24 thoughts to “The Frayed Angels: A Video Poem by Les Visible”

  1. Altogether this is exquisitely beautiful, the way it is all put together: the words of the poem by Les Visible, the pictorial backdrop of the little girl walking through the wilderness looking a bit lost, the haunting background music, and, finally, the rich burr of Patrick Willis’s perfectly modulated voice like honey from paradise. Yes, this a video to treasure and watch several times.

    1. The blend of words and music make this great piece by Les Visible very powerful and moving. A treasure indeed!

  2. Yes, I agree with LD’s comment. And I’m pleased that this site makes room for “off-topic” material of this type.

    There’s more to life, after all, than obsessing about Jews night and day and speculating on what horrors they are about to perpetrate next. Let’s throw open the windows of the mind and allow a little fresh air to enter the room occasionally.

    This video is like a breath of fresh air, like a violin solo floating on the sea breeze.

  3. Good stuff!! I like it. I love it. I want some more of it!!

    “This is a work of pure genius.” YES!!

    Poet: Les Visible.
    Reader: Patrick Willis (‘The Snordster’)
    “Haunting music”: ‘A Way of Life’ (from The Last Samurai)

    Patrick Willis (born 1968), also known as Snordelhans and Snordster, is a prominent South African journalist, YouTube video maker and voice narrator in the alternative media. His works have featured on websites such as Veterans Today. As a youth he was a tracker for the elite 101 Batallion of the South West African Territorial Force, before becoming involved in journalism. He worked with WTN News during the late 1980s. His YouTube accounts, which post videos from Heretic Productions, although –often censored by the ADL of B’nai B’rith– have received over a million views. Willis defines himself as an anarchist.


  4. Les Visible prabhu is a truly unique person.
    He’s unique not in a casual parlance unique, rather in a true and classic sense of the word, unique..

  5. Les Visible is no doubt a gifted writer, but I became disillusioned of him when I read his own confession that he uses/used drugs and liked sex with minors (!). A person’s life style should reflect his (beautiful) words. Les Visible is highly critical of Jews, but I think he is Jewish himself.
    Here is a picture of his as a boy : http://lesvisible.net/LVDC/AlbumArt/Les%20Visible.jpg
    And here as an adult : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Vb0n8pOjeiM/VdUZlmXrLeI/AAAAAAAAAlY/ft8IyX-HUv0/s1600/Headshots%2B005.jpg (hint : look at the nose) Judge for yourself.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      A ridiculous comment in every way. It does you no credit whatever. If your only criterion for judging who is a Jew, and who isn’t, is the shape of their NOSES (!!!) , you have to be a first-class cretin! 🙂

      Many Jews have perfectly shaped noses and they haven’t had nose jobs, and many goyim have hooked noses that male them look “Jewish”!

      Anyway, I don’t think Les has a Jewish nose or ever had one. My opinion of his nose differs from yours radically. How do I know YOU don’t have a Jewish nose, Mr Ryckaert?

      Some of your comments are distinctly Jewish and reflect a Jewish mindset. Firstly, for example, your constant quoting with approval of the Jewish website Wikipedia. Secondly, your highly suspicious hatred of Islam and the Qur’an, showing a total ignorance of true Islam which is typical of most Arab-hating Jews. Thirdly, your significant failure to express any sympathy whatsoever for the Palestinian genocide going on under your nose.

      Have you ever put in a good word for the Palestinians? No, you haven’t, Jew boy! 🙂

      As for your openly and virulently anti-Jewish comments, that too is a Jewish thing. Jews go in for that big time, as this rabbi in the cartoon below:


      That rabbi could by YOU, Mr Ryckaert! 🙂

      I’m not the first person on this site who has outed you as a Jew. You’ve been outed on this site as a Jewish infiltrator at least a dozen times.

      — J.B.
      (One of Les Visible’s oldest friends and most loyal supporters)

      1. As for the “true confession” in which you mention Les’s alleged partiality for “minors” and his occasional use of drugs, these spiteful defamations exhibit your Jewish nature. I have known Les for the last 33 years and I have never known him to show the slightest taste for “minors”. On the contrary, all his love affairs have been with mature women, some in their forties and fifties!

        As for Les taking drugs, how does that make him a Jew or an evil man? Didn’t Aldous Huxley take drugs for mind expansion? (See “The Doors of Perception”). Didn’t Baudelaire smoke hashish? Isn’t the world full of famous men who have sometimes dabbled in drugs?

        I don’t think Lasha Darkmoon would have praised Les so profusely if Les was the type of disreputable individual you portray him to be. How come the editor of Truthseeker has published 904 articles by Les Visible if Les was the evil, hook-nosed Jew you maliciously imagine him to be?


        And here are another 946 articles written by Les Visible under his other pen name of “Smoking Mirrors”:


        As an obvious Jew yourself, you would naturally like to damage Les’s reputation. You fail to do so, Jew boy! 🙂 You were probably booted off one of Les Visible’s websites when you tried to post your arrogant and hostile comments there. That would no doubt account for your spiteful animosity.

        — J.B.
        (One of Les Visible’s oldest friends and most loyal supporters)

      2. I don’t say I am sure that Les Visible is a Jew, I only say to me he looks like one. When I was young there was a Jewish boy in my class in school who looked very much as that picture of Les Visible. And yes he has a big nose, but I am aware of the fact that such noses are not exclusively Jewish. I don’t want to suggest that Les Visible should be rejected because he is a Jew. I have often said that not all Jews are bad (and not all bad people are Jews), an opinion not shared by all on this forum.

        Yes Les Visible writes very beautifully and “spiritually” but it is my opinion that real inspiration should come from real spirituality and not from drugs. Whether “famous” men have also used drugs does not impress me as an argument.

        Now your accusation that I must be a “Jewish infiltrator” (or even a “rabbi”) because :
        1) I often quote Wikipedia, 2) I criticize Islam, 3) I show insufficient sympathy with the Palestinians.
        I plead “guilty” on all three accounts without being a Jew, because :

        1) Wikipedia is a handy source of information, except in those cases where Jewish interests are at stake, but even there you can read between the lines and learn something. I have no time to read whole books before I comment on something, so an encyclopedia comes very handy. If you know a “Jew free” alternative to Wikipedia, then let me know.

        2) You can accuse me of anything except of being “ignorant” of Islam. I have read the Qur’ān, I have read the biography of Muhammad, I have read about the history of Islam and that makes it impossible for me to sympathize with this rogue religion. (BTW, I consider Judaism also to be a rogue religion). So-called “true Islam” as a peaceful, noble and spiritual phenomenon is a naive fiction. That does not mean that there are no sympathetic Muslims in the world. There are, but it is their own character and not Islam that makes them sympathetic. I know that there is a Jewish effort to demonize Islam as part of Zionist propaganda, but that does not mean that therefore we should not criticize Islam.

        3) I show insufficient sympathy with the “genocide” of the Palestinians. Yes, I plead guilty, because there is no “genocide” going on of the Palestinians. Genocide is the extermination of a whole ethnic group (or the attempt at that). That is not happening. What is happening is the dispossession of the Palestinians, stealing their land, driving them into “Bantustans”, discrimination etc. That is injustice but still no “genocide”. Israel’s attacks on Gaza were massacres but still not “genocide”.

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        I am surprised your comment was not deleted because of its disrespectful and defamatory nature in which you attacked a published writer on this site with a scurrilous ad hominem attack. (I refer specifically to your sexual innuendo). You are in open breach of one of the fundamental rules of this website to which I should like to draw your attention:

        # 10. WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language. Commenters are free to abuse and insult other commenters if they wish, within reason, but for legal reasons they must not apply the same level of invective to the writers we publish. Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent.”


        You are yourself a published writer on this website and were afforded the respect due to a published writer. If writers are openly vilified and defamed on this website, with their sex lives referred to disparagingly, they will blame Admin for not protecting them from gratuitous disrespect and ask for their contributions to be removed. So why do you disrespect Les Visible, a published writer here, when you yourself would hate to be disrespected and subjected to defamation?

        You would not openly defame and disrespect any published writer on the Occidental Observer, like Andrew Joyce for example. You would fall foul of Kevin MacDonald if you did that. So what gives you the arrogance to flout the rules of the Darkmoon website when you subscribe to the unwritten rules of the Occidental Observer?

        Note well the injunction: “Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent.”

        I suggest you apply that simple rule which I think is reasonable and fair.

      4. @Sardonicus

        Well Sardonicus, in hindsight I concur that I better had not mention Les Visible’s sexual preferences, but I remember he made such a remark years ago on his own website.
        Perhaps I misunderstood it then.

        As for his use of drugs, he has openly mentioned that and for me that is a non-starter. Les Visible does indeed write very beautifully but I don’t believe in “spirituality” that comes from “substance”.

        As for him “looking Jewish”, I did mention that as a curiosity, not as a reproach. I don’t blame people for being of Jewish descent if they don’t have the Jewish mentality and Les Visible clearly doesn’t have that.

        I hope this clears some things up.

        1. Franklin,

          Thanks for responding. Your courtesy is appreciated. I am second to none in admiring your intellectual acumen and wide experience over many years of all the subjects we have been discussing here. So please accept my apologies for speaking my mind: which is basically that we need to rein in our disrespect for our fellow writers, if, from their point of view, they are doing the best they can to make sense of the world. And Les is doing that. Moreover, taken at face value, there was nothing wrong with his video. It was in no way offensive and many found it moving.

          You wrote a fine article for this site, in many ways superior to the new article that has been published this morning and which treads similar ground. You earned respect for this article and you deserved respect:


          How would you have liked it if someone had disrespected you with ad hominem slurs about your sexuality and challenged you to post a photo of yourself so that we could check out your nose to see if it was Jewish?!? 🙂

          Anyway, Franklin, let’s not quarrel. I’d really like to hear your comments on the new article by Mike Walsh:


          This is just up your street, a subject you feel passionately about and know more about than anyone else on this site.

  6. Not sure what to make of this video. What is the message of the video, if any?

    The two little girls are certainly angelic-looking, but the world they inhabit is an apocalyptic one. Are they the lucky Duck and Cover survivors (lol) …. the “frayed angels” in the post-Samson Option world?

    Or are they about to be “fried angels” by the (((nukes))) still exploding in the background? I saw at least 3 or 4 “thermonuclear mushroom clouds” during the course of the 7-minute long video.

    And what’s with the big suitcases?

    Apologies to Lasha for being so contrarian and god damned Jew-wise, but small children carrying big suitcases is a Jewish Holocaust propaganda meme.

    The Kindertransports: Nearly 10,000 Children Rescued from Nazi Territory


    This is not a criticism of Lasha or the Darkmoon site. I’m just giving you my honest initial reaction to the video. Anyway, to each his own. I’m off to ride my horse. Tally-ho! 😁

    1. Kindertransport – The Arrival is an outdoor bronze memorial sculpture by Frank Meisler, located in the forecourt of Liverpool Street station in London, United Kingdom.[1] It commemorates the 10,000 orphaned Jewish children who escaped Nazi persecution and arrived at the station during 1938–1939. [2] The memorial was installed in September 2006, replacing Flor Kent’s bronze Für Das Kind (For the Child), which was installed in 2003.[3][4] It was commissioned by World Jewish Relief and the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR).

      Source: Wikipedia

      Image of the memorial sculpture (small children with big suitcases) by (((Frank Meisler))):

      1. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        I’ve had the sinking feeling for the past two weeks or so that I’m probably approaching the end of my time here at Darkmoon. My comments are becoming more and more contrarian and this latest ad hominem attack by Mme Butterfly gives me a good excuse to quit the site cold turkey.

        Even my young daughter thinks I spend too much time at this site. Moreover, I’m embarking on a new business adventure which will require my full concentration and time. Hence, this will be my last post. I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye after posting here for the better part of four years. All the best to you and to the good people at ADMIN.

        Final shout out to Pat: It’s been a blast! Nonnuclear, of course. 🙂 Take care.

        1. @ Justice For Chinese

          I’m really sorry to see you go. Your comments were always appreciated. If ever you wish to drop in again to say ‘Hi’ to your old friends and give us the benefits of your wisdom, feel free to do so. You will always be welcome.

      2. Jews are truly a bizarre race. They have this thing about children memorials. The dark, foreboding scene in V for Vendetta, where “V” meets the inspector in the memorial park, has the weirdest statue of children playing Ring Around the Rosie, an odd nursery rhyme that some say was a description of the plague. While this “urban legend” has been roundly discounted, nevertheless it’s there and it is just the kind of twisted connection Jews gleefully make in their degenerate movies and art.

        Two of the more well-known plagues that devastated the European area in the Middle Ages were the Black Death in the years 1347-50, and the great London Plague of 1665. Rhymes/songs were a way for common folk to tell stories to each other, and a way of carrying those stories over to succeeding generations.

        One of the more common interpretations of this rhyme is as follows:

        Ring around the rosie,
        [refers to the rosie-red (or purple-ish) round rash marks on the skin —one of the first signs a person had the plague]
        A pocket full of posies;
        [one of the superstitious ways used by people in the Middle Ages to try and fend off the plague was to stuff their pockets with posies (flowers)]
        Atischoo, atischoo,
        [sneezing was also an early sign of the plague if it was a pneumonic plague; however, not all types of plague involved sneezing]
        or, Ashes, ashes
        [the dead were often cremated]
        We all fall down.
        [most of the people strickened with the plague died]

        There are many other bizarre children statues as well like the one in the above link. Here’s another

        and another

        and another

        and another

        Here is a mind that creates such monstrosities we are now conditioned to think of as “art.”

        Jews have made this world a very ugly place. It’s chilling to think there are Jews on the same planet as your children.

      3. Thanks for the shout, Andy.

        Pop back in if you have time. Non-nuke pop for sure!! 🙂

      4. @ Justice For Chinese

        I’ve had the sinking feeling for the past two weeks or so that I’m probably approaching the end of my time here at Darkmoon. My comments are becoming more and more contrarian and this latest ad hominem attack by Mme Butterfly gives me a good excuse to quit the site cold turkey.

        I wish you wouldn’t do that, as I would really miss you, just like Lasha would and most other people here. You are allowed uninhibited free speech on this site, and you even openly flout Admin’s rules by constantly using the word “KIKE” to give Admin the finger, contrary to Admin’s express wishes. So why are you so intolerant as to deny me the free speech you demand for yourself and regularly abuse?

        Is this Chinese logic: that it’s OK for JFC to have free speech on this website and openly abuse his freedom of speech by disrespecting the site’s rules? but it suddenly becomes a major crime if Madame Butterfly raises her voice to criticize JFC?

        Dare I say more? Are you a law unto yourself, JFC? You won’t succeed in business if this is the way you behave, with such narcissistic petulance. Expecting respect from others as a right but denying others respect — that is not an endearing trait, my friend, and it won’t get you far in this world! 🙂

    2. @ Justice For Chinese

      “Not sure what to make of this video. What is the message of the video, if any? Etc … etc … etc.”

      Your comments are getting increasingly scatty, if not downright silly. You are not doing yourself any favours by posting frivolous comments like these. You are now beginning to give the distinct impression that you are in the first stages of dementia.

      1. I don’t know anything about Les Visible, but I’ll say this. The prose poem he has written deserves praise rather than blame. It is beautifully written, and beautifully read, and beautifully presented with the most haunting background music.

        There has to be something mentally sick about people like you and Franklin Ryckaert for coming on to this website and making an exhibition of your leprous sores. What is it — jealousy? Rage at your own failure to make any real impact? A disgust for life in general that is projected onto others whom you think you can scapegoat for all your own deficiencies?

        Perhaps you and Ryckaert can tell us what makes you such nasty old men…?

  7. Les Visible and Patrick Willis — an artistic marriage made in Heaven. I shall require a second and third listening|watching — attention oscillated between eyes and ears, briefly absconded by Mind mesmerized by symbolism. I felt bothered when the girl left behind her suitcase! Would she return to her last possessions or run free back to Heaven itself? I myself have contemplated that very scenario! Then, when I awoke….Norwegian wood. DEAD??? Yet, off the two go, bags in tow, hand in hand, where they stop we do not know. I do think almost all earthly angels (cue the band!) are female in human form. From one who chose MICHAEL as a confirmation name…..

  8. Les exhibits the higher state of man, the advanced soul. Tortured though life, his past forged his soul. For the web, Les is to the spiritual what John Kaminski is to the corporeal. I salute them both.

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