Requiem for a Criminal State


We will be less than we were before

When the world brain that scientists are building becomes fully operational, the big fear is that this macabre invention will devise a way to eliminate humans as an unnecessary impediment to whatever goal it sets for itself.

This has been the subject of much science fiction and was the thesis of the Terminator movies. This scenario of a machine taking control of humanity has long since resembled what is happening to our world in real time.

This machine is doomed to possess the character of its builders. These misanthropes are disciples of the most bloodthirsty tribe in human history, the Khazarian monsters who have already ravaged every country on Earth with their sinister World Bank scams, phony media, corrupt politicians, and poison food and medicine.

These pathological parasites have fouled just about every aspect of American life, from the churches, which no longer talk about justice, to the universities that no longer talk about families, to politicians who grovel before the leaders of Israel and sabotage their own comrades in order to get secretly paid by rich Jews.

The Jews’ promiscuous society has forced circumcised men into looking for streetwalkers rather than good mothers for their children because pervert media have deemed it stylish and famous celebrities all do it. It is one of many aspects of the program of infiltration and deception that insane Jew swindlers have inflicted on all human societies, getting semiconscious people to pursue addictions and compulsions rather than focus on the knowledge necessary to live healthy and purposeful lives.

It makes no sense for men to raise a family in a society they can’t believe in, because they will never be anchored to their land or their country, and can’t live healthy lives or raise healthy families. Shackled by untrustworthy leaders who give the younger generation no one to look up to, we have rootless individuals who can be planted anywhere and paid to do anything. Thus the character of the Earth’s inhabitants is reduced to that of feckless flatterers with no allegiance to anything but their own meaningless greed.

How to regain consciousness

There was a time in our history, some folks say, when our strong men were more than ten feet tall, with double rows of teeth for crunching down large animals, and a penchant for gobbling up smaller human beings.

Today’s men are smaller than mice, shiftier than weasels, inept and hypochondriacal, and able to support themselves only by taking bribes. Yet they are still attracted toward consuming other human beings, one way or the other.

The Incredible Shrinking Species, disappearing into nothingness because of its own ideas. By its own ideals, it created something greater than itself — the World Brain. The human species was fated to replace itself on its way to a destination no one can adequately comprehend. Or maybe to no destination at all.

People of principle are prosecuted while perverts interested in nothing but their own twisted quirks run the country. The innocent are punished while the guilty get rich, then buy politicians and judges, and create an escape clause that works only for a certain favored few (read ‘beloved by Jews’).

Let us not make too big a deal about what we are losing. Even as nations were formed and laws written, the lure of incomprehensible riches proved irresistible, so the laws were written to take advantage of the gullible, while the popular politicians did whatever they were told to do by the rich men who put them in power.

The only trouble was societies were all based upon theft, of the strong doing what they will and the weak suffering what they must, as humans became isolated behind their castle walls hiding from the hungry masses who could not build but only steal.

Less than we were before

In case you haven’t noticed, both history and reality are fracturing, so that the consensus view of them is out of focus because everybody has a different view of things according to the spin of the information they received. This is a perfect formula for perpetual war.

We need to return to nature, not run away from it.

This fashionable push toward life extension is actually a running away from life, rather than a prolonging of it, because life is about generations and that’s the way, so far, we have lived forever. That single strand of DNA has survived continuously for millions of years and given us the lives we have now. Who are we to tinker with a miracle while we sweat out when our own checkout time arrives?

Whatever you see in front of you should be nurtured, not dissected. Analyze the situation. Real knowledge comes in the nurturing, not the consumption and obliteration.

All societies build these tremendous monuments to themselves and their banker heroes, but they neglect the true monuments they leave behind, which are their children. This is why today there are so few characters with character.

Trusting Jews was the final mistake humans ever made because trusting Jews down their path of swindling has turned everyone in the world into another somewhat lesser species than what they had been before.

NOW THERE ARE NO MORE HUMANS. They have been replaced by human-alien hybrids, the aliens being the Jews, who are taught from infancy to be merciless in pursuit of money.

You must be in sync with what the politically correct government tells you to say, or else you will be deprived of everything you own, first your money, then your life.

Poison soup

The USA is being set up. If it annihilates North Korea as Trump has threatened, then the entire world will turn on America as a homicidal maniac bent on destroying every country in the world, a situation that is not very far from the truth. This rising up of the world against the oppressor that robs it would be a somewhat natural reaction to the centuries of crimes committed by the United States against the world.

Ordinary Americans don’t want to invade anyone, but the people who run the USA want any and all kinds of strife to continue, because it’s how they make their billions. War is the most lucrative activity of all. It is the sale of weapons that has produced America’s opulent standard of living. Most Americans look the other way when foreign death tolls are considered.

We can no longer believe what politically correct functionaries with their outrageously high salaries tell us. The size of your salary, you may have noticed, depends on the magnitude of your lies, and their profitability. This is capitalist society, injurious to everything it touches, especially the planet.

Until we begin to prioritize the health and happiness of small, friendly communities and stop triggering these high-tech annihilations of innocent peasants by gigantic countries, humanity will continue its massive rush toward extinction.

When minorities rule, justice does not exist

The great inventions of our species originated in the minds of independent individuals. As was the case with Tesla, most of these inventions were coopted by rich bankers who reproduced facsimiles of his original ideas, which they mass produced with unimaginable profits while the inventors were most often ignored as if they were inconvenient crime victims, which in fact many of them were.

Now with the air fouled, the water polluted and the food and medicine deliberately poisoned, we face a future where the people in power want to eliminate most of their fellow human beings so they can live comfortable lives on their own poisoned plantation.

It is left to a shrinking and disheartened minority to stop this spiraling down the drain of a promising species that betrayed itself because of one group of self-injured wackos who, because they were unhappy, decide to ruin everything for everyone else.

If we are to be a free and unfettered species, they need to be stopped. The real question is, are non Jews smart enough to do the job? Judging by our recent history and the present situation, the answer seems to be no. Most humans would rather look the other way and take the bribe, even if it means destroying the world.


John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

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  1. Much of what Kaminski points out as an intentional undoing is, simply, a result of inventive ways to ease work and toil. For instance, we criticize invention of mechanized tools, while most of us never had to look a mule in the ass all day in order to plant or harvest our sustenance. Tractors were invented – but the caveat for them is oil and exhaust and maintenance, all of which created its own opportunities and problems. Necessary killing used to be more hazardous with sticks and stones until long-range rifles were designed – but along came the obvious consequences.
    Every action creates an equal (and not always obvious) REaction. Every circumstance is a matter of perspective. When I was a child, my “baby-sitters” were often Recon Marines. The most outstanding lesson I recall from them was the mantra “There is no such thing as a ‘fair fight'” – meaning you should ONLY fight to WIN. What is “good” and what is “bad” is always a matter of perspective.

  2. The satanic Zionist control of the U.S. is driving for a NWO ONE WORLD GOV under satanic control that will make Orwells 1984 look like a paradise in comparison.

    The Zionists laid it all out in THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

    1. The protocols a must read and to consider as a daily bible for the goyim.
      A hack tool to analyse jewish behaviour and the current situation.

  3. I was about to make a comment when I discovered that Franklin Ryckaert was the source: ‘Jews are demonic souls from a different world’ — Franklin Ryckaert (+ video)

    Videos have been deleted from YouTube, but more on what the videos showed can be found here. RABBI TEACHES THAT JEWS ARE AN ALIEN RACE HERE TO TAKE OVER THE EARTH

    A captioned picture worth a thousand words.


      Through accounting procedures. 🙂

      Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in US.
      International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) in Russia.

    2. Thanks Carnaptious for posting this . I find it fascinating . I’m sure those wanting only earthbound ,rational ,and logical answers to the Jewish Question will not get this . But where the former ends the esoteric ,and spiritual begins . It always amazes me how people ,Philo Jews ,and Anti , seem to know more about the Jews then the Jews themselves ! I’m NO Sci – Fi fan ,and never ever saw Star Wars , but I do believe Von Danniken ( who Jews dislike ) is onto something. Ancient Texts of Sumar ,which Jews base their beliefs on are into this . Reality ,myth ,alien , the Jews exclusive God came much later then the originals. He went to war , subverting , demanding, manipulated , and conjured. His actions the same in the OT ,and throughout time ( Eternal Jew ) . He is ,” jealous” ,and demands ,” Thou shall have no other God ( S) but Yahweh “. This is KEY . Those other God ( S) are the Foundations of what ? Gentile cultures ! His ” Chosen People” ( Race / Tribes ) ,are to be put in charge of this planet . He is earth bound ,and wants this planet seen as the universe center ,and He is only ” Creator ” ( myth ). This is why alien studies ,UFO reports are disdained by the Jews mainstream media. Again counter ,and intolerant of other foundations. This Jew God , at war must march through time ( The eternal Jew ,One God ) until end game…” The Messiah Comes “. The Jews despise Polytheistic Faith’s : This includes the Traditional Christian Trinity , Hindu , Native American, Asian ,and above all ; Hellenic / Greco Roman. They created ” Judeo – Christianity ” / Masonic , as a subservient Gentile base ,and guardian class to serve them ,and what Greek Philosophy called ” The Demeruge ” , which coincided with the Jews earth based God . Bottom line : Hellenic , Polytheistic , Pagan v YAHWEH. Am I promoting any view here : Not necessarily..but fitting observations which deep esoteric and educated people in old Germany were studying long ago ,before loss of power in 1945.

    1. TheRealOriginalJoe:

      E. Michael Jones is a REAL Catholic, a REAL intellectual (with a REAL PhD), a REAL Catholic intellectual.

      Funny that Darkmoon, a “Catholic inspired” website, a “Catholic inspired” “intellectual” website with a “Catholic intellectual with a PhD” as webmasteress has NEVER mentioned E. Michael Jones and his work, NOT ONCE in Darkmoon’s existence, NOT even once. NOT one Darkmooner in ADMIN or Darkmoon commentator has ever mentioned E. Michael Jones, NEVER.

      ADMIN TOBY: Why don’t you check out your facts before you open your stupid mouth?




      And here is an article by Lasha Darkmoon on Dr Jones’ own website,


      And here is a discussion between Dr E. Michael Jones, Kevin MacDonald and Lasha Darkmoon on the Occidental Observer:


      May I seriously suggest that you stop wasting your time posting comments on this website?

    2. @ TROJ

      Have you experienced brain damage at some time?

      Are you the inmate of a mental institution?

      I’d love to know. I simply cannot understand how anyone can spend all day firing off totally mindless comments to this website when 99% of those comments remain unpublished and unread even by Admin.

      You simply have to be crazy.

      1. @ Admin

        Thanks for the excellent links. I had no idea that Lasha Darkmoon had had an article published on Dr Jones’ Culture Wars website.
        I note he is also most enthusiastic about her work and goes out of his way to compliment her on her Iran article, which he says is one of the best articles he has read on Iran.

      The eschatological give-away is the gun. I expect a scientist and an artist to be the peak of man’s achievement. The chosenoids know it, and that’s why they took control of the two noble calls. Today, we have the third noble call: a whistle blower, and the chosenoids are trying to control and kill it. Any state can be made criminal by such insane control through killing.

      1. The programmed machines were introduced 20 centuries ago. AI is just the literal materialization as the inevitable consequence of the chosenoids’ leadership.

  4. NOW THERE ARE NO MORE HUMANS. They have been replaced by human-alien hybrids, the aliens being the Jews

    Khazarian Jews are ‘Alien hybrid’ all right, they are the manifestation of the anti-Christ on the Earth. They are alien in that they are anti-human. They will corrupt and destroy all human systems they touch.

    The real problem is the humans. The human, who has the ‘seed of God’ (soul) planted in the physical embryo has been convinced ‘God is Dead’ and he has no soul, resulting in the glorification and development of everything on the outward. In essence, he becomes just another animal, just as the word goyim implies. All of this is part their indoctrination/corruption, for which they ‘quantify’ us with these alphabet titles or masonic-Illuminati ‘degrees’, Bsc..Phd… Gotta be ‘certified’ or you won’t eat.

    Unless we collectively regain our divine purpose, this evil would intensify, culminating in destroying everything along with it. To use a Terminator analogy, we need a ‘spiritual’ John Connor or a few.

    When Kamenski talks of nurturing, I would say it is through virtue that the soul is developed, nurtured and strengthened. The development of the soul is in reality the development of what it is to be human. When the soul is developed to reflect the power of God on the Earth, and I don’t mean this in a magical sense; but faith manifested in truthfulness, courage, discipline and fearlessness then, maybe, we will give ourselves a chance.

    This won’t happen if we continue to let them farm us and our children. I simply can’t understand people who have children, take money from the Beast for making them, then give their babies souls over to the beast to suckle through schools etc. In essence, making the system surrogate mothers, then they shout indignation at the ‘system’. What f**king hypocrisy! How deluded can you be? You baby’s ‘soul’ has rights and the ‘God-given’ responsibility is on parents, not the system to give it a chance to actualize ‘life’, ‘liberty’…..

    1. Dolph,
      Very amateur comment. My grandfather was a Jew and a (though difficult ) decent man. Youre inaccurate, superficial comment doesnt do justice for the millions of good Jews or for this website. Come on man. Think a little before you post.

  5. Kaminski says, ‘the churches, which no longer talk about justice’
    The churches have never talked about or taught justice! Only sheepish obedience. The churches have been the most powerful programming devices for creating a machine-like society – one size fits all. The churches have murdered more people than all other types of murderers together. Not one human society really started that way! The churches have been controlling everyone from the top to the bottom, and even communism, under the guise of atheism, was founded on Judeo-Christian tenets of ‘everyone is equal, but some are more equal because they need to control equality in property ownership’. What else then can we expect but theft, swindle and murder?!

  6. SEEB Said:

    … faith manifested in truthfulness, courage, discipline and fearlessness then, maybe, we will give ourselves a chance.
    This won’t happen if we continue to let them farm us and our children.

    How many have the courage, discipline and fearlessness to forgo massive salaries, switch off the stupid box, phones, tablets, consoles; home school their children;nurture them with an access to nature (necessitating country living) and providing outdoor activities? I would say not a fraction of one-tenth of one percent.

    Conclusion: mankind is screwed.


    Much of what Kaminski points out as an intentional undoing is, simply, a result of inventive ways to ease work and toil.

    Kaminski is not a Luddite. He merely points out that puny brain man is liable to screw up big time by treating the code of life, © The Creator, with absolute disdain.

    Is it surprising that Marxist Pope Francis does NOT speak about this? Neither have I seen any Islamic commentary.

    The cut and past approach to the code of Life that may have arisen over BILLIONS of years (panspermia theory) is more wreckless than an infant bashing Lego Bricks together.
    Let us have some humility and respect, especially after the field of epi-genetics uprooted all cherished beliefs about genetics.
    If life’s complexity did take billions of years to evolve then before altering it I would think a little more than 10 years study is in order, say 1000?

    1. “How many have the courage, discipline and fearlessness to forgo massive salaries, switch off the stupid box, phones, tablets, consoles; home school their children;nurture them with an access to nature (necessitating country living) and providing outdoor activities?”

      I think a fraction of a tenth of one percent might be a bit low, but it certainly isn’t more than a few percent. The small western town in which I live is one of the places to which some people move in an effort to provide access to nature for their children, in an environment that’s more traditional and conservative, generally, than any large US town or city. I’ve met some of them, I am one of them, though childless. Quite a few people here were still leaving their doors unlocked until a crowd of Rainbow Warriors passed through and helped themselves to whatever wasn’t nailed down. And therein lies part of the problem. The alternative to survival-of-the-most-ruthless-and-psychopathic capitalism is all-pigs-are-equal-but-some-are-more-equal-than-others communism. Both are products of Talmudic “thinking”. There are other alternatives, but they are ruthlessly suppressed, sabotaged, vilified, and ridiculed by the people who benefit most from capitalism and communism: wealthy “elites” and super wealthy bankers.

      1. Sound like a pleasant place to live.
        A nice person such as yourself should adopt. Even if getting on in years you can set up the future of a child – up to 7 years of age is said to be the period when personality is defined. With God parents and a will the child would be secure.

        You link failed, so I went ahead to look up a definition and found:
        “rainbow warrior
        n. The highest practical ranking of those skilled in the delicate and generous arts of cunnilingus, ”

      2. More oddities… the link works perfectly for me. Here’s the URL: In brief, Rainbow Warriors are aging hippies and young non-violent communist leaning folks with little or no respect for property rights. Some may have mastered the “delicate and generous arts of cunnilingus”, although my observation of them as they passed through town was that bathing was strictly optional, if not forbidden. To each their own, I guess.

      3. Carn,
        Its a shame youre childless. You should be passing your good DNA onto children. Im a long-haul trucker. A couple years ago, I delivered construction materials to a rancher in the remote town of Circle, Montana. Not more than 100 miles from the North Dakota state line. The delivery was so remote that I had no cell-phone service and had to stop at several gas stations to ask directions. Finally, after arriving at the ranch, a strong, robust man and his young son greeted me in a 4-wheeler. At their ranch, the whole family and I proceeded unloading the 53-ft trailer. The rancher had 2 sons and 3 girls, I suppose. All between 4 and 12. His wife was blond and blue-eyed…very beautiful. I was amazed by the energy and curiosity of the chilfren. One little girl fearlessly jumped into my arms and asked, “Where are you from? ” “Im from far-away,” I replied. “Today Mommy has been teaching us about Asia,” she said. She described to me, briefly, the geography of Asia which was very accurate. Incredible for such a small child. Obviously, their mother was home-schooling them and doing a very good job. After unloading, it was time to go and the childrens mother approached me. “Thanks for teaching my kids a thing or two.” I replied, “Ma’am, maybe your kids taught me a thing or two.” She just smiled and handed me a bottle of water. Her husband walked up and gave me an iron hand-shake. “Thanks for coming out.” The man had said he had about 5000 head of cattle. He was wealthy, independent and with a well-educated, home-schooled family. As I drove away down the dirt road from his ranch, I couldnt help but ponder that these fine people were what the Zionists fear the most. To me, they were wonderful…….but to many…”cough, cough “…..a nightmare.

    2. [I’ve been denied access only to Darkmoon for about 5 hours. Hmm.]

      It’s not just our fault. We are being attacked in so many ways:
      ‘…The attacks include: recurrent noise, directed-energy weapons, psychological operations, computer network operations (sabotage, spoofing), financial destruction, isolation, weather warfare, chemical and biological weapons, microwave hearing, holograms, frequent aircraft visits, and utility disruption. These are used in combination over an extended period of time against civilians who may have no idea that they are military targets. There have been many names for these types of wars, a few of which include Civil-Military Operations, Unconventional Warfare, Military Operations Other Than War, and what I call New World War. These campaigns are run by the military, working with NGOs, and federal agencies. It is happening in all developed countries. The battleground is no longer in some distant land. It is in your cities and towns––your homes and workplaces. Instead of armored tanks and trucks, the military uses civilian and commercial vehicles as ground forces during swarm and noise attacks. Rifles and missiles have been replaced with directed-energy weapons that are silent and invisible. Although there is no obvious military presence, in reality, a powerful military force is upholding their rule in your cities…’

      1. @ Snez

        [I’ve been denied access only to Darkmoon for about 5 hours. Hmm.]

        Yes, the site was down. And I’m glad you have confirmed that the site went offline for at least five hours. See my previous comment to Lobro.

  7. A recent article by Paul Craig Roberts – WILL TECHNOLOGY KILL US? – begins:

    The Digital Revolution along with nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence are examples of technology that can result in human extermination. The reports below from the London Telegraph illustrate how technology has become the Black Plague of today.

    PCR’s article includes a Daily Mail article about a massive solar flare in 2012 that could have produced widespread death and destruction had it occurred just one week earlier. It’s possible, almost certain, in fact, that a future solar flare will be aimed at the Earth, wreaking havoc on a world “gone digital”. The article continues with coverage of the very recent difficulties created by computer chips modified to allow surveillance state access, the possibilities for misuse and abuse of that compromised technology, and the disaster that resulted from a Microsoft “fix” gone wrong (as they often do).

    Far more troubling, in addition to naturally occurring events that could produce widespread disruptions in our technology based lives, and technology “f***-ups” that do produce widespread chaos*, is the deliberate development and use of technology to shorten or end lives. Kaminski correctly observes that

    with the air fouled, the water polluted and the food and medicine deliberately poisoned, we face a future where the people in power want to eliminate most of their fellow human beings so they can live comfortable lives on their own poisoned plantation.

    Gilbert Huntly is correct when he notes that much technology is “a result of inventive ways to ease work and toil.” However, the development of bows and arrows in pursuit of ways to ease the work of hunting for small and medium game reached a zenith when a few hundred English long-bow archers wiped out thousands of French knights at Agincourt (an event that was arguably both good and bad). Kaminski also correctly observes that many technologies that began as ways to ease work or toil were co-opted and / or corrupted by men who possessed absurd amounts of money, and psychopathic tendencies.

    Many New Year’s Eve predictions for 2018 included some kind of economic collapse, civil wars or revolutions, and the certainty of ever tighter controls on speech, behavior and thought within the NJWO police state that has been slowly taking shape for decades, and is now just a few years from full implementation. Some think economic collapse, civil wars or revolutions will hamper the NJWO. Others think the NJWO will ultimately be in control of any economic collapse, civil war(s) or revolutions, and will use the resulting chaos to impose their NJWO.

    Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.
    Source: Albert Pike’s letter to Giuseppe Mazzini

    Hmmm, if it’s a choice between the NJWO or an asteroid strike like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, I’d vote for the asteroid strike.

    * Software Developers’ Creed – To err is human, but to really screw things up you need a computer.

    1. Co-founder of Sun Microsystems wrote one of the best articles on this subject, “WHY THE FUTURE DOESN’T NEED US”

      The three self replicating technological nightmares are :

      1. So called AI, aka recklessly programmed machines.
      2. Nano technology, aka recklessly programmed tiny machines.
      3. Genetic technology, aka recklessly programmed DNA.

      Notwithstanding his deeds, The Unabomber manifesto is also an essential read:
      “Industrial Society and Its Future”

      1. I agree with your assessment of the three technological nightmares, AI, nano-tech, and genetic modification, and would add to that list list: chemical and biological weapons; nuclear technology – whether or not nukes work; and corporate exploitation of natural resources that poisons and destroys the environment, to mention just a few.

        In my youth / middle age, I was a genuine techno-geek and couldn’t get enough of the latest tech. That changed about 15 years ago, and while I wouldn’t describe myself as a Luddite, I’m pretty close to it. My car is from 1986, my phone is an AT&T “princess” model (land-line), I don’t watch TV, and only use a computer to access the internet. Progress ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, IMO, and I regret whatever part I may have played in bringing about the world as it is today.

        As for adoption… I wouldn’t adopt a child for the same reason I wouldn’t adopt a cat or dog from the local no-kill shelter. My health is such that I could quite possibly drop dead later this afternoon, and it’s very unlikely that I’ll get more than five or six more years out of the candle of life that I spent many years burning at both ends. Hence, I’m not really a suitable parent for human or critter.

      2. @SEEB
        Due to your enthusiasm I began re-reading the introduction.
        I love the mathematical predicate form of his essay, pure and logical, that actually is rock solid. Perhaps written in 1969 it holds true in the intervening 50 years:

        1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster Tor the human race. They
        have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they hitvc destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. Il will certainly subject human beings lo greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries.

        2. The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it may
        eventually achieve a low level of physical and psychological suffering, but only after passing through a long and very painful period of adjustment and only at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms lo engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable; There is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as lo prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy.

        3. If (lie system breaks down the consequences will still be very painful. But the bigger the system grows the more disastrous the results of its breakdown will be, so if it is to break down il had best break down sooner rather than later.

        4. We therefore advocate a revolution against ihe industrial system. This revolution may or may
        not make use of violence: il may he sudden or il may be a relatively gradual process spanning a few decades. We can’l predict any of that. Bui we do outline in n very general way the measures that those who hale the industrial system should take in order to prepare the way for a revolution against that form or society. This is not lo be a political revolution. Its object will be lo overt h ro w not governments but the economic and technological basis of Ihe present society.

        5. In this mliclc we give atlcnlion to only some of ihe negative developments Hurt have grown out of llie industrial-technological system. Other such developments we mention only briefly or ignore altogether. This docs not mean that we regard these other developments as unimportant, For practical reasons we have lo confine our discussion lo areas thai have received insufficient public attention or in which we have something new lo say. For example, since there arc well-developed environmental and wilderness movements, we have written very little about environmental degradation or the destruction of wild nature, even though we consider these lo be highly important. , – •

        Actually, at a time when harmonious technological non-city living is becoming a reality (solar energy, new water filtration, robotics, aquaculture), the elites are packing and stacking populations into poisonous cities, especially in China, leader in Technocracy. This, under the UN Agenda 2100 framework.

        Thus there is a race between liberated, harmonious technological communities that Ted Kaczynski would approve of and the dystopian Agenda 21. I believe this is the reason for the current frantic efforts of the Tribe to enchain and poison mankind before their control becomes obsolete.

      3. Flan –

        Tesla would be the one to carry the greatest blame for industrial achievements in the last century…. and ever since…. even today.

      4. Jewish bankers saved us from access to infinite energy, and from using science for humane purposes! 😉

      5. Hi Flan,
        I thoroughly enjoyed the essay and most certainly I will have to give it a second reading. Many parts naturally seemed to be a reflection of what I feel inside. At times it was like, “That sounds like me”. I will definitely have to give it a second reading in order to properly assess his principled stance.

        What’s difficult to fully understand is the level of expertise in the manipulation of the masses with the idea that technology is synonymous to progress. About four months ago, there was a group of Libyans who rented a space in the facility where I work. When I found out that they had an event to celebrate the killing of Qaddafi, I was taken aback. I got this information after the event had taken place, but still asked to speak with the leader.

        He was a man in his forties. I asked him, “In your understanding, what justified the killing of the Colonel?”
        He said, “We didn’t have a good health care system like the rest of the developed world and our education system was not so good.”

        I couldn’t believe his idiotic answers, despite informing him what Cynthia McKinney said about her investigative visit to Libya. I spent an hour trying to show him how ridiculous his position was until I finally gave up and told him, “You should be real happy with the results now!”
        I’ve had similar arguments with Syrians regarding Assad. It is as though they’re living in a TV world, not understanding and trivializing real suffering. Life’s just an accident and if s**t happens…oops….move on.

        Thank you for the site. I was able to find a book there that was partially censored when I was at Uni, related to the Palestine issue. I highly recommend everyone to read it, it is called “Publish it Not” by Christopher Mayhew and another fellow. I ended up reading 2 books yesterday, what a blessing! I will have to support that site financially, I like what they’re doing. Thank you again and God bless.

      6. @PAT
        Discoverers of knowledge such as Tesla cannot be blamed for industrialization. Its the ones who ran with the knowledge to apply it for mass profit that are to blame.

        Glad you appreciate
        Regarding your two dumb contacts one must remember that very few have the capacity to think adequately.

        There’s the Migram experiment:
        “… a simple experiment at Yale University to test how much pain an ordinary citizen would inflict on another person simply because he was ordered to by an experimental scientist. ”

        Only one third are capable of independent thinking.
        How many of that third are capable of critical thinking in the face of the stupid box and stupid phone?

        Of the remainder, how many have the skills to acquire knowledge (reading, selective internet)?
        How many of that remainder have a non-skewed, that is, broad education?
        How many of that remainder have at least a feint knowledge of science, essential to understand modern issues?

        When all those filters are applied, that your dumb contacts exists is completely understandable. ☺

  8. Even constraining to the realm of Doom & Gloom, Mr. Kaminsky appears to rank very highly among denizens on depressive (aka learned helplessness) and extrapolative (i.e., projection) dimensions. I always enjoy wallowing in his posts, a confirmed D & G’er myself. One sentence stood out, neon lights flashing! “The human species was fated to replace itself on its way to a destination no one can adequately comprehend. Or maybe to no destination at all.” The implicit world view, if you will, seems that, somehow, the “human species” [Darwinism here?!] has special place in Space and meaning in Time. Reaching back to the 1950s, I wonder if year-to-year changes in the design and appearance of automobiles — and their promotion each Fall! — shed some light on our plight. GOD works in mysterious and wondrous ways, Light-struck luminaries assert. Perhaps we fulfill our role as a sturdy stepping stone as true giants among us, visible (material) and invisible (spiritual), stride with strong, sound, flexible legs across the Universe.

    1. Alan –

      “Reaching back to the 1950s, I wonder if year-to-year changes in the design and appearance of automobiles — and their promotion each Fall! — shed some light on our plight.”

      Those drastic changes back then – I used to look forward to every fall – were profit ploys to sell new cars. The 1956 model changes to 1957 were the most drastic!!

      Dr Stuart Crane noted that the UAW held strikes in the summer to allow auto-makers to re-tool, without a payroll to the masses… and come back in time to get the cars out again…. with a 5 cent per hour raise. 🙂

      Yes…. our future is based on more profits.

  9. An excellent article by John Kaminski, each sentence a hammer blow for truth. However there is one important aspect which in my opinion is the root cause of the corruption of humanity and that is the limited company, sometimes called juristic person, or body corporate. These are truly soulless entities with more legal rights than real people. Combine this with A. I. and we have an uncontrollable Frankenstein’s monster which will be the true Anti-Christ. How can such an entity know and understand non material concepts such as grace, love, compassion, empathy, self- sacrifice and so on. These “things” cannot be touched, measured or reduced to a mathematical formula as posited by our atheistic materialist friends.

  10. I was heartened that, in this fine article, Mr. Kaminski had two well-placed references to the evil of circumcision. And I was also pleased, John, that you took the time to address my comment about circumcision a few weeks ago.

    1) “The Jews’ promiscuous society has forced circumcised men into looking for streetwalkers rather than good mothers for their children…”
    2) “…A promising species that betrayed itself because of one group of SELF-INJURED WHAKOS…”

    Indeed, in the 12th Century, the great Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides wrote that it is difficult for a woman to separate herself from a man who is not circumcised – which was why he was favored it, as he believed that love between the sexes took away from a man’s devotion to god. Maimonides knew that it was about much more than sex.

    If the YouTube video is still available, I highly recommend Cliff High’s “The Pen Island Conspiracy.” Per High, circumcision is a profound harm which has done incalculable damage to the world. It does MUCH MORE than just change the sex act. By removing the male essence it damages the natural love between the sexes, which leads to a war between men and women. Could it lead to an increase in homosexuality, which is now normalized, even encouraged, in the circumcised USA? And how about vices like Greed, the long-recognized Jewish trait? Greed replaces Love, as true love between the sexes is hopelessly impaired. And circumcised societies are also violent, warlike ones, as the USA so amply demonstrates. Denial among circumcised men, however, rules the day, which is why most cut men in the bloody USA continue to cut their sons.

    Jeanice Barceló is one of the few writers who really gets it. And I’m glad that John Kaminski gets it too.

    1. That circumcision has such a societal level impact had never occurred to me. I know it reduces sex to an act of frantic friction leading to complete dissatisfaction for the woman and sometimes friction caused injury and pain. But your post points out that it damages relationship with God. Certainly a tantric experience is out of the question with combustion level friction required.

      1. Nonsense, as physiologist, biochemist, and psychologist — call the amalgam a “pharmacologist” — might say. Nitric oxide (NO [just say NO!!]), a good imagination, even with spinal cord injury, will get you to where you want to go (Mama Cass, RIP). I once testified as an expert witness in a criminal trial where I spoke the word PENIS more frequently than I had ever had occasion to do so previously. Foreskin is the least of variables I would worry about, short story long. 🙂

  11. “The Jews’ promiscuous society…” How true. Here it is St. Martin’s birthday. An American birthday holiday for the great one who was an equal opportunity abuser of women and serial adulterer. The Rev. gets a pass on his messing around while any, and there are plenty, White Revs who are caught are exposed for well deserved public ridicule and derision. But not St. Martin. He gets a national holiday that costs the country many millions of fake dollars. But that’s not the worse of it. An upright Black Professor at Stanford University was given access to St. Martin’s papers and low and behold, America’s hero had plagiarized much of his doctorial thesis and even some of his undergrad work. Any white who had done that would have had his (not her though) degrees pulled post haste.
    As well as being a dyed in the wool Marxist Commie, a sexual predator and women abuser, America’s hero was a phony Rev. Courtesy of you know (((who))).

  12. The dirty little secret amongst so many others is that the enemy alien parasite FEARS computers and machines. Rather than making things easier, it complicates their deceptive and immoral strategy. machines have no guilt. They have no emotions to manipulate.
    Computers run entirely on logic and algorithms. They cannot be addicted to anything and they know no fear. The simple fact of their inhuman data core is naturally resistant to the enemy alien. No Pavlovian behavioral tricks. No information overload. No blackmail or guilt will make a machine comply.
    Skynet, HAL9000, the M5 computer, the Borg, Cybermen, and others. Its a recurring fear that neurotically appears again and again. The logic. The unemotional guilt free brain. No conflict. No fear. A superintelligence that CANNOT be manipulated.

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