Thailand: A Good Country for Old White Men

By PETER CLARK via Truthseeker

Some of the attractions of life in Thailand.

White males may escape persecution and insanity in the West and spend their remaining years in a humane environment, says  Peter Clark. After 15 years, he is still congratulating himself on his move. 

Bangkok – If you remember what life in America was like, 30-40 years ago, there is at least one country where it is possible to live today in similar safety and comfort. The country is Thailand. I’ve been living in Thailand nearly 15 years. I’m a retired business owner from Midwest USA. Over age 70 now. 

Stay or Flee from the “Homeland”?

With problems in the “homeland” getting worse, I decided to escape while escape was still possible. That decision has vastly increased liberty and comfort and safety in my daily life. Plus provided a level of respect that has disappeared for white men in the USA today.

To escape from what?

• From government intrusion into every corner of life in the name of “security”.
• From government laws and regulations that choke off every avenue of individual initiative, from running a small business to growing vegetables in one’s own yard.
• From “empowered” attitudes of various “minority” groups (which I don’t need to name).

With comfort:

Here in Thailand, I live in a middle-class style similar to the USA 30-40 years ago, with all modern conveniences: high-speed Internet and shopping malls, air-conditioning and Uber cars. Plus familiar foods like rib-eye steak, fish tacos, apple pie, and Haagen Dazs ice cream.

Along with a wide range of services like restaurant delivery and maid service, Uber has not only eliminated my need to own a car, but Uber delivers meals, too. The best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten, are delivered from a local restaurant by Uber in Bangkok. As for my maid, she washes and irons clothes, cleans the bathroom, dusts furniture, sweeps and mops the floors, washes any dishes I’ve left in the sink and, yes, she does windows.

Capable doctors and dentists are available quickly. When I needed a kidney stone removed, I called one of the major hospitals in Bangkok for an appointment. “You can come in right after lunch,” said the receptionist. “The urologist is available anytime after 1:00 o’clock this afternoon.” When I arrived about 12:45, the urologist was sitting in his office waiting for me. He removed the kidney stone (by ultrasound) and I was back home a few hours later. Can you expect that kind of medical care where you are now?

Government here:

In daily life, I encounter virtually no interference from government at all. Rarely do I even see a policeman, and then just one, directing traffic in front of the neighborhood school on weekday afternoons.

Here’s just one example of “security” here: The inter-city bus station has luggage inspection machines that look – at first glance — like airport inspection machines, but they don’t inspect anything! The “machines” are merely large plywood boxes, painted white, with a conveyor belt inside. On the front, an array of colored lights. That’s all. No X-ray scanner, no display screen, and no inspectors!

When a bus departure is announced, an employee presses a button that starts the conveyor and turns on the colored lights. Some passengers put their luggage on the belt, then walk 15 feet to the other end and pick up their luggage. No shoes off. No keys and coins out of pockets. No wands beeping over belt buckles. None of that. Other passengers simply walk right on past, taking their luggage out to the bus. No one stops them. And other people walk out with departing family and friends, and then walk back in again, after saying goodbye next to the bus. Nobody demands to see ID. Very relaxed in all directions. In Thailand, response to government mandates is not always just a “show” like that, but it often is.

What about government-enforced political correctness; fear of saying the wrong word about the wrong minority group, or immigrant group, or sexual pervert group? There is a bit of political correctness here, but very little. Bosses still flirt with office girls, and some office girls flirt with the bosses. I sometimes flirt with waitresses, and some flirt back with me. (Not all.) That kind of light-hearted banter disappeared in the USA many years ago, but here it is still considered just light-hearted fun.

Voltaire wrote, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” That applies here, too, but only on one very specific and limited topic. It is not a problem, unless someone decides to make a problem.

What I do see here is a high level of politeness and respect in most public and social interaction. Not everywhere, and not all the time, but most of the time. As an older, white man, I appreciate that.

On the other hand:

Of course, this is not paradise. There are nasty people everywhere, including here. For example, little bombs are quite popular in the Muslim regions. Sometimes the news reports a rape. There are some burglary and a bit of pickpocketing, but armed robbery is very rare. here is no “knock out game”. There are no gangs on the rampage in shopping malls.

Depending on the mood of the government, there will be some “riots”, but the rioters are hired and paid by opposing politicians, and riots are scheduled and announced in advance and confined to certain areas. Easy to avoid those areas.

Of course, some foreigners here think “fun” is going to the red-light areas late at night, getting drunk, and stumbling around the dark streets. There’s no antidote for that kind of thinking.

On the other hand, how about a picnic in the park? Not a lot of parks, but some; enough. Picnic any day of the week in comfort and safety. How about public spaces like malls? The worst annoyance may be a few middle age women talking loudly on their mobile phones. What about the subway or sky train in the big city of Bangkok? Well, you might be crowded by a group of university girls, with their characteristic short skirts and tight blouses. But no danger, because they’re only interested in their mobile phones, not old men.

Overall, for someone who fondly remembers a life in America in days gone by, a life that was safe, comfortable, and (mostly) free from interference by The State, living in Thailand today is a very good option.

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via Truthseeker

Peter Clark is a retired, American, business founder-owner. He says, “I grew up in the Middle West, in the middle-fifties, in the middle class ― and I still hold those values.” He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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  1. Thanks for putting this up Lasha. I must confess I’m in full agreement ith the author. I’ve lived here full time since 1987, although I fell in love with the country in 1975, during my first visit, a couple of months before Saigon fell. Peter Clark is just one of many old white men who’ve made their home here. Hordes of retired vets from Nam sickened by their treatment back in the US. Brits, Germans, Aussies, Kiwis, Japanese and even Chinese retire here.
    One facet of life in Thailand that I find attractive is the innate politeness of Thais. Speak softly, never lose your temper, as Thais regard that as a form of insanity. Old age is respected, unlike the West with its worship of the millennials as the generation that is going to lead humanity into a golden age. No thanks.
    As they used to say in South Africa and Rhodesia during the good old days, Europe is no place for a white man. Looking at the way the US is going, according to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, it doesn’t appear to be a country for any real male any more.

    1. @ Felix

      I have yet to find my Shangri-La… my Cloud Cuckoo Land. 🙂
      I wish I could find this Utopian country somewhere.
      So far it’s just an idle daydream . . .

      I always remember Sartre’s caveat: “Hell is other people.”

      1. Lasha,
        There are some very nice bucolic areas of Thailand up around Nong Khai on the Mekong River bordering Laos. If you like rivers that’s the place. Vientiane is just across the river and the Laotians still know how to bake delicious French bread which they learned from the French. Laos is so laid back it makes the Mexican manana look hectic!

  2. The whole of the 48 contiguous USA – America – has become one giant government controlled camp. Written permission – via documents – is required to leave it.

    The ‘wall’ on the southern border will help keep folks inside the camp.

    Not good for old white men.

    But, no matter where ya go… there ya are… 🙂

  3. How much money per year do you need to keep you in a decent lifestyle? Say, in Thailand? How many US dollars per month or per year would you need?

    1. “How many US dollars per month or per year would you need?” That would depend on one’s “needs”. Peter Clark, the guy who wrote the article, apparently doesn’t need a car, uses Uber. I recently looked at rental housing in Thailand. While it’s cheap compared to where I live, it’s not as cheap as I’d hoped, but I was looking at a beach area that’s popular with tourists. Food can be quite cheap if cooked at home, not so inexpensive if one’s tastes run to lobster and steak. Per capita GDP in Thailand is just under 19K; in the US it’s just under 62K. As noted in the article, Thailand has modern amenities and conveniences. It’s not a third world sh**hole where “life is cheap”, but it also isn’t a first world sh**hole where rootless cosmopolitan globalists are driving the replacement of first world Europeans with “empowered” third world populations.

      1. Bring enough white men with a sense of entitlement – and no identity other than wanting to live cheaply in peace – to Thailand, and it will soon turn into a third world sh**hole where life is cheap.

      2. Wyandotte
        It isn’t only old white men who retire to Thailand. I know some old white women as well. Also happily married western couples. As I said it isn’t only westerners, Chinese and Japanese. I am even acquainted with a Chinese member of the Communist Party who has retired here with his wife. And if your ancestors hadn’t “deserted their posts” in Europe, North America would never have been populated with whites. Think about that!
        So Americans and Canadians are the progeny of losers according to your logic.

      3. @Felix.

        ” And if your ancestors hadn’t “deserted their posts” in Europe, North America would never have been populated with whites. Think about that! So Americans and Canadians are the progeny of losers according to your logic.”

        I don’t completely disagree with that statement. Yes, Europeans should have stayed home and solved their problems over there. You running off to an oriental land is even more sickening because you don’t see the difference between: (A) Europeans, from 16th to 19th centuries, going thru hell to build a functioning and desirable society right from the ground up, with their own two hands, under extreme circumstances – and (B) anyone, of any race, running off to someone else’s society to bask in the sun after your own society went to hell on YOUR watch.

        What is the difference between self-indulgent baby boomers running off after they have fowled their own nest – and the millions of third worlders lining up to get here? Do you think the Thais, when push comes to shove as surely it will, are going to hold still for a bunch of decrepit foreigners slowly replacing themselves? LOL!

        Do you people think that having “served” in the US and other western armed forces was some sort of contribution to the world? Busting up other people’s lands when you/they had no right to go there in the first place is not my idea of morality deserving of pensions, free or low-cost everything and public adulation.

        My ancestors who traveled here after much suffering received nothing from anyone. You just want to swan into a fully formed society that on the surface appears nice ‘n’ clean. But simmering under the surface of your petty comforts is a place no different – and arguably worse – than the dissolute one you thought you could run from. Do some reading on social and economic problems in your “shangri la”. And you think you can forever avoid the barely-hidden ugliness of the society where you’ve planted yourself by just avoiding the overcrowded, obviously degenerate areas.

        You know what healthy white societies, in the early days, did to deserters, don’t you?

      4. Wyandotte,
        I left my country when I was 9, so it wasn’t like I was running off! I’ve lived in Asia since 1973, a time when Europe and the US were still ascendant. I wanted a life of adventure and travel, and also to learn about other cultures. Why would any sane person choose to remain in such a stultifying environment. Quite frankly the West isn’t worth saving. The broad mass of the people are racially and biologically degenerate subhumans. This is shown by the calibre of politician they have and by the level of their political discourse.
        An Einsatzgruppen going through their societies would not be amiss.
        May I also point out that there are many young Americans and Europeans living and working all over Asia. They come here because the American dream is dead and they seek opportunities no longer available in the US, where you have about 90 million people existing outside the work force. Go to shadow stats, that’s where you’ll see the real statistics regarding the US economy. Not the lies pumped out by your government. I put it to you that the reason for your reluctance to travel is because you’re set in your ways and dislike change. I can understand that, but don’t knock people who like travel. They’re the type that builds empires!

      5. Wyandotte,
        Furthermore, “Do some reading on the political and social problems of your “Shangri La”. That’s your problem, the reading you’ve done is by NWOists like the BBC, Guardian, NYT and NGO’s funded by US terrorist organisations like NED, CIA and State Department. Yes, Thailand has problems, like the terrorist bombing of the Erawan Shrine which killed a score or more and seriously maimed a hundred or more innocent men, women and children. It was carried out by a CIA and NATO proxy from Turkey, the Grey Wolves.
        And if I may say so you are talking like a communist North Korean when you talk about healthy white societies treatment of deserters.

    2. Harry,
      If you’re over 55 you can get a retirement visa for one year, renewable annually without having to leave the country. You must have a bank deposit of Baht 800,000, about $25,000 or certified income of about $2,000 per month. If you stay away from Bangkok and live away from the tourist areas like Pattaya, you can live very well on that. I have friends who live comfortably on about $1,000 per month.
      I don’t recommend mail order brides, they’re too much trouble. If you want a good woman in Thailand don’t get a bargirl. There are about a million more women than men in Thailand and there are many opportunities to meet decent middle aged attractive women in their 40s or 50s. My wife is 62 and I am 67. Also about 200,000 of the men are in the monkhood and about another 10% are sexually otherwise. 80% of doctors are now female 20 years ago it was the other way around. In fact I’ve had a female urologist check me out. And many of the doctors attend courses in the US, so many of them have passed the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Exam) Ditto for dentists.

      1. @FELIX. Quite right! my good man. In the between of here and perusing elsewhere, good Canadians also set me straight. With a remarkable image (blood vessels of an arm and hand), Noor al Haqiqa ( turned me on to another excellent site, 90 Miles from Tyranny ( Mike Miles’ collection of pictures of “Guns with Girls” — ooopsie! got it backwards, I mean “Girls with Guns”) — trump (!) the picture (LD?) provided of girls ostensibly from Thailand! (I wonder in passing, does Mike Miles have any “genealogical” relation to Miles Mathis??)

        Perhaps, in the near infinitely improbable eventuality, UPS or FedEx could handle delivery of a gun-loving gal for a gun-totting man in his late 70s. 🙂 In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, I too shall stay here in the former republic USoA, having long ago drawn a line in the sand between freedom (my side) and tyranny, Hegelian dialectics be damned.

  4. Did mods just add words to my comment ( and make it better ) , or are the pain killers I am on , totally messing my mind up?.
    No , I am sure its was the former, thanks mods, but you will make me ( even more ) lazy.

  5. Notwithstanding an extremely low likelihood of my dear wife’s passing on before I do — I have an eight-year headstart toward my mortal end, looming larger as I enter my eighth decade on the planet — may I ask a question, too? Does Thailand (still?) allow mail-order brides?

    1. Carnaptious
      Where do this creatures come from? I’m so glad I don’t have too much longer to live. Where have all the old decencies gone?

    2. @Carnaptious Dare one venture to opine, or to declare, to assert, to represent as fact and|or supportable, evidence-based theory, if not self-verifiable a la Godel, the following.

      One man’s decency is another’s perversion.

      1. If it’s true that “One man’s decency is another’s perversion” then this from one of your earlier posts “having long ago drawn a line in the sand between freedom (my side) and tyranny, Hegelian dialectics be damned.” is nonsense. Logic / reason is a harsh mistress.

      2. @Carnaptious You wrote: If it’s true that “One man’s decency is another’s perversion” then this from one of your earlier posts “having long ago drawn a line in the sand between freedom (my side) and tyranny, Hegelian dialectics be damned.” is nonsense. Logic / reason is a harsh mistress.

        I think “logic” and “reason” — if espoused as a valid, to-be-preferred ruler of human rhetorical interaction if not actual experience (cf. Jonas Alexis), or as “evolved” from axiomatic sciences and wannabe scientific philosophies — are overrated. Has anyone, scientist or philosopher, presented more powerfully or succinctly, this guidance:
        When logic and proportion
        Have fallen sloppy dead
        And the White Knight is talking backwards
        And the Red Queen’s off with her head
        Remember what the dormouse said
        Feed your head
        There comes a time, as Neil Young so plaintively sings still in cyberspace, one takes a side, knowing full well the battle played out (just like the atrociously long Indian tale), one way or the other, takes place in a domain of delusion, a “dream”, not Reality as IT is.

        Any nonsense in pointing out “mirror images” generated in Mind by beLIEf-held values, dictated or, by recipe, cooked up by PTB, any choice one makes despite knowing the dialectic in play, does not necessarily constitute contradiction or delusion. A funny thing about “statistics”, in which I also reveled and applied: Correlation does not necessarily imply causation; causation necessarily implies correlation. You can do amazing work (data analysis) investigating and realizing causal connections with observational data. Alert human beings do it all the time, without formal training in statistics, science, or philosophy!

      3. @ AD

        “I think “logic” and “reason” — if espoused as a valid, to-be-preferred ruler of human rhetorical interaction if not actual experience (cf. Jonas Alexis), or as “evolved” from axiomatic sciences and wannabe scientific philosophies — are overrated. ”

        If logic and reason “are overrated”, then the rest of your comment, which appears to be based on some kind of logic / reason, is just blather.

      4. @Carnaptious [11 letters, O I SCAN TRAP U — just a bit of fun here, like gematria, numerology, and, as once featured more prominently on, David Oates’ “backward speech” explorations and findings, all very logical and reasonable, do you not think?]:
        One man’s authoritative, educative, knowledgeable blatherings are another’s erudite wisdom teachings.
        10-4 for now, thank you, O I SCAN TRAP U, for responding so gentlemanly. I appreciate being part of this wonderful forum, an oasis in Cyberspace. GOD willing, and Admin watching, I shall not poop on your lawn!

      5. @AD,

        Thanks for O I SCAN TRAP U! 🙂 I’ll have to add that to my profiles on a couple of social media sites where, among other things, I post (or plan to post / write) about logic, reason, and violations of those concepts.

        Thank you for your gentlemanly participation in the comment section here at Darkmoon. I enjoy reading your comments, so I hope you still have a decade or two left to keep offering them.

        I recognize that the rigorous application of logic and reason can sometimes produce results that are less than satisfactory from the viewpoint of humans who have thoughts and feelings that stubbornly refuse to comply with “rules” of logic or reason. Nonetheless, I consider logic and reason to be strongly associated with truth, while others see truth, logic and reason as more malleable concepts.

        “For us, (Poles)” Zielinski said. “the truth corresponds to facts. For the Jew, truth means something that conforms to his understanding of what’s beneficial. If a Jew is religious, then truth means something God wants.”

        Zielinski added that for non-religious Jews, “the truth is subjective or whatever serves Israel’s interests.” In support of his view Zielinski cited the Haggadah — a text read by Jews at the Passover Seder, which contains the story of the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. “Often these stories have nothing to do with facts.” [and openly defy logic and / or reason] Source

      6. @Allen “One man’s decency is another’s perversion.”
        If you’re not just joking and by this you actually believe in moral relativism, i.e. that there is no objective good or evil except what each person freely chooses to be good or evil, then that would not just be disingenuously self-contradictory but when widely believed and acted upon would be suicidal for any community of persons, whether it be a marriage or a whole society or culture. Sadly we see the effects of this belief all around us. The evil oligarchs who rule over us want us to be moral relativists to more easily control, corrupt, and manipulate us, and they themselves believe that truth is the opinion of the powerful, which is to say themselves, and their dictates are an expression of their “truth”.

      7. @Darrell March 3-11-2018
        I not beLIEve in “moral relativism”. Nor do I subscribe to a Talmudic interplay of “opposites” for fun, profit, and obfuscation. I meant the humorless quip “One man’s decency is another’s perversion” more in the spirit of “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” — the evaluative judgement a function of one’s values, however accrued or espoused, however tightly held, whatever the justification.

        Nonetheless, and you are quite right (!) to call me out on this, I also do not beLIEve in “objective good or evil”. Like my playing of the guitar, I have remained at best in the mid-ranks of those who study and debate philosophy, religion, and spirituality. Cutting to the chase, I have no busyness [sic] standing at a podium in formal debate on this and related topics! I lack training in both Logic and accepted principles of Reason, though I have long practiced “spiritual disciplines”.

        I do hold the beLIEf in GOD, the Creator of ALL, the SELF within, the Self to which human beings seem to have greater and more direct access than other creatures — though I think that remains arguable to the extreme. Given a limited array of choices for a label, I might opt for “pantheist”. I have greater interest in that which I call “spiritual” than I do religion, politics, and social psychology. As the Quakers say, “that of GOD in every man”. As Jesus taught, the kingdom of GOD within.

        I do not know how well the following assertion will pass before a Jonas Alexis — or, here, O I SCAN TRAP U [! 🙂 ] for lawful logic and robed reason. I fear the worst! Nevertheless, I offer this up for scrutiny: If GOD is Perfect, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, and if GOD is Creator of ALL, then ALL is Perfect.

        We humans have the mental capacity and emotional drive to typologize without apology. Perhaps due to our genetics, thus our biology and, especially, our neurology, SEPARATION is the bedrock of our experience, our ways of thinking, the kinds of beLIEf systems we formulate and formalize. Yet, ALL is GOD, ALL is ONE. Resolving all the contradictions with a self-validating, axiomatic system of thought and thought-up principles appears hopeless, foolish, and doomed to failure. Take, for example, a “two-sided piece of paper”. Ignore for the moment the finite, measurable, if conceptually “negligible” dimension of “thickness of paper”. One one side, “The statement on the other side of this slip of paper is FALSE”. On the other side, “The statement on the other side of this slip of paper is TRUE.” Ignoring the dimension of “thickness of paper” leads to this kind of mental conundrum in certain “schools” of Logic. So it is, I assert, with notions of “good” and “evil”.

      8. @Alan Donelson

        One of the “proofs” in a course on mathematical logic I took while at uni was that a three “O” god – Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, – either doesn’t exist or isn’t 3 “O”. A two “O” god is logically possible, but not a three “O” god. That was the logical conclusion from a set of premises that were assumed to be true. If one of the premises was in fact false, then the “proof” may also be false.

        The possible failure of formal logic lies here: “In order to know the truth value of the proposition which results from applying an operator to propositions, all that need be known is the definition of the operator and the truth value of the propositions used.” In short, faulty premises lead to faulty conclusions.

        Jonas Alexis is, among other things, a teacher of formal logic, which helps to understand why he frequently writes about logical fallacies, logical conclusions, and has relatively low tolerance for those who violate the rules of logic. I claim no great expertise. I did take a few courses in formal logic because it is related to computer programming, and thought by some to be the key to Artificial Intelligence.

        I will note that logical “proofs” aside, both Jonas Alexis and I believe in a higher power, though we differ on details.

      9. @O I SCAN TRAP U 13-3-2018 = 13-3-11= 9 (interesting, if not nasty day, numerologically) The application of “logical systems” to ascertain — REASONABLY?? — the existence of “GOD with 3-O attributes” seems to me, on its surface, ludicrous. I shall look into this with faint hope and get back to you for scanning and possible entrapment. 😉
        GOD, I know (really know), has great amusement in all matters “human”, perhaps a greater degree of hilarity with logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, and lower life forms (scientists and engineers, in that order).
        Get thee to a nunnery! Read Thomas Merton’s book that John Kaminski recommended. I shall! A return to roots of the 1960s! (My wife of 30 years [duration of marriage, not age of body!] used to say that I lived in a “60s bubble”. She had it right then. Sounds about right to me now!)
        Read any of the many books Alan Watts wrote, a shepherd of Zen into our sickened and dying culture even then! The marriage of “East” and “West”, seems to me, was a last ring tossed to us, drowning as we were and still do, a rope attached to haul us into shore. Wooden Ships, indeed! (Thnx David Crosby, GOD bless you).

      10. O as in Opulence, of which there are six.

        “The word bhagavān is explained thus by Parāśara Muni: one who is full in six opulences, who has full strength, full fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty and renunciation, is Bhagavān, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

        SB 1.3.36

  6. I suppose that if an American man had a few contacts and a little wherewithal, he can entertain useless, “golden” years in Thailand. However, an American man of means and ability realizes his place is AT HOME, offering significance to his life, and stability to his family and country. A patriot does not abandon his post.
    The last article, here, at Darkmoon, is suggestive of the POSSIBILITIES yet here, in America. Yes, it may be “wishful thinking”, but I KNOW there still exist men-of-substance, here, in America – and I, for one, intend to stay here and help!

    1. Gilbert
      You have a point, however what do you say to men who’ve served their country in combat and are treated like Shxt by their government? Not only in the States but in the UK as well. I have a former colleague who later joined the RAF he is now running a charity in the UK taking care of ex-servicemen living in poverty. I believe the same sort of thing happens in the States. Homeless vets! What does that say about the government? Loyalty is a two way street. Once a country abandons its vets and takes up treachery as its creed, it no longer deserves loyalty. And what do say to the men of the USS Liberty who had 34 fellow crew members murdered by the Israelis with US government connivance and failure to exact revenge?

      1. There isn’t a damn thing I could do to help if I resided in Thailand, though, Felix. FYI, there are many good men and women who STAYED here (thank God), and they are vigilant for the rest of us who wish to stay informed (veterans such as yourself, Felix). By far, most of them are treated well. Some are overrated, and will admit it. While I have nothing against anyone for wanting to go someplace to more fully enjoy his elder leisure, I have to say that we need the good ones here, at home. Although I, myself, will not run for political office, now, I DO know worthy individuals (veterans and others) who will and CAN make a significant, positive effort to mend our republic. I can, at least, stay here and help. 🙂

      2. @ Felix

        “…what do you say to men who’ve served their country in combat and are treated like Shxt by their government?”

        Ask God for forgiveness, expect nothing from those (government) that can only take, and move on with your life as best as you can.

        @ Gilbert Huntly

        I agree. If all wisdom flees, then things are truly hopeless. Besides, I get 10% off my Glenlivet at the local bottle shop because I’m a vet. 🙂

  7. This article should be sent to Belgian men in particular… and maybe to men in France.!! 🙂

    Belgium’s ‘hate laws’ are even worse than in America.!!

    Man becomes first person convicted of sexism under new Belgian law
    Tuesday 6 March 2018

    Driver who told female police officer she should do a woman’s job will be jailed if he fails to pay fine.,!!

    A man has been convicted of sexism in a public place for the first time under a new law in Belgium.

    A court in Brussels fined him €3,000 for insulting a police officer because of her gender, Le Soir reported.

    [ —Et tu, Gallia??!!— 🙂 ]
    It comes as France prepares to create an offence of street harassment, described as “sexist and sexual outrage”.

      1. Pat! I didn’t know there were any white women that GODDAM STUPID! !!
        (I’m surprised Tucker could keep a straight face interviewing that dingy bitch!)

      2. @GH

        The loonie lefty Cathy Areu also wants to delete and replace the words man or male wherever they occur. (Areu starts about 45 seconds in. video is 6.23 mins, but first 45 secs on Justin Trudeau are amusing)

        Carlson has a hard time holding back his contempt / scorn, doesn’t entirely succeed. I’m a little surprised he asked Areu back on his show. Then again, it probably helps to “red pill” folks when they see the kind of nitwits and half-baked nonsense the left / progressives take seriously.

      3. @Pat
        Haha very funny video. At 31.10mins after posing his ‘open door for women?’ point, Tucker lets slip a micro expression in the form of a smile, made me laugh. He finishes well with his ‘Cathy Areu prison’ jibe, which she completely missed 😉

  8. Off topic, so I will keep it short.
    UK, Independent on line , ( ex newspaper )
    Putin on Russian interference in US election
    ” maybe it was the Jews “.

    1. Pat,
      Ms. Areu seemed confused. What a man-hater! Basically these Zios want to criminalize “anything.” Thats where its going. If an old White man wants to live in comfort, Thailand sounds good. Iived there in the 80’s and 90’s. I speak, read and write the language fluently. I would recommend a certain mastery of the language for anyone who wants to live there. Speaking the language allowed me to live with the common people on a shoe-string budget and avoid hyper-inflated tourist areas. Hamburgers? Nah. Tradicional Thai food was cheap and the best in the World. Also, Thai women are quite beautiful but they dont kiss on the mouth. Its a cultural thing. However during those years, I did get a few kisses “south of the border.” 🙂

  9. Why are you guys afraid of speaking the truth? Don’t delete my comment just because you are afraid of the truth.

    Thailand is nice…because there are NO JEWS OR NEGROES. And the same applies to any such countries or cities around the world. Many parts of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have very few negroes, and consequently are civilized and functional.

    Just remember guys, even as you read this, the Jews are engaging in intimate relations with negroes, and continue with their plan to ship the negroes everywhere. Always, always, always keep in mind that the Jews and negroes are in cahoots. Lose sight of that for even a moment, and you’ll lose sight of the truth.

    1. @ Dolph

      Why are you guys afraid of speaking the truth? Don’t delete my comment just because you are afraid of the truth.

      Admin has every right to delete your comment for suggesting that Admin is “afraid of the truth”. What gives you the right to order Admin around, you insolent asshole?

      1. If I remember correctly, you are the redneck racist creep who likes referring to all blacks as “n1ggers” even though you have been asked politely by Admin not to do so. If you are not prepared to observe the rules of this website, which are reasonable, I suggest you find some other coarse and brutal website on which to post your potty-mouthed comments.

    2. They’re ” shipping ” the refugee ” negroes ” out of the Zionist entity, against international law, so it’s not quite a love in.

  10. BTW, the article is a lighthearted account of life in Thailand.

    This is not the place to vent your spleen against Jews and negroes.

    Jews and negroes weren’t even mentioned once in the article.

    1. Whether your apologetic assitude agrees, or not, Jews and negroes are the bigger parts of all the social problems in the world. Therefore, mentioning them IS pertinent, Bradley Arnold.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I sympathize with your viewpoint. You are correct to say that it iS pertinent to mention Jews and negroes as causing many problems, particularly in America. But Bradley Arnold has a right to get upset with this character called Dolph for two reasons:

        (1) In making his point, Dolph was openly insolent to Admin by telling Admin not to delete his comment, suggesting Admin would otherwise be guilty of censorship. This is not the way to speak to Admin, hectoring and blackmailing Admin into publishing his comment, issuing threats.

        (2) Dolph is a redneck racist who has referred to “n1ggers” before and had his comment deleted because the use of the n-word is forbidden on his website. LD herself made that rule and insists it should be obeyed. She’s a lady and feels quite rightly that all such locker room gutter language should be banned from this website, and I agree with her 100 percent. Kevin MacDonald wouldn’t allow the n-word to be used one his website, nor would such a word be allowed on ANY other respectable website you care to name. So let’s be nice and polite and civilized, OK?

        # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “nigra”, “baboon”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike” and “yid” should be avoided at all times. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. So please STOP using these terms!

  11. DOLPH is correct hitting the nail on the head. “Thailand is nice…because there are NO JEWS OR NEGROES.”
    This is not be be racially prejudiced but to practice culturalism – rejection of Talmudic filth and tribalism/apparent impossibility to keep one’s pants up.

    However, I would have explained it in terms of many SE Asian countries being natural societies. So far, not mortally infected by Electronic Jew or Culturally Marxist legislation, in particular “family law”. But of course this is changing. I know in Malaysia they bandy about 80% of children being abused by disinterested third-parties, that is to say, 80% of women being in the workplace. Of course there are necessary circumstances whereby a woman will work and a man look after the children, but it is not natural or desirable.

    So, the combination of Electronic Jew, NGO’s and globalism WILL destroy these places. It is just a matter of time. Except perhaps for leading Facebook nation and infantile public television nation: Indonesia, where Islam may prevent it.

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      DOLPH is correct hitting the nail on the head. “Thailand is nice…because there are NO JEWS OR NEGROES.”

      Please read my comment above, addressed to Gilbert Huntly. Dolph may be right to make that point, but not to give Admin insolent aggression in the process.

  12. What bothers me, are reports of Westerners emigrating to Thailand for the purpose of having a relationship with Thai women from a position of power. For me, blood is the holy grail, and I will never spoil it. This is the theme that run through the books of Saint Loup, the pseudonym of Marc Augier. If you break this rule, it will be the end of us eventually.

    And it is misusing the hospitality of another country. Thailand belongs to the Thai people, including their women.

    I remember the 2010 World Cup. What was the first thing some visitors out of Europe asked, when entering South Africa? I do not have the statistics, most probably there are no statistics. I go by what some of my friends from Pretoria told me who were involved with these tourists (they tried to augment their regular income with a small sideline business opportunity created by the World Cup, for example by providing overnight guest house facilities). Unfortunately white tourists. The first question they asked, was, where are the black prostitutes? Not what a beautiful country it was. That is a highly offensive action from a guest in the country. The result was that these tourists were exactly told where they could get their “fresh meat”. What they were not told, is that these prostitutes had Aids. South Africa has the highest Aids-rate in the world. They were deliberately and on purpose sent to their death by white South Africans who had to deal with such cases, for such an attitude has caused them to loose all respect before the white South Africans, even if they also were white.

    The same experience with the Scandinavian UNO blue helmets (one hesitates to call them soldiers. In our eyes they were civilian cowards dressed up in military uniform) during the interim stage of implementing Resolution 435, the sell-out of South West Africa , today called Namibia, to the wolves. The Danish troops in South West Africa received a high salary for their part in this treason. This money they used to live like kings and bought nice cars with it, and then went into the townships and kraals of the backward and stone age Ovambo people, in order to treat them. “Treat them” meant seducing their women for an easy night out (I will not use the crude “F” word over here). Women who had the sophistication of a stone age people and were completely defenseless against these actions, for they did not understand what was happening here. This was told to me by a friend of mine, who was involved with the military at the time.

    I want to document this here, otherwise this story will disappear in the memory hole of history.

    1. ESA –

      “They were deliberately and on purpose sent to their death by white South Africans who had to deal with such cases…”

      Good story. Women cannot give AIDS to men… except thru blood transfusions.

      That is why AIDS carriers are not the majority in the world as we were told in 1980 would be the case by the year 2000.

      And mosquitoes cannot carry it either. The protein-based enzymes used to dissolve the blood platelets, to allow ingestion, kills the AIDS entity.

      Also… AIDS entities die when exposed to air.

      We were lied to by CDC… Imagine that..!!

      I would need a 12-pak or so… to tell you the whole story… 🙂

      1. Pat, lol, the whole story and then some..
        My cousin Ed could even channel the spirit of Jacob Schmidt, of Philadelphia!


    First post here

    I lived in Thailand 1997-99 during the Baht devaluation due to the Soros engineered currency attack. Mostly in Chiang Mai and four months in Bangkok. Explored Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Rai, and Mae Sai (Northern Bordertown with Burma). Been back a few times to visit since then. The people are very friendly and hospitable. The food is great and inexpensive. The women are beautiful. Rode Elephants. Bamboo rafted. Scuba dived. Played a lot of very inexpensive golf with pretty women caddies. Never had to use the medical care. Love the place.

    However, everything is not peaches and cream with Skittles Rainbows and Unicorn Farts in the Land of Smiles. There is a darker side that many people do not know. The following you will not find in any travel guide book:

    1) Traffic is a nightmare. Free-for-all style driving with many instances of people driving the wrong way on the street. No problem for the locals since they know the “Rules”. Bangkok is a little better now because of the Rail System. Chiang Mai has inherited Bangkok’s traffic nightmare.
    2) You can buy a car, but first check with your Embassy/Consulate for legal procedures. DO NOT register your car in a locals name (lost my paid-in-full pick up truck this way).
    3) NO talking bad about the Royal Family AT ALL. Big NO NO with potential jail time akin to Mexican prisons (No personal experience. Only what I was told when living there). There is a very slavish devotion to the Royals there. Don’t believe me? Go to a movie theater and tell me what you experience.
    4) The people are friendly, but also very mercenary. A Thai Passport ain’t worth squanto. Foreigners with money represent a fat wallet for downstream pilfering/siphoning. Lots of scammers, forgers, and pickpockets (especially around tourist areas).
    5) Foreigners are prohibited from buying land and houses. Condo purchase OK. DO NOT co-buy property with a Thai even if married. I knew a few guys who got taken after they got married and lost their real estate. I suggest renting and not buying. If you must buy, rent for 2 years minimum first and title in your name only. Prenup with potential wifey or you will be sorry. Don’t be a dumbarse like Tiger Woods.
    6) You will always be a foreigner/Farang regardless of skin color. Period.
    7) Thai Laws give priority to Thais. Period. Your rights as a foreigner are about as valuable as Hillary’s promises. Did I mention I lost my pick up truck?
    8) Courts and Police are corrupt. I have paid off many a traffic cop. Bribery (big money), very good connections, and/or a means of “Alternative Enforcement” are the only way to conduct effective business.
    9) Visit first before deciding to move there. Visit a few places before deciding where to settle. Have someone you trust and know show you around for the best results.
    10) If you choose to move there learn the language. Don’t be the typical linguistically challenged Yankistani.

    If you are well-traveled (meaning actually lived overseas and not just visiting a resort for a week), street smart, aware, open-minded, humble, friendly, cordial and respectful, then you will be fine. The loud mouthed lippy types and the money flashers should stay home. Just remember, you are in their country.

    Hope this helps.

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