Site in Danger — Survival Prospects Bleak


The Darkmoon site appears to be in its death throes and will probably have to be shut down soon. The writing is on the wall. Due to a clutch of unforeseen circumstances of a most unfortunate and sinister nature, I cannot see how we can survive much longer. We may limp on a little bit longer,  but our survival prospects now look bleak.

I want to thank you for your valued contributions and wish you all well.

Kind regards and blessings,


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  1. If and when this incarnation of DARKMOON comes to an end, as all things do, then I, one among the many, shall miss you and all the denizens of this refreshing cyber oasis. Though we may scatter, blown away by ill winds, some of us will no doubt meet elsewhere on occasion. AND, I still have hope for a better outcome. It would seem very feasible to reassemble! Surely, one or more e-savvy IT types can engineer Darkmoon’s resurrection, should death do us part temporarily! In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, I thank you, Lasha, and I thank all who contributed their writings and thoughts.

    1. Thank you, dear Alan. Things look very bad. The site has been attacked and damaged and our security has been breached. We could theoretically survive this onslaught if we had ongoing expert technical help. Be we have none. And we are technologically inept and unable to deal with these highly skilled hackers.

  2. I just got through on ” born in he’ll ” having failed attempt several times since 2100 yesterday, maybe the (((hackers))) are affected by smoke inhalation.
    If they do succeed, should darkmoon not redirect us to another friendly site, where we can regroup and receive updates.
    Hoping this gets through, and THANKS, and keep the faith otherwise.

    1. (Posted by Admin)


      I have just read your post about the imminent demise of your site. I HATE that shit! When I tried to express my regrets by way of comment, I found no “post comment” tab to click onto. (I suppose the bastards have hackked that, too!)

      I’ll certainly miss your articles, and most of the commenters. I have learned A LOT from you, dear girl!

      I will think of you, often, and pray for your well-being.

  3. What has happened to the “reply” functionality?

    I don’t even see a “Post” button; hitting the return/enter key worked for me.

  4. this us awful, I like this site…you’ll have your vengeance against the swine who did this

    1. Dear Lasha, Sorry to hear this bad news. If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I can’t imagine what kind of menace are you facing, but perhaps you should get out of the U.K. and find a friendly new place to live. Best wishes. Roberto C (RC).

      (Sent also by email)

  5. @LD

    Your security is being compromised only means that you have been providing a service that has been undermining many of those whom are possessed of hatred and evil. Consider it a badge of honor LD that you have attracted such attention, it only means that evil fears you. When evil is afraid, it only means you have righteousness on your side, it means you are “good”, too “good” for those hacking cowards.

    Whatever may come of Darkmoon, fear not, many, including I, have learned many things. Things that will only embolden me to continue fighting against the horrible and evil monsters that inflicted our world. You have brought light to many.

    Running a website is difficult, I know. But whatever Darkmoon manifests itself into, if not at all, rest assured LD, you have truly made a mark on some, including myself.

    In fact, for myself, I have learned from regularly reading on your website, that there is much ignorance in many people. I have traveled much, and lived and worked around the world, including throughout the Middle East, and it is amazing how reality and people’s proclivity to comment with so little knowledge on subjects (as I have outlined several times in the past) are so distinctly incongruous. Things are falling apart in the West, and not just the education systems. Your stories and supporting commentaries enlighten much to this point.

    But more importantly, I have learned also, that there is a desperate need by many who are looking for truth and a channel to communicate with another on like matters. Yes social media like the obvious FB’s of the world provide such a opportunity, but as it has been becoming more and more aware lately, they can’t be trusted. Just so you know LD, I for one have never done social media, I don’t trust it. But sites like yours provided an avenue for people like me, who don’t do Facebook, Twitter and so on, to express themselves, without giving too much of their person given away.

    Thank you, LD. Wish you the best for the future. As for Darkmoon, the wolf in me will bay for you.

    1. (Posted by Admin on behalf of Franklin Ryckaert)

      Dear Lasha,

      I could not post a message on your website, so I send you an E-mail personally.

      Being hacked (by the “usual suspects”) is a sign that you are doing something right.

      Other websites that are critical of Jewish misbehavior (in Jew-speak : that are “anti-Semitic”) have been attacked but survived due to good technical advice.

      If you don’t know where to find good technical help, I would advise you to contact the owners of White Nationalist websites of which it is known that they have been seriously attacked but survived.

      I can name three :

      1)David Duke.

      Website address :
      Contact address : DrDukeinfo3 AT

      2) Andrew Anglin.

      Website address :
      Contact address : [email protected]

      3) John de Nugent.

      Website address :

      Contact address (post) :

      John de Nugent

      306 South Steel Street
      Ontonagon MI 49953

      John de Nugent has been seriously attacked many times but always returned because he has some very good technical help (from a man in South Africa, if I remember correctly). I think such help goes all via the Internet, without the need of a personal encounter.

      You need not to despair, good technical help for such cases does exist. Try.

      Best wishes,

      Franklin de Rijke (Franklin Ryckaert).

  6. LD, have you considering moving your articles to the Minds website as a way to keep this movement going till you’re able the gather the necessary personnel to secure this site? I’ve enjoyed your work throughout the years here and it’s helped me to inform people about what’s really going on in the world today.

    1. Lasha, you are an inspiration and your site has been highly stimulating.

      With your permission, I would like to copy the site and publish it as a
      bittorrent file. The wisdom contained within will then still be
      accessible worldwide.

      Best wishes!

  7. Interesting. It is possible to comment if – as Flopot suggested – one puts the cursor into either box marked with a * and then hits return. No way to reply, but comments are possible.

  8. How to post comments:

    (1) Write your comment in the comment box as you usually do.
    (2) Insert your user name where it says Name*
    (3) Insert your email address (which will not be published) where it says Email*
    (4) Put your cursor into the Name* box and press ENTER.

    No need for the reply button. If you reply to someone just mention his NAME and the date of his post.

    1. Possted by Admin for Adrian Hodson:

      Hello again Lasha,
      I saw on the site a post and started writing a reply, only to find
      posting was closed.

      Here is is anyway:

      I share ALAN DONELSON’s sentiments.

      We can only speculate what is the source Lasha’s tribulation. EU/UK/US
      thought police, losing their geek (webmaster).

      I noticed many ‘alternative’ minds have migrated websites to Iceland
      for legal protection from thought police. An example:

      OrangeWebsite: Icelandic Web Hosting with Free Speech

      A new site is almost a 5 minute job for me and I volunteer to do it,
      but Lasha or Sister Monica or the third moderator explained in the
      past, they need someone with whom they already share trust.

      It would be regrettable for Lasha’s voice to disappear from the net,
      but maybe she’s had enough, at least subconsciously.

      If it is thought police, the solution is to move the site to Iceland
      and connect to it via a VPN (virtual private network) for when Lasha or
      admin are posting.

      By the way, when the torrent is ready , I’ll email you again. At
      that time perhaps you could email some of the regulars and tell them to
      seed the torrent. But perhaps by then [email protected] will also
      be out of action. Is there an alternative means of communication?

      Best wishes

  9. I would like to post this comment. I tried before, but was unable. Thanks to the above suggestion I post it now while the opportunity is still available.

    Julius Robert Oppenheimer the psychopathic murderer. Yet another “special relationship” Jews had with America.

    Jews are noted poisoners. Poisoning is but one of the Jew’s favored method of murder most foul. Stories of its use are highlighted in their Torah. Here is an account of the Jew that led the scientific portion of America’s nuclear weapons development. Excerpt from Behind the Fog – How the U.S. cold war radiological weapons program exposed innocent Americans.

    A Culture of Secrecy

    Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born in the lap of luxury. His childhood was spent in a large New York apartment overlooking the Hudson river alongside his father Julius, Sr, a successful textile merchant who was born in Germany, mother Ella, and younger brother Frank. “Robert” was a precocious but isolated child in a family that valued above all success and achievement, and in perfect alignment with those expectations, he earned a scholarship to study chemistry at Harvard University where he graduated summa cum laude in just three years. Robert left Harvard in Cambridge Massachusetts and headed to Cambridge University in England to study physics under professor Patrick Blackett, a future Nobel Prize winner and by all accounts a dashing and celebrated faculty member who would later criticize the U.S. “for engaging in dangerous brinksmanship with the Soviet Union” by targeting Cold War operations research “with its scenarios of winnable nuclear war.” Although Cambridge University should have been an exhilarating time for the budding young physicist, Oppenheimer revealed disturbing emotional issues during his stay in England. His Cambridge experience can offer insights into later actions when he oversaw the atomic bomb project.

    Shortly after Oppenheimer’s arrival at Cambridge in 1925, Ella and Julius traveled to England to check on Robert, as he had alienated his peers by strange and dangerous behavior. Using cyanide that he obtained from the university laboratory, Oppenheimer reportedly laced an apple with the poison and placed it on Blackett’s desk for his consumption. Fortunately the professor discovered the ploy and alerted university administration who met with Oppenheimer’s parents. Julius Oppenheimer frantically and successfully lobbied the university to drop the charges, although school officials stipulated that the young receive a psychological assessment before returning to the university, where he would be placed on probation status. After several evaluations Oppenheimer was diagnosed with profound schizophrenia that psychoanalysis would not benefit, (my italics) according to his third European psychiatrist. Soon thereafter Oppenheimer’s Harvard friend Francis Fergusson visited the “troubled” young man to share the news of his engagement.

    Robert was stunned at the news, and he snapped. I leaned over to pick up a book . . . and he jumped on me from behind with a trunk strap and wound it around my neck. I was quite scared for a little while. We must have made some noise. And then I managed to pull aside and he fell to the ground weeping.

    Even after two incidents involving battery assault and attempted murder. Oppenheimer continued on at Cambridge through Julius’s desperate negotiations.

    [ . . . ]

    Oppenheimer left England for Gottingen Germany to pursue theoretical physics before landing a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship that brought him to the California Institute of Technology and ultimately the University of California where he was reportedly an enthusiastic, albeit cruel, instructor and colleague.

    J. Robert Oppenheimer – the man who poisoned America with nuclear radiation. As with the Leo Frank case, no doubt a considerable sum of money changed hands during the “desperate negations” with the Cambridge University administration.

  10. I volunteer to do anything within a limited skill set of IT — AND, I can do databases and other scribe-like tasks short of actual programming. I also suggest developing a fund to support the (new) site and server. I strongly recommend (again) Jim Stone and his experience in site fortification. Can anyone suggest a “gathering place” to plot, more or less secure?

    1. @Alan Donelson

      From Jim Stone’s website today

      It might be the end of this site
      I am going to have to be creative to save it. After moping for a while, I have a few ideas, so it might not be as doomy as the original message below.
      Another attempt to get funding to this site failed, with the transfer probably stolen. When the system is as corrupt as it has become, with the enemy getting enough power to brazenly break the law with no fear of consequence, there is simply nothing decent people can do to stop it. There is one final thing underway, but it will probably fail considering how corrupt everything is.

      I will make another attempt to get “combat mode” going so at least I can post without getting the last laptop wiped out.

      No one can help with this. I appreciate the efforts of everyone who tried. It is all totally and completely cut off. Money transfers have the transfer control numbers changed or deleted from e-mails thanks to corrpted a-holes that cannot be kept out of the mail anywhere thanks to CoreVpro, and the NSA not wanting to give up it’s toys by issuing a meaningful patch for software they could not keep secure which was subsequently released to totally evil people lacking the discipline of any intelligence agency (and the agencies are bad enough as it is). Paypal is stealing everything that goes into it with no word whatsoever as to what is going on, and password changes from totally random computers accomplish nothing. The entire world is going to go to shit now. Just watch.

  11. Youtube/Google banned me when I started making comments about Biblical prophecy. And it looks like they are banning certain Christian youtube channels. They just banned “Trunews” and deleted all of their videos.
    The crackdown on political incorrectness seems to be seriously escalating, so I’m not surprised that Darkmoon is under attack as well. I can’t help but think that they’re planning something big for the near future.

  12. Dear Lasha,

    Is this my last post at Darkmoon? 😥

    I am saddened to hear that your site has been hacked and may soon be shut down indefinitely if not permanently.

    Nevertheless. I am happy to hear that you and your extended family have not been (((poisoned))) or come to any bodily harm.

    Good luck and all the best to you and your family and the good people at Admin: the indefatigable Uncle Toby, Sister Monica and, last but not least, the mysterious and stoic site owner Montecristo.

    I’d like to extend my best wishes to all the regular commentators and a final shout-out to Pat. I didn’t always agree with him, but on the really important and big issues, like fake nukes, we two did more to debunk that Jewish BS than anyone else here at Darkmoon.

    Almost three years ago, when there was the article (The “No Nuclear Bombs” Conspiracy theory) and huge debate about the existence of nukes at Darkmoon, there was no entry at Wikipedia for “Mushroom Cloud”. I remember searching the web and specifically going to Wikipedia because I wanted to know what the “thermonuclear mushroom cloud” was made of, but found nothing there. Now there is. The lying Jew Rats had to back-peddle and now concede that mushroom clouds are not exclusive to the detonation of (((atomic bombs))) and that “powerful conventional weapons, like thermobaric weapons, including the ATBIP and GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast” and even “[s]ome volcanic eruptions and impact events can produce natural mushroom clouds.” — Wikipedia

    This then begs the obvious question: If all big bombs can create a mushroom cloud, how the hell do we tell the difference between a regular bomb and a nuclear bomb explosion?

    Answer: You can’t because, as with all things Jewish, it gets weirder and weirder until it becomes totally absurd, like the totally absurd claim that an atomic bomb exploded underwater would create a “thermonuclear mushroom cloud” of seawater debris. LMAO 😆

    The Jews call it complex nuclear physics, I just call it simply Jews’ bullshit.

    Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, that comes out of a mouth of a filthy Jew can be trusted, not even the truth.


    For your information regarding technical help, I used SiteGround (which is actually recommended by WordPress) as the web host for my Chinese Anti-Defamation and Defense League site and was very satisfied with their technical help whenever I needed it. SiteGround fixed all technical issues within 24 hours at no extra charge. I had to shut down my website 1 year ago because the vicious Jews made credible death threats against me and my family. I am a single parent with an elderly mother and still relatively young daughter to care and look after. But, Lasha, if you are anything like me, once you’ve have seen the light and truth, once you understand that you are in the greatest and noblest fight of your life against the wicked eternal enemies of God and mankind, you will be back. Let’s all hope so.

  13. They will not stop with the internet.

    Jews are now censoring the internet, but they realize it is not enough. They are starting to kill people in real life.

    They have already arrested people for posting stuff.

    Scottie Spencer of Smoloko disappeared two months ago.

    Don’t underestimate ZOG.
    They have been preparing for this moment – “when the goys start waking up” – for decades.

    1. pat — it isn’t that “the west” doesn’t care, unless by ‘the west’ you mean the “jew media”….
      the proles only think much about what the media publishes, and most of them are trying their best not to see anything much at all outside of their own little lives…

      and you’re seeing not one word of the ongoing massacre against whites in south africa..

      i guess the jews are keeping trump’s mouth sewed shut on that too. it wouldn’t do to have the public understand what really awaits them in their ‘multiculturalism’ once the muds take over… the commercial media is a ‘weapon of mass distraction”, unless of course we’re constantly being fed the jewish zionista version of what’s happening… whatever subset of info that supports their deep state narrative…

      and the writing is on the wall – this country, which should be the light of the free world, will never function for the best unless its media works right…
      the importance of that is burned into the constitution in the first amendment…
      that’s not for no reason…

      what’s that got to so with jesus and religion in general?

      my opinion – religion conditions people to believe in stuff without knowing the proof of it… in other words – rumors… rarely do we get anything else…
      truth in media, progress in general – those are just not things people destined for heaven think much about…

      the flock only cares whether the shepherd is watching. the sheeple people. and they do what the shepherd tells them.
      from what i’ve gathered, in ancient sumer, where the brand-x religion as we know it came from, there was no distinction in the language between people and sheep..


    Australia Retracts Offer to Allow White Farmers from South Africa to Immigrate

    Australia rescinded a proposal to allow the immigration of white farmers from South Africa who are in danger as their land now is being expropriated by the government and violence against them escalates. South African leaders claim that the white minority are not being persecuted, but reporter, Lauren Southern, visited South Africa recently and documented the brutal violence against whites.

    Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who is known for being tough on asylum-seekers from Asia and the Middle East, triggered outrage last month when he said that white farmers from South Africa (SA) deserved special attention for acceptance in his country on refugee or humanitarian grounds after the government of South Africa announced its intention to expropriate their land.  South African leaders claim that no one, including white farmers, is being being persecuted.

    In truth, white farmers are targeted for torture and murder, but the government has stopped collecting data on these crimes.  Lauren Southern recently visited South Africa, and documented that whites are being tortured and killed at a very high rate.  Watch an account from Eileen De Jager who cleans up after murders at crime scenes (Warning: graphic video).

    1. You would think a right thinking US President would happily ensure the 5 million a safe home, I guess the US President is to busy putting Zionism first too correct the anti white folk immigration deficit.

    2. It was nice meeting you, Pat and another ex South African and the whole lot of you on this site.

  15. Much sorry. Make good with Jesus, the upside. All we best do. Should pray for you and team. Read you… somewhere. All passion and Christ. Go well.

  16. OK, now Darkmoon has the blues. Light blues, in fact, as background color, and a look somewhat like a mobile app, but at least the “reply” and “post comment” buttons are back. Progress? Or a new hack attack?

  17. In Syria the false flag chemical attack recently forecast by the Resistance (Hezbollah/syria/russia/Iran) has begun, with BBC news one of the first to push the propaganda of the Zionist axis (US/UK/Zionist Entity).
    If Resistance predictions continue to play out the Zionist axis shall now use this false flag as a excuse to attack Syria’s Army, and if previous Russian statements on this scenario come to fruition ie ” We ( the Russians ) have our people embedded with the Syrian army and We shall defend them by attacking the source of any attack on OUR forces ” THEN,
    This could be it folks, has the Balloon gone up.

    1. ” survival prospects bleak ” for us all.
      The poker game has reached dizzy heights.
      At the U.N. , U.S. Verbal attacks on Russia are “unprecedented”, threats of “military action” eminent.
      The Zionist wants Assad removed, they are calling Russias bluff, are the Russians bluffing?.

      See , newsnow syria, for a minute by minute update on those falling over themselves in their lust for WAR.

  18. I still haven’t heard anyone explaining why most of you, who are or consider themselves Christians bother to mind current developments. Why would good non-racist Christians run a website dedicated to exposing all the evil the Jew is doing to the world? You Christians will all be saved after death by the Lord, ( a Jew BTW ), anyhow, And the evil Jews? Will they be punished by the Lord for their evil deeds after death? Or are they going to be saved as well after showing remorse at the gates of heaven?

    If Jesus was angry with the Jews why didn’t he simply make them stop for good? No doubt with almighty God himself on his side he could have easily wiped them out and rid the world of this evil. Strangely enoung he didn’t and instead let himself be killed in the most excruciatingly painful way. Never understood what purpose that exactly did serve? And strangely enough the good Christians took his example and didn’t stop the Jews either. No, instead they spent 2000 years complaining about Jew for all the suffering Jew caused them while never ever even attempted to take them out. Not seriously anyway.

    So excuse me Christians, but I’m confused. But then, who in his right mind wouldn’t be confused considering the Christian narrative?

    Confronted with simple but nevertheless pinpointing questions like these the standard programmed answer(s) of the good Christians is/are quotes from certain figures like Matthew, John etc containing what Jesus supposedly has said. As if anyone really KNOWS, – i actually mean KNOW, not BELIEVE, there is a distinct difference here, trust me – what a quite possibly fictitious character has said 2000 years ago according to other possibly fictitious characters. But apparantly that’s all good Christians need. Well, that’s why I’m not a Christian. Never have been, although culturally I am one, like that so-called White Nationalist Richard Spencer calls it, useless and lame as I consider the likes of him.

    Even as a child on a Catholic school this whole Christian narrative never spoke to me, never actually was saying anything to me. It all seemed pretty ridiculous then and it didn’t get more plausible over time. To be a good Christian means to ignore your inner self, your natural instincts, to ignore who you are, to disregard your soul. You Christians always talk about the soul, as if the soul is something only Christians understand. Never heard such a ridiculous notion.

    For Christians everybody is equally worthy in the eyes of the Lord, right? So according to Christians every soul is equally worthy, right? Let me ask you what is it that distinguishes men from animals? I would say the level of consciousness, The ability to mentally operate on a level independant from the instincts, to refrain from rash decisions, actions, correct? Well then, how can any sane person consider all human souls equaly worthy, equally human even, if that is essentially what makes a living being human instead of animal? Because to me, and anyone with eyes it is clear that according this definition al souls are definitely NOT equal. At least not according to creation, and is creation not God=is God not creation itself?

    I’ve read a comment in the other thread from someone actually saying, “I’m an ethnic Catholic” . Well, need i say more? This is what Christianity is doing to people.

  19. Gee, LD, I only wish I had known your great site was back up after it was hacked and shut down a few months ago, and you said you did not plan on starting up again. When did it come back online? I just looked again out of curiosity. I missed many good articles and comments. Now, it is going back down AGAIN. I’m so sick of this growing censorship, but at least I will enjoy the excellent writing and analysis while it lasts. I hope something can be done to save it.

  20. I’m sorry to hear that Lasha your site is most informative.

    Hope you can keep going.

  21. Lasha and the Darkmoon team,

    To say that you’ve done yeoman service would be a great compliment to ‘yeomandom.’

    I do not know what troubles you are facing(?) nor have I given a tiny fraction of what you and the likes of TruthSeeker have given, so I do not preach or advise. Yet, as a member of endangered Humanity (“endangered Humanity” in more ways than one), I urge you not to throw in the towel but to keep getting back up as long as your courage and spirit do not completely desert you. So many of us are counting on you, and also on the likes of Julian Assange – on whom too the Forces of Evil are closing in.

    Best Wishes to the Darkmoon team,

  22. Andrew Anglin. is COINTEL, so do NOT ask him.

    Steemit might be a good website. Blogspot is censored (owned by Google)

    Change passwords, long and complicated, often

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