Summer by the Sea of Dreams


Summer  by  the  Sea  of  Dreams

A Xanadu poem
(backdated 12 months)

And so it is summer now 
eternal summer
by the Sea of Dreams.

And the Great Mother suckles her child
in golden daylight
with the breastmilk of eternity

whispering, Beware the Mindworm
that takes root in the soul
and gnaws away at it slowly.

Beware the Gray Stain
that spreads slowly
across the page of life.

Cut away everything. 
Strip yourself bare. 
I am what is left.

I am the last kiss
from the loved one, 
and the memory of it.

I am the eyes
in the mirror
asking, Who are you?

We have weathered the storm.
We have reached the shore.
The boil is lanced.

Xanadu, Translations from a Lost Language