Review of Thomas Goodrich’s “Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate”

Published on the Occidental Observer

By Thor Magnusson

Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think.  Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we act. Sometimes a book comes along  that changes the way we think and the way we act.

Such a book was Hellstorm—The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947. That masterpiece by Thomas Goodrich changed forever not only how we would view World War Two, but it changed how we would view the world itself.

For the first time since it happened, because of one bold and breath-taking book, the scales fell from our eyes and we were finally able to see free and unfettered what the abomination called World War Two was really all about.

Swept forever into a dark, dirty corner was the filth and disease of seventy years of Jewish propaganda, seventy years of Jewish lies about the so-called “Good War” and the so-called “Greatest Generation,” seventy years of Jewish mendacity about who was bad and who was good.

Suddenly, overnight, replacing those lies was an honest, impartial, unbiased, but driving, relentless, and utterly merciless account of the fate that befell Germany in 1945.

As incredible as Hellstorm was, is, and will always remain, we now know it was only half the story. While the bloody obscenity that was World War Two was being acted out against a largely helpless German population by as evil a cast of creatures as ever haunted any hell anywhere, a similar horror show was taking place on the far side of the globe. And what is revealed in Tom Goodrich’s latest book, Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate, is a story so savage and sadistic as to numb the senses.

While some of the events described in Summer, 1945 will be familiar to readers of Hellstorm, many will not. Clearly, the author did a vast amount of new research for this new book since much material is previously unknown, especially regarding the contributions of the “Greatest Generation” to its already ghastly list of war crimes against Germany.   In fact, what was previously revealed about the Americans in Hellstorm, horrific as it was at the time, was only the faintest foretaste of what was to come in Summer, 1945.  For example. . . .

Massive, monstrous, staggering as was the scale of Red Army rape in Germany, it now seems clear that the Americans were not far behind, if behind they were at all.  Simply put: No one in control cared.  Far from trying to halt the nonstop sexual attacks that their men committed against helpless German females, US officers, like Soviet officers, either ignored them, laughed at them, or actively encouraged them. Upon entering their communities, American officers forced Germans to write the age and sex of all occupants in their homes, then ordered the lists nailed to doors. “The results are not difficult to imagine,” said one horrified priest from a village where women and children were soon staggering to the local hospital after the predictable  sexual assaults commenced.  Some US generals even blamed the victims themselves for their own gang rape when they dared leave their homes to beg for food.  Lt. General Edwin Clarke  went  further when he announced that the thousands of rape reports in his area were nothing more than a conspiracy by die-hard Nazis to belittle and embarrass his well-behaved and totally innocent troops. Clarke apparently believed  that the hundreds of thousands of beaten, bruised and bleeding women and children were all liars with self-inflicted sex wounds.  Also, to drive home German defeat, it was noted that GIs were being ordered by their “political officers” to make the gang rapes as public as possible.  Although such brutal attacks were already common on streets and sidewalks, in schools and shops, an audience of family members was the preferred crowd for gang rape.  Forcing German men to watch was also favored by the Americans, just as it was by their communist comrades.Another hideous American war crime, a despicable act of hate and savagery, was the cold-blooded murder of SS and Wehrmacht soldiers the moment they surrendered their weapons.   “You will not accept the surrender of any German SS,” announced one American general, demonstrating his commitment to barbarity and a criminal contempt for the Geneva Convention.  By the tens of thousands these German soldiers, some of the best fighters the world had ever seen, were shown no mercy by the cowardly US murderers.  In one massacre alone over seven hundred SS men were murdered in a matter of minutes; in another massacre, five hundred died, and so on.

“The Americans forced the Germans to walk in front of them with raised hands,” said an eyewitness regarding one group of fifty.  “Then they shot the prisoners in their heads from behind.”

Additionally, the unbelievably sick and sadistic torture camps operated by the US Army and European Jews in Germany and Poland was on a psychopathic scale beyond belief.  Well over a hundred thousand German men, women and even children suffered brutal deaths in these nightmarish torture pens.  One might have imagined, and one would have certainly hoped, that after Hellstorm nothing more could have possibly been added to this perfectly hellish script of torture—victims buried alive, women forced to lay with and kiss rotting corpses–but one would have imagined wrong.  Those few who survived these demonic camps. where dying was a thing to be postponed, not hurried, could no longer be called human.  Of virtually all German men and boys who somehow survived to reach home, it was noticed all had their reproductive organs destroyed beyond repair.

But horrific as the so-called “peace” in Germany was, perhaps the greatest revelations for readers of Summer, 1945 come in the war chapters devoted to Japan. From the first page forward we readers, especially we Americans readers raised on the mythology of the “Dirty Jap,” will find our world of make believe turned upside down and inside out. Winners do write the history.  And never was this more apt and terribly illustrated than in the case of America’s victory over Japan.

One of the greatest lies to emerge from WWII and survive for over seventy years intact, is the one we have been told over and over ever since December 7, 1941, viz., that the Japanese soldier was a mindless, murderous automaton, that he would never surrender, that he would always fight to the death, that he “lived to die” for the Emperor, that suicide was his second nature, and so on.  There is no truth to any of these fairy-tales.  Such a revelation as I have just stated here should not have come as any great surprise to anyone when they think about it, but it did come as a great shock to me and it will to everyone else, I am sure.  When one has been told a “truth” such as this about the “robotic” Japanese soldier, a truth told for so many years from so many sources, one simply believes it as totally, completely and  mindlessly as that night follows day.  After reading a few pages of Summer, 1945, however, it will be very clear to everyone that never was there a greater falsehood.

While reading what the opposing sides thought, in their own words, it is quickly clear that emotionally there was no appreciable difference between what a Japanese eighteen-year-old wanted and what an American eighteen-year-old wanted.  First and foremost, both wanted to live. Both wanted to survive the war so that each might return home and marry that girl they loved so much, to have kids, to get a good job, to buy a car, to raise a small garden, to play in the backyard with pets. The problem for the Japanese was that Americans were taking no prisoners.  From the very first battle on Guadalcanal when frightened young Japanese began walking forward with their hands held high to surrender muttering the only English word they knew, “Mercy, mercy,” US Marines began mowing them down . . . all of them, not just an isolated few here and there . . . all of them. In countless testimonies, it is readily apparent that Japanese soldiers in hopeless situations would have gladly surrendered, by the thousands, if only they could.  The hatred was so great, however, and the propaganda so virulent following President Franklin Roosevelt’s orchestrated attack at Pearl Harbor that American soldiers, sailors and airmen were simply taking no prisoners, nor did the folks back home or their commanders want them to.

“You will take no prisoners, you will kill every yellow son-of-a-bitch, and that’s it,” yelled a marine colonel as he and his men were about to land on one island.

Thus, the manufactured belief after Pearl Harbor that the Japanese always fought to the death and never surrendered worked perfectly into the deep desire of Americans to kill the “sneaky Japs,” kill them all.  And so, with no option now but to fight fanatically to the death, the Japanese did.  And thus, it was a case where propaganda became a self-fulfilling truth.

Added to the merciless murder of helpless enemy soldiers was the torture and mutilation the Americans inflicted on those who were merely wounded.  Ears, noses, fingers, toes, and other body parts were cut off the dead and dying for souvenirs; heads were hacked off and their “cured” skulls then sold to sailors or sent home to friends and family members; even Roosevelt received a letter opener carved from a Japanese arm bone.

“This is the sort of gift I like to get,” beamed the US president proudly.

The few Japanese who were in fact saved for interrogation were kept alive only as long as their information was useful, then they too were shot, bayoneted or pushed from flying aircraft.

Another falsehood that has existed as fact for the past seventy years is that the US military conducted itself properly during the occupation of Japan and helped the defeated nation gently back to its feet during peace.  Again, nothing could be further from the truth.  From the day they arrived, the Americans took ruthless control of what little remained of the destroyed nation.  Women, children and the elderly were thrown into the streets and forced to shift among the ruins as best they could.  At every available opportunity, Japanese men suffered humiliation and degradation and many were slapped, kicked and beaten in public “for fun.”  All Japanese were treated like third-class citizens for years.  Starvation stalked the land even before the conquerors arrived but though the Americans had a surplus to draw from food was denied to the people, just as it was in Germany.  As a result, it is likely that millions perished during the first years of occupation.  It was noticed that starving children were smaller in 1946 than they were in 1936.

Additionally, just as in Germany, rape reared its filthy head in “peace.”  From the moment American troops came ashore on Saipan and Okinawa—two Japanese islands with large civilian populations–rape of females, and sometimes rape of males, began.   And just as in Germany following its surrender, the violent sexual assaults in Japan continued unabated for years.  No one in power, from General Douglas MacArthur down, was concerned in the least about the despicable, plague-like crime.  Indeed, MacArthur was much more concerned with censoring the news of rape from the outside world than stopping rape in Japan itself.  Goodrich estimates that over a million Japanese women and children were raped after the war.

There are many other shocking revelations that might be lifted from this blistering book but then, after all, this is only a review of the book and not the book itself.  Readers will have to discover the rest of this startling, riveting read for themselves.  Truly, Summer, 1945 is aptly subtitled, “the harvest of hate.”

In closing, a few final thoughts on the author himself.  Anyone who has read anything by Tom Goodrich knows that he is a passionate man who writes with great power, strength and scope.  It is a trademark that sets him apart from others. But his books also reveal the inner writer; a writer within who displays a large heart and soul.  One senses early in a book that Goodrich actually cares about his subjects. There is, of course, the larger focus of each book, the “big picture,” but Goodrich never loses touch with the small, the fragile, the seeming insignificant, the all-but-forgotten. A touching example is offered in Summer, 1945 when a Japanese adolescent, whose face has been melted beyond recognition by the atomic blast at Hiroshima, makes plans to kill herself rather than be chained for the remainder of her life to the face of a monster.  Just as the child is about to commit the final act, she overhears in the next room her anguished father quietly discussing his daughter with her mother.  Sadly agreeing that the child’s face is indeed hideous beyond belief, the man then states with both pain and love in each word that he loves his girl so much that her life, not her looks, is all that matters to him. Stunned, never imagining that anyone could ever love her again with such a terrifying face, the words of love were startling to the child, so startling that she suddenly realized that although death would indeed release her from a life of pain and shame, such a selfish act would only add to the heartbreak of her father.  The girl matures to womanhood when she decides then and there to accept her fate, deal with her problems herself, and simply be thankful for the love that still blesses her life when so many others are now bereft of all.

Generally, to reach an honest and accurate understanding of an event such as World War II, one must be so dedicated to the truth that they are prepared to plow through days, weeks, months, and years of dry, sterile material filled with tedious facts, figures and stats. Few of us have the time, patience or stamina for such research.  Thankfully, there are those like Tom Goodrich who do have what it takes for the long haul. Ultimately, it is the “long haul” that delivers the details of history from which comes what we know as truth.  Without our history, without our truth, we are nothing as a people.  That’s why our enemy is so determined to hide or distort our history; it is also why people like Tom Goodrich are so determined to retrieve our history. Discovering the truth of our history, even after decades of propaganda and lies, is what will ultimately set us free.  These two books—Summer, 1945 and Hellstorm–have gone a very long way toward setting us free.  And this is what makes Thomas Goodrich’s writing style so special. Almost in spite of ourselves, we sense the truth in his words. We, the readers, are drawn into a Goodrich book before we hardly know it. Truth is like that, like a strong magnet. A day or two later, when one emerges from the book–one “emerges” from a Tom Goodrich book, they never “finish” something that stays with them forever—they feel like they are different people; they have been to places that they never knew existed; they have gone to worlds that they were not supposed to go; they have gained knowledge and understanding that they were never meant to gain.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an uncanny writing ability.  We call it genius.

Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate has already taken its place with Hellstorm as one of the all-time most memorable and important books ever written, not just on World War II, but on history in general. If that sounds biased, that’s because it is.  We White Nationalists are extremely fortunate to have one of the world’s finest and most dedicated historians fighting on our side. People like Thomas Goodrich are why we are winning and why our victory is just a matter of time.

Summer, 1945 and Hellstorm can each be purchased at,,, and through the author’s website at For faster delivery, order each book separately via the author’s paypal at [email protected] ( $20 US / $25 Abroad ) or order both books together as one ($40 US / $50 Abroad )

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  1. Thanks, Darkmoon. I liked the article. Many have never read these accounts.

    Quote from the article:
    “We White Nationalists are extremely fortunate to have one of the world’s finest and most dedicated historians fighting on our side. People like Thomas Goodrich are why we are winning and why our victory is just a matter of time.”

    It is a shame that I don’t see any major countries’ leaders supporting the actions of White Nationalists.

    1. With the exception of “Pat the Baseball Bat” Little who says he’s gonna smash the (((Rats))) outta the ballpark!

      Patrick Little is a candidate for the California Senate. Vote Little, Think Big!

      If I lose this Senate race, I will run for the US President and only withdraw and endorse Trump if he talks about #JewishSupremacism and admits that the fake news and lying media as he calls them is dominated by Jewish supremacists. — Patrick Little

      1. Thanks to you! I am familiar with Pat.

        It is disgustingly too bad he is not a national leader. He is not even in the run for US Senate.

      2. Indeed. Let us all get behind Patrick Little. Perhaps he and Dr. David Duke can reverse this great country’s descent into Communism that is at our doorstep. While the Jews are seeking all manner of ways to prevent us from even speaking any truths about them and/or their fraud of the Holocaust, we need to hasten our organized efforts. Israel’s control and the control by the U.S. Jews are squeezing every white man in America to do their bidding for more of their planned wars. Their New World Order scheme of the Chabad Lubavitch lunatics will soon come to fruition unless America’s citizens unite to fight against our own Jewish controlled government.

      3. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a LITTLE step” is a common saying that originated from a famous Chinese proverb. The quotation is from Chapter 64 of the Tao Te Ching ascribed to Laozi, although it is also erroneously ascribed to his contemporary, Confucius. This saying teaches that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point; something which only begins with one LITTLE step. 🙂

    2. Right now things don’t look very good for white nationalists, or anyone concerned about the preservation of the different peoples and cultures of the world. Clearly the Jews, Cultural Marxists and their allies victory in WW II have propelled them to unimaginable world power status that they never held before, but maybe people will begin to see the monumental role Jews played in pushing the world into WW II and in particular, maybe the British will understand what fools the Jews played them for, destroying their great empire and its people, while Jews enriched and empowered themselves on the British backs. Apparently, “the greatest Englishman that ever lived”, as Churchill used to be known, thought that by destroying his greatest industrial competitor he would assure British prosperity in the future, but ignored the thought that the people that paid him to attack Germany did not have the British best interests at heart and would lead them into the de-industrialized, multi-cultural nightmare that Britain has become. If it’s any consolation to them, they also destroyed Germany and most of Europe and ensured the same future for them.

      But sometimes a big surprise comes along which no one foresees. The best example I can think of is the collapse of communism, the Warsaw Pact and the breakup of the USSR in 1990-1991. No one foresaw those world changing events, and perhaps the Alt-Right and others resistance to Jewish imposed degeneracy and ethnic genocide has only just begun.

      1. Peter

        Don’t be fooled

        The collapse of communism, the Warsaw Pact and the breakup of the Soviet system are not indications of chipping away at the “NWO”, but merely realignments of the would-be implementation of it

        There’s something brewing that’s difficult to get one’s mind around. But then of course readers would have to be open to a major Brownhawkian metaphysical premise

        Stay tuned

      2. There’s an expression, “through the eons”. At first glance the reader thinks of it in terms of the “passing of time”. Yet when a different definition is applied to the word “through”, something else in conveyed.

        From Webster’s universal encyclopedic dictionary:

        through: used as a function word to indicate means, agency, or intermediacy as a: by means of : by the agency of b: because of

        When viewed this way, “through the eons” suggests a timeless present, with “eon” understood to be the spatial environment through which we experience, WITHOUT an implication of aging and the inevitability of material decomposition.

        “Time”, in the experience of Man is an imposition. A gauntlet that we run through only to be ravaged (“ravages of time”) by the “time” it takes to get to the END of it. Time is the enemy of Man (as he was intended to be) which enables the existence of matter, and matter is spirit in a disoriented state. A state that de-composes what is Divinely COMposed as SPIRIT, which is indestructible.

        According to the ancients, the advent of this timeless present was signaled by what actually occurred on 12/12/12 per the Mayan observation of what’s called the “precession of the equinoxes”

        What has this got to do with the end of a “NWO”?

        It is posited that the battlegrounds for the war between good (spirit) and evil (matter) are these great yugic cycles, and that this precession marks a turning point BEYOND the Kali yuga whereby that which is necessary for a chronological manipulation exacting a suppression of mankind has been negated. This chases out the parasitic destroyers of civilizations who feed on this aberration of time

        Apocalypse now

        apocalypse: [Middle English, revelation, Revelation, from Late Latin apocalypsis, from Greek apokalypsis, from apokalypein – to uncover*

        Forget the wording in the Biblical book of Revelation. The true meaning of what shall be revealed is reflected by a transformation of time AS WE’VE KNOWN IT as the great destroyer

        *the removal of a material “cloak”, and the reorientation of spirit

    3. In 1938 the Jewish Almanac gave the figure of 15.7 milllion Jews worldwide.

      In 1948 it gave the figure of 15.7 million Jews worldwide.

      1. Multigenerational satanic psychopaths now dominate planet earth. I recognize this description is extreme, yet as the reality, the truth of what is underway is examined, you may soon join me and wish to similarly “call a spade a spade.” This phenomenon comes to focus in organized international Jewry, thought until recently to be approximately 13,000,000 in number, (it is acknowledged by any inquisitive non Jew this figure is an estimate only. The True number has long been a well guarded secret. Global census records put the figure at 15,748,091 for 1938 and 15,753,638 for 1948. (Wasn’t there a Holocaust during this period? How accurate are those figures?) Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported in 2012 one in every 514 people on earth is Jewish, about 0.02% of mankind, or 14,000,000 , Fourteen Million “”d-population/2012/09/20/) human sacrificing, blood drinking, Talmud worshipping, supremacist, Goyim (non Jew) hating, Muslim hating, Christian hating Jews. I expect the true number to be much greater. The world population is more than 3 times what it was in 1948, thus it is reasonable to estimate a current Jewish population approaching 50,000,000, fifty million. Jewish researcher Edgar Portisch estimates there are one hundred twenty million Jews in the world.

      2. @Co(s)micfellow

        “…Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported in 2012 one in every 514 people on earth is Jewish, about 0.02% of mankind, or 14,000,000 , Fourteen Million…”

        No that is about 0,2%.

        “…The world population is more than 3 times what it was in 1948, thus it is reasonable to estimate a current Jewish population approaching 50,000,000, fifty million…”

        That is a wrong reasoning. Not all populations increase equally. Poor, uneducated people have a higher birthrate than wealthy, educated people. The increase of the world’s population since 1948 happened mostly in the poor, uneducated Third World. Jews are mostly wealthy and educated…

    4. One might recall the sight of Comrade Stalin in the Red Square
      Greeting the dragooned factory slaves on occasion of May Day –
      And greeted in return by the shrieks of the hapless proles
      Looking forward to an atrocious drink of rot-gut alcohol –
      For the Soviet Judo-communism was also a ghastly construct
      Of kosher social engineering that paved the way for WW2,
      Killed off close to 100 million of its own captive population,
      Before falling apart like a tired out old Frankenstein,
      Brought down by a multitude of Talmudic design faults,
      And having long outlived its usefulness to Zion.

  2. The worst thing about all of these historical facts is that Germany must forever grovel at the feet of Israhell and all of victorious international jewry. They must apologize for things that never happened in their name. They must cough up high-tech Dolphin class submarines and give them for free to the world’s premier terrorist state. I pray every day that the Deutsche Volk – and the rest of the white world – will wake up in sufficient numbers to begin lethally cracking the kosher dam of lies. Once it’s breeched, (((they))) will be washed away into the dustbin of REAL history.

  3. At the virtual CORE of all this global strife and chaos sits ONE group;
    The Jew.

    Through their control/manipulation of governments, (via their stolen wealth by the kosher central banks), they buy or assassinate their way to control and use their “Shabbos Goi” to manipulate the (mostly) befuddled and ignorant cultures of the west, (Sewer Nation specifically), to achieve their ultimate goal of world-rule under their obscene Talmud’s NOAHIDE LAWS.
    They ARE The Synagogue of Satan.

  4. Those in the military, even more than the general population, are brainwashed into internalizing the categories and commands of the agents of Satan who rule over our politicians and the rest of us. The diabolical behavior that those in the military is a function of the power of the Prince of Darkness acting through their agents on earth, principally the powerful jews who hate Christ as well as the objective moral order instilled into our hearts by God and also revealed in the bible and the Church Christ founded upon the apostles. We must also blame the jews’ prostituted Goim associates in crime. Cardinal Edward Manning once said truthfully that “All human conflict is ultimately theological.” We’re talking about the spirit of Christ vs the spirit of Antichrist, children of God vs children of the devil. We must take up our spiritual weapons in this spiritual war into which we have been inducted whether we like it or not, especially praying the holy rosary which Our Lady of Fatima repeatedly asked for, and to which countless miracles have been attributed, including the overcoming of the agents of Satan numerous times throughout history against the greatest of odds. As Christ said, “With God all things are possible.” If Christ is for us, it doesn’t matter who is against us. And God himself in his infinite wisdom has chosen the Blessed Virgin Mary, reigning now in heaven as Queen alongside Christ the King, to crush the head of the Serpent and to conquer his agents on earth. We must overcome what E Michael jones in a recent Culture Wars article calls “The Jew Taboo.” If the proverbial “fear of the jews,” which is a function of jewish political power, itself a function of jewish financial power, prevents us from publicly identifying our enemies, then we will never overcome our enemies. We must have the courage to say the word “Jew,” not just euphemisms like “globalists,” international bankers,” “Anglo-Zionists,” “NWO cabal,” or whatever. We will be absurdly called “anti-semitic,” but that is a small price to pay in the light of eternity. We will reign with Christ only if we are willing to suffer for him and for the cause of truth.

    1. And is it any wonder that so many of our military return home with repressed guilt and commit suicide, abuse drugs and alcohol, are clinically depressed, end up in prison, divorced, homeless, etc., thus compounding our ever-increasing cultural pathology at home due to the already huge pool of repressed guilt from abortion, sexual immorality, and general abandonment of God and his law?

    2. “Gott mit uns” eh?

      When are Christians going to come to grips with the understanding that, first and foremost, Jesus was not a “Christian”? There were no “Christians” when Jesus was alive. Jesus was assigned the title of “Christ” by later Christians. “Christ” was a title he never would have claimed or accepted.

      The fact is Jesus had nothing ~ nothing ~to do with the religion assigned to him by the self-serving Jew, Saul/Paul. Last, but perhaps most important, is the fact that, Christianity is yet another destructive Judaic influence on civilization. The three most destructive religions on the planet are unequivocally, the murderous, bloodthirsty hag Judaism and her two ugly, vicious, daughters Islam and Christianity.

      “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one” or “chosen one.” This is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Mashiach, or “Messiah.” “Jesus” is the Lord’s human name given to Mary by the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:31). “Christ” is His title, signifying Jesus was sent from God to be a King and Deliverer. “Jesus Christ” means “Jesus the Messiah” or “Jesus the Anointed One.”

      In Judaism, the Jewish Messiah, hamashiach (המשיח, “the Messiah”, “the anointed one”), often referred to as “King Messiah” (מלך המשיח, melekh mashiach), is to be a human leader, physically descended from the paternal Davidic line through King David and King Solomon. He is thought to accomplish predetermined things in only one future arrival, including the unification of the tribes of Israel, the gathering in of all Jews to Eretz Israel, the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, the ushering in of a Messianic Age of global universal peace, and the annunciation of the World to come (But the specific expression, “hamashiach” (המשיח, lit. “the Messiah”), does not occur in the Tanakh (“Jewish Bible”)).

      Note the Messiah’s job description? “Unification of the tribes of Israel, gathering of all Jews to Eretz Israel. Where are the “gentiles” in this description? Finally there is the idea the Messiah will establish“the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.” Clearly, Jesus stood in opposition to the Temple. In fact, his blood sacrifice weakened it to destruction; why would he want to rebuild it?

      As previously written, “Messiah” is a Jewish concept – period. No Jew in history would ever accept the idea of a Messiah standing in opposition to their Temple, much less delivering them from it and remember, the story was written for Jews, by Jews, about Jews.

      This movie, based on a novel, shows the utter insanity of the Judaic religions. In the movie the main character, Arn, a Knight Templar, saves the life of his arch-enemy Saladin. The movie provides a wonderful cinematic portrayal of the religious schizophrenia induced by Judaic religions.

      Here one finds two diametrically opposing factions praying to the same Judaic god for victory. This makes perfect sense when one studies the Jews’ murderously insane, schizophrenic, god YHVH – Hmm, who will be my chosen victim today? Jews, Christians or Muslims?

      The portrayal of the church’s profound influence on the Nordic peoples’ lives during the so called “dark ages” is very interesting. Most interesting is the abbess’ demonic reaction when the female lead “Cecilia” tells her “only god can forgive you.” The main character, Arn, is also interesting in that he is reminiscent of T.E. Lawrence, aka “Lawrence of Arabia.”

      As long as they continue submitting to the Judaic based religions, civilization will remain murderously moribund to a suicidal commitment.

      1. Thanks for that Arch. I’ll make sure none of my future references will allude to Jesus only, and not “The Christ” (:>)

      2. @Arch
        ” Jesus was assigned the title of “Christ” by later Christians. “Christ” was a title he never would have claimed or accepted.”

        I didn’t know there was this comment until now since I wasn’t notified about it.

        What about this? “Again the high priest asked him, ‘Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?’ And Jesus said, ‘I am; and you will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.’ And the high priest tore his garments [on account of such “blasphemy”]. (Mark 14.61-63)

        Christianity is the fulfillment of judaism, and post-Christian Judaism is a revolutionary, anti-Christian and anti-human ideology. As St Paul said, “They are enemies of the entire human race.” (1 Thes. 2.15)

        I don’t know if Arch is jewish, but if not he certainly is an unwitting if not intentional tool in their hands for bringing our suffering and apostate world to its present miserable and demon-infested state. If only we will humble ourselves before our creator and repent of our secret sins, the eyes of our souls will be opened to the saving truth of the gospel of Christ. As St Thomas Aquinas said, “Sin’s firstborn offspring is blindness of spirit.” May God mercifully grant us all the grace to see and then to embrace his truth for the sake of the salvation of our immortal souls.

      3. Darrel

        Arch’s info somehow rings true with me. But that aside, when Thomas Aquinas said, “sins first offspring is blindness of spirit”, the metaphysical import of this cannot be overstated when you understand that “sin” in this context is referring to our very existential reality of living in a state of material constraint REMOVED from the truth of our residing in one reflecting the true meaning of “free spirit”.

      4. Darrell –

        It is difficult for me to ‘believe’ an anonymous writer who wrote the accounts 30+ years after the events.

        The Gospel of Mark was written anonymously. Early Christian tradition ascribes it to John Mark, a companion and interpreter of the apostle Peter. Hence its author is often called Mark, even though most modern scholars are doubtful of the Markan tradition and instead regard the author as unknown.

        It was probably written c. AD 66–70, during Nero’s persecution of the Christians in Rome or the Jewish revolt, as suggested by internal references to war in Judea and to persecution

      5. Seers say that the nexus changer called “precession of the equinoxes” marks a transition already well in the works, which makes sense when you consider the postulation that this planet, and perhaps the solar system* itself has been moving away from the kali yuga since before the Magna Carta.

        “…even the fumes are dissipating from the fuel tanks of this illusive pose of time, as the burnt-out reality of its momentum comes to a grinding halt,** arriving at a date with destiny which has been here all along, truth be known. Time on this planet is like a car ‘eening’ out of control, yet it has always “passed” ( the past) where it has always sat. Now, its illusory engine is blown out, and the “careening” motion that has kept it going is finally coming to a stop…in the presence of itself.”

        *A consideration of ‘Ol Tom Paine’s study of certain masonic lodges and their sun-worshiping practices ties in with a metaphysical understanding of the truth behind the sun. That what is being worshiped (“sun king”) is really a Creation impostor, a central figure representing what’s called the “biological imprint”. In general, this reflects (pardon the pun) Life being held in the grip of a material reality imposing itself on the true legacy of Man as a being of spirit, and that what we call the “sun” in its TRUE state is an aspect of the Divine which has been “cloaked”, and serving as the “ruler” in this, its inhibitive material state.

        **I wonder as I wander through a myriad of synaptic meanderings (I can’t help myself). Does this reflect some notion of the following passages in Matthew, “Tom Mark” (:>) and Luke?

        Matthew 24: 29-30
        Mark 13: 24-26
        Luke 21: 25-27

        With “son” indicating a return to the Divine state and supplanting the falsity of the “sun”.

      6. B-Hawk –

        Thanks for the “Ol Tom” acknowledgement and mentioning.

        Everyone has different beliefs – guesses – especially when referencing biblical scriptures. The differences even grow into sects and synods:

        John Calvin (1509-1564) was a French reformer of the Church who, at the age of 26, first published his classic work of theology, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1536. In this work, which formed the basis of theology for Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, Calvin repeatedly calls the Deity “the Architect of the Universe” and refers to His works in nature as “Architecture of the Universe” ten times.

        Calvin also refers to the Deity as the Great Architect or Architect of the Universe in his Commentary on Psalm 19. In literature, art, and theology the Deity has been referred to as an Artificer and Architect. Thus, in using G.A.O.T.U. Freemasonry has continued a long tradition of using an allegorical name for the Deity.

      7. Pat

        I share your admiration of Paine. Who was better at smelling rats? But smellin em only begins the process of learning the full extent of the fraudulence we’re in the midst of.

        It is my understanding that the very nature of the cosmos ITSELF represents a slap in the face of the true Divine architecture. The masonic cabalists, however, EMBRACE these “masters of the universe” (Demiurge),* and of course have elaborated this “Great work of the ages NWO” in their psychotic control freakism, playin their roles as the devil’s lap dogs.

        uti idiota maximus

        * some of the “eternal ideas” of Plato may be outstanding, especially when evidenced by man’s greatest life-affirming achievements, but in my view they are nonetheless inhibitive in the sense that they come under the auspices of an external control that limits the full potential of man as a being of spirit

  5. An excellent review. It takes a serious dedication to the truth simply to root out the kind of source documents needed to write a book like this, and a strong stomach to read those documents without giving up in despair for the wretchedness of the human race. After 70 years of brainwashing, most people will have a hard time accepting that the “Greatest Generation” may not have been so great, after all. Veterans rarely want to speak about their war experiences because the things that men and women often do to each other when at war are truly unspeakable.

    Some of the other old fogies here may remember an excellent anti-war movie from the late 1960’s: “Oh, What A Lovely War!”. Here’s When They Asked Us (3.52) from that movie, which I really can’t recommend highly enough.

    For those who have Kindle unlimited, Summer, 1945… can be downloaded for zero cost. Those who would prefer a hard copy in a soft cover will be paying about $25.00 per copy, but you don’t have to worry about someone extracting it from your device. I always go for the hard copy. Digital is too prone to revision or disappearance. Summer, 1945: Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate

    1. The most devastating anti-war movie I ever saw was “Johnny Got His Gun”.

      I saw it at university in 1971…

  6. Thus, the manufactured belief after Pearl Harbor that the Japanese always fought to the death and never surrendered worked perfectly into the deep desire of Americans to kill the “sneaky Japs,” kill them all. And so, with no option now but to fight fanatically to the death, the Japanese did.

    This is the very thing the Whitemale must understand about Jews, it is a fight to the death. Jews only take prisoners so they can sadistically torture them to death in the most hideous manner imaginable to feed their masturbatory sexual fantasies. If only the Whiteman understood Jews have engaged them in unrestricted warfare.

  7. I would hope that this book is well documented because in reading this article it sounds like a Jewish construct telling of wild and sadistic actions that the Jews themselves are capable of doing, a.k.a. the Cheka and the Bolsheviks, not Americans. America was a Christian nation back in the 1940’s and nothing like today’s atheist and irreligious citizens.
    If this book has a lot of hearsay and opinions then I would not believe much of what is written. Also, are many of the writer’s documented sources now dead and can no longer verify what he wrote as fact? I am suspicious.

  8. it’s a real good article… if the real history of an war is know the conclusion can’t be avoided – that there are no good guys in war. there are only winners and losers… and it’s a fact of life that the winners write the history of any conflict, and you can bet it won’t be the whole truth…
    there are very few ww2 vets left in the world now. i would like to talk to any who were on the scene in germany and japan at the end of the war… the book ‘other loses’, about the high command’s murder of perhaps a million surrendered german pows, was written by one such gi.. i believe his story…
    from what i’ve read, french soldiers and officers made drunken sport of shooting german pows… i know it was done in nam…
    i knew older vets in the town i grew up in back in appalachia, one who had survived the bataan death march.. one of my uncles crew chiefed one of the bombers they used to drop the palates of food to the liberated prisoners. anyway, the survivor weighed 85 pounds at the end. when he found a hershey bar he tried to eat it but he couldn’t finish it… read the accounts of the bataan death march. i don’t doubt them…
    there is no doubt that the conduct of the american army, and the french and british, was deplorable in the conquest and occupation of germany and these books are a huge contribution in the general rise of consciousness on the whole subject of war and how and why it happens… it’s how they control you…
    but it is a mistake to assume the conduct of the german and japanese armies was any different in the countries they invaded and conquered… i doubt it… if you read ‘the rape of nanking’ by iris chan, who was most likely murdered for her efforts, you’ll be sufficiently horrified at the japs’ response to their orders from the emperor – that “every person in this place must be killed”…
    in ‘the order of the death’s head’ by heinze hohne, the author states that the german ss came up behind and murdered about 950,000 polish civilians after their army had smashed through in 1939. mostly with bullets…
    because thats just how war is… the civilians are a security risk. nobody pulls any punches… don’t forget that.
    if you read ‘sand in the wind’, which is a story about one man’s experience in vietnam as a us marine, there is a scene where some marines are in house to house combat and they chase an enemy combatant into a house. all the marines come up to the windows, each pulls two grenades. at the count they’re going to pull the pins on both and throw the grenades into the house, then all run in shooting. but just as they’re about to pull the pins they hear children crying in the house. they hesitate. one marine tries to look in one of the windows and the enemy shoots him in the face…
    it is ever axiomatic, though unspoken, that all who participate in war are terrorists… war is terrorism…
    our terrorist enemies are just people who fight back as best they an without an army, and you would find they have all suffered major civilian losses themselves, at the hands of our highly mechanized, more and more impersonal military force…
    and you might excuse or understand atrocities committed in combat, but the mass murder of pows and civilians after the war is over is a different thing. the story here is how ignorant the general public is on the subject, how the so-called free speech media and the state conspire to keep our own war crimes quiet, among a lot of other things… and in addition then, the understanding that every pyramid power structure operates the same, using violence against the underlings as the means of keeping itself functioning as a power structure…
    my guess – the old power structures cannot survive the free media, but they will not go quietly… more likely they have a plan in place to simply exterminate the working masses and start over, replacing thinking people with a combination of ai robots and totally g5 mind controlled transhumanist automatons…
    pat – what do we mean by ‘white nationalists’?
    i’m white and i am a nationalists… is there something else to it?

    1. Many on the left assume that a “white nationalist” is an authoritarian / fascist, ethno-state advocating white supremacist. That is, people who want only whites in the nation, and think all other races are inferior. That is certainly the take you’ll get from Zio-media, antifa, and SJW types to whom everyone who isn’t in lock step with their agenda is automatically a “Nazi” that deserves to be punched. This is a not bad article that more or less begins “White nationalism is a disgusting ideology, and there’s no reason to doubt this truth.” then gets into “Nazi punching”. Oddly, no one would ever say that Black nationalism – or Jewish nationalism – is “disgusting”, only White nationalism.

      Truth is, most white nationalists get along well with people of all other races, but it’s true enough that most want a state that has a majority of whites, just as most Japanese want a state that has a majority of Japanese, most Chinese want a state that has a majority of Chinese, and most Jews want a state that’s almost entirely Jewish.

    2. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “ there something else to it?”

      Thanks for wanting more clarification.

      Within the framework or context of MY single sentence… DEFINITELY!!

      I wrote:
      “It is a shame that I don’t see any major countries’ leaders supporting the actions of White Nationalists.”

      See… I did not mention you. Not at all. Unless… you ARE the leader of a “major country” today. 🙂

      The “major” leaders are globalists. Even ‘Put-On’ says he will follow the UN…. Even on Man-Made Climate Change!! 🙂

      ‘Put-On’ said this at the UN:

      Russia stands ready to work together with its partners on the basis of full consensus, but we consider the attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations as extremely dangerous.

      We propose convening a special forum under the auspices of the UN to comprehensively address issues related to the depletion of natural resources, habitat destruction, and climate change. Russia is willing to co-sponsor such a forum.

      Ladies and gentlemen, one more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030.

      …enabling us to restore the balance between the biosphere and technology upset by human activities.

      Russia is confident of the United Nations’ enormous potential, which should help us avoid a new confrontation and embrace a strategy of cooperation. Hand in hand with other nations, we will consistently work to strengthen the UN’s central, coordinating role. I am convinced that by working together, we will make the world stable and safe, and provide an enabling environment for the development of all nations and peoples.
      Thank you.

    3. Barkindeer: “but it is a mistake to assume the conduct of the german and japanese armies was any different in the countries they invaded and conquered… i doubt it… if you read ‘the rape of nanking’ by iris chan, who was most likely murdered for her efforts, you’ll be sufficiently horrified at the japs’ response to their orders from the emperor – that “every person in this place must be killed”…

      Every cruel and barbaric act that the filthy lying Jews accused the Nazis of doing to them and Europeans, the Japs actually did to the Chinese and Southeast Asians.

      With regards to the Rape of Nanking, it has been about 4 years since I last looked into the matter. All my research has since been hacked and lost (I’m on my 6th computer in 4 years) but here’s a great site The Nanking Atrocities that I just found on the Internet. It was created by a Japanese, Masato Kajimoto, and according to him, the site was “in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Arts in the Graduate School of Journalism of the University of Missouri-Columbia in August 2000.”

      On Kajimoto’s site you will find testimonials from Japanese soldiers and from foreigners who were in Nanking at the time. They confirm that the Rape of Nanking did happen, though the exact total number of civilians who were raped and massacred is still unknown.

      The most notable of these foreigners was John Rabe, who was actually a Nazi and he wrote to Hitler in a vain attempt to get him to pressure the Japs to stop the massacre — I recall this from my research 4-years ago and so can’t cite the original source now. Maybe this is why I will always have a soft spot for the Nazis, plus my first girlfriend was German. 🙂

      Establishment of the Nanjing Safety Zone

      The former residence of John Rabe in Nanjing, located in the Nanking Safety Zone during Nanjing Massacre.
      Many Westerners were living in the Chinese capital city of the time, as Nanking was until December 1937, conducting trade or on missionary trips. Some of these people included American journalists, such as Matthew Rushford, and tourists from various European countries. As the Japanese army approached Nanking (now Nanjing) and initiated bombing raids on the city, all but 22 foreigners fled the city, with 15 American and European missionaries and businessmen forming part of the remaining group.[4] On November 22, 1937, as the Japanese Army advanced on Nanking, Rabe, along with other foreign nationals, organized the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone and created the Nanking Safety Zone to provide Chinese refugees with food and shelter from the impending Japanese slaughter. He explained his reasons thus: “…there is a question of morality here… I cannot bring myself for now to betray the trust these people have put in me, and it is touching to see how they believe in me.”[5] The zones were located in all of the foreign embassies and at Nanking University.

      The International Committee was inspired by the establishment in November of a neutral zone in Shanghai, which protected 450 000 civilians.[3]

      Rabe was elected as its leader, in part because of his status as a member of the Nazi party and the existence of the German–Japanese bilateral Anti-Comintern Pact. This committee established the Nanking Safety Zone in the western quarter of the city. The Japanese government had agreed not to attack parts of the city that did not contain Chinese military forces, and the members of the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone attempted to persuade the Chinese government to move all their troops out of the area. They were partly successful.

      On December 1, 1937, Nanjing Mayor Ma Chao-chun ordered all Chinese citizens remaining in Nanking to move into the Safety Zone and then fled the city. When Nanjing fell on December 13, 1937, 500 000 non-combatants remained in the city.[3]

      Rabe also opened up his properties to help 650 more refugees.

      The Nanking Massacre
      The Nanking Massacre killed 50,000 to 60,000 civilians according to John Rabe, while Rabe and his zone administrators tried frantically to stop the atrocities. Modern estimates vary, but some put the number of murdered civilians at as high as approximately 300,000.[6][7] Rabe’s attempts to appeal to the Japanese by using his Nazi Party membership credentials only delayed them; but that delay allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees to escape. The documentary Nanking credited him for saving the lives of 250,000 Chinese civilians. Other sources suggest that Rabe rescued between 200,000 and 250,000 Chinese people.[8]

      Diary entries
      In his diary Rabe documented Japanese atrocities committed during the assault upon and occupation of the city. On December 13, 1937, he wrote:

      It is not until we tour the city that we learn the extent of destruction. We come across corpses every 100 to 200 yards. The bodies of civilians that I examined had bullet holes in their backs. These people had been presumably fleeing and were shot from behind. The Japanese march through the city in groups of ten to twenty soldiers and loot the shops … I watched with my own eyes as they looted the café of our German baker Herr Kiessling. Hempel’s hotel was broken into as well, as almost every shop on Chung Shang and Taiping Road.[9]

      In his interactions with Japanese authorities, Rabe first took a conciliatory tone. On December 14, 1937, Rabe handed a letter of thanks to the Japanese army commander stating that the people in the Safety Zone were all safe and not one shot had been fired. The following is a part of his letter of thanks.

      Dec. 14, 1937,

      Dear commander of the Japanese army in Nanking, We appreciate that the artillerymen of your army didn’t attack to the Safety Zone. And we hope to contact with you to make a plan to protect general Chinese citizens who are staying in the Safety Zone… We will be pleased to cooperate with you in anyway to protect general citizens in this city. –Chairman of the Nanking International Committee, John H. D. Rabe–[10]

      On December 17, 1937 he wrote in a very different tone:

      Two Japanese soldiers have climbed over the garden wall and are about to break into our house. When I appear they give the excuse that they saw two Chinese soldiers climb over the wall. When I show them my party badge, they return the same way. In one of the houses in the narrow street behind my garden wall, a woman was raped, and then wounded in the neck with a bayonet. I managed to get an ambulance so we can take her to Kulou Hospital… Last night up to 1,000 women and girls are said to have been raped, about 100 girls at Ginling Girls’ College alone. You hear nothing but rape. If husbands or brothers intervene, they’re shot. What you hear and see on all sides is the brutality and bestiality of the Japanese soldiers.[11]

      On December 17, Rabe wrote a letter as chairman to Kiyoshi Fukui, second secretary of the Japanese Embassy. The following is an excerpt:

      In other words, on the 13th when your troops entered the city, we had nearly all the civilian population gathered in a Zone in which there had been very little destruction by stray shells and no looting by Chinese soldiers even in full retreat… All 27 Occidentals in the city at that time and our Chinese population were totally surprised by the reign of robbery, raping and killing initiated by your soldiers on the 14th. All we are asking in our protest is that you restore order among your troops and get the normal city life going as soon as possible. In the latter process we are glad to cooperate in any way we can. But even last night between 8 and 9 p.m. when five Occidental members of our staff and Committee toured the Zone to observe conditions, we did not find any single Japanese patrol either in the Zone or at the entrances![12]

      Having received no answer to his request, Rabe wrote again to Fukui the following day, this time in an even more desperate tone:

      We are sorry to trouble you again but the sufferings and needs of the 200 000 civilians for whom we are trying to care make it urgent that we try to secure action from your military authorities to stop the present disorder among Japanese soldiers wandering through the Safety Zone… The second man in our Housing Commission had to see two women in his family at 23 Hankow Road raped last night at supper time by Japanese soldiers. Our associate food commissioner, Mr. Sone, has to convey trucks with rice and leave 2,500 people in families at his Nanking Theological Seminary to look after themselves. Yesterday, in broad daylight, several women at the Seminary were raped right in the middle of a large room filled with men, women, and children! We 22 Occidentals cannot feed 200,000 Chinese civilians and protect them night and day. That is the duty of the Japanese authorities …[13]

      On the February 10, 1938, Rabe wrote in his diary:

      Fukui, whom I tried to find at the Japanese embassy to no avail all day yesterday, paid a call on me last night. He actually managed to threaten me: “If the newspapers in Shanghai report bad things, you will have the Japanese army against you”, he said… In reply to my question as to what I then could say in Shanghai, Fukui said “We leave that to your discretion.” My response: “It looks as if you expect me to say something like this to the reporters: The situation in Nanking is improving everyday. Please don’t print any more atrocities stories about the vile behavior of Japanese soldiers, because then you’ll only be pouring oil on fire of disagreement that already exists between the Japanese and Europeans.” “Yes”, he said simply beaming, “that would be splendid!”[14]

      John Rabe gave a series of lectures in Germany after he came back to Berlin on April 15, 1938, in which he said, “We Europeans put the number [of civilian casualties] at about 50,000 to 60,000.”[15] Rabe was not the only figure to record the Japanese atrocity. By December 1937, after the defeat of the Chinese soldiers, the Japanese soldiers would often go house-to-house in Nanking, shooting any civilians they encountered. Evidence of these violent acts come from diaries kept by some Japanese soldiers and by Japanese journalists who were appalled by what was transpiring.[16]

      source: Wikipedia (John Rabe)

      More diary entries and letters from other Europeans at Nanking at the time can also be found at Kajimoto’s site:

      The most damning are the testimonials from the Jap soldiers themselves, which can be found on this page:

      1. To the Chinese people he saved, John Rabe was the living Bhudha. He is still revered in Nanking.

        Sorry to be such a black pill, but the Japs during WWII were notorious killers, rapists and sex fiends. They butchered and raped their way through Asia. They killed an estimated 50 million in Asia and made an estimated 400,000 women their “comfort women” (euphemism for sex slaves), and White women weren’t spared either.

        “Many stories have been told about the horrors, brutalities, suffering and starvation of Dutch women in Japanese prison camps. But one story was never told, the most shameful story of the worst human rights abuse committed by the Japanese during World War II: The story of the “Comfort Women”, the jugun ianfu, and how these women were forcibly seized against their will, to provide sexual services for the Japanese Imperial Army… …I have forgiven the Japanese for what they did to me, but I can never forget. For fifty years, the “Comfort Women” maintained silence; they lived with a terrible shame, of feeling soiled and dirty. It has taken 50 years for these women’s ruined lives to become a human rights issue. I hope that by speaking out, I have been able to make a contribution to world peace and reconciliation, and that human rights violation against women will never happen again.”

        — Statement by Jan Ruff O’Herne at a 2007 United States congressional hearing.

      2. Peter Stuyvesant wrote an excellent essay in 2011 about the special relationship between the Jews and Japs during the 1930s which I highly recommend for those interested in WW2 revisionism. It’s entitled, Jews and Japanese Imperialism and is still online at Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer.

        It was one of the first essays I read back in 2014 about WW2, when I became fully Jew-wise. In retrospect, I was aware of WW2 revisionism about the Japs long before I became aware of the revisionist historians such as Ernst Zundel and Robert Faurisson who specialized on Germany and the fake holocaust. 

        Stuyvesant’s essay started my journey as a revisionist Chinese historian — though I prefer “re-revisionist” because the “official history” is actually the revised history — and as a re-revisionist Chinese historian, my main thesis is that Japan in the modern-era has never been anything more than cannon fodder and an expendable pawn in the centuries-long Jewish geopolitical chess game of containing and controlling both China and Russia.

        Without having to read a ton of books on the subject, I came to this conclusion rather early and rather simply when I realized the Jews pushed their deadly opium strictly in China. Not only were the Japs spared, but their shithole country of Japan was modernized while China was destroyed and made into a shithole — that was the no-brainer clue for me.

        Unbeknownst to me until today, one of my favourite podcasters Tim Kelly is also of the same opinion. He goes further than me and makes a direct connection to the bloody Rothschilds. Kelly claims that Commodore Perry, the man who opened up Japan to (((free trade))) in 1853 was the father-in-law of a Rothschild, albeit a bastard son. If true, it’s the smoking gun evidence. But who was this bastard?

        His name was August Schönberg, but we remember him as August Belmont — the Belmont Stakes which takes place next Saturday was named after him. Belmont and another (((financier))) by the name of Leonard Walter Jerome built Jerome Park Racetrack on the Bathgate land and the first Belmont Stakes was held there in 1867. Does the name “Jerome” ring a bell? It should for Churchill cucks and critics alike. Leonard Walter Jerome was the father of Jenny Jerome, the woman who gave birth to Winston Churchill, the greatest holocauster of Germans by incendiary bombs in history. 

        Interesting [Jay Dyer] talk… So the Freemasons infiltrated Japan in the 1880s. That’s not too long after Commodore Matthew Perry’s ironclad gunboats showed up in Tokyo Bay to impose “free trade.” Until then Japan was a insular feudal society. But the appearance of Perry’s ships sent a clear message to Nippon’s ruling class: modernize or be destroyed. 

        Commodore Perry had a direct link to the Rothschild banking family. He was the father-in-law of August Belmont- the Rothschild’s agent in America. August Belmont, was the illegitimate son of Baron Karl Meyer Rothschild of the Rothschild branch in Naples, Italy. Belmont married Caroline Perry in 1849.

        Japan’s entry into the imperial game was encouraged and financed by London and New York. Jacob Schiff financed the Russo-Japanese War as part of a long term Anglo-American (and Jewish) plan to topple the Russian Tsar, an objective achieved in 1917. For the better part of thirty years Japan was the Anglo-American cat’s paw in Asia. However by the 1930s Japan had gotten too big for her upstart britches and started to entertain ideas of independence. Hence the Greater Southeast Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. “Asia for the Asians” was the slogan. The reality was a dirty war of rape and plunder.

        This, of course does not absolve the Western imperial powers. The Pacific War was provoked by Washington and London. Japan’s “crime” in the eyes of the West was being a nonwhite latecomer to the imperial banquet. As one Japanese diplomat wryly remarked on the eve of the Pearl Harbor raid, “Just when we learn how to play poker, they change the game to bridge.” The rest, as they say, is history.

        — Tim Kelly,  August 8, 2016 

        How does one prove such a controversial claim, that August Belmont was the illegitimate son of Baron Karl Meyer Rothschild? Without DNA evidence, we can’t prove anything, but we may find a very good clue here from the Rothschilds’ Achieve, if, as they say, you know how to read between the lines:

        August Belmont (1813-1890) had worked his way up through the ranks of clerks in the Rothschild Bank in Frankfurt when he was sent to America aged twenty-three in 1837. The plan was for him to travel via New York to Havana to investigate how the Cuban economy and the various Rothschild interests there were being affected by the Spanish Civil War. However, he arrived in New York in the middle of a crash to find that the existing representatives of Rothschild (J.L. and S.I. Joseph & Co.) had gone out of business. Using his own initiative he set up an office in New York and began to act as the Rothschild agent there.

        This behaviour was not initially welcomed by his employers who expected him to follow his orders to proceed to Havana, and although the Rothschilds eventually agreed he should remain in New York, it set the pattern for a turbulent relationship between Belmont and the London and Paris houses of Rothschild. In 1837, the news that Belmont had decided to remain in New York prompted Baron James de Rothschild (1792-1868) to write ‘He is a stupid young man…. Such an ass needs to be kept on a short leash.’  Nonetheless the Rothschilds quickly realised the importance of having an agent based in the growing North American market, and August Belmont was to become a great financier and politician. 

        Belmont rented a small room at 78 Wall Street and on instruction from the Rothschilds began to purchase stock on their behalf, handling bills and trading in commodities, as well as handling the various government and railway loans the Rothschilds made in the USA. As well as making money for the Rothschild banks, Belmont became a rich man in his own right and soon began to move up the ranks of New York society, later becoming a leading figure in the Democratic party and hosting social events on a Rothschild scale at his home on Fifth Avenue.  His love for the Turf is evidenced by the Belmont Racecourse. 

        Source: The Rothschild Archieve

        Did you spot the clue?

        Here it is:
        “In 1837, the news that Belmont had decided to remain in New York prompted Baron James de Rothschild (1792-1868) to write ‘He is a stupid young man…. Such an ass needs to be kept on a short leash.’ Nonetheless the Rothschilds quickly realised the importance of having an agent based in the growing North American market, and August Belmont was to become a great financier and politician.”

        It is inconceivable to me that the Rothschilds — infamous for their arrogance and inbreeding with each other in order to keep the money all in the family — would tolerate insubordination from an outsider, especially an outsider whom they described as a “stupid young man” and “ass” who “needs to be kept on a short leash”, but, who, nevertheless, was later promoted to be the main Rothschild agent in America. August Belmont must have been a blood relation. In fact, Belmont is described rather like a “bastard”, but one who they tolerated only because he was, of course, (((their bastard))). 

        Stuyvesant’s conclusion about the special relationship between the Jews and Japs is worth quoting here because, whether he knows it or not, he claims the Jews were expelled from China. This expulsion is never mentioned but should be definitely added to the long list of countries that have kicked out the God damned Jews!

        In 2004 the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the grave of his father in Harbin on an official state visit to the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays the Chinese are looking for good relations with the state of Israel, but after World War II the Jews who had not left yet were expelled from China after the conclusion of the Chinese civil war in 1949. Chairman Mao banned the Jewish religion from the registration of cults in China. It was the only officially banned religion. 

        Time has apparently faded the Chinese memory of the Jewish complicity with Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and their war crimes, like the mass experimenting of chemical (and biological) agents in Manchuria, the exploitation of slave-labor causing millions to die, and the brutal cultural and political oppression of Chinese. World War II in China (1937–1945) cost the lives of at least 20 million Chinese civilians, most deliberately killed in scenes like the Nanking Massacre or the sanko sakusen (The “Three Alls Policy”: loot all, kill all, burn all).


    4. Iris Chan committed suicide through the use of an antique pistol in her car in an isolated area.

      She suffered terribly from depressions and the work on this book must have thrown her over the edge…

  9. One of the greatest lies to emerge from WWII and survive for over seventy years intact, is the one we have been told over and over ever since December 7, 1941, viz., that the Japanese soldier was a mindless, murderous automaton, that he would never surrender, that he would always fight to the death, that he “lived to die” for the Emperor, that suicide was his second nature, and so on. There is no truth to any of these fairy-tales. Such a revelation as I have just stated here should not have come as any great surprise to anyone when they think about it, but it did come as a great shock to me and it will to everyone else, I am sure. When one has been told a “truth” such as this about the “robotic” Japanese soldier, a truth told for so many years from so many sources, one simply believes it as totally, completely and mindlessly as that night follows day.


    Thus, the manufactured belief after Pearl Harbor that the Japanese always fought to the death and never surrendered worked perfectly into the deep desire of Americans to kill the “sneaky Japs,” kill them all. And so, with no option now but to fight fanatically to the death, the Japanese did. And thus, it was a case where propaganda became a self-fulfilling truth.

    Sorry, Mr. Magnusson, but the above two paragraphs stick out like the proverbial sore thumb or should I say like the proverbial Jew nose because they contradict everything we know about the Japanese Imperial Army and its Bushido code, unless you’re going to argue that that, too, was a lie?

    Bushidō expanded and formalized the earlier code of the samurai, and stressed sincerity, frugality, loyalty, mastery of martial arts, and honour to the death. Under the bushidō ideal, if a samurai failed to uphold his honor he could only regain it by performing seppuku (ritual suicide).[28]

    In an excerpt from his book Samurai: The World of the Warrior,[29] historian Stephen Turnbull describes the role of seppuku in feudal Japan:

    In the world of the warrior, seppuku was a deed of bravery that was admirable in a samurai who knew he was defeated, disgraced, or mortally wounded. It meant that he could end his days with his transgressions wiped away and with his reputation not merely intact but actually enhanced. The cutting of the abdomen released the samurai’s spirit in the most dramatic fashion, but it was an extremely painful and unpleasant way to die, and sometimes the samurai who was performing the act asked a loyal comrade to cut off his head at the moment of agony.

    Bushidō varied dramatically over time, and across the geographic and socio-economic backgrounds of the samurai, who represented somewhere between 5% and 10% of the Japanese population.[30] The first Meiji-era census at the end of the 19th century counted 1,282,000 members of the “high samurai”, allowed to ride a horse, and 492,000 members of the “low samurai”, allowed to wear two swords but not to ride a horse, in a country of about 25 million.[31]

    source: Wikipdia (Busido)

    I bet you didn’t know there were Jap soldiers (Shigeyuki Hashimoto and Kiyoaki Tanaka) still hiding in the jungles of Southeast Asia as late as 1990 — 45-years after the end of WWII — because they refused to surrender!?! They were collectively known as the “Japanese holdouts”.

    Japanese holdouts (残留日本兵 Zanryū nipponhei, “remaining Japanese soldiers”) or stragglers were Japanese soldiers in the Pacific Theatre who, after the August 1945 surrender of Japan ending World War II, either adamantly doubted the veracity of the formal surrender due to dogmatic militaristic principles, or simply were not aware of it because communications had been cut off by Allied advances.

    Some continued to fight the enemy forces, and later local police, for years after the war was over. Others volunteered with local independence movements during the First Indochina War and Indonesian War of Independence.

    Intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda, who was relieved of duty by his former commanding officer on Lubang Island in the Philippines in March 1974, and Teruo Nakamura, who was stationed on MorotaiIsland in Indonesia and surrendered in December 1974, were the last confirmed holdouts, though rumors persisted of others.

    source: Wikipedia (Japanese holdouts)

    1. Thor Magnusson: “The few Japanese who were in fact saved for interrogation were kept alive only as long as their information was useful, then they too were shot, bayoneted or pushed from flying aircraft.”

      I don’t for a second believe the Yanks were angels but the above sentence strikes me as over-the-top Hollywood Jewish projection and black comedy. First of all, I don’t believe US airmen were issued with rifles and bayonets; and secondly, wouldn’t it have been quicker and easier for the Marines and or Army infantry to just shoot the Japs on the ground?

      Mr. Magnusson’s implicit suggestion that a commanding officer would give an order to load Japs onboard a B-17 bomber and then fly them up 30,000 feet before they were “bayoneted or pushed” out to their deaths — without any mention of the subsequent court-martial of that officer for LUNACY, if not INCOMPETENCY — is totally UNBELIEVABLE!

      The whole tone this review of a book that claims the Yanks cruelly killed Japs trying to surrender gives me the sinking feeling that Thomas Goodrich is SJW who is a pro-BLM kind of CUCK perpetrating the pernicious and perfidious Jewish “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

      In any event, a more plausible, if not less morally reprehensible reason why the Yanks shot the Japs who were trying to “surrender” was because they knew it was a trick. They knew it was Jap perfidy:

      Throughout the Pacific War, Japanese soldiers often feigned injury or surrender in order to lure the approaching American forces before attacking them. One of the most famous examples of this was the “Goettge Patrol” during the early days of the Guadalcanal Campaign in August 1942. After the patrol saw a white flag displayed on the west bank of Matanikau River, Marine CorpsLieutenant Colonel Frank Goettge assembled 25 men, primarily consisting of intelligence personnel, to search the area. Unknown to the patrol, the white flag was actually a Japanese flag with the Hinomaru disc insignia obscured. A Japanese prisoner earlier deliberately tricked the Marines into an ambush by telling them that there were a number of Japanese west of the Matanikau River who wanted to surrender.[164] The Goettge Patrol landed by boat west of the Lunga Point perimeter, between Point Cruz and the Matanikau River, on a reconnaissance mission to contact a group of Japanese troops that American forces believed might be willing to surrender. Soon after the patrol landed, a group of Japanese naval troops ambushed and almost completely wiped out the patrol. Goettge was among the dead. Only three Americans made it back to American lines in the Lunga Point perimeter alive. News of the killing and treachery by the Japanese outraged the American Marines:

      This was the first mass killing of the Marines on Guadalcanal. We were shocked. Shocked … because headquarters had believed anything a Jap had to say … The loss of this patrol and the particularly cruel way in which they had met death, hardened our hearts toward the Japanese. The idea of taking prisoners was swept from our minds. It was too dangerous.[165]

      Second Lieutenant D. A. Clark of the 7th Marines told a similar story while patrolling Guadalcanal:

      I was on my first patrol here, and we were moving up a dry stream bed. We saw 3 Japs come down the river bed out of the jungle. The one in front was carrying a white flag. We thought they were surrendering. When they got up to us they dropped the white flag and then all 3 threw hand grenades. We killed 2 of these Japs, but 1 got away. Apparently they do not mind a sacrifice in order to get information.[164]

      Samuel Eliot Morison, in his book, The Two-Ocean War: A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War, wrote:

      There were innumerable incidents such as a wounded Japanese soldier at Guadalcanal seizing a scalpel and burying it in the back of a surgeon who was about to save his life by an operation; and a survivor of the Battle of Vella Lavella, rescued by PT-163, pulling a gun and killing a bluejacket in the act of giving a Japanese sailor a cup of coffee.[166] (A PT is a patrol torpedo boat and a bluejacket is an enlisted sailor.)

      These incidents, along with many other perfidious actions of the Japanese throughout the Pacific War, led to an American tendency to shoot the dead or wounded Japanese soldiers and those who were attempting to surrender and not take them as prisoners of war easily. Two Marines of Iwo Jima told cautionary tales. One confided: “They always told you take prisoners but we had some bad experiences on Saipan taking prisoners, you take them and then as soon as they get behind the lines they drop grenades and you lose a few more people. You get a little bit leery of taking prisoners when they are fighting to the death and so are you.” The other reported, “Very few of them came out on their own; when they did, why, usually one in the front he’d come out with his hands up and one behind him, he’d come out with a grenade.”[167][168][169]

      source: Wikipedia (Japanese war crimes)

  10. religious fanaticism serves war well… sacrifice, martyrdom – that looks good on your resume..
    carnap – i would say exclusive racist population policies can’t jive with the us constitution…. i doubt the usa will ever be an exclusively white county, and this part of the word doesn’t really have that heritage…
    but northern europe could make that claim and immigrants could be excluded from there, maintaining a heavy white majority, for plenty of other good reasons too… the immigrant invasion is leading to a bloodbath…
    actual loss of diversity will be the result of diminished national borders and continued race mixing…
    the whole papist anti-nationalist multiculturalist plot is straight from the city of london bankster complex…
    the multiculturalist agenda.
    you got that from the jew.
    it did not come from me my friend.
    it didn’t even come from you.
    forget the reconquista.
    this is not azatlan.
    we do not take our orders from.
    some guy in the vatican…
    pat – i was asking you to give us your opinion of what white nationalism is… what do you think it is, or should be, if you please?

  11. “TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL” by Gerard Menuhin convinced me the we must resist Jewish Power. It has been attacked by Jewish critics but it is meticulously documented and you can check every major point yourself. If you want the facts this is your best source, and the facts will shock you.

    Amazingly, it is still available on, despite them having removed all other books critical of Jewish Power. (So much for press freedom. Do I smell the burning of the vanities?).

    The author is the son of Yehudi Menuhin, the great Jewish violinist, a lovely man.

  12. Talk about “the crime” of denying the holocauste!
    This book should be screenplayed to reach a maximum of (lazy) folks.

  13. Warning to national socialists:
    We, people who arent National Socialists but have a common enemy warn you that by finding people like genocidal murderer Bashar Assad to be a “nice guy” you make your case of making Adolf Hitler a very nice guy whose only crime was that he cared about his people and his country very very weak.
    Reason being that once you explain your case – in regards to the lie of the holocaust and other items involving Adolf Hitler and his nationalist movement-people like me start believing you because i know that those who call themselves victims of Hitler are the same ones who called my people terrorists for sixty years until the internet came out and clarified things- so yes i might believe you because the other side are compulsive liers (why believe them?) and i wasnt there …
    But when you defend Bashar Assad and call him a nice guy- you make your case weak because, unlike of what happened in germany i am a witness of the barbarity of Assad´s regime today.
    So be careful because we need to strenghten the case against the evil lying Jew, not make it weak by supporting stupid conspiracy theories.

    1. Avatar…..(Neil Diamond),
      Your post is incoherent. Perhaps we should share a bottle of tequila to clear our heads. Chalom amigo.

      1. Avatar,
        By the way, you categorize Jews as one entity. We are a very diverse group. Put a group of us in a room for debate and we wont agree on anything…………even the time displayed on our watches. 🙂


    A monumental lie
    Supposedly commemorating the war dead,
    Yet daring not to speak the name
    Of the Jew Rothschild banksters
    For whose immense top secret profits
    They were gassed, riddled with bullets
    And blown to kingdom come,
    And no living soul shall ever know
    The number of trillions of dollars of goy blood money
    In the Jew Rothschild banksters’ invisible empire,
    Not even the Forbes rich list is ever allowed
    To know their count,
    For it is anti-$emitic to inquire
    Into the ill-gotten riches of the richest Jews
    Who used to finance the Jew Trotsky,
    As well as the Nazi Party,
    While stoking world wars, collecting fat war profits
    And flogging the Eternal Holocaust
    On behalf of I$raHell, the kosher Jew apartheid
    Demanding more blood and treasure of the world
    Every goddamn day – and brought into existence,
    In the fist place, by the Jew Rothschild banksters
    As a sovereign domain of their own.

    And that’s why thousands of Australians were killed
    Not only in the Jew world wars, Korea and Vietnam,
    But also in Iraq and Afghanistan
    To make sure the Jews can massacre the Palestinians
    With absolute impunity at any time of day or night.

    25th April of 2018 is a centenary of yet another battle
    Where 1200-odd Australians were sent to slaughter
    By a Jewish general
    For God, King and (mother) country
    And further dividends of the Jew Rothschild banksters.

    The Jewish general went on to be furtively acclaimed
    As the Judo-Masonic Pope of Australia –
    Mainly in Melbourne,
    A genius so ginormous as to be posthumously elevated
    To the rank of a Field Marshal,
    But not quite.

    Yet, within three or four days of this little verse having been posted
    On one obscure website,
    A sudden historical revision was perpetrated by the powers that be.

    No, it wasn’t the Jew whose hagiographic image adorns the $100 bill
    That sent those 1200-odd Australians to their certain death,
    No, it’s the other generals that did it for him in a war to end all wars.

    Though, he didn’t mind over 3000 casualties, either, half of them dead,
    Sent to cross a series of marshes and attack a hundred-metre hill –
    Safely headquartered miles away from trenches,
    His kosher medals were paid for with tons of dead bodies and missing limbs.

    And those $100 bills imprinted with his mugshot
    Are mainly circulating among the wholesale drug dealers,
    The cops that stand over them, and other big-time crooks,
    And no one knows just how many are in the hands of Jews.

    And that’s what the Anzacs died for in all those Jew wars –
    And will die yet again, until – and after – the whole world
    Is openly controlled by the Jews of Noo York and Tel Aviv,
    The faithful subjects of the Jew Rothschild banksters,
    However progressive may be the politics they appear to peddle.

    Let’s face it, the Jewish gold-mine of Islamic terror
    Will never be exhausted – just as it would never have existed, either,
    Had it not served so well the Jew apartheid’s bloodsucking purposes –
    Though, it’s not as if Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin and the rest of those
    Billion-dollar corporations ever objected.

    The threat of peace between the two Koreas slashed their values,
    And now they badly need a hot war in the Middle East,
    Where the evil Iran is so good at taking out Islamic terrorists
    That it positively threatens both the Jews and Yehudi Arabia
    Whose jihadi pilots famously flew into Noo York’s Twin Towers.

    Yet 9/11 was preceded – and enabled – and followed –
    By the endless chain of treasons no less vile,
    When, for example, Lusitania was sent to Hell –
    And, as a down payment on Palestine,
    Upon the issue of the Balfour Declaration,
    100,000 dead Yanks were served up on top of the WWI death pile
    By the Jew Rothschild banksters
    To the cheers of the US politicians, who forswore that war,
    But sold out for the Jew banksters’ Fed Exchange not long before.

    Watch this space – and watch your bank account:
    It could be ‘bailed in’ to cover the cost of the next Jew war –
    For another Talmudic Holocaust may well be coming,
    And woe to those who, once again, doubt whether or how it came about –
    Or, worse still, presume to apportion guilt to the kosher Sacred Cows.

    Did Nixon really go to China?…
    Did the Jew Rothschild banksters really finance Mr Hitler?…
    Watch your step,
    Such ill-advised questions may well be deemed hate speech –
    And, as you’ve been told already, truth is no defence.

    The Founding Fathers who unwittingly conferred
    The First Amendment’s blessings upon the Internet
    Have gravely erred – and now must be corrected
    By the Jew Facebook and the Jewpsy Google gangsters,
    As well as your elected representatives, who, as a rule,
    For their campaign contributions, must rely
    On the Jewpsy lobbyists in bed with the Jew war criminals
    Who don’t mind kicking them back a few millions
    Deducted from the many billions of the US Aid to I$rael
    Voted for by the same elected representatives.

    No republic ever robbed, maimed and murdered
    Its fully enfranchised plebs to the tune of trillions of dollars
    With a greater torrent of self-congratulations
    On behalf of a handful of bloodsucking Talmudic banksters,
    Wall Street vultures and their fellow Chosen mass murderers
    Invoking the alibi of the Eternal Holocaust –
    And lauded by the Congress like a triumphant Caesar.

    One might recall the sight of Comrade Stalin in the Red Square
    Greeting the dragooned factory slaves on occasion of May Day –
    And greeted in return by the shrieks of the hapless proles
    Looking forward to an atrocious drink of rot-gut alcohol –
    For the Soviet Judo-communism was also a ghastly construct
    Of kosher social engineering that paved the way for WW2,
    Killed off close to 100 million of its own captive population,
    Before falling apart like a tired out old Frankenstein,
    Brought down by a multitude of Talmudic design faults,
    And having long outlived its usefulness to Zion.

  15. The book encircles various aspect of germany and japan. What is really in between the two countries. i loved it and thanks for sharing it.

  16. Soldiers are a product of their culture while “culture” itself is a product of the propaganda that emanates from the upper echelons of society. If you could go back in time and interview a Union soldier who fought in the Civil War, he would tell you that he was fighting for a good cause. He would tell you that the Southerners were “rebels” and that there was no possible way of reasoning with them. The Confederate Soldier, for his part, would tell you that he was fighting for his land and family against the hordes of yankee invaders. The singular fact remains that the Union Soldier was incredibly ignorant and misguided with regard to the reasons for which he was fighting, and the principle cause of his condition was that he was getting the bulk of his “information” about the “enemy” from the newspapers of his day, which were owned and controlled by the Rich and the Elite, e.g. Israel Beres Josaphat, who was the founder of the Reuters “news” service. Every war is essentially the same in that soldiers are constantly being induced – via propaganda – into believing falsehoods about the “enemy.” Show of hands, please: How many of you actually accept the “fact” that there exist certain factions of “Muslim Jihadis” who enjoy going on murderous rampages for no apparent reason, thereby making it necessary for our soldiers to venture off into the far corners of the globe in an effort to hunt down and kill the “terrorists” simply on the basis of what’s been alleged by the various propaganda outlets ?? We’ve been sold a rotten bill of goods here, and what’s really amazing about it, is that it keeps going on and on. Every age has a new “enemy” that must be killed. The rich and powerful have alleged that the Germans are “baby killers” and they’ve even created these colorful propaganda posters to prove it !! Surely the Arabs are religious fanatics and it is therefore an absolute waste of time even trying to reason with them. We must KILL THEM. “KILL KILL KILL,” to quote Ehrenberg. And before that it was the Germans and the Japanese. Every new generation of suckers is confronted by the same conundrum. We have all internalized, to some extent, the lies which have been spread – via propaganda – in an effort to get us to kill the “enemy.”


    Even before WW II broke out, peasants in the USSR were being mass murdered by the communists. The Germans knew what was going on in the USSR and they were rightfully scared to death of communism. We can argue about the reasons behind Operation Barbarossa, but the German Army was honorable and the German soldiers were never trained in the “art” of mass murder. Of course there were certain “partisan groups” operating in the Soviet Union that were known to dress up in German uniforms, that actually DID commit atrocities against the local peasantry in the two-fold hope of inciting hatred against the Germans while satisfying their own deeply ingrained desire to kill other human beings. German soldiers quite naturally had no prior experience with this kind of warfare. History is mostly “a lie agreed upon” (as stated by Napoleon) and so in the mind of the average person it is now honesty believed that the Germans went into the Soviet Union on a murderous rampage.

  17. The drum of war thunders and thunders.
    It calls: thrust iron into the living.
    From every country
    slave after slave
    are thrown onto bayonet steel.
    For the sake of what?
    The earth shivers
    and stripped.
    Mankind is vapourised in a blood bath
    only so
    can get hold of Albania.
    Human gangs bound in malice,
    blow after blow strikes the world
    only for
    someone’s vessels
    to pass without charge
    through the Bosporus.
    the world
    won’t have a rib intact.
    And its soul will be pulled out.
    And trampled down
    only for someone,
    to lay
    their hands on
    Why does
    a boot
    crush the Earth — fissured and rough?
    What is above the battles’ sky –
    When will you stand to your full height,
    giving them your life?
    When will you hurl a question to their faces:
    Why are we fighting?
    Vladimir Mayakovsky (1917)

  18. save the goyim – the germans had witnessed the holomodor in ukraine in the thirties. not that far away. they were well aware that communism was a jewish thing… most people in the usa still don’t even know that much.
    i wasn’t on hand for any of it, so all i an tell you is what i read in books, and what people who were there have told me…
    i’m not about to take sides on the civil war. but the way i understand it the south was using the rothschild bank, but in the north lincoln created the greenbacks.. here’s abe –
    ““The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace, and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies, all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes.”

    “I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavour to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.”


    pat – the theme of the pope’s movie is obvious – crusade…
    first i heard of the potito guy.. he got this info from the book ‘other losses’…

    white nationalists – preserve the constitutional republic.. restore america’s borders, sweep out all the illegals. off the CORP… off the ZOG… off the FED.. pay your way… reduce the population… bring back the buffalo…

    1. Bark –

      Potito put out good info. I was on his mailing list for decades starting in the 60s. I spoke with him quite a lot over the years.

      He hated Ike, as seen in this video saved by Mike Hallimore’s ministry in Harrison Arkansas, the same as your 313 character link: (yours throws the DM format off)

  19. indications are eisenhower was a jewish globalist cooperating with the bolsheviks… there was no way the jew machine was going to let general patton get on that plane and fly back to the usa to run for president. they had to make sure he died in europe… eisenhower ordered the assassination. wild bill donovan took care of it… patton was labeled a “renegade general”, because he would never be part of the jew world order new world order plan, in fact he would have killed it… the traffic accident was planned out in advance… doug bazata claims he delivered the death blow, which could be true but with him it’s hard to tell… eisenhower should be striped of his rank posthumously and kicked out of the cemetery… but he’s just one in a whole carload of nefarious presidents who murdered certain rivals, real americans who would have wrecked the globalists’ plans…. war criminals, they murdered millions of german civilians and pows at the end of ww2… probably a million more in the fire bombings of german cities during the war…

    1. Bark –


      Patton also revealed in letters to his wife that he was going to expose the criminal actions of Ike. And he was going to expose Ike’s mistresses…. to ruin and defeat him for the presidency.

      Your link reduced:

  20. My father fought in the Pacific theatre and I have a hard time imagining his participation in anything that wasn’t as straight as an arrow. But then I don’t think he left his ship. The men who fought hand to hand combat on the islands in the pacific were far more damaged, couldn’t sleep in the same bed as their wives, etc. I’m not saying it was the greatest generation but it was a generation that cared more about “character” than the current crop of lefties and narcissists… Of course, most would never qualify to fight any kind of war since they are low energy due to mitochondrial disease…. So it wasn’t the greatest generation but it was a better generation. Still, it had its blind spots obviously.

  21. My grandfather served many many years in the US Navy and during WW2. I wish I could say what exactly he was doing during the war, but I never heard that part of his story. I do know he spent some time in Japan and in the mid 50s he was part of the nuclear bomb testing (destruction) at the Bikini atoll in the south pacific(?). He was not directly involved in making the tests happen.
    My grandfather passed away when I was 5, but I remember him as a very sensitive caring man. My mom always says her father is her hero.

  22. This fairly new documentary film is a good supplement to this article. The film is produced by James Bacque and it’s based on his book which caused something of a sensation when it was originally published about 30 years ago. James Bacque, who had a successful career as a writer until then, had his career ruined by those that opposed his findings. After WW II millions more Germans, captured soldiers and civilians were killed by their occupiers. The film says the number could be as high as nine million. Historian David Irving praised Bacques’ book.

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