Remote Indian Tribe Kills American Missionary Trying To Force Christianity On Them


Does this feckless young missionary deserve a medal for his heroic  “courage” —  or was he just a reckless young fool who was “asking for trouble”?

The Daily Mail

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with notes and comments

They’re the  “sex-crazed tribe” cut off from the world for 30,000 years and they don’t like visitors — especially fanatical  holier-than-thou missionaries anxious to ram Christianity down their throats. They repel all visitors by shooting them with poison arrows. Their message is quite clear: “This is our island, and we don’t want any intruders, so KEEP AWAY!” 

Poison arrows, knives, spears, clubs, axes, rocks — all of them have been waved very angrily. Over the years, the message from the natives of the tiny island of North Sentinel in the Bay of Bengal could not have been clearer. ‘Keep away. Go home. Buzz off. Visitors not welcome. We want to be alone.’

Of course they do.

The Sentinelese are one of a very few remaining ‘uncontacted peoples’ in the world and they are determined to keep it that way. Which means we know tantalisingly little about their language, their culture, their belief system or even how many of them there are.

But what we do know is that they have lived happily and largely healthily on their tiny, lush, mangrove-swamped 20-square-mile island for at least 30,000 years.

During which time, they have feasted on wild pig, clams, berries and honey, engaged in energetic communal sex sessions on the beach and repelled pretty much every visitor (well-meaning or threatening) with a flurry of poison arrows and razor sharp machetes.

So it wasn’t such a surprise last weekend when John Allen Chau, a 26-year-old American Christian missionary-cum-thrill-seeking explorer who visited the island was felled by a poison arrow and then dragged round the white sand beaches by a piece of twine until he was dead.

Apparently Chau, a graduate of the evangelical Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma, who had previously declared visiting North Sentinel as his ‘must-do adventure’, had decided his life’s calling was converting the Sentinelese to Christianity.

Poor well-intentioned Chau! Of course, his death is an utter tragedy — a young life cut off in such an horrific and courageous way. He continued walking into the arrows as they fired, so intent was he on delivering his message from God.

And from all accounts he was a wonderful human being — ‘kind’, ‘big-hearted’ and ‘wonderful fun’.

killed last weekend by the natives of North Sentinel island
for visiting their remote island against their will.

LD: I disagree most emphatically with the politically correct writer of this article, Jane Fryer, that this reckless and stupid  26-year-old Chinese American “missionary” is some kind of heroic martyr whose “death is an utter tragedy — a young life cut off in such an heroic and courageous way.” His death may have been “horrific” but the word “courageous” is surely out of place and suggests we ought to sympathize with this foolish young religious nut trying to force his way into an isolated island community bearing unwanted gifts.

We now know from studying history that any nation imprudent enough to welcome Christian missionaries into their midst, whether in the far East or in the New World or the Antipodes, soon ended up colonized and exploited to the hilt by their benefactors.

It took the Chinese and Indians many centuries  to throw off the shackles of their Christian invaders, who used religion as a cunning tool to gain access to their countries. They then used their gunboats and superior weaponry to batten on the natives like parasites. Evicting the toxic Western squatters was not an easy task, and the loot spirited away in the process remains incalculable to this day.

We agree with the writer of this article, however,  as she continues: “But he [John Chao] shouldn’t have been there [in the first place]. Under Indian law, it is illegal for anyone to be within five nautical miles of the islands and, since last year, even filming the natives in the Andaman Islands — which include North Sentinel — has been illegal.”

LD (continued) : North Sentinel island, which is part of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, is now under Indian jurisdiction. India has decided, correctly in my view, that the people of this remote island community are a rare “protected species”. And that nosey anthropologists, do-gooder missionaries, and other opportunistic intruders should have the decency to keep away when they are clearly not welcome.

As we all know now from the study of imperial history, it’s only one small step from seemingly innocent tape recorders and  cameras and nice Christian missionaries armed with New Testaments — to Coca Cola, McDonalds,  plastic-strewn beaches, high-rise casinos, cocaine snorters, call girls, and, last but not least — the final gift from the dark gods! — sex tourism laid on for plane loads of decadent deviants from the West. 

“No thank you!” says India.

In 1974, Western visitors to the island tried to seduce the natives by offering them silly gifts, which included, bizarrely, a miniature plastic car, a live pig, and a bunch of aluminium cooking pots. 

You can’t make this up. [LD] 


This [India’s “hands off” policy] is partly to protect visitors such as Chau from the natives’ deadly tendencies.

But more importantly, it is to ensure the continued survival of the world’s last pre-neolithic tribe. A people, so isolated, so apart from, so unexposed to modern life that they are unlikely to have any resistance common illnesses such as flu, measles or even a cold.

As Sophie Grig, a senior researcher with Survival International, put it: “This is one of the most vulnerable tribes on the planet. He could be passing on diseases that could literally wipe them all out.”

Which as well as being a disaster for them, would be an anthropological catastrophe. Because the Sentinelese are the only surviving direct descendants of the first humans in Asia. More than 75,000 years ago they made their way from Africa to the Middle East, Burma and India.

Eventually, they reached the Andaman Islands. Some moved on, but others stayed on North Sentinel, drawn by the lush mangrove jungles, perfect white sandy beaches and a natural bounty so rich and easy to plunder there was no need to cultivate the land. The men hunted turtle, pigs and fish with spears, bows and arrows tipped with bone and hardwood.

The women gathered tubers, coconuts berries and clams and caught fish in homemade nets. In the summer they collected honey, smearing their bodies with a special bee-repellent leaf paste. All went naked (but for a few leaves, fibre strings and ornaments) and lived in huts in small family-based groups.

And that’s how they still live 30,000 years on, protected by the sea and their own latent aggression from modernisation, gadgets, plastic, stress and other humans.

The first documented contact with the tribe was made over 1,000 years ago by Chinese and Arabian explorers who were driven back with a barrage of arrows and described the natives as being three feet tall with human bodies and bird beaks. Pretty much every attempt to visit them since has ended in disaster.

When Marco Polo encountered the islands in the 13th century, he wrote: “They are a most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everybody they catch.” And, in 1563, a sailor, Master Caesar Frederick, warned: “If any ship, by ill fortune, stop at these islands, no one comes back alive.”

So for a long time, even when the rest of the Andaman and nearby Nicobar islands were colonised by the British in 1850 and turned into a penal colony, the Sentinelese were left alone to hunt, eat and generally make merry in their fecund island paradise.

Until 1880, when a British colonial expedition led by Maurice Vidal Portman landed with a squad of armed police, kidnapped an entire family and whisked them off to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands. The adults died immediately and a red-faced Portman hastily returned the four children with gifts.

LD: Maurice Vidal Portman is probably Jewish, as his name would suggest. Most of the key officials in the Rothschild-backed East India Company were known to be Jewish. These included the British sephardic Jew, Elias David Sassoon, and his equally predatory colleague Silas Aaron Hardoon, his partner in the firm E.D. Sassoon & Co. The same Jewish merchants were also to be found in China, financing the Opium Wars and turning millions of the Chinese people into helpless opium addicts.

See my article “China and the Jews“. Scroll down to Part 2: “Opium, Sex and Death”. See also here and here (with 271 comments). [LD] 

For nearly a century after that, the islanders were left largely to their own devices.

Until, in 1970, a group of anthropologists approached the island, notebooks and cameras at the ready, and were peppered with arrows and then treated to an energetic beach sex show, described by one observer as a ‘sort of community mating, a frenzied dance of desire’.

Four years later, there was another invasion attempt — this time the visitors were laden with offerings of a miniature plastic car, a live pig and a selection of aluminium pots.

The response? Yet another volley of poison arrows.

Occasionally, instead of firing weapons, the men wave their penises very angrily and, on rare occasions, would accept the odd coconut before opening fire. But the message has never changed.

“Please leave us alone. We don’t want to be friends.”

Their decision to resist contact with the outside world is an intelligent one. They are frequently referred to as Stone Age or primitive, but from the little the outside world has been allowed to learn, we know they are anything but.

Today there are just 100 groups of people scattered across the world — including the Yanomami in northern Brazil; the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode in Bolivia; and, until the last member died in 2011, the Andaman Islands’ Bo tribe — who know nothing of our world and do their utmost to keep theirs a mystery.

But however unwelcoming they are, visitors keep coming.

Chau sounds like a bright and lovely young man. He claimed to have been ‘fascinated’ by the people of North Sentinel and had researched them. Of course he knew of the danger he faced, if not the danger from his germs to the islanders.

LD : The fact that Chau knew his germs could kill them, but still decided to convert them to Christianity before decimating them with disease, tells us everything we need to know about this narcissistic young do-gooder.  A “bright and lovely young man”?  Oh dear, the author of this article appears to possess the same moral values of the village idiot she praises! —  How truly depressing.     

Chau wrote a letter to his parents before he left, saying: “I think it’s worth it to declare Jesus to these people. Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed.” He’d visited several times before the fateful trip last week — taking scissors, safety pins and a football as gifts. [!!!]

In return they rained arrows down on him and damaged his canoe.

“I have been so nice to them, why are they so angry and aggressive?” he asked in his diary.

The Indian government adopts what it calls a “hands off, eyes on” policy for the tribe, which means officials moor boats nearby, to check on welfare from a safe distance. While the seven fishermen who transported Chau and his canoe to within the exclusion zone — and watched while he was killed — have all been arrested, there is no question anyone on the island will be bothered by the authorities.

Let’s hope other reckless souls learn from Chau’s death. The survival of the islanders depends on it.

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  1. I’m calling BS on this straight up. There are just so many discrepancies and implausibilities in this delinquent narrative it’s hard to know where to start. Shoot that poison arrow, but don’t drink from the poisoned well.

  2. Allen Chau obvious a mixed breed of a jew, Allen is a jewish name, and Chau an oriental name with his oriental fysique to deceive the indian tribe. Let his fate be a warning for the ones who want to bring ‘ christianity’. Where ‘ christianity’ is, is judaism, the jew and we all know how the jews love the non jews.

    1. Allen Chau is a Chinese American not a Jew, probably indoctrinated by evangelical Christian organizations in America, to preach the gospel to the un-reached people of the world. Probably to this naive evangelist, preaching to the Stone Age Sentinelese would be his fulfillment of Jesus’s great commission.

  3. I agree with you that the original article by Jane Fryer, published by the mainstream newspaper The Daily Mail, is total BS. It portrays this 26-year-old Chinese American missionary, John Chao, as some kind of hero who died a “horrific” and tragic death and who deserves a medal for his bravery. This is wrong, as Lasha Darkmoon correctly points this out. How can anyone be a “hero” who is fanatically determined to convert these islanders to Christianity against their wills, knowing full well that his Western germs are bound to kill them all off by exposing them to deadly infections?

    The first thing an anthropologist or Christian missionary needs is to do is to GET PERMISSION to land on someone else’s territory. If you don’t want a salesman knocking on your door, you have the right to tell him to
    GO AWAY! You are under no obligation to let these high-pressure salesmen into your house against your will.

    That’s what these smart-assed anthropologists and Christian missionaries do. They are invaders, pure and simple. Virtue signalling busybodies who deserve to be killed if they force their way into your house and refuse to leave.

    1. I know a family of Evangelical happy-clappers here in Australia who are heavily involved in missionary activities. Their eldest son was once helicoptered into inaccessible PNG jungle. Money or locals’ objections are never a problem.

  4. Stupid is what stupid does. Americans are amongst the most stupid people on Earth. The vast majority have little knowledge of the Truth about anything. Those that are alive today have been “educated” in government mandated and controlled public schools and millions have gone on to be further brainwashed in its colleges and universities.

    They know little or nothing about their own bodies or how the body works, what to feed it, and how to maintain it so it will function without disease until they die a natural death.

    The vast majority are arrogantly ignorant about US and world history, law, health, nutrition, the state and federal government, and religion.

    This young man was brought up and trained to be stupid by stupid parents and teachers.

      1. Yes, a fine comment by Dr Jim. Hope he stays to lend us his support! We need intelligent commenters on this site to keep a tab on the many Jewish trolls and extremist fanatics who infect this site with their systematic drip-feed of deadly disinformation.

      2. I am sorry to tell Dr Jim that where once the Brits were better educated than the Americans it is now the reverse.

        And Allen is about as British a name as you get.

    1. @Dr. Jim. My grandmother died in her late 90s of no particular cause. This was 20 years ago. No drugs, no operations that I know of, no hospital stays. Birthed her kids at home.

    2. Hi Dr Jim,
      I have employed people in both the USA and the UK. I think there is very little difference in the intelligence of the populations. What is surprising is how deficient is the knowledge of the young job applicants. It is not a matter of intelligence but of education.

      We used to have a standard questionaire of increasingly difficult questions and 50 years ago In both the USA and UK you could ask questions up to GCE level and most applicants would get a good score; but not now, and the deterioration has been worse in the UK than in the USA.

      Even graduate Engineers surprise me with their failures. An example? If an item is $100 including 10% tax what is price before tax? 15 out of 15 gave the answer as $90. The right answer is $90.90909r, or nearly $91. These were graduate Engineers, in both America and England.

      I find the young today are very intelligent and willing to learn. My doubts are about the teachers, who seem to think that Social Studies is more important than the three Rs.

      These are my own subjective conclusions, but I think there is a need for investigation, even PhD theses.

      1. I think the future of education lies with the internet. It is already moving that way. Learning programs already can start at “The cat sat on the Mat” and proceed to advanced scientific and technical subjects.

        The great thing about computer teaching is that the pupil can replay a topic many times and not feel embarrassed. My personal failing was falling asleep during lectures, and even when I was awake I was the worst note-taker in the class. Lectures on Youtube would have been just right for me.

      2. I should not criticize the teachers. It is the educational administrations that set the syllabus and teachers nowadays dare not stray from it.

  5. Add addendum: Jane Fryer with her jewish sephardic surname. Oh how these jews love to sell us ‘Christianity’ and we still get fooled by them. It’s the jewish recipe they have always been using.

  6. In this Orwellian world it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN the ancient ways of these people are swept into the dustbins of history along with the rest of us poor slobs

    Beam me up, Scotty!

  7. As John Allen Chau felt his big hankering for a preaching adventure, there were no doubt plenty of heathens in his home town of Vancouver, Washington, who would have sufficed.

    Or he could just have thrown a dart at a map and the first metropolis he hit would have worked just as well.

    Of course instead of a glamorous death by poison arrow, whilst preaching to the heathens of Vancouver or Chicago or Philadelphia, he’d most likely meet his death via a mundane case of lead poisoning. Six of one, eh..

    1. Yes, I meant John not David. John reminds me of David, an old ping pong pal from way back. The local champ. He’d smile that same smile whether he just beat you, or whether he just let you beat him. No doubt for reasons of morale..

  8. @ Hp

    Ah, what a “heroic death” this noble young “Christian martyr” would have won if — instead of being felled by a poison arrow on a remote beach in the Bay of Bengal — he had ended up instead in a cannibal’s cooking pot in Darkest Africa and been eaten by a bunch of sex-crazed Hottentots!

    Too bad he didn’t go to Africa instead. 🙂

    1. They still haven’t recovered his body yet, have they?
      I’d keep a sharp eye out for evidence of moutarde..

    1. No chance, Luke. You’re stuck here forever on Darkmoon Island. The final destination of maladjusted misfits to a profoundly sick society.

      I now consider myself as an honorary member of the Sentinelese tribe. But instead of a poison dart, I shall wield my poison pen

      No intruders welcome!🖋️😆

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      2. I know the drill, Sister. In keeping with the oftentimes spirit of the site, I was simply being tongue-in-cheek 😋

    2. Hotel Kalifornication has a few rooms left for you, Luke Wagner! You know the drill, just like here: You can check in, but you can never leave. After a while, you will forget every good reason for leaving sooner than later. Then THE CHANGE occurs!! I look forward to your DEscription of your change, Luke Wagner! (Sort of like, UNsubscibe, only with a verbal departure!) Once you’ve changed, you will feel very gooooood indeed here & now, on the DARKMOON side of the web.

  9. The Sentinelese have obviously been smart enough, thru the centuries, to keep their population within the carrying capacity of their small island home (about the size of Manhattan, so I’ve read). Who knows how they’ve done it (cannibalism? child sacrifice? euthanizing the old and infirm?), but they did what they had to do for their own survival. The people of the overpopulated “modern” world, with its uncontrolled migration, have not been nearly as prescient.

    BTW, a special thanks to the Indian government for protecting these fragile hunter gatherers from do-gooder evangelists like Mr. Chau. Onward Christian Soldier!(lol)

    1. @Folly. We used to do the same thing, ie, keep our populations within carrying capacity. Only it’s never done intentionally – Mother Nature did that job by taking the weakest (mostly thru infectious disease) because there was no form of medicine to keep the undeserving-of-life alive. In the past the only medicine/medical treatments available were simple and not capable of keeping defectives alive. All they did was deal with simple ailments experienced by the basically healthy. And there you have it. Sad but true. Or maybe not sad. Germs ARE your tribe’s friend in the long run.

      Today? LOL. Everyone lining up for transplants of one sort or another, stem cells, etc. etc. There is great social pressure to “donate” your body parts, it’s a growing industry and the intention is to make a lot of money for that industry. But the industry would not exist if humans were not desperate to live forever or to see their extremely infirm children go on living. So these businesses are making a killing off human cowardice.

    2. @follyofwar,

      Are you really that delusional ?!?!?

      Since when have naked black african breeds who grope their genitals all day been found to have PLANNED population density ???

      Surely you jest !! You can’t possibly be that lacking in iq !!
      Nature, where white women don’t intervene, keeps the niggers in check with things like crocodiles and mosquitos and minor illnesses that kill off the young, old, and injured.
      Hell poison ivy and a small cut can either one kill you when youre a stupid naked monkey in a tropical jungle.

      1. @ Ed

        The only people I know who use the word “nigger” as freely as you do, are usually n*****s themselves. Guess you didn’t know that, ass***e! 🙂

        You could try using the word “negro”, which is accurate without being offensive.

        We know you’re a tough guy with hair on your chest. We also know you prefer to communicate with your lowbrow buddies with simian grunts rather than with human discourse, but please do try and use the English language without spitting in people’s faces with every word you utter.

  10. He was warned, Even the local fisherman know not to go near the island. DING….DING….DING…. Darwin Award!!!!

  11. What is the basis for missionary zeal? Supremacy. Jewish supremacy. The rock bottom motivation to save others is the idea that you are better, superior, know more, etc. The Christian, indoctrinated into the Jewish based ideology that one must be saved to get into heaven, wants to share this “good news” with natives everywhere. Once you are convinced you are getting into heaven why not share that with those poor folk who haven’t heard of the Gospel? The Christian knows they are saved, so they are anxious to save others to make sure they get into heaven – and they wouldn’t want to stand before Saint Peter and not done everything to share the Word of God.

    All the terrible tragedies that follow contact are considered acceptable losses. Smallpox, sword, jails, taxes, Rothschild banks and McDonalds (death by food). Who has the balls to stand up and state objectively what happened after Cortez landed in central America. Millions. (50 million?) But facts like that don’t matter, do they? The program must go on, the saved must spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth, because we wouldn’t want God to damn any poor soul to hell for all eternity. Taking a look at our superior society – our coast to coast shopping malls, military bases, corporations, and fast food you’d think by now we wouldn’t still think of ourselves superior to those others we feel the need to dominate.

    No one stops to examine the justice of this God these Christians fear. No one wants to take on this God of the Bible who creates us then damns us all for what one woman did in the Garden of Eden. Shouldn’t we look inside to see our fearful attachment to the myth and its threats. What if we are love, what if our soul is eternal, isn’t this obsession with heaven is about our own internal weaknesses? What is really going down on this planet? Who came up with these myths and why have we all stayed in its shadow for 2,000 years? Can’t we just walk away from fearful Jewish theology? Why do we love the Jew war god so much? What is wrong with us that we can’t just be happy living our lives and not save everyone from God’s afterlife wrath or bomb people into rubble?

    1. This kind of reminds me of this story: An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest : ” If do not know about God and Sin, would I go to Hell?” “No” said the priest, not if you didn’t know.” “Then why,” asked the Inuit earnestly, “did you tell me?”

      1. “….then why did you tell me?”

        That’s what I like about you, Wiggy. Your comments are often pithy like that.
        So much is related using so few words.

        That post puts the zealous missionary mindset in a nutshell.

        Don’t ask
        Don’t tell 😑

  12. Some people are just too stupid to live. I could just imagine this grinning imbecile with his copy of the equally imbecilic Scofield Bible thinking he is gifting these people something great. Boy, did he get a surprise?

    Your grandmother must have been a wise women.
    I hope you learned some “Truths” from her before she passed on.

  14. I don’t know where to start…the inane reason here is no different than “Columbus is a genocidal …” Who gives a shit about this island of neanderthals?…The man had good intentions, they killed him…send a party of Marines and kill every last piece of shit on that Island….LD is lost to common sense anymore…and so are most of her readers….

    1. @ MPO

      send a party of Marines and kill every last piece of shit on that Island….LD is lost to common sense anymore…and so are most of her readers….

      Don’t know why you’re having such a hissy fit, my friend. I can’t see how you can say “send a party of Marines and kill every last shit on that island”. That ain’t American territory. The island belongs to India. It’s under Indian jurisdiction. So America would be invading India if it took the law into its own hands and sent in its marines to wipe out those islanders who just asked to be left alone.

      That crazy coot Chinese American evangelist, how could he have had “good intentions” when he knew damn well that his Western germs would kill off all the natives like flies? Sorry friend, it’s you who lack very vestige of common sense by justfying mass murder in order to avenge the death of a Chinese American loonly tunes. In fact, it’s YOU sound like a nutcase!

    2. @mpo

      I’m in agreement…or better yet, let’s approve the methods and start using them to defend every last white nation just as purely.

      1. Ed

        Blow it out your ass with mpo you stupid supremacist

        Note that I didn’t say WHITE supremacist, for the simple reason that ANYONE who considers their particular race to be supreme over another completely misapprehends what Jesus Christ* was all about.

        *I suggest you meditate on the Christian Science definition of “Christ”:

        “The ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error”

        When and IF you have a lightbulb moment you will realize how foolish and absurd the concept of suprematism truly is

  15. speaking of people minding their own business- what’s wrong with call girls?
    some people consider their personal lives their own territory too, inviolable…
    knowing how the mormons (jews) work, they’ve probably already got the plans drawn up for the hotels..
    they’re all after the amish farmland too… prime real estate…
    and had brother chau been able to get his name on the first crack-open, he would have been hard to ignore on advancement in the organization, which, like its vatican antecedent, is first about the money…
    “Until, in 1970, a group of anthropologists approached the island, notebooks and cameras at the ready, and were peppered with arrows and then treated to an energetic beach sex show, described by one observer as a ‘sort of community mating, a frenzied dance of desire’.”
    sex and violence… obviously these guys like one with the other…
    it does make you wonder what else might be going on that spit.
    which brings us to an interesting point on surveillance…
    we should all know by now that everything happening of any interest on the surface of the planet is being filmed and stored by processes you’ve never heard of, a lot of it in utah… assuming the tribesmen don’t have underground complexes, i guess the ptb know whether they’re conducting child sacrifices or torture rituals, that sort of thing… of course, we figure they’re doing all that themselves; pizzagate, johnny gosh, the franklin case, etc…
    “The “equality“ Jews really want to impose: They want all non-Jews equally empoverished and enslaved to them. They want to kill the ones who don’t want to be ruled by them and rule the submissive ones by terror and torture. They want us all as their slaves. They want the whole world as their own.” —
    the first they got rid of were the non-zionist jews; whereas there used to be A LOT MORE of THEM, before ww2 and the big dislocation, incineration, relocation program… in fact, the big global zionist conference in basel in the 1880s had to be cancelled out of london, where it was first scheduled, by herzl and weizmann, because of non-zionist jewish anger…
    then there’s ben gurion’s radioactive oatmeal field trip adventure, all scrubbed off now i guess, where he murdered non-zionist israeli school children…

  16. All of the original Apostles died as Martyrs except St. John who died in exile on Patmos ( tradition says prior to this he was boiled in oil , but survived). I believe St. Thomas that was flayed alive with knives then beheaded in India according to tradition. Were they naïve? Promoters of business interests? Did they put the populations at risk with diseases they could transmit?
    Jesus commanded his disciples to go into the world and share the Good News (Gospel), and make other disciples, but not by force – no one becomes a real Christian by force ( the tragedy of Constantine’s active involvement ). The earliest Christians ( prior to 300AD) were pacifists – totally against war and service as a soldier- and only interested in leading quiet lives in preparation for the next life which mattered the most. Their pastors encourage them to live simple pious lives of good works toward themselves and others. They had a common fund which took care of the needy among them.
    I think the young man’s heart might have been in the right place, but I’m not sure his mind was. If it was known that he could give diseases to those aboriginal people he should have seriously considered and prayed for another way to reach them. Footballs and other trinkets as gifts? I don’t find this practice in the Bible at all. Disobeying the Indian government is moot. Though now the men who helped him get to the island are now in trouble, and he should have considered the consequences to them and their families.
    That he was a student of OR University is sad to say the least. I do not think much of its founder, or the institution he left behind. In my opinion- most Christianity as practiced in the US – “Pop” Christianity – is more a mixture of patriotism, Americanism, and Christianism which would make it anything, but Christian. It is more of a “Brand” than a Faith.

  17. Never let the truth stand in the way of an opportunity to bash the Christian missionary tradition. #fakenews

  18. These savages have no gratitude whatsoever, “We” should bomb the s**t out of them, how dare they refuse civilization, human rights, LGBT rights, or the right to get buggered, the right to vote, the right to accumulate debt…to give away one’s children for adoption to LGBT couples, etc. pfff…savages, what do you expect?

      1. Yes thanks, I forgot, bloody anti-Semites, and surely anti-Sinites, the guy was a bit Chinese wasn’t he?

  19. Lasha,
    I find the line of reasoning in defence of these useless island savages to be a SHITTON hypocritical.

    If unevolved black savages are allowed to murder any trespassers on sight on an island reserved for them and them only, then why cant the island of England do the same with every non-white(including jews) that sets foot there ?? And why can’t trump order the gunning down of every last Aztec the second they try to breach our american border ??

    Why doesnt everyone supporting these animal like savages support Hitler’s right to cleanse Germany ??

    We are worried about preserving a biped species
    so low on evolution that in the 1000 years we’ve been watching them they have not improved anything one iota.
    They haven’t even invented(or borrowed) clothes.
    They haven’t built a building or toilet.
    They haven’t invented a wheel for a banana cart.
    They run around and fuck in orgies and presumably would, or do, get high and then they murder anyone they don’t know that sets foot on “their” territory even though 15 armed white men could slaughter them all and seize their whole island in a few days maximum.

    Are we talking about niggers on a remote Indian island or about niggers in Chicago or Paris or Rome or Berlin or stockholm or Haiti or Zimbabwe or south Africa or somalia ??
    Cause really, based on their behavior they appear to be just like any other batch of niggers from anywhere on the earth.

    If we don’t even care about keeping white nations(or even white islands like Iceland) for white people and Japan for the Japanese, why the hell would we care about some island full of sub-retarded non-evolving black savages that have more in common with wild animals than humans or even domesticated pets like dogs ??

    I’m failing to see what makes this batch of black savages more worthy of unmolested preservation than the English, Irish, Japanese, Icelanders, and the rest of non island nations of specific ethnicities, like swedes, Germans, Italians, or Americans.

    1. It’s their Island. They should be left alone. Who the hell did this kid think he was. Jesus H. Christ?

    2. @ Ed

      We don’t allow the use of the word “nigger” on our website, for the reasons explained here: See # 11 and # 12).

      Such language (including the other 4-letter words you make heavy use of) would not be allowed on The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents, two White Nationalist websites justly praised for the high standard of their respective Commentary sections.

      If you disagree with our policies on needlessly offensive language, please make your way to some alternative website where the crude language of the gutter is the norm.

  20. I just read that a mission is being planned to recover and return the body. So, what happens when this crew is pelted with poison arrows? No doubt they’ll have guns for defense and will mow down the savages, who are just trying to defend their homogenous culture from invaders in the only way they know how. Those they don’t kill might be wiped out by the pathogens they bring. His family is being selfish for wanting his body back. I doubt if this Jesus-cult fool would want that. To those who believe, he is with Jesus now anyway.

    On an additional note, judging by the comments I’ve read, there are a lot of Ugly Americans visiting this site, an appellation that we have richly deserved. Once these tribesman are all dead, this island may make a great place for swanky hotels, upscale restaurants, and a new mega-casino for Adelson.

    1. Bollocks for sure.

      Only ‘disruptors’ get things changed. Thank the RENEGADES!!

      See Tesla… the ‘disruptor’ – renegade – who destroyed Edison’s DC with AC… which can be distributed readily across the country with MUCH smaller wires!! 🙂

      1. Well, Tesla got disrupted, too, then, did he not? If we give any credence to the apocryphal story of Tesla pitching his wares to J.P. (Can We Meter It?) Morgan, then imagine the naiveté of Tesla! I suspect the PTB only bring down Elon Mush (Musk?) — clearly also an imposter and fake — to tarnish further the name Tesla, all the while making use of his well documented discoveries and applications of principles. Christian missionary and Tesla — two peas in a pod?

  21. Was it not Franz Boas, the Marxist father of modern anthropology who trained Margret Mead? This American air-head went to study the “naturals” of the Indonesian islands who came back with her note books and wrote tomes about the peaceful, non-violent, sexually free, not a care in the world subjects of her so-called studies. Problem is she did all the “research” with the preconceived notion of the Boas school of Marxist egalitarianism. Not to many years ago a Prof, maybe from Stanford, to put it simple terms, wrote that Mead, was for the most part, dead wrong on just about every thing she published.
    John Allen Chau (Allen is fact an Irish first or last name) evidently didn’t get the message that one just can’t waltz into a natural’s territory bearing the cross and expect a warm welcome. Maybe the four corners of the flat earth didn’t include some land that was off the edge.

  22. That swastika didn’t just happen by accident nor did any Indian marines invade Germany and force it upon Hitler and Co. And it wasn’t just the swastika the National Socialist uber-command sought so earnestly in the Himalayas and elsewhere. They sought guidance and inspiration to fulfill their destiny, their Aryan dharma. (look it up)

    But most in the West don’t want to hear about that. Especially the (lol) $cholars.

    1. Thanks, Homer –
      Really great stuff down in that rabbit hole!! 🙂





      Trump Foretold By The Jewish Protocols

      Following the U.S. stock market crash of 1987, a global recession hit New York real estate. New construction stalled, and several big developers declared bankruptcy. 

      As the real estate market slumped, Trump ran out of cash. 

      At the beginning of 1990 he owed a combined $4 billion to more than 70 Jewish banks, with $800 million personally guaranteed by his own assets, according to Alan Pomerantz, a lawyer whose team led negotiations between Trump and 72 banks to restructure Trump’s loans. Pomerantz was hired by Citibank but became lead counsel for the negotiations. 

      “Freedom is only an ideal: nobody really has it. But if you want to win an election it’s good to preach the ideals of freedom, even if you plan to deprive your voters of it [ISN’T THIS WHAT TRUMP DOES!!!!!!] …….Inorder that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents who have some dark, undiscovered disgrace in their past, some sinister secret – then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president ……. Only someone trained from childhood to serve as a leader can truly understand politics. 
      – The Protocols of Zion” 


      Earlier this year Simpsons writer Dan Greaney ex­­plained why they had predicted a Trump presidency back in 2000 . 

      “It was a warning to America,” he said. “That just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was consistent with the vision of America going insane. What we needed was for Lisa to have problems beyond her fixing, that everything went as bad as it possibly could, and that’s why we had Trump be president before her.”

      1. No matter how much anyone likes or dislikes Trump, what’s presented here cannot be ignored or embellished. Just plain facts, some from his own mouth.

      2. Pay no attention to Pat. He keeps using facts to disrupt the Hopium Matrix. F**k off, Pat!

        All I see are irrefutable facts in that list, Pat — is that all ya got, just the facts?

        I was going over a few “journals” from last year and stumbled across a copy of the Economist (I like to try and read between the lines to find out what the Globalists really mean, but usually give up reading after the first paragraph of barf inducing lies). Anyway, my gaze quickly alighted on a piece about Israel’s burgeoning economic ties with China — I started crying and thought, “Pat, you git”.

        Lol. Sorry about the swearing and the humour; all I can do now is take the p*ss out of the whole charade. All national leaders are puppets and liars.

        FACT: every frickin’ country in the world now has a “burgeoning economy” with Israel. We’re being played. I assume BDS is one massive piece of phony misdirection.

  23. I recall vaguely that (according to the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica) the Japanese were quite open to Christianity at first, until they discovered that Western governments were using Christianity as an excuse to interfere in Japanese politics, after which 25,000 Japanese Christians were hunted down and killed, most of them thrown off a cliff in Yokahama, or Nagasaki, I forget which.
    Foreign influence is always a sort of Trojan Horse.
    In the world of today, almost every foreigner is a sort of Fifth Columnist.

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