Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich goes from rags to riches after backing Putin

Sourced from The Daily Mail

The poor orphan, Roman Abramovich, morphed into a super-rich tycoon 
worth over £9 billion ($12 bn) after being befriended by Vladimir Putin 

From a grim start in life as an orphan in Russia’s bleak Komi republic, Roman Abramovich has come a long way. Now worth an estimated £9.3 billion, he is the world’s 139th richest person and owns a fleet of super-yachts and private jets.

His sumptuous yacht Eclipse, a 533ft gin palace, has two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, three launch boats and a mini-submarine. His aircraft include a Boeing 767 with the same air missile avoidance system as Air Force One, a Gulfstream jet and a nippy Dassault Falcon dubbed ‘Mini Bandit’. Yet his vast wealth has never been fully chronicled – not that fans at his trophy-laden football club Chelsea seem to mind.

Mr Abramovich, 51, was orphaned aged four and left school at 16. He studied engineering, then went into business, first as a mechanic and then heading a co-operative making plastic ducks and other toys, earning a paltry £2,000 ($2,700) a year.

But during the tumultuous decade that followed the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, he was drawn into a circle of businessmen close to the Kremlin. The group bankrolled Boris Yeltsin in 1996 and were credited with ‘buying’ his presidential victory, and went on to back the next leader . . .  Vladimir Putin.

Many of these favoured businessmen were given the chance to snap up Russia’s state assets during an era of ‘privatisation’. Mr Abramovich eventually emerged as the joint-owner of the Sibneft oil group. His closeness to Mr Putin goes back a long way. Mr Abramovich was one of his early supporters, recommending him for the top Kremlin job to Boris Yeltsin when the ailing leader was looking for a successor.

According to the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky in evidence to the High Court in London, Mr Abramovich enjoyed significant political influence in Moscow in the second half of the 1990s.

In October 1999, he attended Mr Putin’s birthday party. Soon afterwards, Mr Abramovich allegedly bought Mr Putin, then the prime minister, a $50million (£37million) yacht.

‘The request came from Mr Putin,’ Mr Berezovsky said in evidence.

LD :  This is not the $50 million yacht Roman Abramovich gave President Putin as a gift; it is Abramovich’s own super-yacht, the Eclipse, worth at least ten times as much ($500 million). This is apparently the second most expensive yacht in the world. The most expensive is reportedly worth over $1 billion and is still under construction, so it has no owner yet. (Here it is, pictured, a vast floating palace).

In 2003, Mr Abramovich bought Chelsea for £60 million ($80 million). Two years later, he was involved in a much larger transaction when he sold his oil company, Sibneft, to state-run Gazprom. He got $13 billion.

He began spending time in London, where he owns a 15-bedroom Victorian mansion on ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in Kensington, bought in 2009 for a reported £97 million and now worth at least £150 million ($200 million). He also owns a row of four townhouses in Manhattan and a string of other properties across the globe.

He married his first wife, Olga Lysova, in 1987, and his second, former Russian Aeroflot stewardess Irina Malandina, in 1991. They had five children before divorcing in 2007, with Miss Maladina accepting a reported settlement of £230million ($307 million). He split from his third wife, art collector and gallery director Dasha Zhukova, last year after a decade together and two more children.

The billionaire’s visa difficulties do not seem to be hampering his global travel, though the exact location of the fiercely private oligarch is unknown.

Yesterday one unconfirmed report suggested he was sailing with friends in the Caribbean. But the Eclipse was moored in Antibes in the South of France, and yesterday afternoon his Gulfstream 650 private jet flew from nearby Monaco to Russia.

In recent years, he has been mainly living in Moscow, where he remains close to Mr Putin. If he does not get his British visa sorted out, he could be spending even more time there.


11 thoughts to “Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich goes from rags to riches after backing Putin”

    1. Gil –

      ‘Put-On’ has kept AND PAID his favorite Oligarchs… rather than booting ALL of them as almost everyone reports!!

      This one got at least $13 billion reported from ‘Put-On’ thru Gazprom..

      1. Pat –

        One can always tell whenever one encounters someone who has easily-acquired wealth exclusively from official government connections. I’ve seen it frequently around Washington, D.C., and whenever I’ve been to the yacht clubs in Annapolis and Nantucket. The nouveau riche is unconcealable. They cannot help themselves – neither American, nor Russian, nor any other breed. I really don’t give a damn that Putin’s buddies enriched themselves by their manipulations. It’s entertaining to see the excesses! ☺
        Thanks to Darkmoon for keeping us amused!

    2. Despite all his wealth, Abramovich cant seem to afford a “Promo” plastic comb. Just look at his unkept hair. His “cut” is almost as ugly as Putins. 🙂

      1. My Jewish grandfather, not a billionaire….only a millionaire….kept really nice “Porter” combs. He had a beautiful head of hair until his death in his 90’s. Even Michael Landon would have been filled with envy. Not all Jews are created equal. Abramovich has spent too much time around Putin……stylish deadbeat. Oh well, buy another yacht Abe…….but please, at some point, comb your hair.

  1. For information about how Abramovich made his billions, see this video :

    He bought the Siberian oil company Sibneft for $ 150 million, which is only 0,3% of its present value of $ 50 billion. The name Abramovich is a sufficient indication of the ethnic background of this mega-gangster, like that of most of the other oligarchs in Russia.

  2. This yacht is a great place for “put-On’ to hold exclusive private meetings with other President and Heads Of State without notice and without outside recordings and unwanted breaches. Only a place this lavish would be fit for Kings and Queens and Presidents to be taken by helicopter, where they would feel safe and comfortable while ‘navigating the waters’ 🙂 of the deals.

    It was likely part of the contingent demands by ‘Put-On’ from Abramovich when the $13Billion deal was cut in the Gazprom purchase of his company.

    “Art Of The Deal” … ‘Put-On’ style!! 🙂

  3. Have You.. DARKMOON ..become PUTIN BASHER ? .. Abramovich .. has applied and received ISRAELIAN DOMICILE .. then he will be SAFE all CRIMINAL JEWISH BILLIONAIRES .. as Israel does not extradite any JEW .. regardless of what he has done or how he obtained his riches. The Companies of Abramovich he obtained long before Putin was anything close to POWER .. and was part of the SCHEEME devised by the CHICAGO SCHOOL executed by Anatoly Chubais and Yegor Gaidar under Gorbatchov and Yeltsin . Putin had NOTHING to do with that … I consider the above ARTICLE .. malicious RUMOURSPREADING .. and I dont know what President Putin has done to YOU .. to arouse Your animosity ..since You obviously … rather STUPID … dont like him. President Putin is the ONLY WESTERN POLITICIAN .. I would care to meet. He faces enormous OBSTACLES ..on all sides .. including the Chineese .. and does what he has to do.. for the Country he has to lead and protect > RUSSIA. That job he does with BRAVOUR !

    1. @ Ole CG Oleson

      Wake up, you idiot! Lasha Darkmoon didn’t write the article!
      It was written by an Israeli Jew for Haaretz, ANSHEL PFEFFER!

      Read the DISCLAIMER before you shoot your stupid mouth off:

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