Texans Grovel at Israel’s Feet

When It Comes to the US Constitution vs. Israel, US State & Federal Politicians Line Up With Israel Against the US Constitution

By Paul Craig Roberts

“Americans are an enslaved people.
Israel has stolen our country from us.”
— Paul Craig Roberts

December 19, 2018 “Information Clearing House” —  Even the “tough” Marlborough-smoking Texans are nothing now but groveling pissants at Israel’s Feet, the Corrupt Government of Texas, bought and paid-off by Israel, fires state employees unless they sign an oath vowing that they will not boycott Israel for its illegal and inhumane treatment of Palestinians. 

How is it the fact that the criminal state of Israel calls the shots in Texas?


We know for a proven fact that the American people, Texans included, have no influence whatsoever over their rulers. Texans, like the rest of the Western peoples, are a nonentity, a nothing. Americans are not even chaff in the wind.

Americans are an enslaved people.

The entirety of the West is locked tightly in The Matrix. Explanations are controlled, and laws are sold for money.

The death of the US Constitution is the death of the United States.

Israel has stolen our country from us.



51 thoughts to “Texans Grovel at Israel’s Feet”

    1. Back in 1492
      Columbus sailed the ocean blue
      His mission though he hardly knew
      Assigned to him by crypto-jew

      1. columbus is by some suspected being of jewish origin. colombo means dove in English and he lived in a merchant city Genova. People with surnames of animals are almost all of jewish origin. Always hiding their true colours, bad conscience.

      (Apologies for not seeing it esrlier).

      Yes it was. Twelve of Washington’s generals were Jewish and Washington was part of Freemasonry which is Jewish. In fact, the US is a Freemasonic state which was sold as a corporation by Alexander Hamilton through the sale of script of the Bank of North America Corp and the First Bank of the United States Corp to 65% overseas private investors, 25% American Investors and 10% to the bank using the US as collateral (the 2nd Session of the Congressional Record identifies in 1791 that the banks are indeed corporations. Adams went further and created the aliens and seditions act as federalists were all on the banker’s payroll, and when found out, the Federalist party was eliminated by people such as Benjamin Franklin’s son and others who found them to be agents to the Crown Corporation of the Jewish Banking Cabal.

      The reason for the huge influx of Jews into the US was due to the fact that most nations were throwing them out or forcing conversion (bad idea as Marrano became large in influence in American politics as well as politics around the world (my father’s family from the Alsace changed their name from Stirer (Galatian) to Reinhart). You will find out when reading “History of Zionism 1600-1918” by Nahum Sokolow that Arthur Belfour was a Marrano. Others of the US include Rosevelt (Van Rosenvelt, Solomon Rosevelt was the first president of the Bank of NY started by Alexander Hamilton who deserved to be shot), Solomon Bush (Bush Crime family) colonial American Jewish merchant in Philadelphia who was one of six Jews who signed the non-importation agreement of October 25, 1765, boycotting British goods in colonial America. During the Revolutionary War, he served as deputy adjutant general of the Pennsylvania State Militia and was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1779. A prominent Freemason, Bush was deputy inspector general of Masonry for Pennsylvania in 1781 and was a founding member of the Masonic Sublime Lodge of Perfection in Philadelphia (remember Judea proclaimed war against Germany in 1933), Hayes, Truman, Eisenhower.

      The domination of Jewish power from the beginning of the not so New World was extensive throughout the Americas through Freemasonry. The Christian church had been compromised long ago with Marrano of Spain creating the Jesuit (society of Jesus) who’s inner circle also included John Dee, the primary Occultist of what the forefathers of the United States followed. Rome was a major destroyer of the early faith by Constantine who wiped out most as heretics to the Roman Catholic doctrine. Schisms throughout the first millenium were very numerous between christian sects. Christianity was dealt a major blow when John (Cohen) Calvin and others after him changed the entire new testament to the point where the Jewish Rabbis were the leaders of the chosen, the opposite of which was held for the first 1500+ years (Jews thrown out of over 70 countries over 100 times since 250AD Carthage and 415AD Alexandria and all throughout Europe. After Alexandria, many went to Khazaria which made Judaism the state religion – see timeline at http://s155239215.onlinehome.us/turkic/70_Dateline/KhazardatelineEn.htm

      Christians and Moslems are not of the creator but lovers of wealth, power, access and control just as their primary faith is tied to the Septuagint/Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah as the Indian wars proved without a doubt that they were more than willing participants in the near extermination of the indigenous peoples, most of which had far superior wisdom and reverence for the creator and creation than any of the Europeans had. The Puritans in fact helped wipe out the local tribes (Pequot was a slaughter of extreme prejudice).

      All history of the US is an inversion of the truth as Barbara Honegger stated when she wrote that William Casey, in a Reagan White House meeting stated “We know our misinformation program has worked when everything the people believe is wrong”.

      Every revolution from the American onward were Freemasonic Revolutions led by Jewish banking elite. The Jacobin and Bolshevik revolutions were designed in the United States as well as the Cultural Revolution in China. Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, Averil Harriman and others along with the Wilson Administration designed and helped execute the Bolshevik Revolution, which Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn identified as the Jewish slaughter of Christian Russia. Jefferson headed the French Revolution with his masonic friends and the library of congress has cartoons identifying him as such with guillotine. Mao was funded and mentored by Rockefeller, Rothschild and Yale-China with Skull & Bonesmen.

      Putin is a son of a Cheka and is part of the Secret Societies that Kennedy stated that was going to enslave humanity. Xi and others are also of Freemasonry. The top of the pyramid which has E Pluribus Unum is from the Kabbalah which states according to Zohar that the Jewish people must become their own Messiah. Most of Freemasonry are fools in a web of interrelated groups that span the world under several names such as the Pilgrims Society, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, York and Scottish Rite and a few hundred more although the power structure is fairly easy to identify of the movers and shakers. The Roman Catholic Church became part of Rothschild and Associates in 1832 when running out of money, the pope turned to Richard Rothschild for taking over it’s finances.

  1. Jews must live. Survival of the Jewish people is now dependent on hitching a ride with American interests. Jewish brains are the worlds best and help the US keep its power. White House Jews sharpen Trumps mind. Pentagon power protects Israel who is just a symbol of Americas might. Despite hatred of the Jews the US shields this tiny homeless shelter. Left wingers have no power, they are used as a noisy façade. The media is owned by the white staffed Pentagon not Jews who are just hitching a ride.

    1. Jews ethnocentrism (racism) is what has propelled them to their leadership position. Europeans, the people that have contributed to advancing civilization more than any other group, are more individualistic and don’t advance their own people by discriminating against others – Jews do. Prior to the late 19th century / early 20th century Jews contributions to science, mathematics and philosophy were almost nonexistent.

      The Occidental Observer has many articles addressing Jewish racism, including nine articles on the selection of the unqualified Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court (and other examples of Jewish racism) over highly qualified non-Jewish candidates. All of these articles are excellent reading and instructive of their behavior over the centuries.


      The first article addressing her lack of qualifications, but promotion by various Jews in positions of influence that would get her the nomination is this one.

      Elena Kagan: Jewish Ethnic Networking Eases the Path of a Liberal/Leftist to the Supreme Court

      Jews have a country to live in – Israel. The justification for stealing the Palestinians land and driving them off of it was because wherever Jews lived in the world, they always made the people that allowed them into their countries enemies. At best, they are disliked by many or even most people, at worst they are often despised. This feeling subsides for a while (a period we are in now), only to rise again.

      Europeans (including Americans, Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders) do not have to accommodate a racist group that can’t get along with others and advances to the top by giving preference to their own and then promotes policies to wipe out the Europeans thru genocide, the current method being mass immigration. Unfortunately we can’t distinguish between the few decent Jews and the majority that seek to subjugate and then wipe out their competitors. Eventually, you are going to have to leave.

  2. In 1913 the Zionist banking kabal got their privately owned UNCONSTITUTIONAL FED and IRS through a corrupt congress and a corrupt POTUS and since that year the Zionists have ruled the government and the people of America.

    Nathan Rothschild infamously said, I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England for the man who controls the money supply controls the British empire and I am that man!

    It is the same here in America as it is in England and Europe, the satanic Zionist banking kabal rules every nation that has a central bank and the Zionist also control the central bank of central banks the BIS ie Band of International Settlements in Switzerland.

    Until and If the FED is nationalized and the IRS is abolished , America will remain a slave on the Zionist plantation aka Oceania!

  3. “We know for a proven fact that the American people, Texans included, have no influence whatsoever over their rulers. Texans, like the rest of the Western peoples, are a nonentity, a nothing. Americans are not even chaff in the wind.”

    -Yes. Commercial Law rules all of us.

    “Americans are an enslaved people.”

    -Yes. Commercial Law rules all of us.

    “The entirety of the West is locked tightly in The Matrix. Explanations are controlled, and laws are sold for money.”

    -Yes. Commercial Law rules all of us.

    “The death of the US Constitution is the death of the United States.”

    -Yes. Commercial Law rules all of us.

    “Israel has stolen our country from us.”

    -Yes. Commercial Law rules all of us.

    Here is proof of the “matrix” in North America:

    All government offices in North America have an Industrial Code 921110:

    Advisory commissions, executive government
    City and town managers’ offices
    County supervisors’ and executives’ offices
    Executive offices, federal, state, and local (e.g., governor, mayor, president)
    Governors’ offices
    Mayor’s offices
    President’s office, United States


  4. I left Texas after witnessing Clinton’s murderous actions at Waco. Stupid, gullible, media-programmed Texans fully supported the government’s wholly illegal and unconstitutional actions there. That was more than twenty five ago. It has only gotten worse since then.

    The house I grew up in, originally in an all white neighborhood, is now a Negro ghetto. The neighborhood where it is located is a third world mess that looks like other Negro ghettos mimicking Soweto or Haiti. Only crumbling white infrastructure remains to provide a patina of civilization. As with other third world countries, whites no longer feels safe walking through the neighborhood with smoking, drinking, curb Negroes giving them the “evil eye” as they pass by. For whites, Texas has become America’s Palestine and they are the Palestinians.

    Remember this: “Black” merely defines a color, “Negro” identifies a race.

    As I review the overall picture, I am coming to the conclusion that whites around the world are getting their just deserts. The few expectations I make are Germany that tried stopping the Jews’ global onslaught and Africa where whites tried bringing a primitive country out of the dark ages to which, thanks to Jews, it now returns.

    When one looks at British history, especially the WWII era, it’s difficult to feel any sympathy for their present plight. In grateful appreciation for being a primary force helping Jews foment and win (((their))) war, Jews have now fixed the Brits and fixed them good.

    It should be obvious to Brits what kind of “friend” they have in the Jew for whom they fought and died. But it should have been obvious just after the war in the late forties, when Jews were viciously murdering Brits in the near east to drive them out of the region.

    Funny how Brits do not grasp the implications of their history. They drove Jews out of Britain and kept them out for three hundred years. Surely there must have been another reason for this besides the Jew’s usual “anti-semitism” trope. Brits fail to understand Jews “neffer forget and neffer forgive.” The reality is even if Jews did forget and forgive, it still would not alter the fact (((they))) area a rampaging race of murdering psychopaths.

    Like most other formerly white regions, Texas is much the same story. Whites keep trying to flee the Jew terror machine with little understanding there is no place left to run in the Jew World Ordure.

    1. “Black” merely defines a color, “Negro” identifies a race.

      True, THAT!!

      Few understand that today.

      Narratives ARE controlled by jew word-changers.

    2. Let us not forget the Jewish owner of the “Wind Rush” ship who illegally brought the first wave of modern migrants to Britain’s shores. The “Wind Rush” was actually a captured German ship that had originally been built to allow German workers to take well-earned breaks. How is that for gratitude — a cynical f**k you joke to the Brits and the Germans.

    3. Lets get something straight…NOT all Texans are gullible and media-brain-washed.Ive been hip to the Jews and their game plan for about 8 years now…I spend hours a day trying to wake people up.There are just as many brain-washed Yankees as there are Texans!

      1. “There are just as many brain-washed Yankees as there are Texans!”

        And many in Texas are Yankee transplants…. mostly from Michigan!!! 🙂

      2. Pat, but not too many Texas transplants to Michigan or New York! Not voluntarily.
        I think maybe three or four..

  5. The last graphic created by Smoloko used my words from one of my many anti-Israel essays. Unfortunately Scotty Spencer (aka Smoloko.com) has disappeared and his website has been down for a couple of months.

    It is good to see a Washington insider finally coming to his senses that Amerika MUST NUKE ISRAEL if it is to survive. But will it? Of course not, Amerika is the land of pissants and whores and is willing to fight endless wars for Israel. Amerika will go bankrupt before it ever stops its insane loyalty to Jewish supremacists, and the real reason can hardly be mentioned even on this site, it is religious loyalty based on Bible text.

    Why is Trump (super Zionist whore and puppet) pulling troops from Syria? Why? He is getting ready to nuke Syria? Why? Because he is being told to do this by Bibi Netanyahu. Why? Because the United States, the vassal whore of Israel, failed to topple Assad and balkanized Syria, break it up into small manageable chunks for Jews to lord over.

    Satanyahu will never accept the end of the Greater Israel Project, so he will force the stupid Amerikan mules to nuke Syria. So notice that General Mattis, who stopped Trump from nuking Syria in the past, has now resigned. This is ominous.

    1. Yukon —

      Excellent comment. But let’s hope you’re not right about Trump leaving Syria only because he now plans to nuke it on Israel’s behalf. That would be more than ominous, it would be catastrophic. A sign that the Jews are now an unstoppably malevolent force in America, with Trump their helpless (or willing) puppet.

      According to the former poster “Lobro”, a loyal supporter of Trump, Trump is just biding his time and waiting for a suitable opportunity to pull the rug away from under the Jews and destroy Jewish power in America. Trump and Putin, according to Lobro’s optimistic theory, are in cahoots. And they have a secret understanding between them that one day they will go into action and put an end to the evil Zionists. (Including Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner and his Jewish-by-conversion daughter Ivanka and their children, all Jews by birth).

      Any tension between the US and Russia, according to Lobro, is just bogus sabre-rattling. Pure smoke and mirrors to dupe us intellectually inferior idiots who refuse, unlike Lobro, to bend the knee to Trump and accept him as the New Anti-Zionist Messiah.

      This fanciful theory has not yet been disproved and Lobro could yet be proved right, but this becomes increasingly unlikely IMO.

      1. I don’t agree with QAnon or Lobro that Trump is playing 5d chess. Trump is an idiot – just look at his tweets. He is not in charge of jack sh*t. He is just a prop on a stage, politics is theatre, like a bad Shakespeare play. Trump is an orange faced, yellowed haired ass clown, and those that think he is capable of doing anything to save Amerika from Zion are just plain wrong.

        Trump is a super Zionist whore, everything he has done so far confirms this (all his appointments Nikki Haley/Bolton et al) – even his failed wall. This guy is a just a big joke on Amerika, he has betrayed every single campaign promise and this is by design – first they sell you the candidate by saying all the right words and phrases then they pull the rug out and have their blackmailed candidate do what they want which is what Israel wants. The electorate is totally bewildered, they don’t understand the game at all.

        The same is true in Europe, take Brexit for example, Theresa May (Rothschild WHORE) has no intention of leaving the EU, she will drag it out and sabotage all attempts to leave the Rothschild Union. Same for France, Macron is 100% ROTHCHILD CUTOUT, he is against the people and they know it. That little Jew shit has no loyalty to France or anything that has to do with freedom. He wanted to create an EU army so Rothschild can attack Russia which is bucking total Jew dominance.

        I do not believe Amerika will survive without catastrophic damage. So far the Zionists have bankrupted the nation with endless aggressive wars for Israel based on 911, like USS Liberty attack, that went unprosecuted. We are so cucked that we just keep whoring without a single idea how to get free. The logical thing to do is a nuclear sneak attack on Israel and take out that little shitty nation while we still can. Get as many of them as possible, but that will never happen with Trump because he is married into the tribe. That means we are totally damned.

        Trump isn’t playing 7d, 5d, 3d, or even 1d chess. Trump is a buffoon on the first order, his staff come and go like turds being chucked by a manure spreader. He is totally clueless on how to run a government (no previous experience). He is a mob casino hotel owner, he is way out of his league, and they got him by the balls because they have dirt on him (young Ivanka?). Trump is extremely weak just like the Saker has said. He acts macho but he is very weak and timid and out to lunch, he doesn’t understand what is going on at all.

      2. A sign that the Jews are now an unstoppably malevolent force in America, with Trump their helpless (or willing) puppet.

        A sign? A SIGN!!? Surely you jest. Whadda they gotta do, put it up in flashing neon lights like a Las Vegas whore house?

        America, Jews own your ass and they will do what they damn well please with your country.

  6. If traditional Christianity had not been so corrupted by the Israel-first Christian Zionists (or is it Zionist Christians) would the total takeover of the USA by Jewish plutocrats have been possible? Evil dispensationalists like John Hagee, with his Christians United for Israel, deserve to burn in Hell. Freeing male babies from the curse of circumcision, rejected by most Christians since the time of Saint Paul, would be a first step in liberating American Gentiles from the Jews demonic grip.

  7. great article – right on time…
    dig the pic of obama running his mouth for aipac… i can’t believe a lot of people i see around still swallow that creep, especially after he was seen in africa lately speaking to a crowd of typical african peasants at the mandella party… did you hear it, his criticism of wealthy people? “how big of a house can you have”? that while him and his wife just bought one for $11,000,000… and, that particular reference is clearly aimed at white south africans… ‘can you have’ is ‘you can have’ …


    texas is generally a conservative state, always has been… and that’s good, except for the stupid part…
    i would think those types in texas swallowed the 9-11 deal as it was presented, and still have the idea that the arabs did it… if that’s what you think, as intended by the jews who actually did it, then with that many arab enemies a conservative guy from texas might fall for the israeli ally bs, the whole garbage about brave little israel standing up to the arab horde, trying to make desert bloom…
    it’s very difficult for anybody to admit he’s been fooled, especially conservatives…
    but it is even truer, that all the jewish lobbies, operating unlawfully as unregistered foreign agents, have taken control over who gets elected… the governor of texas is obviously now just another bought and paid for stooge.
    he must be…
    the jews have a good reason to be hot on the BDS thing… it’s a real threat to them, and they know it… the fact is, well organized jewish boycott activists had the fledgling nazi regime in germany all but put out of business in the years before ww2… in fact, it was only because the zionist faction working in cahoots with hitler in germany for the development of israel was able to block jewish boycott efforts that the nazis even survived…
    flopot – the usa was always a mason project… it’s common knowledge in europe that masonry is jewish… however, it wasn’t quite that cut and dried.. ‘columbus’ was sent by the spanish monarchs, catholics, enemies of the masons/jews… and his name wasn’t ‘columbus’.. the masons gave him that name after they coopted his whole adventure… i think it means ‘dove’. the dove is big in masonic symbology… christopher’s last name was “colon”… notice the usa is controlled by the district of ‘columbia’… columbia is always code for freemasonry…
    pat – the feds use the ‘interstate commerce clause’ as their excuse to stick their fingers i everything…
    but it’s basically true that the usa has become a corporation, all the divisions of government, large and small, are corporate entities, including your sheriffs department… too bad…
    yukon – the jews thought of that… supposedly, they have their nukes stashed all over the usa, ready to set off, if the us ever does come to its senses and cut them loose… it’s called the ‘sampson option’…
    folly – well said… of all the phony preachers on that whole drizzly scene hagee must be THE BIGGEST JACKASS…
    none of that christian alliance with israel bs even existed before the scoffield bible, which was written by a couple of cons…

    1. “all the divisions of government, large and small, are corporate entities, including your sheriffs department… too bad…”

      Yep! All a part of how jews got control!!!

      Sheriff is 922103 in NAICS.

      I have been distributing this info for over 20 years. The NAICS was the SIC.

      SIC: The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was originally developed in the 1930’s to classify establishments by the type of activity in which they are primarily engaged. The purpose of this task was to promote the comparability of establishment data to describe the US and Canadian Economies. The SIC has not been updated since 1987, however, the SIC system is still widely used. Some companies, such as D&B, have created their own 4 digit extension to the original SIC system as a means to update and expand the system so their Customers can more precisely define their Business Classification.

      NAICS: The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) was established in 1997 to replace the no longer sufficient SIC system. Developed in coordination with the statistical agencies of Canada and Mexico, NAICS (pronounced ‘nakes’) establishes a North American Standard that allows for a high level of comparability in business statistics among the three countries. It is the first economic classification system to be constructed based on a single economic concept.

      VERY FEW KNOW… The US was established as a municipal/public corporation from its beginning in the 18th century.

      See Black’s Law Dictionary:

      A nation state’s national law or an individual state’s internal law. The state is a part of a federation. Contrast to international law.


      The title given to a public(government) corporation (contrast a private corp publicly traded)

  8. Jewish minds are needed more than ever. Only Jews can understand the complex money systems of the modern world. Trump understands that he needs Mnuchen and other Jews to steer the American economy. There is only one hundred thousand Jews who can understand International Finance and George Soros the Yid is the best. Most Jews are not smart, but the base of not smart Jews breeds todays leaders of international finance. In an open society each Jew will have the opportunity to accumulate wealth, all wealth will naturally flow into Jewish hands. Jews will then be the paymasters, and every Goy will have a decent job.

  9. “….in fact, it was only the Zionist faction working in cahoots with Hitler..”

    Hitler working in cahoots with them doesn’t reflect fact, Bark, only your opinion. When is your writing going to reflect THAT fact?🤔

  10. Israel is an economic midget which views itself as a giant perhaps. Donaldo very rarely sees Israeli products in the market. Saw a few apples at a Walmart 15 years ago. Some cheap silver jewelry at some point. Signing a contract to not boycott Israeli goods essentially means nothing. Sign contract but don’t buy the product. Who’s going to hold a gun to a consumers head and force them to buy something. The contract is impossible to enforce. Sometimes a person has to be smart. Crafty. Lie a little. To beat Jew gotta be a little Jew. No problem. No harm done. The Goys biggest problem is his “noble” spirit which at the end of the day doesn’t serve him well. Jews are great at abstract thinking but terrible at details. The Goy should learn to exploit this. 🙂

  11. I doubt many Texans are groveling. The majority either aren’t aware or don’t give two hoots.
    Pretty much like people the world over, especially when the relative good times are rolling! And especially in Texas where they roll even harder as all those fleeing Californians stampede the place.

    Revolution based on actual need is hard enough to instill upon a population, what to say then of thrusting it upon those who are,
    as Mencken would say, “having a better time.”
    Yeah, good luck with that..

  12. It sounded to me like Putin agrees with trump on the pullout from Syria, even if his own SD did not. … we don’t have the impression Putin wants Syria nuked for the jews. . . I know it seems fantastic, that Putin and Trump could both be allied against the global Bankster deep state, just what the world needs so bad… maybe trump will nuke Syria and then putin will nuke yisrayhell…
    Pat – municipal corporations. I think it started with the vatican… that’s who put the superstitious statue on top of the capital dome, giving it, that is – DEMON-STRAT-NG its “STANDING” as owner….
    Hawk – it’s not my idea… read some books willya. . THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT. .. I think that was Lenny Brenner, a jew…. he’s got that whole story in lots of detail…

    1. Bark

      Don’t tell me to read some books as if to say said reading will enlighten me. Ever here of “reading between the lines” brutha?

      Yea OF COURSE I know of the transfer agreement. But what you’re missing has everything to do with exactly what it is between those lines, and that but is INTENT, as in considerations of the long term, with the example under our mutual scrutiny concerning Hitler and his understanding of what was in the best interests of Europe in general, and Germany in particular, of which the first priority was to create a new “Pale of the Settlement.”

      Hitler thought he was in a position of strength where he was the one calling all the shots, but in keeping with the nature of long-standing methods of duplicity AS REFLECTED IN THE PROTOCOLS* ,little did he know what (((they))) had in store

      *You’re still not grasping the power of their hold over writers who only THINK they know all there is to know

      1. As I wrote earlier in my comments, think of the matroesjka puppets when you are dealing with the jews. Deception, deception, deception etc

    2. Bark –

      “…started with Vatican..”

      I would not doubt that. All governments are municipal corporations. Even the Vatican. 🙂

      UNITED STATES CODE, Title 28, 3002(15)(A) —
      “The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a State” (NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287). Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. 1785.

      The United States of America is a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property.1 Marsh. Dec. 177, 181. …but it is proper to observe that no suit can be brought against the United States without authority of law. Bouvier’s Law , 5 definition of United States.

  13. Considering how generously America has treated the Jews, their takeover of the country and their flooding of it with colored immigrants has been an immense betrayal. According to Lindemann, a Jew very loyal to his people, America was known to the American Jewish community as a place where there was hardly any anti-Semitism. They called it their “exceptional nation,” according to Lindemann.

    Okay, they have betrayed our trust in a major league way. But the ball game is not over. Jewish power has become so great that it has become evident. It used to be they were a Hidden Hand. For 4,000 years they have been a Hidden Hand. But that has changed. The Hidden Hand is no longer hidden. There is hope, for sure. If the White Americans pull together, they can beat the Jew. Can the White Americans pull together? They have been betrayed and it has very recently become obvious.

  14. I would have thought that this law would be struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstutional, as being against the First Amendment. Has it been appealed?

    President Trump’s weird behaviour is the main cause of the current stock market crash. The Nasdaq is already in bear territory at 22% down. The Dow is nearly there at 16% down. Market crashes usually lead to recession-slump.

    Whose side is the government on? The economy is doing fine with full employment. It looks as though this is a manufactured crash, and will allow those with plenty of money ( banks) to buy stocks cheap

    1. And it is not because stocks had become too expensive. The average P/E ratio (Price to earnings) is now 15.6, which is a modest average over many years.

    2. John –
      The stock markets are rigged casinos in favor of the financial criminals, the thieves in 3-piece suits. The swings are rigged!! Those casinos never indicate a country’s economic/financial facts. The Wall Street Journal is a “YUGE” stock form, akin to a horse racing form. “Place you bets!!” 🙂

  16. As bad as this is – and it’s really bad – what’s even worse IMO is teflon-don-the-con-man’s plan to abandon the INF treaty with Russia (a move which is apparently happening without any serious political opposition).

    Vladimir Putin demonstrates to the elders and their loyal servants that their dream of subjugating Russia is pure delusion, and what do they do? They escalate. Russia has apparently been trying to get the perfidious presidential poseur to sit down and negotiate – in an effort to peacefully resolve the issue of intermediate range nuclear missiles in Europe (among other things) – but no. Instead, the naked orange pseudo-emperor and his handlers are serially manufacturing any crises they can “think” of to prevent any meaningful rapprochement with Russia and/or China, thereby holding every living thing in the whole world a hostage to the satanists’ hopeless delusion of complete world domination and control.

    I often wonder what the Russian leadership must be thinking at this point in time, and I believe it must be something like this: “Let’s see, they’re probably 10 to 20 years behind in missile, missile defense, and EW technology; their “missile defense system” is obsolete; their navy is completely vulnerable to our hypersonic missiles and therefore obsolete; their air force and their antiquated tomahawk cruise missiles are vulnerable to our state-of-the-art air defense systems; we can easily take out the satellites that they would depend on in any war; their country is morally, politically and economically bankrupt and literally falling apart…and now they want to start an arms race? No wonder they want to abandon the INF treaty; apparently their last hope of subjugating Russia is to surround Russia with nuclear armed cruise missiles and then demand surrender.”

    As I see it, if orange clown follows through and starts surrounding Russia with even more cruise missiles, all the other issues will quickly become moot.


    From the beneficence of my heart I just want to wish everyone a ¡Wonderful! Christmas time. May everyone have a Merry Christmas and may Santa Claus leave a brand new BLUE plastic shower curtain for Lasha under her Tannenbaum tree. 🙂

  18. hawk – you have to read the books first, before you can read between the lines… just sayin…
    the partnership the zionists had with the nazis should be a big story…
    they were the ones who kept the rest of the world’s jews from boycotting the nazis out of business…
    the german zionists were only about 3% of the jewish population in germany..
    the german nazis were only about 3% of the german population..
    do you hear any bells ringing bro?
    the zionists were partners with the nazis all through the conflict, if not the thing itself…
    their buddy hitler ruined germany, and escaped at the end… the jews got everything they wanted from ww2..
    isreal is a nazi country…
    these are my opinions… i understand i don’t know for sure…
    i do believe that most of history as we’ve been taught is wrong, like the bit about columbus, i’m sure you’d agree on that…

    1. you could be right. Hitler is, was a mistery. Many contradictions and strange decisions, was surrounded with too many people of jewish origin. Something is not being told by the jews. Read Greg Hallett, Hitler was a british agent. This book is diificult to buy, censorship? His supposed suicide or escape?

      Hitler hired gun, double agent for the zionist jews?

    2. I’ve heard all the ringing bells, Bark. You must have missed my post a while back where I wrote about the grandfather of a good friend of mine who was a member of the Abwehr, and had first hand information regarding the sabotage of German Intel that served as the dagger that stabbed Germany in the back YET AGAIN! He “disappeared” soon thereafter and the family never found out ANYTHING about what happened to him. Sound familiar?

      As far as I’m concerned, Hitler tried to SAVE Germany. It was (((you know who))) that ruined it.

      1. The story as told to me was that shortly before his disappearance my friend’s grandfather told his son (her father) that Bormann was the Zionist traitor orchestrating events. The scuttlebutt was that this reflected Hitler’s fatal flaw – misplaced and more importantly DEVOTED loyalty to a subordinate, which blinded him throughout the entire course of the war. This helps explain why he was dismissive of those who had his ear telling him to be suspicious of Bormann Human nature suggests dat* river in Africa when it comes to hearing the truth

        *De Nile

  19. I have heard stories of Bormann being a traitor…But I thought he was working for the Russians…Was he a crypto-Jew??

  20. when we say ‘russians’ we mean ‘jewish zionist bolsheviks’, also a very small minority of utterly ruthless and murderous antifa-type thugs, totally financed and reinforced from new york city, the jew-ish communist headquarters of the world..
    the real russians were placed in combat against the german invaders by joseph (dguashvili-jew) stalin to be slaughtered off on purpose, the same way the real germans were likewise juxtaposed by the adolf (rothschild?) hitler for the same purpose…
    “don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters”…

  21. I believe that Hitler was connected with the Zionists. But in no way do I doubt his sincerity a German nationalist.

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