Shooting unarmed Palestinian protestors is a heinous crime


Dear editor,

The use of a live fire by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to disperse peaceful Palestinian demonstrators is a heinous crime. Over the last 9 days, the IDF have murdered 31 and injured another 2,850 in Gaza according to Palestinian Health Ministry. 

This took place on the 30th of March when around 30,000 men, women, children, and unarmed Palestinian protesters marched near the Israeli border as part of the “March of Return,” demanding justice and the right of return for Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their homes. Protesters were faced with life ammunition, rubber bullets, and tear gas canisters dropped from drone aircraft and tanks.

Referring to this blood bath by western mainstream media as “clashes,” “riots,” or confrontation is wrong and unfair. The Palestinians were behind a perimeter fence separated by 700 meters of buffer zone and then another perimeter fence. The IDF soldiers were not directly in confrontation with anyone!! Those civilians were being shot by snipers over 700 meters away and even a stone thrown would not reach the IDF. The Israelis were not in direct danger, they were NOT DEFENDING THEMSELVES. Protester were armed only with the Palestinian flag and they were met with murderous force.  The Israeli plan was to ensure next generation of Palestinians are grown up to be scared cowards who would just live in concentration camp of Gaza and never cause any problem for Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman rejected international calls to investigate the massacre in Gaza and said Israeli soldiers deserve medals. According to Lieberman, there are no innocent people in Gaza. In other words, the women, children, medical workers, teachers, firefighters, and journalists are not innocent people. He is therefore claiming that all of them are legitimate targets, which is illegal under international law.

According to Gaza health Ministry reports, 770 of the Good Friday victims of the Israeli Snipers using limb-shattering high-velocity ammunition are now amputees. As a result, B’Tselem, the respected Human rights NGO, began a media campaign urging IDF soldiers posted on the Gaza border to disobey “potentially illegal” shoot-to-kill orders against unarmed protesters.

Deadly force was used in the past against peaceful and unarmed protesters in places like:
1. Amritsar, 1919
2. Sharpeville, 1960
3. Northern Ireland, 1972
4. Tiananmen, 1989
5. It is happening now in Gaza

The world must speak out and act! Yesterday, President Trump tweeted an hour after two women were killed in Muenster, Germany when a man drove his minivan into a crowded open-air restaurant terrace, but he remained so far lip-tied about the massacre in Gaza.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Freelance Palestinian writer
Westerville, Ohio
Feedback: [email protected]

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  1. Well done, Mahmoud! As a Palestinian yourself, you are the voice of conscience for the beleaguered Palestinian people. One day the US will pay a heavy price for its immoral support of the Israeli occupiers and land grabbers.

    1. For Donald Trump’s subservience to his Zionist masters, see the most recent article by the Saker.

      Not content with slavishly following the dictates of his Jewish minders among the neocons, puppet president Trump is now trying to find a pretext for starting WWIII in Syria at the behest of his Jewish masters in Israel and the US. Expect the worst from this Zionist controlled puppet.

  2. Thank you Emma! I appreciate your kind words and moral support. I am also grateful for Darkmoon for giving me a platform.

  3. There is no excuse for the Israeli soldiers to shoot with life ammunition at the Palestinian protesters. It must be said though that not all protesters were “peaceful”, some threw stones or Molotov cocktails or rolled burning tires forward. However, none of this was really life threatening to the Israeli soldiers.

    The word “restraint” does not occur in the Israeli vocabulary, but does the word “realism” occur in the Palestinian vocabulary ? What other than a massacre do they expect from this action ?

  4. See also video of a Zionist occupational forces sniper murdering an unarmed Palestinian youth while another ZOF animal video’s the murder, all the while other ZOF animals are whooping and cheering.

  5. And how the Zionist defence minister wants the sniper, sorry , Murderer, in the above video, to be given a medal.

    There’s a fitting photo of Lieberman on the Al Manar news site , pure evil.

  6. The usual deafening silence from the media. If there had been 31 Israeli deaths we would have had saturation coverage and retaliation bombing. Sickening double standards.

    What is it? “He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored” If there is one nation on earth that is due for a dose of its own medicine it is Israel, and I am sure the Palestinians are working on it.

  7. John, you mad a very good obervation. Had this been the other way around, you can bet the sky would fall down and America would raise holy hell.

    First, President Trump would put our armed forces on worldwide alert, dispatch aircraft carriers to the region, and call for the arrest and persecution of those responsible. U.S. lawmakers would be tripping over each other to the microphone to condemn the act as war crime against humanity. It would headline front pages in all mainstream media, with editorials denouncing the Arabs as bloodthirsty savages who do not value human life and appeal to save Israel before it is too late. TV stations would preempt regularly scheduled programs for constant updates and analyses. The topic would be on every radio talk show with calls to “Send the Marines.” The media coverage would be 24/7 and US officials would try to outdo each other as to who cares more about Israel. And yes, Arab/Muslim communities would be asked if they condone or condemn the siege.

  8. “Six million dead stinking Palestinians aren’t worth one glorious Jewish fingernail.” — Menachem Begin, sixth Prime Minister of Israel from 21 June 1977 – 10 October 1983, and the “winner” of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978.

    I kid you not. I swear on a stack of Bibles the following is taken straight from the (((Nobel Peace Prize))) website:

    From Terror to a Peace Treaty with Egypt

    When Israel’s Prime Minister Begin came to Oslo to receive the Peace Prize, there were such violent demonstrations against him that the award ceremony had to be moved to Akershus fortress. Begin shared the Peace Prize with Egypt’s President Anwar el-Sadat for the peace treaty concluded between Israel and Egypt. The so-called Camp David Accords were negotiated under pressure from US President Jimmy Carter.

    Menachem Begin was born in Poland, where he joined an extremist Zionist movement that wanted to establish a Jewish state in Palestine by force. During the Second World War Begin was in custody in the Soviet Union before he, with incredible luck, managed to get to Jerusalem. There he became the leader of the Irgun Zwai Leumi organization which resorted to terror both against the British authorities and against Palestine’s Arab inhabitants. Irgun also fought the Israeli army until Begin accepted David Ben Gurion’s supreme leadership. In 1977 Begin became Prime Minister when the conservative Likud alliance won the election.

    The terrorist group Irgun Zwai Leumi was responsible for, among many other atrocities, the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 in which 91 people were blown to smithereens.

    The King David Hotel bombing was a terrorist attack[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] carried out on Monday, July 22, 1946, by the militant right-wing[9] Zionist underground organization, the Irgun, on the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing[10] of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.[11][12][13] Ninety-one people of various nationalities were killed and 46 injured.[14]

    The hotel was the site of the central offices of the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine, principally the Secretariat of the Government of Palestine and the Headquarters of the British Armed Forces in Palestine and Transjordan.[14][15] When planned, the attack had the approval of the Haganah, the principal Jewish paramilitary group in Palestine, though, unbeknownst to the Irgun, this had been cancelled by the time the operation was carried out. It was conceived as part of a response to Operation Agatha (a series of widespread raids, including one on the Jewish Agency, conducted by the British authorities) and was the deadliest directed at the British during the Mandate era (1920–1948).[14][15]

    Disguised as Arab workmen and as hotel waiters, members of the Irgun planted a bomb in the basement of the main building of the hotel, whose southern wing housed the Mandate Secretariat and a few offices of the British military headquarters. The resulting explosion caused the collapse of the western half of the southern wing of the hotel.[15] Some of the inflicted deaths and injuries occurred in the road outside the hotel and in adjacent buildings.[15]

    The Irgun sent warnings by telephone, including one to the hotel’s own switchboard, which, possibly because hoax bomb warnings were rife at the time, the staff decided to ignore, but none directly to the British authorities.[15] From the fact that a bomb search had already been carried out, it appears that a hoax call or tip-off had been received at the hotel earlier that day.[14] Subsequent telephone calls from a concerned Palestine Post staff member and the police caused increasing alarm, and the hotel manager was notified. In the closing minutes before the explosion, he called an unknown British officer, but no evacuation was ordered.[15] Controversy has arisen over the timing and adequacy of the warnings and, based on the not necessarily true assumption that the number of people in the blast zone would have been reduced, the reasons why the hotel was not evacuated.[15]

    Source: Wikipedia

    How did that old Polish proverb about the Jew go again?….

    The Jew gives himself the Nobel Peace Prize as he bombs your hotels and terrorizes you.

  9. Friday again , time for Palestine and it’s people to hear the brunt of the battle against Satan’s representatives on earth, stay strong brave people, soon you will prevail.

  10. Friday again, three Fridays into the RETURN protests , 26 days until Nakba day.
    Resistance faction Islamic Jihad released an interesting video today, it was of footage they SHOT ( sic ) during recent Palestinian return protests, in the footage Resistance snipers have Top Zionist occupational forces
    Commanders in their crosshairs, as the ZOF command visit their murderous henchmen, they ( The Resistance fighters ) on this occasion ,did not take the shot.
    On Nakba day, no such restraint may be shown .

    Video, may be viewed at Resistance websites or various Zionist entity media.

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