Schaefer Siblings Gaoled for Investigating Holocaust Fraud

By Mike Walsh


The trial in American Occupied Germany of two siblings, both Canadian citizens, for denying the Holocaust has ended with substantial jail terms.

According to Anne Wild, a photojournalist who monitored the trial for the Jewish media, Alfred Schaefer, 63, who lives in Germany, received a prison sentence today of three years and two months. His musician sister, Monika Schaefer, 59, who lives in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, received a term of 10 months. But since the talented violinist has been in prison since the charges were laid in January, she was set free, with her time already served.

Brother and sister were tried together on six counts of “incitement to hatred” for producing and posting at least one video in which Monika Schaefer questioned the war victor’s lurid propaganda about the alleged holocaust. The six million and the Holocaust have been repeatedly debunked by the world’s leading experts many of whom are Jewish.

The trial began in July in Munich. Monika Schaefer was in Germany visiting her brother at the time and was arrested while sat in the public gallery when attending the trial of another investigator of Allied war crimes and war propaganda.

The lightly built bespectacled Monika Schaefer is a Canadian born music teacher. She was the federal Green party’s candidate in the Alberta riding of Yellowhead in 2006, 2008 and 2011.

Monika Schaefer gained world respect and fame in July 2016 after appearing in a five-minute YouTube video, titled “Sorry, Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.” In the video, which YouTube removed in order that people could not access and assess the German court’s claims, she described the Holocaust as the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.”

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18 thoughts to “Schaefer Siblings Gaoled for Investigating Holocaust Fraud”

  1. I’ve been watching films of the arranged spectacle called WWII. What is laughable is that any of of the German, British, US or Japanese men from that era depicted by the films would have fought had they known that blind viscous rodents would foist a “hate” speech and a “grievance” society in their countries.

    Particularly good is the Japanese commander in ‘Bridge over the river Kwai.’ What a man! Plenty of grievance for millennials to complain about in that film! – not least the boasting about superior Western culture applied to getting things done.

    The treatment of the SCHAEFER’s and old ladies locked up in Germany for speaking their minds is an absolute disgrace. Germans deserve the fruits of “cultural enrichment”. I hope Merkel keeps on keeping on with this enrichment.

    Could this be blamed on German women after 2-3 (?) million soldiers were starved to death by the Allies after the war? The balance of society having been upset, the feminine tendency to socialism and bleeding hearts then dominated. Or was it that the rodents targeted Germany much more than other countries, in line with their Big Lie.

  2. Thousands of Jews were exported and many jailed because they were hated. Nazi and Polish governments were responsible for this bully act. Hatred of Jews is OK but beating and punishing them is wrong. Authors that incite the public to kill Jews should be stopped, there has been enough of this cruelty. Holocaust numbers are not the issue it is a denial of a people to keep their earned status and be unmolested. Jews have worked hard for their jobs, robbing innocents of all they have is bad news.

    1. The Holocaust of the German people covered up by lies.
      Jews are responsible for two world wars, for multiple genocides

      WHITE GENOCIDE by Jews. Zionist Jews are boasting about their leading role.
      They steal the white European nations blind of everything (even their identity) and persecute those who speak nothing but the truth about the horrific Jewish crimes against all of humanity.

    2. Melvin, I hope you will join the rest of Humanity and condemn these latest German persecutions, these elderly folk are Guilty of nothing that should carry such punishments.


        In a joint Jewish effort to destabilize and destroy ALL white countries, the white Christian civilization, and all nations of the white race ONLY white countries are being flooded with multitudes of multi-ethnic, mostly Muslim invaders from Arab, African and Asian countries.

        Jewish Zionist propaganda calls the illegal invaders “asylum seekers“and “refugees“ to deceive and morally blackmail liberal, naive, compassionate Christians.

        But it’s not about “helping poor refugees“; it’s all about WHITE GENOCIDE by mass immigration, open borders policy, feminism and heavily propagandized race mixing! It’s all about JEWISH ZIONIST PLANS TO EXTERMINATE THE WHITE RACE (Hooton Plan, Kaufman Plan, Morgenthau Plan, Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, UN and EU-Plans)

        “By way of deception thou shalt do war!“ (Mossad) Jewish Zionists are international terrorists; they manufacture (False Flag) TERRORIST ATTACKS & WARS, they destroy countries and the lives of millions of people, in the Middle East, Africa, Asia – and Europe.

        We have a MUSLIM PROBLEM because we have a JEW PROBLEM.
        International Jewry destroys Muslim countries first, and white Christian countries second by weaponizing millions of uprooted young Muslim men and pushing them into Europe, North-America, Canada, Australia . . .

        ISRAEL DOES NOT HELP the refugees they create by Zionist terror & wars. They flood them as illegal migrants into white countries, and defame all Whites who want to defend and protect their countries, their women and children, the very existence of the white race as “haters“, “Nazis“, “inhumane“, “racists“, “Islamophobes“, “Anti-Semites“ and what not . . . “white supremacists“! The greatest fear of Jewish supremacists who want TO RULE THE WORLD (GLOBAL TYRANNY) by eliminating all opposition . . .

        Who are the worst terrorists, war mongers, haters, racists, “Anti-Semites” and mass murderers?

    3. To Melvin: The jews steal and extort and undermine everything everywhere and in every time. There are a FEW who convert honestly.and reject kike satanism, the rest are guilty and/or complicit.

      I’m a fraction jew and I LOATHE that this satanist parasite blood flows in my veins.

      Thankfully Christ has purged it’s foulness and the philosophy of the American and Confederate founders has quickened it to justice against my familial satanist spawn.

      See w converted jew brother kapner or gilad atzmon site, another Christian convert(as well as other TRULY converted jews).

      As for the vast majority, jews want to remain separate and we should DEMAND that they do remain separate in their own self built prison of israel under all circumstances.

  3. I hope Monica gets out of Germany before the Zionist manufacturers new charges, she should consider concentrating her considerable talents in exposing the disgraceful inaction of the Canadian government, who have and continue to let Canadian citizens be persecuted in a foreign country.

  4. Alfred and Monika Schaefer were pronounced “guilty“ of making videos allegedly “displaying a high level of criminal energy“, “phantasy and truth lying very far apart“, in other words they were accused of “not speaking the truth“, of “Holocaust denial“, the evidence they presented was “pseudo-scientific“, and “of such a nature to be able“ “to preach the peace“ and “incite hatred against minorities“, what has been said allegedly had “nothing to do with facts“, and “hatred must have eaten up Alfred Schaefer’s soul“. They “hadn’t seen reason“, hadn’t shown the least readiness “to confess their faults“, “didn’t come to their senses“
    “However“, the judge concluded “everybody is free to believe what he likes“ – “that’s freedom of opinion“ – “but you mustn’t break the law“. The word “Volksverhetzung“ carries the notion of “incitement to hatred“ which could not be done away with by “pseudo-scientific elaborations“

    These “crimes“ made Alfred eligible for a THREE YEARS AND TWO MONTHS prison sentence, and Monika received a TEN MONTHS jail time she has already served by now. On January 3, this year Monika was arrested and imprisoned without sentence. It’s called “Untersuchungshaft”. The accused is held captive while the “investigations” are proceeding. At least Monika Schaefer got her freedom back. They let her go home.

    What’s going on in Zionist U.S.- occupied Germany is outrageous.
    An insult to everyone’s intelligence. Justice is not served. Innocent people – guilty of nothing but speaking the inconvenient truth – get imprisoned while the worst criminals go free. Unpunished.

    1. CORR.:
      “incitement to hatred”
      “in a manner liable to disturb the public peace“
      “breach of public order“ – – their alleged crime
      (preach the truth – that’s what they’ve done)

      1. Arch –

        Great play on words.. as usual ! 🙂

        “Funny isn’t it? Not one Muslim fits this profile.”

        Tho MILLIONS do!!

    1. Melvin, r u for real ?? A jew can’t possibly be this dimwitted r u ??
      Acts of spies working as a fifth column out of enemy uniform are punishable by execution under our laws.
      So is treason.

      So members of organized Jewry in western nations need to be served up some swift justice.

      And again, I’m a fraction jewish myself and I’m calling for them to be rounded up and deported unless they have converted to Christianity and have been ACTIVELY working against organized Jewry in defense of Christians and FOUNDING american values(not jewish DEMON-ocracy and socialism).

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