Rajneesh: The Indian Sex Guru Who Slept with Hundreds of Women and Owned 93 Rolls Royces

by Tom Leonard
The Daily Mail

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, charismatic sex guru and “conman mystic” was responsible for the biggest mass poisoning in US history. He planned to build a utopian city in Oregon full of nudist gardens and endless sex. (Click HERE to expand picture).

Every day at 2pm on a dusty road through the mountains of Oregon, hundreds of young people dressed head to toe in various ‘sunrise’ hues of red and orange would gather to wait solemnly for a car to go past.

It was always a Rolls-Royce, although a different one each day, and it would glide slowly past as they bowed and threw roses on the bonnet.

Inside, wearing robes, a tea cosy-style woolly hat, flowing grey beard and beatific smile, was the object of their devotion, the guru and mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Once he had passed by, the crowds would return to toiling in the fields — or ‘finding their true selves’ in group sex sessions.

Rajneesh — not to be confused with the far tamer Maharishi, who was the Beatles’ Indian guru — presided over a New Age sex cult that was second to none in its embrace of ‘free love’, unorthodox meditation techniques and sheer outrageousness.

In India, he was known as the ‘Sex Guru’ and attracted tens of thousands of followers from all over the world, including celebrities, from the venerable British journalist Bernard Levin to film star Terence Stamp.

In the U.S. he was dubbed the ‘Rolls-Royce Guru’. Given that he owned 93 of the luxury cars, the title was more than fair.

His followers were often highly educated professionals ready to reject the strictures of middle-class convention and seek enlightenment first in India and later at communes in Oregon, Cologne and Suffolk.

Some left spouses and children, while others donated everything they had to the cult.

What they received in return were a bead necklace with a locket bearing the guru’s picture, a new Rajneeshi name and the great man’s thumb imprint on their forehead, giving them their ‘third eye’ of insight.

However, it was the group’s attempt to build a $100 million utopian city in a remote corner of the northwestern state of Oregon that became its downfall in the Eighties, resulting in a jaw-dropping scandal that included attempted murder, election rigging, arms smuggling and a mass poisoning that still ranks as the largest bio-terror attack in U.S. history.

The story of the Rajneesh movement’s slide from peace-and-love hippiedom into machine gun-toting, homicidal darkness is revealed in a new six-part Netflix documentary entitled Wild Wild Country.


The makers talked to key former Rajneeshis — also known as ‘sannyasins’ — including the guru’s terrifying second-in-command, Ma Anand Sheela. All of them seem nostalgic for those heady days.

The series uses some of the reams of previously unseen home-video footage shot by the movement, and has been criticised for leaving viewers to decide whether the Rajneeshis were a terrifying, murderous cult or — as some of them still insist — just a peaceful, persecuted minority religion.

The facts, say former prosecutors and other outsiders who came into contact with the toxic clan, are as indisputable as they are damning.

Rajneesh was a philosophy lecturer who, in 1970, founded a spiritual movement and commune in Pune, near Mumbai (formerly Bombay). His teachings were a bizarre mixture of pop psychology, ancient Indian wisdom, capitalism, sexual permissiveness and dirty jokes that he gleaned from the pages of Playboy magazine.

His ‘dynamic’ group meditation — performed with eyes closed and pop music blaring — involved periods of screaming, frenetic dancing, standing still, and jumping up and down shouting ‘Hoo!’.

Sex — lots of it and with as many partners as possible — lay at the core of his philosophy. He insisted that repression of sexual energy was the cause of most psychological problems.

Rajneesh argued that monogamous marriage was unnatural and advocated unrestricted promiscuity, including partner-swapping, from the age of 14.

Blessed with a captivating stare from huge, soft eyes, he was so charismatic that many of his followers — who would fill 20,000-seat stadiums to hear him speak — believed he could be a second Buddha.

But Rajneesh, born in 1931, was no ascetic mystic in a loincloth. He couldn’t get enough material possessions, collecting not only Rolls-Royces but expensive jewellery and diamond-studded Rolex watches.

He concentrated on luring affluent Westerners to his ashram (hermitage) in Pune, where he lectured in front of a 20ft-long banner which proclaimed: ‘Surrender to me, and I will transform you’.

The fees he charged for group therapies were so exorbitant that some women disciples worked as prostitutes to raise the money.

The actor Terence Stamp, star of the films Billy Budd and Far from the Madding Crowd, visited in 1976 after his girlfriend, Sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton, left him. He stayed for several years, dropping out of society.

Anneke Wills, a British actress who had played Dr Who’s sidekick Polly, joined the ashram in 1975. ‘For the first few nights I cried into my pillow. I’d swapped my wonderful home for a mattress in a communal dormitory,’ she recalled.

‘But there were some wonderful people there. I was a bit bored by the free love thing. I’d had enough of all that. It was the meditation I was interested in.’

She remained there for six years before following the Bhagwan when he moved to Oregon, where she became one of thousands of non-U.S. followers who undertook arranged marriages so they could stay there.

The late Bernard Levin, one of Britain’s best-known newspaper columnists and a former Daily Mail writer, was also taken in. He stayed at the ashram in his late 40s and later wrote a string of drooling articles about the Bhagwan, describing him as ‘the conduit along which the vital force of the universe flows’.

Rajneesh’s move to Oregon in 1981 was prompted by an investigation by the Indian authorities over immigration fraud, tax evasion and drug smuggling. The group purchased a 64,000-acre ranch near the tiny settlement of Antelope, and the 7,000 disciples who moved in swamped the 50-strong resident Bible-bashing population. The two sides mistrusted each other from the start.

Rifle-toting ranchers started driving around with ‘Bag a Bhagwan’ car bumper stickers but the Rajneeshis, by force of numbers, soon won control of the town in a local election.

Antelope was renamed Rajneeshpuram. The victors set up a heavily armed ‘peace force’, practising daily with Uzi sub-machine guns on their range, and drove a Jeep with a 30-calibre machine gun mounted on it around town.


A local park was reserved for nude sunbathing. One scandalised woman complained that she could hear ‘people’s orgasmic experiences all day and all night’.

Construction began on a self-sustaining Rajneesh city intended for 50,000 residents, with scores of houses, shops, restaurants and even an airport built. But local people jointly took legal action against the development, backed by politicians increasingly convinced that the Rajneeshis were a dangerous cult.

Alarming evidence of this included a BBC documentary in which a British journalist, the late Christopher Hitchens, filmed one of the Rajneeshis’ ‘encounter’ sexual therapy sessions. Footage showed a crowd of naked men and women packed into a room, screaming and attacking each other.

Hitchens described another disturbing session in which a woman was ‘stripped naked and surrounded by men who bark at her, drawing attention to all her physical and psychic shortcomings, until she is abject with tears and apologies’.

He went on: ‘At this point she is hugged and embraced and comforted, and told that she now has ‘a family’. Sobbing with masochistic relief, she humbly enters the tribe.’ Hitchens added darkly: ‘It was not absolutely clear what she had to do in order to be given her clothes back, but I did hear some believable and ugly testimony on this point.’

Rajneesh’s own sexual needs were largely met by his long-standing British lover and care giver, an attractive long-haired brunette named Christine Wolf Smith (or Vivek, as he renamed her). Amid rumours that he had his own harem, he boasted to the media of having had sexual relationships with ‘hundreds of women’.

However, beset by health problems, Rajneesh had already stopped addressing his followers before he arrived in the U.S. He retreated into ‘public silence’, living in a heavily guarded compound and rarely venturing out apart from his afternoon spins in the Roller. He left day-to-day running of the movement to Ma Anand Sheela, his secretary, who became his official mouthpiece.

Sheela was a young Indian woman whose small stature and disarming smile hid a ruthless megalomaniac who walked around with a large handgun strapped to her hip. She would do anything to preserve the movement’s survival and her dominance.

In 1984, the Rajneeshis gathered up 6,000 homeless people from across the U.S. and brought them to live on the ranch as an apparent act of charity.

In fact, they had bused them in so they could register to vote in an election for the local county commission, which the Rajneeshis also wanted to control — so they could get their new city approved.

When the ruse was foiled by officials, the homeless were put back on buses and dumped in surrounding cities.

Sheela’s dominance was threatened when Hollywood became fascinated by the guru. Francoise Ruddy, the glamorous co-producer of The Godfather, started throwing glitzy fundraisers for him at her Hollywood Hills mansion, where guests indulged his greed for expensive baubles, including a $3 million diamond watch he had requested.

Rajneesh was also spending heavily to feed his serious dependence on drugs, taking large amounts of Valium and inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to get high. Possibly delusional because of the drugs, he became convinced that a global catastrophe was imminent. He asked his personal doctor, an Englishman named George Meredith, to supply him with drugs to ensure that he passed away painlessly.

By now the paranoid Sheela was bugging key personalities in the group, including the guru. Eavesdropping on Rajneesh’s death discussions with Dr Meredith, she convinced her closest allies that the doctor was colluding in their master’s death and had to be killed.

Jane Stork, an Australian disciple, jabbed a miniature hypodermic needle containing adrenaline into the doctor’s left buttock but he survived. ‘I felt like Joan of Arc, who was going into battle,’ she says in the documentary. ‘It was all about keeping the Bhagwan alive.’

But the doctor’s name was only one of those on a hit-list of cult ‘enemies’ drawn up by Sheela. It included local journalists, officials and the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Charles Turner.

She knew Mr Turner was planning to charge the group with immigration fraud over the sham marriages it arranged so foreign members could stay in America.

Jane Stork again agreed to be the assassin, waiting all day outside Mr Turner’s office with a revolver. He didn’t appear. Other officials were also staked out but the murder plots were scrapped.

Rajneesh’s girlfriend, Vivek, was also targeted. She later told the FBI she believed Sheela once gave her a poisoned cup of tea that sent her heart-rate racing and made her deeply nauseous.

The cult had its own biological warfare laboratory and some targets were sent contaminated boxes of chocolates. A judge almost died after eating one.

A pilot who worked for the group’s ‘airline’, Air Rajneesh, also claimed that Sheela made him drop a ‘bomb’ from his plane over a courthouse. The local planning office was set on fire.

As relations within the group deteriorated, one night in September, 1985, Sheela and a small group of allies fled the ranch and went to ground in West Germany.

Furious at her desertion, Rajneesh broke his four-year silence and publicly accused her and her ‘gang of fascists’ of various serious crimes, including three attempted murders and embezzling $55 million in funds. He suggested she had left out of sexual jealousy because he wouldn’t sleep with her.

‘She didn’t prove to be a woman, she proved to be a perfect bitch,’ he said.

She hit back, branding the movement a ‘gigantic con’ practised by a man not remotely interested in enlightenment.

However, Rajneesh’s allegations allowed the FBI to descend on the ranch, where they found a secret bunker under Sheela’s home containing 10,000 tape recordings from her mass bugging operation, plus an arsenal of unregistered guns intended for a Rajneeshi ‘hit squad’.

As they questioned disciples, the Feds turned up even more devilish plots. In a bid to incapacitate non-Rajneesh- supporting voters in Antelope, the Rajneeshis had tried to poison the water supply of the nearest large town, The Dalles, by introducing beavers, on grounds that they carried harmful bacteria.

When the beavers proved too big to be slipped through the reservoir’s covers, they were shoved into food blenders and their liquidised bodies poured into the reservoir instead. It didn’t work — but in a trial run for a more extensive effort to incapacitate voters, Rajneeshis contaminated food on display at salad counters in restaurants across the town with salmonella. More than 750 people fell seriously ill and a few, including a newborn baby, almost died.

Sheela and seven others were extradited to the U.S., where they were convicted of conspiracy offences including assault, attempted murder, arson, mass poisoning and illegal wiretapping. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison but served only 29 months before being released and deported. Jane Stork was also jailed. Two British disciples, Susan Hagan and Sally-Anne Croft, were charged with plotting to murder U.S. Attorney Charles Turner and served two years of six-year sentences.

Prosecutors were only able to charge Rajneesh with immigration fraud. They feared a bloody shootout with his heavily armed defence force if they tried to arrest him but Rajneesh obligingly fled in a Lear jet. He was caught when it landed to refuel just before leaving America.

The guru agreed to a plea deal and was deported. He returned to Pune, renamed himself Osho, and died aged 58 of heart failure in 1990.

Today, there are still small numbers of Rajneeshi devotees around the world.

In the years since the cult’s heyday, former members have exposed ugly truths about the free-love culture: some women were raped, abortions were sometimes enforced and nearly 90 per cent of disciples had a sexually transmitted disease.

Insiders have also admitted that Rajneesh had some very unsavoury views, including being a fan of Hitler and euthanasia.

In a final irony, the Oregon ranch that was once a haven for free sex is now a Christian youth camp where evangelical young Americans are taught the virtues of sexual abstinence.


VIDEO : 2.35 mins

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  1. It is sad to see how many people are stupid. A mass of stupid sheep follow a crazy shepherd who makes what he wants and leaves nothing for these rainbow-dressed ignorants. How is it possible that the US government allows this man to stay on US soil? Why is he not exposed for circumvention of legally incompetent persons and kicked back to India with all his organization?
    Gian Franco

  2. Srila Prabhupada: Yes. Of course, to search out a guru is very nice, but if you want a cheap guru, or if you want to be cheated, then you will find many cheating gurus.
    “These rogues are the most dangerous elements in human society. Because there is no religious government, they escape punishment by the law of the state. They cannot, however, escape the law of the Supreme, who has clearly declared in Bhagavad gita (16.19-20) that envious demons in the garb of religious propagandists shall be thrown into the darkest regions of hell. Sri Isopanisad confirms that these pseudo religionists are heading toward the most obnoxious place in the universe after the completion of their spiritual master business, which they conduct simply for sense gratification.”
    (Sri Isopanisad, mantra 12, purport)

    Saints or Swindlers

  3. “Prosecutors were only able to charge Rajneesh with immigration fraud. They feared a bloody shootout with his heavily armed defence force if they tried to arrest him but Rajneesh obligingly fled in a Lear jet. He was caught when it landed to refuel just before leaving America.

    “The guru agreed to a plea deal and was deported. He returned to Pune, renamed himself Osho, and died aged 58 of heart failure in 1990.”

    His fate was better than that of David Koresh’s burning at Mt Carmel.

    The US Government cannot have pockets of resistance.

  4. “He insisted that repression of sexual energy was the cause of most psychological problems.”

    I happened to run across a discussion on that subject (sexual repression => depression => SSRIs => sexual dysfunction => deeper depression) yesterday on Twitter. Since I’m no expert, I’ll just point out that there’s lots of support for this point of view:
    sexual repression => depression
    SSRIs => sexual dysfunction => deeper depression

    For those who want to know more about the guru, the ranch, and the bizarre story of its rise and fall (with pics), in 20011 a five part series on the ranch – “25 years after Rajneeshee commune collapsed, truth spills out” – was written by Les Zaitz who writes for Oregon’s largest newspaper, The Oregonian. The article was last updated last year (July 2017). State and local laws were put in place to try to make sure there will never be a repeat of the experience.

  5. Alarming evidence of this included a BBC documentary in which a British journalist, the late Christopher Hitchens, filmed one of the Rajneeshis’ ‘encounter’ sexual therapy sessions. Footage showed a crowd of naked men and women packed into a room, screaming and attacking each other.

    Hitchens described another disturbing session in which a woman was ‘stripped naked and surrounded by men who bark at her, drawing attention to all her physical and psychic shortcomings, until she is abject with tears and apologies’.

    He went on: ‘At this point she is hugged and embraced and comforted, and told that she now has ‘a family’. Sobbing with masochistic relief, she humbly enters the tribe.’ Hitchens added darkly: ‘It was not absolutely clear what she had to do in order to be given her clothes back, but I did hear some believable and ugly testimony on this point.’

    This is Pavlovian conditioning, long used by Jewishcommunist torturers.

    From “The anti-Humans”

    In the United States it has thus far been necessary to use a certain amount of discretion and pretense in the destruction of anti-Communist nuisances, but in Romania, after the completion of the take-over, more effective secrecy made precautions less necessary.

    The Pitesti experiment dispensed with such complicated and expensive paraphernalia as electrical apparatus, brain surgeons, and specially prepared drugs. It used only the simplest tools, everywhere procurable: clubs, the bestiality of degenerates, the weakness of human nature when attacked by Pavlov’s methods. The results of the experiment were, as you will see, impressive and appalling. They proved that no one could resist the techniques of the Anti-Humans, but whether the experiment was entirely a success is a question that must be left to your decision on the basis of your estimate of what the experimenters hoped to discover or prove, while a critique of their methodology must be left to the few Occidentals who have expert knowledge of psychobiological processes.

    What no reader of this book can fall to perceive, if only for a moment before he tries to forget the “unthinkable,” is the unspeakably vile and sadistic lusts of the contrivers of the experiment at Pitesti — appetites so foreign to everything that he regards as human that the creatures who are animated by them can be described only as the “enemies of mankind,” or, concisely, as the Anti-Humans.

    [ . . . ]

    The Communists apply to human beings the well-known principle of conditioned reflexes that explains much of the behavior of animals.

    These reflexes, which are the basis of Socialist medical science and psychology, are often called “Pavlovian reflexes” after the Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, who was the first to conduct systematic experiments, chiefly on dogs, to determine the exact nature of this neurophysiological reaction. Actually, however, the phenomenon that Pavlov investigated was well known for centuries and extensively used in practice to train animals. The most famous of Pavlov’s experiments was performed by giving a dog a chunk of meat at the ringing of a bell. After this has been done several times, the dog’s reflexes are so conditioned that the animal will salivate abundantly when it hears the bell although he has no meat before him.

    For many centuries before Pavlov, however, conditioned reflexes were used; for example, by gypsies to produce dancing bears. A small bear cub is walked over a sheet of metal under which there is a slow burning fire. As the sheet metal becomes warm, the soles of the little bear’s feet begin to pain him and he lifts one foot after another, shifting his weight alternately to cool the soles of his feet. While he is doing this, drums are beaten. After this training has been repeated several times, the neurological association between the sound of the drums and the movement of the feet is established, and ever thereafter, the bear, although full grown, will begin to “dance” whenever he hears the beating of the drums. Such, reduced to its simplest terms, is the procedure for producing conditioned reflexes in irrational animals.

    When the Communists apply this technique to their human subjects, they must first reduce their victims to the condition of animals. When one destroys in man the moral and intellectual foundation of his being, his consciousness of personal identity and superiority, and thus deprives him of control over his own faculties by reason and will, man ceases to be a superior being. There is no longer any difference between man and animal. He will submit, as do animals, to biological impulses. That is why, when he encountered unexpected opposition in a cell, Turcanu affirmed: “Your resistance is in vain. This system has been perfected and used for twenty-five years and so far it has never failed. You will become convinced of this yourselves. I do not work haphazardly. ”

    The prison’s warden, the Bolshevik Lieutenant Dumitrescu, stated several times in more than one cell, a little before the beginning of “re-education”: “Even if you were made out of granite, you would not be able to resist all the way. Shortly you will see that I do not lie. ” At Pitesti, at least as far as the basic method was concerned, the experimenters improvised nothing; from the very first they applied a method that had worked innumerable times and whose results could be predicted with certainty.

    How the system was elaborated and tested, I do not know, but its effects were certain. A mere reference to the tortures was like Professor Pavlov’s bell or the gypsies’ drum. A word was sufficient to trigger the reflex that pain and degradation had created, and the man was at once paralyzed and behaved as the experimenters wished.

  6. Has anyone here read at least 1 (one) book by Osho Rajneesh?

    For a moment I thought I was reading the mainstream media. Oh, wait, it’s darkmoon.

    This article is a media hitjob.

    30 years have passed since Rajneesh’s death. I think maybe it’s time to reconsider his legacy, and not just parrot media hatchet jobs.

    At least read the man’s books, he has about 500. At least find out the man’s philosophy.
    At least find out why he had 93 Rolls Royces.

    This article is very disingenous, the title is ridiculous — it is willfully ignorant. Osho’s books are freely available and anyone can read them and find out why he did what he did.

    Can you research it? Oh, too lazy? Maybe it’s easier to just parrot “sex guru” and “93 Rolls Royces.”
    Repeat what you read in the media like a parrot.

    I have been practicing Osho’s meditations for 20 years now, and I spent long periods in Osho ashrams in Europe. Try it, you won’t regret it.

    But if anyone is willfully ignorant, I’m sorry, you don’t have my respect.

    Osho Rajneesh was a genius ahead of his time, so it is not easy to understand why he did what he did.

    You have to study his work in order to understand it.

    He invented many meditation techniques, and also revolutionized therapy.

    1. Spoken like a certifiable Baby Boomer who read a lot of Eastern mysticism (maaaann) back in the 60’s and still can’t get over his little “guru”.

      Well, I actually read some of “Osho’s” genius level philosophy (not knowing it was rebranded such as to conveniently exclude the “Rajneesh” name) and found it to be an incomprehensible mish-mash of all things related to Kundalini yoga (which are much better expressed elsewhere.)

      But don’t get me wrong — my disdain for “Osho” extends not only to him, but to most of his racial kinsmen as well. After 90% of my office got “offshored” and replaced with H1B’s and dots in Chennai, I coincidentally became extremely unenamored with the so-called “wisdom of India”, as this yoga-pants notion of “the wise land of sagacious yogis and spiritual gurus” gave way to the reality of the cesspit that is modern India. Thanks, but I’ll take my “spiritual wisdom” from people that have at least mastered indoor plumbing first. Whatever problems might be caused by sexual repression, it’s kind of hard to get in the mood to get it on when you’re dodging piles of human waste every third step.

      (On the upside, someone in the local Goodwill certainly got quite the cache of a lifetime if they’re into Indian philosophy, including the collected works of Vivekananda and — speak of the devil — a couple of doorstop-length books by “Osho”.)

  7. The boy had too much PUSSY on his mind! 😉
    (An old man put it in perspective for me, once, when he said “Boy, it ain’t nothin’ but a strait gut with hair around it!”)

  8. BLAST from the PAST — I recall listening to Rajneesh’s lectures — impressed I was — though never in person and not ever a disciple.

    Between my exit from “formal religion” as a “roamin’ catholic” (1965) and an acceptable degree of Self-realization (non-certified to this day), I too went through “gurus” — some chemical, some in human form, many if not all claiming a connection with GOD that, somehow, magically, transmutatingly, all transferably applicable to my (then) poor condition as a soul-body-mind amalgam.

    Why trash Rajneesh now? What a trip he undertook! GOD bless that man! Oh well, there are those who trash Jesus, too, to this day.

  9. I used to occasionally wonder how Oregon got to be such a liberal cesspit. Thanks to Admin posting this article, I no longer have to wonder. Too many followers of Rajneesh stayed in Oregon, moved to Portland, and had offspring. That would also explain the world’s largest annual nude bike ride in Portland.

    @ John D…

    “At least find out why he had 93 Rolls Royces.”

    My guess is he ran out of suckers before he could get number 94.

  10. So “being a fan of Hitler and euthanasia” is “unsavory”? According to (((whom)))?

    1. @ Axis Sally

      According to the mainstream viewpoint — which is, as you hint, largely controlled by Big Jewry.

      By the way, this website is not responsible for the views of the authors it publishes. We make this quite clear in our disclaimer. We also publish articles whose viewpoints we find disgusting and we fully expect out readers to share our distaste for those articles.

      So please don’t make the mistake of assuming that every article we publish receives a nod of approval from us. It does not.

      — Sister Monica

  11. The unknown Deep State analysis – which the Netflix documentary does NOT portray – , as mainstream is always lamestream. Max Brecher’s book, Passage to America , is a golden treasure, a documentary thoroughness if you want to get the whole story

    Despite the fact that Wild Wild Country is a phenomenal documentary film, its omissions about the deeper part of history cause the truth about Osho to be destroyed.Based on several sources, including extremely thorough work by Carl Bernstein, and especially Max Brecher’s shocking Passage to America, etc., there is a Deep State Political Rabbit Hole that goes much deeper than portrayed in Wild Wild Country.

    Rajneesh / Osho was perceived as extremely risky by powerful groupings who were responsible for state conspiracy against him. The convenient pretext – which Sheela with hier insane actions gave the authorities – was a perfect alibi for a deeper agenda; namely to remove Rajneesh from the United States.

    *Osho was denied entry permit in +20 countries. These countries were either pressured or threatened by the US AFTER he was expelled by the United States.
    * Europe would not have him with reference to his manners and talks, not least the episode in the United States.
    * Uruguay was especially threatened by the United States because they gave Rajneesh permanent residence permit. Uruguayan President Sanguinetti later admitted, in Uruguay was threatened with immediate repayment on a $ 6 billion loan (equivalent to at least 100 billion dollars today) and threatened with total stop for loans subsequently if they gave Osho residence permit in Punta del Este in Uruguay.
    Sanguinetti asked why!? The Ambassador read from a CIA report: “Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is a very intelligent man, he is very dangerous. He is an anarchist, he is able to change men’s mind.” (Passage to America).
    * Rajneesh’s flight was followed closely, he had a distressed stay, ordering deportation or ultimatum for immediate departure, every single time he landed in a country, was often on the plane, m.m.
    * Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict), Vatican, President Ronald Reagan, CIA, FBI, and 15 other government agents were involved, possibly Zbigniew Brzezinski. Osho was – despite ihis mistakes – clearly seen as a major threat to the Vatican, Oregon, and the US-Christian elite-political network with direct contact to Reagan, and US agencies were put on the big day.
    * The local authorities in Oregon were surprised that there had been a deeper parallel supranational program against Rajneesh, an American attention to Rajneesh long before Rajneeshpuram. The White House and actors at the highest level were very vigilant about Rajneesh before he was on his way to the United States (see Alexander Haig’s exchange with Bombay below).
    * Some disciples in Oregon initiated terrorist actions, a bio-terrorist operation (the largest in US history, where about 700 were poisoned), but whether this was a state black / false flag operation is unknown (one only needs to think of Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.), Murder attempts at their own discretion and threats against officials, etc.
    It was admitted by the prosecutor or the governor that the case against Osho was a political case camouflaged as legal.
    * US military fighter aircrafts – including F-16 – were harassing Rajneeshpuram in Oregon for several years, often with very low flights – down to under 30 meters . Buildings became used as simulated targets for bombings in training missions. In addition, there was surveillance from the air, etc.
    (see page 183 in Passage to America – an extremely thorough documentary book about Rajneeshpuram and Rajneesh, and as already blocked in 1989, and rejected by 20-30 Western Book Publishers – and first published in 1993 on Indian publishers without any mention of the West !
    * All mainstream media in the United States excluded to mention that photos of the armed sanyassins (disciples) were employees of a US government-approved police force, all of whom were trained under the State Police Academy in the United States.
    * Max Brecher interviewer for mercenaries who claim that they were offered money from the CIA to kill Rajneesh, but they rejected the offer when they heard that Rajneeshpuram was armed to the teeth.

    ‘In his book Passage to America, Max Brecher interviews two soldiers-for-hire who allege that they were offered money for killing Rajneesh. In both instances, the individuals were sure that the CIA was ultimately behind the payment offers. John Wayne Hearn, now serving three life sentences for three gruesome murders for hire, admits to working for the CIA on several covert operations, including running guns to Nicaragua and assisting in a plot to overthrow the government of French Guyana. Hearn claims to have been offered a significant amount of money to blow-up several trailers at Rajneehpuram in an attempt to scare the sannyasins. The second man Don Stewart recorded his conversations with his contact who went by the name Wolfgang. In these conversations, Wolfgang specifically mentions government agencies targeting Rajneesh. Wolfgang’s plan was to assassinate the Bhagwan during one of his daily drives. Once a day Rajneesh would drive his car along a commune road and sannyasins would line up to watch their guru drive by. For Wolfgang, and presumably his backers, the killing of a couple of hundred devotees was more than acceptable if Rajneesh was taken out. It is ironic that in both these instances, the soldiers turned down the offer due to the rumors they had heard about the commune being an armed camp. The prospect of being trapped by a couple of thousand armed zealots proved an unacceptable risk.

    * It took the state authorities over 12 days to transport him from the east coast to Oregon, with many pitstops in jail along the way, a very unusual procedure that should have taken 6 hours by plane!
    * Something suggests that Osho was slowly murdered with radioactivity and / or poison by The Deep State in custody of the Oklahoma County Jail (and possibly other prisons). Apparently, it was also the only stay in the endless series of transport to prisons where Osho was registered under the name ‘David Washington’, allegedly one for the purpose of VIP anonymity (unlike their usual practice where an anonymous prisoner gets the general term ‘john doe’)

    It was one of thetoxic clusterfuck operations involving government and intergovernmental shadow actors. An unknown but encyclopedic rabbit hole that is still unclear to many – Max Brecher’s book compensates for this. In almost all countries, incl. India, there were disproportionate and explosive incidents, threats, tampering, etc. against Osho and his followers in the most virulent way. I’m NOT Sanyassin, nor Osho follower, but truth be told, despite Osho’s, Rajneeshpuram’s and Sanyassians’ own clusterfucks and pitfalls. Notice the names of the following extract, as many know today.

  12. “Reagan soon found himself surrounded in The white House with …William Casey as head of CIA, Zbigniew Brzezinski as national security adviser, Secretary of State Alexan­der Haig, Vernon Walters, deputy director of CIA, and quite a few others. ..The alliance between Washington and the Vatican was initiated by Brzezinski… Already in the Spring of 1981 the Reagan administration began an intelligence shuttle at the highest level with the pope, ….This alliance and ‘geo­strategic dialogue’ between Reagan and Pius II, with CIA…….

    The pri­mary sources of the book are Bernstein’s and Politi’s interviews with more than three hundred key-persons – in the U.S. and in the Vatican – conduc­ted mainly between 1993 and 1996. What is revealed in these pages is by all means one of the most pro­found and consequential tales of our time….it’s hard to miss evident facts of a White House initiative to get rid of a ‘persona non grata’ visitor to the U.S. And maybe the operation was going even further.

    When Osho – before 1989 known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh – entered U.S. in the summer of 1981 it was by all means not the beginning of his work as an enlightened master, but rather an extension of his work from the Eastern to the Western hemisp­here. Born in India in 1931, Osho soon demonstrated an inde­pendent spirit, and following his experience of enlightenment in the age of 21 he started to address audiences and speak on hot topics within spirituality and sexuality. His ashram in Poona was soon to become a beehive of talented seekers and thera­pists from the West, pouring their energies into the work of their master and turning Poona into a spiritu­al growth center of unique quality on a global level in the 1970’es….

    Prior to the departure for U.S., one early Monday morning on June 1st with Pan Am’s New York bound flight 001, the American Bombay Consulate was approached with a visa application. Three days earlier during the handling of the application, a cable was sent May 29 a.m. Bombay time to the Consulate from Alexan­der Haig, first secretary of state. It said in plain words that ‘THERE IS HIGH LEVEL INTEREST IN THIS CASE’.

    And so it seemed, still more evident in the following years, that the harassment by the Reagan administration against Osho’s land estate in the mountains of Oregon were actions that fitted overwhelmingly smooth into the overall framework of the strate­gic alliance with the Vatican. To celebrate ‘The Year of the Bible’ relations with the Vatican was formalized as from January 10th 1984, and soon CIA also found themselves engaged in the out phasing of anti-papal ‘liberation theology’ in Latin Ameri­ca.

    Being a long time entry on the Vatican’s list of forbidden authors – Index Librorum Prohibitorum – Osho and his criticism of the papal institution was causing constant anxiety in the leading circles of the Roman-Chatholic church.

    Among the sixty interview persons approached by Brecher during his 1989 fact-finding-research, cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the second most powerful man in the Vatican, revealed that he would only consider the matter if all questions were submitted to him in writing months in advance. According to information from someone ‘very close’ to Rat­zinger, he ‘is known to have opera­ted behind the scenes in the expulsion of Rajneesh from Ameri­ca’.

    It is beyond doubt that Ratzinger got the creeps when ‘oriental godmen’ were threate­ning the church and seducing the followers away from Christ.

    …..The whereabouts of Osho kept quite a few officials occupied in U.S. Government, and applying for a ‘green card’ for residency it was once again confirmed by U.S.State Department in a confidential telegram to the American Consulate in Bombay on November 24th 1981, that ‘THERE IS BOTH CONGRESSIONAL AND WHITE HOUSE INTEREST IN THE ACTIVITI­ES OF THE GURU AND HIS ASHRAM’…….To coordinate the legal approach to these questions communication lines were glowing between agencies like Immigra­tion and Naturali­za­tion Services (INS), FBI, CIA and DEA. Consi­dering the 1985-proseqution of Osho for violating immigra­tion laws and marriage fraud, it is admitted in an interview by U.S. Attorney in Portland, Oregon, Charles Turner, that ‘we were trying to use the criminal process to solve what was really a political problem’.

    During 1985 when the pressure for ex­pulsion of Osho from U.S. was rapidly growing, there were telephone con­ference calls of up to an hour or more participa­ted in by the attorney General Frohmeyer, the governor of Oregon, the head of the state police, the head of the FBI and Charles Turner. Twice a day. According to Frohmeyer, it was ‘the longest single criminal investigation ever mounted in the state of Oregon’. To solve a political and religious matter between the U.S. admini­stration and the interests of the Vatican.

    …Instead the opportunity turned up when Osho left the Ranch onboard a Lear jet on Sunday at 5.30 p.m. October 27th 1985. In the airport of Charlotte, North Carolina, Osho and his fellow ­travellers were met by armed guards and arrested without any arrest warrant. An official arrest warrent were only presented three days later in the federal court in Charlotte. It was not signed, it was not completely filled out, and it was later not to be found in the federal court records, either in Charlotte or in Portland, Oregon.

    The process was definitely not to take place in Oregon at once. The signals from the federal government were loud and clear: “Hell, no!. We move to detain him. We’re not interested in talking about shipping him anywhere. Period!”. Still it was and became an Oregon state matter and many, including media, were surprised that the federal government as an entity was involved to a great extent…..A medium-stre­ngth radioactive source is suspected to have been hidden inside the mattress, to destroy his mental abilities, faculties of speech and his immune system. [1]

    In the morning of the 5th the filthy mattress was changed and for breakfast he was served two slices of bread soaked in a tasteless odourless sauce. Immedi­ately after eating Osho felt nauseous, and later his doctors expected him to have taken in also thallium, a heavy metal used in rat poison. They also believe he was heavily sedated, in fact he didn’t remember much of what had happened on November 5th. The same afternoon – mass media were following the trail – Osho was secretly taken to El Reno, a 30-minutes drive away. The trip took two hours.

    …On his following World Tour to followers in four continents the message from U.S. was heard loud and cleat all the way. Whenever his jet had landed, it was soon followed by another jet carrying two U.S. officials with a handcuffed black hardcase. It contained official dossiers and press clippings exposing Osho as a hardlined criminal any country had best getting rid of. The sooner the better.

    In Europe Italy, Germa­ny, England, Holland, Switzerland and Greece were officially closed for him; also in Arlanda Airport in Stockholm armed police rejected his entry to Sweden.

    While Osho was settling for a while in Punta del Este outside of Montevideo, Uruguay, a motion was introduced into the political committee of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. The motion, which was introduced by twelve leading members of the Parliament’s second-most influential party, the right-wing Christian Democrats, called on ministers “meeting in the framework of European political cooperation to do their utmost to ensure that the Bhagwan Leader is no longer allowed to settle in any Community Member State”, an it further expec­ted all member states “to take measures provided for in their legal systems to prevent his [Osho] residence on their terri­tory”. Any way the resolution died in committee, but at that time the above mentioned countries had already on their own, or so it might seem for an out tander, taken steps never to allow Osho within their borders. For entering these countri­es his speeches, his manners and – not the least – the U.S. influence together gave the rationale for the exclusion.

    At the very time in April 1986 when the Uruguayan government was getting ready to announce the granting of permanent resi­dency for Osho, President Sangui­netti was called by the Ameri­can Ambassador Malcolm Wilkey. Conditions for an Uruguayan state loan on $ 6 billion was to be tightened up if the residen­cy permit was forwarded. Answering his “But, why?” the Presi­dent was read from a CIA report by the ambassador: “Bhag­wan Shree Rajneesh is a highly intelligent man. He is very dan­gerous. He is an anarchist. He has the power to change men’s minds.” By June 19th Osho was invited to leave Uruguay, and after stopovers on Jamaica and in Portugal Osho reached finally reached New Delhi on July 30th 1986…

    ……. As mentioned earlier……is based on a research method familiar with Bernstein’s story on the ties between the pope and the Reagan administration. During the year 1989 primary research material was procured by interviewing sixty infor­mants, among them most officials in­volved in the case. Needles to say some key-persons – nine – refused to partici­pate. But that did not impede the unveiling of a high level conspira­cy, orchestra­ted in tuned harmony with the most sincere inter­ests of the Roman-Catholic Church….The book was finished already in 1989 but for certain reasons 20-30 publishing companies mainly in the West were approached without result. In India Motilal Banarsidass Publishers accep­ted the manuscript for publis­hing 1991 but later happened to cancel the agreement. Somehow corresponding with the Indian govern­ment’s actual efforts to rebuild goodwill with the U.S. at that time. The launching of the book by Book Quest Publis­hers in Bombay 1993 for certain reasons did not trigger off any reviews in Western press. In an interview in Poona, India, on August 30th 1996, Max Brecher was summing up the stunning result of his fact-finding research: “With a certainty on 98% Edwin Meese – and with him Reagan – was involved as promotor of the operation. But all clues were blocked at the level right below him in the administration”.”

    [1] “Rajneesh and his doctors later suspected that there was a medium strength radioactive source inside the mattress. 1065 Kristian Dahl-Madsen, a Danish sannyasin and nuclear engineering expert with an M.S. degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, described for me how radioactivity works. “A normally sensitive person can feel if he is being given a substantial dose of induced radioactivity. However, this sensitivity can be avoided by either creating a stress situation or by making sure that the subject is cold and, therefore, insensitive. This could explain why Osho was not given a blanket in November. He would not receive a pillow because they would want to get his head as close as possible to the source of radiation. Apparently, they wanted to destroy his mental abilities, faculties of speech and his immune system.” 1066. Some time the next day – Rajneesh didn’t know when because his watch had been taken away – another man in plain clothes came to see him. He was not wearing the uniform worn by all Oklahoma County Jail personnel, and Rajneesh didn’t know who he was. He asked how he felt. Rajneesh said cold and shaky, but otherwise okay. The man brought him a new mattress, blanket and pillow, and took the old mattress out in a hurry. He brought him a meal consisting of two slices of bread soaked in a tasteless, odorless sauce. He was told to eat up, because he was leaving soon. Immediately after eating, Rajneesh felt nauseous. He and his doctors later suspected that he had been poisoned with thallium, a heavy metal used in rat poison….Since he doesn’t remember much of what happened during the rest of the day, they also believe he was heavily sedated. At around 3:46 p.m. on Tuesday, November 5, Rajneesh signed out of Oklahoma County Jail. There is a radical difference between that signature and the one from the night before. He had obviously been severely traumatized. The same afternoon he was secretly taken to El Reno Federal Penitentiary. A 30 minute drive, the trip took two hours. 1067″
    – Passage to America, side 360-361

  13. Correction: “Uruguay was threatened with immediate repayment on a $ 6 billion loan equivalent of at least *16* billion dollars today

  14. Also; the mayor, Devakrishna could have been an Agent Provocateur, COINTEL – he made a deal with the State in exchange for snitching

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