Swindlers and Pigeons

Feasting on the rotting corpses of dead countries


28 December 2018

There are those who fight for the Jews. And there are those who fight for humanity. These groups are natural enemies. Swindlers vs. pigeons. Only one will survive.

Right now the Jew swindlers are way ahead.

The world’s most untrustworthy people have long been in charge of the world’s communications systems, which means your expectations of getting authentic information from anywhere are profoundly slim. They control the universities, the TV networks, the Internet, the music business, the hospitals and our Presidents. And it is they who organized the recent African invasion of Europe as well as the busloads from Central America to Tijuana. Most daunting of all, they control the money, which means they control everything else.

The presence of the Jews is directly responsible for the sorry condition of the world. They are “the Chosen” all right, chose to test the integrity and perseverance of the rest of us. Their crimes have distorted the normal growth of human beings. Compassion for the less fortunate has been stamped out and everyone has been imbued with the notion that only members of their clan are the perfect humans, and the rest ought to be wiped out (which is also what all religions basically preach).

This is a perfect formula for permanent war — somebody is always fighting. For investors, war is the best investment. These kosher miscreants who make their money out of fomenting conflict and furnishing the materials for war to the combatants they have secretly enflamed have no regard for anyone’s rights or feelings. The justify their psychopathological behavior by saying “It’s the law” — but these are laws they have created for themselves.

Particularly since the beginning of the computer age, they have boobytrapped all systems. Check out the Talpiott program, where every computer application known to man has a backdoor to Israel, and then troubleshoot what you thought was your intelligent perspective.

They have poisoned all ingredients, in your stomach and in your mind. Just look at how Google, Amazon and Facebook have redefined the etiquette of the world to resemble something like a Miley Cyrus lap dance. Look up Glyphosate, maiming the genes of the feckless goyim for generations to come.

Wrecking families

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10 thoughts to “Swindlers and Pigeons”

  1. Great article of John as usual he always says who are the only problem on this planet, the jews.

    Happy new year John.

  2. The key to stopping the Zionist control of America is to abolish their privately owned and unconstitutional FED and IRS which creates money out of thin air and then taxes we goyim on any gains made on this money and creates debt with each federal reserve note created!

    All this was brought into play in 1913 by the Zionist banking kabal and since that time the Zionists have forced America to fight wars created by the Zionists for the profit of the satanic banking kabal over the blood of tens of millions murdered in the Zionist created wars!

    Abolish the FED and IRS and free America from the Zionist kabal which has America chained up in a debtors prison created by the satanic Zionists.

  3. @ Desert Fox

    By my theory the Jewish problem is more deeply rooted than the money problem. By my theory there is a corruption of the moral faculty involved. The Jew is a man who absolutely lacks a sense of honor — that is the root of the Jewish problem, in my opinion.

    As for Kaminski’s article, I was glad to see that it said nothing about Sandy Hook. Has he begun to suspect that the “nobody died at Sandy Hook” stuff might be disinformation? Anyway, one difference I have with the article is the claim that the Jew lacks compassion. In my opinion it is not the moral faculty of Love that the Jew lacks, but, rather, it is the moral faculty of Justice. Love and Honor are two different moral faculties, according to Rosenberg, the National Socalist ideologist, and I agree. The Jew is not a man who lacks compassion, in my opinion — but a man who lacks honor.

    1. Nathan Rothschild once infamously said, I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England as the man who controls Englands money supply controls the British Empire and I am that man.

      The Zionist banking cabal controls Americas money supply and so America!

      Sandyhook was a deep state fraud, no one was killed at Sandyhook and the school was closed in 2008, Wolfgang Halbig is one of the best researchers on Sandyhook, you can look him up on the internet, he lays out the truth.

  4. There is no reason why Jews climb to the top of many organizations. But those searching for the reason for Jewish success claim that Jews use evil methods. But Jewish leaders who hire a Goy for a CEO also find him less than honest in business dealings. Fairness requires that those who rise to the top be respected despite the fact that they are Goys or Jews.

  5. I find most ordinary Jews are decent people. It is the likes of the Zionist Lobby, eg AIPAC, that I fear. They seem to be driving America into a permanenet state of war against Israel’s enemies.

    I just hope that America will face reality before there is war against Russia and Iran.

    1. I disagree ‘ decent’ jews do not exist and profit of being jewish as there is a preference policy ( keypositions, jobs etc.) between the jews and they always defend each other even when they commit crimes. They act as spies for their tribe, no loyalty to the country they live in. Jews will never plaud non jews, a contrario. Always behaving as tribal ones and they find each other so delusional special etc. Let them all go to Israel the sooner the better. Of course without their money which they have not earned in an honest way. Can we investigate how they made their money? Of course not. So I don’t understand your comment John Kirby knowing what you ( should) know about the jews.

      1. Hi Mike,
        Point taken. I did say “Most ordinary Jews”, not “All” Jews.

        Believe me I have met some awful Jews, arrogant, sneering, anti-gentile and full of themselves, but most Jews I have met have not been like that.

        I was at school with many Jews and they were the good guys. The problems came later in life. I have always thought the Jews changed, as they became wealthier and more powerful.

  6. Jewish lawyers never put their client in front of a Jewish judge. Self-hatred among Jews runs deep. A groveling Jewish defendant is spat upon by Jewish judges. But the exception takes place if the client is a person of wealth and high status. Jewish judges then show respect and forgive the crime. Nothing is lower than a poor and helpless Jewish male. This lesson was well learned in concentration camps as Jewish guards treated their poor brethren with extra cruelty. In contrast the attractive Jewess defendant always demands a Jewish judge. A favorable ruling takes place after a hot session in the judges chambers.

  7. @ John Kirby

    I draw a distinction between assimilated Jews and nationalistic Jews such as Zionists. Like you I think most Jews are decent people.

    However the Jewish problem is quite a problem! The Jews are actually working to genocide the White race!

    You and I know Jews who differ from the problematic type. But can the blunt instument of a bureaucracy make such distinction?

    I say if some of the Jews have to go, all of the Jews have to go — because it is impossible to separate the good from the bad.

    Is this fair? Yes. Because when the Jews became citizens in our White societies they took on a responsibility to control their nationalistic elements. Now look at what things have come to. There was no anti-Semitism in the United States. The USA was the Jews’ “exceptional nation.” Okay, what did the Jews give this country that was so generous to them? They gave it 9-11! They circumvented the 4th Amendment so they could spy on everyone who might offer resistance as they took the free country over and replaced it with a Jew-ruled tyranny.

    I say Jewish “emancipation” has proven to be be a disaster. And now All the Jews have to go!

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