Rhyme of the Eternal Return

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Begin again!—You must, you can!—
Sinner to saint and superman!
New suns, new moons!—Another year!
You never went, were always here!

Done the deed, forever done.
Reap you must what you have sown.
Back back again, oh back again!—
Same sun, same moon, same wind, same rain!



Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

16 thoughts to “Rhyme of the Eternal Return”

  1. Begin again! (and for heaven’s sake try to behave this time)

    Remember; everyone gets(reaps) whatever they want(sow), forever..

      1. What happens who those who believe in nothing? who think life ends in their total annihilation? Do they go into Nothingness?

    1. Sorry Homer, this is lost on me! 🙂

      I’m basically asking: DO PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT?

      If they want total annihilation, do they get it?

      Or are they forced to continue with their individual consciousness in a mind universe (= “virtual universe”) of some kind? Or a “real” universe consisting of either heaven, hell, purgatory, or something similar?

      In your estimation, and after all your studies, tell me: are the Hindu or Buddhist heavens and hells REAL worlds? or are they IMAGINARY worlds?

      1. Real but temporary. Cyclical, but you knew that.
        As for lost on you, c’mon Sardonicus, I know better than that.
        Like Lord Buddha, you don’t fool me!

  2. Eternal return is a hopeless state of mind, and should not be correlated to reincarnation. I am trying to perceive the poet’s aim in this piece – does she feel “doomed” or “resigned” to repeat life’s failures, or does she believe the soul has another chance to redeem shortcomings of the present lifetime(?). The very thought of “eternal return” can be either heaven or hell, depending upon one’s present circumstances. In most cases, no one is ever completely satisfied with his or her life, and hopes for something better in the “next”. Hence, the concept of “Heaven”. “Salvation” intimates improvement upon the present circumstance, and a release from earthly troubles. “Eternal return” precludes any hope. Our God does not vend such rubbish.

  3. The little poem is really GOOD… However, the implied sentiment is disturbing.

    1. Thanks, Gilbert. I am not “vending” the theory of Eternal Recurrence but just considering its possibility. I share your horror at the whole idea and would hate to think it was true! In a way, it gives me the creeps.

      However, the idea is a very old one originating in Ancient India and then fervently held by the Roman Stoics, passing eventually into the fevered brain of Friedrich Nietzsche who promoted it in Thus Spake Zarathustra.

      The thing about Eternal Recurrence is that, IF true, you will never know it. You will always think it’s the first time things are happening to you. For example, you kissed your wife for the first time, right? And you remember the exact occasion, the magical moment it took place, where it took place and so on. But what if someone told you: “Ah, if only you knew! You’ve done this before, kissed her before in identical circumstances in countless different lives, but you just don’t know it. And what’s more, you’re going to kiss her again — again and again and again ad infinitum — in the IDENTICAL way!”

      Horrific? Yes and no. Only horrific if you know you’ve done this before and are doomed to eternal repetition in a replica world. But not horrific if you think — as you are bound to think — that everything happening to you is happening for the very first time.

      All the painful experiences will be repeated too, remember! — the wounds and the toothaches and the heartaches. Needless to say, the idea of Eternal Recurrence is incompatible with free will. It is Predestination multiplied to its max. You are doomed to a same treadmill for ever.

      There is some speculation that the idea of Eternal Recurrence may have contributed to Nietzsche’s eventual madness. I sometimes “flirt” with this idea in my poetry, as a poet would, without necessarily believing it is true. As in this short 8-line poem which you will probably dislike because of its experimental word inversion technique:


      1. LD –

        I like that poem, now, as much as I obviously favored it when I first read it. Initially (for me), it is a lover’s promise to continue into old age (gray days) an unabated love – even into the “next” lifetime (in which case eternal recurrence is less of a chore, and simply a romantic condition of everlasting love). Upon further reflection, though, it is a BORING business, and it is more inspiring to believe in progression of the soul’s awareness and wisdom and hope of improvement, i.e., change.
        When I have been places where I feel I recognize from another time, I have not felt doomed to repeat whatever scenario I may have once experienced, there. Instead, I see things as they WERE. I believe our souls are “recycled” into other entities, not necessarily other “clones”. Falling “in love”, for instance, might simply be one’s soul’s recognition of another’s from an era long past, without even touching the physical being. It doesn’t really matter – it just IS. 😶

      2. I guess then uncle will NEVER Re-Incarnate into anything other than a scrungy flea-bitten mutt he is today, was yesterday, and will be forever more a low down shabby scrungy skanky tic-infested dawg with a dead end job working for his mommy. mommy Mater Master doesn’t put water in the doggie’s water bowl, mommy puts soy milk [ which is loaded with, lol female estrogens, lol ] into her dog’s what is supposed to be a water bowl but is really an Eternal Font of Soy Boy incel inspiration for uncle on an Eternally Re-curring Estrogen-Induced High! Thanks To Mommy!!! *grin*.

  4. In the famous throughout the universe Ramayana, when Hanuman reaches the captive Sita in the demon Ravana’s palace, he lifts her, sets her on his shoulder and whispers to her … “I carry you the same way, every time”

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    1. @ Brownhawk

      The fault is entirely your own for mis-typing or changing your email address. If you use the same email address as you used before, you will hopefully have no further problems. 🙂

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