Some Austrian Classrooms Now Consist of 100% Migrant Children

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Two Austrian classrooms, in Villach and Klagenfurt, consist of children purely from migrant backgrounds and not a single child speaks German as a first language. (Breitbart)

The two classrooms are the first in the Austrian school system to have classes where none of the children speaks German as their native language. The 14 students in Klagenfurt speak some German as a second, or even third language, but in Villach four of the 18 students in the class speak no German at all, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Country Chief Executive Peter Kaiser said the decision to have the migrant children all in the same class was in order to make it “easier to organise additional language support”, but stressed that the decision was not the norm. He added that the eventual goal would be to transfer the children into classes with German-speaking children.

The move comes not long after a report which stated that there are currently more Muslim children enrolled in state primary schools in Vienna than there are Catholic children, showing changing demographics among the younger age group.

Islam has become the fastest growing religion in Austria, due to higher than average birth rates and mass migration which have greatly increased the number of Muslims in the country.

The stress of mass migration on the school system has also led to conflicts among the teaching staff and school administrations. Last year, an Austrian teacher was reprimanded when she suggested that migrants were dragging down the school system.

She referred to the migrant children as a “lost generation” saying: “There are children who were born in Vienna, whose parents have already lived in Vienna for many years, but who have been brought up in their mother tongue for the first six years, barely know a word of German, haven’t read any picture books or watched German language TV. That means if they come to school they begin with language acquisition.”

The teacher complained that many of the children could only speak in fragments of German and had difficulty with even basic arithmetic.

The rise in the number of Muslims in Austria has also led to the creation of Islamic schools which some have warned may be spreading the ideas of radical Islamism.

Last year it was reported that an 18-year-old Chechen young woman had worked at an Islamic kindergarten as a volunteer and had later attempted to join the Islamic State terror group fueling fears that other Islamists may have been operating in the schools.


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12 thoughts to “Some Austrian Classrooms Now Consist of 100% Migrant Children”

  1. Political correctness is propaganda, and the left-dominated media have been telling us what they would like to see, not what is the truth. You only have to watch the BBC to see that.

    Mass immigration is creating the biggest backlash of modern times. The next 10 year will see an electoral revolution, and a transformation of the media. If the BBC were a normal company it would change or go bust. It is a lefty-preservation-organisation, financed by the British public with a compulsory tax of $200 a year per household.

    I feel sorry for most of the immigrants, but they are not refugees from a dangerous situation. I am sure most of them mean no harm but we can’t afford to have them flooding in. Also, hidden amongst them are some really dangerous thugs and jihadis.

    1. John –

      “…the left-dominated media have been telling us what they would like to see, not what is the truth.”

      YES! All media – right & left & alt – are in the ‘ad-selling’ bizyness and NOT the ‘truth-telling’ bizyness. (Ever see a ‘pop-up’ on your screen??)

      They ALL want MORE EYEBALLS = MORE $$$!! 🙂

      1. Pat, no prominent public voice since I can’t even remember has called out the M$M like Trump has and still is. Unrelenting in rubbing their faces in it daily via The Sword of Twitter! The same magic sword he used to chop off the Clinton Inc. Medusa’s head. One of the highlights of the new century. He deserves a bigly medal for it.

        The M$M golden boy, CNN #1 White House presstitute Acosta has been relegated to yelling at him from the back of the peanut gallery! (lol) C’mon man, that’s entertainment, and efficiency!

        The viewer/citizen wants laughs and results, not endless hand wringing, whining and demands..

        I’d bet my last euro Trump and Putin are both brushing up on their Hillary and Merkel jokes, long about now..

        Please don’t anyone shoot!

      2. HP –

        I mostly agree. Trump is a salesman and knows it is a battle for eyeballs.

        Trump bragged during the campaign that his antics that he learned to use on his TV show for a decade saved the failing NY Times!!

        PT Barnum would be proud of him. 🙂

        Now… let’s get that debt up, boys…. More $$$$$ Billions for HIS Banker Buddies!!

  2. Governments will have to find a humane way of repatriating these invader-immigrants.They are invaders. They cross borders without permission. I think paying them to leave would be humane and economical.

    I have heard people in the media say borders do not matter.(That must have been BBC or CNN) but without borders you do not have a country. OK. so Israel does not have defined borders, but they intend to expand until they cover the whole world, so no borders required for them

    1. “Governments will have to find a humane way of repatriating these invader-immigrants.They are invaders. They cross borders without permission. I think paying them to leave would be humane and economical.”

      I don’t think this appeasement would work, John, except in a minority of cases. Many of these people would take the repatriation money and then sneak back into the country later under another name. They’d make a living out of it.

      Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. There has to be a strong deterrent. Paying them money to go home, accompanied by hugs and kisses and accommodation in luxury hotels while they are awaiting deportation, is hardly a deterrent.

      A deterrent that would work like a charm, that would bring the migrant crisis to a grinding halt, is not hard to imagine. I won’t mention what that deterrent is here. It would only get this website shut down.

      Basically, these unwanted migrants, flooding into Europe in indigestible quantities, should no longer be regarded as “asylum seekers” or “refugees”. They should be treated as hostile invaders, pretty much as armed burglars should be treated who break into people’s houses and rape and kill the owners. Thy should treated as THE ENEMY — the dangerous enemy — exactly as in war time.

      This a time of war, a hidden war, not of peace.

      No more words needed.

  3. “…the biggest humanitarian crisis since the fall of the Berlin Wall” ….. has been set up and paid for by jew bankers to increase government debt – fiat currencies – and borrowing… all through Europe to keep EU and UK economies afloat.

    Iranians will be leaving for Europe soon:

    Violent Protests over ​Inflation, Alliance with ​Syria, Water Shortages and More!

    Iran may be on the brink of revolution as protest rage across the country over its collapsing currency, high unemployment, drought, impending US sanctions and a ban on its oil.

    The protests in Khorramshahr also came after three days of demonstrations in Tehran starting from June 24 over the country’s troubled economy.

    The rallies included protesters confronting police outside parliament and officers firing tear gas at the demonstrators.

    They also led to the temporary closure of the city’s Grand Bazaar, where shopkeepers denounced a SHARP FALL in the value of the national currency, the rial.

  4. Illegal unlimited immigration is NATIONAL SUICIDE for any country affected and this is a Zionist agenda to facilitate their plan for a Zionist one world gov/ NWO.

    Read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION to see what the Zionists have done and are doing to the world.

  5. Homogenous societies are the number one enemy of the NWO.take Japan as an example,during the Fukushima accident people set up tables outside their homes offering help to whom ever needed . In other words they acted collectively in peace and harmony.
    Compare this to the blackout of NY city in 1978 , people there of different nationalities and back ground became thieves and arsonists over night . If you were an NWO lover,you would want different people and diversity so you won’t have one voice and one course of action.
    In Islam,if we heed the Quran,God say,
    O mankind we have created you from one male and one female and made different tribes and people out of them so you may know one another.
    It doesn’t say in the Quran ,so you may invade each other and mix wholesale and melt into one race which God never intended for you to happen.
    That’s not to say we should not know one another through marriage and trade and other avenues of life . Ian ,for example,an Arab with an American wife like many others here,but you get the idea . What’s happening in Europe is not normal and must be stopped because it is against the plan of God.

  6. Handprints, facial recognition and retinal scans are improving and are now available. A combination of methods increases accuracy.

  7. The new Austrian government, announced last weekend, maybe watched vigilantly through its ecu friends because it includes some distance-right Freedom party — and because, thanks to its presence, Austria becomes the first Western European USA to put in force an unapologetically right-wing immigration coverage. Its 180-web page coalition settlement should set the tone for in addition draconian guidelines (and unusual coalitions) in other My coursework help online ecu Union member states and the wider Western global.

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