14 thoughts to “The Brexit Mess: Planned All Along to Thwart the Will of the People — David Icke (Video)”

  1. Only a united Europe can be powerful and prosperous. Petty nationalistic forces are standing in the way with claims that they can be self sufficient. Britain is economically tied to France and Germany, breaking that bond all will go broke. But the ordinary voter does not understand economics, he waves the flag for God and country. Separation from Europe will leave Britain with only God and no country. Wealthy investors know what is best for Europe, mob intelligence is a loser.

  2. “David Icke tells it like it is…”

    Indeed he does, and that INCLUDES his understanding of the reptilian menace which has been haunting and manipulating the actions of human beings since time immemorial, largely populated by what I’ve termed “esoteric jews” responsible for the Protocolian authorship.

    The “totalitarian tiptoe” continues apace simultaneous to said humanity rubbing the sleep from it’s eyes. This race has to have arrived at the top of the stretch by NOW, doncha think?

    What a time it is to be here!

    1. B-Hawk –

      Reptiles have tails.. and so do humans.

      Many human babies are born with tails which are removed at birth.

      It occurs twice as often in males as in females.

      All humans are created with a small tail that is later absorbed by the body and developed into the tailbone. In some rare cases, small amounts of tissue are left hanging on the tailbone area of the body. Most often, the small piece of skin contains no bones but does contain nerves and blood vessels. In some rarer cases, there are up to five vertebrae in the small tail, resulting in a true human tail or vestigial tail.


      And… here is a report on six of the cases:


      1. Pat

        Shamans speak of reptilian/human hybrids that still have their full length reptilian tails, but who are able to disguise them by maintaining a virtually full human appearance primarily through human blood-drinking rituals whose practice is still going on today. There’s a story about Hilary C. being one of (((them))), who was once observed as being barely able to get her fat ass and long tail through a doorway!

        You don’t have to believe it of course, but it can’t be disbelieved either. Not in this world

    2. Hi Brownhawk,
      I am very much against the power of the Jewish Lobby, particularly in the USA, but this is is not their doing. Many Jews are for a clean Brexit. This betrayal of the British People has nothing to do with them. It is the work of an arrogant elite who seem to hold the common people in contempt. They are led by those who run the BBC and the Civil Service.

      The British people are not street revolutionaries by nature, but just wait for the next General Election. If the Conservative MPs do not do a U-turn they will be wiped out, and they will deserve it.

      1. Something much bigger is happening. This Brexit betrayal is causing anger in decent people, and an electoral revolution now seems likely. Our leaders sneer at “Populism” but it is the will of the people they are supposed to represent.

        Brexit and Trump are only the start.

      2. A vote for Trump was seen as a vote against the Establishment, but he has turned out to be the opposite. He seems determined to attack Israel’s bogeymen, Russia and Iran. His economic policy is leading to a trade war and slump.

        Whose side is he on?

  3. David Icke is a true hero, I have 5 of his books and he has been telling the truth about the pedophiles and reptilians and has been a voice crying in the wilderness, a true modern day John the Baptist, a voice of truth in a world of lies!

  4. Hasn’t the pipe dream of democracy been through the ages universally ridiculed and scorned as a matter of fact?
    The idea the hoi poloi get to make the rules deplored by the Greek and American Founders alike.

    Unless of course it’s an uber-distraction. A really really big Tool. Then it’s a great idea!
    The lower class majorities, raised kith and kin to be envious of their socially situated betters by habit and by custom, knowingly and unknowingly, are the ones who will be making the rules?! LOL, C’mon man!

    Sheesh, even a snake would recoil at the thought of such one moron one vote nonsense.
    And he had better recoil quick because the mob already voted to kill him.
    There might even be a bounty out..

  5. you don’t get a united europe with the destruction of each nation in the process..
    what you get is total mongrelization, which loses the individual characteristics and qualities of each former individual national entity.. the final european union product, if ever reached, will mean the end of real diversity, the end of europe…
    each former nation will be subject to directives from somewhere on high, without real representation, while they’re all overrun with foreigners from totally different cultures, resulting in a socially degenerative balkanization process…
    only a ruthless jew like melvin would advocate it, because, him being at war with the rest of humanity, he thinks it’s somehow in the jews’ advantage to destroy every other national, ethnic, racial and religious vestige, while his fellow tribesmen, of course, maintain parasitically their own totally xenophobic national enclave, where the rule is fascism and any other than jews are hardly welcome…

  6. Dave, you mention being on the ‘same side’ as Bliar, I agee, one horrible tw*t, but is it OK to be on the same side as the multi billionaire Barclay brothers? you know owners of the Ritz , and practically own the Island of Sark? or on the side of greasy mogg, who want s to lower our health and safety to those in India? or hairy arse johnson who gets paid £47,000 for talking utter crap for an hour, paid by our aforementioned Barclay brothers, maybe being on the side ot vulcan head Redwood may be a good idea, he’s telling everyone in his hedge fund management group not to invest in the UK after we leave! All I know is in the last 40 years I cannot name anything that has affected me had we not of been in the EU,at least we have a little bit of employment protection, consumer standards, got rid of the TTIP this country was leading for it to be agreed, same as GMOs Europe was against it , this shithole wanted it.

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