Paul Craig Roberts — ‘America is Doomed, All is Lost’

What This Mid-Term Election Is About

By Paul Craig Roberts

“My conclusion is that America is doomed. The people, with few exceptions, are not smart enough to continue to exist…. If the vote goes to the Establishment, all is lost.” — Paul Craig Roberts

LD: The above pronouncement was made by Paul Craig Roberts yesterday, while the voting  in the mid-term elections was still going on. The vote has indeed gone “to the Establishment” and will have therefore come as an acute disappointment to President Trump and his supporters. With the Democrats now in complete control of the House of Representatives, Trump’s enemies can justly claim a victory. They are now going to make things tough for the President. Very tough indeed. Even the possibility of impeachment could be nearer than we think.
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who is set to become speaker again,  told cheering supporters in Washington gloatingly: “Thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in America!” Grinning inanely and raising a victor’s fist over her head, Pelosi promises to introduce “new checks and balances” to the presidential power. [LD]


“New checks and balances!”

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS (yesterday) :  I never cease to be amazed at the insouciance of Americans. Readers send me emails asking why I ever supported Trump when he was the Establishment’s candidate. If Trump was the Establishment’s candidate, why has the Establishment spent two years trying to destroy him?

The failure to put two and two together is extraordinary. Trump declared war on the Establishment throughout the presidential campaign and in his inaugural address.

As I wrote at the time, Trump vastly over-estimates the power of the president. He expected the Establishment, like his employees, to jump to his will, and he did not know Washington or who to appoint to support his goals. He has been totally defeated in his intention to normalize relations with Russia. Instead, we are faced with both Russia and China preparing for war.

In other words, the same outcome that Hillary would have achieved.

Trump has been so harassed by the Establishment that he is having trouble thinking straight. He was elected by “the deplorables” as the first non-Establishment candidate since when? You have to go back in history to find one. Perhaps Andrew Jackson. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were not the choice of the Democratic and Republican establishments, and the ruling establishments moved quickly to constrain both presidencies. The Democratic Establishment framed and removed both Carter’s budget director and chief of staff, depriving Carter of the kind of commitment he needed for his agenda. The Bush people that the Republican Establishment insisted be put in positions of power in the Reagan administration succeeded in blunting his reformist economic program and his determination to end the cold war. I fought both battles for Reagan, and I still have the bruises.

Trump is an outsider elected by “the deplorables” whose middle class jobs were offshored by America’s global corporations for the benefit only of the executives and large shareholders. A few people sold out the American middle class, which is shrinking away.

In the rest of the world, Trump’s true allies are the presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, the former president of Ecuador, and the former president of Honduras, who was overthrown by “America’s First Black President,” the consequences of which are the caravan moving toward the US border. The Establishment has succeeded in so confusing Trump that he has declared the Establishment’s war against the non-establishment leaders in Latin America.

So what is this midterm US election about?

It is about whether “the deplorables” have been brainwashed by the Establishment’s media whores and fail to support Trump in the House and Senate elections. If the Democrats get the House and/or Senate, Trump will be completely impotent. The Establishment hopes to drive the lesson home to every future presidential candidate to never again appeal to the people over the vested interests of the Establishment.

In America democracy is a scam. The oligarchy rules, and the people, no matter how they suffer under the oligarch’s rule, must submit and accept. No more presidential candidates, please, who represent the people. This is the lesson that the Establishment hopes to teach the rabble in the midterm elections.

What should this election be about? If America had an independent media, the election would be about the dangerous situation created by Washington that has caused two militarily powerful countries to prepare for war with the US. This is the most serious development of my lifetime. Everything President Reagan worked for has been overthrown for the material interests of the power and profit of the military/security complex.

If America had an independent media, the election would be about the American police state that, based on the 9/11 lie, the weapons of mass destruction lie, the use of chemical weapons lie, the Iranian nukes lie, the Russian invasion of Ukraine lie, was accepted by the insouciant Americans. Those responsible for these lies, which have caused massive war crimes, for which US administrations should be indicted, are feted and rich. The rest of us have experienced the loss of civil liberty and privacy. Any individual in the way of the police state is mowed down.

If America had an independent media, the election would be about the de-industrialization of the United States. Today, as this article makes clear, the offshoring of American manufacturing and industry has reduced the US military to dependence on Chinese suppliers.

And the Trump administration starts trouble with China!

If America had an independent media, the election would be about the 20 years of US and NATO/EU war crimes against Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen, and US and NATO support for Israel’s war crimes against the remnants of the Palestinian people, and US and NATO/EU support for the neo-nazi regime established by the Obama regime in Ukraine to commit war crimes against the breakaway Russian provinces, the populations of which refuse to become victims of Washington’s overthrow of the democratic elected Ukrainian government and installation by “America’s first black president” of a neo-nazi regime.

If America had an independent media, the election would be about the orchestrated demonization of Iran. The completely stupid dope that Trump appointed Secretary of State just declared (the utter fool should not be permitted to open his mouth) that Washington was going to drive Iran into the ground unless the government agreed to behave like a normal state.

What does Pompeo mean by a “normal state.” He means a state that takes its marching orders from Washington. Iran has not invaded any country. The government in power is the continuation of the government that overthrew the Shah, a dictator imposed on Iran by Washington when Washington and London overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran.

What the despicable Pompeo is really saying is that Iran has to go, because Iran, like Syria, is in the way of Israel’s expansion into southern Lebanon, because Iran and Syria supply the Hezbollah militia, which has twice defeated Israeli invasions of southern Lebanon. The vaunted Israeli army is only good for murdering women and children in the disarmed Gaza ghetto.

If America had an independent media, someone would ask Pompeo precisely what Iran is doing that warrants Washington unilaterally, in the face of opposition of the European, Russian, and Chinese signatures to the Iran Nuclear Agreement, pulling out of the agreement and imposing sanctions that no other country on the planet, except Israel, supports?

But, of course, America has no independent media. It has a collection of whores known as NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSCBS, Fox News, etc.

Without an honest and independent media, there is no accountability of government. America has no honest and independent media. Therefore, in America there is no accountability of government.

“The deplorables” are faced with a dilemma. The president they elected has been overcome by the establishment and cannot represent them. Instead, Trump gives his supporters warmonger John Bolton as National Security Advisor and warmonger Pompeo as US Secretary of State. He might as well have appointed Adolf Hitler. In fact, Hitler was a more reasonable person.

So again, America is having an election in which nothing of any importance is discussed.

Unless the American people rise up in armed rebellion, they are finished as a free people, and, of course, they cannot rise up in armed rebellion. Not so much because the police and every agency of the government has been militarized as because Jewish cultural Marxism and the Democratic Party’s Identity Policics have the American people disorganized and at one another’s throats. Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics have divided the American population into victims and victimizers. The true victimizers and true victims are not part of the picture, which is a construction that serves ideological agendas. It is not the oligarchy that is the victimizer, but the Trump-voting white male. It is not the multi-billionaires, but the marginalized former manufacturing and industrial work force that is the source of oppression. This former work force is black and white, but the Democratic Party’s Identity Politics has blacks and whites at each other’s throats.

My conclusion is that America is doomed. The people, with few exceptions, are not smart enough to continue to exist. Perhaps the outcome of the elections tomorrow will change my mind. If the vote goes to the Establishment, all is lost.


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  1. The underlying assumption behind this article is deeply flawed. The assumption here, which I do not accept for a moment, is that Trump is genuinely trying to improve America and restore its greatness and that he has a tender regard for America’s ordinary (mostly white) working classes— the same Americans from the rural states who are his devoted supporters and would willingly die for him.

    Tell me, my deluded friends, what mental kink makes you accept this unproven assumption? Why do you assume Trump is a good guy?

    Doesn’t it cross your mind that he could be a bad guy pretending to be a good guy? That he is an actor in a play and that the only reason he was allowed to become President is that his enemies, the Jewish elite who run America, had the goods on him — i.e. toxic information on Trump that made Trump the ideal Manchurian candidate, the perfect Zionist puppet?

    1. If you simply consider the facts, you will see that the Zionist Puppet theory has much to recommend it: Trump’s constant dishing out of favors to Israel, Netanyahu constantly getting his way, the movement of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the promotion to political power in his regime of one powerful Jew or Zionist after another, the increasing influence of his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his ‘Jewish’ daughter Ivanka, his constant opposition to Assad and Syria (so convenient for Israel), his determined hostility to Iran (again so convenient for Israel), his turning against Russia and Putin after pretending he wanted peace with Russia and Putin, his ceaseless belligerence and warmongering to help the military-industrial complex and butter up the Pentagon, his failure to stop mass immigration and build the Mexican wall.

      And now he is faced with a vast caravan of illegal immigrants swarming in from Mexico. So what does he intend to do about this, hm? Ah, yes, I can guess! — Rhetoric! Thumping his fist on the table! Wringing his hands in histrionic impotence! “You bad men, go back!’

      Will the Army and Police be told to STOP THE INVADERS? No, they will not! The fools who expect this to happen are fools indeed. The Army and Police are there to PROTECT THE INVADERS! From whom? From patriotic American White Nationalists who may decide to take the law into their own hands and gun down the migrant invaders before they can get into the country!

      So here’s the litmus test, the ultimate test: If Trump lets in these migrant invaders, he is not only a lame duck president, he is worse than that — he’s a TRAITOR and COLLABORATOR in INFAMY! He is a Zionist stooge working FOR the Establishment, not against it!

      In a nutshell: Trump is NOT a good guy fighting against a formidable enemy, the Jewish elite or the Deep State or whatever you wish to call it. False meme! He is a bad guy pretending to be a good guy. He is part of the Deep State and the Jewish elite he pretends to be fighting! He is the Judas Iscariot of the American people.

      1. Sard –

        As much as I am reluctant to expect the action you describe about the INVADING horde approaching the southern border, I am afraid you’re CORRECT. Even this morning, I heard Mitch McConnal suggest it is “a legal question”, rather than a question of invasion. In my own mind, it poses an invasion, and the proper action of a commander-in-chief is to have the military setting up .30 caliber machine guns with orders to SHOOT. (Of course, the cultural downfall of America would be outraged – but machine-gunning invaders is the proper action.)
        That warning should be issued – NOW.

      2. So here’s the litmus test, the ultimate test: If Trump lets in these migrant invaders

        Now that’s my kinda post. Setting a test, a trigger, and waiting for the result. After that, no more sophistry nor bullshit; you can move on having proved a point, at least to you yourself. Brilliant. I will indeed be watching because your point is fantastic — to protect the invaders. I never thought of that one. If that horde is escorted into the country then no more doubts for the poor QAnoners.

        That is how to get out of a dead-end 😛

        Nope, I haven’t gathered all the evidence about Churchill the Kike (if he is one) but I’ll be sure to post if and when I find it; again? Maybe.


        @Sard: You sound terribly upset that Hillary did not win.

        If you are a loyal Trump supporter, I can understand your hostile reaction to my anti-Trump critique, but I’d like to assure you of three things which may help to put your mind at ease:

        1. If I’d been eligible to vote in the US elections, I would most definitely have chosen to vote for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton, if only as the lesser of two evils. Hillary I hold in horror and detestation. I may not approve of Trump, but at least I think he is far likeable as a human being than Hillary could ever be. 🙂

        2. I have the greatest respect for the views of most of the Trump loyalists on this website, particularly Ungenius and Gilbert Huntly who come across as exceptionally nice people. The last thing I would wish to do is to give offense to good people like this. And this includes you. 🙂

        3. A part of me wishes that the Trump loyalists, yourself included, should be proved right in the end. No one would raise a louder cheer than me if Trump suddenly manages to keep all his promises and make America great again. Oh, if only the Magician could start pulling those rabbits out of his hat and give the Jewish elite who run this country a bloody nose! If only he could announce without further delay an independent investigation into 9/11! If only he could do something to curtail the powers of the Jewish lobby in America and make it clear to Israel that America will no longer support Israel as a matter of course.

        Can’t you see it is absolutely essential if Trump is to be regarded as a true hero, and as America’s savior, that he must make a final stand against the Jews? He must break Jewish power in America once and for all and take back the Jew-owned media. If the Jews emerge even more powerful after Trump has come and gone, how can anyone possibly admire and praise his presidency?

        Trump will have failed if he fails to pull the rug away from under the Jews.

        1. In October this year, the largest ever US military aid package to Israel went through. It was worth a phenomenal $38 billion over a ten year period. The largest handout Israeli has ever received. This bonanza was signed and sealed under President Donald Trump.

          So much for Trump “pulling the rug away from under the Jews”. Not a chance! He has just given Israel $38 billion on a silver platter.

          Trump supporters on this site need a reality check.

      4. As Israel goes upward, so goes America. The Jewish spirit was the foundation of the march Westward that built our nation. Capitalism is Jewish and its fiery quest for loot and power is the driving force of America. Once the flame of Jewish ambition is doused, GOODBY USA.


        I’m upset that Clinton didn’t win, because unlike Orange Clown, Clinton at least wore her treachery on her sleeve. With Clinton, what you saw was what you’d get; whereas Orange Clown had to steal votes to win the election. What Orange Clown did to win was morally indistinguishable from rigging voting machines/stealing ballots.

        Moreover, it seems quite clear that Orange Clown was the “deep state” candidate of choice, so if the “deep state” picked Trump over Clinton, what better evidence is there that Orange Clown is even more morally bankrupt/demon-possessed than Clinton?

    2. I appreciate your clarification, Sard. I’ll make one more. “his enemies, the Jewish elite who run America” ( and virtually EVERY nation, including and especially Russia and China)…are not, and have not been his enemies. He has been their Manchurian Candidate all along.

      1. He has been their Manchurian Candidate all along.

        Of course. Everything points in this direction. It is the simplest explanation. Those who wish to go on playing Devil’s Advocate for Trump are unlikely to allow hard facts on the ground to stand in the way of their wishful thinking fantasies.

      2. “his enemies, the Jewish elite who run America” ( and virtually EVERY nation, including and especially Russia and China)…are not, and have not been his enemies.”

        Right on!!

        PCR wrote that…. ever so discreetly…. in the article!!

        He wrote:
        “If America had an independent media, the election would be about the American police state that, based on the 9/11 lie, the weapons of mass destruction lie, the use of chemical weapons lie, the Iranian nukes lie, the Russian invasion of Ukraine lie, was accepted by the insouciant Americans. Those responsible for these lies, which have caused massive war crimes, for which US administrations should be indicted, are FETED and RICH ….. ”

        (((FETED and RICH)))

  2. PCR wrote:
    “In America democracy is a scam. The oligarchy rules, and the people, no matter how they suffer under the oligarch’s rule, must submit and accept.”

    Correct. That is the condition in every country on earth. A few folks/familiesrule the countries in ALL cases.

    The ONLY type of government available to any country is a ‘Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligarchy’ ….. and most of the time, other than during short periods of transitions, from one oligarch to another, it is run by those holding the most Capital!!

    1. Jews with money deserve some influence, others religions cannot have a monopoly on power. Soros and Adelson earned their right to be heard. Jew hatred is in the Goys genes.

      1. Hi Melvin,
        Youre such an ass-clown. Donaldo wasnt gonna post. Quietly drinking my tequila. But youve become an itch that Donaldo just has to scratch. Tell me. At what point is a Jew a Jew or a Goy a Goy? Donaldo himself has both bloodlines. Should half of Donaldo hate the other half? Tell me clown……”payaso.” 🙂

    2. Exactly right, Pat. But weren’t monarchies better if only because the people knew which family happened to be in charge? Which would mean the family might actually want to try and do a good job?

      Monopolistic-capitalistic-oligarchies disguised as democracies are the worst. Until the demos understand this simple, yet well hidden, concept there is no hope. Because any vote within this system is a vote for that system of enslavement.

      You’ve got to tip your hat to the smarts of our betters. Lots of behavior goes on that feels like freedom which in reality is slavery. So called sexual freedom is the obvious example.

  3. White privilege is alive in America. Craig Roberts wants to remove imaginary Jewish influence and put low IQ left wingers in charge. Drug cartels, and druggies will then battle police to destroy law and order. Chaos will make America a dangerous place. Social and political change is not in the interest of middle America. The status quo is politically correct.

  4. If the vote goes to the Establishment, all is lost.

    It does not matter where the vote goes – all is lost for America, period.

    As soon as Russia walks free, the Empire will collapse like house of cards. And Russia WILL go free because that’s what we want. There is absolutely nothing trump, crump, pelosi, melosi or any other pussy can do to stop this powerful deluge.

    1. Circ –

      “And Russia WILL go free because that’s what we want.”

      It does not matter what you want because…. EV Fedorov said, “Russians have no say in anything.”

      “Russia is…. “MADE IN USA”: 🙂 🙂

      An analysis of the country’s political life over the past two decades confirms that the main problem of modern Russia is the lack of real sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year war between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1991. It was a war of the bipolar world, with a large number of military clashes – in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other territories. As a result, the Soviet Union was artificially divided into 15 separate states, each of which had no state sovereignty. 

      The winner in this war, the United States of America, in order to control the conquered territory, formed in the Russian Federation a controllable apparatus of power, having previously withdrawn strategic resources from our territory, distributing key industrial and resource-extracting objects between its structures. 

      Today, the Russian financial system is directly dependent on the US dollar. In fact, we are daily paying a humiliating tribute to the United States for the military-political defeat of 1991!

      The KGB could not have done anything over the years without the US companies and US government funding every bit of it. Every bit of it.

      Remember, Putin is Head Of State and not part of the government and was selected by Yeltsin and has been kept there by phony elections.

      Russians have no say in anything.

      See Federov’s exposures in State Duma:



      Russia is…. “MADE IN USA”:

      Конституцию РФ написали американцы.
      Госдеп США официально признал, что в 1993 году Конституцию РФ, как и ряд ключевых законов нашей страны, писали американские советники.

      The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans.
      The US State Department officially recognized that in 1993 the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers.


      Россия является колонией США с 1991 года.
      Россия потеряла суверенитет в результате поражения в сорокалетней войне с Соединенными Штатами Америки. Это самая главная тайна в России, закрытая цензурой и пропагандой в СМИ.

      Russia has been a US colony since 1991.
      Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.


      Россия платит дань США — 1 млрд. долларов в сутки!!!
      Кому принадлежит рубль? Рубль принадлежит Центральному Банку, но Центральный Банк не подчиняется Правительству РФ!

      Russia pays tribute to the US – 1 billion dollars a day !!!
      Who owns the ruble? The ruble belongs to the Central Bank, but the Central Bank does not obey the Government of the Russian Federation!


      New book by EA Fedorov “State Turn. Technology betrayal”

      In the book “State Turn. Technology betrayal” Yevgeny Fedorov examines the current political situation in Russia.

      According to the author, our country has lost most of its sovereignty, losing the cold war to the United States of America. The winner formed on the territory of the Russian Federation a puppet apparatus of power, which he needed primarily for pumping out resources. However, the United States, according to Yevgeny Fyodorov, is not going to be limited to this, their goal is full control over the political processes in our country. The main source of internal danger is the so-called fifth column, whose representatives are present in all structures of modern Russian society, from the media to the government. What is so dangerous grantees? What happens to modern education?

      How do media manage to manipulate public opinion? Is Maidan possible in Russia? And most importantly – how to restore sovereignty? Yevgeny Fyodorov provides answers to these and many other burning questions.

      Read more:

  5. Is it possible for the Democrats to be more subservient to Israel than President Trump?

    Switzerland, Switzerland has a system of government which is pretty close to the wishes of the majority of the people. No system can be perfect but Switzerland’s is close.

    1. Israhell is the LEAST of our (America’s) problems, now. Our problems are more immediate.
      The mid-term elections have just substantiated them.

      1. Israhell is the source of the problem in America. The flood (immigrant invasions) are the flood from the serpent’s (jew) mouth.

    2. Well. Considering most duel Israeli citizens in the US governing processes past and present are Democrat. I’d say you are on to something. Gov Cuomo of Jew York is a big supporter of Israel.

  6. Primarily due to his anti-immigration stance, I remain a Trump supporter. But, unlike Mr. Roberts, I don’t see the democrats regaining the House as the end of the world. Clownish Pelosi is no worse than Paul Ryan, who opposed Trump’s America-first agenda from the start. And the GOP did pick up a few Senate seats, which should make it easier to appoint Judges who follow the Constitution. Those republicans still standing in both Houses are more committed to the Trump agenda. No more McCain, Flake, Corker, and Ryan are all good things. Let the House democrats try to impeach Trump and make fools of themselves. His first order of business, after stopping the caravans, should be to stick it in their eye and sign an Executive Order doing away with Birthright Citizenship. Let the games begin!

  7. Switzerland. The home of the B.I.S. Best reflecting the wishes of a majority of people.

    Unfortunately you’re probably right, JK. A majority of people who are neutral – as in indifferent as long as “they got theirs”. Or call it simply “amoral” like the rest of the West, if not most of the dang World.

    Some would call it “apostasy”

      1. Truly enlightened self-interest is not exhibited under any form of statist authority. The inexorable march to totalitarianism we are witnessing is an anathema to the activity of individual freedom. In effect, this seemingly innocuous statement regarding Switzerland encapsulates a mindset which has been in the works since the Magna Carta

        The Magna Carta can be seen as the planting of a seed in human consciousness. One whose germination represents the potential for human beings to fully understand the innateness of their Divine endowment of being free persons. This “germ of awakening” prompted the agencies of controlled opposition to muddle our understanding by lending credibility to the NEED for written forms of doctrine to properly represent what in essence is our common sense in knowing natural law. The only necessitation for illustrating our innate grasp of this IN WRITING came in the opening paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence. It is no mere coincidence that this document was countered in the very same year it was written by Adam Smith (or whatever his real name was) and the Bavarian “illuminists” (as in the false light of the Luciferian sun-worshippers recognized by masonic infiltrators like Thomas Paine).

        America has never gotten past the muddled distraction brought on by its cognitive dissonance, therefore it has never BEEN “great” in truly reflecting the spirit of 1776. The Trumpian slogan “Make America Great Again” is a misnomer. Any populist who would be dangerous to (((them))) has a snowball’s chance in Hell of making it all the way to the office of POTUS. This serves to exemplify many of our premises of political discourse on this, and so many other websites, to be flawed to BEGIN with.

        It is preposterous to think that modern-day politicians can be the ones to lead the way out of this existential morass and into the true light of Freedom

  8. “Will the Army and Police be told to STOP THE INVADERS?”

    The Army and the Police will never be able to stop the Invaders as long as the Invaders continue to remain embedded in the highest echelons of the US Government,

  9. I predict the House fought the Trump, and the Trump won.
    Not because I’m a total lunatic retard Trump loving imbecile who needs to be exiled to the land of lepers, rather because I paid attention from the very first and still do.

    From Trump’s initial French wave dismissal of CNN, to watching him spank the “finest group of Republican candidates ever” and then on to manhandling and even spitting in the face of the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua and Barnacle Bill, was uber-political theater with a big dash of near genius populist humor really really hard to miss.
    I’d imagine Putin and Xi and Modi and Erdogan and on and on are still talking (chuckling) about it.

    Plus, I admit I had help by reading parts of Trump’s horoscope ahead of time. But again, that’s just me..

  10. ‘America is Doomed, All is Lost’
    I hope not; I am not against American people, i have 35 cousins living in California who say it openly “America is the best country in the world” and i agree …
    I was the only Arab in a 35.000 students college in the U.S. during Desert Storm and instead of attacking me, students and staff would come up to me and ask me if my family was ok— thinking– listen to this– thinking- that i was an Iraqi!! And this was the most “rednecky” state! they were so nice-
    but American policies against Palestine are what makes it difficult to make peace possible in Palestine and beyond…
    these may not be meant to be “American policies against Palestine”,
    but they certainly are
    ” Pro Israel American policies” which amount to the same.
    I understand Mr. Trump´s concerns for his country one hundred percent and i admire his toughness in all kinds of world wide negotiations and homeland policies because they will definitely contribute in making America, his country, “great again”.
    I also agree that the nation s borders should be protected and the integrity of law abiding citizens must also be guarded from immigrants with bad intentions…
    i understand all that except for the part where he yells:
    “Lets move the American embassy to Jerusalem right now and you MUST too (193 countries) or else!
    that s kind of suspícious and its a move that sends the wrong signal all over the place….
    aint it?
    Because -for me-America may be good
    Palestine is Better!
    lets put it this way.
    the Avatar,
    Medellin, Colombia

  11. If you wanted to vote AGAINST the Establishment then Trump was the only candidate that fit the bill. The fact that he is narcissistic buffoon is unfortunate.

    Maybe he will be deselected at the 2020 primaries and maybe a serious anti-Establishment figure may emerge.

    Patrick Buchanan would be ideal, but he is pushing 80.

    You would think that Mrs Pelosi and friends would stop to think what made so many people vote for Trump.

    1. Why does “The Establishment” consist almost entirely of people who produce nothing but talk, taxes and regulations, and for that they are paid big salaries and pensions, paid for by the real producers of wealth.

      There is a simpler word for them…..Parasites.

      Am I becoming a Socialist in my old age? No, surely not.

    2. Patrick Buchanan was 80 last week. He is sold out as KOM… Knight Of Malta. He is sworn to put Pope above all else, even his own life!!,0,25,0

      List of Permanent Observers of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the United Nations:

      The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has had Permanent Observer status at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City since 1994.[1] It has also had an observer present at the UN offices in Vienna since 2009. This is a list of individuals who have been the UN Permanent Observer for the Order.

  12. Remember when the BBC broadcast the collapse of WTC7 30 minutes early? Every once in a while they screw up and there’s a glitch in the illusion they are presenting us. A glitch happened the day before the election, MSNBC broadcast the election results before the polls were open.

    Sara A. Carter (twitter)

    MSNBC accidentally shows false results of Tomorrow’s election that has not happened in Florida showing socialist Gillum in slight lead against ⁦@RonDeSantisFL⁩. Wishful thinking? What do you think

    Also, another good video to watch how all the news is a script see the youtube video entitled:

    Local News Anchors Forced Into Reading The Same Script

  13. You say, “God help America!” Well only God can. There is no longer a political solution; from a biblical standpoint, there never was. Only divine intervention can help the remnant Americans. Even if we had an honest media, most people in our country cannot understand the depth of such issues. Everyone is a moron and too busy pleasuring themselves. The jews killed America with their psycho-babble, perverse media/education and 9th circle of hell immorality. At one time, long long ago, America was a successful nation because, as Toqueville said and I paraphase, “America is great because America is good but if America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.” You can’t be great if your country is filled with idiots, morons and marginal people. A good, strong people must be unified in morality, virtue and faith, such as, our founding fathers and their “ethinic” posterity. When we gave our country to the canaanite/edomite jews in 1913 and their third-world minions as of more recent decades, America has turned into the sh*thole just like the third-worlders left behind them. In all these millennia these godless sub-cultures never created an advanced civilization comparable to that of even ancient Tyre. For us and our posterity did not mean other ethnicities. But there is also a reason why the white people are being deliberately demoralized and forced to become multicultural but I will leave that argument for the true believers. Yes, God will help America but not until the REAL children of Israel come to the knowledge of who they are and they call on their Holy Father who had commanded they stay a separate people, not mingle with the goats and the tares, and to love their white brethren. Hitler understood this; he knew who the “true adversary” was. Of course, satan, the adversary, the false accuser, had to then silence this truth that Hitler and his knowledgeable citizenry knew. God help America when the wrath begins for what we’ve done to our brethren.

    1. Racial diversity marches forward and not recognizing its reality was Hitlers mistake. Future seeing Jews understood that the worlds population will be mingled and enhanced. White culture can thrive within Mulattoism or in a sea of ink Black natives. White Race is eternal.

      1. Once a true adamic man or woman mates with a beast, the spirit no longer resides in the offspring whose future is the lake of fire. Mingled, miscegnenation is an abomination, not an enhancement. Might be an enhancement for the beast but not the only race that was entitled to the inheritance. Iron and miry clay don’t mix well and bastards suffer in health and cognition. White race “is” eternal and the jew serpent seed will never quite make it to their “wet dream.” Obadiah 1:18.

      2. Why do people insist on quoting the ancient Jew’s phony, black book of lies and legality? When one fights fire with fire they simply stoke a bigger inferno.

      3. Whites represent just 11% of the worlds population. Irrefutably more than just America is doomed,

    2. The America we white Americans were raised to salute IS doomed. It has morphed into a chaotic mire of multi-cultural, korrekt politik speak we cannot fathom or make sense of – or appease. It must destroy the old White American legacies, which will, in turn, destroy this country in which all seek “refuge” from countries their own races have destroyed. For example, the herd moving toward our southern border claims to seek refuge from what would have been a land of plenty had not their own lazy and slovenly stewardship turned a year-round growing place into a hellhole. Now, they want to come up here and parasite on the back of White America, benefitting from the generosity of our land and our people – until we are bled dry. If that is the Jew aim, the Jews deserve our hatred and punishment. Hopefully, God will be true to His Word.

    3. @ Winston

      “Everyone is a moron and too busy pleasuring themselves.”


      “The jews killed America with their psycho-babble, perverse media/education and 9th circle of hell immorality.”

      i would put it a little differently. Just as Satan did to Eve in Genesis 3, Satan’s agents in the physical realm did to America: they convinced America to destroy itself.

      1. North America is not the only habitat of the white race. They can breed in Poland or Eastern Russia. Argentina also looks promising. Blond blue eyed women can party with just white men for only a few more years. Gated communities with Chinese security guards will keep out barbarians.

  14. Agree with Paul Craig Roberts that America is doomed, yesterdays election confirmed it, the Zionists proved again that they control America as they have for over 100 years since their privately owned FED and IRS was pushed through a corrupt congress in 1913 which paved the way for Zionist banker wars starting with WWI and on down through the wars in the Mideast, all for the Zionist NWO.

    The Zionist control of the U.S. was shown for all the world to see on 911 when Zionist Israel and the Zionist controlled deep state attacked the WTC and murdered some 3000 Americans to provide the excuse to go to war in the Mideast for the benefit of Zionist Israel, and 911 was done by Israel and every thinking American knows it!

    The enemy is not at the gates, the enemy is in the U.S. government and the enemy is the Zionists and their fellow travelers in the destruction of America and it these Zionists that are the reason that America is doomed.

    1. Disraeli the Jew led Britain into greatness and the Jews behind Trump will repeat Jewish ingenuity. Israel has been created by Jewish presidential advisors to act as a RAMROD to expand American interests. Bigots blame Israel for their adventurous behavior when it is America giving the orders. Jews take the blame but they are forced to play the game.

  15. Sard has been correct about Trump all along and the caravans will successfully invade, probably helped by Antifa warriors and Democrat bleeding hearts. Poor little Australia is taking in approx 200,000 Africans, Muslims and any other refos they can name. We are being flooded with them and you hardly see a white face in the big cities. In Melbourne, African gangs are raping and pillaging.

  16. Loyal Americans will not be doomed but only the Jew haters. The nations enemies are attempting to scuttle their best friend Israel. Arabs along with their camels were chased out of Palestine. Newly named Israel is fighting Americas battle by kicking woman hating Arabs out of the Middle-East. Greater Israel will be run by Arab women who have discarded headwear and wear Bikinis. There is no room for 4th world minds in a larger ISRAEL.

  17. it is entirely possible that the big trump upset in 2016 was entirely cooked into the books in advance, and all the foolish pundit predictions otherwise, the big media shockwave on election night and all the snowflake tears and crow feeding in the aftermath were all premeditated choreography.. the whole nation totally duped by the jewish deep state cabal fake election movie, bigger and better than ever this time… trump obviously stooges for the jews, now and before, him and his woman went to pittsburgh and paid their homage to the zog… it is entirely possible that the jews have enough on him to keep him under wraps forever, and that all his boasting about the new border rules was only sweet hype… many of us suspected as much all along and said so… but yet we had to vote for him because he was the lone voice resonant on the border issue, and i still think he really does want to secure the borders and maga… well, we’re soon enough going to find out…. the caravans are showing up right on time… que the belligerent caravans… trump will either command whatever forces necessary, with military force as an option, constitutional crisis or not, to at least hold the immigrant hordes on the border until they’re properly processed, which means most will be sent back, or he’ll cave and schmooze the whole thing over with some half assed measures… and we’re way overdue for a constitutional crisis… the dems getting the house doesn’t have to make trump impotent, not if he’s willing to instigate the crisis… what will that be like? you tell us pcr… how would that work, if trump overrides the us congress and orders the military to hold the border?
    “racial diversity marching forward”… are you kidding yourself melvin? racial mixing will not be allowed in israel.. that makes the jews the master race, which is why israel was created in the first place… if that shoe fits, i guess they get to wear it… why don’t you just come out and say it – the jews are playing the role of the master race…
    pat – what about rand paul? is he clear of all that vatican knights bs? because he’s the alternative to trump, thoughtful and eloquent, if he can just get his mind right on the border issue…
    pcr – remember man – you’re not beat until you give up… your country lives as long as you do…
    desert fox – you’re right woman. off the zog…

    1. Bark –

      “pat – what about rand paul?”

      If he gets – (S)elected – to a second term… you will KNOW that he has been a good little stooge for them and for Israel. ALL congress-critters take an oath to support Israel if they want to advance their careers politically. A US Congressman told me that in 1968. John Paul Hammerschmidt. Deceased at age 92.

      Watch what he does… not what he says.

      Rand wore a beanie at the Western Wall in Israel. 🙂

      Senator Rand Paul visits The Kotel (Western Wall):

      1. It’z the Jews’ Kotel Kalifornia where one checks in, but can never check out.

        I am amazed at the at American politicians making such open visits to the Kotel. The picture of Trump standing alone, wearing Jewish Matzo on his bowed head says it all, i.e. submissive fealty to the state of Israel.

        Name a political leader from another country that makes this open sign of submission to Jews. This would normally be viewed as an official diplomatic signal by a traitor, yet the American sheeple see nothing in it. In fact they do not even see it. Jews see this diplomatic statement ever so clearly, but not idiot Americans.

        Watch for an even more ostentatious Menorah display in front of the white house during this year’s Chanukah festivities. Say, what’s that unsightly fir tree doing in the background anyway?

        Dont’ forget, the proper greeting is not “Merry Christmas,” but the very appropriate “Happy Holidaze!” for the media dazed masses.

  18. In Florida, the “good” citizens of Florida just voted to give felons the “right” to vote. The Right to Vote in Florida! Because of changing demographics, Florida was pretty much on the verge of becoming a Blue Democratic state, now with felons being allowed to vote in Florida, that’s it! It’s a done deal. Florida will forever more be a Blue Democratic state.

    Both parties are awful, but it’s the Democrats who seem the most eager to hand the country over to hordes of third world foreigners for the benefit of their jew globalist masters. Paul Craig Roberts is correct : America is doomed, all is lost. One can see that clearly in the changing demographics. Massive numbers of foreigners, many many many of whom are here illegally, many many many of them just walked over the border, many of them are hardened criminals, they’re allowed to vote, they’re actually encouraged to vote. And it’s not only Mexican illegals. Foreigners from all over the third world go to Mexico, walk right over the border, and they’re given “The Right” to vote.

    30 to 40% of White Americans vote the way the jews, the blacks, the illegals and the felons vote.

    This is NOT a nation, this is NOT a country, this is I don’t know what, but whatever it is, it’s doomed. The things about America from the past that were good things, those good things are disappearing at a very rapid rate. Many good things have already been lost forever.

  19. “The people, with few exceptions, are not smart enough to continue to exist”.


    Don’t underestimate the American people, of all colors and races. They are smart and are becoming better-informed due to the internet. The Jewish-controlled media are losing their influence. Young people now do not watch TV or read newspapers. They use their phones. The truth about the holocaust myth and 911 is getting through and there will be a great reckoning.

    Paul Craig Roberts, like all these pundits, stops short of the taboo, that Jewish/Israeli/Neocon Power controls the USA. It is the greatest problem facing the world, and it is ludicrous to deny that that power exists.

    1. @ John Kirby

      Paul Craig Roberts, like all these pundits, stops short of the taboo, that Jewish/Israeli/Neocon Power controls the USA.

      Not really, John. Cut Paul Craig Roberts some slack. His reluctance to use the J-word in no way diminishes his stature as a writer of the most lucid political prose on the internet. If he doesn’t identify the “Jew” with the J-word, it’s for two good reasons:

      (1) Old hands like you and me already know he is referring to organized Jewry and its satraps by the use of subtle euphemisms which are now even used freely by Kevin MacDonald and LD herself (“elite interests”, “Russian oligarchs”, “rootless cosmopolitans”, “Deep State”), the wish being to avoid association with the more extreme antisemitic fringes of the internet.

      (2) No longer does our “Enemy” wear a “Jewish face” alone. The Jew and the corrupted goy are now joined at the hip in an indisoluble union. Millions of non-Jews now serve the Jews faithfully, thinking and feeling like Jews. We call these people “spiritual Jews”. Most of the media whores who dance to a Jewish drum are non-Jews. So PC Roberts is right not to apply the word “Jew” to this hybrid mixed breed. You need some kind of euphemism to refer to a whole group of people who are a mixture of Jews and shabbos goyim.

  20. “I never cease to be amazed at the insouciance of Americans.”

    And I never cease to be amazed at the insouciance of Paul Craig Roberts. (I’m surprised his fingers don’t fall off when he types this nonsense).

    “Readers send me emails asking why I ever supported Trump when he was the Establishment’s candidate.”

    Then the readers are asking the wrong question; the correct question is: Why do you STILL support Trump after he’s so obviously betrayed us?

    “If Trump was the Establishment’s candidate, why has the Establishment spent two years trying to destroy him?”

    Here, Mr. Roberts begs the question. If the establishment has been trying to “destroy him” for two years, they’re not doing a very good job, are they? Trump’s illegal, immoral and unconstitutional military adventurism in Syria is an impeachable offense. Why don’t they impeach him for his indefensible war crimes? Failing that, why don’t they even make an an issue out of it?

    “The failure to put two and two together is extraordinary.”

    Alas, poor Mr. Roberts is looking at his mirror when he should be looking at his monitor.

    “Trump declared war on the Establishment throughout the presidential campaign and in his inaugural address.”

    And Putin poisoned the Skripals; and Assad gassed his own people; and Saddam was making “bioweapons”; and Iran is building nukes; and Hitler was mass murdering jews in “gas chambers”…and on and on ad nauseum.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Roberts, in the real world we have this thing called “dishonesty”; some people tell lies. They try to deceive us.

    “As I wrote at the time, Trump vastly over-estimates the power of the president.”

    LOL! Mr. Roberts proffers the same old tired “impotence” theory. Okay, let’s go through it yet again. First, if the office is so inherently powerless, then why does the establishment care so much about who holds the office? Why did the “establishment” assassinate JFK? Why did the “establishment” assassinate RFK? Why did the “establishment” (very likely) assassinate JFK jr.? So they could not occupy an almost powerless political office?

    Second, if Trump is so “powerless”, how did he manage to fire 59 cruise missiles at the Shayrat airbase in Syria? How did he manage to move the embassy to Jerusalem? How did he manage to pull out of the JCPOA agreement? How is he able to withdraw from the INF treaty with Russia? All without a hint of political opposition or legal challenge.

    Mr. Roberts contradicts himself.

    “He expected the Establishment, like his employees, to jump to his will, and he did not know Washington or who to appoint to support his goals.”

    It seems Mr. Roberts is desperate. Mr. Trump had other choices, but instead he picked the worst possible people. Why didn’t Trump pick congressman Walter Jones for sec. of defense and Rand Paul for sec of state, for example? He promised cooperation and better relations with Russia, for example, and then, literally within days of being elected, he appointsed overzealous Russophobe and neocon warmonger Nikki Haley as UN ambassador, whose very first official act was to demand that Russia give back Crimea; something that both Haley and Trump know that Russia cannot do. And yet Mr. Roberts implies that this was not a calculated action to sabotage relations with Russia, but just an unfortunate coincidence? Seriously?

    “He has been totally defeated in his intention to normalize relations with Russia. Instead, we are faced with both Russia and China preparing for war.”

    So why doesn’t Mr. Trump appeal to the people? Or why doesn’t he resign? If he was at all sincere about anything he said during his campaign, i.e., if he had any honor at all, he would never willingly be an instrument of the establishment’s drive to WW3, which will assuredly destroy what’s left of “America.”

    Please give it up Mr. Roberts, and cut your loss of credibility by accepting the painfully obvious fact that Mr. Trump’s campaign was a calculated bait and switch fraud from the beginning.

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Well said, Harold! You make an excellent case for seeing Trump
      as a “Manchurian candidate”.

  21. Rabbi is another word for protector against social injustice. I have always called upon a Rabbi when on a hospital bed to complain about poor service. The hospital administrator was informed, and because of the Rabbi my services was improved. Jews in the military or in prison cannot be comfortable without a Rabbi being near. Thank God for the Rabbi and his talent of getting the ears of those in power.

  22. “America is Doomed, All is Lost” …. to Google and the internet. That applies to every country and every piece of land on earth!!

    ISRAEL’S hardware has ‘BACK-DOORED’ EVERYTHING …. with help from Goldman Sachs and INTEL & Google.

    Intel Management Engine – designed & manufactured in Israel – controls ALL devices connected to the internet worldwide and cannot be switched off!!

    A tiny “Arc Processor” sitting within the Intel CPU with it’s own custom version of Linux (Minix) operating beyond the software level – completely transparent to the end user. Does not matter if your using Windows, Linux or Apple iOS…you are toast and THIS is how Israel does it.

    The system is all part of The Talpiot Program. No one is safe – NO ONE IN THE WORLD!!

    AMD has the exact same system – Platform Security System – and that is now totally owned and run by China.

    Taken from the excellent mini doco – “Israeli Drones World Wide”:

    AMD-licensed Chinese EPYCs will be the death knell of Intel in the largest market in the world

  23. If Trump was the Establishment’s candidate, why has the Establishment spent two years trying to destroy him?

    Simple – staged opposition to keep the gullible masses thinking there is actually opposition when in fact there is none. Jews learned long ago to control both sides of the political argument, for when one does, they control the outcome of the argument. This is why Jews they prefer the sham of “representative democracy” over monarchy or dictatorships. Under those forms of government there is no question of who and what is
    controlling the system. Under the sham of “representative democracy” Jews invoke the old sporting mentality of “our team versus their team.” There is no better from of slavery than masses that think they are free while paying for their enslavement. Jews love this “democratic” form of slavery.

  24. Harold – I wish I had your attention span..
    Pat – does the jews’ back door fix-in on all the coms mean PCR is actually correct about the usa turkey, even if he doesn’t get that part?
    Or is it that he really does get that part, but he’s looking for the perfect surveillance slave state world too, after we’re supposed to have been talked into giving up on the constitutional Republic, where the proles will not even know the difference?
    I’m always suspicious of people who talk like their ASSES are made of paper… i don’t want to hear more of nothing but how hopeless it is… ok we should be advised, but after plenty of his belly aching I would sure like to hear pcr come up with some positive recommendations…. but so far he’s still insouciant on that…

  25. Hollywood has lost its glitter—-Jews are jumping ship. Top movie industry executives are no longer all Jews. Now its the financial trading industry that is attracting smart Jews. Its the place for an ambitious Yid to make Shekels. Goldman Sachs hires thousands of bright Jews to be trained as money management experts. Their customers come from all over the world. Those that claim America is doomed makes no sense to the money changers at Goldman Sachs. They keep America great by turning silver into gold.

  26. There hasn’t been similar political division in the US since the Germany of Hitler. Left-wing protestors are disrupting law and order. Trump doesn’t want to be a Hitlerite and send out the army to bully the Left-wingers. Bad news for disrupters of law and order is on the horizon.

    1. “There hasn’t been similar political division in the US since the Germany of Hitler.”

      You must have slept thru the 60s!! There were politicians and office holders shot down in public places…. and the college campus of Kent State!!

      Your comments are ridiculous.

      1. Pat, not to mention homemade bombs away! And not just in the U.S.
        My brother was in Paris at the Sorbonne in 1968. Sacrebleu!

      2. Pat, I actually once had a dream my other brother Was the Unabomber!
        He looked just like that sketch, right down to the tinted yellow glasses.
        I dreamed he put a bomb in my suitcase and I discovered it as I was boarding the airplane.
        lol, the old subconscious is a terrible thing, trick..

  27. Hi Melvin

    “The Jewish spirit was the foundation of the march Westward that built our nation.”


  28. speaking of the unabomber, which i guess did actually happen, the official narrative is total bs as usual..
    ted k planted his package bombs because he “hated technology”, so they say..
    and that’s almost as good as “they hate our freedoms”…
    i think ted kaczynski bombed particular corporate predators, who were involved in some pretty putrid deals, who in a more perfect world would have been arrested…
    ain’t that what really happened?
    pat – didn’t operation gladio happen in the sixties?

  29. The key to turning things around is for law enforcement to back off the conservative right and let us react to the destruction of the country and quit protecting the liberal mob. When is law enforcement going to say enough is enough? They are citizens too and will suffer along with the rest of us. Are we going to wait for the scenario that Solzhenitsyn describes repeats itself here? Now is the time to stop them.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

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