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It is strange: Jews have been disliked everywhere and in all times. The dislike appears in odd places. I was astonished to find that my Nepalese trekking guides were intensely hostile to Jews. They said that Jews (actually Israelis in most cases I think, but the Nepalese do not seem to make the distinction) were loud, demanding, and always trying to force down the guides’ fees. Historically the hostility has often been powerful and, not infrequently, murderous. Jews have been expelled from country after country, excluded from polite society, subjected to quotas,and required to live in certain regions. Why?

How much anti-Jewish hostility is there today in America? A lot? A little? Is it negligible? Potentially explosive? It is hard to tell because disliking Jews is often a firing offense, and a controlled press makes discussion impossible. A clue can perhaps be found in the comments sections of political websites where, protected by anonymity, commenters are often bitterly anti-Jewish. But then, these comments may, or may not, be the work of a few cranks.

Today there appear news stories about growing hostility on campuses, that Jews are fleeing Paris because of increased or more openly expressed dislike, or that the German Right, never fond of Jews, gains strength.

Since the dislike has existed for at least two thousand years, there must be some enduring reason or reasons. What?

One I think is the Space Alien Effect. It is human nature to dislike people different from oneself. This fact runs against today’s cult of diversity, which accounts for the disastrous reality of American life, but a glance around the world reveals that diversity causes most of the planet’s troubles: Sunni and Shia, Jew and Muslim, Tutsi and Hutu, black, white and brown in America, Tamil and Sinhalese; Turks and Kurds; Turks and Armenians; Thais and Muslims, Germans and Jews. Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, on and on for a very long list of religious, ethnic, and racial differences. Diversity is nobody’s strength.

Diversity often disappears through assimilation. Today people named O’Toole and Libertini may be proud of their ancestry, but they think of themselves as American, not as Irish and Italian. So do others. Thus hostility to them, once intense, has vanished.

Jews do not assimilate. Yes, they speak the same language, wear the same clothes, and peck at smartphones like everyone else. Yet they think of themselves as Jews. So, therefore, does everyone else. While there is no legal or moral reason why they should not so think of themselves, there are consequences: Human nature is what it is, regardless of whether we think it should be.

Specifically, Jews are always Them. We are Us. We are aware that Feinstein is Jewish as we are not aware that O’Malley is Irish–because he isn’t. Difference alone doesn’t cause antagonism. but makes it much more likely.

Worse–and this has caused millions of deaths–Jews are often successful. It doesn’t matter whether the success arises from superior intelligence, greater drive, collusion, or the will of Yahweh. It happens. Thus the pattern repeated over and over and over down the ages. Jews prosper, become rich, gain power sometimes abused, and become arrogant. If Christians did this–Bill Gates, or the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age–they would be resented as individuals perhaps, not as an ethnicity. But Jews are Them. The surrounding population feels colonized–by Them, by Space Aliens, by internal foreigners–and deeply resents it. As noted, the reaction may take the form of ostracism, enforced quotas, confinement to the Pale of Settlement, expulsion from the country, ghastly pogroms, or Auschwitz.

Hitler’s complaints against the Jews were along usual lines, that Jews controlled German culture, finance, academia, and the media. These are also things said in America today today on the internet against Jews . Whether these criticisms are true, fair, justified, or make sense does not matter. What matters is that people feel, or can easily be made to feel, controlled, by Them. Making a list of powerful Jews is sufficient and, with the internet, easy.

The dislike is profoundly visceral, not rational, tapping into deep wells of instinct that make little sense–which doesn’t matter. This can be seen in the wild disproportion between offense given and reaction. How do you get rationally in Germany from growlings in beer halls, “There are too damn many Jews in everything,” to “We should kill all the Jews”?

Them, not Us. It makes little obvious sense to say that Jews are not Americans. Bob Dylan isn’t an American? Lauren Bacall? Yet this is clearly how anti-Jewish commenters on the web see it. Them, not Us. It is a matter of limbic tribalism, which does not map well onto legal principles.

The hostility is often to Jews more as a metaphysical category than as actual people. Many who loathe Jews have little contact with them. Ask, “What have Jews actually done to you? Hacked your bank account? Gypped you out of your house? Shot your dog?” and the answer will likely be, “Nothing.” Rachel Cohen, the dentist next door in Peoria, is not easily envisioned as trying to destroy America, impose communism, or wreck the currency. Thus, “some of my best friends…but….” While the Jews one actually knows probably are not bad people, or at most annoying, The Jews collectively are a sort of ominous barely visible miasma. (For the record, no American Jew has ever harmed me, and many have helped me in what I humorously call “my career.” Coupla girlfriends, too.)

Importantly, Jewish presence is seen as Jewish conspiracy. Four Jews on the Supreme Court? From two percent of the population? My God, they must be up to something. A conspiracy, doubtless. But a conspiracy to do what? A candidate theory, correct as it happens, is that Jews as a people do anything and everything they can to advance the fortunes of Israel. But on the Supreme Court…how? Other suggestions are a desire to destroy the white race (including themselves?), to bring America down (why?), to wreck the international monetary system (why?), or to impose a Zionist world empire. Most of these make between little and no sense, which doesn’t matter. Jews don’t actually have to sacrifice Christian children to die for it. They just have to be thought to do so.

It is interesting that these usually nonexistent Jewish conspiracies get enduring attention while other, demonstrably real, conspiracies do not arouse similar ire. For example, the Koch brothers, who are not Jewish, have funded and led a massive and disguised campaign to subvert American politics for the benefit of big business. The arms industry bribes, suborns, and finagles to get the government to buy hugely expensive weapons. The FBI was recently caught trying to prevent the election of Donald Trump. The Clintons are crooked as kite string in a ceiling fan. So why do Jewish conspiracies, sometimes real but, more usually, imagined, get attention on the web?

The Space Alien Effect. Jews are Them. We are Us. Both know it.

The importance of this tribalism should not be underestimated. I once walked down Main Street in Farmville, Virginia, a small town in the Southside, with a friend. He said–I forget how the subject came up–with some bitterness, “The Jews own everything on Main Street. Just like they do everywhere.” He pointed to Rose’s, a perfectly ordinary department store. It did nothing wrong or even interesting. But it was Jewish. That was enough.

Them, not Us. The Presbyterian owners of a store actually engaged in gouging would have been resented as individuals, not as a tribe. The Jews.

Power and wealth are not necessary to engender slaughter. Mere difference, specifically not being Christian, has often been enough. History is littered with examples, of which Jews are well aware. When the First Crusade took Jerusalem in 1099, the Christian armies immediately burned the synagogue with the Jews inside. Why? The Jews had no part in the war, which was between Muslims and Christians.

This explains why Jews do not like Christianity, though the antipathy typically is (wisely) disguised as a principled adherence to the invented constitutional doctrine of separation of church and state. Note that while Americans think of the Holocaust as something the Germans did (I do) to Jews it can look like just another attack by a Christian country (Poland, Russia, England, the Baltics, and so on.) A Jewish friend once expressed the attitude as sometimes being, “Look what they have done to us. We can do anything we want to them.”

Here we encounter the unfortunate human tendency to blame entire groups for what a few members did. For example, the Jews killed Christ. “(Gosh, Rachel, you don’t look old enough.”) Or whites enslaved blacks. Actually, no one in the United States has been a slave, or owned one, for a century and a half. Most of liberal politics would wither to nothing if we accepted that people cannot be guilty of things they did not do.

It is not necessarily wise to be seen as trying to eliminate a majority religion.

Note that a people, though living always among others, can maintain characteristic over long periods. Recently I was reading Las Novelas Ejemplares of Cervantes, specifically La Gitnailla, which means very approximately The Little Gypsy Girl. It begins,

“Parece que los gitanos y gitanas solamente nacieron en el mundo para ser ladrones: nacen de padres ladrones, críanse con ladrones, estudian para ladrones y, finalmente, salen con ser ladrones corrientes.”
“It appears that gypsies are born only to be thieves. They are born as thieves, raised among thieves, study to be thieves, and finally end by being common thieves.”

Cervantes died in 1616, which makes the story over 400 years old. Yet this description of gypsies is their reputation today, very much supported by police files.They haven’t assimilated, and they haven’t changed. Jews of course have never been associated with burglary or picking pockets, but the passage makes clear that peoples can maintain characteristics over centurions.

Jews with remarkable consistency have been described for centuries as smart, greedy, combative, clannish, “pushy,” exploitative, and arrogant. This is how I hear them described in Mexico, where I live. (I think of these as Middle Eastern traits, but never mind.) Then there is chutzpah. which in practice seems to mean “brashly walking over other people.” It can leave others feeling bulldozed, defeated, used. This bruising of the ego, of self-respect, arouses a hostility all out of proportion to actual damage done. It is, or so I think, a major cause of dislike for Jews. Such descriptions are dismissed today as stereotypes. A stereotype is just the aggregate observation of many people over time.

Of course the evidence does not always support a particular explanation for avisible effect. A Jewish friend says, “We’re no more greedy than anyone else. We’re just good businessmen so we make money.” Those with money are usually described as greedy. I don’t think I have ever met a greedy Jew, though I have met many who were very careful with money. It doesn’t matter whether you really are greedy only that people think you are.

Chutzpah: When I was seven we lived in Arlington, Virginia, next to the Furmans, recently someone said, of Hell’s Kitchen, which I didn’t know what was. The Furmans were by no means bad people. One day Mrs. Furman came over and gave my mother a hard time because my little brother, five was playing with a kid across the street instead of little Andrew Furman. Mom had done nothing to influence my brother’s choice of friends. She, a quietly genteel woman from the Southside of Virginia, was horrified by the aggressiveness. She told me of this decades later, so it clearly made a bad impression. Thereafter, Them were not our kind of people. Small things can produce lifelong dislike.

In sum, Jews seem alien, smarter than others and far more aggressive than Christians, whom they seem to trample. Christians feel that they cannot compete, that they are outsmarted at every turn, or at least pushed around, and made victims. This bruising of the ego sets off irrational, serious hostility. It is the attitude of blacks toward whites, for the same reasons.

Finally there is Israel, the albatross around the Jewish neck, making it impossible for Jews quietly to be more or less normal Americans. To Jews Israel is of immense and understandable importance, but this enthusiasm brings up charges of dual loyalty or, often, loyalty exclusively to Israel. The truth of this doesn’t matter. It looks true, which is enough. Does Rachel the Jewish dentist in Peoria back Israel? To what extent? What does she think of Israeli behavior? We don’t know. We know that Jewish lobbies like AIPAC and the Neocons back Israel one hundred percent. And they control American Mid-Eastern policy. This is much noted on the Web.

Jewish backing for Israel requires emotional contortions since Israel is everything liberals, to include Jews, profess to hate, being racist–just now it is expelling blacks–religiously exclusive, an apartheid state, militaristic, and brutal in its treatment of Arabs. This I suspect bothers some Jews, but assuredly is a grave PR problem for the country. But then, as a small coastal enclave in a part of the world intensely hostile to it, a sort of second Crusader Kingdom, it is hard to see what choices it has. If it becomes democratic or allows extensive intermarriage, for example, it will quickly cease to be a Jewish state, and there is no way to rule nicely over a sea of people who want to kill you.

Is there a possibility of active anti-semitism in America? Yes. Why is America immune to a dislike that has influenced all of history?

Yet at the moment, no. No overt expression will soon occur, and perhaps never will. But the classic preliminary conditions exist and grow. The appearance of Jewish power is strong. Four of nine justices of the Supreme Court, a majority of Ivy presidents, CEOs of television networks. Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sergei Brin co-founder of Google. the New York Times, Time-Warner, Disney, much of Hollywood, huge parts of retail, most of the big publishing houses in New York. Anyone who has worked in Washington knows that Jewish control of Congress and the media is near absolute. The list could go on for pages. Things like this create a propagandist’s paradise..If America’s tight control over expression ever slipped, a would-be Adolf with Google searches could come up with a shocking list.

A rational person might ask, “So what?” Do the Supreme Court’s Jewish justices make Jewish decisions–whatever that might mean? Or do they vote like any four NPR listeners chosen at random? Did Mark Zuckerberg do anything underhanded? Or was he a very bright Jewish kid who had an idea and the strength of character to push it into existence? Does Schultz of Starbucks do something evil, or does he, like, you know, sell reasonably good coffee at a reasonable price?

It doesn’t matter. They are there, so they must be conspiring. And their influence is becoming more obvious, as with Trump’s subservience (as seen by much of the world) to Israel in planning to move the embassy.

People who think they are defending Jews will point to Jewish contributions to nearly everything–science, music, math, technology, literature, charity, medicine, support for symphonies. These contributions are real and immense. With respect to anti-Jewish politics, they are also irrelevant or worse. Since the hostility to Jews rests largely on their excessive presence (again, in the eyes of the anti-Jewish) pointing to their intellectual contributions just increases the dislike. It emphasizes both the Jewish presence and apparent superiority.

Happy, prosperous societies seldom form lynch mobs. When things break down, when hope wanes, expectations fall, and near-desperation sets in, explosions come. Today the United States quite arguably heads into a Weimar-like future of chaos and social violence. This may sound crazy…but is it? Nobody thought such a highly civilized country as Germany capable of Treblinka.

America is not really stable. Political animosity runs high, racial hostility is great and growing, standards of living fall, offshoring and automation leave the young with nowhere for their lives to go. Wealth goes rapidly from the many to the few and what was the working class falls into drugs and anomie. The wars never end. Infrastructure ages and falls behind that of more advanced nations. Anger grows. As the pie shrinks, someone will have to get less pie.

It is hard to see how this can continue forever. My guess is that the fighting–”unrest” is the polite term–will break out first between white and black. Whites are quiescent now, but see their lives worsening and their world deteriorating. The kneelers in the NFL, the rioters in Ferguson are much more visible than Jews.

But if unrest starts, someone will say “Wall Street!” and that will mean “the Jews,” and all the rest will follow. Whether any of it makes sense will not matter in the least.

Let us hope I am crazy. But it is not, I think, the way to bet.


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  1. So many points ( counterpoints ) to make, so little time, let’s have 1.
    Supreme court, what harm?, would the supreme court be the place where anti BDS laws could be shot down as unconstitutional, 4 Zionists on the supreme court means that won’t happen, there is the harm.

    1. “Jewish intellectual contributions????” More like plagerism on many ocassions. This article opens up so many cans of worms I really dont know how to respond short of writing a book. 🙂

  2. If the Jews did not have that destructive gene in them, then perhaps they (the cognitive elite part) could be very good leaders of the world, seeing that they are not without ability.

    The way they stand together is exemplary.

    Our phony elite just sells us down the drain, and prevents our potential real elite (according to “the aristocratic principle”) ascending into positions of great power. This might well be the downfall of us all.

  3. Wow! Where to start with this mess of an article? How about this choice statement:

    “Hitler’s complaints against the Jews were along usual lines, that Jews controlled German culture, finance, academia, and the media. These are also things said in America today today on the internet against Jews . Whether these criticisms are true, fair, justified, or make sense does not matter.”

    ROTFL! What’s the proper response to this kind of laughably absurd nonsense? On the contrary, what “does not matter” is the unfounded opinion of the embarrassingly ignorant, politically correct, “intellectual” lightweight Fred Reed. I can’t even force myself to read any more of Freddy’s risible verbal vomit.

  4. The power of the Zionist jews is shown by the fact that Israel and the Zionist neocons did 911 and got away with, that is a power that boggles the mind, the U.S. gov is totally controlled by Zionists as is every aspect of America life , from the Zionist owned FED and IRS to the MSM, it is all Zionist controlled.

    Read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto to see how the Zionist communists have shaped American life, and if anyone wants to see what the Zionists have done and are doing read The Protocols of Zion.

  5. Shill!

    Jews are discriminated against because they are different, goy!
    Jews are just victims, goy!

    Just an antisemitic canard.

    Fred Reed has A LOT of Jew-waking up to do.

    Or he is on the Jewish payroll.

    This guy could convince us that Hannibal Lecter is a vegetarian, and the reason he is in jail: because people hate vegetarians.

    1. The courts in UK should find this to be MUCH MORE “grossly offensive” than a few words from Dankula:

      One POLICE OFFICER told the Sunday Mirror he was “horrified” after court orders against more than 20 suspects were abandoned – allegedly after chiefs said it “was too much trouble”.

      Another told of the “huge” scale of abuse and said more convictions could have been achieved if the cases had been properly linked at the time.

      UK Police Chiefs Dropped Grooming Gang Rape Cases Because It Was “Too Much Trouble”

      Telford, England: Three police officers who investigated the rape scandal of British girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men revealed that their superiors dropped the cases because the chiefs said it “was too much trouble”. Medical professionals are accused of failing to question why underage girls were having abortions, miscarriages, and taking the morning-after pill. Most of these girls were teens who were lured into the sex rings and later brutalized and threatened into silence.

      Meanwhile, the mother of an abused girl who died revealed she gave police a three-page list of suspects – but claimed nothing was done.

  6. Four Jews on the Supreme Court? From two percent of the population?

    Point of information: it is likely that all of the Justices are in fact Jewish — welcome to Crypto-World.

    Last post.

  7. HA!! Fred Reed fell for the Turner Diaries.. which called for race wars..!!

    But, Fred is too late. The race wars have already started…. negroes murder and kill and maim other negroes in ALL major cities in the USA….. because that will not add the charges of hate crimes…. if they attack their own race.

    Freddy needs to get a clue and stop guessing and inventing, promoting fear… with his…

    …. FEAR PORN..!! 🙂

    1. @Pat

      “…The race wars have already started…. negroes murder and kill and maim other negroes in ALL major cities in the USA…”

      A race war is by definition a war between two different races, not a war within the same race.

  8. It appears to me that Fred Reed is searching for an avenue of comfort in dealing with Jews. I understand, because I’ve been there, myself. We are raised knowing Jews are “different”, so we’re more alert to any sharp-dealing encountered in the process of doing business – when we, ourselves, are no less desiring of advantage.
    Learning to handle Jews is an unspoken requirement of most successful businessmen. It needn’t be so painful for us. Focus on what YOU want out of a deal, and don’t worry about what the other party is calling himself.

    1. Good point Gilbert.
      I, personally try to focus on my goals and am constantly alert to the (((vultures ))) and “wannabees” lurking in the shadows ready to exploit by any means possible. The best line of defense is a quality education becoming harder and harder to find nowadays as public education is also Zionist occupied territory. Kids gotta know the fake history of Anne Frank. How to balance a check book? ………nah…..

  9. Broadminded to offer this article, to say the least.
    Fred Reed is the Prince of Americana (or what’s left of it),
    a title he inherited from Joe Bageant, the departed King.
    Fred’s a real southern charmer.

    Sure, I too can reach out and grab a handful of debatable if not downright indigestible points and conclusions Fred makes here, but seeing how I believe most bad stuff about the *gypsies (and everyone else) is real and true, this would just be conditioned wheel spinning.

    *Individual exceptions to the rule, anomalies and mutations excluded, of course.

    1. I missed that quote from the Novelas Ejemplares.
      There’s a good quote in Part 2 of Don Quijote, too:
      “Buen católico soy, y mortal enemigo de los judíos”.
      Those were the days when being a Christian meant something.

  10. The Jews are self-destructive mentally deficient subversives and consistently have a knack for getting themselves kicked out of numerous countries throughout history. Must be something in that Khazarian/Ashkenazi Talmudic worshiping non-semitic gene pool. Only childish baboons need to have 613 Commandments.

    Check them out for yourselves.
    #s 139 – 161 are noteworthy. Maybe these are why Freud (Jew) was so obsessed with sex.

  11. What is kutzpa? A jew kills his parents and asks the judge to have mercy on him because he is an orphan .
    I was arrested once ,while I was sitting on the bench in jail with other Palestinians for hours as part of the Jews’ psychological torture , every time a Je-wish soldier passes by ,he would call us terrorist and ask what we did .

    Any way , finally they took one of us and they started beating him up in the next room as we heard the screams and cries we could hear the soldier screams at our friend as he continued beating him ” khabibi(buddy) you made me do this ,it’s YOUR fault ” .
    there you have another definition of Kutzpa .

  12. Worse–and this has caused millions of deaths–Jews are often successful. It doesn’t matter whether the success arises from superior intelligence, greater drive, collusion, or the will of Yahweh.

    Call me “Crank.” It couldn’t be the Jews hive-minded racial identity that forms a powerful collective – could it? Jews don’t “collude,” so much as they exist. Here’s a clue, Tennessee native Fred Reed now lives happily (I suppose) deep in Mexico. But of course that would have nothing to do with the American Zionist power structure’s effect on his native country – would it?

    Like Jews, goyim uproot and move huge distances all the time for no particular reason other than they feel like it, or think they might like some other place more than their present comfortable location. Consider the Frankfurt School, it wasn’t Hitler, it was simply a pining for East Coast America that drove der earwig* Jew to uproot their Marxist charm school and move it to America. What puzzles me is how this runs against the physical law of inertia, “a body at rest, tends to remain at rest. For people like Fred this law might be concluded with the proviso, “unless Jews move into the region and take control.”

    Fred obviously never watched Jud Süß and Die Rothschild. Like John Nada’s fight with Frank, many people have tried to get Fred to don the Hoffman glasses, yet he refuses to “see.” This refusal by otherwise intelligent people to acknowledge the 800 pound Jewish gorilla shitting all over their living space has been a necessary ancillary to the primary force that has led to America’s destruction. Instead, such people frequently move to countries like sunny Mexico, where the government offers them more support.

    *It is a common myth that, like Jews, earwigs crawl into the human ear to lay their eggs in the brain.

    1. Correction: Fred is a Virginian. I confused him with his doppelganger whom I know personally. Looks like Fred’s twin, literate erudite like Fred, justifies the Jew’s actions like Fred, but hails from Tennessee. What is it about the East coast anyway? Perhaps its the proximity to the Jew’s main hive.

  13. Fred wrote: “Let us hope I am crazy.”

    Fred admits….

    “He is by all accounts as looney as a tune.” 🙂

    I like his knife, though… in the pic:

    Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past, has worked on staff for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times.

    He has been published in Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper’s, National Review, Signal, Air&Space, and suchlike. He has worked as a police writer, technology editor, military specialist, and authority on mercenary soldiers. He is by all accounts as looney as a tune.

  14. It is strange: Jews have been disliked everywhere and in all times. The dislike appears in odd places. I was astonished to find that my Nepalese trekking guides were intensely hostile to Jews. They said that Jews (actually Israelis in most cases I think, but the Nepalese do not seem to make the distinction) were loud, demanding, and always trying to force down the guides’ fees.”

    So it is not “strange” at all. Israelis misbehave and therefore are disliked, even in such an “odd” place as Nepal. Jewish MISBEHAVIOR causes dislike of Jews, and not their “otherness” or “success” as Fred Reed wants us to believe.

    1. ” So it is not “strange” at all. Israelis misbehave and therefore are disliked…”
      That certainly is one big reason for disliking them; another is simply the fact that they despise anyone who is not a jew. Cops, to a lesser degree, are in that same category; like jews, they view with utter disdain anyone not within their tribe.

  15. This article lacks scope and honesty. The true reason, at least for me, for anti-jewish sentiment is their hijacking of our destinies, being influential to the point where they have largely directed the path the West will take and how it views itself. Sounds like someone needs to read Culture of Critique.

    1. The idea, put forward by Jews, that there is an anti-semitic genetic trait in gentiles is absurd.

  16. Interesting article. Yet it missed an important point : Jewish people, all around the world, live in the expectation of their “Messiah” who should come, according to the Talmud when all nations will have disappeared. From what I observe, powerful Jewish actors (in politics, medias, art, etc) work in this direction. They fight Nations and national ideals. It happens that indigenes don’t like it and react violently. What is strange to me is that they don’t understand that. It is obvious that a violent reaction can be expected in the next decades.

  17. Jews in America are very powerful, but there is also a poweful undercurrent amongst gentiles. I think we are beginning to see it in lack of pubic support for Israel. Mr Trump would not get public support for another war fought by the USA on behalf of Israel. I think if he tried it there would be mass protests, massive protests, millions, descending on Washington DC….. (I live in hope).

  18. The true title should be “The Future of the Goyim”; it is the Jews that control the past, present and future.

    End of posts; “for real, like”.

  19. It does take a lot of words to arrive at almost nothing worth saying because everything is so subterranean. My sense is that slowly, incrementally jewish power is draining away. I have been and still remain a Trump supporter but I am very disappointed in his appointment of Bolton and I’m afraid that the Zionist lobby has won again. I think Trump is kind of an idiot since he doesn’t seem to get Israel’s deceptive methods of control through lies and manipulations….. In the meantime back home, the Frankfurt School and the cultural marxists have transformed American education. I don’t see much point in saving money for college these days, for what?? for indoctrination?

    There is one thing, though, that has not worked out for the Jews. In successfully destroying Christianity they have also made the Hebrew Bible irrelevant. Jewish power was at least partially based on Jewish affiliation with the Hebrew Bible. Now with Christianity waning so goes the Hebrew Bible and the whole fiasco in the Middle East looks less and less legitimate. No one knows or cares anymore. Moses never climbed the mountain. Solomon’s temple was pagan.

    I do know some young fundamentalists Christians and supposedly one of them asked on Facebook: what is the relationship of Jesus to God. It takes a while to decipher what that means but basically: what does the New Testament (Jesus) have to do with the Old Testament (God). And the answer is increasingly, Nothing.

  20. My sense is that slowly, incrementally jewish power is draining away.

    In successfully destroying Christianity they have also made the Hebrew Bible irrelevant. Jewish power was at least partially based on Jewish affiliation with the Hebrew Bible. Now with Christianity waning so goes the Hebrew Bible. Besides, Moses never climbed the mountain, and Solomon’s temple was pagan.

    I do know some young fundamentalists Christians and supposedly one of them said on Facebook: What was Jesus have to do with God? It takes a while to decipher what that means but basically: what does the New Testament (Jesus) have to do with the Old Testament (God). And the answer is increasingly, Nothing. What young Christians remain would rather do away with the ball and chain of Jehovah.

  21. Lasha are you referring to the Khazarian Ashkenazim impostors. Future you say. Let me see. Pretty much what Emperor Hadrian ordered in Judea. I would put on the Roman military uniform of General Sixtus Julius Severus. Humiliation in full. He had an impressive record as a soldier. No wonder Hadrian sent him the letter in 133 CE. We know he went by the label of “The Problem Fixer”. Oh, he fixed alright the place. Roma were experts on Genocides. Finally. The connection at last.

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