Slaughter of the Innocents: Israel vs Gaza

Sourced from The Ugly Truth
followed by an endnote
by Mark Glenn

Israel National News

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home), who serves as a member of Israel’s Security Cabinet, has suggested conquering Gaza, bringing Hamas to its knees, and eliminating Hamas leaders. “We need to place a civilian government there and settle, in order to ensure stability and security,” he said. “That is my vision, and the vision of many others like me, but it’s not the vision of the State of Israel’s policy leaders. In the current reality, we need to defeat Hamas. But not right now, since we have other fronts, such as Iran and Hezbollah, and we need to set priorities.”

“Hamas has joined Islamic Jihad in firing at Israel yesterday… We needed to hit them hard, and we needed to hit their leaders harder. But instead of focusing on protecting the towns around Gaza and developing them, the State of Israel prefers to play the game. But it’s obvious that we have the upper hand.”

Yogev also explained that Iran is completely involved in terror activities against Israel.

“Iran decides for both Islamic Jihad and Hamas, and some of the rockets which hit Israel were Iranian-made. The Prime Minister will have left for Europe, in order to place the Gaza front where it belongs, and bring the world’s attention to Iran. The day will come when we deal with Gaza.”

However, he also said that it is too early to know whether the fighting will continue.

“It is in Hamas’ interests to stop…. They have already hit a kindergarten and a home, and the fact that no one was killed is a miracle. It’s time to hit Hamas’ leaders, and we should do it earlier, rather than later.”

“The day will come
when we deal with Gaza.”

Endnote by Mark Glenn

As we recently pointed out in another related piece, the Jews are once again licking their chops in preparation for yet another Gentile bloodbath in Gaza with the aim of re-stealing it.

As we have also pointed out many times, the 2005 ‘disengagement’ from Gaza was a ruse and only intended as a temporary maneuver for 2 main reasons:

1. To transport as many violent, racist, inbred Judaic nutcases from Gaza to the West Bank as a means of furthering the ‘Judaization’ process of Jew-rusalem, and

2. Focusing the efforts of turning Gaza into cauldron of human suffering as a necessary precursor towards causing/manufacturing armed conflict between Israel and Hamas in order to create the narrative that the Palestinians are by their very nature violent, irrational, and incapable of having their own ‘state’, to say nothing of the salutary effects that launching period bloodbaths against Hamas has on the health of the Jewish state.

Either way, Gentiles who claim to be wise to the ways of Judea Inc. and yet who do not factor into all of this the thousands years old Judaic dream of Greater Israel — which includes not only Gaza, but as well all that land lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers — do themselves and the rest of the world a severe disservice in underestimating the true scope of the present nightmare which all the world is facing and why we maintain here — to the angst and obvious aggravation of many ‘activists’ and ‘truthers’ — that one simply cannot understand what is taking place in the Middle East (and beyond) without first understanding Judaism’s unchangeable nature and role in all of it.


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  1. Islam is Judaism for gentiles. Judaism Islam for jews. Each one the other beguiles. to give the devil his due

    1. Islam is truly the religion of peace.what you see now is the WAhhabi version of Islam which was promoted by the Britishers in the last century to destroy Islam from within .
      It is also worth mentioning that the USA instructed the Saudis to spread the Wahhabi version in the west and the east in the 80’s and they did . Just a few months ago,however, trump instructed the premature-ejaculating punk MBS ,the crown prince of Saudi Arabia to put a stop to spreading this version of Islam. King Salman of Arabia is a crypto Jew along with the ruling family in the United Arab Imerates as tweeted recently by an Israeli journalist .
      Islam like Christianity had been compromised by crypto Jews along time ago.
      You also have king Abdullah of Jordan who’s mother is Jewish which makes him an automatic citizen of Israel.
      You know,Palestinian victory,like a baby,will come for sure but there will always be the pains of labor preceding that.

      1. AL, thank for you input and for your positive feedback about Islam. You are well versed on the subject. MBS, is a puppet and corrupt leader. Last year he offered Kim Kardashian $ 10 million dollars to spend a night with him. Not to mention he is committing daily war crimes in Yemen, by either bombing them or starving them to death. All with help and support from the Trump administration.

      2. Al and Mahoud, I understand the history perfectly. My British forebears (on my father’s side) were arrogant pigs for their meddling and manipulation of what you refer to as true Islam. T.E. Lawrence be damned. But I have a problem with the concept of bowing, as in submitting to God. The act ALONE implies a relinquishing of spiritual power, akin to the idea of “losing the self”. Better to FIND it, seems to me.

      3. “Islam like Christianity had been compromised by crypto Jews a long time ago” needs amending. The compromise was of Jesus’s message and then CALLED Christianity. As for “Islam”, the equivalent to Jesus would be…..certainly not Mohammed. Perhaps a Sufi mystic, the Sufis being equivalent to the Essenes. At least they represent that which is not to be affiliated with religious deceptions, of which the “Satan of the synagogue” relies so heavily to fill the void of man’s spiritual amnesia.

  2. Bravo old buddy, Mark Glenn for exposing those monsters who also slaughtered Americas’ fined in cold blood not long ago.

    The ISISraeli plan is to ensure next generation of Palestinians are grown up to be scared cowards who would just live in concentration camp of Gaza and never cause any problem for israHell. However, Palestinian will only bow their heads and bend their knees to God Almighty.

    It is a fact that ISISrael was the first to introduce terrorism and nuclear weapons to the Middle East and it also provides a safe haven for Jews who committed heinous crimes in America and other western nations, as a way to elude justice.

    1. Kim Khardashian.
      Definitely damaged goods. You couldnt pay Donaldo $10 million to sleep with her. These Arab (((royals))) sure are a creepy bunch. 🙂

  3. It should be fairly obvious, by now, that Israhell would be subject to righteous retribution were it not for Uncle Sam’s protection. Also, it should be obvious that modern “Israel” is not the Israel of the Bible – but has commandeered the name to facilitate advantages. Uncle Sam’s love affair with the whore bitch has soured many otherwise patriotic Americans in their disposition to our republic. I am one. I believe America should simply abandon BOTH sides in this conflict, and let the chips fall where they may. It should not be our battle.

    1. GILERT HUNTLY, spot on with your suggestion! It is either US peruse an even handed policy, one that is not pro ISISraeli or proPalestinian. Otherwise, like you suggested, simply get out of the Middle East. After that, no one in the Middle East will burn the Old Glory or chant , “death to America.”

  4. Those of us who call themselves Sunni islam need to be warned that there is a Persian conspiracy to defame true islam. By calling ourselves “sunni” we give the shia cult in Iran too much importance when they are, in reality nothing when it comes to numbers; they are only 9 percent of the actual population in some countries. Only a mayority in Iran AND Bahrain.
    There is no such thing as “sunni” islam;
    there is ONLY islam.
    There are cults that are off shoots of Islam like the “shia” “druze” “yazidi” “sufi” “babism” “ismaili” cults among others. These are horrible deformations; These are groups that have evolutioned out of specific ethicities (the Persians are an example) whose main interest is only that, their Ethicity: their interest is to take over the resources of each and every country they have started wars at. All the groups i mentioned above are considered Kafirun (unbelievers) and are seen as worse enemies than Judaism and Christianity whom are called “people of the book” and who get, (their followers and prophets) the utmost respect in Islam.
    Shia Iran is today the worst enemy of the arab revolutions and the Islamic renaisance that we in the middle east saw as a hope for our complete independence from the western powers such as England, France; the U.S, and Russia, Israel and the regimes that so barbarically rule us. Iran did for Israel what Israel couldnt do in a hundred years. It destroyed Yemen, Syria and Iraq and its on its way to destroy Lebanon and Bahrain. What else could Israel ask for? they secretly love Iran and could have hit it long ago but are waiting for Iran to finish its job. A job no power could dream of doing simply because of, like i said, the presence of armed shias all over those countries as citizens.
    Iran feeds the local arab shia population weapons to destroy the local islamic groups that wanted to fight their own corrupt goverments and eventually Israel.
    Islam is only one: The islam of the masses. The masses of 57 countries who comprise the largest and fastest growing religion in the world with 1.7 billion followers: The Islam of Prophet MUhammad (pbuh)…
    Iran`s power will go away because it was born out of momentum. The momentum they took advantage of when the stupid president of the U.S. (George W. Bush) handed them iraq in a silver plate by bombing and destroying most cities in Iraq.
    Israel too will go away; turkey after all was an occupier for 400 years and it was a foreigner power that got rid of it after ww1; England, who gave it to the Jews; the Turks had a country to run back to… where will the jews go back to? their problem..
    So dont confuse the Shia cult in Iran and-or the sell out family in Saudi Arabia (the Saud clan is compiled out of 30.000 members) with true Islam.
    Islam is in the streets and growing in numbers and growing in inteligence and growing in the need for independence and dignity.
    The number of martyrs in a hundred years is larger today than the stars in the night.
    Happy eid

    1. Avatar

      Even though like many you’re not seeing the BIG picture of manipulation that’s been going on in earnest for the last hundred years (calling the Sufis a horrible deformation is laughable), your observation of the Shi’a element in Iran doing the dirty work for Is-ra-el is telling. The array of puppet strings is vast, and the tie-in of them all is certainly a complex intricacy, and sometimes you’ll get a clue just by dissecting certain words. For example, Israel:

      Is = “Isis”, the goddess behind a veil of secrecy

      Ra = the sun good worshipped by all those false idolaters hiding behind the veil, and making so much trouble in this world

      El = that which corresponds to a comprehensive semitic aspect of the idolatry, of which the protocolians are so masterful at obfuscating

  5. In the past I have gone against the grain to support the decent Jews, but this situation in Gaza reflects badly on all Jews who support Israel, and that means most Jews.

    Nothing can justify this massacre. The death toll is now over 100, and given that thousands were wounded it could go still higher. No amount of Jewish mainstream media influence can supress this news. It has gone worldwide. All their wealth and influence cannot hide the fact that they are becoming the nazis of the 21st century.

    Shame on Jews. It can only end badly for them.

    1. It will, JK, but even with Is-ra-el’s demise this won’t signal the end of the “NWO”, the “JWO”,* or whatever you wanna call it, and nobody’s military is gonna stop it either. The fall of Israel would only mark the next phase. After THAT it will all end, the question is HOW? *people are thrown off by these abridgments. Why? That pesky ” J” word – By deception we shall rule”. It’s all in the protocols

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