President Trump Against the World Order – Teapot in a Tempest?


Nothing has changed under Trump or is likely to change. He is not America’s new Messiah,  nor is he doing anything to “make America great again.”

“Trump has done little to unmake the existing order…. He has been unwilling and unable to extricate the US from the political mess of his predecessors…. The overwhelming reality is that ‘chaos’ is like foam on a stale beer: very few, if any, changes have taken place.”  — James Petras

July 27, 2018 “Information Clearing House” —   Political leaders, media moguls and journalists have saturated the public throughout the world with claims and accusations that President Trump is destroying the World Order, undermining historic alliances, western values, the world trade organizations and violating national and international constitutions and institutions.

In the United States, legislators, judges and leaders from both parties have accused President Trump of being a traitor for fraternizing and serving as a tool of Russian President Putin.

This paper will analyze and discuss these claims and accusations. We will begin by comparing and discussing the actions and reactions of President Trump’s predecessors to determine whether there has been a ‘break’ with the past. This requires an examination of his ‘inheritance’ – what actions preceded his Presidency.

Secondly, we will evaluate what President Trump has said and what he has done and their significance.

We will conclude by examining whether the conflicts are of world historical significant or a tempest in a teapot and whether President Trump has acted against the current World Order in search of a new world order.

President Trump’s Inheritance: What ‘World’ what ‘Order”?

To speak of a “World” is an abstraction – our life is built around many micro, local, regional and macro ‘worlds’ which are connected and disconnected. The world of President Trump is the imperial world, centered in US supremacy; the regional world is centered in its allies and satellites. In so far as Trump has forced divisions with the European Union, and threatened China he has called into question the existing world order. However, he has failed to construct a new ‘world order’.

Trump inherited a world disorder driven by prolonged regional wars in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Under the previous four presidents imperial values replaced democratic ideals as witnessed by the millions slaughtered in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine over the past two decades.

President Trump is attempting to reconfigure a world order based on economic pressure, military threats and political bluster.

In the process of ‘remaking’ a US centered world order Trump generates chaos and disorder in order to strengthen his hand in future negotiations and settlements. Trump’s so-called ‘craziness’ is a tactic to secure a ‘better deal’, as is the case today in the agreement with the EU . An approach with short term gains unforeseen middle term consequences.

In fact Trump has done little to unmake the existing order.

The US militarily surrounded China under ex-President Obama a policy Trump follows to the letter. Washington remains in NATO and trades with the EU. The Pentagon continues wars in the Middle East. Treasury finances Israeli ethnic cleansing.

In other words, Trump has been unwilling and unable to extricate the US from the political mess of his predecessors.

He has increased the military budget but has not been able to project power. Trump has threatened trade wars across the globe but in fact trade has increased and deficits remain in place.

Despite Trump’s claims of a ‘great’ transformation and his enemies’ charges of systematic destruction, the question remains —what has really changed?

Rhetoric is Reality under Trump and Anti-Trump

Few signposts changes have taken place despite the bluster and the rhetoric in the political ‘playpen’.

Despite changes in personalities the underlying political structures remain in place and promise to continue, despite elections and unending investigations and revelations.

The so-called ‘trade war’ has failed to reduce world trade; employment remains unchanged; inequalities persist and deepen.Policies threatening war alternate with peace overtures. Increases in military budgets are spent by and for armchair generals.

Democrats and Republicans denounce each other ,and share cocktails and dinner, believing they have done an ‘honest day’s work’.

Immigrants are seized, interned and expelled to nations run by death squads funded by elected US politicians from both parties.

Trump threatens a catastrophic war against Iran while sanctions fail to deter Teheran from developing ties with Europe and Asia.

Domestic agendas promising ‘transformations’ come and go, while trillion dollar infrastructure promises disappear down the memory hole.

Rousing denunciations echo in the legislative chambers but are suspended, to secure bi-partisans’ approval, so that multi billion dollars can be added to the military budget.

Tax giveaways to the very rich provoke inconsequential debates.

Armchair assassins pretend to be journalists and direct the Pentagon to disobey the ‘traitor’ President and launch a war, evoking a response by the President— threatening new wars. Neither of whom will risk their own skin!

Employers claim there is a shortage of skilled workers, forgetting to fund vocational education or raise wages and salaries.

Candidates for office spend millions but the more they spend, the fewer the voters.

Abstention is the majoritarian response to phony trade wars, fake Russian meddling, bipartisan charades, porn politics, and tweets as hand shaped turds.


The overwhelming reality is that ‘chaos’ is like foam on a stale beer: very few, if any, changes have taken place.

The World Order remains in place, unmoved by inconsequential trade tiffs between Europe, and North America .

Washington’s angry voices are hollow farts compared to China’s multi-billion dollar infrastructure expansion of the Belt and Road across West Africa.

In the ongoing world order, Washington increases its Israeli handouts to 38 billion for the next decade and budgets 4% of its GNP to robotize the military-industrial complex.

“OK, I’ll give you guys 38 billion dollars just to prove how much I secretly hate you!”
— Donald ‘Kabuki’ Trump (bogus quote)

The President alternates tweets commands on war and peace, to his trusted and disloyal cabinet members,and honest and dishonest intelligence operative.

Under the same tent, investigators investigate each other.

All of which is not a bad thing – because nothing changes— for the worst at least up to now: no treason or impeachment trials; no peace or new wars in the Middle East, no trade or nuclear wars!

But there is no reason to believe that threats could not become a reality.

Netanyahu can lead Trump by the nose to a catastrophic war against Iran.

Trump can provoke a trade war with China.

Climate change can lead to the seven plagues of Biblical proportions.

Economic bubbles can burst and central banks may be unable to bail out the banks too big to fail.

Every disaster that has been promised and not happened can become reality.

“Netanyahu can lead Trump by the nose
to a catastrophic war against Iran.”


DISCLAIMER.  The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.

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  1. We have recently published a number of pro-Trump articles in rapid succession, perhaps giving the false impression that we are now firmly converted to the new religion of Trump Worship. In order to rectify the balance, here is another anti-Trump article by the distinguished James Petras. Feel free to attack or defend Trump on this site, exactly as you see fit. This is what free speech is all about.

    1. Trump’s supporters are much to be pitied. I won’t say these people are “brain-damaged”. That wouldn’t be polite nor would it be accurate. They are are basically wishful thinkers who are incapable of changing their minds once they have made their minds up. They remind me of Jack the Ripper’s mother who, when told what her serial killer son had been up to after dark in the back streets of Whitechapel, is reported to have said: “Nonsense! Jack’s a good boy! He’d never hurt a fly!”

      Trump is a disgrace.

      He invited Putin to Washington as a followup to their recent meeting in Helsinki. It was going to be “peace with Russia”. Meanwhile, the idiot threatens fire and fury against Iran, Russia’s close client and ally, and has now rescinded his invitation to Putin. He’s like, “Hey buddy, I invite you to Washington!” … and the next day he goes, “Ooops, sorry! I’ve changed my mind. You’re not invited! … Maybe sometime next year.”

      If you admire this sort of crazy behavior, you have to have to have something wrong with your f***ing brain cells. But then, anyone who admires a man who talks openly about “grabbing women’s pussies” has got to have the intellectual apparatus of the average locker room lout.

      See recent video: “Shameful Display: Putin’s Washington Invitation Rescinded – US Has No Class!

      1. Well, Sard, I’d much rather have a pussy-grabin’ POTUS than a cocksukker! Yes, he may be a bit rough, but the old boy has a certain nationalistic, inspiring spirit about him which makes him a leader who exhudes confidence. He is what America needs, right now. There are so many problems which confront him, I marvel at his stamina and ability to carry on as he does! 😮

      2. Fair enough, Gilbert. I apologize if my anti-Trump comment above gave you offense. Not intended! I regard you as a personal friend, because of your poetic nature and your gentlemanly behavior at all times. At least we can beg to differ on Trump and remain amicable about it.

        Apart from this, I think you have a strong point when you say that Trump is refreshingly different and an inspiration to many … “he may be a bit rough, but the old boy has a certain nationalistic, inspiring spirit about him which makes him a leader who exudes confidence. He is what America needs, right now.”

        Maybe he is, Gilbert. And you have a right to say that, because maybe it’s true.

      3. To my mind, the fact that “nothing has changed under Trump” pretty much proves that a president, who is only in office for a maximum of 8 years, has little to no power over the demonic forces of the Deep State. When confronted by the enormity of the power he is up against, Trump has been forced to back down many times. At some point he may just start going through the motions, and I couldn’t blame him. No one can turn around an obscene, degenerate Empire that is hell-bent on its own immolation.

  2. Petras doesn’t talk about the jews ‘ for fear of the jews’. Doesn’t mention the fact that we are living in a jew world order. Doesn’t mention that Putin, trump are the jews working for the jew world order, the two jews working for the same jewish faction. An article written to please/deflect the jews, no value at all. Give me Kaminski he tells it as it is, the real deal.

    1. Petras has very little “fear of the Jews” and openly criticizes them. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on him :

      Petras’ 2006 book The Power of Israel in the United States, published by Clarity Press, described the power of the “Jewish lobby” over American foreign policy, and was extremely controversial for its close parallels to historic neo-Nazi arguments describing Jews as a loathsome, conspiratorial force seeking to oppress others.

      Read more at :

      Of course we cannot blame Petras for not believing in your unfounded assertion that both Trump and Putin are Jews engaged in some mysterious “Kabuki theater”.

      1. “unfounded assertion that both Trump and Putin are Jews engaged in some mysterious “Kabuki theater”“ (Franklin Ryckaert)

        You must be kidding . . .
        Both their words and actions are proof for exactly that.

      2. The jew Franklin appears again. How do you know what Petras thinks about my ‘ assertion’?? Shalom Franklyn greetings to Tel aviv.

      3. @Notalmudplease

        You blame me for not being able to read Petras’ thoughts. I go by his words. If he doesn’t say that Trump or Putin are Jews, then I infer that he doesn’t think so. But if you know better because you have telepathic access to Petras’ thoughts, please tell us.

      4. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        The idea that both Trump and Putin are closet “Jews” is typical conspiracy theory garbage. People who make wild claims like this could at least have the decency to back up their claims with links to reliable sources.

        As for Petras, anyone who doubts his integrity or superior intelligence is much to be pitied.

      1. Maybe I am too harsh about Petras and expect too much from him as he is obvious no Kaminski.
        I just noticed that Petras is more cautious in his writing now then compared, as you mentioned, with his former article from 2016 and books. Is he slowly retracting? We will know when we will read his future books and articles.

        1. @ notalmudplease

          As a matter of pure interest, what is your IQ?
          This is a polite question. I am in no way suggesting
          that your IQ is in any way substandard.


        MacDonald finds that Jewish movement leaders are highly intelligent Jews who persist in their efforts to attain group goals: These groups may therefore be conceptualized as secular versions of historical Jewish groups not only because of the high levels of Jewish identity characteristic of group members, but also because these groups retained the essential characteristics of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. Because of these characteristics, these groups were extraordinarily effective in achieving their aims. . . . [H]ighly disciplined, cooperative groups are able to outcompete individualist strategies. Indeed, an important thread . . . is that Jewish intellectuals have formed highly cohesive
        groups whose influence to a great extent derives from the solidarity and cohesiveness of the group. Intellectual activity is like any other human endeavor: Cohesive groups outcompete individualist strategies. The fundamental truth of this axiom has been central to the success of Judaism throughout its history whether in business alliances and trading monopolies or in the intellectual and political movements discussed here.14

        14 Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements
        . . .

        Finally I’ve found an answer to the question:
        Why have the Jews hated the Germans (the National Socialists) so much? –

        Hitler’s concept of ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ was that of a homogenous people highly cohesive, cooperative, disciplined and thus most creative, productive and effective – and for that same reason Hitler’s Germany WAS MOST HATED by the Jews who saw them as their competitors – and they DECLARED HOLY WAR ON GERMANY (1933) – “THE BEST OF GENTILES MUST BE KILLED“ according to Satanic Talmudic rabbi teachings – and Zionist Jews instigated TWO WORLD WARS to GENOCIDE the German people, while genociding millions of Russian and Ukrainian people too.

        The weapon of mass migration (Muslim invasion) into white European countries is now being used to continue their endeavour: WHITE GENOCIDE. Jews are bragging about their leading role. They want to destroy all white sovereign nation states and homogenous peoples by multiculturalism and open border policies (and more destructive strategies)

        Jews are not superior in intelligence and merit but in wickedness. The Talmud allows them to let go of all morals. They reach their goals by evil means (deception, lies, fraud). Depravity is not the same as intelligence.

  3. “. . . In the process of ‘remaking’ a US centered world order Trump generates chaos and disorder in order to strengthen his hand in future negotiations and settlements. Trump’s so-called ‘craziness’ is a tactic to secure a ‘better deal’, as is the case today in the agreement with the EU . An approach with short term gains unforeseen middle term consequences ”

    . . . in the process of MANIFESTING a US-Israel (Jerusalem) centered “Messianic” Jew World Order

    (In commemoration of the long standing “Balfour Declaration” (1916/17) – DEAL WITH THE DEVIL – which prevented peace in 1916 and brought about TWO WORLD WARS instead – a multi-million GENOCIDE among white, Christian peoples – and the Jewish state of Israel, 1948) ORDER OUT OF CHAOS and DISORDER (self generated)
    Ordo ab Chao – Freemasonic motto on the one dollar bill – “Federal Reserve” note – “fiat money” generated out of thin air)

    Trump’s so-called ‘craziness’ is a TACTIC to drive the Agenda . . . fully intentional.
    It allows for “ANYthing goes”, “We’ll do ANYthing it takes” (US President Netanyahu)
    The mantra of SATANISM – TALMUDISM – Hellywood and the DEEP STATE SWAMP.

    with “unforeseen consequences”? – clear cut deals for the industrial military complex – the central banks – the profiteers

    1. Freya,
      Dont give Trump too much credit. I doubt he has any real strategy at all. Like “El Patrón” Pat has explained, POTUS has no real power at all. They are figures like dart boards or punching bags. They take their orders from (((London bankers))) and exist only for “Joe 6-pack” to vent his frustrations apon while the real power brokers lurke in the shadows running the show. When POTUS walks the walk, he may get a toll road named after him (George W Bush Turnpike- Dallas, Texas) When POTUS recognizes the hairs on his chest and decides to be a real man-leader, he winds up dead like JFK and several others. All well documented. 🙂

      1. Señor Donaldo :

        ¿What’s your opinion? of Mexico’s new president, the president-elect of Mexico, Señor Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Did you vote for him? If yes, why yes. If no, why no. Gracias.

  4. President Trump was elected as the only available alternative to Hillary Clinton. That was not much of choice, but still better than Hillary.

    He is product of. Our celebrity culture. WE NEED to change.

    1. John K
      In fact: NO CHOICE at all.

      The same in Germany (what’s left over) The AfD is the new hope for the patriotic people (being slandered by the Joomedia as “Nazis”) – but alas – there too the Joos have already infested themselves – right at the top . . . merkel 2.o in waiting – an “Alice in wonderland” – you can’t trust her words . . . her past actions are more telling . . . a GoldmanSUCKS operative, the likes of Rothschild Macron in France)

    2. Yes, John Kirby, I wonder that many of these Trump critics don’t realize their conduct suggests they’d rather have that muff-diving bitch in our White House… It’s frightening to imagine that cunt as POTUS!

      1. “. . . but the old boy has a certain nationalistic, inspiring spirit about him which makes him a leader who exhudes confidence. He is what America needs, right now”
        (Gilbert Huntly)

        False conclusions.

        Trump’s “nationalistic spirit” serves the “nation of Israel” NOT America – HOW is he “inspiring”? He is a full blown Zionist – his “America IS Israel” – “ISRAEL FIRST” stance is treasonous – He delivers to the Zionists NOT to his American voters.
        Trump helps to make “ISRAEL GREATER” but NOT “America GREAT AGAIN”

        WHY is there no American PEACE MOVEMENT?
        There have been endless American meddling, “interventions”, “liberations” – invasions and wars since 1917 (and before). STOP the Zionist wars! STOP being their “shabas goy”, their GOLEM (GOYLEM). Take away their power.
        It’s NOT theirs anyway.

        WHY don’t the people get it?
        Where are the millions in the streets to protest the war mongers?
        The war mongers in Government. In Congress. In Media. From abroad.
        The Controllers MUST BE NAMED.
        Americans are even more asleep and complacent than Europeans.
        You don’t know war on your own soil. The Europeans do . . .
        And they say: WE’VE HAD ENOUGH. MORE THAN ENOUGH.

      2. Whether or not we like it, our $$$ is controlled out of (((City of London))). Whether or not POTUS likes it, he knows that to be true, too. Why should we Americans cut off our noses to spite our faces??? It has just evolved that way, and there’s nothing we can do about it. If the rest of the world wants to complain, they should suggest viable alternatives. Everyone wants the same thing, but no one wants to be a sacrificial martyr.

      3. Now now, Gilbert! . . . “C**t” ain’t a nice word for a gentleman poet like you to use! 🙂

        Though I agree with you that the “muff-diving bitch” you refer to should have been put out of her misery long ago.

    3. Better than Hilary HOW I have to wonder. Enough with the “lesser of 2 evils” crapola! Your only sane choice is to unplug from the madness and stop relying on these STATISTS who wouldn’t know what true freedom looked like if it hit em upside the head with a sledgehammer!

      How long are people gonna keep PROVING their incapabilities of discernment?

      Right Freya? (:>)

  5. Why the extremes when it comes to Trump? It’s either you hate Trump or you “worship” Trump. Is there no in-between? How come us Trump supporters are told we “worship” Trump. We do NOT worship Trump. We just liked Trump’s campaign platform and thought it made alot more sense than Hillary’s campaign platform. That is NOT worshipping Trump. I have as of yet to come across anyone either in real life or online who “worships” Trump.

    Boy, what a strawman set-up, if you support Trump you “worship” Trump. Obama’s supporters were very fanatical and their fanaticism had a religious quality to it, Obama’s supporters still look up to Obama as if he’s a God. How come no one told the Obama suppporters when Obama was president that they’re “Obama ‘worshippers'”?

    And when Hillary lost the election and her supporters were screaming and crying and some started rioting, how come they weren’t labeled “Hillary ‘worshippers'”? It’s Hillary supporters who see Hillary as some kind of Goddess and they worship Hillary. Like Obama supporters, Hillary supporters support Hillary with a religious fanaticism, yet they’re never labeled “Hillary ‘worshippers'”.

    Say a few words in support of Trump, they label you a “Trump ‘worshipper”. It’s so overboard. Very overwrought. Which is not surprising as strawman set-ups are always overwrought, overwrought is intrinsic to strawman set-ups, to strawman arguments. If one supports Trump then WE can only conclude the Trump supporter “‘worships’ Trump as if Trump is a ‘God'” . What a pile of sh*t. I didn’t know strawmen take sh*ts, but I guess strawmen do.

      1. uncle :

        I know I have a point and I know it’s a good point, that’s why I wrote in. I always write in when I have a Good Point. You should know that by now. I mean, really, like I need you to tell me I have a point 🙄.

  6. President Trump seems to pay a lot of attention to his image, yet his weird demeanor, his posing and conviction that he is right every time makes me think he is a dictator-in-waiting. Mussolini comes to mind.

    For somebody who seems so concerned about his image he is giving the wrong impression. When he puts on that Mussolini face he doesn’t look powerful, he looks absurd. Has nobody told him?

  7. Yeah, but whose funny money ENABLES China’s expansion. Like China has true sovereignty that everyone else DOESN’T?

    Netanyahoo can’t fart without the master’s permission, and he’s gonna lead Trump by the nose, when the ring is firmly in place on HIS nose?

    Climate change, oh you mean the weather manipulation heating up the planet for the purpose of justifying the planned UN sponsored sanctions (Agenda-21)? THAT climate change?

      1. STFU with the “injun” crap. If “Mr.” was intended as some sign of respect than it doesn’t come across that way, Mr. Honky

      2. Just giving you a chance to blow more nonsense, and see your inane babbling in print, injun. Your ridiculous posturing of “wisdom” should embarrass you.

      3. Gil
        Sometimes what you DO should be seen as what you DON’T do, like vote for a POTUS.

        Even if you don’t subscribe to the idea that the game is rigged, and that it ISN’T, why lend your support to STATISM, which DOESN’T support true material FREEDOM?

      4. OK internet tough guy, you wanna play that game do ya?

        I may be in my 60’s now, but I can still beat your sorry honky ass in my sleep, and your bad behavior by saying “injun” with derogatory intent makes my mouth water at the thought of it!

  8. “. . . they should suggest viable alternatives”

    The Middle Eastern AND European countries – DO NOT WANT TO BE MADE
    “sacrificial martyrs” (victims) ! – USEFUL IDIOTS – American citizens should OPPOSE & STOP THE WARS which are not in America’s interest. STOP being the “shabbas goys”, serfs of the Joo”Elite” That’s what you should tell your politicians. TAKE your troops HOME. ABOLISH Nato. LEAVE the Middle East, Europe and Africa. ALLOW for sovereign nation states to develop. STOP pushing exploitative “deals” on behalf of exploitative corporations and banks. WHO wants GMO-junk? Nobody. STOP forcing the crap on Europe. STOP feeding THE BEAST (Satanism – Talmudism – Communism – Corporate Totalitarianism)
    which is devouring and destroying us all.

    Viable enough?

    1. Brownhawk,
      Never heard a native American call a white man a “honkey”. Thats a “nigra” expresión. Perhaps youve had too much “fire water” tonite amigo. 🙂

      1. Articulating all this ain’t easy friends. I know some readers are trying to bear with me, and I probably should apologize for using the term, “esoteric jew”, seeing that this just makes something very complicated even more so.

        To be as precise as I presently can, and per an understanding which shouldn’t be seen as being implausible, the non-human element at the top are the agents of the Demiurge – the bringer of False Light whose aegis we presently are living under. They use what became known as the Khazarians (non-human/jewish human hybrids AND their non-jewish, human only “shabbos”) in developing the NWO schematic. WITHIN the Khazarian-descendant set-up is its OWN command structure, operating on a pyramidal top-to-bottom “need to know only” basis.

        You, Donaldo, appear to be “just a jew”, in making a necessary distinction. The nature of YOUR particular corruption, a corruptedness which is INFERRED by being in human form, is different then those with only traces of Jewish DNA, which may mean not being CALLED a jew, or those with no jewish DNA at all.

        Underneath a tainted cloaking of human and non-human alike, ALL Beings are UN-tainted essences of True Light at Origin. Because of an intrusion of the False Light, the True Light became a “spectrum”, so to speak, with these aforementioned non-human agents at one end having a great degree of taintedness and so on and so forth towards the other end

        In some Beings the taint corrupts egregiously to the point of unredeemability. I think this means being thrown back into the “Divine Mix” of purification – call it a do-over for individualized existence, i.e.; involving those who LOSE that which identifies them as individual expressions of the Divine – IF a re-individualization process is to occur at all, which brings into question whether some Beings even EXIST in having individual consciousness NOW

        A misapprehended view of Christianity would term this “hell”. Another misapprehension terms “heaven” as being a true paradise to look forward to but in actuality is simply a “holding station” with the 3rd misapprehension called “purgatory” being a “two-way” station situated between a controlling illusion called heaven and this fleshly existence. This profiles the great wheel of birth, life, death, heaven, purgatory, re-birth, life, death, heaven, purgatory….you get the picture. Outside all of THIS, and inside all of US are the realms of True Light

        Not nonsense, just thought-provoking food

  9. Writing and speaking of “Trump” as POTUS as if a man with personal intentionality and authority to act independently of desires and directions of PTB — whoever (((they))) may be, hidden behind veils impenetrable to naked human eyes — seems atrociously misleading. Are we children enthralled by puppet shows like Howdy Doody still? I think we tend to be so, deluded, wishful thinkers, suspending disbelief, a process that made (((Stephen King))) millions!

    1. WE don’t like delusion, that’s EXACTLY why WE promote the Lie, the Hoax, THE DELUSION, of Heliocentrism. WE always promote things WE don’t like and are deeply opposed to. WE are deeply opposed to ~ Delusion ~ so naturally WE promote ~ Delusion ~ ; And if that doesn’t make any sense to you, if you think that’s illogical and contradictory and two-faced and double-minded, then you are a stoopid idjit and should be in a mental hospital.

      1. I don’t touch that poison any more, DC. Look at the damage it did and is STILL doing to my brothers and sisters. But you’re right, “sorry redneck ass” would have been more appropriate.

        Indians and rednecks have been going at each other for a long time. But we’re still brothers under the skin, as are ALL humans. It’s the non-human elites at the very top whose Jewry component is what I’ve been terming “esoteric Jew”. For it is THEY who are doing all the riling-up of human beings (of whom ALL can be properly termed the ” goy”)

  10. You can certainly question whether or not what I offer contains wisdom, but what you offer is essentially nothing, unless you include that sappy and talentless tripe you call poetry

    Why don’t you do everybody a YUGE favor and leave the darkmoon stage before YOU embarrass yourself more than you already have

    1. I suppose you’re too stupid to realize how STUPID you are, injun! 😄

      1. I see by your emoji you think that’s clever. And you call ME STUPID?

        I know. Let’s keep stooping to childish insults and name-calling, shall we?

        “You seem misogynistic. Did your mother drop you on your head?” or, “you are a Class-A lout, “A” as in “Asshole”

        It’s all entertainment, folks. Cue the applause! 😅

  11. STOP IT – naughty “boys”

    Have some “European summer” – tasty Bratwurst and beer in a typical beer garden . . . reeeeaally good

    1. Freya,
      Love your style. May Donaldo have the great honour of gently kissing your hand? Wink……… 🙂

  12. A fool is one who dismisses what he doesn’t understand when not considering it a possibility, and then calls it nonsense. Ladies and gentleman I ask you, is that not
    Your honor, the Defense rests

    1. Thank you, Brownhawk. For a long time, now, I have found your comments both tedious, and boring. I have been reluctant to say so, and I DO apologize for the delay. ‘Nuff said. In future, I shall try to simply and politely ignore you. (I wish you continued, pleasant fantasies about your manliness, too!)

      1. Is that you, Gil? Are you still around?

        If a Gilby falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear, does it still make a sound? 🤔

  13. I hate to enter this debate of Trump this and Trump that. The bottom line is America and the rest of the West is headed for a great fall and takeover by the same (((crowd))) that financed and led the commie revolutions of the 20th Century. Now the big prize that was the secret behind the scenes backer of these commie revolutions big and small going all the way back to the aborted Marxist dust up in 1848 Germany and ending in the 1949 take over of China by Chairman Mao is now finally on the chopping block. The (((crowd))) wanted Chairman Hillary to over see the take over and take down of America. Now that Trump occupies the White House maybe, just maybe, the forced reduction of the American population, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot and others have set the standard for this, won’t be reduced to a predicted 50 or so million by 2025. Darkmooners and other moon bats can flap their gums till their blue in the face but only time will tell how all this will play out and what side Trump will come down on. The same also goes for Put On.
    What really concerns Toejam, is mankind and the earths bio-sphere faces extinction for which there may be no recovery with or without a nuclear war. If, and it’s already started, the trillions of tons of methane locked up on the ocean bottom and in the arctic permafrost were released to the atmosphere the earth could become another Venus. Pleasant dreams y’ all.

  14. Some of the reasons I like Trump over his past murdering pedophile rival in the last election:

    1. The establishment stood against him from the time he announced his candidacy. Trump’s enemies are the enemies of mankind.

    2. Trump destroyed the jewish mainstream media in the USA. No one with more than two working brain cells watches them anymore.

    3. Trump destroyed the jewish controlled Democrat and Republican Parties.

    4. Trump destroyed the jewish NWO Paris Climate Accord.

    5. Trump destroyed the jewish NWO TPP Trade Agreement.

    6. With threats of tariffs, Trump is establishing fair trade.

    7. Trump has tremendously reduced the massive invasion of illegals across the Mexican border along with the hunan trafficking. The wall is under construction to completely stop which has caused the Mexican government to seal their southern border so they do not get stuck with Soros’ illegals.

    8. Working with Putin and Zi, Trump established peace in the Koreas by eliminating the CIA/NWO control of North Korea and is in the process of doing the same for Iran.

    9. Working with the new head of Saudi Arabia, Trump has removed CIA/NWO control of Saudi Arabia. 3,000 children where freed from sexual slavery.

    10. Trump stopped all CIA/NWO funding of terrorists in Syria.

    I could go on and on, but this is adequate to make my point. If Trump were part of the jewish CIA/NWO establishment, none of this would have happened. Those who can’t see the obvious needs to backup from the tree and look at the forest. Everything is changing for the better of mankind. A Great Awakening is in progress.

    1. Ung

      Try taking off the rose-colored glasses and consider the plausible scenario that what you call “obvious” may come under the heading of “if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t”. Or another area of plausibility that says voting for a POTUS is buying into a rigged game, where that great Latin phrase, ” cui bono” applies.

      Applies how?

      With what has been the work in progress all along, which is to “unite” all parties involved in a furtherance of the centralization process in consolidating the B.I.S. and “putting the capstone on the pyramid”

      These are statists we’re dealing with here. This is how they operate in servitude to the bankers. And while I DO see an undercurrent at work which is ameliorating a NWO, politicians don’t DIRECTLY effect a Great Awakening whose essential component is spiritual in nature

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Maybe I should have said, “obvious to those ignoring the jewish media, seeking information from other reliable sources, and practicing simple logic.” No rose colored glasses are necessary. Observation and conclusion are adequate.

        Of course the Great Awakening is spiritual. The “politician” in the Oval Office has prayer everyday he is there, so he’s part of it.

        Question. If the jews have absolute power, why would they need Trump to disturb or invalidate some of their favorite projects like wide open borders, global warming/climate change, destruction of the most heavily armed society in the history of mankind (the USA), Satanic pedophilia, etc. when they could of had Killery going along with all of their projects?

      2. Ung

        (((They))) don’t HAVE absolute power. What CONTROLS (((THEY))) is angling for it THROUGH (((they))). This is at the heart of what I’m trying to convey on this site.

        Trump is a vehicle for that in ways that fly in the face of what we erroneously think is supposed to indicate that the NWO is being dismantled. A Clinton presidency was probably deemed to be insufficient in trying to effect that

    2. UNG-
      B-Hawk –

      Hegel’s delight…
      Problem = Obama
      Reaction = Make Hillary a candidate
      Solution = Give ’em Trump

      The jew bankers in London are in charge and tell Trump and ‘Put-On’ (prezzy of a gas station posing as a country) what to do…. and Christians and conservatives fall for it!!

      STILL!! 🙂 🙂

      1. At least nobody can rightfully accuse (((them))) of being stupid, Pat. 🙂

      2. There are just a few on this site who understand how the con game was/ is played by the jews to fool the stupid Goyim masses/sheeple. Those few are surely Pat and Freija the Germanic amazon, who behaves maybe too much Yang on this public site. BUT I like her, style. I love the German history.

      3. It seems ALL HAS BEEN SAID – here on this fine blog already
        (and in much better words – but not sorry for my “Germanic directness” – it’s badly needed – we must talk to the point – and get focussed):

        “. . . The only serious economic doctrine to seriously challenge Jewish Capitalism and Communism in the last century was National Socialism and had it succeeded according to A. K. Chesterton it would have been the greatest gift to humanity since Prometheus, according to myth, gave us fire. Imagine a world with no Central banks printing fiat money! No Casino Capitalism, no speculators like Soros!. . . “ (Felix to Kendra, December 13, 2017 at 2:46 pm , The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime)

        and if I may humbly add – without the mistakes made by National Socialists too – There were certainly some. Life is a learning process . . . and should always be that way (prevents hubris)

      4. In my very humble opinion (IMVHO — getting closer to an acronym of Divine origin, are we not?), the basic formula of the “Hegelian dialectic” seems analogous to fractals. Pay attention. Have you ever gazed on a “fractal image”? Do you not see that “As Above, So Below” replicates and complexifies endlessly? And such simple formulae initiate the process.
        You may stop your analysis at some level — call it the “Jews” — and explain everything and nothing.
        You may venture beyond, invoke ETs, Archons, alien DNA! You can explain it all, correct?
        You may choose to reside in “material space”, focus on superficial puppetry games, and discuss personalities putting a face on inhuman machinations (e.g., Trump, Putin, Macron, Merkel).
        You can go MACRO, planet-wide, and talk about whole “nations” as if they, like CORPSIES (e.g., Monsanto), behave as actors in soap operas.
        I have reluctantly come to a personal conclusion after a very long and dreary exploration of Doom & Gloom.
        The Master Jesus had it dead-on right: The Kingdom of GOD is within. Know thyself, be ye perfect.
        Love GOD, love your neighbor as your Self.

  15. Kendra Blewitt –
    “. . . of how I became an anti-Semite.“

    “anti-Semite“ is such a bogus, weaponized word. Why even use it? Doesn’t that play into ((( their ))) hands? If one opposes and exposes an international criminal cabale, you may be called an anti-criminal. That’s what you truly are. Nothing wrong with that.
    Who are we NOT ALLOWED to critisize? Criminals! Perverts! That’s ridiculous.

    The fact that Americans allow themselves being used as GOLEM (STRONGMAN, PROXY, BOGEYMAN, SHABBAS GOY) is intolerable. Ridiculous. When will it end?
    Are American men (military and others) incapable of seeing the obvious? Why do they all play along? No concept of honour left? No decency left?Are they all mercenaries? No honorable motifs? All what’s left is corruption? Do they even think? Do they think about all these wars – America’s destructive role in world history – about what they are fighting for? About who is going to gain? Kissinger allegedly called military men “stupid animals used as pawns in foreign policy“ – Are they really that STUPID? Just asking.

    Toejamicus – Right to the point:
    “. . . The (((crowd))) wanted Chairman Hillary to oversee the take over and take down of America. Now that Trump occupies the White House maybe, just maybe, the forced reduction of the American population, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot and others have set the standard for this, won’t be reduced to a predicted 50 or so million by 2025 . . . “

    . . . their “population recuction“ plans – GENOCIDE MAY BE STOPPED The question remains – by who? By Trump? Where are the masses in favour of peace? Distracted by football games. Not a single one is in arms against the wars in the Middle East? How is that possible? What happens if Trump won’t stop trumpeting for war against Iran? If some false flag attack comes along? Will the American public fall for it – again?

    Ungenius –
    ” Trump’s enemies are the enemies of mankind.”

    What if ((( they ))) are his buddies? If Trump, Netanyahu and Putin are best friends?
    That’s very likely. The whole “confrontation” thing is nothing but a show.
    What if the jewish mainstream media is not yet destroyed? Are the American people really more awake now? How does it show? How did Trump “destroy” the Republican and Democrat parties? – The show goes on as ever.
    4 to 10 – are doubtful too. Let’s hope for the best.
    The Donald changes his positions RAPIDLY – as we all know.

    A Great Awakening is in progress – lasting for looong years already.
    Maybe – it needs a ‘Paukenschlag’?

  16. .. . . and BTW –
    Is it really “fair trade” to get some worthless FAKE printed PAPER (“Federal Reserve notes” called “money”) in return for the REAL stuff?

    If we don’t get a FAIR MONEY SYSTEM (Abolishment of the “Federal Reserve” money fraud)
    the occupation of continents by US military forces will never come to an end.
    The wars will never end. THe THreats will never end.
    Freedom will be lost for ever.

  17. @ Sardonicus, thank you for your compliment, which by the way answers your question.

  18. Alot of online so-called Trump supporters started bad-mouthing him the very day he was Inaugurated. 5 minutes after Trump took the Oath of Office, alot of online [ supposedly ] Trump supporters were criticizing Trump and bad-mouthing him for having done nothing “Trump is no different than all the rest of the politicians, see, he’s the president now and he hasn’t done anything to change anything. We were duped!” , and this was 5 minutes after Trump took the Oath of Office on Inauguration day. I have no patience for ALOT of the online so-called Trump supporters.

    1. I’m with you on that, TROJ! They want an instant DICTATOR – but would scream bloody murder if ONE THING happens to not coincide with their ideas of a perfect plan. No matter, Trump appears to be trying to pursue the conduct he voiced in his campaign… I couldn’t care less about gnit-picking foiables like the “locker-room talk” which some keep calling to mind. It only goes to show that Trump must be hitting sensitive targets for them to resort to such trivial complaints and attempts to smear him…

      1. In one of his speeches Trump said:
        “You KNEW I was a snake BEFORE you took me in. . . ” (BIG SMILE)

        I thought: What the heck . . . is he telling his voters?

      2. Gilbert Huntly
        “Trump appears to be trying to pursue the conduct he voiced in his campaign…“
        In one of his speeches Donald Trump said: “You knew I was a snake before you took me in!”

        I thought: What the heck… is he trying to tell his voters?
        The snake is going to bite you. Don’t expect anything different?

      3. I understand, Freya, but in a world of illusions there’s no pinning someone down referencing a few reckless words. Watch his actions. Watch his opponents. Trump plays to an audience, but we need always remember that “news” is big show-business. What may be happening behind the scenes is the only thing which should worry us. We do know (((they))) do not like scrutiny, so we need consider whatever makes them yell and holler is probably worthy.

      4. GH: Recall the message from Brer Rabbit to Brer Fox, at the top of his lung-driven vocal cords (ever hear a rabbit cry out?!): “Puleeze, Brer Fox, don’t toss me in the briar patch!” O yea, (((they))) may holler and scream and jump up, down, and sideways. Do you really feel that confident in interpreting ANYTHING you witness in this puppet show? Really really?
        I do not.

  19. All these Trump/Putin articles are distractions. Stick figures in a Jewish shadow play. Team players in a PFL, Political Football League, sporting event. Here today, gone tomorrow; yet the problems remain until the focus intensifies on the root of the problem to a point where action is taken.

    1. Spike Mulligan and Rodney Dangerfield. A pair that beats a full house. The tears were literally rollin down my face!

      Thank you teejay

      1. The sign of great comedy comes when you can laugh years later by just thinking about it.

  20. Alan Donelson
    “Love GOD, love your neighbor as your Self”

    . . . and DO NOT LIE, promote GENUINE HUMAN RIGHTS, and NOT their PERVERSIONS

    One example: The basic human right must be the right to say “NO!” That’s my border, my protection . . . which MUST BE RESPECTED by others and against their claims (of “liberty”, “liberalism”, “their rights”) My own freedom ends where my neighbour’s freedom starts (his border) Those who claim “No border, No nation” are the DESTROYERS of any genuine human rights; they are egotistical bastards who want to terrorize everybody, force everybody under their thumb, their “vision” of “freedom” without any limitations: SODOM & GOMORRHA . . . the most intolerant TYRANNY in the name of “tolerance” and “love” (completely distorting the meaning of Jesus’ spiritual teaching)

  21. Freya (Free ya! Free me! Freedom! Freely be! Be free!)
    Consider the immense impact of written or articulated words on an “educated mind”. I say yes, you say no. I say up, you say down. If black ceased to exist, so would white disappear. A MAJOR milestone along my own long, winding road, Alan Watts had the formula so pat he wrote and spoke tens of thousands of words to bring us back to center! THIS IS IT!
    In the course of my travels I have encountered WAY stations conducive to continuing an otherwise Quixotic venture, including The Holy Order of MANS (cf., (((Werner Erhard’s))) “est training”, the legacy of Yogananda, Yogi Bhajan’s teachings and practice (kundalini yoga and much more).
    Division, dissent, opposition, retribution, separation, dissociation — Heavens! — there must be a billion more such words in all languages than words that bring us back together, back home.
    Certainly, humanity — some portion “depraved”, some portion bravely defending the species as a whole — has lost its SELF for the most part. How many of us can gaze steadily into a mirror and revel in the sight of one’s Self? MirrorSight. If you have it, then the two greatest commandments present no insurmountable challenge to you.
    IMVHO. GOD bless you, Freya, dear firebrand!

  22. freya – “Are American men (military and others) incapable of seeing the obvious? Why do they all play along? No concept of honour left? No decency left?Are they all mercenaries? ”
    you hit it tueto…
    after the vietnam war the big media push in the usa was to create the all-volunteer army… in other words, a mercenary force… war protests pretty much ceased after vietnam, where casualties were sometimes hundreds in one week, because there was no more draft… when you get rid of the draft it allows people to drop out….

  23. Almost two-thirds of world trade is denominated in US dollars and every time Trump mentions tariffs, Russia and China get nervous. Hmmm.

  24. Ignoring Trump’s actions or lack of them, Trump has one positive feature in the style department:

    He speaks his mind occasionally.

    Even if it is retracted later, it is refreshing compared to the slime-ball that preceded him.

    I like your Tolkien-esque esoteric stuff, but an occasional lapse into reality and facts would be appreciated. 🙂

    SARDONICUS said:

    “Hey buddy, I invite you to Washington!” … and the next day he goes, “Ooops, sorry!

    In the Xenophobes Guide to the Americans, chapter one, it states that

    “Sitting next to an American on a plane, he will tell you his life history, sex life, divorces, promise to let you stay over, loan you money; but the next day he will fail to acknowledge you passing in a corridor”

    The book states the Americans are like teenagers. Seems to match Trump.

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