait till WW1 could grind up millions of Brits, Europeans and Americans to pull off (((their))) and Jacob’s leettle Bolshevik revolution of 1917.
      Nothing has changed one leettle bit in 100 years. Of all the people on this planet the Russians, the White Russians, know the score: As Alexander Solzhenitsyn brings out in his seminal work “200 Years Together”.
      Let’s not kid ourselves. The Russian people know very well who were the (((progenitors))) of the Bolshevik Revolution and the ensuing 50 some years of the “Soviet Inferno”, (a validation of the soviet manual of materialistic bestiality by Louis Zoul (1901-1984) that took 40-50 million Christian Russian lives.
      And that is why, Putin or no Putin, the World (((improvers))) are still in the process of trying at stampede their British and American cattle herds into “Open Season” on the Russian people.

      1. TJ –

        You wrote very correctly:
        “Let’s not kid ourselves. The Russian people know very well who were the (((progenitors))) of the Bolshevik Revolution and the ensuing 50 some years of the “Soviet Inferno”, (a validation of the soviet manual of materialistic bestiality by Louis Zoul (1901-1984) that took 40-50 million Christian Russian lives.”

        I’ll add:

        And that is why, Putin or no Putin, the World (((improvers))) are still in the process of trying to maintain (((their))) own “Open Season” on the Russian people…. by keeping them in poverty… and using their cheap labor to build what they need for Wall Street profits. Global ventures by international companies, such as GE, IBM, Ford, Honeywell, Pratt&Whitney…etc, on global stock markets raises all of (((their)) financial ships!!

        Here ar the hundreds of members of American Chamber of Commerce in Russia:


        The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (the “USRCC”), a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization headquartered in Houston, Texas, was established in 2009 to promote trade between Russia and the United States. The Chamber was created with the support of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the City of Houston, and the Texas business community. Recently, the USRCC expanded to the Midwest and Northeast, with a branch office in Chicago and representative office in New York City. The strategic locations of the Midwest and Northeast offices provide our members with comprehensive services throughout the United States.

    2. Pat,
      “Put-On is just a glorified gas station attendant.” Did you get that line from the dearly departed (and thankfully so) Insane McCain?

  3. Apparently it’s open season on Russians in the Mideast too:

    Putin has shown “weakness” (or what the demon-possessed madmen perceive as weakness) and the result is escalating violence. In fact the jews may be calculatingly targeting his domestic political support by continually bitch-slapping him.

    The Russian government’s choices seem to be limited to: (a) confront the “beast” now, or (b) confront the “beast” later.

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Putin has shown “weakness” (or what the demon-possessed madmen perceive as weakness) and the result is escalating violence. In fact the jews may be calculatingly targeting his domestic political support by continually bitch-slapping him.

      Well said, Harold. A report on CNN yesterday said that Putin’s popularity as a national leader had fallen 15% in the last month due to his introducing pension reforms that have made the Russian public unhappy. There were 1000-plus demonstrators outside the Kremlin last week, protesting the new retirement age for pensioners as “outrageous”. Putin had decided that the Russian economy necessitated a slight rise in the retirement age. Henceforth, the retirement age for men was to rise from 60 to 65, and for women from 55 to 60.

      Outrageous? I don’t think so! The retirement age in the UK is much higher, with some people having to work to 70 in order to make ends meet. The retirement age in the UK for teachers is 65 for both males and females, so Russian female teachers have it easy in comparison (retirement at 60). The retirement age in Germany is 67 for anyone born after 1964. In the US it’s 66-67.

      Other countries:

      Norway : 67
      New Zealand: 67.4
      ISRAEL : 67.9
      Iceland: 68.5
      Japan: 69.5
      Mexico: 69.5
      South Korea: 72.1

      So Russia ain’t doing too badly with men retiring at 65 and women at 60. They should count their blessings!

      1. Thanks, Sard –

        As I have written dozens of times…

        Russia’s economy is putrid… ‘Put-On’ knows it.

        The average salary is $300 a month for professionals!! 🙂

      2. ‘Put-On’ – Paper Bear – answered questions in France from the media ahead of his meeting with world leaders at the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

        Video Jun 4, 2014:

        He admits Russia cannot build its own planes and ships and space vehicles.
        (starting at 14:40)

        ‘Put-On’ also admits Russia is not an economic power. (30:11)


    2. Harold, yes I saw that. Nothing less than another Ming the Merciless maneuver which though surely expected and on the lookout for, are so very difficult to detect, much less deter..

      1. From what I’ve been reading, there was also a French ship in the vicinity at the time, firing cruise missiles at Syria. That makes me wonder: Was the French ship there to add insult to injury (i.e., “look Ma, not even the inherently cowardly French are afraid of Russia”) prospectively making Putin look even worse, or could it have been “bait”; bait that nobody took?

  4. Oh goody! The old, phony, soviet threat reappears in new livery. Has the Muslim threat finally worn out its welcome on Jew nightly news? Or is it becoming too obvious even for the most insensate, drooling, liberal mind? When the stink gets bad enough for the goyim to question where the smell is emanating from, Jews simply spray the perfume of change on it!

    Are Jews changing the enemy scenery for the next act of the Trump and Jewdy show? Will they make the Muslim problem disappear even as it proceeds with its immense, unrestricted cultural destruction of the West?

    Let’s all tune into the next exciting episode of the Lone Trumpster – Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when a cold war era presented a realistic enemy that actually appeared to be taking over the world, even as it threatened America with weapons of greater capacity than box-cutters and boomboxes. – Hi ho Kushner, away!

  5. I can add nothing to comments already posted, taking any additional, contributory words from my itchy fingers, now typing fruitlessly on this faithful keyboard. I second those emotively correct posts! Just remember, Russia and China participate fully in the BIS.

  6. It’s “open season” to criminalize all Russians.

    Yes, and I welcome it. Nothing clears some stupid heads better than being criminalized for nothing. And who are the criminalizers? Is it the Muslims? No. Is it the Blacks. No. Is it the Jews? No. Is it the Asians? No. Is it the Latinos? No.

    It is the Anglo-Americans and their vassals – the Germans, the French and the rest of the mother fuckers collectively called the West. Bring them all to the fore! It’s time for some ass kicking.

      1. No need to use such bad language as “mother******s”.

        Perhaps. However, considering what the West is doing to Russia and the Russians, my French could be – if not excused – at least acknowledged as something which is not entirely out of place.

    1. @ Circassian

      “…Is it the Jews? No…”
      “…It is the Anglo – Americans and their vasals…”

      When will you at last begin to understand that the “Anglo – Americans” are the vasals of the Jews ?

      1. When will you at last begin to understand that the “Anglo – Americans” are the vasals of the Jews ?

        Thank you for the tip, brother. My heartfelt thanks go to sister Freya as well, who explained to me that Hitler bombed Russia to the stone age… to free their white bothers, the Russians, from the Jews.

        Now I am quite clear on what we ought to do. We have to return the favor (долг платежом красен), that is to bomb the hell out of Washington DC, Berlin and Paris… to free you, our stupid white brothers and willing servants of the Jews, from the almighty Jews.

  7. — Finger Pointing 101 —
    When the Jews Media accuses Russia of something rotten, it’s a fairly safe bet that Israel / international Jewry was who actually did the dirty deed.

    1. Writing “anti-Semite” as Aunty Semite is fun, but writing it as Aunty C. might be even more fun.

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  9. “Open Season On Russians” = Open BUSINESS Season FOR Russians!! 🙂

    You can join the fun of US-Russia-Cis gala event in a couple of weeks. You might even see ‘Put-On’ there.

    The open meeting is available for $60…. to show how to utilize “breakbulk” shipping. Breakbulk is less than shipping container cargo. So much for sanctions!! 🙂

    The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend:

    –The 8th Annual Welcome Reception–

    HONORING Russian and CIS Delegations to the Breakbulk Americas 2018

    “Please join the U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce in welcoming Russian and CIS delegations to the 8th Annual Breakbulk Americas Reception . This annual event draws decision makers in U.S.- Russia trade and investment, including senior representatives from major shipping and logistics companies, leaders in the oil and gas industry, government officials, elected officials and more.

    “Breakbulk Americas is the largest and most important gathering in North America for companies involved in the shipping of heavy-lift, project cargo and traditional breakbulk cargoes. The conference provides shippers with the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the leading specialized carriers, forwarders, ports, terminals and packers who have the expertise and resources to handle oversized cargoes with unique handling requirements.

    “Wednesday, October 3, 2018 * 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Four Seasons Hotel, Whitney Room * 1300 Lamar Street,
    Houston, TX 77010”


    “Russian Energy Week” International Forum 2018

    Russian Energy Week (REW) is Russia’s largest international business discussion platform for the energy sector. The aim of this event is to showcase future opportunities in the Russian fuel and energy sector and to realize the potential of international cooperation. The Forum is held with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Moscow City Government.

    When: October 3-6, 2018

    Where: Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, 1 Manezhnaya Ploshchad,
    Moscow, Russia

  10. I much admire the prolific writing of Finian. How someone could keep coming up with so much new stuff all the time is a mystery to me. Yet, I must agree, sadly, that writers like PC Roberts, and some of those above, who think Putin has shown weakness are correct. His sinking polls numbers may have as much to do with his failure to retaliate against the Ziocons as they do with his raising the retirement age. (On that note, if Sardonicus is correct, why on earth are Russian men required to work 5 more years than women? As women live 10 years longer and have less physical jobs, it should be the reverse! Has Putin given in to the Feminists, too?).

    Indeed, I often think that Putin’s weakness was first shown when he held the troops back and allowed the illegal junta of Ukraine to take place in 2014, not stepping in to prevent the Russia-friendly legal government of Yanukovych from falling to the Western Imperialists. Making it even worse was that the foul deed was done under the cover of the Sochi Olympics. From everything I’ve read, if Putin had immediately rolled the Russian tanks into Kiev, routing the plotters would have been a cakewalk – and would undoubtedly have saved lives. And all that neocons McCain and his wingman Graham could have done would have been to squeal like stuck pigs. And Victoria Nuland could have stuffed her damned cookies where the sun don’t shine. Has Putin yet learned that you can never trust the Americans – especially including Trump?

    1. Has Putin yet learned that you can never trust the Americans – especially including Trump?

      I am sorry, but this is not a question one could call an intelligent one.

      While we are on the subject of trust. It seems that our younger Polish brothers are getting from Trump what they have bargained for:

      Learning, which is a welcome and joyful opportunity for a bright person, can be quite painful process for a stupid one.

    2. Perhaps simple deception, FoW, feigning weakness to conceal strength and purpose. Seems to me Putin, like G.H.W. Bush, has the education, real-world experience, and motive to further his (possibly, not likely “his people’s”) interests. Would it not make more sense if Putin were an agent of the NWO (for want of a better term or phrase)? Kabuki theater by any other descriptor, the world a stage. Here in and under US, Inc. (!), we have had a dreary succession of fellows occupying as CEO the putative office of “POTUS”. Past GHW Bush, I find it hard to believe we have had a “hands on” leader. Putin’s rumored wealth (billions? really billions in contrast to Trump the Fake Billionaire?) indicates to me that Putin is more like GHW Bush than those later in the series. I do not sense “weakness”; I sense the interplay of transnational entities described in Orwell’s 1984. Ultimately, one (world) currency to unite them all!

  11. This is great!
    I was sitting home all bummed out, almost dead with boredom, when this extraordinary piece of news came up …
    An intruding, invading Russian Regime (zog) Terrorist Plane was cruising over the righteous MUSLIM territory of Syria -a territory occupied by the Terrorist Shia Persian Regime compadres of the Terrorist Baathist Party Regime of Genocidal Maniac Terrorist Bashar Assad, cruising and feeling all cocky you know, talking shit you know “мы – чемпионы!!!” …”ми смо одлични” “Хајде да ударимо мало дупета” about the ragheads below them and so on while sipping on some potato brew Stolichnaya or what have you …
    when …
    A missile hit the freaking plane and all its occupants, (vodka and all) went down yelling ” Аллах у акбар” “Аллах у акбар “Аллах у акбар”
    but … what had happened?
    The Terrorist Zionist Entity …
    (who stole its present name (they stole hummus and falafel too) from the old testament so that they can read “Numbers” and “deutoronomy” and justify killing Palestinians,) were also riding by using an F20 or F21 or F22 or F24 hell i dont know, given to them for free -and courtesy of – The Terrorist Regime (Zog) of the U.S. when they saw a stupid _very slow- missile approaching so
    listen to this..
    they went up and HID BEHIND and over the Russian Terrorist Regime Plane and the missile (Russian by the way) hit the stupid Terrorist Russian Regime plane instead..
    phew i wish i was there because i guess the adrenaline was definitely really really INTENSE if you know what i mean (it was so intense it could only be beaten by a heroin/cocaine shot used by American Marine terrorists…

    I am not bored anymore …

  12. Israel and its lobby are behind this saturation propaganda against Russia, and the false flag events such as the Novichok poisonings.

  13. Gary Holland on the Rense radio remarked the Putin reacted to the shoot down of the Russian prop plane in Syria not unlike how President Johnson reacted, or lack thereof, of the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by Is-ra-hell circa 1967. As Pat has written Putin seems to be real cozy with the Zionists. (Thanks Pat for the updates on the economic rape of Russia by the Zionist Satrapy called America.) Witness the off the cuff visit of Nitinyawho to Moscow and the warm welcome by Vlad. TJ thinks that the all seeing eyes, the all hearing ears and the all sniffing and quite ample proboscis of the world’s (((improvers))) may know something about Vlad that he would prefer the Russian people not know about. There may be other reasons, other then blackmail, for Vlad’s seemingly unexplainable and peculiar coziness to the eternal (((enemies))) of the Russian people.
    There is no doubt that the U.S. is being invaded by para-military Central American men (and also maybe Islamic ISIS) coming across America’s Southern border most likely advised by Chinese and/or Russian and maybe Israeli military personal.
    There is also some who think that sleeper cells of Chinese military personal are already in America working as dishwashers in Chinese restaurants, posing as students at American universities and other covers.
    The barbarian MS!3 gangs have been infiltrating into America for years. Same with UN personal.
    IS TJ simply paranoid? Maybe the election of Trump has set back the take down of America for a few years. These are credible reports of Trump moving military assets to the Southern Border. We could see the fictional “Red Dawn” become a reality when Russia takes control of Alaska in two weeks and moves South while China and their Latin shook troops cross the Southern Border. Perish the thought if you think the EU will come to the recuse of their former rescuer. Payback can be a Bitch for the crimes of imperial Pax Americana.

  14. @ Toejamicus

    If Putin is hestitant to confront the Yankees militarily in Syria [ which he seems to be rather hesitant to engage with the Yankee military ] , how come when it comes to Alaska he’s not afraid to confront the Yankees militarily? Can you please give us some information about Russia taking control of Alaska in two weeks from now.

    I’ll be voting for Trump in 2020, I just know it, how do you like them thar 🍎s?

    If voting doesn’t make any difference then how does Trump in the White House “set back the take down of America for a few years”? ¿Why don’t the ANTI-AMERICAN forces take down America right now? if voting doesn’t make any difference. Why do the ANTI-AMERICAN forces have to wait until Trump is out of office to take down America if voting doesn’t make any difference?

    Seems to me the ANTI-American forces are under the impression that voting certainly DOES matter. If that bothers you, go tell the ANTI-American forces that voting doesn’t matter and they can take down America right now ; No need for them to wait for Trump’s presidency to end, voting doesn’t matter so it doesn’t matter that Trump won the presidential election so they can take down America right now and not have to wait for another president, the next president after Trump, in order to take down America, see what they have to say to you.

    1. TROJ,
      Sorry, TJ did not explain properly about the “two Weeks”. What TJ wanted to say is TJ don’t know WHEN the Russians will attempt to retake Alaska. But they will do so in their own good time as America weakens more and more on down the road. They will be able to do so in 2-3 weeks. Just a guess given all the information.

  15. The expected partitioning of Syria by ‘Put-On’ is being accomplished right now!!

    The October 15 maneuver will give ‘Put-On’ and Trump and Adelson and other international investors, a ‘staging’ area for their reconstruction groups to operate, as they REBUILD Syria. GE and others in Russia, with cheap labor… “COME ON DOWN!!” 🙂

    “YUGE” BIZNEZZ is “BIGGLY” coming into Syria as Assad’s financiers cheer!

    Both controlled by Zio-Bankers — ‘Put-On’ and Erdogan of Turkey agreed to create a demilitarized zone around Syrian province of Idlib, which has a population of over 3 million.

    The decision by ‘Put-On’ to abstain from the offensive represented a diplomatic SUCCESS for Turkey and the United States, who had also warned against further strikes on Idlib.

    Video of ‘Put-On’: “There will be a demilitarized zone!”

    As part of the Russia-Turkey agreement:

    –Both forces will establish a 15 to 20 kilometer (9 to 12.5 mile) wide demilitarized zone around Idlib province by October 15

    –Radical rebel groups, such as al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) will be ordered to leave the zone

    –The Syrian government will gain access to a key highway passing through Idlib that connects the north of the country with other major cities

    –Both Turkish and Russian troops will patrol the demilitarized zone

    1. While everyone feels sorry for poor tiny ‘Put-On’ and his very weak Russian economy… the Idlib Region in Syria will effectively be an annexation by ”Put-On’ from his #2 Gazprom customer….Turkey.

      This will make a “YUGE” spot for ‘Put-On’ to build a military base as well as construction bases.

      See the map:

    2. Pat,
      What Syria and the other Mid East countries including Libya have been experiencing is American style “urban renewal” that got it’s start with the “urban renewal” of the South by Lincoln’s victorious imperial army of the North.

      1. Sure!!

        Marshall Plan is another example.

        ‘Put-On’ wants some of THAT! 🙂

        Putin: “Middle East needs modern Marshall Plan.”

        “I have repeatedly said that this evil (terrorism) can be defeated only by combining efforts of all the countries in the world. Russia has suggested and still suggests it to all its partners. Today the large scope of destructions requires a long-term and elaborate program, something like a Marshall Plan, to recover the war-torn regions, ” said Putin.

  16. CORR.
    if it hadn’t been for British aggressiveness and American “interventionism“ (endless meddling, interference into other peoples’ affairs). British-American imperialism at the behest of their ((( JEWISH ZIONIST MASTERS ))). Wilson, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower et al were their puppets – and don’t forget Stalin’s ambitions to conquer Europe (and the world) for international Communism. International Zionism and Communism are two sides of the same coin: Judaism – Talmudism. Modern term: Globalism. The whole world imbued with Talmudic BS. Global dominance. Totalitarian One-World government (Jerusalem – ZION). Only rabid dogs having the rab(b)i(e)s would want endless terror, conflict and war.

    1. The Jewish Lobby is trying to get America to fight a war aginst Russia and Iran. I think there is a 50% chance they will get their way. In effect it has already started, in Syria.

      1. The Jewish Lobby is trying to get America to fight a war aginst Russia and Iran.

        I am sorry, John, but America and Britain cannot fight wars. They are not in the business of fighting wars – they are in the business of engaging others in a war and helping both sides to kill each other while reaping all the benefits of the war for themselves. They are good at bribing, at fomenting color revolutions, installing oligarchic regimes all over the world – like the one, for example, they enforced upon Russia in 1991-93 – and sucking the blood of the world through those regimes – that’s what they are good for, not fighting the wars.

        America would lose an open war to Russia faster than Saakashvili’s regime in Georgia backed by the US did in 2008. US is a chicken shit when it comes to fighting wars, just like Britain is and always was.

      1. B-Hawk –

        MY thoughts EGGZAKLEE!! 🙂 🙂

        AND…. ‘Put-On’ needs Khabib, Mike Tyson, Steven Seagal and Fedor… etc… and criminals.. to endear him to the Russian public dummies!! 🙂 🙂

  17. Next installment of my series “Russia for Dummies”

    Putin said Russia’s nuclear weapons would be used only to retaliate against an enemy strike. “We have no concept of a preemptive strike,” Putin said in response to a question, Agence France-Presse reported. “The aggressor will have to understand that retaliation is inevitable, that it will be destroyed and that we, as victims of aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven.”

    The article in HuffPost cuts Putin’s sentence in the middle of it. Here is the full sentence:

    “The aggressor will have to understand that retaliation is inevitable; that it will be destroyed and that we, as victims of aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven while they will simply die like dogs because they’ll get no time to repent”. And the audience loved it. Check it out:

    1. In the next installment of ‘Russians Are Dummies’ you will find that ‘Put-On’ is too busy getting help from US in building nuke power plants – for him – all around the world and for his chosen jews in Siberia to be bothered with nuke weapons!! 🙂

      Russia starts building Turkey’s first nuclear power plant
      The nuclear plant is expected to provide 10% of the nation’s electricity demand and be commissioned in 2023.

      The leaders of Russia and Turkey have officially launched the start of the work to build the former country’s first nuclear power station.

      The $20 billion (£14bn) Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is to be built by Russian state firm ROSATOM and will have a total capacity of 4.8GW.

      1. The $20 billion (£14bn) Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is to be built by Russian state firm ROSATOM and will have a total capacity of 4.8GW.

        Thank you, Pat, for being a useful … no, let me rephrase it a bit lest Uncle Toby accuses me in engaging in “vendetta castration”: Thank you, Pat, for your useful cooperation.

        Just a minor correction though: Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is not a plant for producing power, Pat, it is a plant “to convert silver into gold… nuclear transmutation of base metals into noble metals”:

  18. This installment is for both of my series “Putin for Dummies” and “Russia for Dummies”.

    Michael McFaul on Vladimir Putin and Russia:

    McFaul (make sure you pronounce the name correctly: MikeFool) has fooled himself into believing that he understands what Putin’s Russia is all about. The fool does not seem to understand why he lost his job.

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