The Decline and Fall of Merrie England

By Dr Lasha Darkmoon

Published on The Occidental Observer, 31 August 2018
Also published on The Truthseeker

“Remember you are an Englishman and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.” — Cecil Rhodes, British imperialist, 1910

“Almost the entire population of Britain looks as though it has let itself go.  Where once emotional restraint and self-control were admired, now it is emotional incontinence. It is no surprise that the British are despised around the world.” — Theodore Dalrymple, British author and psychiatrist, 2018

A new dystopia, rising from the ashes of WWII, now rears its ugly head and casts its shadow over England’s no longer “green and pleasant land”.

Merrie England! Was it ever that merry? A beautiful mirage! Maybe such a happy land never existed except in fantasy and in the perceptions of a privileged few blessed with all the felicities of the Good Life. And yet it has always existed in longing, where all utopias and earthly paradises germinate, as in the fevered imagination of William Blake who longed to build ‘Jerusalem’—Civitas Dei, or the City of God—in ‘England’s green and pleasant land’. Blake’s thoughts on this subject will be presented at the end of this article in one of the most beautiful and profoundly moving videos you are ever likely to see on the internet.

Meanwhile, let this literary gem by George Orwell on the three main races inhabiting the British Isles—the English, the Scots and the Irish—serve as a lighthearted introduction to this otherwise sombre article. “The English are not happy unless they are miserable, the Irish are not at peace unless they are at war, and the Scots are not at home unless they are abroad.”

The English, by common consensus, are the maddest of the bunch.

Once famous for their stiff-upper lip attitude to life, a characteristic still found among the educated upper classes and a conservative older generation, the British as a whole have undergone a startling change of national character in the last two decades. This is almost certainly due to the toxic influence of television, trashy Hollywood movies, and the mind-destroying excesses of the internet. The Brits have lost their self-confidence, their customary aplomb, their cheerful joie de vivre. Why? Because  they have become demoralised. Thoroughly demoralised.  “In every face”, to quote William Blake, you now see “marks of weakness, marks of woe”.

The narcissistic younger generation in particular, confident in their own omniscience,  bear little resemblance to their parents and grandparents whom they tend to belittle as inferior beings with all the wrong ideas and attitudes.

The new Brits tend to be an emotional bunch. They get easily upset. They are outraged by six appalling things before breakfast. They insist on having their “safe spaces” in universities, for example, where no idea is allowed to penetrate that might possibly ruffle the tranquil waters of their intellectual somnolence. Dare to disagree with them even on some minor point and they will snarl at you for crossing their “boundaries”. Getting on their nerves is easy. All you have to do is exist.

British Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith (1852-1928) once noted dryly, “Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.” The older I get, the more I appreciate the truth of the witty aphorism that youth is wasted on the young. Apropos of which, one is reminded of the old French adage that says it all: Si jeunesse savait, si vieillese pouvait. — “If youth but knew, if age but could.”

To attract attention nowadays, if the ads in fashion magazines are anything to go on, young men need to look darkly dangerous and young women anorexically deranged. The passport to peer approval is an air of decadence, if not degeneracy. The tragedy is that this immature attitude to life, previously confined to the young, has now infected the general population at large.

British psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple has written much on this subject. He says:

All kinds of princely personages—footballers, rock stars, actors, actresses, and the like—display their inner turmoil. They parade it as beggars in some countries display their amputated stumps. They seem to be saying, ‘We too suffer, despite our wealth, privilege, and fairy-tale lives, which you falsely imagine to be enviable and without blemish.’

Sufferers and victims are turned into heroes merely on account of their suffering or victimisation, so that those celebrities who confess to misery, drug addiction, and alcoholism, are even more to be adulated than they already were.

It’s no longer safe for a young man to flirt with a female colleague at work. Simply looking at her with interest is now classified as a “microaggression” and  could get him reported for “sexual harassment”. These uppity feminists keep telling everyone around them, much to the irritation of most intelligent men, how “oppressed” their grandmothers were and how “liberated” they are now.

No wonder misogyny and male suicide rates (see below) have shown a sharp increase in recent years, keeping pace with a rise in rampant feminism and soaring hemlines that leave little to the imagination.

—   §   —

I was relieved to find that Dalrymple’s views on Brexit coincided with my own. The fact that 17.4 million people voted in a referendum over two years ago, in June 2016,  to sever all ties with the European superstate is, according to Dalrymple, not only a triumph for democracy but also a victory of the wiser older generation over the Clueless Young. For it was the young who voted fatuously to remain tied to Europe’s apron strings, whereas it was the oldsters who voted overwhelmingly to escape the diktats of a sinister superstate that seeks to banish all borders between countries and turn Europe into a multicultural zoo.

Of these emotionally overwrought  young idealists who voted to remain in the EU and lost, Dalrymple has this to say:

Nearly half of the young people who voted to remain [in Europe] either wept, or felt close to weeping, afterwards. They felt that their future had been stolen from them by those who voted for Brexit. The fact that the youth unemployment rate in Belgium and France is 25%, in Portugal 30%, in Italy 39%, in Spain 45% and in Greece 49% did not seem to worry them. They were not of the youth-unemployment class.

The British are now a traumatised nation, Dalrymple believes. The evidence for this lies all around us. We only need to open our eyes. There is a moral relativism in the air. The result? Moral anarchy. Knifing people to death in the streets or throwing sulphuric acid in their faces, disfiguring them for life, has become the crime du jour. “A sense of lawlessness and fear is sweeping across Britain,” I read in the Daily Mail today. “Violence is soaring on the streets, police are grossly overstretched and the prison system is sliding into crisis.”

The country is certainly in deep trouble when its prisoners are marching through prison corridors, brandishing machetes and clubs, while the prison officers are cowering in their back offices behind chain-locked doors.

The country’s National Health Service (NHS) is in meltdown, with vast numbers of people being denied vital operations. People are going blind because there are not enough doctors to give them cataract operations. You have to be in agony before they give you a hip replacement or repair your hernia. So how are the politicians trying to solve this problem?  They are letting in more immigrants to add to the overload of patients requiring cataract operations, hip replacements and hernias! And how are these empowered pundits helping to solve the doctor shortage, a shortage entirely of their own making? They are importing more immigrant doctors who can barely speak the English language and are often medically incompetent, if not downright dangerous.

A report in today’s Daily Mail (24 August, 2018) carries the headline: ‘The UK streets where more than 3 in 4 babies have migrant mothers”. Apart from an enormous influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe, particularly from Poland and Romania, vast numbers of illegal immigrants and so-called “refugees” have swarmed in from Asia and Africa. The top five countries contributing to non-white immigration, in order of their high numbers, are Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Somalia. Between them, these now make up as much as 7.1 per cent of the British population. (See this chart).

In 2017, 28.4 per cent of births were born to mothers outside Britain. In some parts of Britain, it was as high as three children in four. It was the largest percentage since 1969. Campaigners said the statistics were a striking illustration of the way mass migration is changing the face of the country — and placing additional pressure on public services, including hospitals, schools and housing. The proportion has risen every year since 1990.

The floodgates were thrown open with a vengeance in 1997 when the mendacious war criminal Tony Blair became prime minister after a landslide victory. Blair was later to be rewarded for his services to multiculturalism by being awarded the prestigious Charlemagne Prize in 1999 by the EU, a distinction he was to share with Angela Merkel who was to bag the same prize in 2008 and was to eclipse even Tony Blair in her misguided enthusiasm for mass immigration. This is not the place for expatiating on the crackpot theories of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the ideological godfather of the EU. Suffice to say that this Austro-Japanese promoter of miscegenation and mongrelisation through mass immigration was to be the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize (in 1950), which is why it is also sometimes known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize. Other recipients of this coveted prize, all politically correct promoters of multiculturalism, have been Henry Kissinger (1987), Bill Clinton (2000), Pope John Paul II (2004), Pope Francis (2016), and Emmanuel Macron (2017).

Which brings us back to the Brits, now in the process of fighting for a meaningful Brexit which would help to free them from the shackles of the European superstate, hellbent on flooding every European country with as many foreigners as possible. The correlation between high levels of immigration, especially from Third World countries, and high and escalating levels of crime are now so blindingly obvious in Britain (and indeed elsewhere) that it’s hard to believe that this correlation is not only hotly denied by the authorities but denounced as “racist” if it should even be suggested. One has only to open the newspapers in Britain to see that not a day goes by when monstrous crimes are not being committed by criminals who are disproportionately of immigrant stock, mostly of African or Asian origin.

Two cases, both plucked from today’s Daily Mail, will amply illustrate this correlation. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Not unless such coincidences occur several times a week:

A mother-of-two stabbed by a knifeman targeting lone women at night was saved by her thick coat.

The victim, in her 60s, was walking home with fish and chips on Friday night when a stranger leapt out and knifed her in the stomach…. The terrified pensioner thought she had been punched as her thick clothing stopped the blade from plunging deeper into her stomach.

Yesterday her distraught daughter told how her mother might have been killed, but when her attacker went to stab her a second time, ‘she saw the glisten of the knife and just ran’.

Bleeding, she managed to stagger back to her home…. Police are linking the unprovoked attack to the stabbing of another single woman in the same area over the Bank Holiday weekend.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “In both cases the suspect is described as a black male, aged around 40….”

(Abridged, see Terrified pensioner stabbed on way home)

The second case involves a bloodbath perpetrated by an out-of-control Afghan immigrant:

A mother and daughter were stabbed to death in a frenzied attack outside their home yesterday morning. Neighbours in the quiet suburban street initially thought their screams were the sound of foxes.

Last night police were hunting Janbaz Tarin, 21, for the murders of his former girlfriend Raneem Oudeh, 22, and her mother, Khaola Saleem, 49. The women were originally from Syria but have lived in the UK for at least 16 years. Tarin, who is originally from Afghanistan, worked in a corner shop.

Wendy Brown, 76, who lives nearby with her husband, said: “We have lived here for 40 years. Nothing like this has ever happened before. It is terrifying.”

(Abridged, see Manhunt after mum and daughter knifed to death)

What the native born English lady is saying, if you read between the lines, is that 40 years ago, before the invasion of her country by outlanders from foreign parts, she was living in a relatively safe and crime free country. No longer. Most of the criminals you hear of nowadays no longer have reassuringly familiar names the average white Brit can pronounce, like Winston Smith and John Brown. The five doctors mentioned in the paragraph below, for example, all convicted of sexually assaulting their white female patients, happen to be without exception of Asian origin. Coincidence? Most unlikely. Forty years ago, for a start, doctors groping and taking obscene photos of their female patients surreptitiously, were extremely rare events. Today they are all too common. And the names they bear are disproportionately foreign. The five doctors featured below—hardly a ringing endorsement of multiculturalism—all sport pretty weird names most Brits would get wrong in a spelling test: Dr Gosul Islam, Dr Rajeskumar Mehta, Dr Syed Bukhari, Dr Jaswant Rathore, and Dr Thair Altail.

The average older Brit now feels like a stranger in a strange land.

—   §   —

Dalrymple sees the British as finding refuge for their many sorrows in a cheerless hedonism, drinking themselves into a stupor or seeking consolation in the pleasures of the flesh. Quite a few male doctors, often of immigrant stock—see here, here, herehere, and here—have begun to subject their female patients to sexual abuse on an almost epic scale. The politicians are at it too, sexually harassing and groping their female staff in the House of Commons or watching pornography while supposedly engaged in high-powered affairs of state. These are the people running the country. Having lost control of their own impulses, they are nevertheless given licence to lord it over the lives of millions of their fellow citizens.

Is it any wonder the country is going to the dogs?

THEN (1958) . . . and NOW (2018)

—   §   —

The last two centuries have seen enormous technological progress but human nature is pretty much the same with one significant difference: a huge number of Brits are now committing suicide at the drop of a hat, especially young men. Suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 50, with 84 taking their own lives every week. Though not far behind in the suicide race, women are more likely than men to develop serious mental complaints and to be on medication of some kind. The number of people I notice talking to themselves in public places nowadays, twitching spasmodically or jerking their heads round from side to side like marionettes gone mad, is truly frightening.

The worst fate, according to Dalrymple, is to be an intelligent and sensitive person born into the British underclass. “The social pressure on you to fail is enormous,” he notes.  “I remember a girl who wanted to study French but ‘they said I was stupid because I was clever’. Can you imagine growing up in that environment?” British education, he concludes gloomily, involves  “people who come out of school knowing less than when they went in.”

The country’s cultural level has plummeted. The Brits are so degraded culturally they can’t even answer the telephone properly. They were once known for emotional constipation. Now it’s emotional incontinence.

Tolerance has become the new vice:

A society that tolerates everything is rather bad. Shouting, screaming, intimidation. We are prepared to tolerate public vomiting, but if you use the term “actress”, you are a sexist. A very well-educated lady told me public vomiting is all right: “They can clear it up.” This is how the élite thinks. They are so anxious not to seem narrow-minded or bigoted, or of being “judgmental”.

Dalrymple thinks it’s a puzzle as to why Britain has become more degraded than all other comparable countries.

He recounts an experience he had in Manchester, where he was staying at an hotel:  “There was laughing and screaming outside at 1.30 in the morning. When I went out the next morning, I found that someone had been nearly murdered—he was in hospital, in a coma. You can’t tell the difference in England between people enjoying themselves and someone being murdered.”

Almost the entire population of Britain, Dalrymple notes ruefully, “looks as though it has let itself go. Where once emotional restraint and self-control were admired, now it is emotional incontinence. It is as if they had undergone potty-training in reverse.”

The person who controls himself is not only a figure of fun, but a traitor to his own best interests.  “It is no surprise,” Dalrymple concludes, “that the British are despised around the world.”

—   §   —

I hate to see the British described in these negative terms. In fact, I have to disagree that the Brits are “despised around the world.” If anything, the opposite is true. Most white Americans still regard their British ancestors with affection, admiring their accents and taking pride in the blood and soil of their forefathers. The blood that flows through their veins, after all,  is the same blood that flowed through the veins of the Pilgrim Fathers and the veins of Shakespeare, Milton and Newton. Even India secretly mourned the demise of Pax Britannica when the raj came to an end and the burra sahib, weary of conquest,  packed his bags and went back home.

One virtue the Brits have always enjoyed in abundance, far more than any other country. This is noblesse oblige, an innate compassion for the underdog and a hatred of the bully. Their sense of honour, even now amid their desolation, has never left them. This virtue, needless to say, is more often to be found among the well-bred upper classes and is conspicuous by its absence among the nouveaux riches and the lower pushy types who are forced to live by their wits.

You will notice this, too, if you live long in Britain: the kindest people in the country are the older generation, especially its valiant brigade of dotty old ladies. Ever ready to drop their coins in a beggar’s bowl or buy a takeaway tea and sandwiches for some homeless bum, these charitable old dears are also most likely to fall victims and be fleeced alive by scam artists. Meanwhile, it’s the young and trendy who are the most heartless when it comes to derelicts. Never expect even a smile from them if ever you go begging, let alone a penny for your pains.

We need to cross the Atlantic to see what has happened to the Brits. The same malaise, or creeping soul sickness, that has afflicted their American cousins, has now fallen on the Brits with a vengeance. In the words of an American psychiatrist, this new plague is known as “shit-life syndrome”.

Let Guardian columnist Will Hutton explain:

US doctors [have] coined a phrase for this condition: “shit-life syndrome”. Poor working-age Americans of all races are locked in a cycle of poverty and neglect, amid wider affluence. They are ill educated and ill trained. The jobs available are drudge work paying the minimum wage, with minimal or no job security. They are trapped in poor neighbourhoods where the prospect of owning a home is a distant dream. There is little social housing, scant income support and contingent access to healthcare. Finding meaning in life is close to impossible.

Yet turn on the TV or visit a middle-class shopping mall, Hutton adds, and a very different and unattainable world presents itself. “Knowing that you are valueless, you resort to drugs, antidepressants and booze. You eat junk food and watch your ill-treated body balloon. It is not just poverty, but growing relative poverty in an era of rising inequality, with all its psychological side-effects, that is the killer.”

Many Americans are now in poor health. In physical pain. They are so depressed that they not only need antidepressants but opioid painkillers. To this they add alcohol, drinking themselves into a stupor. It’s a never-ending cycle of misery. “They have much to be depressed about”, Hutton glooms, adding the significant fact that these dead enders all tend to be ardent Trump supporters. “They, and tens of millions like them teetering on the edge of the same condition, constitute Donald Trump’s electoral base.” Mostly marginalised and maladjusted white Americans, they live in hope that their president will one day wave a magic wand and rescue them from futility.

The parallels between America and Britain, Hutton tells us, have now become obvious:

Shit-life syndrome is not just a feature of a US city such as Baltimore, where the difference in life expectancy between the richer and poorer districts is as much as 20 years, it’s a feature of our cities, too. Within the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the difference in life expectancy between richest and poorest is 16 years. And the trends are deteriorating.

Too many of England’s towns are becoming crucibles of shit-life syndrome. They have become inward-looking, urban islands in which despair and despondency are too prevalent. Train and bus fares are so high that travelling within them has become prohibitively expensive. Stripped of power by the most centralised system in Europe, they are disempowered and sullen about the present and apprehensive of the future.

All this can and must change.

But nothing changes.

Two years after Brexit, Theresa May—famous for her catchphrase “Brexit means Brexit”—has yet to deliver on her promise to cut free from Europe and reclaim British sovereignty.

Having stabbed the British public in the back by openly aligning herself with the Europhile enemy in recent months, though affecting a need for fair play and a desire to give the British public what it voted for on 23 June 2016, Mrs May would be only too happy to see Brexit fail.

This is what democracy has come to mean in Britain: you are free to vote only if you vote correctly. Stalin was right when he said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

VIDEO  :  3 mins

84 thoughts to “The Decline and Fall of Merrie England”

  1. Thank you Lasha. An article which I read last night on the OO. Yes, I consider myself lucky to have left the British Isles in 1961, the age when decency still reigned. The rot actually set in with Harold Wilson and the betrayal of Britain’s kith and kin in Rhodesia and elsewhere around the world. Wilson was of course was instrumental in forcing the Race Relations Act on the UK. Ditto for Britain’s aviation industry. Remember the Comet, the world’s first jetliner? The Vickers Viscount, the workhorse of Civil Aviation in Australia and Africa in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s!
    It reminds me of a conversation I had with an Afrikaner in 1970 at a drive-in cinema in South Africa. We were talking about the fall of Britain and he actually bemoaned the decline of the British Empire. Saying it was a good one.
    Well the Jews have certainly got what they wanted. The blood curse for the killing of Christ falls on any race that helps the Jew. America is next! God help America!

    1. Oh well, the Brits……let them on their way. Donaldo lived with them in the 90’s in Bangkok. Despite living in Siam, they insisted on speaking the queens English for years and years. In many ways they exhibiited an arrogance that even Jews like Donaldo would envy.

    2. I disagree. The Brits are mostly still quiet and polite, as are the Amercans, and the French, Germans, Mexicans and most people on the planet. If you are friendly and polite most people will respond in kind.

      Remember that real class is putting people at their ease.

      What has changed is this media obsession with celebrity, where young pop singers are set up as role models for our youth. Hollywood and TV are so far from realty that it is a joke.

      Dr Dalrymple has been a funny and talented writer for many years,,,,,, but he is sourpuss.

      1. Ignore the media . The same people who own the media and Hollywood in America, have had a great deal
        of control over what is in British media , for some time now . Put your trust in Christ , instead .
        Accept Him , as your Lord and Savior . Follow His example of love , kindness , and service to others .
        He will fill you heart with joy .

    3. I think a better case could be made that the rot set-in with Winston Churchill, the notorious Enemy puppet, in 1940. “Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.” –George Santayana.

      Our Führer extended the hand of friendship and cooperation in what was, or should have been, a mutual struggle. Churchill and his ilk thrust it aside. You are now suffering the consequences of that rash act. We pity you, but will allow you to sleep in the bed you have made for yourselves.

      1. Axis Sally, of these comments, yours most resonated with me, especially as I continue, with mad voracity, continue on my (sickening) journey of learning real history, of which virtually none of was ever taught to me in the American school system.
        As a 47 year old white American, I still hold Brits in high regard and have met many of them that have either moved to or visited the states. I found all of them to be fine, witty, intelligent and extremely likable people, more likable then most Americans, imho. I have personally found those who do not care for Brits tend to be those lower on the IQ scale, so their amazing humor is mostly lost on them.
        Seeing what is happening in the UK is enough to bring me to tears – and these things are of course happening here in America, as well. Sure, some areas are worse than others, but it is but a matter of time before the rot is commonplace everywhere, even the smallest of rural towns.
        there can be NO DOUBT in anybody’s mind – NOBODY, who & what is the underlying and even NOT so underlying cause of all we see transpiring today.
        Churchill and Roosevelt both should have been executed for treason, and General Patton, whom we know was murdered, was correct in saying the wrong enemy was fought.
        Oh, Eisenhower, add him to the execution lineup, as well.
        We know full well who is responsible for the raging sh** storms that have made landfall in all previously once white first world nations. We know this was done by design. It pains me to see their divide and conquer tactic has been successful in that so many white people are fighting among themselves – this will not help us & it needs to stop.
        I don’t care how bigoted or ‘racist’ it sounds, but us white people must stick together. Sure, we all know non whites whom we think are good people and have had friendships with and so on, but this is not the norm and it doesn’t change the fact non whites have been weaponized to use against us and non whites are the biggest contributing factor in the present disgraceful conditions of our lands.
        There are many deceitful movements about – they will openly name the Jew as the cause of the woes in which we live, but they will not address the issue of white genocide, which is without a doubt underway in all white nations. Non whites are simply not being targeted in the same way as the white gentile and it is therefore not possible for all gentiles to band together. Non white gentiles are not fighting for the survival of their own race.

    1. Well said! Bob of DC. When I was kid growing up in County Wexford, Ireland in the 50’s people would still use that as a malediction, “The curse of Cromwell on you!” He also allowed (((them))) back into England. BTW, thousands of Irish Catholics were transported as slaves to the West Indies and other parts of the Americas. Which is why I don’t take any BS from Blacks about evil Whites enslaving Blacks. There is also the little matter of the estimated 1 million Europeans seized by Arab slavers during the 16th and 17th centuries.

      1. Ever see the Errol Flynn movie Captain Blood? All the slaves were white except for two: a young boy, a House Negro dressed in finery – whose most difficult task was fanning the rich white guy who owned him – and a large adult Negro who had the job of hortator [look it up] of the all-white slave crew pushing a huge stone wheel. Yah, great times for Whitey…

  2. From the article:
    “This is what democracy has come to mean in Britain: you are free to vote only if you vote correctly. Stalin was right when he said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

    This is where most authors stop. They never address the REAL problem which allows the wrong folks to “count the vote” GLOBALLY in the first place:


  3. The decline and fall of England is reflective of the decline and fall of Western Civilization in general being engineered by the JEW OVERLORDS. England, as well as the USA, ultimately LOST WWII by doing the bidding of the JEW OVERLORDS and will perish because of it. IMMIGRATION, MULTICULTURALISM and DIVERSITY IS ACTUALLY WHITE GENOCIDE see here:

  4. ADMIN: Comment rescued from Spam. Maybe it went there because Paschn has misspelled his name, giving it two “n’s” instead of one.

    To be objective, however, one has to admit that even during their “heyday”, like their U.S. counterparts, (both, in my opinion created/manipulated by the Jew), they marched off to slaughter/enslave other nations/people FOR THE BENEFIT OF THEIR OWNERS. I don’t think this sewer, (U.S.) will be around long enough to equal/surpass “great” Britain’s evil history of colonization, theft of resources/whole sale slaughter, but nonetheless, BOTH work for the same evil masters – The People? Hell, pass the nachos, gimme a beer and turn on the game. Common sense/spirituality/human decency be DAMNED.

    I’d vomit thinking about it, but then I’d only have to clean up the mess..

  5. Though I never completed reading (((Stephen King’s))) “Dark Tower” series (cf. Miles Mathis’ take on the fake Mr. King,, the saddening, bitterly poignant passing of a special, once treasured age — along with all its spunk and spawn — has stayed with me for decades.

    We ourselves witness the passing of an epoch or era, a civilization or empire. These temporal, thus evanescent structures we took for granted all too often for far too long. As the Incredible String Band sang with much more whimsy, we lose for eternity much if not most of “this moment”. Given that history best predicts the future, we nonetheless fully expect the return of all potential, every opportunity in the next “this moment”.

    Forever Now! The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes of a house — nay, whole cities! — burnt to the ground by gothic vandals dressed in leather and furs, stones scattered beyond organized retrieval. We reluctantly accept the reality of portended, impending end-like times for our own well defined period. We divide into two camps: The Optimists and The Pessimists. We share a pot of tea as we watch the sun set over our empire.

    1. Dear Lasha,

      England was Merrie when it venerated the Blessed Virgin and not the Virgin Queen. When Walsingham the spy (not Walsingham the shrine) gained prominence. John Dee gave room to the cabalists and now they crowd the cultural landscape.

      The rot set in with the Tudors…here’s a song from the 13th century (pre Tudor)…about Merri England.

      England – Anon. 1225: Miri it is while sumer ilast


    A great deal has changed, in the UK, since I was a young boy, back in the 70’s.
    The utter demolition of culture has meant that traditions have all but vanished and technically speaking, the Scots, the Irish, the English and the Welsh (you forgot them Lasha) are all but the same, with dialect being the only thing that differentiates them.
    I was in a bar one evening with an associate, whom after being asked what being British was, he simply stated, “you’re British if you’re born in the UK.” I asked “but what if you have no connection to the land, the culture and the people and your parents had just arrived from Africa, before giving birth to you?” He of course still maintained that you would be British. He then asked what I’d like to drink. I said a pint of guinness. He brought me back a dark looking beer with a white head, to which I replied “I asked for guinness, the light coloured guinness that’s made with apples.” He was quite confused.

    Years of indoctrination from successive generation to the next, from the end of the war onwards has resulted in the people of Britain having no identity. The same can be said for the Irish, with some believing themselves to be British, some Irish and some nothing at all, simply being inhabitants of this earth. It is the latter sort that infects all of the UK unfortunately and predominantly the younger generations.
    They have lost their foundations hence why they are falling into Marx’s abyss. They are globalists, meaning they cling to no culture, no tradition and no nation. They think this is a good thing. They fail to see they are doing nothing more than building the hexagonal cells of the hive, they will be enslaved within along with future generations for all eternity.

    Britain has allowed the Jew to do the very thing that people have warned of, throughout history – settle in and take control. Britain’s religion is Holocaustianity and its teaching – the Babylonian Talmud.

  7. Diana West wrote ,” THE DEATH OF THE GROWNUP “. No need to read the book , the Title is enough .

    AMERICAN TELEVISION ADVERTISING proves that the USA leads the world in a childish world. Using children screaming , dogs in every ad, like it is done by everyone . ROBO CALLS are the way to go , where , i don’t know .

    It would be great if i could learn English the old fashion way.
    In the late 50s and well into the 80’s , i used public transportation .( i had no money for a car. ) But , i never complained about the lateness , or crowded trains . It is still the best way to go . Young people need to complain about everything , and nothing . Go into any restaurant , they give you plates so full , you can never finish them .
    You have to take a ” doggie ” bag , so the food is not wasted ? Plastic trash grows and grows .
    Read about Governor Gerry Brown , of California ; ” how to save the environment . Regardless of all the ” forest fires “, Brown has elevated the greening of the world to an exact science . Combining with the AMAZON’s Rain forest , and planned usage for the land. Plant a tree and save us from TRUMP.

    1. Go into any restaurant , they give you plates so full , you can never finish them .

      Not in Britain! Food portions are really mean here.
      Here they expect you to PAY MORE if you ask for more!

  8. England almost deserves this after the fat bloated drunken POS Churchill started both world wars at the behest of the jews bankrupted England and lost the empire turning England into a dumping ground for 4th world garbage. it was England that turned the mid east upside down and gave Palestine to the jews. no matter what you do for the jews they will still destroy you

    1. Unless they are destroyed first, their sheckels will not subdue the anger ,one day it will happen,sadly my day is almost over.

  9. I’ve never been to England. I only know England from the English/British who I met in Manhattan, the ones who lived in Manhattan. NONE of them were anything like the English-British in the movies . If they had any good qualities, one would never know it, they all were c*nts. Nasty, rude, with a great sense of entitlement, unhappy, never satisfied, they had no manners, many of them were drunks and/or drug addicts. I got held-up in Manhattan, the criminal had a English accent, a cockney accent. It was so heavy I could hardly understand what he was saying. The knife he held to my back communicated to me what he wanted , that’s how I was able to understand him. He came up to me from behind. He had a cohort with him, a black with an English accent, he had a knife also. [ It was like being held-up by puerto ricans ] I told the cockney I would give him the money in my wallet except a dollar. I said I need a dollar to get on the bus to go home. I was walking to the bus stop when he held me up. I had just got out of work and was going home. He took that dollar, my last dollar. I had to walk home, and it was a pretty long distance I had to walk and it was wintertime and it was cold. I got held-up [ he had a gun ] by a black American criminal once. I told him I would give him the money in my wallet except for 5 dollars. I said I need some money for the subway and I need to get something to eat. I just got out of work and was hungry and wanted to get something to eat, plus it was raining and I did not feel like walking a long distance in the rain to get home. The black American criminal let me keep the 5 dollars. After that encounter was over I went and got a couple slices of pizza [ sicilian pizza, corner slices, the corner slices got mo’ crust which I LERV and a Root Beer soda which I also LERV ] and then I jumped on a bus and went home. Yes, life in Manhattan can be ¡Very Exciting! *grin*.

    I’ve never been to England and I have absolutely no desire to go there. The English-British in Manhattan are a bunch of nasty c*nts. Never met one in Manhattan who wasn’t a c*nt. And I formulated my opinion about English-British BEFORE I got held up by the cockney criminal.

      1. There’s another side of Manhattan that is NOT sophisticated NOT glamorous NOT exciting NOT intellectual NOT appealing. There’s a gritty side to Manhattan. Just because I present the gritty side of The Big Apple does NOT mean I’m a liar. Nobody ever got mugged in Manhattan, lol. WE just turned Manhattan into an isle of joy! Anybody tells you they got mugged in Manhattan why they HAVE TO BE lying! LMFAO!!!!!

      2. Hear, hear! Never believe a word this guy says. He is known to be mentally insane, though he has lucid intervals now and then.
        An entertaining clown.

  10. Wonderfully written and also deeply depressing essay, Lasha. But my point here is to take issue with the comments of that Guardian columnist Will Hutton. Looking down his nose in the upper class British way, he calls “ardent” Trump supporters “dead enders,” who are “mostly marginalized and maladjusted white Americans” who “live in hope that their president will one day wave a magic wand and rescue them from futility.” Why not just channel Hillary, call them “a basket of deplorables,” and be done with it?

    Really, what are these hard working white so-called dead enders to do? The entire corrupt, AIPAC-owned DC sewer has deliberately displaced them and given them deadly fentanyl to be rid of them. Trump, full of faults (and sometimes lies) as he is, is the only politician speaking to their souls. Just look at his rowdy overflowing rallies. He HAS given them hope, where before there was none. The media HAS unfairly crucified him day after miserable day, and Trump’s supporters know it and hate them for it. They are smart enough to see through the endless get-Trump swill put forward by the likes of lesbian Jewess Rachel Maddow and gay CIA upper crust billionaire Anderson Cooper. Contrary to Will Hutton, Trump’s supporters, far from being lowlife idiots, at least have the intelligence to see through the fog machine, and they don’t like what they see. Just look around. For these America-first, patriotic whites, after Trump, there is no one. Let the powers-that-be try to impeach him after the midterms. If they do, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    1. Folly –

      Trump’s counterpart in “Merrie Olde England”, Nigel Farge, meets very much the same condemnation from the mindless (libtard) masses, there. It’s a GLOBAL sickness, contagion spread by MSM.
      I noticed, today and yesterday, how TV news is full of the glorification of the rotting corpse of John McCain, lying “in state” in our beautiful capitol rotunda. They ceaselessly mention how Trump “wasn’t invited” (by the old dead traitor), as if to cast insult. I’m sure Trump is relieved he doesn’t have to attend, and I’m proud of him for not even mentioning McCain’s passing in the way of any polite or mournful acknowledgement.
      Of course, most of us on here are disappointed in Trump’s seemingly close ties with Israhell – but we need to consider that, as President of the corporation, he has little choice, if he is to remain secure in office. We know how powerful (((they))) are insofar as our economic well-being is concerned. It is unfortunate, but unavoidable – and true. We have to work with it, like any other mistake our “good intentions” procured for us.

    2. To : Madame :

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello, Butterfly. I was just thinking about you, too, what a coincidence. I was just thinking about you, I was wondering, I wonder who’s LERVIN’ you, who LERVS you babe? Who’s your Daddy, baby. From that Isle of Joy! Manhattan! Did you ever sing this song during your ¡Fabulous Glamorous! Hollywood/Broadway singing/acting career before you became a boozing/pill-popping Valley of The Dolls gurl and lost it all and now you’re a chubby unkempt washed-up has-been , lol, from The Big Apple with LERV :

  11. But Laksha
    Havent You realized
    that Great Brittain was an ILLUSION
    it never was anything
    bribing British Elites along the road
    to BETRAY their own People
    as the JEWS have been wont
    whereever they have set their Foot

    1. But Laksha
      Havent You realized
      that Great Brittain was an ILLUSION…?

      Lasha (not “Laksha”) already knows this!
      She says so in one of the opening sentences of her article:

      Merrie England! Was it ever that merry? A beautiful mirage! Maybe such a happy land never existed except in fantasy and in the perceptions of a privileged few blessed with all the felicities of the Good Life….”

    2. OLE C G OLESEN,

      I concur completely with you. 1649 and Cromwell murdered the King and last line of indigenous monarchs. He was funded by Dutch Jews, whom, upon him winning and entering back into Britain, completely ignoring Edward 1st’s Edict of Expulsion of 1290, set about the creation of their banking empire, established with the private Bank of England and every ‘Bank of’ thereafter. The future King of England is a Jew. The Jews have complete control of banking, the msm, academia, the judiciary, the police and armed forces along with most corporations, all most certainly under the umbrella of the Rothschilds.
      If we compared Britain and Jews insects, Britain is a Tarantula and the Jew is a Tarantula wasp. It laid its egg in 1649 and the larvae’s been feeding upon it for quite some time now. Soon it will be dead and the Tarantula wasp, having become an adult will look for another to infect with its young.

    Chemnitz, Germany – Policemen protect the demonstration of peaceful German patriots (among others, of AfD, Pegida and Pro Chemnitz) defamed as “nazis“, “extreme rightests“ by the Ziomedia – Heavy protests against WHITE GENOCIDE by mass immigration – RAPES and MURDERS by invaders (illegal “refugees“ – “asylum seekers“) are soaring. The “Antifa”- counter demonstrators on Zionist payroll are the violent ones.

      1. Freya –

        We Whites will NEVER “stand together” because, among us, there is too much we find obnoxious amongst our own tribes. All I have to do is go to a University town, here, and observe the derelict and dumbed-down youth who are supposedly “our future”, and it looks grim, indeed. They certainly aren’t worth sacrifice, for the most part. Nor does an observation of the general population inspire much bravado.
        It will take more than slogans to lite the needed fire! Individual resolve is all we can count on.
        Keep your powder dry!

  13. america is the original multiculturalist society, which grew to the world’s prime superpower…
    that might be considered a good example, but really, for those nations that will survive those days are over now…
    it could be all this ‘loss of control’ by british citizens is misdirected anger at the state..
    “shit life syndrome” is only what you get it if you’re stupid and lazy, no matter where you find it…
    anybody can rise to whatever level he desires in america, and i suspect in england too.
    the question is – what are so many people so stupid and lazy?
    younger people are so retarded now from vaccines, junk food and the device screen life…
    and the other answer is – because the democrat party, which at one time stood for workers, now thrives, by entrenched state insider administrators, on a permanent class of welfare idiots..
    no trump ‘magic wand’… just declare martial down south close the borders and kick out all the immigrants…
    summary execution for anybody caught smuggling hard dope and people across the border…
    in britain administer the death penalty for attempted murder and up, then watch how fast these knife attacks stop…..
    you voted for brexit… ok good… do it now… if it’s not happening, get rid theresa may…
    stalin was right – so GET RID OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES…
    of course, the effective majority in britain will soon be non-white foreigners…. so now what?
    oliver cromwell – menasseh ben israel’s goyim schmucko…

    1. EVMs or not… freedom has NO chance with secret ballots.

      Freedom is “BIGGLY” defeated with secret ballots. 🙂

    2. Tucker Carlson has reported that California is looking the other way and allowing Illegals to vote. They can legally get drivers licenses, which effectively gives them the vote under Motor Voter. They only have to fill in the box and state they are citizens, and no one is checking. So, whether we vote electronically or by paper, it may not matter much. If the Electoral College is abolished, crazy left California will determine our president every time. But, since Trump “ALLEGEDLY” lost by 3 million votes, how long will these radical cultural Marxists allow the GOP to win the presidency with fewer votes until they turn really violent? BTW, I studied the election, and, subtracting California, Trump won by 1.5 million.

      1. “So, whether we vote electronically or by paper, it may not matter much. If the Electoral College is abolished, crazy left California will determine our president every time.”

        The ballots are meaningless.

        BANKERS determine our president every time. Even the very first ones before Washington, many of them, in the 18th century.

        There were many presidents for short periods before George Washington. The Continental Presidents could stay in office until they resigned or Congress felt a new president was necessary – at least before the Articles of Confederation were agreed.

        Peyton Randolph is known as the first President of the Continental Congress, or Continental President. He was given this title in September 1774 when everyone in Congress voted for him to be so. However, in October 1774, Henry Middleton became the second Continental President for about a week, after which Peyton Randolph took over again, this time for a little under a month due to poor health. Once Randolph resigned a second-time due to his health and headed back to Virginia to be with his family, one of the most famous Founding Fathers took over, John Hancock. Hancock stayed on as president until October 1777. John Hancock did not even step down as Continental President when Peyton Randolph came back for a period of time, though many felt Hancock should have in order to let Randolph assume his responsibilities. Unfortunately, all this debate ended when Peyton Randolph passed away suddenly of a stroke in October 1775.

        This means that John Hancock was the first President of the Continental Congress to preside under the US after the Revolutionary War broke out and after independence was declared.

        Henry Laurens was the fifth Continental President and served from the time Hancock stepped down until December 1778.

        Laurens was succeeded by John Jay, who served until September 28, 1779.

        The seventh Continental Congress President was Samuel Huntington, who served from the date John Jay stepped down until a couple months after the Articles of Confederation were ratified in 1781.

        Continental Presidents Under the Articles of Confederation:

        Once the Articles of Confederation were ratified by all of America’s 13 states, the responsibilities of the Presidents of the Continental Congress began to extend.

        Thomas McKean was the first Continental President to hold his full term under the Articles of Confederation, lasting from July 1781 to November of that year. John Hanson was the ninth and lasted a year in office, from November 5, 1781 to November 4, 1782.

        Then it was the turn of Elias Boudinot from New Jersey, who was in place until November 3, 1783.

        The eleventh Continental President was Thomas Mifflin, who served as president until June 1784. Unfortunately for Mifflin, he had a tough short term as Continental President as General George Washington resigned in December 1783 and then Mifflin had the challenge of trying to get enough delegates from the states so Congress could ratify the Treaty of Paris.

        Richard Henry Lee of Virginia was the twelfth and resided in office from November 30, 1784 to November 4, 1785.

        The thirteenth was once again John Hancock, who filled the position from November 1785 to June 1786. After Hancock’s second term as Continental President, Nathaniel Gorham took over from June 6, 1786 until November of that same year.

        The last two Continental Presidents were Arthur St. Clair, who was in office from February to November 1787, and Cyrus Griffin who was president until November 1788.

    3. Thanks mate, I’m one of those lazy and stupid people.
      I don’t have an important job or live in an important city like you.
      All I do is grow food in some unheard-of regional town.
      Under the thumbs of multinational companies in bed with government and always being scrutinised by a public threatening to buy foreign farmed goods if we can’t provide 50¢ loaves of bread or $1.99 burgers.

      Luckily for us Stupid Lazy People we know how to grow your food. Mine your minerals and produce your textiles….

      Oh yeah, and statistically we collectively own more firearms than both the British and United States military.. So there’s that..

  14. If it were a book the title might be –
    The Case of the Karmic Sun Never Setting On the Crimes of the British Empire, (redux)

    Neither insult nor schadenfreude, just an impression from the gaudy sights and sounds of Arab and African immigrants, migrants, gimmegrants, miscreants, cretins and goblins all moving into the neighborhoods.

  15. If you are in Britain or Germany and have any Anglo-Saxon values remaining then get them to safe haven! East Asia and South America are not yet subject to Tribe Kalergi methods, almost certainly because the populations are already “harmless” and silently accept Tribe “goy farming” methods (usury,”education”,mass media, distraction). Fallen Germany and Britain have been in Tribe crosshairs for several decades. Realistically, Anglo-Saxon culture no longer exists in any nation on Earth.. The older Brexit generation will soon pass and with them the culture that invented and created.

    Enabled by technology, Tribe leaders forsee and relish existing “goy farming” being replaced with “goy wildlife reserves”. They believe that robotics and automation will supply them with all material requirements, including “invention” and “creativity”. The plans (UN Agenda 2100) are afoot to herd “goy wildlife” into distopian cities controlled by bots, drones and the Internet of Things and eventually Smart Dust. The television coverage emanating from these cities from hell will make glee inducing Goy TV for the Tribe.

    Bottom line: if you understand what is coming down the pipe, then don’t just stand there – get out. Ideas about opposition are way too late.

  16. This may be old news but Jurgen Graf has written the book that buts all this in one concise package. It is recommended for all the get the book and read it. Give to your kids and friends.

    White World Awake! – Barnes Review
    Thus Graf lays out a practical 10-step program to stop the genocide of the West starting with Europe, the cradle of White Western civilization. This is a book that needs and deserves to be in the hands of every concerned person who cares about the future of the Western world.
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    White world awake! : stopping the planned extermination of our volk / by Jürgen Graf ; translated by Dr. Fredrick Töben ; edited by John R Tiffany. Author Graf, Jürgen, 1951-, (author.)
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    1. Toejamicus
      “The Holocaust is a few photos from a few very selective places taken in 1945 after the Allies gained total control of the air and bombed the hell out of everything in Germany. They purposely disrupted/destroyed all communications and deliveries by road or rail, killed even farmers working in their fields, preventing food and medicines from reaching those in need. Many of those in need were in the detainment camps, where even the clean water infrastructure was destroyed by Allied bombers, such as happened at Bergen-Belsen where the worst pictures were taken. Naturally, epidemics broke out that the Germans were helpless to prevent or deal with. The result of this end-of-war bombfest was photographed and called genocide — not genocide by the Allies, which it was [!], but genocide by the Germans!” [most pernicious lie]

      Remarkable – there is some truth to be found on a Jewish website (

      ((( Jewish Zionists – Talmudists – Satanists – Ashkenazi Khasars – Judaeo Mongol Asiatic tribe – proselytes to Talmudic Judaism, approx. 95 % of today’s Jews ))) seek “ZION – Jerusalem“ as center for GLOBAL DOMINATION. ((( Jews ))) celebrate Hanukkah – Passover – Purim – Jom Kippur – in commemoration of successful human SLAUGHTER – GENOCIDE is condoned by their God Satan “Lucifer“. They are agents of an ((( ALIEN nation – race ))) – a criminal international network of ((( Jews ))) pretending to be the 12 tribes of Israel.

      Jewish leaders push for Islamization of Europe

      They push for the GENOCIDE of white Christians who ((( Rabbi Raf Touitou, 2013 ))) calls “Edom“: “The Messiah will come when Edom, Europe, Christianity has totally fallen. So I ask you: Is it good news that Muslims are coming to Europe? It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah!“

      Remarkable – how malicious these Jewish rabbis are. Awaiting their fake Messiah. Satan’s messenger disguising himself as angel of light.

      WHO are the true Israelites? WHO are the “Edomites“ (descendants of Esau, Jacob’s twin brother) from the Bible?

      One thing is for sure – such evil-minded Jewish creatures can’t be “God’s Chosen“
      They are chosen by Satan. They do what is evil and boast about “superiority“ which comes from evilness.

      1. Hi Freya,
        100 years ago Medical Students were taught about “Institutional fevers” that would break out in prisons and poorhouses, and often wipe out the inmates.

        We now know they were usually typhus, which is spread by the fleas that abound when peole are crowded together in bad conditions. Dysentery, TB and other diseases were also common, along with starvation and cold. You were lucky to survive more than a year or two in th poorhouse.

        About 56,000 soldiers died in prisons during the American Civil War, accounting for almost 10% of all Civil War fatalities. During a period of 14 months in Camp Sumter, located near Andersonville, Georgia, 13,000 (28%) of the 45,000 Union soldiers confined there died.

        Zyklon was a cyanide based insecticide used in German camps to kill fleas and ticks in clothing.

  17. I think the expression “shit-life syndrome” sums up the future life being offered to most, if not all, our brainwashed millenials. We write on and on about this shit-life syndrome and how bad things are for those of us who have lived long enough to know things have rapidly deteriorated. John Kaminski sums up all our worst fears and projections. Lasha, in this brilliant article, sums up what has happened to England in the last 20 years. Things are going really bad in Australia too, with high “younger people” unemployment (26% in my region) , unassimilable people being brought in at 200,000 per year, African violence and Islamic mega mosques being built. Our millenials are hedonistic, sex and drug indulged, Green and Communist supporting monsters. CAUSE????? Most of us know it is all caused by the Corporate Capitalist-Communist – moneychanger Jews; and no one explains the mechanics of the Jewish, absolute POWER syndrome better than Henry Makow. He and Kaminski are all I now read. Makow’s TRUTH: “Humanity is satanically possessed”: Freemasonry (I,e. The Illuminati) a satanic cult based on Cabalist Judaism has colonised the West by creating a bogus reality. Western society is now an open-air mental asylum run by psychopaths. The Illuminati central bankers (Jews mainly) have established a monopoly on thought. They create the medium of exchange in the form of a debt to them.” …. The Jewish POWER to create our “shit-life syndrome” is simply allowed by their Money Power – exactly what the Australian Leagueof Rights have been saying for over 70 years. The only solution -a pogrom to dwarf all other pogroms. Will it ever happen.? Probably not, as the Jewish POWER is now impregnable and Our youthjust love dressing like clowns and indulging in sex and drugs.

  18. Just watched the video. Archetypal of past England and moving in the first half.

    Unfortunately the second half appears to be sung by football hooligans and the flocks of sheep in every frame symbolize current England residents.

    Created by “Burqa Productions” I wonder if it is a satire on the sheeple English done by one of the invading parties.

  19. This is decades of social engineering coming to fruition, not only in the UK but just about in every country around the world. The only sane perspective one can take is, dare I say it, a religious one (I won’t use the word “spiritual”; it has come to stand for cheap stuff like massage and scented candles). Let’s face it, we are living in the End Times: Our leaders are the worst among us, not the best among us. Trust between people has devolved into a tool of monetary gain. The media/corporate/political machinery thrives on deceit, child abuse and occult symbolism. And even the educated classes don’t care one bit; their brains have been fried but Facebook, and that in turn has made them more materialistic and covetous than ever.

    I accept this reality, and have crawled into a private cocoon where (and while) I can still enjoy my inner world, exercise free thought, pray, and do kind and charitable deeds. No TV, no social media, no drugs or alcohol, no casual sex, no superficial friends, no extravagant business, property or investment schemes. Not because I seek to put on an act and be holier-than-thou, but simply because all those things genuinely make my skin crawl. Miles Mathis wrote a lovely piece a while ago, titled “Boycott Everything” — and when I read it I realized, “I do! And I have!” 🙂

    This life is but a test, and a temporary one at that. When it’s over and my soul drifts off to the next plane, I’d rather be among the few than the many.

  20. Being anglo-saxon myself I relate to the worship of British culture, and I’m sorry things have gotten so bad. Ten years ago or so I thought at least Europe was still there and now it’s come under the sickness–“shit life syndrome”–although I’ve never heard the term. We call it “Walmart.” It’s people who are so fat that they have to drive a cart through the store to do their shopping. It’s not remembering that underwear is for under (at least something). Immigrants quickly adapt to the Walmart syndrome, although they wear more clothes. I can’t imagine what possessed the EU to open the floodgates into the beautiful and magical isle other than hatred.

    In the U.S., it was Jewish hatred of Western Civilization beginning with the Frankfurt School that criminalized and satirized normal American lives. Now the Frankfurt School has so infiltrated the University system that programming into “Shit life syndrome” has replaced any trace of the the Liberal Arts education.

    The other problem obviously is poisoning on a grand scale. So many of these kids are sick from vaccines, GMO, etc., and it may not be obvious except for the obesity–vaccine induced metabolic syndrome. Hate to say it but “Shit Life syndrome” may have a biological basis in an epidemic of bowel disease. Also, brain inflammation in early life apparently allows for brain growth but not brain pruning–so the higher functions that give us visionary states, higher mathematics, etc. don’t have room to grow when they should in early adolescence. What was the imaginary play of childhood is replaced with hyper concreteness–looks like precociousness but our elders knew that early ripe often meant early rot. We have, in poisoning the infant brain, deprived it of the visions of adulthood.

  21. As an old Englishman I am proud that In the Brexit referendum it was the votes of England that were mainly for leaving the EU, for freeing ourselves from an arrogant, unelected bureaucracy.

    Regarding history, I have always felt Britain went wrong when the original engineering inventors of the Industrial revolution sent their children to private schools like Eton, Winchester and Harrow. There they were taught the classics, of Rome and Greece. In effect they were brainwashed into thinking that all great nations went out and built an empire. The sons of the old technical industrialists learned a lot of Latin, Greek and Religion, and very little science and engineering. They were the ones who built the empire.

    In fact the empire was not all bad. these characters were not all grasping racists. In fact if you had to be in anybody’s empire you were better off in Britain’s. It’s a bit like the Monty Python sketch where the question “What did the Romans ever do for us?” was asked. The answer was “Roads, a legal system, reading and writing, protection by the legions etc” I recall an African politician, reflecting on the sad state of his country, suggesting that his government should ask the Brits to come back. I doubt many Brits now would want to do that.

    I think the Empire was a bad mistake, bad for the empire and bad for Britain, but it is our history and Omar Kayyam was right when he wrote his beautiful and sad poem:-

    “The moving finger having writ moves on,

    Nor all thy piety nor all thy wit shall call it back to cancel half a line,

    Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.”

  22. I know this article is about England so I’m sorry to interject this but I think it’s relevant to the UK too. I’m in Germany again – Chemnitz actually, which if you’ve heard, has had some big demonstrations by the right (patriots) and left (communists) in the last 10 days. Anyway, I arrived at one of Berlin’s airports about 2 weeks ago and I was sitting and resting and observed this tall (perhaps 6’0 or even a little taller) gorgeous platinum blonde haired German girl with a taller black (I would guess from Africa, as opposed to the US or somewhere else) guy. She was there with her tall father and I think her mother and the young couple were flying somewhere. I was just observing. The father, a good looking guy himself (for his age) shook the black guy’s hand and the black guy said something. He seemed like an alright guy, kind of quiet. Perhaps considers himself very lucky to be with this gorgeous blonde. He should.

    Fifty years ago I think this would have been unthinkable in Germany, but I’ve noticed that many of Germany’s better known personalities (and probably many lesser known one’s too) get involved with blacks and other non-Europeans. The former tennis champion Boris Becker married a black woman and had at least one child with her, the supermodel blonde Heidi Klum married and had several children with the black singer Seal and a half African / half German (but like Obama, just looks African) star on Germany’s 2014 world cup winning team dates (or is married to) a tall gorgeous German blonde (she might also be a model, I’m not sure). I almost think these people are sending some kind of message to fellow Germans and others. Perhaps, “I’m not a “NAZI””.

    This all also reminds me of an American woman I met at a coffee shop about four years ago. She met the former basketball star Dennis Rodman on a flight and was corresponding with him. She said she liked him and his outward going attitude and claimed white guys never (or rarely) approached her. I wasn’t sure what to make of what she said. I don’t doubt it, but why.

    1. @ Peter

      Excellent comment, Peter. And most revealing. However, both Lasha and I are puzzled to see white women like this gravitating toward black men. There’s something unnatural about it, as though it violates some fundamental law of genetics. We have reached the conclusion that women who mix with black men in this way belong to a small minority. That they suffer from some kind of genetic aberration. Put bluntly, that they are “freaks of nature”. Would you agree?

      I’ve recently noticed in the UK quite a lot of white young men with black girlfriends. Often the girls are young and attractive, which explains their appeal. But no matter which way you look at it, the end result of all this mass immigration into our white homelands is bound to be race mixing and mongrelization. White genocide seems inevitable.

      1. Sister Monica: “That they [white/black mixers] suffer from some kind of ‘genetic aberration’. Put bluntly, that they are ‘freaks of nature’.” This ‘blunt aberration/freak/mongrelization’ observation is itself a stunningly stupid reaction–in light of the fact that the Migrant Crisis was enabled by the purely white. Besides, “No matter which way you look at it,” mixed children are (like the population of the so-called ‘unmixed’) often beautiful, gifted human beings.

        1. I think you misunderstood Sister Monica. She was referring specifically to race mixing between White Caucasians and black AFRICANS. Which doesn’t really work for some reason. She was not referring to race mixing between White Caucasians and ASIANS. The children of a White European male and a Chinese/Japanese female can indeed be very beautiful and gifted. Unlike the African (average IQ 85 and under), the Chinese and Japanese have a higher-than average IQ of 105+. This means that the offspring of such unions are likely to be intelligent as well as attractive.

      2. @Mei King Hei

        “…This ‘blunt aberration/freak/mongrelization’ observation is itself a stunningly stupid reaction–in light of the fact that the Migrant Crisis was enabled by the purely white…”

        Those “purely white” are Jews. It is they who have caused the wars in the Middle East (for the sake of Israel), directed the stream of so-called “refugees” (mostly not Arabs from Syria but Blacks from Africa) to Europe and by their control of the media and advertising promote race-mixing of white Europeans with Blacks, thus fulfilling their wish for a “soft genocide” of the people they hate. Whether some Mulattoes can be handsome is irrelevant. In them the White Race has ended. Besides, there is such a thing as evolution and a code of evolutionary ethics. Advanced races should not mix with primitives. Mixing Whites with Blacks is a “sin against the Holy Spirit for which there is no forgiveness”. Dixi.

    This black migrant came in the 1970s, he has learned the language, Germany has given him a new and better life, he has been able to learn a lot, and now even wants to become a politician in Germany – He should take his knowledge and do that in HIS homeland – Germany will NEVER be his. Germanic people have always been Whites – Blacks belong to Africa. That’s their continent. Big enough to take and nourish them all. Europe for Europeans. Germany as small as Montana – not even as big as Texas – can’t possibly take in millions and millions of Middle Easterners, Africans and Asians . . . How INSANE is that? It’s HORRIBLE. The indigenous peoples of Europe will free themselves from that nightmare.

    The provocations will go on . . . until the breaking point comes. ((( The Parasites / deadly Enemies within ))) want to declare MARTIAL LAW and make conditions even more unbearable. Germans – all Europeans – won’t take much more of that. We won’t be humiliated by foreigners who behave like trash. Our women and children must and will be protected. The SPIRIT OF FREEDOM will break free – Europe will be European and white again.We are going to see the REMIGRATION – REPATRIATION – EXPELLATION of these ALIENS to where they came from.
    That’s the best – for all of us.


  24. @Sardonicus

    I think you misunderstand the racist root of “Sister Monica’s” loathing of black/white intermarriage—which she calls an “aberration.”

    Otherwise you’d know, a) that pure whiteness has produced a spectacular variety of evil, ugly, and often incredibly stupid specimens, and b) that pure blackness has produced an equally spectacular variety of musicians, athletes, professionals, etc. Your predilection for Asian/White unions ignores, of course, that black/white intermarriages also produce exceptionally beautiful and gifted humans.

    BTW, the “genocide of global whites” got a huge boost from their slaughter of one another in two World Wars. A fixation on comparative levels of “average IQ” is no refuge from a pattern of Caucasoid self-destruction that reaches into today’s news.

    1. @ Mei King Hei

      I disagree with everything you say.

      You are basically saying that Sister Monica, the Assistant Monitor of this website, is a racist bigot for not being enthusiastic about race mixing. She would apparently win your approval if she were to wholeheartedly agree to White genocide, i.e. the complete disappearance of white people 50-100 years from now as a result of interbreeding. You would be quite happy to see the evil multiculturalism, as promoted by Jewish agitator Barbara Spectre, sweep over Europe and turn its people in brown-skinned mongrels.

      As you must know, this is also the sinister agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the spiritual godfather of the European Union (EU), who argued passionately for a future world without borders or different “nationalities” — just one homogenous mass of coffee-coloured mongrels all under the rulership of a master race of Jews.

      So you are, in fact, simply a spokesman for organized Jewry whose ideas you here espouse and parrot. Understand this, sir. We white people wish to preserve our white culture as well as our white skins. We do not wish to fall under the domination of Jews who would like to lower the collective IQs of the new Slave Race by making the average IQ 85-90 by means of miscegenation and mongrelization.

      If you wish to see your grandchildren become sub-intelligent, brown-skinned mongrels, that is your choice. Your privilege. Feel free to organize the ruin of your own race and your own descendants But please, please do not try to force your Jewish ideas onto the rest of mankind! We reject miscegenation and mongrelization. We reject these ideas root and branch.

      It is odd, is it not, that Israel wishes to remain a racist monoculture, resisting all interbreeding between fair-skinned Ashkenazi Jews and coal-black Africans, which would only result in lower IQ Jews with darker skins. And yet, this is exactly what the Jews want for Europe, America and our few remaining White homelands: to turn them into mongrel dystopias.

      If you wish to promote multiculturalism, this is not the site on which to do it. The ideas promoted here are exactly the same ideas promoted on the Occidental Observer. Everything Sister Monica has said here about the need for white people to remain white and retain their cultural heritage would meet with the full approval of Professor Kevin MacDonald whose pioneer work we value and to which we wholeheartedly subscribe.

      Here, listen to your evil guru, Barbara Spectre. This is YOUR guru! Not ours!

    2. @Mei King Hei

      “BTW, the “genocide of global whites” got a huge boost from their slaughter of one another in two World Wars. A fixation on comparative levels of “average IQ” is no refuge from a pattern of Caucasoid self-destruction that reaches into today’s news.”

      You are absolutely correct. Those two world wars were a disaster for Europeans (whites) and a disaster for the world. But the only people that could have world wars were Europeans (whites) because they ruled the world. The British Empire was the biggest empire in the world, the French empire dominated much of the world, the USSR had 12 time zones (the US has 3), but little Germany had more Nobel Prizes than any other country, more than Great Britain and the USA combined. What they lacked in land and natural resources, they made up for with technology. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough. Also, there was one non-European group that pushed all of Europe into WW II and they played a bigger role in this than Europeans themselves – Jews. They pushed the world into two world wars and the leaders of the powers that fought said this themselves. Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain and others said the Jews pushed the world into WW II.

      It’s not that Africans, Arabs and others don’t have wars. They have fought and continuously fight, but they lack the technology to kill over one hundred thirty five thousand people in a few hours, like the British and Americans did at Dresden. But their barbarity is just as bad or worse than most Europeans. Fortunately they lack the technology.

      You only have to look at sub-Saharan Africa today. It’s a half continent of poverty, war and disease. The few bright spots were what the colonial Empires did there, the cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and many others. Whatever negative things the Europeans brought to Africa, I think they made up for with the cities they built, the schools they built, the medicine they brought there, etc.


    You’ve concocted a non-existent “code of evolutionary ethics” to go with a non-existent “sin against the Holy Spirit” that’s cited from a non-existent Scripture: “Mixing Whites with Blacks is a ‘sin against the Holy Spirit for which there is no forgiveness’.” It sounds like something meant to advance the evil, lying methods of the Zionist monstrosity.

    1. @ Mei King Hei

      Evolution is supposed to go upwards, not downwards, unless of course you are destructive. With non-Whites, such destructiveness is almost always inspired by racial jealousy. Non-Whites are jealous of Whites because of their good looks, intelligence, creativity and talent to create high civilization. Therefore non-Whites try to immigrate into white countries to enjoy the fruits of civilization that they themselves are unable to create, or they try to marry Whites “to improve their stock”, or they try to look more like Whites by cosmetic means. Thus Blacks try to “relax” the curls in their hair and Mongolians undergo operations to remove the epicanthic fold from their eyes. Because non-Whites themselves can never really be white, they hate Whites with a passion. Your own words betray a virulent hatred of Whites : “… pure whiteness has produced a spectacular variety of evil, ugly, and often incredibly stupid specimens…” Have you tried such an operation on your eyes already ?

    2. @Mei King Hei

      Here is the “non-existent” scripture for you, from which I quoted as a metaphor for my own idea :

      “…Truly I tell you, all sins and blasphemes will be forgiven for the sons of men. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, but is guilty of an eternal sin…”

      New Testament, Mark 3 : 28-29.


        The words, “… pure whiteness has produced a spectacular variety of evil, ugly, and often incredibly stupid specimens…” is a reminder that pure whiteness (like pure blackness) is not fault-free, and no grounds for racial supremacy.

        Your claim, “Mixing Whites with Blacks is a ‘sin against the Holy Spirit for which there is no forgiveness’,” won’t be found anywhere in Mark 3: 28-29, or its context. (_You_ need an “eye operation”). That absurd “metaphor for my own idea” is a pathetic attempt to inject racist paranoia into Scripture–which is, itself, a blasphemy “against the Holy Spirit.”

      2. @Mei King Hei

        “…Your claim, “Mixing Whites with Blacks is a ‘sin against the Holy Spirit for which there is no forgiveness’,” won’t be found anywhere in Mark 3: 28-29, or its context. (_You_ need an “eye operation”)…”

        Right, and I didn’t claim that at all. Therefore I said I use that phrase as a metaphor for my own idea. Whether you accept that idea is another question.

  26. CORR.
    We are going to see the REMIGRATION – REPATRIATION – EXPULSION – DEPORTATION of these ALIENS to where they came from.

    Save it for next Christmas – as a reminder as to what it is all about. The SAVIOR – the HOLY (inner) CHILD – has been born into this world to be re-born in each of us humans. The SPIRITUAL meaning which is being celebrated all over the world.

    ((( “Jews“ ))) – a term not used in ancient times – international Satanists – Talmudists – Jewish Zionists occupying Palestine since 1948, by claiming a “birth right to the land“ as descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites is like Africans, Turks, Arabs, Asians et al claiming to be white German/ic. It’s as ABSURD as it can be. Identity theft – Or is it not?
    ((( International Jews ))) cleverly foisted “Diversity is Our Strength” upon white countries they occupy because a country without multi-racial, multi-ethnic diversity is necessarily a country FREE of ((( Jewish supremacist overlords ))). “Diversity“ is NOT OUR strength – it’s the Jews’ strength in their effort to dissolve solidarity among white homogenous peoples. We already have true diversity among white nations and among different races. Miscegenation (race mixing) means WHITE GENOCIDE. It destroys real racial diversity, and is meant to extinguish the white race. The white race are a minority among the races; the quasi polar bear of the 21st century in need of minority rights protection. We need pro-white policies in our homelands, “affirmative action“ in support of the indigenous peoples. We must put an end to anti-white propaganda and anti-white discrimination.

    Is this the truth? – What does it mean? That ONLY the Whites were created by the Creator-God of the Bible – the oher races by ((( someone different )))? (unusual perspective)
    Ray N. , July 2, 2018 at 8:32 am , White Genocide: The Dystopian Nightmare To Come:
    “The Bible was written EXCLUSIVELY for the Race of Adam: Genesis 5:1: This book is the race of Adam.. Definition of Adam: Adam Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance To show blood in the face , i.e. Flush or turn rosy — be ruddy.. Adam was of a white and rosy ruddy complexion, able to blush, show red in the face, Only applicable to the white race.
    1 Peter 2:9: For ye are a chosen race, a people belonging especially to god. The race of Adam: Adam’s Father, Luke 3:38 Father of Adam, God.. God is the Father of ONLY the white race: Psalm 82:6 For I have said Ye are Gods and children of the most high. His chosen race, and him being the Father means the white race are his LITERAL children on the earth.. The ONLY family he even knows.. Amos 3:2: Of all the families upon the earth only you have I known. Description of Abraham’s wife Sarah from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Her skin was pure white; ‘She had long lovely hair; Her limbs were smooth and rounded (her thighs were shapely) ‘She had slender legs and small feet; ‘Her hand were slim and long and so were her fingers.’
    The following is a description of Sarah from the Genesis Apocryphon; page 486 published by Penguin Classics “…..and beautiful is her face! How…fine are the hairs of her head! How lovely are her eyes! How desirable her nose and all the radiance of her countenance… How fair are her breasts and how beautiful all her whiteness!
    How pleasing are her arms and how perfect her hands! How fair are her palms and how long and slender are her fingers! How comely are her feet, how perfect her thighs! No virgin or bride led into the marriage chamber is more beautiful than she; she is fairer than all other women. Truly her beauty is greater than theirs. Yet, together with all this grace she possesses abundant wisdom, so that whatever she does is perfect.”
    The white race ARE the true semites and the Hebrews: Noah was saved because he was perfect in his race, he did not mongrelize with the pre-Adamic negro beasts of the field, nor the pre-Adamic Mongolian asiatics.
    NOAH: 2. “And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful.”
    The Semites are from Noah’s white son Shem. The Hebrews are from Shem’s white son Heber. Jesus Christ was born through the family of the white King David. Romans 1:3 3
    Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh King David: 1 Samual 17:42: “And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth and ruddy and of a fair countenance.”
    Goliath hated David because he was white no different than today! This is THE REASON for the murderous ((( Jewish hatred ))) against Whites . . . “

    The ((( Jewish EXCLUSIVITY & SUPREMACY ))) is echoed here.
    The old power struggle: White supremacy vs Jewish/Talmudic/Satanic supremacy.
    It’s about WHO RULES supreme – the builders/creators/inventors OR the destroyers.
    The HOLY SPIRIT or the destructive, demonic forces.

  28. Hi Sister Monica,

    I read somewhere else that not many white women like black men. So that agrees with what you said. I don’t know if it’s genetic. I tend to think it has more to do with conditioning. Blacks have been built into this super race of strength and beauty (“always bet on black”, “black is beautiful”) that I think people started looking at blacks differently, started looking for attractive ones (which probably have white or Asian blood) and that confirms what they’re told. I think they are often easier to land a date with too.

    I went out with a few black women for a short time. I’ve had a few black friends. The problem is a very large percentage of blacks have deficiencies in one way or another and maybe “black culture” reflects that. It is a low class, thug culture and the Jews have made it American culture and it dominates American culture. Instead of being proud of, Americans should be ashamed of it. I once told a black woman I probably wouldn’t have a child with a black. My God, I’m glad I didn’t She didn’t like that. It was just in a casual conversation. I might now be up front and tell her it’s your low class culture. How can anyone be proud of that? Even disregarding the culture, I wouldn’t want a child from a black woman.

    1. @ Peter

      You say, “The problem is a very large percentage of blacks have deficiencies in one way or another and maybe ‘black culture’ reflects that.” Right, and were you to take a peak at the failures of pure “white culture,” you’d find that the “problem” is universal—because a very large percentage of whites “have deficiencies in one way or another.” So your daffy, supremacist generalization backfires.

      1. If you take a peek at (not : “take a peak at”) deficiencies of white culture, at least you look at culture, and not at barbarity as in the case of Blacks. Superior people remain superior even if they degenerate.

  29. (1)THE 1st BEAST residing in “The City“ of London and in “Wall St“ NY – ancient Satanic Talmudism “Mystery Babylon“ Kabbala – “Jewish“ Zionist Satanists – Financial oligarchy – The “Fed“, tip of the power pyramid – Guarded and possessed by “dragons“, evil demon spirits – ((( International Jewry ))), the spiritual descendants of the ancient pharisees not the physical ones
    THE 2nd BEAST, the apostate pseudo-Christian church/es – the “Vatican“, infiltrated by Christ haters, Talmudic, Satanic crypto-Jews who falsify the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ to destroy
    the Christian belief

    (2)Jesus’ statement to the Pharisees “Ye are of your father the Devil…” (John 8:44), establishes that the spirit of the Pharisees was [and IS] Satanic (Harold Smith)

    (3)“THE BEAST/s that thou sawest was, and is not; and SHALL ASCEND OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, AND GO INTO PERDITION: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold THE BEAST that was [in the PAST], and is not [yet – but will be in the FUTURE], and yet is [in the PRESENT]” (Rev 17:8).


    You claimed straight-up, that “Mixing Whites with Blacks is a sin against the Holy Spirit for which there is no forgiveness,” That wasn’t “metaphor”—it was you injecting your hatred of miscegenation directly into the Word of God. That’s “blasphemy.”
    – – – – – – –
    OK then, if you take a “peek” at the record of _Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps_ and the Allied policy of exterminating massive numbers of German forces who’d surrendered, you’d be looking at the “peak” of white barbarity against its own. That’s just one example of the ‘cultural superiority’ of degenerate whites in action.

  31. I use the word ‘Jew’ once in this essay.
    The Ten Commercial Maxims
    by Jack Harper

    For many people it might come as a surprise (in many cases a pleasant one) if they were informed that
    essentially all of the law of the world is founded on, derived from, and is a function of ten simple,
    essential, and fundamental Commercial Maxims seven (7) basic ones plus three (3) corollaries. These
    foundational principles/axioms underlie all of man’s law. Notwithstanding the vastness and complexity of the law today, it is safe to say that all of the world’s law is fundamentally a function of the ten
    Commercial Maxims. Although the dazzling complexity and ever-changing forms, parameters, and
    labels obfuscate this fact, the essence of the matter remains intact.

    The Commercial Maxims constitute the basic rules involved in preventing and resolving disputes,
    including relating in life and commercial affairs as if disputes might arise and written proof of one’s
    position, in time and content, must be securely established. Although commerce is usually thought of
    as “buying, selling, and trading,” all of man’s interactions with his fellow man are considered as being
    “commerce.” Commerce encompasses all relationships between people.

    Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, for instance, defines “commerce” as follows: Commerce. “The exchange of goods, productions, or property of any kind; the buying, selling, and exchanging of articles…. Intercourse by way of trade and traffic between different peoples or states…including not only the purchase, sale, and exchange of commodities, but also the instrumentalities and agencies by which it is promoted and the means and appliances by which it is carried on, and transportation of persons as well as of goods, both by land and sea…. Also interchange of ideas, sentiments, etc., as between man and man.”

    The Commercial Maxims codify the fundamental principles/maxims of law and commerce upon which man’s law and governments have operated on this planet for at least the past 4-6 thousand years.

    They constitute, as it were, the rules of the game. Part of the grief of mankind today is that the vast, overwhelming percentage of the populace does not know the basic rules of the game they are playing and are hence incapable of playing it.

    If one who does not know the rules of a game is playing that game with others who are masters of the rules, the outcome is a foregone conclusion: the one who knows the rules wins the game while the one who does not know the rules necessarily loses. Such is the state of the world.

    Elucidating the underlying, fundamental rules so that one understands what is going on helps
    greatly in “leveling the playing field.” These rules, therefore, are set forth below with the understanding that they operate within the context and setting of the universal Underlying Principles.

    The Commercial Maxims are the most basic, enduring, and minimalist codification of universal, real law extant on earth.

    They are very simple, largely self-evident, and based on common sense. The Jews, for instance, have
    studied, analyzed, practiced, and refined Commercial Law, founded on these Maxims, for thousands of
    years. This continuous, relentless, single-minded absorption in the law over millennia has “worked the
    bugs out.” Every angle, facet, ramification, application, and nuance of practice of Commercial Law has been seasoned over time, and is deeply and thoroughly known by those who “own, run, and rule
    the world.”

    Indeed, the “Elite” are precisely where they are because they do know this fundamental law, because it is real, that it must work, always works, and it is impossible for it not to work, since it is grounded in natural law. Those who do not know and use the law by which everything functions necessarily and always lose. This esoteric truth must be obscured and concealed from the “masses” by every means possible. Otherwise, those who would rule mankind would have no way of obtaining their positions of power, privilege, and plunder (all of which are frauds). By knowing and using the law themselves and keeping the knowledge of such law from the masses, the people are deliberately rendered defenceless, confused, emasculated, dependent, helpless “sheeple,” considered as existing for the
    purpose of being exploited, herded, sheered, gelded, and slaughtered at will.

    The Powers That Be thus achieve and operate their monopoly on “law” (the very thought is absurd, like stating one has a monopoly on light or life), by propagandizing the lie that law is so complex,
    esoteric, obtuse, vast, and confusing that only they and their hatchet men called “attorneys” and “judges” can administer it.

    The law is “mystified,” made into some kind of quasi-religious cult, operated by a high priesthood that alone has the knowledge and authority for operating the resulting “legal system” that rules the life of man. Law must be transformed into a “closed union shop” such as the Bar Association, into whose hands the people must entrust their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honour” without availability of alternative sources of remedy and redress of grievances. Where can one go for relief when the fox guards the henhouse?

    If the so-called “Rulers of the World” did not withhold from general understanding the knowledge
    that the foundational principles of real law are few in number and easily mastered by everyone, and that all of the documents and instruments used in all law and commerce are likewise few in number and comprehensible to laymen, such con men would have to abandon their aristocratic “titles of nobility” and find real jobs based on genuine productivity, contribution, and “win-win” interactions with their fellow man.

    It is empowering and exhilarating to understand that the ever-changing, monstrous vastness of “law” can be distilled into a handful of universal principles that can be contained on a 3″ X 5″ card, and that all of the legal documents and instruments functioning today can be mastered by nearly anyone.

    Attorneys and Judges deliberately conceal the fact that the only significance inhering in court cases
    and statutes consists of the simple and universal principles of commercial law codified by the Maxims.

    All legal documents, proceedings, and processes are obscured by re-naming and mislabelling said documents and processes in accordance with whatever degrees of multiplicity and complexity are needed for preserving its inaccessible aloofness. Law is made diffuse, enormously complex, and allegedly far beyond the ken of regular folks.

    With knowledge of the truth underlying all of that misdirection and deception, i.e. seeing through the
    Wizard’s Light Show, you can understand what is happening and place yourself in a position of mastery of the situation instead of being relegated to the status of a confused, helpless victim forever in the dark and at the mercy of those who exploit your ignorance of the rules and processes by which law (i.e. organized, deadly force) operates.

    In short, “Know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

    As mentioned above, the word “commerce” encompasses all interactions and interchanges between people, including exchanges of such “noncommercial” things as “ideas, sentiments, etc.”

    The fundamental principles and precepts of universal commercial law that have for millennia formed the
    underpinnings of civilized law on this planet are both biblical and non-biblical, i.e. their truth and validity is a function of themselves and the long-accepted usage and practice by many cultures and peoples, in diverse forms, throughout the world for thousands of years. These fundamental Maxims of Commerce, which underlie all commercial documents, instruments, and processes, are enumerated herewith (with biblical references in parenthesis):

    1. A workman is worthy of his hire

    (Exodus 20:15; Lev. 19:13; Matt. 10:10; Luke 10:7; II

    Tim. 2:6. Legal maxim: “It is against equity for freemen not to have the free disposal of their own property.”).

    2. All are equal under the Law

    (God’s Law–Ethical and Natural Law). (Exodus 21:23-25;

    Lev. 24:17-21; Deut. 1:17, 19:21; Matt., 22:36-40; Luke

    10:17; Col. 3:25. Legal maxims: “No one is above the law.”; “Commerce, by the law of nations, ought to be common, and not to be converted into a monopoly and the private gain of a few.”).

    3. In Commerce truth is sovereign

    (Exodus 20:16; Ps. 117:2; Matt. 6:33, John 8:32; II Cor.

    13:8. Legal maxim: “To lie is to go against the mind.”

    4. Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit

    (Lev. 5:4-5; Lev. 6:3-5; Lev 19:11-13; Num. 30:2; Matt.

    5:33; James 5:12).

    5. An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in Commerce

    (1 Pet. 1:25; Heb. 6:13-15. Legal maxim: “He who does not deny, admits.”).

    6. An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce (Heb. 6:16-17. Any proceeding in a court, tribunal, or arbitration forum consists of a contest, or “duel,” of commercial affidavits wherein the points remaining unrebutted in the end stand as the truth and the matters to which the judgment of the law is applied.).

    7. A matter must be expressed to be resolved

    (Heb. 4:16; Phil. 4:6; Eph. 6:19-21. Legal maxim: “He who fails to assert his rights has none.”).

    8. He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default

    (Book of Job; Matt. 10:22. Legal maxim: “He who does not repel a wrong when he can, occasions it.”).

    9. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility

    (One who is not damaged, put at risk, or willing to swear an oath that he consents to claim against his commercial liability in the event that any of his statements or actions is groundless or unlawful, has no basis to assert claims or charges and forfeits all credibility and right to claim authority.)

    (Acts 7, life/death of Stephen, maxim: “He who bears the burden ought also to derive the benefit.”).

    10. A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by Counter-affidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment

    (Gen. 2-3; Matt. 4; Revelation. Legal maxim: “If the plaintiff does not prove his case, the defendant is absolved.”).

    All law in Canada can be reduced to the above ten listed maxims.

  32. A day of reckoning is coming

    Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.

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