Should US Marines Invade India And Massacre Islanders To Avenge Death Of American Missionary?

A Debate
edited by Sister Monica

Lasha Darkmoon is away on private business in Switzerland. During her absence, I have been asked by the site editor, John Scott Montecristo, to edit this selection of comments for publication. Longer comments have had to be omitted in the interests of brevity.  Apologies to readers whose comments have been left out — and double apologies for the most offensive comments which I have had to include here lest I be accused of “censorship”.  (Sr. M) 

 JOHN CHAO, Chinese America Missionary,
killed by the natives of a small island in the Bay of Bengal
for trying to force Christianity down their throats.
Question Debated: Should US marines invade India
and slaughter the natives for daring to reject Christianity?  

LASHA DARKMOON:  (quotes from her previous article) : We now know from studying history that any nation imprudent enough to welcome Christian missionaries into their midst, whether in the far East or in the New World or the Antipodes, soon ended up colonized and exploited to the hilt by their benefactors.

It took the Chinese and Indians many centuries  to throw off the shackles of their Christian invaders, who used religion as a cunning tool to gain access to their countries. They then used their gunboats and superior weaponry to batten on the natives like parasites. Evicting the toxic Western squatters was not an easy task, and the loot spirited away in the process remains incalculable to this day.

North Sentinel island, which is part of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, is now under Indian jurisdiction. (See this MAP). India has decided, correctly in my view, that the people of this remote island community are a rare “protected species”. And that nosey anthropologists, do-gooder missionaries, and other opportunistic intruders should have the decency to keep away when they are clearly not welcome.

As we all know now from the study of imperial history, it’s only one small step from seemingly innocent tape recorders and  cameras and nice Christian missionaries armed with New Testaments — to Coca Cola, McDonalds,  plastic-strewn beaches, high-rise casinos, cocaine snorters, call girls, and, last but not least — the final gift from the dark gods! — sex tourism laid on for plane loads of decadent deviants from the West.

SARDONICUS:  The original article by Jane Fryer, published by the mainstream newspaper The Daily Mail, is total BS. It portrays this 26-year-old Chinese American missionary, John Chao, as some kind of hero who died a “horrific” and tragic death and who deserves a medal for his bravery. This is wrong, as Lasha Darkmoon correctly points out. How can anyone be a “hero” who is fanatically determined to convert these islanders to Christianity against their wills, knowing full well that his Western germs are bound to kill them all off by exposing them to deadly infections?

The first thing an anthropologist or Christian missionary needs is to do is to GET PERMISSION to land on someone else’s territory. If you don’t want a salesman knocking on your door, you have the right to tell him to GO AWAY! You are under no obligation to let these high-pressure salesmen into your house against your will.

That’s what these smart-assed anthropologists and Christian missionaries do. They are invaders, pure and simple. Virtue signalling busybodies who deserve to be killed if they force their way into your house and refuse to leave.

DR JIM :  Stupid is what stupid does. Americans are amongst the most stupid people on Earth. The vast majority have little knowledge of the Truth about anything. Those that are alive today have been “educated” in government mandated and controlled public schools and millions have gone on to be further brainwashed in its colleges and universities.

They know little or nothing about their own bodies or how the body works, what to feed it, and how to maintain it so it will function without disease until they die a natural death.

The vast majority are arrogantly ignorant about US and world history, law, health, nutrition, the state and federal government, and religion.

This young man was brought up and trained to be stupid by stupid parents and teachers.

SARDONICUS:  A fine comment by Dr Jim. Hope he stays to lend us his support! We need intelligent commenters on this site to keep a tab on the many Jewish trolls and extremist fanatics who infect this site with their systematic drip-feed of deadly disinformation.

HP:  As John Allen Chau felt his big hankering for a preaching adventure, there were no doubt plenty of heathens in his home town of Vancouver, Washington, who would have sufficed.

Or he could just have thrown a dart at a map and the first metropolis he hit would have worked just as well.

Of course instead of a glamorous death by poison arrow, whilst preaching to the heathens of Vancouver or Chicago or Philadelphia, he’d most likely meet his death via a mundane case of lead poisoning. Six of one, eh..


Ah, what a “heroic death” this noble young “Christian martyr” would have won if — instead of being felled by a poison arrow on a remote beach in the Bay of Bengal — he had ended up instead in a cannibal’s cooking pot in Darkest Africa and been eaten by a bunch of sex-crazed Hottentots!

Too bad he didn’t go to Africa instead.  🙂



FOLLY OF WAR:  The Sentinelese have obviously been smart enough, through the centuries, to keep their population within the carrying capacity of their small island home — about the size of Manhattan, so I’ve read. Who knows how they’ve done it — cannibalism? child sacrifice? euthanizing the old and infirm? —  but they did what they had to do for their own survival. The people of the overpopulated “modern” world, with its uncontrolled migration, have not been nearly as prescient.

BTW, a special thanks to the Indian government for protecting these fragile hunter gatherers from do-gooder evangelists like Mr. Chau.

ED:  Are you really that delusional ?!?!? Since when have naked black African breeds who grope their genitals all day been found to have PLANNED population density??? Surely you jest!! You can’t possibly be that lacking in IQ !! Nature, where white women don’t intervene, keeps the niggers in check with things like crocodiles and mosquitos and minor illnesses that kill off the young, old, and injured. Hell, poison ivy or a small cut,  either one can kill you when you’re a stupid naked monkey in a tropical jungle.

MADAME BUTTERFLY:  The only people I know who use the word “nigger” as freely as you do, are usually n*****s themselves. Guess you didn’t know that, ass***e! 🙂

You could try using the word “negro”, which is accurate without being offensive.

We know you’re a tough guy with hair on your chest. We also know you prefer to communicate with your lowbrow buddies with simian grunts rather than with human discourse, but please do try and use the English language without spitting in people’s faces with every word you utter.

AMERIKAGULAG:  The missionary was warned!  Even the local fisherman were told to keep away from the island. That it was illegal to get within a certain distance. DING….DING….DING…. Darwin Award!!!!

DON HERMISTON:  Some people are just too stupid to live. I could just imagine this grinning imbecile with his copy of the equally imbecilic Scofield Bible thinking he is gifting these people something great. Boy, did he get a surprise!

JOHN KIRBY:  Couldn’t we try the Sentinelese method to deter mass immigration?

SARDONICUS:  Bring it on! . . . Where can I buy poison arrows? 🙂

WIGGINS:  This kind of incident reminds me of an interesting story I once heard:

An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest: “If do not know about God and Sin, would I go to Hell?”

“No” said the priest, not if you didn’t know.”

“Then why,” asked the Inuit hunter earnestly, “did you tell me?”

MPO:  I don’t know where to start… but who gives a shit about this island of neanderthals? That missionary had good intentions, and they killed him. Send in a party of Marines and kill every last piece of shit on that Island!

Lasha Darkmoon has now lost all common sense! . . .  and so have most of her readers!

JASON:  Don’t know why you’re having such a hissy fit, my friend. I can’t see how you can say, “Send in a party of Marines and kill every last shit on that island”. That ain’t American territory. The island belongs to India! It’s under Indian jurisdiction. So America would be invading India if it took the law into its own hands and sent in its marines to wipe out those islanders who just asked to be left alone.

That crazy coot Chinese American evangelist, how could he have had “good intentions” when he knew damn well that his Western germs would kill off all the natives like flies? Sorry friend, it’s you who lack very vestige of common sense by justifying mass murder in order to avenge the death of a Chinese American loonytunes. In fact, it’s YOU sound like a nutcase!!!

MCLUPO: These savages have no gratitude whatsoever! “We” need to bomb the s**t out of them!

How dare they refuse civilization, human rights, LGBT rights! Or the right to get buggered! The right to vote! The right to accumulate debt! Or the precious right to give away one’s children for adoption to LGBT couples!

Pfff! . . . what savages! . . .  let’s bomb the hell out of them for refusing to accept the blessings of Western civilization!  🙂

ED:  Lasha, I find your line of reasoning in defence of these useless island savages to be a SHITTON hypocritical.

If unevolved black savages are allowed to murder any trespassers on sight on an island reserved for them and them only, then why can’t the island of England do the same with every non-white (including jews) that sets foot there? And why can’t Trump order the gunning down of every last Aztec the second they try to breach our American border?

Why doesn’t everyone supporting these animal-like savages support Hitler’s right to cleanse Germany?

We are worried about preserving a biped species so low on evolution that in the 1000 years we’ve been watching them they have not improved anything one iota. They haven’t even invented clothes. Or learned to borrow them. They haven’t built a building or toilet. They haven’t invented a wheel for a banana cart.

They run around and fuck in orgies and presumably get high and then they murder anyone that sets foot on “their” territory, even though 15 armed white men could slaughter them all and seize their whole island in a few days maximum.

Are we talking about niggers on a remote Indian island or about niggers in Chicago or Paris or Rome or Berlin or Stockholm or Haiti or Zimbabwe or South Africa or Somalia? Cause really, based on their behavior they appear to be just like any other batch of niggers from anywhere on the earth.

ADMIN:  Ed, we don’t allow the use of the word “nigger” on our website, for the reasons explained here (see here, # 11 and # 12). Such language, and the other 4-letter words you like using, would not be allowed on The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents, two White Nationalist websites justly praised for the high standard of their respective Commentary sections. If you disagree with our policies on needlessly offensive language, please make your way to some alternative website where crude and disgusting language is the norm.

SARDONICUS:  Ed is obviously a low IQ redneck with a very limited vocabulary. His constant use of words like S**T, F**K,  and N**GER tell us all we need to know about this lowbrow neanderthal from the backwoods.

Like Freya, the German female (???) on this site who condemns St Paul for saying things St Paul never said but which were actually said by Jesus Christ whom Freya admires (!!!), Ed is more to be pitied than despised.

Ed is to be pitied for his limited vocabulary and low IQ, whereas Freya is to be pitied for her low IQ, her intellectual dishonesty, and her testosterone aggression which to me indicates an abundance of male hormones.  Ed, the man with the hairy chest: to be pitied. Freya: the lady with the moustache, possibly a butch lesbian, also to be pitied.

As for Ed’s arguments in support of the massacre of these islanders, who simply wish to be left alone, his reasoning lacks logic as well as finesse. All problems can be sorted out, according to Ed, by a bullet through the brain. Shoot first, and don’t even bother to ask questions later. Just shoot again! Ed clearly belongs in a psychiatric unit.

If I were a shrink, I’d recommend him for the padded cell section.

Freya could keep him company.

SCOTT:  The comment above by Sardonicus adds what to the discussion?

MADAME BUTTERFLY:  It says more than your sneering comment does. It indicates moral outrage: a livid anger that psychopaths like Ed the Nigger Killer and brain-damaged hysterics like “Freya” (probably a man pretending to be a woman) should be allowed to run riot on this website and openly flout Admin and the very reasonable rules set by this website.

Admin has requested politely more than once that commenters refrain from the language of the gutter, and, above all, not to advocate mass extermination of the Jews or any other ethnic group. Because this could get the Darkmoon site blacklisted by the internet authorities. So what does Ed the Killer do? He uses words like shit, fuck, kike and nigger. He is personally abusive to Lasha Darkmoon, advocating the mass extermination of all the “niggers” on the island by American marines. You see nothing wrong with this? You’d like to see this website blacklisted and banned?

If so, you are sadly deficient in common sense.

As for Freya, she is even more toxic than Ed the Nigger Killer. She openly insults Admin in post after post, accusing this site of being a Zionist front. She insults Sister Monica (a site moderator) by accusing her of being a “fake nun” and ask her insolently for proof that she has ever been a nun. You think that amusing, do you? Freya then goes on to insult Lasha Darkmoon by stating that LD’s praise for St Paul is an “erroneous opinion”. Why? Because St Paul, according to Freya, is the ultimate villain and believed in cannibalism because he allegedly said “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood.” Jesus Christ in contrast, according to Freya, would never have said such a horrible thing. Only the evil St Paul could have been guilty of this “abomination”.

The only trouble is, St Paul never said these words: “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood.” It was Jesus Christ himself who said these words! He said them in Chapter 6 of the Gospel of St John!!!  See 6: 32-58, especially the words falsely attributed to St Paul by Freya and which Jesus Christ actually said: “He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him. (John, 6: 56).

You find this deliberate falsification of quotations endearing, do you? St Paul is condemned for saying things he never said. That’s OK. You approve of that, right? Jesus is praised because he would never have said such a horrible thing, advocating cannibalism. Oh no, Jesus would NEVER use such wicked words! But Jesus DID say those words! You find that funny? You defend this toxic disinfo agent “Freya” for deliberately falsifying her facts and doctoring her quotations and using this distortion of truth as a whip to beat Lasha Darkmoon with for her so-called “erroneous opinions?”

You are the type of person, dear Scott, I would hate to meet in person. Because you speak up in defense of a woman who makes a point of constantly lying and insulting every single administrator of the Darkmoon site, including Lasha, who refuses to defend herself from these constant calumnies.

If you hate this site, why are you on it? Don’t you know this is a neo-Christian site that doesn’t like people dissing Jesus Christ and getting him mixed up with St Paul? If you are a Christ hater, why linger here? Why not relocate to some nice Christ-bashing site and take the poisonous serpent Freya with you?


Please impose order! Pronto. Or your site will soon descend into a sewage pit suitable only for liars, cheats, trolls, and racist rednecks calling for the mass extermination of “kikes” “niggers”, and other ethnic groups allegedly unfit to live.

26 thoughts to “Should US Marines Invade India And Massacre Islanders To Avenge Death Of American Missionary?”

  1. Admin has been doing a good job lately of cleaning up this excellent site in maintaining an acceptable level of civility
    A labor of love? (must be a form of masochism
    Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated 😃

  2. “You must eat flesh and drink my blood”

    Upon a translation from the Aramaic, it’s highly doubtful Jesus used this wording with regard to readers’ attempt at understanding what the symbolism may be conveying. There’s no denying that the visual DOES smack of cannibalism. This looks like a classic case of how the extant Christian Bibles reflect a tampering of the Gospels.

    Remember, Jesus said his words are intended to be forces of ACTION, which implies the nature of their import. Given the fact that true Christians WANT to glean a proper understanding, this quote as written is at best unsatisfactory and lacking. At worst it is derogatory.

  3. @Brownhawk, it seems to me that is exactly what Jesus said. Some have thought this is the teaching which caused Judas to flip. We also know that many left upon hearing the words. When Jesus says to Peter he too might want to leave, Peter says where else shall we go? How could symbolic eating and drinking of Christ’s flesh and blood bring about such scandal and revulsion?

    1. How do you know so sure what Jesus said? Were you a testimony of what he said and of what was written in the bible?

      1. Exactly, SENSE…

        It doesn’t MAKE any sense (pardon the pun) that he would have uttered those exact words. Why say THAT?

  4. No, the Marines should NOT invade these ignorant island (negroes?). There’s nothing to gain from it – just like the so-called “hero” fool who was warned to stay away. I don’t really CARE what happens to the dark-skinned neanderthals, anyway, but any White intrusion or intervention is a waste of time and resources. Most of these modern-day “missionaries” are nothing more than young opportunists looking for a sponsor to finance their travels and foolhardy “adventures”. Caveat emptor!

  5. Acts of slaughter reject CHRIST, not “Christianity”. This is as plain as the nose on my face

  6. New Delhi or Bust!
    Because North Sentinel Island is in effect a sovereign area under Indian protection, innit..

  7. Should US Marines Invade India And Massacre Islanders To Avenge Death Of American Missionary?

    No. That would be wrong.

  8. The great irony about the death of a clueless Bible “university” graduate is that thousands of Christians have been brutally killed by ISIS (Israeli proxy army) in Syria and not a peep out of a single Christian College or pastor. Pathetic. But kill some stupid Bible thumper missionary from Amerika and all hell rages on the internet.

    John Chao, the Chinese America Missionary who was killed by poisoned arrows was clearly violating Indian law and trespassing, and this island was known to kill stranded fisherman. What the hell was he doing? Virtue signalling, trying to be Jesus, trying to score a major coup and get into where other Christians couldn’t penetrate and push the Gospel. If he had succeeded he would of lived in Evangelical history, but his gamble cost him his life.

    This article is spot on about how Christians soften up the natives for empire takeover and then the survivors from virus infections then get enslaved to Rothschild. Dr, Jim’s comment is worthy of repeating here “Stupid is what stupid does. Americans are amongst the most stupid people on Earth.” , and if Amerikans are stupid then Bible college graduates are double top secret stupid, maybe even batshit insane.

    Should the Marines invade? If that island had Poppies or Oil all those spearchuckers would already be dead plus erased and the Christian Anglo-Zionists would be be already lining their pockets and making bank.

    Here’s a real Tulsa Oklahoma joke about Oral Roberts University (which John Chao graduated):

    “Oral Roberts University ordered the world’s most gigantic praying hands for their campus but they were so large they couldn’t get them set up. So they offered a contest of $100,000 to anyone who could get the praying hands erected on the concrete platform.

    Every contractor, from far and wide, came with cranes and heavy lift helicopters but none could lift the world’s biggest praying hands. One day a weathered old Tulsa farmer came by in his torn old clothes and asked if he could try. The wealthy Christian University staff, dressed in the finest suits available, laughed at the old man in his tattered clothes. Go home or we’ll have you arrested they jeered.

    The old farmer asked again, are you offering $100,000 to whoever can get those hands in place? Yes they scornfully retorted, taken back by his insistence and seriousness. The old farmer walked closer and took a quarter out of his pocket and tossed it toward the center of the platform. The giant sculpted hands immediately leaped up to catch the quarter and landed perfectly in place.”

  9. I’m sorry… I know they’re well-intentioned, but ANYONE stupid enough to believe in the success of missionaryism after reading the history of the past 500 years, deserves whatever fate the third-world savages mete out to them. Again, I’m sorry, you noble do-gooders… your delusions are admirable on the surface, but you can NEVER take the spots off of a leopard – no matter how hard you try.

    1. Where the missionary is, there is the jew. The fool
      was used as reconaissance by the jews, who as we should know rule christianity.

  10. ISIS – Israel Secret Intelligence Service….
    tell me something people – are these primitive natives really any farther in the dark than those sheepule here, who constantly refer to fictitious characters from religious fairy tales, who actually want to argue details about what they supposedly said and did 2000 or 3000 years ago?
    do you understand – you are now what becomes of pagan aboriginals such as these, after they’ve been co-opted and brainwash indoctrinated by the religio-corporate powers that be in control of the world…
    i have to wonder how many of us into religion are actually on the side of the missionaries, thinking we’re doing the natives a favor by ‘modernizing’ them… after all, it was catholic spain and france’ position during 4 centuries of slavery that the black africans were actually better off as slaves, since they to be baptized on the voyage west…

  11. i think they got it all wrong,i’m refering to those missionaries who don’t belong to the backward world.
    It would not,would it?,be logical to send to the brother entertainment television,BET,a white man to anchor the 6 o”clock news.
    God did not send a blue eyed – blond haired white – jesus to the brown jews. No .Jesus was dark skinned just like the people to whom he was sent to show them the right path.Alas,they killed him,and He was one of them and was not an outsider like Chao .

    so instead of sending a white chinese mixed up holy man , they should’ve picked a very very dark skinny black man from the middle of Africa,remove his clothing and make sure he’s NOT circumsised, give him a spear , bowes and arrows ,and drop him off by the shore. This african african man certainly would have a better chance of flipping their world upside down than a clothed non dark Chao.

    i was watching HEE-HOO on tv and started laughing so hard listening to a country song sung by a japanese american . I just couldn’t fit in my mind a japanese face singing a red neck song.

  12. History wil judge people Charlemagne the Saxon slayer and Constantine the Great in converting a folk by force for the sake of national unity. Massacre of the members of other races for whatever conversion reasons – won’t work on the long run. They will remember this in their collective memories and point the sword in the other direction sometime in the future. Besides that, should the whites not be the custodians of the earth and everything that lives on and in it (at least point the way forward for others by setting an example)?

    I have a synopsis (part of a masters thesis written in Afrikaans on his works and its relationship to Pan Germanism – highly interesting thesis on a level of intellectual thinking I have not met too often in my life) of the book “Nightfall on Cape Horn” by Saint Loup (Marc Augier). I would love to read this book and investigate if it is based on reality. Perhaps a motivation for me to learn French with the aid of the google translator. Reading should be no insurmountable obstacle, but the correct pronounciation might be another animal.

    “His novels include La nuit commence au Cap Horn (Nightfall on Cape Horn), on the destruction of South American Indians by Christian missionaries. The book would have won the prestigious Prix Goncourt, but Le Figaro Littéraire exposed the notorious collaborationist as the true author. Of the entire jury only Colette refused to retract her vote for Saint-Loup during the ensuing scandal. ”

    Has anybody here by chance read this novel?

  13. @brownhawk

    First, why is there no reply option on your post but there is on all other posts following it ?

    A glitch ?

    To your question about questioning the racial mixing over time… The races are mostly still different and we need to work to maintain and then strengthen that authentic multiculturalism and those inherent differences between races.

    Historically, as we’ve seen, even different ethnicities will fight each other for all kinds of idiotic reasons when their individual people are complacent and don’t pay attention to their chosen nutcase leaders.

    Whites against whites and every african tribe against every other african tribe and Japs against the other gooks etc.

    However, what would the world really be like homogenous ?? It would be worse, see the biblical story of the tower of Babel.

    Later whites broke into tribes which developed into nations and america broke from its English brothers, hell even biblically the ancient Hebrews were twelve different tribes.

    In other words HISTORICALLY authentic multiculturalism is in fact a good thing. The larger a group of disparate people get the MORE infighting and the MORE chaos internally(and in total).

    Just look at america today and the EU.

    Both Cluster fucks of squandered resources and INSANE policy.

    Our american Founders were correct on nearly everything except for not barring jews as Franklin suggested, and George washington gave us advice about jews/israel and the EU.
    He said “trade with all, entangling alliances with NONE.”.

    QUESTIONS ?? our american Founders answered them all. They NEVER allowed or championed the integration of “any and all” into our social fabric. They put Indians on reservations, only approved of white immigration unless as slaves(and some thought rightly that it was best to forego slavery altogether), women were not allowed to vote, and non-Christians were generally not allowed to serve as jurors or in any public capacity.
    Now, whether anyone agrees with these positions as ideal, the question must be answered… would we have 99℅ of the biggest problems we have today if we had maintained those positions ??
    Let’s just start with…would we have tens of thousands of white girls raped and murdered by black savages every year ? Would we have spent TRILLIONS on black savages the world over and on Israel ?? Would we be fighting wars for Israel or england(against Germany) ?? Would we have Mexicans believing they can flood america or would we have muzzrats in Congress or would we have Nancy pelosi and Diane feinstein in Congress ?
    Would we be banning military weapons for the militia(white male population) while we spend TRILLIONS to create an unconstitutional standing army for global conquest at the behest of Satan’s children ??
    OBVIOUSLY the answer to all of these is NO.

    so how many of our lives and how much of our time and money have we WASTED because we could not follow the simple instructions that our founders left us ??

    Hell, we could be colonizing Pluto by now or our entire nation could be one giant Mia largo country club for white Christians EXCEPT FANCIER !!

    So what are we waiting for ?? We need to go back to what our founders KNEW and then have the courage to seize our destiny. As even Napoleon knew, “Providence(God) favors the bold !!”.

  14. Brownhawk
    November 27, 2018 at 8:09 pm
    Exactly, SENSE…
    It doesn’t MAKE any sense (pardon the pun) that he would have uttered those exact words. Why say THAT?

    Indeed there are passages in the New Testament where Jesus is quoted as saying things that are out of character or incongruous, and these passages have always been loved and adored by atheists and their ilk – at least since the late 19th century when Robert Ingersoll brought them to light in some of his famous anti-Christian speeches. Atheists simply love to attack Jesus Christ. Question: When was that last time you ever heard of an atheist organization that was openly calling for the separation of synagogue and state or for a ban on Jewish influence in government, and why are these atheist groups always focusing their ire on Christianity while at the same time ignoring the proverbial elephant in the closet which is Judaism ?? Is it because Jews and atheists are like peas in a pod ?? If you’re feeling courageous right now, then why not attend a local meeting of some “freethought” group like the FFRF and ask them why they aren’t focusing their attention on the encroachments of Judaism into public life. Hah !! You like living dangerously, don’t you ??

    Matthew 19:12 is a favorite atheist quotation, along with several others, such as the one you’ve cited, I realize that this is only my opinion, but these passages were placed into the NT for the expressed purpose of confusing you – to confound you and to give ammunition to the devil. Everything falls right into place, however, once you bear in mind that the New Testament was defiled by a group of clandestine Yehudim over the course of many centuries.

    The rule of thumb is that you must read the NT with intelligence.

    If Jesus allegedly said something that seems out of character, HE DIDN’T SAY IT.

    Revelation 22:16 King James Version (KJV)
    16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.
    Matthew 19:12 King James Version (KJV)
    12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

  15. Gotta be a glitch, Ed.

    But let me ask you, how would you define a Christian? But remember to consider their actions when defining

    1. @brownhawk

      My definition of a Christian ? That’s easy. It is a person who believes in a Sovereign God that created the universe and that created man in His own image, AND that also believes in the life and death of Jesus Christ as a sacrifice and demonstration to redeem us and that believes in His basic teaching of TRUTH and JUSTICE.
      the bible from beginning to end is about TRUTH.
      the old testament was the story of man and then Gods attempt to help man to evolve to his potential through the ancient Hebrews as a guide.
      When the Hebrews continually failed, God eventually changed the plan slightly(and simplified it really) and set an example for all mankind TO SEARCH FOR AND STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH AT ALL COSTS just as Jesus did.
      At least for all mankind THAT IS CALLED(or that answered the call) TO TRUTH in their soul.

      I’m not convinced of the exact details of every possible minor combination, but I am certain of the basics.
      And I don’t believe that all people are capable of the same understanding of truth obviously, but they must be open and actively searching for it, as that is the option WE CHOSE by following that crazy woman and the snake in the garden of Eden and now God is holding us to our choice by forcing us to eat by the sweat of our brow as we must also now deal with protecting our women and children from the hordes of the devil’s own children(through adherence to the truth) since we didn’t do our job to protect our one woman from the devil himself originally.
      It makes sense really.

      It’s like a father grounding his teenage son and daughter for a certain duration with a list of chores to do for f-ing up, with the original privileges returned at the end of the properly served term of punishment, so long as they make clear that they understand and acknowledge why the father is requiring these punishments and redemption from them.

  16. As a General rule, shortcutting to labels demonstrates lack of depth…
    When the label is a racial slur, it’s worse…
    Yet, as in the case of Islam, we are dealing with a deadly force, which is so dangerous precisely because it has destroyed individualism in its conscripts… and I’m ready to ban Muslims from my country right now, and forever until Islam as we know it ceases to exist…
    We understand the frustration and anger at our own mistreatment under the existing power structure and even that force will likely be required to save us at some point, but any form of name-calling destroys the intellectual content.
    It may be OK to shoot invaders on the border, if that’s what they choose, you do what you have to do… but not with racial hatred…
    Ed – just to hit the high points, without being disrespectful. – as a philosophy of life Christianity has its qualities, all the altruistic stuff. But in fact that advice did not originate with the so-called savior Jesus… and the Real Truth is that the character never actually existed as a person.
    I would advise us all to drop the unfortunate attachments pasted on to the original gnostic movement by the Roman Empire, which has now become Christianity, and try to get focused on something more evolutionary, while keeping the best of it…
    The part about the victim being sacrificed to make everything OK is looney….
    Humans ‘lost respect’ for the planet as the first god on account of Christianity and the other Abraham ic religions, and the biosphere is terminal at the current rate of decline because of it… establishment religion is all archaic…
    And that’s putting it politely….
    Try to get the basic concept of pantheism through your head – there is no creator….
    Here’s another – if you want god you have to go through the planet to find him…

    1. @barkingdeer
      A few points. First I agree that Islam is useless to america or the west, ie whites.
      Next i don’t have time to go into a long diatribe on God existing, but suffice it to say that otherwise lowly mushrooms had to figure out how to create their own wind patterns to distribute spores in a no wind situation and somehow evolution decided to require most creatures, and namely humans, to evolve separately in order to need each other for breeding…WHAT THE F ?!?! how does one evolving organism accidentally decide to evolve a different organism to assist it in mating ?? etc. Etc etc. How does the center of the earth remain molten for billions of years with only a thin outer layer cooling ?? Why would one organism(or many) evolve to be prey ?? Why wouldn’t people evolve to fly like a bird as it would have solved virtually all of our evolutionary problems a few billion years ago ?? Etc etc etc
      It takes far more “faith” to believe accidents created what MILLIONS of hours of highly intelligent men haven’t been able to do, ie create life.
      In fact, ive been challenging scientists for years to not even create life from nothing, but instead merely to allow me to throw 1000 already existing living cockroaches in a blender and then after I hit “scramble” for a few seconds they can merely use all those parts to build me one live cockroach.

      Guess what ?? No takers.
      Yet they expect me to believe that the entire universe and millions of forms of life from sharks, to bald eagles, to microbial viruses, to humans, to trees, all happened by accident ?? REALLY ??
      did my dodge pickup evolve from some lightning hitting a pile of iron ore ?? Or did the iron ore just dissolve and evolve into my dodge ??

      If so, then my Apple laptop was also created, programmed, and started running by a tornado hitting a junk yard.

      Both my dodge and my apple are OUTRAGEOUSLY more simpleton than the universe and life. Hence why men have not been able to create even cheap versions of either WITH MASSIVE INTELLIGENCE EVEN COUPLED TO MASSIVE COMPUTING POWER.

      Next, note that 100% of America’s founders believed in a Sovereign Creator, ie the Christian God, including Thomas paine, who disliked organized religion but yet even he believed in a Creator God. Let me suggest that you read Franklin’s scathing letter to paine when paine offered to let him proof read “age of reason” before he published it.
      In short, Franklin told him to burn the manuscript before anyone else saw it.
      He didn’t listen.
      He published and was then ridiculed by Sam and John Adams, Patrick Henry, and many others; and then a founder that the children of the devil have written out of american history named eliat bourdinot, wrote a 300 page rebuttal in which he shredded paine and Paine’s reasoning. He called his work, “the Age of Revelation”.
      doubtful you have heard of it, but y’all should read it.
      Odd that the schools push THE ONLY hater of organized Christianity as they pretend to be Americans while totally hiding even the existence of a direct 300 page rebuttal by a fellow American founder with whom ALL THE OTHER FOUNDERS AGREED.
      is that not odd(or dishonest) or am I missing something ??

      As for Jesus not existing…lol this is one of the funnier claims made by those who are manipulators or are clueless of history.
      There is more proof of Jesus Christ being a living person than there is of any other person of antiquity.
      Who were the kings of Babylon ?
      Of India ?
      Of China ?
      What about Mohammed ?
      Buddha ?
      Proof ?
      All we have is the writings or artwork of them or of others.
      Of course, there is also the veracity of those who were recorded as laying their lives down for the “spoken of” person—as most people won’t claim that somebody they know personally, THAT DOESNT REALLY EXIST, is somebody that they will lay down their life for.
      Yet history records the deaths of many of the apostles who knew Jesus personally.

      In other words, like our american Founders taught us, we follow the preponderance of the evidence to truth. If this is done with the proof of Jesus according to american jurisprudence, the determination is clear. Jesus was a real person.

      Now to “shortcutting to labels is shallow”… Says who ?? Lol.
      And “if it’s racial it’s worse” ?? Says who ??

      And yes an ad hominem attack ONLY is a non-starter in a debate, but a derogatory attack for a given reason that is followed by the facts renders the derogatory attack as nothing more than a “verbal smackdown”.

      There is ZERO factual reasoning that supports your conclusion that somehow a racist remark renders any argument good or bad, true or false, let alone “shallow”.

      That’s like saying, “if you say that I have a black dog, then you are saying that my dog is not a dog because I ‘know’ that my dog is brown.”

      That makes no sense. The adjective does not create the underlying fact or subject, it merely describes or quantifies it in some way.

      I’m guessing that you have a bit too much university education… Just saying…lol. read eliat bourdinot and the rest of our founders and skip the postmodern writers nonsense.
      In fact read “the language of God” by dr Francis Collins, the head of the human genome project.

      In essence what you are telling me and others is that you are smarter than dr Collins and ALL of our american founders(among others)…I’m not likely to accept that tall order without some pretty big support !! Lol. Just saying…

      If I missed anything, just let me know. Best regards.

    2. Barkingdeer

      “….there is no Creator.”

      In a manner of speaking, I agree. There is only Creation, whose mystery we may strive to eternally fathom…if given the chance that is. Therein lies the rub. The journey that would plumb the depths of the Creating power has been interrupted by a usurpation; a Creation thief (w/apologies to longime darkmooners for my redundancy on this theme). This is where the man “Jesus” comes in. Think of him as one who has overcome this usurping power (“Demiurge”). That we would be in a position to do likewise is what Jesus as the “Christ” (savior) is all about. Until then, we are stuck in neutral, unable to proceed accordingly, and thus subject to the way things are in reflecting this usurped existence – a condition in which Jewishness thrives, whereas aware Gentiles would strive to be past its degenerative influences


      Sounds like a lot of “detritus indoctrination” to me.

      1. Ed

        You are WAY off base about Paine, a true voice crying in the wilderness whom many founders and your boy Bourdinot couldn’t comprehend, Jefferson in my view being among the exceptions

        As for Washington, he may have had a semblance of being Jew-wise, but it was HE who was duped by his former aide-de-camp, the traitor Hamilton, when heeding the latter’s advice in maintaining the money connection to the British Crown, which severely weakened what otherwise would have been a successful Revolution

        Because of this, what is really behind (((Britain))) continues its attempts to subjugate Freedom and extinguish America’s beacon for it to this day

  17. @brownhawk

    “Detritus indoctrination” ??? Lol.

    So now using a Latin word “culturally appropriated” from MY ancestors and used as a pathetic “slight” suffices for a response to legitimate questions and comparisons ??

    There are only 2 type of people on the earth, those who treat every subject the same in order to get to the truth and those who pick and choose and then dodge certain things to suit their emotions.
    Paine was a great patriot, but his attack on Christianity was correctly smacked down by Franklin and bourdinot and others as I mentioned.
    And no, paine was not a voice crying in the wilderness but a voice crying from a French prison after the “Christianless” French revolution that he supported turned on him and sentenced him to death…thereby demonstrating IN REAL TIME THE EXACT WARNINGS GIVEN HIM BY DR FRANKLIN, who was 1000 times the bigger genius(and I accord paine a certain brilliance in his fields of proper self study before his hubris got the best of him, you know, that biblical thing about hautiness coming before a fall…).

    Obviously you haven’t read bourdinot and as I guessed I’m sure you never even heard of him.
    Your suggestion that Franklin, Sam and John Adams, Patrick Henry, and dr Franklin couldn’t understand Paine’s ramblings is ludicrous to the billionth power.
    As I previously stated bourdinot took him apart point by point, and Franklin PREDICTED EXACTLY what a government based on Paine’s views would be like and yet paine promoted and then supported in person that government in France and then was eaten by it and sentenced to death and rotted in its prison for years and only escaped by luck coupled to the help of the american founders who disagreed with him and his insane ideas of the french terror(revolution).
    So if paine was the smart one, how is it that Franklin PREDICTED the result of paines views EXACTLY, but paine couldn’t see it and instead walked blind like a sheep to the slaughter ?? Lol
    Notice none of the Christian founders went to France and supported that insanity with paine.
    I agree with you on Hamilton, he was probably part jew and Aaron burr did us a favor, but a little late, kinda like John Wilkes booth with Lincoln. As for Jefferson, he specifically called himself a Christian AND explained that the universe proved unequivocally that there was a God.
    Apparently y’all only read Jefferson quotes that the university handed to you. Lol.
    My aunt is a retired PhD biology professor and she was one of the biggest influences on me growing up to think for myself…boy does she regret that now !!
    She is an atheist evolutionist egalitarian idiot with a genius iq but no brains and a dishonest thinker(perhaps like you), and used to have a carving of a quote of Thomas Jefferson on her office desk at the university, and one day I asked her if she ever read the rest of the letter it came from, because taken in proper context Jefferson was arguing EXPLICITLY against the way she was interpreting it.
    My guess is that you understand that half quote the same as she did. Lol
    It was the quote where he said to question the existence of God.
    Which Jefferson then did do himself and said that there is no possible conclusion that is rational except that there is in fact a God.

    So again, I am in agreement with all the american founders including paine on there being a God, and I am in agreement with what Franklin said and paine proved with his own ass, which was agreed with by the guy who George Washington picked as our first supreme Court chief justice(Patrick Henry who turned it down), and with bourdinot and with dr Francis Collins, ie that a Godless people would be a DISASTER OF TERROR AND MAYHEM that would lead to MORE death and destruction than man with Christianity was still too much prone to.

    In other words the consensus of our great founders was correct to a T, and the only WEAK ATTEMPT at “detritus indoctrination” going on here is by those who are “paining” our great founders consensus!! Lol !! and YES, PUN WAS INTENDED !! LOL !!

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