The Disintegration of Western Society

• DECEMBER 4, 2018 • 700 WORDS
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Radical feminists are now being banned by Twitter not because they hate men, which is perfectly OK as far as Twitter is concerned, but because they object to “transwomen.” What is a “transwoman?” As far as I can understand, a “transwoman” is a male with a penis who declares himself to be a woman and demands his right to use women’s toilette facilities along with the women who are using them.

a man with a penis who thinks he is a woman.
(See here

The feminist, Meghan Murphy, twittered a statement and a question:

“Men are not women.” . . . “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between men and transwomen?”

Twitter described this as “hateful conduct” and banned Meghan Murphy.

There you have it. Yesterday it was feminists who were exercising their special society-bestowed privileges to censor. Today it is the feminists who are being censored. As this insanity of “Western Civilization” continues, tomorrow it will be the transwomen who are censored and banned.

What precisely is afoot?

My readers, who have partially and some wholly escaped from The Matrix, understand that this is the further fragmentation of American society. Identity Politics has set men, women, blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and white people against one another. Identity Politics is the essence of the Democratic Party and the American liberal/progressive/left.

Now, with the creation of “new” but otherwise nonexistent “genders,” although they are honored as real by the controlled whores who masquerade as a “Western media,” we witness radical feminists being silenced by men pretending to be women.

I sympathize with Meghan Murphy, but she brought this on herself and on the rest of us by accepting Identity Politics. Identity Politics gave Meghan a justification for hating men even, as she failed to realize, it provided the basis for moving her into the exploitative class that must be censored.

Where does this end?

It has already gone far enough that the American population is so divided and mutually hostile that there is no restraint by “the American people” on government and the elite oligarchs that rule. “The American people” are no longer a reality but a mythical creature like the unicorn.

The film, The Matrix, is the greatest film of out lifetime. Why? Because it shows that there are two realities. A real one of which only a few people are aware, and a virtual one in which everyone else lives.

In the United States today, and throughout “Western Brainwashed Civilization,” only a handful of people exist who are capable of differentiating the real from the created reality in which all explanations are controlled and kept as far away from the truth as possible. Everything that every Western government and “news” organization says is a lie to control the explanations that we are fed in order to keep us locked in The Matrix.

The ability to control people’s understandings is so extraordinary that, despite massive evidence to the contrary:

— Americans believe that Oswald, acting alone, was the best shot in human history and using magic bullets killed President John F. Kennedy;

— that a handful of Saudi Arabians who demonstratively could not fly airplanes outwitted the American national security state and brought down 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers and part of the Pentagon;

— that Saddam Hussein had and was going to use on the US “weapons of mass destruction;”

— that Assad “used chemical weapons” against “his own people;”

— that Libya’s Ghadafi gave his soldiers Viagra so they could better rape Libyan women;

—  that Russia “invaded Ukraine;”

— that Trump and Putin stole the presidential election from Hillary.

The construction of a make-believe reality guarantees the US military/security complex’s annual budget of $1,000 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money even as Congress debates cutting Social Security in order to divert more largess to the pockets of the corrupt military/security complex.

Readers ask me what they can do about it. Nothing, except revolt and cleanse the system, precisely as Founding Father Thomas Jefferson said. Is Thomas Jefferson Alive and Well In Paris? If this report is correct, pray the revolt spreads to the US.


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  1. Guys putting on a ladies wig and then calling themselves a woman is allowed by law. Persecution of any persons identity is wrong. Jews support all identities that are non-violent, even those that wear a Swastika and praise Hitler. Each individual has the right to let themselves come out of the closet and expose their thoughts and bodies. Repression and abuse is un-American. There is no need to riot in the land of the free where perfection is impossible.

    1. @ (((Melvin)))

      You get more idiotic and extreme by the day. What are you trying to do? Give a parody of “Jewish attitudes”? — and in doing so, only make Jews look look more ridiculous? If that’s what you’re doing, congratulations! You’re doing splendidly. 🙂

      1. As a self-confessed Jew who has visited this site regularly for the last 5-6 years and given Lasha Darkmoon hell — which this fanatical troublemaker richly deserves for her disgusting antisemitism and defense of Germany during WWII — I can say this with authority: Melvin Polatnik is not doing the Jewish cause any favors by posting his silly comments on this site.

        He is the worse kind of Jew. A Jew who brings shame on his own people by his ridiculously extreme comments. We Jews have suffered much over the last 3000 years, and the last thing we need is a fool like Melvin Polatnik to defend us.

      2. Aryan ideologues dream of a powerful dictator with a population of family oriented one minded robots. Extreme personal freedom had been declared taboo by Hitler. Wars would be impossible if Fascists could not organize billions of free style’s. Sales of dildos are increasing as women are free to enjoy a man free home. Jewish attitudes are helping create a colorful and energy filled society filled with sexual diversity, shared by all races. One world of freaks is coming and it is almost here.

    2. No, Jew, you dont get to tell us what is and what is not American. However, as a jew, you will never be American, in fact your identity as a jew makes it clear where your loyalties lie

      1. Seymour,
        A “self-confessed” Jew. Your tone is curious. Almost defeatest. The last time Donaldo checked, being Jewish is not a crime. Don’t CONFESS to being a Jew. Just say it…….I’m a Jew. Easy as that. No harm done. 😉

      2. being Jewish is not a crime

        …in a Jewish World Order. That’s true. It used to be crime but that’s context for you.

      3. Hi Melvin,
        Where did you get the data regarding dildos? Your local “Adult” gift store? Donaldo can only imagine the TOYS you purchase there to entertain yourself when alone at night. Spend more time with your toys and less time posting please.

  2. America! What a Town!
    As Salman H. would and does say, (lol)
    “nothing a little Islam can’t cure”
    (hope I got it right)

  3. This is right out of the Zionist playbook as laid out in The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and The Protocols of Zion and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman, destroy the culture of a given nation and the morals and the satanic Zionist agenda has free reign as a stepping stone of the way to a satanic Zionist NWO!

  4. My readers, who have partially and some wholly escaped from The Matrix, understand that this is the further fragmentation of American society. Identity Politics has set men, women, blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and white people against one another. Identity Politics is the essence of the Democratic Party and the American liberal/progressive/left. [. . .] It has already gone far enough that the American population is so divided and mutually hostile that there is no restraint by “the American people” on government and the elite oligarchs that rule. “The American people” are no longer a reality but a mythical creature like the unicorn.

    Roberts nailed it here, but he left out the Jews’ biggest lie of all, the sacred Hallowedhoax in his list of Jewish lies.

  5. is that murphy’s real name, or is shemurphy brown’s sister?
    i know a young half-breed mexican/white man, who thinks the world should have no borders, at least none on the southern usa… every time he hears another piece of bad news about the state of affairs in the usa i can see he’s delighted; it’s as if we don’t deserve to exist, and that’s his excuse… sometimes i think roberts is just another nwo operative, constantly demeaning and degrading us, stressing, indeed blowing out of proportion, any and all bad news available… i’ve heard him tell us we’re all washed up more times than i can remember..
    i really couldn’t care less about whether or not some radical feminist has a bad day over a male endowed gender bender, both getting their drawers in a bunch about the bathroom issue… and this sort of thing may be good fodder for the sicko media frame but percentage-wise it has very little to do with reality…
    rather than hear him name all the forces at work to ruin our country, all roberts ever does is point out how far gone it is, armageddon’s here… might as well give up i guess, right? maybe the globalists do have a better idea? is that what we’re supposed to get from this bs blurb about a seriously nothing issue?

  6. The ‘economics genius’ PCR… KNOWZ the REAL culprits – agents – destroying ALL societies with their organic interest forced onto the USD, used globally:

    Primary Dealers – Federal Reserve Bank of New York – FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK

    Primary dealers are trading counterparties of the New York Fed in its implementation of monetary policy. (They charge the Federal Reserve interest.)

    Bank of Nova Scotia, New York Agency
    BMO Capital Markets Corp.
    BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
    Barclays Capital Inc.
    Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
    Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
    Credit Suisse AG, New York Branch
    Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc.
    Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
    Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
    HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
    Jefferies LLC
    J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
    Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated
    Mizuho Securities USA LLC
    Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC
    NatWest Markets Securities Inc.
    Nomura Securities International, Inc.
    RBC Capital Markets, LLC
    Societe Generale, New York Branch
    TD Securities (USA) LLC
    UBS Securities LLC.
    Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

    1. Nice information Pat.

      Just wanted to let you know that I’m now resigned to accepting that the Syrian War was another managed conflict. And yes that includes Assad, Putin and everyone else on the side of the so-called resistance. I find it hard to believe that they’re all now controlled by (((international finance))) but that is the only logical conclusion given that Syrian and Russian sources keep banging on about the war being won?!?

      Sites that I used to trust (e.g. SyrianPerspective and TheSaker) are now referring to a “conflict that is almost over” and “only Idlib is now occupied” whilst completely ignoring the US/Kurdish occupation of NE Syria. This embryonic Syrian-Kurdistan is eerily like the partitioned Syria shown in the NATO “New Middle East” maps of the 1990s; and also partially fulfils the 1980s Oded Yinon objective of balkanizing the countries around Israel.

      Prediction: a kosher peace deal and constitution that sets up a “private” and “independent” Syrian Central Bank (so not private and not independent but run by Rothchilds and co); and recognizes an “autonomous” Syrian-Kurdistan, i.e. a chopped up, partitioned Syria.

      “Ye know too much!”

      PS It will either be a kosher peace deal or another fake “frozen conflict” like Korea.

      1. Thanks, Flo –

        The conflicts around the globe are not our granddaddies’ wagings anymore.

        There is a new paradigm even there.

        Population in 2014 – 18 million…. BUT….

        Main lines in use: 4 million
        Mobile cellular: 15 million

        80% of Syrians have cell phones!!

        Syria will be dragged into the 21st century to establish more trade $$.

        ‘Put-On’ will get rich with the US & Israel supplying the construction contractors and the financial boyz will control the entire program.

        The ‘war’ offered free demolition for Syria.

        Later they can have their ‘Syrian Pound’ traded in the $5Trillion – volume – a day FOREX market!! That arrived with the internet. Recent. Grandpa still doesn’t know how to spell it. 🙂

  7. You can convince anybody of anything if you repeat it often enough (several times a day in books, magazines, TV and newspapers) every day for months and then years and then hide the fact that it’s a small group of hateful, racist Jews that own most of your country’s media that are manipulating you. The skin and lampshades hoax, lies about gassings and concentration camps and the audacity of some lies, like FDR speaking to the nation, telling Americans that Germany was planning to take over South America (with a navy of a few destroyers and about 7 U-Boats) when the speech was made, with a march of German troops toward Washington, D. C. implicitly suggested shows how any public can be manipulated.

    So, with JFK, Saddam’s WMD and many other instances the lies continue.

    1. It’s not a small group of jews. They work together and each has his own task. One jew plays the good jew, the other jew the bad jew etc they have been playing this game centuries, merchants of deception.

  8. It’s not like we haven’t seen these movies, read these books and visited these plays many many times before.
    Five thousand years ago, a thousand years ago, a hundred, fifty, twenty, now, tomorrow, next month, next year.
    Sometimes two, three, four or more simultaneously.
    This is not unusual either.

    So if anyone tries to tell you that you (or they) can’t predict the future, tell them they’re full of toro mierda.
    Helen Keller could do it with one arm tied behind her back.

    Because whether twice usurped and thrice re-arranged, no matter fiction, non-fiction or the twilight zone in between, the story lines and endings are pretty much, well, sameness.
    Not to mention a top three definition of insanity.

  9. Yours truly is an authentic transsexual. Not only did I have the sexual surgery done, but I also had facial surgery done by the famous Dr. Ousterhout (a 10 hour surgery). Why did I do this? In large measure it was because I thought this would enhance my creativity. So in my case it was faustian in large measure.

    Are men different from women? Of course they are.

    Do the White American people still exist? I am one of them, so I would say so.

    We White Americans need to stop regarding the mainstream media as reality, including P. C. Roberts, who is a mainstream media figure.

    Truth lies underground in these times.

    1. KB –

      I have addressed you several times as a man. Others have addressed you as a woman. It turns out that either way would not have been wrong! But, I knew you were confused about most of what you have written here… 🙂

  10. The so-called gender identity theory of transsexualism is bogus. There was a competing theory called the autogynephilic theory that was pushed aside by political muscle. The SPLC was actually involved in this muscular political push. Sometime I’ll write an article about this.

  11. By the autogynephilia theory there are two types of transsexuals: the autogynephylic, and the effeminate homosexual. Homosexuals are effeminate by nature, and the transsexual type is just an extreme of the natural effeminacy found in homosexuals. Autogynephilia, on the other hand, is a type of sexual deviancy. It is something that happens with heterosexual types, not homosexual types.

    The guy Paul Craig Roberts is writing about is a cross-dresser (autogynephilic) who is claiming that he has a right to use women’s bathrooms because he has a female gender identity.

    The gender identity stuff is bogus. The guy has a sexual disorder, not a gender disorder.

    The gender identity theory has been pushed into acceptance by political force. The Jewish SPLC was involved in this. The autogynephelia theory, which was forced aside by political pressure, was much more scientific.

  12. Western society is predominantly Christian… and is being destroyed!

    The Apostles Creed is a powerful recommitment to Christianity… and is “BIGGLY” repulsive to jews!

    Trump & wife didn’t say the Apostles’ Creed at Bush’s funeral with the congregation, but Clintons and Obamas did. Was it repulsive to the Trumps?

    See the pic:

  13. @Pat

    The Apostles’ Creed wouldn’t have been subscribed to by Thomas Jefferson. Perhaps not by Emerson either. Yet both were Christian, were they not?

    To me the essence of Christ’s teaching is that you should make your conscience be the authority regarding the right and wrong of what you do. This is a radical departure from Judaism, where what is written in the books is the highest authority regarding the right and wrong of what you do. And I believe that this difference is the cause of Jewish hatred of Christianity. In a word, our freedom.

    To return to what I was saying about the autogynephilia theory of transsexualism, on scientific grounds it is far superior to the gender identy theory — yet truth makes no difference! Same with the Holocaust — truth makes no difference. I submit that Jewish power in our society has produced a general situation where truth makes no difference.

    Truth is what should matter most of all, yet truth makes no difference. Isn’t this state of affairs un-Christian?

    1. KB –

      You do not write for Jefferson, and neither do I.

      You should learn more about Jefferson. He started the Christian Church services in the US Capitol…. and it continued until 1857.

      —Church in the U.S. Capitol—

      Jefferson attended church at the Capitol while he was Vice President and also throughout his presidency. The first Capitol church service that Jefferson attended as President was a service preached by Jefferson’s friend, the Rev. John Leland, on January 3, 1802.

      Jefferson was not the only President to attend church at the Capitol. His successor, James Madison, also attended church at the Capitol. However, there was a difference in the way the two arrived for services. Observers noted that Jefferson arrived at church on horseback (it was 1.6 miles from the White House to the Capitol). However, Madison arrived for church in a coach and four. In fact, British diplomat Augustus Foster, who attended services at the Capitol, gave an eloquent description of President Madison arriving at the Capitol for church in a carriage drawn by four white horses.

      1. Pat,
        Tom did write his version of the New Testament minus the miracles. In my little country church we have men and women’s restrooms and the men, women, boys and girls use them as such. I’m sure old Tom Jefferson would approve.
        With all this gender this and gender that maybe there is something to the phrase “go screw yourself”. Maybe medical science will take the “screw yourself” to heart and create a women/man that can impregnate him/her self. The self replicators would be the perfect answer to long space travel. No love triangles there. Only self love of the most intimate.
        Don’t be to hard on PCR. Like Paul I see the Western world headed for the trash heap of history. South Africa will set the template for what is in store for the rest of the West. I see that ”President Trump signs H.R. 390: The “Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018,” However, not a peep from Congress or Frump about the coming genocide of Whites in South Africa or doing anything about it.
        They wouldn’t want to hurt the tender feeling of the cannibals and communists many who set in the UN scratching their hemorrhoids.

    2. Kendra

      Your take on the essence of Christ’s teaching (at least a component of its essence, that is) in identifying what is a radical departure from Judaism is spot on, and goes to the very heart of Judaic psychopathy.

      What can be more frightening than relying on what is written in books to tell you what’s right and wrong? To negate, or not get in the FIRST place what is innate in your heart (conscience)

      It’s nothing less than mind-boggling that any human being would be so taken in by what can only be seen as being under some kind of a strange trance.

  14. i couldn’t say for sure but i suspect the homosexual community fosters pedophilia, in a sayanimy kind of way.. you might be able to draw a parallel between the hard dope traffic, which you never see busted, even as the city administrators build shoot-up shacks downtown, in a place like san francisco, which, as has been pointed out here is top heavy with homosexuals, and the child trafficking market… none of it keeps happening unless the fix is in up high, and unless the rank and file police, those good among them, are kept thwarted somehow… of course the swamp culture inside the beltway protects high state officials from the common law, whereas in that case you should expect gross abuse like the crimes spoken of by mr. steele below… i was never really convinced of the veracity of cathy obrien’s book, transformation of america, and i’d like to ask him about it specifically, but mr. steele’s address rings true… child trafficking/pedophilia is a form slavery, which was well accepted for centuries, and i would suspect there was a lot of this sort of degeneracy going on with the old slave trade… apparently there have always been people with the penchant.. i wonder what pcr, the former insider, might know about it.. because i don’t think anybody who went as high as he did in the reagan administration could be oblivious, if all this, with 800,000 children trafficked every year, is as true as it appears…

    1. Bark –

      I never believed Cathy O’brien and her travelling handler. I heard dozens of live interviews that THEY gave over the decades. First on Chuck Harder’s ‘For The People’ in the early 90s. ‘Operation Shitbird’ would apply to her. 🙂

      The jew that Chuck Harder partnered with shut him down. I warned him. Harder died this year.


      For The People started in a garage in the 80’s in Tampa Florida that grew into one of the most listened to talk show’s in The U.S.!

      Until Hillary and Bill Clinton took Chuck off the air!

  15. I read about some guy who was living with a tranny, and he said “she” was like “any other woman”.
    Of course, every once in a while, “she” has some trouble with “her” prostate gland….
    To which I say:
    What kind of “woman” has a prostate gland?

  16. “…One with no womb…”

    That’s not true. A girl can be born without a womb and still be a woman. The only thing you can’t be born without is a belly-button. Everything else is a free gift.

    But no girl born without a womb will also be born WITH a prostate gland. That would be truly extraordinary.

    Every tranny has a prostate, because it is not removed in “sex reassignment surgery”.

    Hermaphrodites are born with sexual features from both sexes, usually vestigial, but I think that in most cases, it is still possible to determine which sex is basically dominant, i.e., slightly more prominent or original.

    In doubt, there is DNA.

    In any case, we are speaking of extremely rare abnormalities, not something “perfectly normal”, which is the result of somebody’s “identification”, plus surgery, usually under socialized medicine.

    Make the poor attention-seeking trannies pay for their own surgery, that would stop it.

    The real problem is that liberals are born with no brain, apparently a very common condition.

    1. CWP –

      “But no girl born without a womb will also be born WITH a prostate gland. That would be truly extraordinary.”

      That statement is not true. It is a contradiction. “No girl” is exclusive. “Extraordinary” is inclusive, and means it can happen, but not likely.

  17. How about periods? If a tranny is like “any other woman”, does she have periods? Can she get pregnant?
    I note that everybody wants to be a “woman”, but nobody wants to be a mother!
    So what’s the point to being a “woman”?
    So you can wear a bikini? Is that it? That’s the whole deal?

  18. How about some of the high profile “trans-women” are, in fact, spooks with wigs? It makes sense if the goal is the “further fragmentation of American society”. It is not going to be enough to try and confuse adults and, more importantly for the cabal, children with propaganda — you’re going to need exemplars. Such pseudo-martyrs will do the lecturing and the hectoring; and I can guarantee that most of ’em will be spooks with wigs.

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