20 thoughts to “Putin’s New Year Address 2018 (8.50 minutes)”

  1. Thanks for this ! Listen to this man. Why is he so interesting ? He knows who he is ,and is for real. Putin has a deeply.spiritial soul . His core is wholly Gentile and not beguiled by the Judaic. Despite tolerance on the domestic front ,Putin knows what ,and who Russia ,and the world faces . One of his first acts upon taking power was paying off Rothschild’s debt . Iniating state run banks and taking private Jew.rule away from the media . His address here is one of an independent man ,and soverign nation. This is in direct opposition to International Jewry .

    1. Sorry I didn’t watch the Putin – I have restrictions in my browser for unsolicited content and fine tuning in order to see the video was beyond me at this moment.

      Xi Jinping? Wasn’t it a cardboard cut-out?
      I found his address ominous, atheistic and completely devoid of emotion.
      Note the repeated Agenda 2100 calls to throw people off their land, pack and stack them into cities, all under the guise of “eliminating poverty”.
      Note the worship of the UN “climate change religion”

      China is in the forefront of implementing a brutal inhumane technocracy. The best place to follow this is https://www.technocracy.news

      1. Xi Jinping is not a spiritual leader, but a political leader of a billion+ nation still in development. Eradicating poverty of a nation whose masses have been poor for thousands of years is not a bad intention. Of course he mainly talks about economy, that is his job. Political leaders are concerned with-well being in the material world, not with spiritual enlightenment, and they should be judged as such.

      2. It’s refreshing to see a leader actually using the word ” Poverty “. In the West,.with the rise of Neoconservative./. Neoliberalism ,not a Political Figure uses it .” Hard working Middle Class ” is the meme . The latter distracted by the One Percent Jews into blaming the later ,and not International Finance for their struggles to keep up.

      3. Franklin

        This is certainly true of political leaders. But the fact that politics do not reflect spirituality characterizes the existential problem in the world. Because of this, all man-made policies do is treat symptoms of the materialism disease and it’s ways are simply perpetuated.

        This perpetuation is what ENABLES those whose aim it is to herd mankind into areas designated BY THEM in the name of the euphemistic “planetary sustainability” (the nefarious U.N. – sponsored “Agenda-21”)

        At this point in history there are no political solutions to what is a spiritual problem

  2. Given all the high falutin ideals expressed in this speech, I have to ask: Why didn’t Russia veto the UN sanctions on North Korea? (And for that matter why didn’t China?) Putin knows that North Korea is not an aggressor, and is not the intransigent party in the “dispute”, so why did he not veto the resolution? After Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin still doesn’t understand/appreciate U.S. government treachery?

    The failure of both Russia and China to veto the resolution seems particularly inappropriate, IMO, since North Korean weapons programs are most likely nothing but a pretext with the real aim being the further encirclement of Russia and China.

  3. ‘Put-On’ is a hypocrite.

    He wants “unconditional love towards Russia” while displaying the RED STAR of Communism…. on top of the Kremlin… and a red, white and blue flag.

    He IS a Communist..!!

    Hear the translator reading his script…”unconditional love towards Russia”:

    ‘Put-On’ should find a way to muster up enough “unconditional love towards Russia(Russians)” and pay government nurses more than $60 a month. 🙂

    1. ” Communist ?.”. By what definition ? Private Property ,30 Percent Tax Rate , Orthodox Christian , Anti Globalist , Nationalism .. Communism was backed by International Jewish Finance ( Something the false flag fools in the John Birch Society forbade people from knowing ,along with other bunk they peddled like Amway ) ,and once it exploited a nation’s misery ( that Jewish Finance Capital had created ) it was discarded. The Red Star looks good ,and is a relic to the past . If he were such Russia would not be in the fight it is . After the Jews Trotzkites were purged post WW2 , and became ” Flag Waving NeoConservatism ” in the USA /.West ,only inertia kept the old ways . China pulled off of it ,while the plug was pulled on the Soviet Union.

      1. DA –

        Thanks for the reply.

        You wrote:
        ”Communist ?.”. By what definition ?”

        There a numerous definitions.

        UN Agenda-21 and ‘Sustainable Development’ is just one of many being pushed by ‘Put-On’ today. He rigidly obeys the Communist UN.

        ‘Put-On’ is pushing “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ from UN Agenda-21:

        “We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a – “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” – path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall climate in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” Putin said.

        ‘Put-On’ is a GREEN GUY also with Gorby… 🙂

        XXII International Research and Practice Conference on “Environmental Education for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Safety and Culture”
        “…the “Basic Principles of State Environmental
        Development Policy of the Russian Federation through to 2030..”

        Green Cross Russia
        Founded: 1993
        Town : Moscow
        Address : Gorbachev Foundation, Leningradsky pr. 39, str. 14,
        Postal code : 125167
        Website : green-cross.ru
        President : Sergei BARANOVSKY

  4. Nothing special. He could have said more about building the nation and improving the conditions of life for ordinary people. He could have glorified his nation a little bit. He could have made some promises to his beloved people.

  5. Unrelated to this topic. I have an idea.

    We need to have a “Holocaust Denial Day”, in the same way there is a “Draw Mohammed Day”.
    If millions participate, they cannot imprison all of us.
    It can go viral, like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    We can set up a day: for instance May 14th, which is the day Israel was created. People can be creative, make jokes, make songs, make fun, etc.
    Set up a date, spread the word, and let it play out. It can spread like wildfire. The newspapers might report on it.. which will make it spread even more.

    They could intimidate the Dutch cartoonists, but when millions started drawing Mohammed, there is nothing they could do.
    In the first year some people will participate, the second year there will be more people. It will grow every year.

    Our strategy right now is to unite and shout from the rooftops as loud as we can, and make jokes about them.

    We also need a gimmick, a shtick: kind of like pouring an ice bucket over you. Something that is normie friendly, and it can be cool, and people could imitate it just cause it’s cool.
    The quenelle is no good, because it is linked to the Nazi salute. We become an easy target. Something that is not connected to the past.

    Like shouting “6 billion”. People can get creative during the first edition and we can find a gimmick.
    It needs to be humorous, and cool.

  6. God bless Putin and Russia , Putin is the one sane leader in the world and the savior of Christians in Syria.

    1. Absolutely. One takes gold were you find it,and Putin is the only leader with the power on Earth to have stymied the International Jew. As for you Pat. The UN ” Communist ?. That old False Flag John Birch Society stuff is so stale …and Makow is a real Jew Con man …… ” Communism ” originally , never was for real ..it’s part of the Jews Dialectic …when International Capital withdrew it’s support it died . The UN obeys who has the power ,money ,and veto .. The good ole Jew USA / London rules it …Putin stands in the way of Rothschild’s NATO ,and Israels ME strategy .. who is he ” Putting on too you ? Certainly not the Jews Western Media which has demonized him .. The ” isms ” charge on people is superficial ,and always has been . It’s used divide , demonize , and confuse . I’m for him ..I can just imagine how bad this planet would be without his strength many issues.. .

  7. Communism may be a worn out word…. BUTT….

    ‘Put-On’ is STILL a bum. His people are starving and freezing..!!

    ‘Put-On’ MUST find work for his people, especially government workers in Post Offices, who are making ONLY $60 per month.

    Putin said in June 2017 – that Russian incomes are declining..!!
    June 2017:
    Monthly Salaries in Russia for many are 3,600 rubles = $60.71 US Dollars
    Monthly Salaries for Firefighters are 8,000 rubles = $134.84 US Dollars

    **This aired live…. From the Kremlin – June 15, 2017 – 16:00 – Moscow:

    –Tatyana Remezova:
    Mr President, you yourself spoke about people’s declining real incomes, and the official statistics confirm this. When will people feel the benefits of the reviving economy?

    Vladimir Putin:
    You know, the decline was rather steep, and so it will take some time before people will feel an improvement. As I said at the beginning, I consider this to be the most important and serious problem.

    –Tatyana Remezova:
    Still, many people complain about low wages. Here are many text messages and photos of wage slips.

    For example, a preschool teacher at Kindergarten No. 111 in Astrakhan is paid 7,935 rubles($120).

    The slip is for May 2017. Can you live on this wage?

    A medical nurse at the Vostochny Space Launch Centre received 10,246 rubles($170) in May.

    “Should a firefighter risk his life for 8,000 rubles($130) a month?” asks Alexander Melnikov, head of a fire team from the Saratov Region.

    “When will postal workers’ wages be raised? You cannot live on 3,600 rubles($60).”

    Vladimir Putin:
    We will have to check the situation with salaries of 3,600 rubles to understand how this is possible. After all, there is a minimum wage in Russia, and it is more than 3,600 rubles.(HA!! Check??)

    However, all the people you(Tatyana) have mentioned are public sector employees who did not benefit from the wage increases under the May 2012 executive orders.


    There is NOT a more important issue.!!! This is not #2 or below..!!

    ’Put-On’ said so:
    “I consider this to be – THE – MOST IMPORTANT and serious problem.” (THE #1 PROBLEM)

    ‘Put-On’ knows his puny economy country – GDP the size of NY City – cannot support a war with starving and freezing underpaid people….. unless…. the US companies in Russia make everything for him, as they DO NOW and have in the past. Then Trump will know and be a part of it… for $$$$ for oligarchs in business with him..!!

  8. ‘Put-On’ cannot even respond authoritatively to a DUMPSTER FIRE… much less a war..!!

    Vlad replied, “We have what we have”.. 🙂

    From the Paper Bear’s own website:


    —Dmitry Kaistro: Hello!

    It is raining today and visibility is not great, but giant rubbish heaps are clearly visible in the heart of this neighbourhood of Balashikha. This dump has been here for more than 50 years, poisoning everything around it, and rubbish trucks bring more all the time, day and night. This dump is even visible from outer space – it takes up about 50 hectares and is closing in on the surrounding houses.

    We have worked here for several days, but when we arrived at the landfill, strong young people emerged wearing “environmentalist” T-shirts with ‘Environmental Control’ written on them. They showed us some kind of facility for processing rubbish, even decorated with balloons in the colours of the Russian flag – it looked like some proactive move. This was a perfect illustration of the place and the disaster that has rallied tens of thousands of people here. We did not even have to ask – people came to us to talk about the burning matter and ask their questions.

    —Yelena Mikhailenko: Hello!

    We live here in the neighborhood of Kuchino, in Balashikha, and some of us are from Olgino and Pavlino. The situation here is terrible, simply unbearable in fact. There is a huge landfill, the biggest in Moscow Region, within our town, just 200 metres from residential areas, kindergartens and clinics, and only 20 kilometres from the Kremlin. This is a violation of Federal Law No. 89.

    Fires occur on the landfill daily; it is impossible to breathe, and there is a constant release of gases, methanethiol and sulphur dioxide. They become converted to hydrogen sulphide, and we breathe it. Many suffer from nausea and vomiting, all the time. It is unbearable.

    We have appealed to many government agencies at various levels, receiving only formal and noncommittal replies; we have it all documented. We do not know what to do. This is not only our problem; it is a problem for the whole country. We do not know what to do in this situation. Turning to you is our last hope.

    Vladimir Putin:
    This is a very sensitive and complicated issue. (HA!!) 🙂

    I know full well what you are talking about. I have seen this waste disposal site. As the reporter said, it has been there for 50 years. The dump has been there for 50 years.

    Nevertheless, — we have what we have — and it is our duty to respond. Of course, we are aware of the problem. There is special urgency to deal with it in the Moscow Region, Tatarstan, Tula and a number of other regions.

  9. Six weeks ago…November 21, 2017….

    Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu at the initiative of the Israeli side.

    The conversation included a substantive exchange on the prospects of developments in the Middle East, primarily in the context of the concluding stage of the fight against international terrorism in Syria.

    Vladimir Putin discussed the results of his talks with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad and the objectives of the November 22 trilateral summit in Sochi of Russia, Iran and Turkey, the guarantor countries of the Astana peace process. To this end, the importance of the work to organise the National Dialogue Conference was underscored, as the event is designed to give additional impetus to inter-Syrian dialogue and, along with the Astana format, facilitate the work underway in Geneva under the aegis of the UN.

    Practical issues related to the situation in the southern de-escalation zone in Syria were discussed.

    Both parties expressed interest in furthering mutually beneficial cooperation in a variety of areas, including contacts between special services.


    “..including contacts between special services.”

  10. President Putin is an inspiring leader. I’m not Russian but it almost seems like Putin speaks to all of us. Country, family, culture. Things that were so important, maybe taken for granted sometimes, are becoming important again as the west sinks into a cesspool of degeneracy.

    Some people might enjoy this too. Russians are famous dancers.


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