Smear Tactics Against Judge Kavanaugh: A Jewish Plot to Stop Abortion Being Criminalized


LD:  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is concerned that Judge Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade (1973), thereby attempting to take away a woman’s free right to abortion. Hence her attack on Judge Kavanaugh. (See video velow)
Senator Sue Collins, however, who recently voted Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, has assured the feminist sisterhood that Judge Kavanaugh has no intention of criminalizing infanticide. He personally hates seeing children slowly tortured to death in the womb, but he’s not going to lift a finger to stop it, believing more in democracy than in protecting helpless babies being killed for the convenience of their callous mothers. 
Women throughout America can therefore relax. They can go on killing their babies with impunity, just like before. 
A triumph for justice! 

A notable comment by Ungenius

The Democrat attack on Kavanaugh was just a smear to get him to withdraw himself from the appointment. It is what the Jews do to get what they want. How do we know it’s the Jews? Note in the short video (below) that the Jewish media is in on the smear campaign, promoting it at every opportunity.

Now that Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed and on the Supreme Court, the narrative by the Jewish media will be: let’s booga booga Russia in the hope of deflecting the narrative away from disclosures of what the Deep State criminals have been up to recently in America.

In addition to treasonous Deep State characters in the FBI and DOJ, the disclosures will implicate Hillary Clinton, Obama, upper levels of the Democrat Party as well as UK and Aussie intel organizations.

There may even be revelations about how the Deep State was selling the USA out to China and Russia.

Charges for these exposures probably will not be made until 1 January 2019 so that the military can prosecute and execute them without never ending appeals.

The revelations about the Satanic homicidal pedophiles won’t happen until after the 11/6/2018 elections. The coming  revelations of child sex murder will not just highlight these sickening events within the USA but will have a global reach. A lot of Jews will be going down the flush screaming  as the bizarre details of their disgusting activities begin to surface.

Fun times ahead as Evil gets a serious ass kicking!

Here is ‘The Wrap Up Smear’ – a short video in which Nancy Pelosi openly admits to Democrat Party smear tactics against Judge Kavanaugh.

***  A small correction from Ungenius who writes: “That video was from the smear on Trump. They just used the same smear tactic against Kavanaugh. It’s a long standing tactic. It worked on Reagan Justice nominee Bork and did not work on Justice Thomas.”

VIDEO  :  1.05 mins

54 thoughts to “Smear Tactics Against Judge Kavanaugh: A Jewish Plot to Stop Abortion Being Criminalized”

    1. Carlos,

      Many thanks for this moving material from your website on the evils of abortion. Truly invaluable.

      1. Remember when we were children and adults told us, “What would happen if everyone did that?”
        We thought that was silly. All children do. The fact is — we thought — that not EVERYBODY ever does ANYTHING.
        Well, the world around us now is proof of the wisdom of that question: i.e., the catastrophic folly of all variants on individualistic philosophies.
        The truth is, that you never need EVERYBODY to do something crazy and wreck the world, if it’s crazy or sick enough, just ENOUGH PEOPLE.
        In other words, the world is smaller and more interconnected than we thought.

  1. Like many, Ungenius is preoccupied with what I see as being ancillary to the REAL issue of yet another SCOTUS judge’s lack of adherence to the true principles of Freedom best exemplified in the D.O.I. Unfortunately, the wrong people held sway in crafting what then became the particular STRUCTURING of a government

    That being said, abortion is an abomination at ANY point of a woman’s pregnancy, and worse, MUCH worse once it’s gone beyond the 1st trimester

    1. The abortion issue is a red herring, and oh, how effective it has been. If the jews could just get more judges on the Supreme Court who are pro-abortion rights, they know full damn well those same whacko judges would most certainly rule, for the jews, against the 1st and 2nd Amendments. This is what the jews really want. In other words, disarming “Nazis”= ethnic Europeans and silencing any criticism of jews. The real target is our right to speak our opinion openly and our right to have guns to defend ourselves from this corrupt (((US government))).

  2. “Nancy Pelosi openly admits to Democrat Party smear tactics against Judge Kavanaugh.”

    Political leaders have won. They can admit all without fear. Only 30% of the population even cares to vote…. whose votes are not counted properly anyway. Nothing to fear there from fly-over country! 🙂

    KNOW THIS!!!! ALL US political parties are Private Corporations — Tax-Exempt IRC 527 Corporations:

  3. I believe that a life is a life from conception.
    tis “The jews” what dun it. But what about the “jews” that supported judge Ks appointment?.
    If we are ever going to defeat the Zionist cabal, we should first recognise the differing factions that exist within it, then we could begin to use one of their most successful tactics against them, which is to play one side against the other.

  4. Jews have played a remarkably disproportional role in the promotion of abortion ( “women’s freedom of choice”), only in White countries of course. This is their atavistic hatred for the White race at its worst.

    Here is the picture of such a pro-abortion activist from Canada, the notorious doctor Henry Morgentaler :

    He even had the chutzpah to invoke the Holocaust to justify his motivation : he only wants children to be born that are wanted. That will avoid “another Auschwitz” :

    1. Henry must have not received much “love” as a child. Even though TJ can’t conceived Henry ever being a child. Would would think that 65 plus million abortions in the US and Canada would have made up for the 6 million minus 5.5 million still equals, wait for it, 6 million. That’s the new math.

  5. Now the Lord helps those that help
    And the law says whatever you do
    is going to come right back on you

    George Harrison

  6. Excellent article, Ungenius! Keep up the good work. Glad to see you in such fine form.

    What are your own views on abortion? Do you think there is any likelihood that Kavanaugh might actually do what Senator Sue Collins states he has no intention of doing? — i.e., initiate some kind of anti-abortion movement that could overturn Roe v. Wade?

    1. @ Sardonicus

      My view on abortion is simple. It is a crime against The Father/God.

      No one knows when the unborn acquires a soul or has the kingdom of God embedded in them. Killing an unborn or an innocent child is Satanic since it is a direct attack on The Father/God. Choosing sides determines who a person supports, The Father/God or Satan. It is that simple.

      1. Ung

        Why not say, the “Mother/God”?

        Some would say “Father/God” suggests a misleading notion of “God” in that what is really being denoted is “Jehovah”

        We can’t know what wording Jesus used in every respect, as it would be translated from Aramaic

      2. @Brownhawk

        Jesus used the Aramaic word Abba, which means “Father”, for God. The idea of a “Mother/God” is alien to Judaism.

      3. Pat

        “Mother” and “Father’ aren’t intended to connote sex. It has to do with the energy dynamics of “active” and “passive”. This is in keeping with the idea that our essential nature is A-sexual. That gender is part and parcel of being in a material-bound state of Existence

      4. @ Brownhawk

        Being a follower of the teachings of Jesus, I refer to the creator as The Father since Jesus did.

        If you want to call the creator something else like Mother, George, Nancy, Hey You, or whatever, that’s your choice and fine with me. I’m a seed planter, not a converter.

      5. Ung

        I feel the same as you in that regard. Conversion is not what I am interested in either, thankfully.

        But it must be seen that following ALL of Jesus’ teachings is virtually impossible, given that it’s reasonable to presume that much of the wording we would depend on to learn it is missing. Not to mention context.

        For example, what if his use of the word “abba” (father) was used outside of the context presented in those sources of text we are able to ACCESS? What if what he MAY have been referring to, with what we only THINK is a proper context for “father”, is actually more in keeping with those energy dynamics I alluded to in my reply to Pat’s comment?

      6. @ Brownhawk

        Thanks for the reply. This is not an attempt to convert, just to inform.

        Following the teachings of Jesus is simple because the rules are few and simple. It appears to be “virtually impossible” because of the jewish misinformation inserted into the simplicity. The jewish misinformation starts with the Old Testament, picks backup with Acts and continues on through Revelations. Praying properly (we are taught incorrectly) for the truth reveals the simplicity of what Jesus taught in the Gospels. The reason I know is because I did pray properly for the truth and I received a very brief nudge from a complete stranger that I refer to as “the parking lot messenger.” The message was simple, “The answers to all questions are in the Gospels.”

        As my moniker says, I’m no genius. If I can get it, anybody can that wants to know and is perceptive to unexpected out of place nudges/truths.

        If there was anything before the creator including energy, The Father would have been known as the re-arranger, and the resulting rabbit hole would be filled with unlimited theory and complexity (sound familiar?), a jewish method of deception.

      7. Yes indeed, Ung. I got that same “nudge” 40 years ago in one of my sojourns deep into the mountain wilderness. Words are inadequate to describe the wonderment of it, the simplicity of joyousness felt. “Beauty is Truth” magnified a thousand times.

        I understand exactly what you’re saying, and I am certainly aware of how Jewish intellectualism can muddle the essential truth existing within the heart. This above all else is what bogs down any search for Divine truth.

        When I said a full understanding of his teaching is virtually impossible, I meant it only in terms of how it is reasonable to presume that the Gospels we have access TO are incomplete… far….I’m workin on it 😉

      8. I see ducks, moor hens, geese, cats, dogs, all animals, loving and caring for their young, nurturing them, protecting them, protecting them from danger, and I feel ashamed for the human race.

  7. Speaking of Jews ~

    Quid pro Jew – a contest of terms

    Jews are a special people – a very special people; if you don’t believe it, ask just ask one.

    Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews, in his weekly Saturday night sermon. “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel…Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [Arabic, meaning lord or master] and eat,” he said to some laughter.

    Jews are human while you are not, if you don’t believe it, read their Talmud.

    “God created them in the form of men for the glory of Israel. But Akum [Gentiles] were created for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved from this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him.” (Talmudic treatise Midrasch Talpioth Folio 225a)
    “With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi…

    “The sexual intercourse of a Goy is like to that of a beast.” (Sanhedrin 74b Tosephoth)

    “The seed of a Goy is worth the same of that of a beast.” (Kethoboth 36)

    So it is easy to see that Jew have divide the world into two species Jews and animals. If it breaths and it is not a Jew, then it is an animal. To accentuate this categorization, Jews have a special word for non-Jews – “Goyim” or “cattle.” In this one finds the idea that there are Jews and their cattle, over whom their god has given them “dominion.”

    The problem is non-Jews have no defining word to separate them from Jews. While “goyim” or “goy” is most appropriate in instances where dumbed down, bovine-like creatures that walk upright, live to serve the Jew, not all non-Jews fit into this category. There is “non-Jew,” but hyphenated names are the work of the Jew and besides, it has a negative connotations, like Jews are somehow positive while non-Jews have a negative existence.

    So what is needed is a single word identifier for the non Jew, There are ______ and there are Jews. UnJews? Preferably, the word should not include the word “Jew” but should have superior impact to that nasty noun/verb.

    Personally, I like “Human” something Jews are not. Hell, they’re not even animals. According to their biblical legends, they are some sort of demonic, shape-shifting, spawn of the devil. However, “human” is too confusing for the bovine – er, goyim – masses to understand. So I would like to hear some other thoughts on how we non-Jews can identify ourselves with some all inclusive term that specifically separates all non-Jew from Jews

  8. “There may even be revelations about how the Deep State was selling the USA out to China and Russia” with Israel in the central role.

  9. @ Lasha

    A slight correction. Sorry if I misled in my comment.

    “Here is ‘The Wrap Up Smear’ – a short video in which Nancy Pelosi openly admits to Democrat Party smear tactics against Judge Kavanaugh.”

    That video was from the smear on Trump. They just used the same smear tactic against Kavanaugh. It’s a long standing tactic. It worked on Reagan Justice nominee Bork and did not work on Justice Thomas.

    1. Keep I mind that the smear tactic was necessary for Kavanaugh’s reaction to be genuine. Like I said in an earlier post, for his performance to reflect an total acting job would have won him an Oscar in Hollywierd, and he’s not a trained actor

      The (((controllers))) have had centuries to perfect their dark craft 😎

  10. the ‘wrap up smear’ – next best dirty thing since the civil lawsuit…
    it’s said by his proponents that roe v wade will be safe with kavanaugh, that the left was just stirring up hysteria that he would see it repealed.. i think that’s probably true…
    but now we see the religious right to lifers already mounting pressure to do just that, here and on fox news, using ghastly images as above… religious potentates have always seen roe v wade as a major assault on their authority over society, which was quite powerful for centuries, until the american revolution and the overthrow of papacy and monarchy, supposedly.. the question on abortion is whether or not the state should have the right to meddle so much into the private affairs of its citizens, since it will forever be a personal, philosophical, religious decision as to whether or not the fetus is human life. most people believe it should be a personal choice to be weighed by the individuals involved, who have to make the responsible decision and live with it, and that the state should stay out of it… and they believe as well that religion should stay out of the government… the court got it right initially, at least partially, by putting a time limit on the option to abort, in order that the deed be not so obvious as mayhem..
    no doubt the jews promoted abortion as a way of reducing the vatican and christianity’s hold on control…
    religious people, whose beliefs and purpose are genuine, fall short of convincing the rest of the world, as they have failed for centuries in other areas as well, while they remain stuck in battle mode…

    1. Kavanaugh told Collins that he had no intention of changing the established Roe precedents. She said that he stated that he was not for abortions for purposes such as cosmetic reasons or unwanted sex of the fetus. He has already judged in that manner.

  11. pat – fly-over country could become a problem for the archipelago, if the redneck deplorables ever get organized around some specifics.. they do know that.. militarization of the local police was part of the 9-11 patriot act plot.. they’re generally operating as gangs now, combined in ‘fusion centers’ with the dhs/mossad entities… whatever tie with their own people has been broken, or that was the object.. so i hear, city police now rendition some prisoners to dark sites off the books… they operate off the splc lists of who among the long list of domestics might be getting dangerous to the deep state power structure…the county coroner function was usurped by the feds with the patriot act… if the higher-ups want to sanction some local, like philip marshall or david crowley, the sheriffs are told to stay out of it, same way they did gordon kahl..
    what’s trump and kavanaugh gonna do to off the bush cheney clinton jews and bring the constitutional republic america back to america?

    1. So, what are we doing here, Bark, back to thinking they’re playing a high stakes game of 4D chess?

    2. Bark –

      “pat – fly-over country could become a problem for the archipelago, if the redneck deplorables ever get organized around some specifics..”

      Facebook and Twitter…. etc.. will ensure that any organization will never happen.

      Here is the deal the controllers have knowingly planned and set up today… using the internet.

      US society has been mentally and emotionally enslaved through NUMEROUS means to the point that any effective organization has been stymied due to the false feeling of having “hoolered” on Facebook and blog sites. After the posting their true feelings, the cry is…. “So, THERE!! I really SHOWED them!!” Then back to more entertainment.

      Just since 2004… Facebook has mentally and emotionally captured & groomed almost half of the total population of the planet.

      Even worse… all members are willing mentally controlled slaves.

      Compared to past leaders… the 21st century oligarchs have it easy!! 🙂

  12. Off topic. Or at least , beyond Kavanaugh.
    Jamal khashoggi, the Washington post, just another story to sell the plebs, (pat!), Or a true tale of murder most foul, and the end of a ( Saudi US ) marriage made in heaven.

  13. While it may not be certain exactly when the ‘being’ enters the human body that will contain it (‘being’), it is logical the ‘being’ would not do so whilst in the womb, but would wait till after the human is born. Would you start driving a car before it is completely built? Or live in a house without a roof or plumbing?nThe human brain needs time to download information via its senses, and when appropriate the ‘being’ enters.nHence, a few weeks or months, after a body is born, depending on the condition, a ‘being’ enters. Logically,
    one could go a step further to conclude there are human bodies born that a ‘being’ will never enter at all!

    Vehicles kill dogs and other animals on the road all the time, and yet they are not outlawed or restricted. Those animals are not in the fetal stage. They are fully born with a spirit within not found in the fetus.nPersonally, in my opinion, abortion should be a last resort and it comes with dangers to the women’s health.

    Unlikely abortions will be outlawed. Unborn fetuses are used for stem cell research and who knows what else!

    1. @BS… F__k Planned Butcherhood. Please excuse my French. In the US, Inc. (or reasonable facsimile thereof) $500 million a year from “we the people'” allocated to those who would prevent and otherwise profit from the non-living births of human beings. Parse up them “baby parts” to the highest bidder — one with $$$ no doubt DARPA, an agency not in the diaper bizzine$$.

      The spiritual question of when the soul enters for keeps a material human body seems well answered — well before “physical birth” of the fully formed infant. “Logical”? Analogy to driving a car not fully fabricated? Children grow to adulthood nicely after being born “before term”! Yes, the utility of killing off human beings in the making also seems well established. Sixty million and counting during the past decade or two. Rivals the Bolsheviks in Russia, n’est-ce pas? Same game, different form.

  14. So, Kavanaugh skates to a SCOTUS of a faux USoA [see Anna Von Reitz for details] without a single question asked about his role in the cover-up of the murder of Vincent Foster during the Clinton regime. Congrats those of you so misdirected! “Puleeeeeze! Do not toss me into that briar patch!” Shame.

  15. Dear merciful Lord please deliver me from this horrid place (womb) and I’ll never forget you!

    As soon as he’s born comes relief. The sounds, the light, the air, the attention . . . and he forgets his promise.

    A human being’s number one propensity, forgetfulness, starts at the very beginning..

    Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.31

    1. Not necessarily so, dear HP. I mySelf prefer Yogi Bhajan’s rendition of same. He recounts that [it ain’t necessarily so] and more in two volumes of his lectures, The Mind, and The Master’s Touch. Beyond disputations, dreary dogma from college courses on “comparative religions”, I hold the belief we can recover SELF from being, if not memory. A suggested prescription proffered by Country Joe so long ago would seem to hold true. For others, there are ‘shrooms’ and other concoctions to assist in reconnecting. Given the short hairs of Time left unshorn on body mankind, one might well consider shortcuts to the Divine. 10-4 on this one — or would that be 4-20?

  16. Let’s face it folks. The white race is disappearing off the face of the earth by lack of enough children all by itself, and by abortion to add to the injury. If God is the alpha and the omega and knows the beginning and the end and all the in between, then “God” knews all the babes even before conception. How odd of “God” to have “conceived of the Jew from of the beginning.

      1. Pat

        I’d say the latter. Ascribing everything to the true Creator is what engenders wrong thinking resulting in questions like “How can God ALLOW these atrocities to happen?” To which I would say……..HE DOESN’T!

      2. B-Hawk –

        You wrote:
        “To which I would say……..HE DOESN’T!”

        To which I would say…. the CREATOR DOESN’T stop them either!!

        Either the Creator lacks the power to stop them, or allows them to happen.

        So, if the latter is correct, as you claim, then the Creator is horrible.

        But if that is NOT the case, then there is a greater power at work… great enough to overcome and nullify the Creator.

        The logic would be that the Creator is either horrible or powerless to stop tortures….. like this one:

        “Surviving prisoners of the massacre reported that 48 of their colleagues were tortured, burned and eaten shortly after being taken captive.”

      3. Pat

        I claimed no such thing!

        Don’t presume that stopping Evil is an easy task, or underestimate Evil’s power to usurp the power of the Creator.

        Evil can never be allowed by the power which makes our Existence possible. It all goes back to free will. What the components of Evil didn’t get upon the creation of their singular existence as individuals is that the INTENTION for it was, is, and only CAN be of love. This is the most inexplicable mystery if all – that this would be (((their))) “take”* on it, when this can never be anything BUT the intention

        But (((they))) refuse to take correction, and now think of THEMSELVES as being the power which makes Existence possible.

        *What has become necessary is to correct what is referred to as a “cosmic error” – correcting a mis-take. And the correction is what embodies this SPIRITUAL war

      4. B-Hawk –

        I called what YOU WROTE a claim and….
        ………… you NOW claim it is not a claim HA!! 🙂

        October 9, 2018 at 5:49 am

        I’d say the latter. Ascribing everything to the true Creator is what engenders wrong thinking resulting in questions like “How can God ALLOW these atrocities to happen?” To which I would say……..HE DOESN’T!

        If that is NOT a claim…
        ………it missed a damned good chance!! HA!! 🙂 🙂

  17. YOU’RE the one who read it wrong ya old goat! Fuhget about it, instead, to follow up…

    At some point what’s logical enters into dangerous waters where rationalizing what IS but what was never intended AT ORIGIN takes over

    Ya gotsta have faith, brutha! 😇

  18. Hello Pat,
    your link paints a grizzly picture, the pen leaves us with the ? What may be the solution, an obvious solution if hindsight is used would have been for whitey to have stayed home in Europe, those pesky subjugated natives would have not touched them there.
    However , if the end of WW2 is anything to go by white ( German ) woman and child alike got raped and murdered aplenty, by white men. Again that’s what happens when white men lose, it’s probably what happens when non white men lose also,
    So maybe it’s six of one, half a dozen.
    Personally, I don’t blame G d. For individual human badness.

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