Tensions in Middle East set to explode: Is WW3 on the way?

Sourced from the David Irving site

“THE U.S. STRIKE against Syria, executed without United Nations security council approval, was a war crime, and as such invites retribution.  The Swamp is beginning to swallow President Trump, who is too Parsifal-like to see it. The others? Frau Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are just hired claqueurs, Theresa May beneath contempt.”


“British planes join in their familiar role, the night-time killing of civilians, and the media dutifully call Assad’s (lawful) government of a sovereign state a “regime”; but the BBC still hedges and now refers to Syria’s “alleged” chemical weapons attack. Hands up, those of our readers who can already guess who is really guilty, and which Middle East country, seldom mentioned by the frightened media, hoisted the false flags — probably in both Damascus and Salisbury.”

The following links from the Irving site will prove useful to our readers:

—  Bravo, Daily Mail, London: Peter Oborne: Calling for war again, the Neo-cons who drowned the Middle East in blood 

—  Reuters: Netanyahu uses “Holocaust” event to urge action against Syria, Iran

—  RT (Russian Government source): Western leaders who attacked Syria are “criminals” – says Iran’s Supreme Leader  

—  Ha’aretz: “White Supremacists” defend Assad, warn [President] Trump: Don’t let Israel force you into war with Syria

—  US-led strikes in Syria without UN Security Council mandate are a violation of international law, says [President] Putin

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  1. As I see it, Orange Clown’s latest war crime, muted as it was, is a de facto public acknowledgement of Russia’s overwhelming military superiority.

    If Orange Clown had a modicum of self-respect, he would resign at this point rather than continue to publicly humiliate himself.

    But what now for the Satanists at the top of the corrupt West? With their pathetic puppets failing them spectacularly (as they must), and with their everyday evil circumscribed by the fear of a Russian military response, they must be desperate beyond words at this point.

    What’s a coterie of demon-possessed madmen to do when they find themselves trapped on an exponential curve going the wrong way? Maybe some kind of a catastrophic false-flag attack on U.S. or European soil?

    1. If Russia had any omnipotence, it would have ALREADY been demonstrated. The oceans protect America, and no (non-nuke) military power can bridge them. Aside from that, Trump is acting constitutionally by placing some of Uncle Sam’s soldiers along the Mexican border. No worries, here, about Russia (who NEEDS the U.S. Dollar and ingenuity!).

    2. I don’t think it’s a matter of Russia not “demonstrating” “omnipotence”. The U.S. government knows full well that Russian missile technology is superior, and that Russia can sink its ships and shoot down its planes, accordingly.

      Russia’s restraint is apparently a matter of Vladimir Putin realizing that a direct military confrontation between Russia and the U.S. could escalate to nuclear war, IMO.

      1. God bless President Putin for his restraint. It would not take much to throw the USA into chaos. Just a cyberwar attack on the financial/banking system or power grid….
        the USA is teetering at the brink of civil war, anarchic lawlessness and financial collapse.
        We very well could be the next Syria.

  2. Trump is a puppet of Israel and the Zionist dual citizens who control the U.S. and they are Satanists .

    The proof that Israel controls the U.S. is that Israel did 911 and got away with it, we are under Zionist control.

  3. The Zionist axis attack on Syria has changed little, window dressing for the domestic audience of the Zionist axis countries, in all Zionist attacks over 2018 the Resistance has lost NO military equipment bar a few dozen replaceable missiles,the martyrs lost number in the 10s out of 100s of thousands , information about the Zionist axis strengths and weaknesses has been garnered.
    The war against the Zionist is still coming, the Resistance is still building, April and May will come and go, in Lebanon the Resistance shall be stronger after elections, in Iraq the Resistance will be stronger after elections, in Palestine after Nakba day the Resistance shall unite stronger than ever.
    Soon the Zionist will face Removal, it is written.

    1. Maybe, but will resistance to the Zionists and Jews ever make any headway into the mainstream (elected politicians and the mainstream media) in western countries? Until then, the USA, UK and France will continue to murder Arabs for Jews and Israel.

  4. Vladimir Putin has shown the hidden hand gesture in public before, therefore I think Russia is just playing it’s pathetic role in the bankers satanic fiasco.

  5. It looks as though the latest attack on Syria has been low key, but that will not satisfy the Israel Lobby Neocons.

    911 had Jewish fingerprints all over it. Nearly all the major players were Jews, and the remainder were very pro-Israel. The jury is still out until somebody comes up with hard evidence. So it looks as though they got away with it.

    So the next step? an even bigger false flag attack on the west? My bet would be London, maybe with a nuke, maybe a dirty bomb. They will never stop until they control the whole world. They will not stop at WW3.


    1. April 15, 2018 at 10:27 pm FLOPOT — surprising from you, I think to myself.

      “Well, the Zionists have never used a nuke in a false flag or in an overt war so you can discount that option. If the Zios never set off a nuke in one of their myriad deception-ops then no-one ever will. Meanwhile, the Israels have already tested dirty bombs in the Negev…”

      Borders on total disinfo!!

      Read up on 9-11, VT, destruction of WTC buildings,then come back with your “Israel has never used…” assertion. BS.


      1. Agree, see the site Dr Judy Wood.com there were 7 WTC buildings destroyed by Israel and the Zionist controlled deep state on 911.

      2. Asserting the mini-nuke techno babble from VT is total BS. I lean towards the more conventional theories — they had a long time to wire up those buildings.

        I would only risk quoting Jonas Alexis from that site — anyone else is fairly toxic.

        Fact: no nukes have been used since the alleged use in 1945. And I don’t even believe those Zionist lies 😀

        So, once again, if the Zios haven’t used nukes, then no-one will ever use these devices.

        EDIT: I believe Dr Judy “Exotic Energy Weapons” Wood is a disinfo agent.

      3. I have a dear sister-in-law, one of only several D&Gers [“Doom & Gloom”] in our extended family, who got sucked in by the “flat earth thingy”, which, in my opinion, fits one or more of the following: Psy-op; psychological probe by PTB; test run to see how dumbed-down humans have become [measure of ability to think critically]; exploratory analysis of “networks” of people who share with each other certain ideas; and other. As I myself had to do a year or so ago, J. self-extricated from her entrapping vortex of data (disinfo, malinfo, noninfo) and has finally reached calmer waters, gentler breezes, and, thus, smoother sailing. Life goes on.

        One way to blackwash, to denigrate otherwise truthy folks and truthiness in general, is to associate certain beLIEfs with other, perhaps more obviously nonsensical beLIEfs. Judy Wood seems apt here as an example. The controlled demolition of WTC buildings seems (to me) obvious. The 9-11 “truth movement”, an instant target of PTB, experienced a number of rifts along certain fault lines (WHY and HOW), featuring dialectics designed to confuse lazy lay people and to obfuscate more important questions requiring critical thought (e.g., WHO, and who benefits). Myriad examples to date include (1) the ostensible split between VeteransToday and Chris Bollyn and (2) the micronuke | directed energy weapon debate.

        The evidence certain special folks got advance warning of the takedown of WTC gets lost, does it not? On the other hand, HOW the WTC buildings got taken down points to possible WHOs, narrowing down the (((usual suspects))) dramatically.

        I think the burden of proof of “NO NUKES” falls upon those advancing that “theory”. I read assertions, no facts, no references, nothing. Nonsense, by all accounts.

      4. In complete agreement, Alan, never heard the term “blackwash” before but it is quite apt, hopefully not considered racist.

        It is in line with my exhortation to NEVER ALIGN WITH JEW ON ANY ISSUE, which I repeat reflexively like Cato the Elder’s Carthago delenda est.
        Unfortunately, it is nearly universally disregarded and 99% of goyim will eagerly line up shoulder to stooped shoulder with Jew against one of the numerous recipients of his boundless hatred.

        People simply fail to comprehend the following essence:
        The sole purpose for existence of Jew, his creation is rooted in the destruction, enslavement, misery of the Gentile, to be accomplished by the principal tool of his Father Devil, viz, the lies, deception, misdirection and betrayal.
        So, why harness yourselves to his macabre chariot, why volunteer as his beast of burden towards ANY goal?

        Tell me, I am ever so curious.

        Don’t you have a nose for his hate, the acrid smoke and odor of death and sulphur?
        I guess not.

        And so, the intellectual entropy winds its way down the road of perdition, fragmentation into ever more isolated, mindless particles of futility, the granularity of irrelevant bullshit, solidarity with Jew purchased by antagonism to brother gentile.

      5. Thank you, lobro. In Western Medicine, not the best, by far, medical PTB developed so-called “differential diagnosis” as a “screening technique” for patients manifesting signs and symptoms that ensue from several or many conditions or “defined diseases”. Bias among practitioners — who may see one disease more often than others — is a fault that “differential diagnosis” seeks to overcome. Perhaps we might consider same for the “Jewish Question” and “Jewish Problem”.

        Relevant, remarkable, and extraordinarily well done — Part 1 of ? — I note here Andrew Joyce, Ph.D., and his recent post on TOO.
        Sartre’s “Anti-Semite and Jew”: A Critique

        LOBRO, FLOPOT, and all others so inclined — please read and comment! Here or, as I have, on TOO.


    The last Incarnation of Him-Who-comes-back-the last Man, “against Time” — has many names. Every great faith, every great culture, nay, every true (living or obsolete) form or a Tradition as old as the fall of man (and as the subsequent yearning for the lost earthly Paradise) has given Him one.

    Through the eyes of the Visionary of Pathmos, the Christians, behold in Him Christ “present for the second time”: no, longer a meek preacher of love and forgiveness, but the irresistible Leader of the celestial “white Horsemen” destined to put an end to this sinful world and to establish “a new Heaven and a new earth”; a new Time-cycle.

    The Mohammedan World is awaiting Him under the features of “the Mahdi,” Whom Allah shall send “at the end of times,” to crush all evil through the power of His sword — “after the Jews will once more have became the masters of Jerusalem” and “after the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe, on fire.”

    On the other hand, in nearly every country of Europe, popular Tradition has greeted the One-Who-comes-back either in the form of a departed and returning King, or as the very Soul of a mythical, hidden Army: in Germany, as Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, who shall one day come out of the cave in which he has been asleep for centuries, and save his people, and lead them to unheard-of glory; in Denmark, as Holger Danske, of the Kronborg Mountain; in Poland, as the “Sleeping Host” of folk-tales; in Hungary, as “Attila,” who is, one day to re-appear at the head of “Csaba’s Army” and to work divine vengeance upon the wicked and to mete out justice; while the old solar religions of Central America pictured Him as the radiant white god Quetzalcohuatl, returning in glory and power — like the rising Sun — from beyond the Eastern Ocean. And the millions of Hindusthan have called Him from time immemorial and still call Him “Kalki,” the last Incarnation of the world-sustaining Power: Vishnu; the One Who will, in the interest of Life, put an end to this “Kali Yuga” or “Age of Gloom” and open a new succession of ages.

    I have called Him in this book by His Hindu name, not in order to show off an erudition which I am far from possessing, but simply because I happen to know of no Tradition in which the three types of manifested existence — ”above Time,” “against Time” and “in Time” — which I tried in these pages to evoke and to define, have so obviously their counterpart in the basic trinitarian conception of Divinity Itself, and in which (as a consequence of this) the Man “against Time” is, in all His successive embodiments, but specially in His last one, more eloquently — and more logically — considered as the divine Man par excellence.”

    That last great Individual — an absolutely harmonious blending of the sharpest of all opposites; equally “Sun” and “Lightning” — is the one Whom the faithful of all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one of Whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said, in 1928: “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so”; the One Whom I have called by His Hindu name, Kalki, on account of the cosmic truth that this names evokes. The world has been waiting for Him for hundreds of thousands of years.

    Every Man “against Time” has, knowingly or unknowingly, foreshadowed Him, and paved the way for His coming. The youngest great race of our Time-cycle on this earth — the Aryan — is awakening in order to bear Him in full consciousness and pride. And the most heroic and the most selfless of all its Leaders, Adolf Hitler, the One-before-the-last Man “against Time,” — more heroic than any of the elder ones, for he fought against the downward pressure of many more centuries; more selfless than the very last One, for he was, contrarily to Him, to reap nothing but disaster, — sacrificed himself and his people — at large in order to give Him; (out of the faithful surviving few) compagnons at arms in the last decisive battle.

    And the signs of times proclaim that the day He — Kalki — will appear, is drawing nigh.

    He will appear when all but the last and toughest of the natural Aryan aristocracy — His chosen compagnons at arms — have definitely taken the way to the abyss. And all but the chosen few are rapidly taking that way.

    A more and more glaring sign of fate is to be observed in the shocking increase of the population of the globe from year to years; specially in the increase of the lower races and in the rapid bastardisation of the higher ones and the resulting accelerated fall of the whole of mankind to the level of an enormous unthinking herd.

    A typical historic figure “above Time” — the Buddha — has been, in fact, classified as an “Incarnation of Vishnu” by the wise men of India; and there is indeed, in the cry of triumph attributed to him on his death bed — ”Now, I shall never, never again enter a womb!

    Quotes from Savitri Devi’s book The Lightening and the Sun

  7. “maybe with a nuke, maybe a dirty bomb”

    Well, the Zionists have never used a nuke in a false flag or in an overt war so you can discount that option. If the Zios never set off a nuke in one of their myriad deception-ops then no-one ever will.

    Meanwhile, the Israels have already tested dirty bombs in the Negev…

    1. I know. Some of us just(ice) can’t get enough suffering too quickly, can we? For Chinese, humanity, ETs, etc. Not enough JUST-US to go around, is there? I feel grateful I have another day to plant seeds, watch my bare-root trees grow, and I fully expect to reap what I sow, as always! Do you? Really?? Do any of you?

      1. I love to garden as well Alan, spring is wonderful, however I sure would like to see the Zionist entity Removed, if that take “,WW3 ” Then so be it.
        JFC, that sort of rudeness belittled us all.

    2. Yea sure, we all know that nukes are fake and the earth is flat, and so are your brain waves.

  8. Right. I get it. By any other name, nuclear “reactions”, nuclear “reactors”, fission if not fusion, are also “fake” — right? Or, JFC, have I not captured the fullness of your past arguments, most of which attain a higher order of logic, reason, and respectful debate than “Nukes are fake you dumb fuck!”.

    I refer you to Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, et al. at VT, who, though claiming 60% verity (truthiness), nonetheless also conclude that micro-nukes exist and, I suspect, more macro-nukes also exist and, like the micro versions, have been detonated in real time, real space.

    I suggest you argue that position with people who really know. I think your assertion absurd.

  9. NOT written by mainstream media:

    Paper Bear – Puny ‘Put-On’ – is in “YUGE” trouble financially. He uses PricewaterhouseCoopers (doing business as PwC) which headquartered in London, to keep the books for Russia’s largest corporations. Coopers & Lybrand is/was an old US firm, and was merged to form PWC in 1998. The US and UK keep books for Puny ‘Put-On’.

    The “largest power engineering company in Russia” – Power Machines – showed “YUGE” losses in 2017. That was reported this year in the financial statement on Feb 19, 2018.

    Power Machines / annual report 2016:


    Page 31:

    Credit Ratings

    On March 26, 2015, the international rating agency Moody’s rated the Company:

    Ba2-PD (PD = Probability of Default)

    –On March 18, 2016, the Corporate credit rating by the national scale assigned by LLC Rating Agency Moody’s Interfax, was revoked.

    The only way ‘Put-On’ can afford a war is…. if, and only if, Rothschild gave the orders and backed him!! It is NOT left to Puny ‘Put-On’ to decide. 🙂

  10. As usual, commenters aren’t seeing the dichotomy in the whole thing. Make that a ‘tri’chotomy, although there is no such word.

    DEEZ JOOZ, which INCLUDES the “zionist entity”, and DOZE JOOZ steering the whole lot of em

  11. It’s a sham, you know, this fight with Russia. They have staged this long running passion play for the sole purpose of maximizing arms sales all over the world. For more than a half century, it has been a resounding success.

    In World War 2 Patton’s U.S troops were held back so the Soviets could grab half of Europe, and thus began the very profitable Cold War which has essentially been in place ever since.

    Throughout the Vietnam era Nelson Rockefeller provided trucks for the Soviets who immediately shipped them to Southeast Asia for use against invading American troops.

    America provided the USSR with whole industries, and the Russians stole many of their factories from the smoldering ruins of Germany.


    Wars happen all the time simply because it is the most lucrative form of business, next to drug smuggling, which the government also controls.


    The real terrorists are America’s leaders. They all work for the richest Jews in the world. The minute they stop reporting what they are told to say, they’re out of a job. The minute politicians don’t follow orders, they get a bullet or a plane crash.


    1. How’s that again?

      In 1943 “the allied (Manhattan) project gained its irresistible momentum” although by the following year it appeared that Germany had no serious atomic bomb program (Monk 2012: 411,417). This piece of intelligence required a major shift in a military narrative that had previously hinged on the argument that the U.S. was in a breakneck race against Germany to build the first atomic bomb. General Groves began stating in Manhattan Project circles that Russia – not Germany – was the primary impetus for U.S. weapons development. Joseph Rotblat, a Polish physicist who had worked on the Manhattan Project for several years, was told by Groves at a dinner party in 1944 that the U.S. military’s goal was to “subdue the Russkies” (Monk 2012: 417). This statement shocked Rotblat as he had always been led to believe “that our work was to prevent a Nazi victory, and now I was told that the weapon we were preparing was intended for use against the people who were making extreme sacrifice for that very aim” (Monk 2012: 417). From Behind the Fog by Lisa Martino-Taylor

      Obviously, Rotblat and others were unaware of the Rothshchild’s long-term plans that included the JudeaoSoviets receiving, not only the theoretical paperwork on the bomb, but the necessary materials to build an atomic bomb even before America fired the first test shot, as verified by Major Jourdan

      Jews set ‘em up and Jews knock ‘em down.

    2. They were starved of gas Pat so as Monty could race ahead to Berlin…..they knew Patton knew who the real enemy was……the “Swedish Jew” put a halt to all that nonsense….

  12. Well if WW3 is on the way, here in the U.S. of Apathy we’ll just have to read about it in the M$M or maybe just catch the CNN re-run if we miss the damn thing. Time permitting of course..

  13. putins shills can keep guessing how smart hes thwarted every attempt by usa to take on syria…

    reality will be

    assad will be down


    syria will be partioned into pieces in few months to years after multiple escalations….

    israel will have leverage over her neighbours…

    end of the story

  14. —WW2.9 in UK!!!

    Machete Attack Every 90 Minutes in ‘Gun-Free’ Britain

    Attacks using machetes have more than quadrupled in the UK in just three years, for an average of 15 attacks per day.

    —Most are occurring in the capital of London. Machetes are the weapon of choice for criminals in the UK, which is governed by strict gun-control laws.

    Across the UK, violent crime overall surged by 20%, robbery was up by 29%, and sex offenses surged by 23%.

    London saw the bulk, with 425 of the attacks. There were 99 in Greater Manchester, 77 in the West Midlands, and 29 each in Merseyside and West Yorkshire.


  15. Hi Pat,

    London now has a greater rate of violent crime and murder than New York City. It used to be one of the safest cities in the world, but it now has a very liberal Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, a moslem of Pakistani origin. The police are no longer allowed to stop and search and "Diversity" is a priority public policy.

    Whether or not you agree with the sentiments of the angry voters you cannot deny that the policy has been a disaster.

    Watch out for a big swing to extreme nationalist parties. Repatriation of miscreants is definitely on the table, even voluntary repatriation for all immigrants. A few thousand pounds could be very attractive to a Pakistani living in bad conditions in a cold, dismal provincial British town. Come to think of a lot of Brits might also apply.

    My point is that these seemingly intractable problems can be solved, by facing the facts and with a kind hand rather than a bovver boot.

  16. The truth is that there is no other “God” but the immanent, impersonal divinity of Nature — of Life; the universal Self. No tribal god is “God.” Tribal gods are more or less divine, to the extent they embody and express a more or less divine collective soul. Jahveh, the tribal god of the Jews, is as little divine, as negative as they themselves — they, the typically negative human element of our Time-cycle.

    Through a series of lies, the Jews have been for the last three thousand and specially for the last two thousand four hundred years, leading an increasingly intensified campaign for the reversal of the eternal, natural values — i.e., an anti-truth campaign — in view of their own exaltation. They have, through the mouth of their prophets and “philosophers” proclaimed Jahveh “God of all men”; they have, then, concealed as many as they could of his nasty characteristics through a clever exploitation of the Christ myth by Paul of Tarsus and other Jews, half-Jews and judaised Greeks; they have, through the same, stressed anew the old, very old denial of the unity of the Realm of Life and proclaimed “all men” different in nature from the rest of creatures-and therefore above the general laws of Life — in order to buttress the false teaching that “one blood” flows in the veins of “all nations,” and to kill the idea (and the instinct) of a natural, God-ordained racial hierarchy.

    They have preached meekness and forgiveness and pacifism (to all, save to their own people) in order to rob the young, warlike Aryan race of its stamina; in order to kill its healthy pride. They are, now more feverishly than ever, encouraging its adolescents to make fun of “Nazi prejudices,” to despise purity of blood, and to marry outside their race (if thus be the impulse of “individual love”) — so that the race may disappear; encouraging them into perdition, both through the old superstition of “man” under its various modern forms, and through the whole atmosphere of subtle corruption in which the post-1945 world is literally soaking.

    They must win — and they shall win — for the time being. Otherwise, it would not yet be the End. They must — and shall — see their dream — their immemorial dream of easy domination over a peaceable, “happy” hotch-potch of bastardised millions and ever more millions, that their long-drawn disintegrating action has rendered even more contemptible than they — at a hair’s breadth from its complete materialisation. Otherwise, the measure of iniquity — the measure of untruth — would not be full. And it would not yet be time for “Kalki” — the Avenger — to come.

    [ . . . ]

    And it will all begin again: the succession of Ages, in the same unchanging order, submitted to the same unchanging Laws; the unavoidable reappearing of that decay; the seed of which is contained in any and every manifestation in Time; the Struggle “against Time” and, finally, the rush to the abyss, — in spite of it; — for the millionth and ten millionth time. And a new great End, and a new radiant Beginning, and a new Time-cycle — again and again and again. There is no definitive End.

    Isn’t it time to remove your soul from this endless cycle of misery and suffering?

    1. Thanks for the segue, Arch

      Here’s some more food for thought in keeping with your basic theme. It goes even deeper than we imagine

      A numbers game

      O= the ineffable mysteriousness of the Source of all Creation
      1= the ACTIVE component of the manifestation process (give)
      2= the PASSIVE component (receive)
      3= the RECEIVING aspect of manifesting singularities (i.e. souls)
      4= the GIVING aspect of same

      0-4 represents you and me as androgynous spiritual entities

      After this is where the troubles began after venturing too far in our journey of TRUE free will, causing a disorientation of spirit (matter) that introduced us to….drumroll please…
      5= YHWH – false maker of the “mortal coil”*, the impostor that “goyed” us (jews and non-jews alike, jews being more amenable to its egregiousness** that lords over the whole lot

      Spider’s Betrayal: Entrance to “Mordor”

      A method of goying used by mankind’s usurper was to “siphon off” the Divine light supporting an ethereal existence through a ‘spider’s tunnel’, and send it to the obscurity of an odd assimilation. Call it the original trespass.

      In these places it was always excellent weather for flying, with no sense of the entanglement that awaited. Once in the trap, an opiate of amnesia would mar their dreams for countless eons, marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.

      The Divine light had become a beacon

      *coil: 1) An earlier form of “cull”, used in the sense to select, or choose. [Gaelic: to goyim, goill (goy) 2) to ensnare into a fixed, or constrained position

      A 2-step process of enslavement

      **egregious: From the latin, “egregius” – standing out from the herd

  17. Check your ‘assumptions’…. GUESSES… to prevent military actions!!

    Former UK Ambassador for Syria, Peter Ford:

    Munitions dust and gasses were inhaled…. Not chemicals from a chemical weapons attack.

    The reporters used false propaganda… LIED!!

    “I don’t think Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors will find out his guilt – he is probably not guilty on this occasion,” he said. “We have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos which are described as being unverified, but which by dint of being repeated over and over again come to acquire a spurious credibility,” Ford added. “We have to ask ourselves what are the sources in this stampede to war?”

    “A pity!!”
    “What the jihadists have done… IS JERKED OUR LEASH!!”
    “White Helmet’ Islamist propagandists were the FIRST RESPONDERS and ‘supposed’ witnesses.”

    UK forces ALSO in Syria, as casualties were reported.



    Two ex-British ambassadors question claims that Assad ordered chemical attack as threat of war grows

    Ford’s comments reflected the same concerns with intelligence sources that he expressed to the BBC a year ago. “Based on previous experience, we can see that we cannot take on face value what the so-called intelligence experts tell us,” he said, in reference to the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack. 

    “In August 2016, [the Jihadis] mounted a chlorine gas attack on civilians and they tried to make it look like a regime operation. Mark my words, [the jihadis will make it look like the regime did it] and it will get the warmongers coming to tell us that Assad is defying us and we must go in more heavily into Syria.”


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