Ron Paul: Trump versus his own Administration

LD:  In accordance with our policy of posting anti-Trump articles followed by pro-Trump ones, and vice versa, here is an article by Ron Paul that belongs firmly in the pro-Trump category. It argues that Trump is doing the right thing but that the appointees in his administration keep undermining him at every turn, throwing a spanner in the works. Which naturally raises the question: why keep appointing the wrong people, or, having appointed such no-gooders, why not just get rid of them? Or is it simply a question of the President having to work under considerable constraints, given the vast array of hostile forces ranged against him?  

National Security Advisor John Bolton • President Donald Trump • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him? It’s hard not to conclude that many of the more hawkish neocons that Trump has (mistakenly, in my view) appointed to top jobs are actively working to undermine the president’s stated agenda. Especially when it seems Trump is trying to seek dialogue with countries the neocons see as adversaries needing to be regime-changed. 

Remember just as President Trump was organizing an historic summit meeting with Kim Jong-Un, his National Security Advisor, John Bolton, nearly blew the whole thing up by making repeated references to the “Libya model” and how it should be applied to North Korea. As if Kim would jump at the chance to be bombed, overthrown, and murdered at the hands of a US-backed mob!

It seems that Trump’s appointees are again working at cross-purposes to him. 

Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he was invoking a 1991 US law against the use of chemical weapons to announce yet another round of sanctions on Russia over what he claims is Putin’s involvement in the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK.

The alleged poisoning took place in March and only now did the State Department make its determination that Russia was behind it and thus subject to the 1991 sanction law. Was there new information that came to light that pointed to Russian involvement? According to a State Department briefing there was none. The State Department just decided to take the British government’s word for it.

Where do we get authority to prosecute Russia for an alleged crime committed in the UK, by the way? 

President Trump’s own Administration is forcing him to accept the State Department determination and agree to sanctions that may well include, according to the 1991 law, a complete break of diplomatic relations with Russia.

This would be a de facto declaration of war. Over unproven allegations.

Trump has authority to reject the imposition of new sanctions, but with his Democrat opponents continuing to charge that he is in league with the Russian president, how could he waive sanctions just before the November US Congressional elections? That would be a windfall for the Democrats seeking to take control of the House and Senate.

The only way Russia could avoid the second, most extreme round of these sanctions in November is to promise not to use chemical weapons again and open its doors to international inspections. What government would accept such a demand when no proof has been presented that they used chemical weapons in the first place?

Certainly it is possible that President Trump is fully aware of the maneuverings of Bolton and Pompeo and that he approves. Perhaps he likes to play “good cop, bad cop” with the rest of the world, at the same time making peace overtures while imposing sanctions and threatening war. But it certainly looks like some of his cabinet members are getting the best of him.

If President Trump is to be taken at his word, that he welcomes dialogue “without pre-conditions” with leaders of Russia, North Korea, Iran, and elsewhere, he would be wise to reconsider those in his employ who are undermining him every step of the way. Otherwise, it is hard to believe the president is sincere. Let’s hope he does choose dialogue over conflict and clips the wings of those under him attempting to push him in the other direction.


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  1. The left is acting in concert to impede any impetus of righteous indignation generated during the presidential campaigns which resulted in voter-turnout for Trump. Even some headline articles this morning, citing “Democrats 75% Likely to Carry the House” remind me of the days when they were so damn sure Hillary would be POTUS, many Americans made an effort to vote otherwise – even if (like myself) they hadn’t bothered to vote in the last two presidential elections, out of disgust. We fooled ’em that time, and I believe they might get fooled, again. It is obvious that no matter what Trump says or does elicits some kind of consternation from the lefties and libtards who have the biggest mouths. (Some even try to come conceal their true nature by declaring they voted FOR Trump, but have been disappointed. Their big mouths betray them!)
    Notice how they’re lately seizing on to his alleged use of the “N-word”…
    Certainly, no president can accomplish every point of a pre-declared agenda. Our system doesn’t work that way.
    However, when hearing the hue and cry and whining and kvetching of Trump haters, some of us tend to support him FOR THAT REASON, if for no other. I believe such will be the case NEXT tme. Primaries aren’t final elections.

    1. Gil –

      “Our system doesn’t work that way.”

      Correct… It works THIS way…..

      Trump-Adelson-‘Put-On’ are hooked in series in the global casino building business. And they are doing a good job. 🙂

  2. I am beginning to wonder if Trump is not controlled opposition. Because he is President I want to support him. I also gave him my vote in 2016. But the guy never talks about American ideals, like the ideal of a free country. And what a crowd of people he’s come from — New York real estate! And controlled opposition is what the Jews do. They take control of the opposition by means of betrayal of trust. This seems to be second nature with them. I hope Trump has a measure of honor. I really do.

    1. You’re joking. You are just beginning to wonder?

      It was obvious before the election the Jew overlords picked Trump to further their goals of world domination. Now they play good politician bad politician, to keep the stupid, gullible, goyim guessing.Trump is nothing more than another Jew meat puppet doing what he is told by the high priest of the planet. He is there to begin another war and for that there will be no need of whiny “libtards,” so the Jews are now finishing off these useful idiots.

      “Liberal” idiots have wrecked American morals and culture, they have destroyed a formerly white America turning it over to useful idiot Negroes and other third world jetsam. The “liberals” have done their job for the Jews and now its the idiot conservatives turn, so it is high time to rid the “golden honeycomb” of these former champions of the Jews’ “social justice” programs.

      How? Simply take the gloves of and let them run wild like the juvenile delinquents they are, and predictably, they destroy themselves as adults finally begin to tire of their hoodlum tactics and begin calling for action. There is one thing on which Jews can always depend, the gullible stupidity of their useful idiots that function solely on the puerile emotional state of a ten year old, blithely unaware of who is behind their stupid tricks or why they do what they do.

      And so Jews blow their stupid goyim herds back and forth, hither and yon, even as their destruction of the planet continues unabated.

      1. @ Arch Stanton

        Excellent comment! Keep up the good work! But what do you say to those passionate Trump supporters that this is all about “kabuki” (or theater) and that Trump is playing a deep game in which, sooner or later, he is going to pull the rug away from the Jews’ feet and prove the Antisemites’ Best Friend?

      2. “You are just beginning to wonder?” Oh, boy….

        Arch, you and I have written volumes on this… for decades…
        ….. including about ‘Put-On’ as well!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Trump is under Zionist control just like every POTUS since JFK who was a patriot and was assassinated for his patriotism. Everything about Trump is an illusion and the only difference between he and Helliary is their plumbing and proof of this is that his cabinet is filled with Zionists and the paper on his properties is held by Zionist bankers.

  4. “If President Trump is to be taken at his word, that he welcomes dialogue ‘without pre-conditions’ with leaders of Russia, North Korea, Iran, and elsewhere, he would be wise to reconsider those in his employ who are undermining him every step of the way. Otherwise, it is hard to believe the president is sincere.”

    The most plausible theory is what I would call “government by disingenuous dialectics.” In this theory, Trump and all of those around him are nothing more than puppets; they’re actors on a stage. Of course Trump is the central figure, ultimately the decider, who is at the same time portrayed as a hapless victim; a weak-willed, impressionable, morally/philosophically rudderless character; a sympathetic figure who has generally “good” intentions, but who finds himself in complete reliance on those around him for guidance.

    The brilliant usefulness of this system of faux “government” is that it gives the puppet masters maximum flexibility – which is especially valuable in the uncharted waters they’re presently in.

    In practice, the well-meaning and always blameless Trump surrounds himself with a coterie of people of varying degrees of unreasonableness, and then gets to pick one from the cassette as the the situation warrants, or something like that. For example, when he launched 59 cruise missiles at Syrian govt. military forces and infrastructure, it wasn’t because that’s what his jewish-supremacist handlers wanted, it was because of his daughter’s tears at the sight of dead children.

    1. Though not in so many words and as elegantly strung, I have posted comments to this effect several times. I agree, whole heartedly. Thanks, HS, for writing a better, more effective array of words than you could take from my mouth.

      1. Thanks for the kind words Alan.

        BTW there is something else about the Trump administration that I didn’t mention, but it’s in the back of my mind and it seems relevant to the issue raised by Ron Paul: What if one of the major goals of the Trump presidency is to teach us temerarious proles (who voted for Trump) an important object lesson.

        Our masters seem to be making such a display of Trump’s (contrived) “helplessness” that the subtext seems to just leap out at me: “You really thought you could change something by voting, you silly fools?”

  5. To a Martian or any neutral observer it must surely look like it’s Trump fought the World!
    (I’m not even gonna say it)

      1. @ HP

        I am second to none in my admiration of your posts, Homer, especially when you are discoursing on Vedanta or Indian philosophy . . . but your two comments above lack clarity.
        What exactly are you saying? Or are you trying to sound like the Delphic oracle? 🙂

        I’m not quite sure (from the elliptical way in which you express yourself) whether you are making a pro-Trump or anti-Trump comment.

        Please answer that question directly, without prevarication or further obfuscations and ambiguities! 🙂

        Are you pro-Trump? Anti-Trump? Or undecided?

      2. Sard, it’s both and likely even all three,
        now and again.
        The degree of each being subject to events, circumstances, and even things which never happened but might have. Surely you get this, reading between the lines, etc.

        The names of all of Trump’s bona fide allies/supporters could be written down on a matchbook cover (under the names of those among us who never told a lie) and for his enemies names the Great Wall would be needed.
        To deny or downplay the sheer immensity of the forces arrayed against him is unrealistic and way too easy and cheap. Putin must be in awe! Xi is..

        The second comment, the cartoon, was obviously a joke to punctuate the first.
        Sometimes an lol is just an lol..

      3. Thanks for your explanation, Homer. What you are basically saying is that this is a gray area and that your attitude to Trump fluctuates from day to day, depending on events. However, you are pro-Trump to the extent that you believe Trump has a tremendous number of enemies who are making life hot for him and trying to foil him implementing what you perceive as a noble and worthwhile agenda.

  6. Ron Paul is the only politician I have unwavering support for. Yet, I’m not at all convinced in his thesis, that Trump’s party would suffer huge losses in November if he removes sanctions against Russia, is correct. Polls have shown that all this Russia collusion nonsense is not registering with many GOP voters (thanks in large part to the great work of pundits like Tucker Carlson and Hannity), and Mueller’s witch hunt has been losing steam for some time. The #walkaway movement among frustrated democrats, fed up with calls for Open Borders, support for Antifa, and LGBTQ identity politics, is growing.

    In fact, if Trump overrides his neocon advisors, it would be a great show of strength. A large percentage of his voters believed his campaign rhetoric that he was the anti-war candidate, but his actions have proven otherwise. As a result, he has lost many thinking supporters on the right who were never MAGA lunkheads in the first place. Trump should roll the dice and have a prime time address explaining why he will not impose further sanctions on Russia. Ideally, he should take the occasion to fire Special Prosecutor Mueller, who has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a fraud against the American people. That would definitely get his base fired up.

    But Trump won’t do any of the above. He’s a puppet controlled by puppet masters. All he’ll do is keep bloviating against Omarosa on Twitter and repeating the same stale rhetoric of how great he is at his many campaign stops in redneck country, as what’s left of his unwavering base cheers wildly, and the rest of the country sees what a sad, sorry spectacle he has become. As his fear of losing the House grows, and with it his impending impeachment, my fear is that we’ll be in for a false flag incident weeks before election day.


      Good comment, Folly! So I take it you are a former Trump supporter who has become increasingly disillusioned with Trump? Tell me,
      what exactly does Trump need to do now to win you back into giving him your full support?

      1. @Sardonicus

        3 Things that will bring us back:

        1. Sign an EO removing the section of the Education Day USA Act, (signed into law by Bush I in 1991), placing America under the 7 Noahide Laws of Judaism making us a Jewish nation instead of the Christian one we’ve been lead to believe we live in.

        2. Have DHS remove all military veterans from the terrorist watch list that former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano put us on in 2009.

        3. Start arresting the pedophiles that have been named by various sources instead of letting them use “the holocaust” as a get out of jail free card. There was no delay in arresting Micheal Jackson when he was accused. There shouldn’t be for anyone else accused.

      2. Glad you liked it, Sard. I supported Trump predominantly on two issues: 1) Immigration. Mass immigration has become an existential threat to the country, with the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 proving to be disastrous. 2) Candidate Trump’s anti-war, pro peace with Russia, positions. On this issue, he has caved time and time again to those who really run the show.

        Yes, I’m disillusioned with Trump. But am I glad that he beat that evil witch Hillary? – YES, YES, a thousand times YES! Sadly, though, I think Trump has crossed the Rubicon in terms of winning back my “full” support. Many things he has done on foreign policy cannot be undone, (his moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, his tearing up of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and his insipid cruise missile attacks on Syria come to mind). However, IF, IF, IF Trump does not get my country into any more foreign wars (so far his record on this is, I think, better than Obama’s), I’ll still vote for him in a heartbeat – if only because our vile Jewish owned left wing media and the increasing shrill anti-White SJW’s hate him so much. A little civil war would be a cleansing thing.

  7. Ann Barnhardt has an excellent piece about pedophilia [ in The Church ] “Extremely Adult Content”. I’m reluctant to leave a link to her Catholic website as she’s NOT exactly a “Catholic” in the New World Order New Age hindoo-buddhist-sufi-JEW-kaBAALah Teilhard “Transhumanist” type “Catholic” like m00n Goddess Lasha from the dark side of the m00n and “Superior” Mother Mater of the Cosmos Sister Moaner-4-Boners and far be-it-from-me to offend anyone’s Religious-“Spiritual” sensibilities. Especially around here, everyone is so sensitive one constantly walks on eggs. For some reason that has not been explained yet — and believe me, one is not holding one’s breath waiting for an explanation — traditional Catholics annoy the ” ‘good’ ‘Catholic'” girls of “Catholic-inspired” Darkmoon. If it ain’t, lol, Jesuit Teilhard Transhumanist “Catholicism” WE are NOT interested and WE don’t want to hear about it. Sorry I mentioned Ann Barnhardt, forget I ever mentioned her, *grin*.

    1. I’m GLAD you mentioned Ann, TROJ. I had forgotten about her and how much sense she makes out of certain things – and I’m happy to hear her tell how the current Supreme Pontiff styles himself “Bishop of Rome”, and not “Pope”. Very telling. Very interesting. Little Annie well explains the recent infiltration and corruption of The Church – which can be correlated to most churches in the Protestant sect, too. “Churchianity” has replaced “Christianity”. Faggots and pedophiles cannot fit into “Christianity”.

      1. Gilb,
        Religion and morality aside, the gay lifestyle has always baffled Donaldo. How can a man find pleasure being with another man? How disgusting! A womans body is perfectly designed to give pleasure to a man…..and vice versa. There is nothing natural about homos or pedofiles. Call a spade a spade. These are just sick people. Oh well, thats one subject. Another subject is Trump and modern-day “leaders” in general. Theyre jokes. They no nothing nor care about honor or dignity. English and Norse kings of old often fought and died in battle on the front lines. Its well documented. Lets imagine Trump or Bibi actually putting themselves in harms way for their perspective countries. Aint gonna happen. The current state of affaires is depressing. Donaldos just gonna finish this bottle of tequila and sleep on it. Salud Darkmooners!

  8. As HP has pointed out, Trump has a list of enemies that would require the Great Wall of China to write them down. In that environment, Trump’s asset of being unpredictable is essential to defeating his and the people’s enemies. Predictable people always lose. Consequently, attempting to put Trump into the past establishment’s box is a waste of time.

    It appears to me that the UK government is being setup for serious exposure as a Deep State asset and Russia is playing a part in the plan of exposure. The Russian sanctions are just a distracting sideshow. Obviously, Trump and Putin are working together or they would not be exchanging typewritten letters via courier. Rand Paul delivered one to Putin during the past week. Working together on what exactly? Who knows since the communications never hit any Deep State monitored electronic media to be leaked. Just yesterday, QAnon posted that, “The UK has a problem.”

    Interestingly, Trump communicates with Kim in North Korea via the same method. QAnon simply says that all mainstream media reports on North Korea are fake which is a no brainer for anyone with more than two functioning brain cells.

    1. “Working together on what exactly?”

      CASINOS… and how to bankrupt them for “YUGE” $$$ of course!!! 🙂

      ‘Russian Las Vegas’ to open in Crimea next year
      Published 23 Jan, 2018

      A casino zone will be opened in Crimea next year, according to the head of the Russian region, Sergey Aksenov. The project, which was first announced in 2014, has now been given the green light.
      The opening is scheduled for September next year, and the land will have been allocated by this February, Aksenov told TASS.

      Hotel in Russia’s Crimea named best in the world – See video:

      WOW…. Trump & Adelson are drooling over their projects like this:

      “There is a large operator (Adelson?) ready to invest in the project. There are subtleties, mostly linked to the Western sanctions, so there is a need to remain anonymous about who will do it,” Aksenov said. The unnamed casino operator is ready to invest 8 billion rubles (about $150 million) in the project, he added.

      Casinos have been prohibited in Russian towns and cities since 2009. They are allowed in four gaming zones, and Crimea will become the fifth such area. Many underground and online casinos have been closed since the ban.

      “We are sure that the gambling zone will become a kind of attraction point that will allow to build advanced infrastructure around it,” Crimea’s economy minister, Andrey Melnikov, said in October. “Obviously, the key revenues will be not from casino itself, but from hotels, restaurants, shops, which will be built around this core.”

      The gambling zone in Crimea was first announced in 2014 after the regions reunification with Russia. According to various estimates, the republic will raise up to $500 million a year from the plan.


      Hypocrite ‘Put-On’ outlawed gambling in Russia but oked it in Sochi – Crimea – and Vladivostok!!! Trump & Adelson luvvitt!! 🙂

      Russian lawmakers believe that allowing gambling in Crimea will attract investors, increase the number of tourists and create new jobs.

      1. Investors drool!! 🙂

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      2. Adelson wants to open up casinos in N Korea

        After his historic summit with Kim Jong Un last month, Donald Trump noted the business potential of North Korea, as seen from a property developer’s point of view. Speaking to reporters, he said, “Think of it from a real estate perspective. You have South Korea, you have China, and they own the land in the middle. How bad is that, right? It’s great.”

        Late last month, Sheldon Adelson, a casino mogul and friend of Trump’s, also made reference to North Korea’s economic potential, according to a report yesterday (July 8) in Casino News Daily. Speaking at a charity event in Jerusalem, Adelson said he hoped Trump would get the North and South to end the Korean War, of which he was a veteran, so that he could go there again—this time not to fight, but to open up one of his casinos.


        Adelson stalking in Asia

        Several other casino resorts are reportedly either planned or under development in that location. They include: the casino resort “Inspire” being developed by Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, and a casino scheme being co-developed by — U.S. casino group Caesars Entertainment Corp — and mainland Chinese developer Guangzhou R&F Properties Co Ltd. According to several South Korea media reports in February, another Chinese property developer, LongRunn International Group, is also reportedly developing a large-scale casino resort complex at Yeongjong Island.

        Las Vegas Sands Corp – – could soon invest in South Korea, the firm’s chairman and chief executive — Sheldon Adelson — mentioned in a conference call with investment analysts following the first quarter announcements. On the same occasion, Mr Adelson also referred to the possibility of South Korea licensing a second casino allowed to welcome locals.


        Vladivostok Plans for a New Casino

    2. @ Ungenious

      “As HP has pointed out, Trump has a list of enemies that would require the Great Wall of China to write them down. In that environment, Trump’s asset of being unpredictable is essential to defeating his and the people’s enemies.”

      We keep hearing about the “enemies, enemies. enemies” that Trump ostensibly has, but these “enemies” seem curiously ineffective at actually stopping him from doing “deep state” dirty work, for example, don’t they?

      He commits impeachable war crimes in Syria – on a silver platter – and they studiously ignore it. He moves the embassy to Jerusalem – something that every president since Clinton has refused to do – and they ignore it. He pulls out of the JCPOA against the will and the advice of U.S. allies around the world, and they ignore it. He seems to be pushing for war with Iran, which would be catastrophic in many ways, and they ignore it.

      So why doesn’t Trump use the bully pulpit to appeal to his supporters? And why haven’t his diabolical enemies deployed a “lone nut” against him like they did to JFK? And why haven’t they even tried to impeach him? All we have from Trump and those around him is posturing; cheap talk.

      In light of this, isn’t it at least within the realm of possibility that Trump and those around him are merely actors on a stage?

      1. @ Harold Smith

        I see you have decided to take me serious again. I feel so special.

        You are obviously on HP’s Wall of China list of Trump’s enemies. “…these “enemies” seem curiously ineffective at actually stopping him from doing “deep state” dirty work…” Hummm.

        Harold, you should try getting info from places other than the jewish media to answer your questions. The truth is out there in other places.

      2. “I see you have decided to take me serious again.

        No; I merely asked you a reasonable question, thereby giving you yet another opportunity to prove my earlier assessment wrong.

        “I feel so special.”

        Well if you feel that your subjective bare assertions = hard facts (which need no supporting argument), I suppose that does make you “special.”

        “Harold, you should try getting info from places other than the jewish media to answer your questions. The truth is out there in other places.”

        Silly sequacious me. Please provide links to “the (complete and unambiguous) truth.”

  9. ron paul has the right ideas about a lot of things, especially his desire to abolish the fed bank… he’s wise to the workings of the swamp complex and couldn’t have been any worse than trump in that respect… and he could have been president himself, if he’d had a tenth of trump’s chutzpuh. too bad, he’s not that kind of brawler…… i waited hopefully for ron paul to attack the press, just on GP; i was even hoping he might challenge them on their cover up of the deep state 9-11 hit, out the jews and the whole bit… he didn’t… son of ron seems just a bit more audacious, but he’s way on the wrong side of the immigration problem… a strong statement for border security would raise rand paul’s standing immensely now among the trumpi… hitting the media (for real) and championing border security, where none of the others even came close, those were probably the two main reasons trump made the grade… and anybody else, including the paul boys, who puts those issues front and center, will be a threat.. somebody with a thoughtful manner, like little rand, who could be eloquent as well, a statesman, would much potentiate the republican party…
    you can’t blame people for thinking trump just another schmucko stooge, but you can’t blame others for clinging to the hope he’s maybe not totally…

  10. For me looking from the outside, without knowing more intricate detail, it looks like the establishment wants to get rid of president Trump by hook or by crook, never mind if he is a willing tool of Israel or not. Perhaps he is too unpredictive and not radical enough for them and has indirectly given rise to the phenomena of the Alt+Right and Republican support, while the Democrats would have been a better option for them (more willing tools). Look for example at his latest tweet on South Africa just the other day.

    I can imagine they were not too happy with his latest tweets that the farm murder situation in South Africa must be investigated.

    The establishment (in Afrikaans they call it the Geldmag/Money Power).

    “Goodson ends the book on a somber note, a dire prediction, especially for his home country South Africa:

    The excessive concentration of power and wealth, based exclusively on fraudulent banking methods, has enabled a tiny minority of criminal bankers to control the media and educational processes, and thereby to brainwash a mindless and atomized humanity, deluded by the spurious comforts of democracy and materialism, into the suicidal practices of savage, bloody and pointless wars, central banking and cultural degradation, which will eventually result in its demographic extinction.”

    You can see this whole establishment network, from South Africa right into America, now busy with world wide damage control after president Trumps tweet on South Africa.

    Unfortunately you get enough traitors within the Afrikaner/Boer ranks, who play along with the Money Powers and want to hide facts. But that is a fact of life and was always so in history, namely traitors. They are always part of the equation and have to be calculated in for any planned actions against the establishment.

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