The Holocaust on Trial — in Germany

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Imprisoned in Germany:
Canadian Woman on Trial in Munich for Questioning the Holocaust

If Albertan Monika Schaefer is convicted, she faces up to five years in prison.

Jasper, Alberta. A woman who denied the Holocaust in at least one video posted on YouTube is on trial at a criminal courthouse in Munich.

Monika Schaefer, 59, and her 63-year-old German-Canadian brother, Alfred Schaefer, who lives near Munich, are being tried together for Volksverhetzung, which officially translates in English from the German Criminal Code as “incitement to hatred,” said court spokesperson Florian Gliwitzky in an email to CBC News on Friday.

“Both are under suspicion, that they published video clips, in which they denied the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust during World War II,” Gliwitzky said.

The siblings’ trial began Monday this week and continued Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is scheduled to continue July 12, 13 and 16. If found guilty, the German sentence for the crime ranges from a fine up to five years in prison.

Imprisoned in Germany
after being ‘snatched or ‘kidnapped’ by German police.

LD:  A correspondent (in a round robin email) says he is “baffled”  at Germany taking the law into its own hands. He writes:

Dear All,

It is my understanding that Ms. Schaefer is being prosecuted in Germany for statements made in Canada. I’m baffled. I don’t understand how a statement made in Canada can be prosecuted in a nation other than Canada. Do the Germans have worldwide criminal jurisdiction? I really doubt that.

If I committed a crime in Germany, the U.S. and Germany could extradite me and put me before a German court. But the U.S. court would not be able to prosecute me.

Do I have it wrong? Did some part of what is charged against the Schaefers occur in Germany? Or have the Germans declared themselves the cops of the world?

Monika Schaefer gained fame in July 2016 after appearing in a YouTube video in which she described the Holocaust as the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.” She expressed her view that six million Jewish people did not die at the hands of Germany.

At least one hate speech complaint was filed against her with the Alberta and Canadian human rights commissions. ​

B’nai Brith, a Canadian Jewish supremacist group, alerted an intermediary in Germany who then went to police about the video, said Aidan Fishman, a director with the organization. He said that when Schaefer visited the country, she would have been on their radar.

German freelance photojournalist Anne Wild, who contracts with organizations that monitor patriotic organizations’ activity, recalled Monika Schaefer’s arrest in January at the trial of convicted German Holocaust revisionist, Sylvia Stolz. Since then, Monika Schaefer has been imprisoned in Germany.

‘An outrageous incident’

Wild, one of the accredited press representatives, attended the Schaefer siblings’ trial in a low-level criminal court for three days this week. She said it was the first time she has attended the trial of a foreigner for “incitement of hatred.”

Wild said the duo had about 15 supporters showing up on a regular basis.

“There was an incident right at the beginning that was really sort of horrible,” Wild said. “When Alfred Schaefer was brought into the room, and he was joined by his sister who was brought in, he showed the Nazi salute three times in a row. This is really an outrageous incident in the courtroom. His sister, she was laughing at it, she was laughing.”

Wild said Alfred Schaefer has been vocal throughout the trial so far, telling the court he appreciated sharing his views. Monika Schaefer has been quiet, only speaking when spoken to and smiling every so often at her supporters, she said.

Born in Canada of German heritage, Monika Schaefer described herself on her Facebook page as a self-employed violin instructor. She ran for the federal Green Party in Alberta’s Yellowhead riding in 2006, 2008 and 2011. She was ousted from the party after jewish outrcry over the video.

Sparse media coverage

Wild said there were only three journalists, including herself, in the courtroom. But these type of trials in Germany generally don’t get a lot of media attention, Wild said.

“Some of them think that if you cover it too much, you will just promote it. They don’t want to promote it,” she said. “It’s sort of a mixture. We have to talk about it, but we don’t want to talk too much about it.”

While Wild said denying the Holocaust in public is rare in Germany, it is a criminal offence.

She photographed a June 30 protest against the imprisonment of Holocaust revisionists.

“Still there’s a community of several thousand people who are more or less openly convinced that the Holocaust is a lie,” Wild said. But “there is a big discussion in Germany about what is opinion and what is a crime,” she added.


LD (Update) :  The latest “news” — unless this is an unsubstantiated rumor — is that the Schaefers have now been set free. This is obviously good news. We have no precise details yet. We are awaiting confirmation from more reliable sources.

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  1. If they are set free it is obviously because the Jews are feeling too much heat from trying to suppress their hallowedhoax lie. Even the densest of the goyim recognize something is wrong when elderly people are being criminalized and imprisoned simply for making public statements that refuse acceptance of a hoary, old, Jewish fairy tale. It’s surprising Jews haven’t started jailing people who question their bullshit Torah stories or their golem fairy tale.

    “But your honor, how could anyone actually believe a bunch of Rabbis created a monster out of mud and out of hateful vengeance set it loose on we-the-goyim?”

    “I see your point, it would be impossible for Jews to do such a horrible thing. However, logic is no defense in this case. For questioning the golem story, I hereby sentence you to the state’s penitentiary, where you are to be held as slave labor serving the major Jewish corporations, for a term of not less than two years and not more than life. Any questions out there? If there are, just remember there is plenty more room in the jails.”

    When Jews cannot deal with a situation of this nature, when it begins overwhelming their attempts at suppression, the final answer is to drop it down the memory hole. “Nothing to see here, move along.” Unfortunately, all too often, (((they))) often drop everyone involved into the grave along with the information.

    1. Arch,
      Im Donaldo….the golemo. Created from mud to destroy the goy. But no. On a more serious note (all respect Toby) The stupidity of the Zios never ceases to amaze me. Why do they make the shoah an issue anyway? Think about it. It would be much more intelligent to let Monika speak her mind and move on. A simple video about an event which may or may not have happened in the 1940s. Donaldo is neutral on the issue, but like I posted some time ago, my Jewish grandfather was a WWII vet who served in the South Pacific fighting the Japanese. He despised the Japs. But growing up not once did my grandad mention anything about a genocide of Jews by Germans. If there had been, he would have known. He was very intelligent and well-informed. In the 60s and 70s he visited Israel often. He had connections.
      In a strange twist, he greatly admired German engineering. He once stated to his grandson that German products were the best in the World. He loved BMW and always drove the most expensive models. He was a millionaire. Anyway, back on topic. The Zios seem to have a terrible habit of shooting themselves in the foot. They imprison people who are only 10-15 years away from reaching their natural life expectancy. Doesnt make sense. The Zios boast about being “golems” but at the end of the day the “golem” will perhaps only destroy himself. 🙂

    2. Unfortunately, both Schaefers are still in prison. Alison Chabloz has advised thus:

      ‘This German website has reported on the past two days’ hearings:
      From what I can gather, neither Alfred nor Monika has been freed.’

      What a pity. But please spare a thought for Alison Chabloz also: She has escaped a custodial sentence, but is under constant threat of imprisonment because her suspended custodial sentence imposes onerous restrictions on what she can do and say, and they make an accidental false move very possible. Not only is our star of revisionism/nationalism in this dire position, but Michele Renouf and her associate have mounted yet another nasty attack on her.

      I ask all revisionists/nationalists to please consider: Are people who attack the UK’s most prominent warrior in the revisionist/nationalist cause a part of that cause, or are they its enemies? Contact Alison on her blog to hear the ugly details of what Michele Renouf has stooped to: . Alison needs help.

      1. True, Freya. But ‘the unkindest cut of all’ is the infiltrator who passes for a fellow traveller, but then turns out to be working for the opposition. Alison Chabloz has suffered this experience. We have to close ranks against these traitors.

        As we saw in the cases of Alison Chabloz and Jez Turner, the English judiciary is now well laced with shabbos goy judges:

        Jez, a very fine, very bright, highly educated, charming man who has served 12 years in the armed forces, found himself before a judge who was openly and severely hostile to him. The jurors, perhaps none of whom knew the issues of the case they were deciding, duly picked up the judge’s cues, and brought a guilty verdict against Jez.

        Alison Chabloz, a very fine musician, and a highly educated woman of impeccable social standing and oodles of personal charm, was given a suspended custodial sentence to which onerous bail conditions attach.

        On what charges were they convicted? It hardly matters. In both cases, the fake charity Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) wanted them charged, despite the refusal over at least two years of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to do so.

        Neither judge presiding over the case of each dared dismiss the charges against them, for fear of the Jews. This was the case, quite obviously, because Alison and Jez are just too good to be left alone: They are very popular in Revisionist/Nationalist circles, and are unequivocally the stars of those movements. To my mind, they are the best that has happened on the Right since Oswald Mosely. And their prospects of gaining a large following are better than his, for we do not have a World War approaching. So, ‘off with their heads’, thought the arch enemy.

        The upshot of all the above: If the CAA wants prosecuted a person who says things that Jews don’t like, the CPS will prosecute that person. And that’s that. In other words, the rule of law in Britain has gone the way of the rule of law in Germany: into the hands of Jews.

        We must fight to bring back the rule of law, and to re-assert a right of Free Speech!

        1. @ Sophie Johnson

          Superbly put, Sophie, as usual. I can only agree with every word you say. But what can we do if we are so impotent that even the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) bends the knee in subjugation to the the sinister Jewish organization known as the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA).

          What I am saying is this: If these powerful Jews are so infuriatingly omnipotent that they can hamstring and muzzle the likes of Jez Turner and Alison Chabloz, what can you or I (and the other “little people”) do against these evil behemoths?

          My own view is that we need a powerful rescuer — far more powerful than Jez and Alison — to be our standard bearer. A Napoleonic figure. We also need — dare I say it? — divine intervention.

  2. “Do I have it wrong? Did some part of what is charged against the Schaefers occur in Germany? Or have the Germans declared themselves the cops of the world?”

    No, Lasha… [Not Lasha; Lasha’s email correspondent wrote the above], not the Germans, nor any other European ethnic group. It is world-jewry. Only THEY and their myths are protected against criticism. And since the whole world is their oyster, they hubristically act with their own jurisprudence wherever and against whomever they please.

    1. Dear Sister Monika,

      I sympathise deeply with all you have said. It is too horribly true that we are powerless against the Jews. And yet and yet: Jez is a very able leader. He had the London Forum in better shape than the post-war nationalist-revisionist movement had ever known. Now, if things had happened differently, such that another nationalist-revisionist, not Jez, had been charged as he was, Jez would have led a protest against the CPS for its having caved in to the CAA thugs, against its earlier better judgment. The public would thereby have become informed about what had happened, and had it explained to it as a gross departure from the rule of law. (I am sure that this would have happened.)

      Also: Nationalist-revisionist publications everywhere, were they doing their job, would have raged against this terrible assault by the CAA on the rule of law. This would have been an issue of genuine public interest. But there was not a squeak.

      Now I shall try to get to my point: Alison Chabloz and Jez Turner were both hammered. Just when most needed, nobody else was available to pick up Jez’s work. So yes: the Jews are terrifyingly powerful. But it is also true that nationalist-revisionist organisations are downright too weak to be effective.

      Worse still, nationalist-revisionists are in part a vicious lot. This is evident in that some of them have been, and still are, falling over themselves to help the enemy secure Alison’s conviction. That is unforgiveable. Whether the guilty parties are infiltrated enemy agents or vainglorious moral idiots, there will not be a nationalist-revisionist movement worth its salt until they are weeded out and sent packing.

      So Sister Monica, divine intervention would be nice. But are we entitled to ask for it at all, or at least until we can honestly say that we have given our all in fighting for our cause? (This is a sincere question. I confess that I have difficulty with the very idea of seeking divine intervention. It does not seem to me that we are entitled to bend God’s ear in our favour. Please, if you can find time, let me have your views here.)

      1. @ Sophie Johnson

        I agree with everything you say here, darling — and I hope you will pardon me for addressing you in such familiar terms — because everything you says resonates with me absolutely! When I read what you say, I could almost be reading my own words, as distilled through the superior mind of an English savante seldom found nowadays — a rara avis indeed, darling, which is what you are!

        As for Jez Turner, I can only tell you that Jez and Lasha have exchanged several friendly emails and that Jez at one time invited Lasha over to meetings at the London Forum, because he trusted her sufficiently to do so. Those meetings had to be kept secret because they were otherwise disrupted by tiresome troublemakers, in the same way as David Irving’s meetings are disrupted if the enemies of free speech get wind of them beforehand. Whether Lasha ever turned up at one of these London Forum meetings, suitably disguised in dark glasses and sitting pale and mysterious in some shadowy corner, I have no idea. I wouldn’t put it past her. She adores disguises and loves dressing up, regarding life as a stage play like the Bard.

        Divine intervention? Well, that’s just a way of speaking when things look hopeless. It’s poetic licence, nothing more. As a matter of fact, in common with my dear friend Lasha, I do believe that God does not intervene in human affairs. This would be incompatible with free will. If the New Testament is anything to go on, Christ himself thought this world was the Devil’s domain and that it was ruled by the Prince of Darkness. Here we have heaven and hell coexisting on earth — and purgatory too, it seems. And “the mind is its own place”, according to Milton, “and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell out of heaven.”

        I’ll stop there lest I bore the pants off everyone. Monitors should be seen and not heard! 🙂

        A quote from Isaac Newton you may find useful, since everything hinges on the existence of God: “In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.”

        And so, dear Sophie, THUMBS UP! 🙂

  3. This could be the incident that allows careful archaeological and historical investigation of Auschwitz. Jewish organizations have controlled the matter for 70 years.

    The German government should be ashamed for allowing the whole matter to have become supressed.

    1. The German Government is not controlled by Germans anymore, but occupied by America since WWII and America is told what to do by Israel in this respect.

      1. @ Herta

        Absolutely! Everyone knows that America is Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG). And Germany has to do whatever America says because it is still occupied by American troops 73 years after the end of WWII. Jews control both countries, America as well as Germany — as this Dees cartoon illustrates beautifully:

        The big question is: Is America still Zionist Occupied Government under the new regime of Donald Trump? Is Trump, like Obama, also “Israel’s bitch”? I will let wiser heads than mine settle this question. But here’s a picture that is bound to annoy some people — no names mentioned! 🙂

      2. Sard
        They’re ALL bitches to the forces of Darkness controlling both “East and West”. “Western” Zionism has it’s counterpart in the “East”. What shall we call that, “Zinoism”?🤔

        Meanwhile, back on the darkmoon ranch are those of us “on the outside lookin in”

      3. Your comment should be engraved in granite and raised-up for all the world to see.

        Direct hit! Danke schön.

    2. Dear, dear Sister Monica,

      I am more grateful for your ‘darling’ than I can say. You are my darling too. And, childish as it may seem, a shriek of delight escaped me when I read this:

      ‘As a matter of fact, in common with my dear friend Lasha, I do believe that God does not intervene in human affairs. This would be incompatible with free will.’

      My view exactly! I have never come upon anyone else who thinks likewise. The usual mindset is the ‘God spoke to me’… ‘my prayers were answered’ one. Counter-argument along the lines of ‘why to you and not to me?’ and ‘why yours and not mine?’ tends to make no impression, nor does the proposal that the ‘just God loves us equally’ concept suffers hugely when individuals claim to have been distinguished by God.

      Thank you also for your backing of our view by Scripture and the poetic sages. That was instructive and very reassuring. It facilitates belief in the context of a Christian discourse that, for me, often inhibits it. Thank you, darling. 🙂

      You are not the ordinary Monitor. Your voice should be heard constantly. The site cannot but benefit. And I’d love that. I am quite sure that all your correspondents will too.

      The idea of Lasha coming in disguise to a London Forum conference is delicious. I hope that happened. Sadly, I did not get to one: Jez was soon to be charged when I heard of the Forum and asked to join it. And now I have a wonderful idea: Lasha and Jez fall in love, and Alison Chabloz sings a superb wedding march of her own composition. (Please strike out whatever your think inappropriate in this paragraph.)

      1. Many thanks for your kind words, dear Sophie. Please do keep in touch and let us hear from you more often. It would be interesting to have your views on Theresa May and Brexit. I can’t help wondering what Britain would be like with Rees-Mogg at the helm. We certainly need a rescuer.

  4. Today is: Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

    DAY 188 of Monika Schaefer’s loss of freedom
    Day 66 of Ursula Haverbeck’s loss of freedom
    Day 61 of Gerd Ittner’s loss of freedom
    Day 60 of Jez Turner’s loss of freedom
    Day 6 of Alfred Schaefer’s loss of freedom


    1. @ Arch Do you know if Sylvia Stolz has been released from prison for her 2013 speech to the anti-cenorship group in Switzerland?

  5. About the holocaust i saw the movie the pianist the other day and later i found out that Adrien Brody who plays the pianist is a Jew and that the director Roman Polanky is a Jew too. Before i found out they were jews i cried a little when watching it. I cry the cry of Al Capone in the movie The Untouchables, (Robert de Niro) when he was watching the fat opera lady sing; its a man´s cry not a pussy´s cry.
    Yes, when i found those two were jews i figured out that these people, the Jews (who are, according to Christian americans God´s chosen ones even if they fire American missiles at school children in Gaza and then laugh about it) are trying to perpetuate this story about how much they suffered and that therefore they have the right to kill hundreds of people in Palestine every time there is a Jew holiday, and make money in the process. They even own the napkin company that they sell you at the entrance so you can dry your fat American eyes as you watch the lie.
    I dont know about the gas chambers (it sounds more like sauna baths courtesy of the camps) but I have a special suspicion on the story about the ovens because i worked at a pizza parlor (to pay the owner a gambling debt) and one day when i was making an extra large pizza i compared the size of the pizza to that of the length of a human, three large pizzas would cover it, i thought and considering that three large pizzas would take about 30 minutes depending on the temperature which is idealy 600f to be done and crispy, the result of the math turned out that you would need about three years to bake six million pizzas. From 1945 to 1948? impossible! by 1948 they were already in Palestine destroying Palestinian villages!
    Six million pizzas without the toppings are way too many.. You should also consider if the pizza in the oven is a hawaian pizza or a detroit style pizza. It could also be a neapolitano pizza with extra chesse wich is my favourite.
    The holocaust is then a lie i determined.
    Besides, if the fuckers were chosen (as americans insist) over other people why would Elohim, Yahve, Yehova, Allah, Krishna (so funny! this guy, the creator changes names faster that a mossad agent) throw their asses in burning ovens? not that i care, i would love for it to realy happen since i am after all a palestinian who loves it just loves it when reading that the jews call us coackroaches.
    bye i am hungry.

    1. Allmost all ‘ american’ actors are of jewish origin even the famous robert De niro. Don’t forget the tough Stallone, his mother is jewish. If you ain’t jewish it’s allmost impossible to have a career. Nur juden das sind das Herrenvolk.

    2. You are mixing up the total time to bake a pizza with the AVERAGE time to stoke an oven with corpses.

      If you could stoke an oven with 2 corpses every 30 minutes as claimed, then the average cremation time would be 15 minutes per corpse. But it would take about 80 minutes for any given corpse to be fully incinerated if you stoked the oven 2 corpses at a time. Keep in mind that these ovens operate at temperatures up to 1200C (= 2200F).

      Think of it like stoking a fireplace with logs. 2 logs could burn down enough to allow you to add 2 more logs in a fireplace; but the original 2 logs take much longer to fully incinerate to ashes.

  6. “There was an incident right at the beginning that was really sort of horrible,” Wild said. “When Alfred Schaefer was brought into the room, and he was joined by his sister who was brought in, he showed the Nazi salute three times in a row. This is really an outrageous incident in the courtroom. His sister, she was laughing at it, she was laughing.”

    This is really a tactical blunder, which will only confirm the public perception that “Holocaust deniers” are fanatical Nazis. On the contrary, Holocaust revisionists (the correct term) should project the image of normal, decent people who ask sensible questions about history, but are unfairly persecuted because of that. Alfred Schaefer now has spoiled that image.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Yes, it is a “tactical blunder” (as you say) if this is what Alfred Schaefer actually did, i.e, give a Nazi salute. But can we be 100 per cent certain that Alfred really gave such a salute? Could this be deliberate misreporting?

      I mean, say if Alfred were to say: “I made a gesture of some type that others have perceived as a Nazi salute. It was no such thing. This is a sly attempt to sully my name and bring disrepute on Holocaust revisionism!”

      Sorry if I display my ignorance in this matter, but is there an actual photograph or video that shows Alfred in the act of giving a Nazi salute?

      1. @Sardonicus

        It seems that Alfred Schaefer did indeed make “the Roman salute”. If you go to Mami’s shit (no direct link possible, you’ll have to google it), you will find “Short report from the first day of trial against Monika and Alfred Schaefer (Updates in the comment section)”.

        From the second comment from above : WWS said, July 2, 2018 at 5:22 PM :

        Day one began at 09.15. The following was reported to me by Attorney Sylvia Stolz. Before the entrance of the two professional judges and the two lay judges, Alfred was able to hug his handcuffed sister while the Press photographed them and while Alfred gave the Roman salute ( a harmless gesture ludicrously outlawed in still Allied / all- lies occupied Germany. Judge Hofmann and Judge Federl entered with the two lay/Schaffe judges but Alfred refused to stand in any acknowledgment of their authority. To this, the judges declared Alfred’s disdain as an offence to the rules whilst Alfred declared them and the Federal Republic of Germany illegitimate since he adheres to the standing legitimacy of the German Reich.

        And from the fifth comment from above : WWS said, FWD- 20180703. July 3, 2018 at 2:39 PM :

        FROM LADY MICHELE RENOUF: This morning, Tuesday July 3rd 2018, on day two of the Schaefer sibling’s trial, we learn that the two days’ punishment for Alfred who was taken yesterday into police custody is over already and after today’s session he will be permitted to return home. He now has this further trivial case to face later for making a Roman salute in court yesterday during the pre-trial moments when he had been given the chance to hug his handcuffed sister Monika while the Press were permitted to film. Alfred, ever-fisty, has now been offered the option of bail of 5000 euros to secure his release, though he will have another action taken against him for this harmless historical gesture!

        So there you have it. Alfred Schaefer is making his case unnecessarily more difficult for himself. Making the Nazi salute (“the Roman salute”) or displaying any Nazi symbols is forbidden in Germany, and of course Schaefer must know that.

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Thanks for your detailed answer. I stand corrected. Maybe Alfred should have acted with more restraint and dignity. I can’t imagine Faurisson giving a Nazi salute. Behaving in this theatrical manner, like a defiant enfant terrible, was perhaps not a very good idea.

      3. On second thoughts, Franklin, it’s possible that Alfred was just “larking around” as they say, engaging in boisterous satire. Here is what Lady Renouf says in one of her court recordings:

        “Here is a photo spoof intended to illustrate the mocking fun Alfred means to make about the ludicrous criminalising of the Roman salute which in his case he says he is indicating how high his dog can jump!”

        Picture just sent to me in email by LD:

        PHOTO SPOOF×442.png

      4. Sardonicus, Alfred Schaefer clearly is horsing around in court to demonstrare his contempt for its upholding of the inanities that criminalise the Roman salute (aka the National Socialist salute), and do gross damage to people’s lives by imprisoning them for absurd lengths of time for ‘denying the holocaust’. (Distinguished scholars and nonogenerians Horst Mahler and Ursula Haverbeck are currently imprisoned for ‘denying the holocaust’, the latter since several years ago, at serious cost to his health, the former since recent months.)

        Also, Anne Wild is an accredited court reporter in Germany, and she is actually in the courtroom where the Schaefer siblings are being tried. What she reports as fact is therefore reliable. The attitudes she expresses are just that. (Then again, perhaps Ms Wild is genuinely shocked: Alfred Schaefer’s is no doubt not the typical court performance she sees. WELL DONE ALFRED SCHAEFER, you very fine patriot!

        Michele Renouf, on the other hand, is not in court, she is not a journalist, she is incapable of writing a coherent text, and she speaks no German. So her court reporting is a silly charade.

        And incidentally: She is certainly not ‘Lady Michele Renouf’. She would be entitled to style herself thus only if she were the daughter of someone called Renouf who is at least an Earl (i.e., in Almanac de Gotha terms, a Count). But she is not an aristocrat by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, she was born in a depressed region of Australia, the daughter of an Australian man who was a truck driver and occasional aerial photographer for an Australian regional newspaper.

        I do not know this woman personally, and I do not wish to know her. I also do not know what, other than a desire to be in the picture, has her in Munich pretending to be reporting the Schaefer siblings’ court hearing. However, Franklin Ryckaert has actually put her forward as a reliable court reporter. He is clearly of a virulently philosemitic bent. That he is calling attention to Michele Renouf’s ‘reporting’ makes me view with considerable suspicion her role in the Schaefer’s present context.

        1. @ Sophie Johnson


          I will reply to you later when I have some more time. Suffice to say for the moment that I share Sister Monica’s admiration for your your brilliance and for your feisty intellectual integrity in defending Holocaust revisionism. I cannot help feeling, however, that you have somewhat weakened your case by your totally unnecessary ad hominem onslaught on Franklin Ryckaert. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth, dear Sophie. Because the ad hominem attack is always a blow beneath the belt, a sneaky rhetorical device which Jews and hyper-emotional women generally make use of in order to humiliate a strong antagonist and poison the minds of others by underhand means.

          After all, what is so outrageous about Franklin Ryckaert’s sincere feeling — shared by many others here including myself — that Alfred Schaefer’s over-the-top, histrionic behaviour in making a Nazi salute in public and suggesting by innuendo — though not saying so directly — that all “kikes” deserve “extermination”, is not a valid response? How does this response make Franklin a “virulent Jew”?

          If you suspect that Franklin is a Jewish infiltrator, but lack any concrete evidence to prove your allegation, surely the onus is on you to keep your suspicions to yourself? Instead, I regret to say, you have actually weakened your otherwise perfectly valid arguments about the Holocaust by throwing around these undignified ad hominems.

          Nothing Franklin has said here, however outrageous you may find his comments, deserves deletion or censorship on this site. As you expect free speech for yourself here, pray allow your opponent the same privileges of free speech without trying to intimidate him into silence by sticking a poisoned dagger into his lower back, well below the belt! 🙂

          At a later stage, if you should exhibit signs of genuine contrition for your misbehavior, I will offer you many good reasons for believing that Franklin Ryckaert is NOT a Jew. If he is, he is an exceptionally cunning Jew who has somehow managed to pull the wool over Kevin MacDonald’s eyes for the last 10 years. He has also managed to do a damn good job in concealing his “virulent” Jewishness from the astute Lasha Darkmoon who has seen fit to publish several of Franklin’s contributions on this site as feature articles, especially the outstanding and “highly recommended” article also published on Truthseeker, “White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People.”

          Indeed, would a “virulent” Jew defend the work of Kevin MacDonald? Or write articles which are clearly anti-Jewish if only by their titles and their contents:

          Be assured, dear Sophie, of my sincere admiration for your exceptional talents, but do try a bit harder to act like a dignified lady in future, polite and discreet and wary of further ad hominem slurs.

      5. @Sophie Johnson

        Your condescending remarks about Lady Michele Renouf as the daughter of “an Australian man who was a truck driver and occasional aerial photographer for an Australian regional newspaper” are typically prejudiced.

        Here is some real information on Michele Renouf and her father Arthur Mainwaring :

        They interviewed her long estranged and terminally ill father Arthur Mainwaring, who was a Korean War reconnaissance aerial photographer and continued this role for the local Port Macquarie News. Arthur Mainwaring, whose parents owned a hotel by the ocean at The Entrance, had also been a part-time courier driver to aid local businesses when travelling between his coastal home and his city studio 100 miles away (allowing the press to have further
        fun at Sir Francis’s expense by portraying his new wife as the daughter of a truck driver).

        For many years his main occupation was as an aerial photographer, and while travelling between The Entrance and his studio in Sydney he assisted friends and local businesses, acting as a courier for packages.

        Source : Wikipedia, Michele Renouf

        Lady Michele Renouf is a well known figure on the Holocaust revisionist scene and has helped many persons in trouble related to that scene. She is very well capable of reporting events, even if she gets her information from second hand. She has a website of her own and has appeared on the Iranian Press TV.

        If you wish to call me “virulently philosemitic” for criticizing Alfred Schaefer’s unnecessary self-incriminating behavior, and for not believing in the 100% innocence of the Nazis, so be it.

    2. I just googled around and came up with a video of Alfred Schaefer giving Nazi salutes and saying that it is time to exterminate the kikes.

      God only knows what this is all about. It looks like he wishes to defiantly show contempt for these laws for either political reasons or because he is quite mentally unstable. He must have a wish to sing “I fought the law and the law won” or something? No one but a nut could support such silliness.

      1. @Blake121666

        Indeed, it is difficult to feel sympathy for this man as a “victim of the oppression of free speech” while he is calling for the extermination of a whole ethnic group. For me he has crossed the line of respectability. He is the cause of his own troubles.

      2. You are lying, Blake121666: Nowhere has Alfred Schaefer said anything like ‘it is time to exterminate the kikes’, not even on the nasty B’nai Brith page you cite.

        You and Franklin Ryckaert are clearly Jewish smear campaigners. I am surprised that Lasha Darkmoon tolerates you on this site.

        1. @ Sophie Johnson

          You are lying, Blake121666: Nowhere has Alfred Schaefer said anything like “it is time to exterminate the kikes”, not even on the nasty B’nai Brith page you cite. You and Franklin Ryckaert are clearly Jewish smear campaigners. I am surprised that Lasha Darkmoon tolerates you on this site.

          Hi Sophie. Nice to see you here again, my favourite poster! And so meticulously grammatical! 🙂

          This site is largely unmonitored, Sophie. Which is why a lot of offensive material gets posted here without even our knowledge. The only comments we tend to delete are the ones that are openly insulting and disrespectful to Admin and which flout our rules and regulations, i.e., comments that use the n-word and obscene/scatological language and call for the “mass extermination of the Jews.” Also comments that make defamatory remarks about the writers we publish here, like Kevin MacDonald, whom we hold in high respect.

          There is so much borderline offensive material here that we allow such material to be published (assuming we see it) in the interests of free speech. Misquoting people deliberately is one of the oldest tricks, and we are grateful to you for pointing out that Alfred Schaefer never said “it is time to exterminate the kikes.”

          Perhaps Blake121666 will be kind enough to supply us with a link substantiating his claim that Alfred actually used these words? If he fails to do, his comment will be regarded as mischievous defamation and I will personally delete it.

          By the way, your comment “I am surprised that Lasha Darkmoon tolerates you on this site” is unfair to Lasha. This is because Lasha has no part in monitoring this website, which she does not even own. LD seldom has time to even read the comments, though she tries her best to find the time. At the most, she skims the comments and reads only the shortest and best ones. Clever readers soon develop an instinct for what is relevant and worth reading and for what is irrelevant, boring and eminently skippable. I am sure you have acquired this skill yourself.

      3. @Sophie Johnson

        If you click on the link to the bnaibrith that Blake121666 July 12, 2018 at 4:51 am has given and then watch the video on their page, you see and hear Alfred Schaefer saying the following :

        From 0.59 – 1.03 :

        “In die USA da sind diese Schreie immer lauter : “It’s time to exterminate the Kike”.

        Translation : “In the USA there are these cries ever louder : ” It’s time to exterminate the Kike.”

        Further from 1.13 – 2.05 :

        ” In der USA gibt es immer mehr Schreie, das heisst : “Exterminate the Jew”, “It’s time to exterminate the Jew”. Das ist, das heisst, überall hört man : “Es ist Zeit die Juden wirklich auszurotten, weil sie machen unser Leben unmöglich.”

        Translation : “In the USA there are ever more cries, which are : “Exterminate the Jew”, “It’s time to exterminate the Jew”. That is, that means, everywhere one hears : “It is time to really exterminate the Jews, because they make our life impossible”.

        At most one could say that Schaefer doesn’t say what he himself wants, but what some Americans want, but nevertheless he clearly talks about exterminating the Jews.

        As for the Nazi salute being originally a “Roman salute” (or the swastika being an ancient symbol), that may be right historically, but in this context they are meant as Nazi symbols, and as such forbidden by law in Germany, whether we like that or not. Still displaying such symbols in Germany is a violation of German law and makes one liable to punishment.

        But perhaps poor Schaefer wants to be punished because he aspires to become a “martyr”? If that is the case, good luck with that ! But I feel no pity with people who willfully cause their own suffering.

    3. It might be a tactical blunder, as you say. I would not have done it. But I think its outrageous only in Ms. Wild’s mind, and I’m not sure Alfred Schaefer did it to mock the court. He may have his own serious reasons for giving the National Socialist salute. It was Germany’s greeting under the National Socialists and foreigners (including the British) used the salute on official and unofficial occasions when visiting Germany. It’s how countries are supposed to behave towards each other. Germans always behaved respectfully towards the British as well.

      In 1975 (when the anti-German hatred was stronger than it is today), when the war hero Otto Skorzeny died, these people still had an occasion to use the salute. And they apparently didn’t care what other people thought either.

      Otto Skorzeny Funeral And Buring His Ashes 1975

      The funeral was in Austria. That could make a difference.

      1. Aren’t these two Schaefers Canadian? There’s no respect given to National Socialism in what Alfred Schaefer did by giving that salute. It was a mockery of National Socialism if anything. If they or anyone thinks otherwise that shows a mental imbalance to me.

      2. How very stupid is it to forbid a salute? The ‘Nazi salute’ has been around at least since the Romans, hence the term ‘Roman Salute’. Alfred does well to make fun of its proscription. I think Anne Wild’s reaction (outrage!) is seriously silly. She is just doing the usual sickening obeisance to the Jews.

        For Alfred and Moniker, this salute is the Roman salute. It is for me too. Anyone who likes to be outraged by it can go ahead and be so. You especially, Franklin Ryckaert; and you too, Anne Wild.

      3. Thank you for your kind welcome, Sister Monica! And I regret that I put you to the trouble of your detailed explanation. In fact, I’m pretty tough, and not easily bothered. I took a running jump at Blake and Franklin because I think they are dishonest and ill disposed to truth seekers. But then, I rather like doing that. 🙂

        Franklin Ryckaert, forget the possibility of my ever trawling a B’nai B’rith site for any reason. Besides, in this case it would be a waste of time: Do you imagine that the international lamestream media would have stayed silent about it if either Schaefer sibling had said anything like what you and your Blake pal are claiming? (None too bright, are you?)

      4. @Sophie Johnson

        What cowardly excuses not to look at the evidence : “I refuse to visit a Jewish website and if it really happened it would be widely known” !

        Here is that video independently of that Jewish website : and the quotations with their translations can be found on my comment above at July 15, 2018 at 2:08 pm.
        If you still close your eyes (and ears) you will lose all your credibility.

      5. Peter, are you aware that when someone is brought before a German court on a ‘holocaust denial’ charge, if that person defends him/herself, or is defended by his/her counsel, both the defendant and the counsel will be prosecuted further for holocaust denial, and imprisoned — inevitably? That is exactly what happened when the very brave and brilliant Sylvia Stoltz threw caution to the winds and actually defended the valiant, wonderful Ernst Zundel.

        I think it a fair guess that Alfred Schaefer knows full well that the charges against him will be upheld. That is, there is no question of the possibility of his winning his case. So he is letting rip, no doubt with the intention of seeking publicity for the revisionist cause. Notice, however, that the lamestream media are stolidly ingnoring his case, and his sister’s.

    4. Your attitude is surprising, Franklin Ryckaert. Alfred Schaefer appears to have expressed his amused contempt for a group of judges who have deprived him and his sister of their freedom because neither of them is prepared to be silent on facts that bear upon Third Reich concentration camps.

      These same judges are now engaged in seeking to incarcerate the siblings for more time still. Neither Schaefer is willing to treat the behaviours of these judges as behaviours of decent people who command respect. And why should they? Do you respect judges who preside over a court to administer a law that says it is illegal to ‘deny the holocaust’? I certainly do not.

      The Schaefer siblings are bravely and valiantly putting on display their contempt for judges who stoop to impose prison sentences on people who will not recognise the validity of natural-law-obstructing laws like the ‘holocaust denial’ laws. And you criticise them, and tell them how to behave? Shame on you.

      A final point: We do not yet know whether it is true that both Schaefer siblings have been set free. I pray that it is true. Among other things, that event will show Alfred Schaefer’s strategy to have been the overdue perfect one. Velet Deus.

      1. @Sophie Johnson

        Those judges are only applying the law (no matter how unjust), which they have not made themselves. Laws are adopted by politics and can only be changed by politics. By showing contempt for the judges, Schaefer only makes his case unnecessarily worse. But if it is his “ideal” to become a martyr, then let him. I don’t feel pity for people who suffer because of their own stupidity.

      2. Franklin him still fall for Jew lies
        Him not alone dough
        Many do, just don’t know
        bout Hitler and dem pesky gnatzees
        Him wiki wiki too much
        Him need look tings like 🐈 and 🐕
        Catapilla to butterfly
        Volcano on big island
        No history for all facts…hmmph
        Shaefer no want pity
        Him only want support

      3. Franklin Ryckaert, I have no idea whether you genuinely misunderstood Alfred Schaefer here, or whether you are pretending you did. His ‘eradicate/ausrotten’ means ‘weed out/uproot/, not ‘exterminate’. By ‘kike’ he separates out the ugly, malevolent Jew from the masses. I.e., he does not want to weed out all Jews, only the kikes.

        In the context of this protest march, in which the imprisonment of decent, highly respectable people is being condemned, Schaefer quite appropriately attributes the outrage that is their imprisonment to morally ugly Jews (‘kikes’).

        If indeed Alfred had been on the march in Germany shouting ‘exterminate the Jews’ into a mobile microphone, why was he not instantly arrested and imprisoned?

        Your allegation that Schaefer wants to exterminate Jews might mislead people who know no German, nor the long political history of the derivatives of ‘Ausrottung’. This is what you and your salacious B’nai B’rith want to do. You are underhand, mendacious, very boring. No wonder comments are disabled in the video to which you have directed me.

      4. @Sophie Johnson

        In the first quote Schaefer literally says : “It is time to EXTERMINATE the Kike”.

        The second quote is partly in German and partly in English :

        ”In der USA gibt es immer mehr Schreie, das heisst : “EXTERMINATE the Jew”, “It’s time to EXTERMINATE the Jew”. Das ist, das heisst, überall hört man : “Es ist Zeit die Juden wirklich AUSZUROTTEN, weil sie machen unser Leben unmöglich.”

        My translation : “In the USA there are ever more cries, which are : “Exterminate the Jew”, “It’s time to exterminate the Jew”. That is, that means, everywhere one hears : “It is time to really exterminate the Jews, because they make our life impossible”.

        So he first uses the term “exterminate” two times in English, then translates it into German with the term “ausrotten” which leaves no doubt that he means “to exterminate” with that term and not some “innocent metaphorical” meaning (like to “uproot”) as you try to suggest.

        And he says here “exterminate the Jew”, not “exterminate the Kike” and I did not hear him explaining in the first quote that with “Kike” he only means the bad Jews.

        Why he was not arrested on the spot by the German police I don’t know. Perhaps they stood not near him at that moment. Anyway, this video is clear enough. The “innocent” Schaefer is not so innocent after all. For his problems with the German authorities Schaefer has to blame himself.

  7. Germany is Jewish Criminal occupied territory and should be avoided until these Jewish criminals are exposed for their crimes of distorting history and destroying the truth, to exstort monies out of the German people/government under false pretenses.

    1. Hear, hear, Paul Smith! Alfred Schaefer might have put it thus:

      ‘Kike occupied territory should be avoided until the criminal kikes are exposed for their crimes …’

      But despite Franklin Ryckaert and his mate’s crocodile tears, he would have meant no more than you do.

  8. If you wanted to wipe out all the
    Jews in Mexico would you,
    Kill them where they stood?
    Ship them by the millions to Canada,
    placing them in newly constructed gated
    communities with swimming pools and theaters,
    then take care of their welfare for almost
    a decade before finally gassing them?

    Was Hitler that stupid?

    Millions died of starvation and disease during WW2.

    They’re the piles of skin and bones the Jew flaunts.

    Jesus didn’t call Jews liars, thieves,
    murders and sons of Satan just to be nasty.

    1. Just to be clear to those who might share your misconceptions of what is actually claimed, the claims are that Jews were used for forced labor during the war and that very many OTHER Jews were slaughtered outright. Such is the claim.

      Of those Jews who were NOT slaughtered, they were sustained in life and some were even given amenities such as theater plays and such. That situation was nowhere near “almost a decade” if you are specifically referring to Auschwitz. A couple years is more like it.

      You’re obviously referring to Auschwitz in your post. Auschwitz was a very large labor complex. It is claimed that one very large area, called Birkenau, was setup as a slaughter facility for Jews and that such was done there for about a year from early 1943 to mid 1944. Prior to that, it is claimed that such was experimented with in a relatively small way – at first in a couple bunkers and then in Krematorium I in the main Auschwitz complex.

      From mid-42 to mid-43 it is also claimed that there were the pure extermination camps (camps setup exclusively for the slaughter of Jews) in Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka. And there are claimed to have been exterminations at Chelmno and Majdanek.

      It is also claimed that Jews were killed in very large numbers in the East by mobile groups of Einsatzgruppen, aided by locals in many instances, who shot Jews in groups of varying sizes.

      Such are the main claims of the Holocaust.

      I just want you, and anyone else, reading this to be clear on what the claims are. It looked to me that you might have some misconceptions about that. There are alot of misconceptions out there – particularly given all of the propaganda, fog of war, … etc.

      1. To blake121666:

        ‘Tell me more lies, so’s I can sleep tonight! Tell me more lies … Love them lies.’
        Alision Chabloz

        Forensic evidence is needed to substantiate claims like yours. But in the past 70 years, none has been offered. What do you make of that, myth pedlar?

  9. “It’s sort of a mixture. We have to talk about it, but we don’t want to talk too much about it.” Of course not. Then you would have to make excuses for your censorship laws, while at the same time claiming you’re a democracy with free speech.

    ““Still there’s a community of several thousand people who are more or less openly convinced that the Holocaust is a lie,” Maybe they are only convinced the already exposed lies about soap from fat and lampshades from skin are lies. But how many thousands, or millions would wisely keep their opinions to themselves so they don’t find themselves in court like the Schaefers?

    i’ve been wondering how they could charge a Canadian who made the statements in Canada also. The German law states it’s against the law to make such statements (in contradiction to the mainstream history narrative) “inside” Germany. If you are not in Germany when you are making the statements, you are not in violation of German law. This came out when the Englishman Bishop Williamson made similar statements to Monika’s to a Swedish media organization “in Germany” in an interview, and according to the German media reports, that made Bishop Williamson in violation of German law. So, I’m relying on the media for accurate information, which is risky.

    “Have the Germans declared themselves the cops of the world?” No, the Jews have. If Canada defended their own citizen Monika, and asked that she be released so she could return to Canada, Germany would comply immediately. But both countries would then have to answer to the Jew.

    Canada actually deported Ernst Zundel, a resident of Canada for decades, who retained his German citizenship and became a significant publisher of revisionist material. There were two significant trials in Canada that made “revisionism” known to a large number of people as the trials were reported in the Canadian media in the 1980’s. Years later, in the early 2000’s, Canada had the US arrest Zundel in the US on a trumped up charge (supposedly a violation of US immigration/residency laws, which was not even true) and deported him to Canada. Canada then deported Zundel to Germany, a country he left several decades earlier, where he was promptly arrested for his views on history. So, we have several major countries, the US, Germany and Canada working in concert to Jewish demands and persecuting those that don’t believe the holocaust is true. Germany bending its own laws is not a problem. The other powers support bending those laws. And the same (((people))) responsible for this would have half of Latin America enter the US as asylum seekers and have had remarkable success doing this over the last few decades.

    Similarly, Sylvia Stolz (who I’m not sure identifies herself as a revisionist) was arrested in Germany for a speech she made to an anti-censorship group in Switzerland. The audience heard a number of speakers with different experiences and most probably knew little or nothing about revisionism, They gave Ms. Stolz a standing ovation for her speech, Ms. Stolz was a lawyer who was stripped of her law credentials for being Ernst Zundel’s lawyer, or for speaking publicly about what happened when she defended him. She’s been thrown in jail twice. The first time for defending a revisionist, the second time for speaking about it when a Swiss with a Jewish sounding name complained about it. This is her speech to the Swiss group, only about five years ago, for which she was thrown in jail a second time (with English subtitles). I’m not sure if she is still in jail.

    1. ‘If you are not in Germany when you are making the statements, you are not in violation of German law.’

      Peter, the German system has a way around this territorial limitation. Dr Fredrick Toben was in the same citizenship/holodenial position as Monika Schaefer. But, like Monika, he was nevertheless kept in preliminary detention for over six months, awaiting his hearing. (Now it cannot be longer than six months, as we have just seen in Monika’s case.)

      Alfred Schaefer is a German resident, so he does not have the extraterritorial kind of immunity. We do not yet know exactly what he is being charged with, for he was arrested at his home in Germany in the course of his and Monika’s first hearing.

      ‘Canada then deported Zundel to Germany …’

      I think the situation was worse: The great Ernst Zundel was kidnapped in Tennessee, and transported striaght to Germany. There were no deportation proceedings. Zundel was in the US legally with his US citizen wife. That he had somehow broken US residential-permit laws was just the trick that persuaded Zundel to accompany the people who had come to arrest him. Quite disgracefully, but not unexpectedly, the US authorities made no effort to redress the explicitly criminal behaviour of Zundel’s kidnappers.


    They worship a Tribal WAR GOD …..
    They instigated the Roman pogroms against the first Christians.
    They instigated Muslims to attack peaceful Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land which lead to the Crusades..
    Donmah/Turkish Jews instigated the Armenian holocaust.
    They engineered the Ukrainian HOLOMODOR, a HOLOCAUST of 60millions of Christians..
    Dump the YOKE of “WWII guilt” ……. Jews are conducting TWO genocides RIGHT NOW
    Jews secretly instigate and aggravate the genocidal muslum invasion of Christian Europe to clear population so Israel can steal MORE land for “GREATER” Israel…..
    and we are witnessing the SECOND, slow motion, Israeli SHOAH of the People of Palestine..
    The Canaanites/Amorites/Philistines/Midianites/PALESTINIANS were in PALESTINE long before ABRAHAM passed through from Babylon/Ur ……Israel’s “claim” to Palestine is based entirely on War Crimes and GENOCIDE.

    For 70+ years scorn and guilt has been used to destroy Western Christianity by the very people who ORIGINATED genocide.
    “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”
    The Jews BRAG about and SELF DOCUMENT THEIR “holocausting” others and then “PLACE A YOKE” on Gentiles for SUPPOSEDLY doing the exact same thing to them.
    Everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of their own self-recorded acts/history..
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

    Numbers c.5 v.2-4 (Being “put out of camp was a Death Sentence0.
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    KILL ALL DISSIDENTS:(Hitler COPIED Moses ordering anyone who questioned him be murdered)
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    SEXUALLY ENSLAVE any females “who have not KNOWN a man”
    a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    Israel a SOCIALIST state.
    Nazis a SOCIALIST state.
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)

    —— Even TODAY:Jews preach GENOCIDE ——
    (1) For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”
    (2) Rabbi Ophir Wallas of the Bnei David Military Mechina was caught on video teaching young would-be soldiers that Israelis are, from the halachaic point of view, permitted to wipe out Palestinians, and that only fear of massive retaliation prevents that .
    ——— Even TODAY Jews preach RACIAL SUPERIORITY —– Israel Official Talks Master Race and

  11. I have always had a problem with Jew math..

    Lets see… 2.4 million Jews supposedly lived in all of Europe BEFORE the 2nd world war began…
    After the war, there were some 3.8 million of these scoundrels applying for “Holocaust reparations”…
    And tragically according to Jewish folklore and fictional reports, some 6 Million perished from supposed “gas chambers” etc, etc…

    So…. Lets do the math here…. 2.4 million minus 6 million equals 3.8 million….. Just that type of ‘MATH’ alone makes my head explode..

    I even tried entering those figures in my Jew calculator, and all that damn device kept doing was flash the answer “6000000”…..

    When I showed so many people this Jew math, they thought about it for a moment, and many have come back to me saying “You know what, NTS… You are right! The numbers alone do not add up!” while a few others came back and said the usual tried and true: “All you are is an antisemite who hates Jews”…..

    As a Canadian, I am ashamed of the crooked Justin Trudeau (whom I call “Trust In Jew Dough”) so called “government” for doing NOTHING for these Canadian citizens rotting illegally away in that German prison system… Trudeau tries to pride himself as a man who “stands up for human rights” but once again he is nothing more than a Jew controlled puppet.

    1. Heydrich estimated there to have been about 11 million Jews in Europe at the Wannsee Conference of of 01/20/42.

      The Korherr Report – finalized in early ’43 – estimated there to have been something like 10.3 million Jews in Europe at the start of the war:

      And that report lists the various things that were done with the millions of Jews under German control up to that time. Those numbers add up to more than your idiotic “2.4 million”. Korherr has 2.4 million being “evacuated” by the Germans alone.

      There were about 11 million Jews in Europe at the start of the war. Something like 9 million, more or less, came under the control of the German war machine. 5-6 million are claimed to have died in the war years – which would imply that 4-5 million survived through the war years in this reckoning.

      Does this help you, NTS? Do you deny this? Are you going to still keep thinking what you posted is correct? Where did your “2.4 million” come from? Maybe it is you using the faulty calculators, you think?

      1. blake121666, you need some basic education. Have a look at these Wansee Conference figures:

        – 537,000 Jews were sent out of the country between the takeover of power and the deadline of 31 October 1941. Of these
        – approximately 360,000 were in Germany proper on 30 January 1933
        – approximately 147,000 were in Austria (Ostmark) on 15 March 1939
        -approximately 30,000 were in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia on 15 March 1939.

        The Jews themselves, or their Jewish political organizations, financed the emigration. In order to avoid impoverished Jews’ remaining behind, the principle was followed that wealthy Jews have to finance the emigration of poor Jews; this was arranged by imposing a suitable tax, i.e., an emigration tax, which was used for financial arrangements in connection with the emigration of poor Jews and was imposed according to income.’

        Now, what do you make of that, the real Wansee Conference text?

        Courtesy, Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

    2. And BTW, 3 million Jews lived in Poland alone at the start of the war. Poland alone! How do you get 2.4 million in all of Europe when 3 million were in Poland alone?


      1. blake121666, have a look at some more Wansee Conference estimates of the number of Jews in Europe:

        Country Number
        – A. Germany proper 131,800
        – Austria 43,700
        – Eastern territories 420,000
        – General Government 2,284,000
        – Bialystok 400,000
        – Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia 74,200
        – Estonia – free of Jews –
        – Latvia 3,500
        – Lithuania 34,000
        – Belgium 43,000
        – Denmark 5,600
        -France / occupied territory 165,000; unoccupied territory 700,000
        – Greece 69,600
        – Netherlands 160,800
        – Norway 1,300

        – B. Bulgaria 48,000
        – England 330,000
        – Finland 2,300
        – Ireland 4,000
        – Italy including Sardinia 58,000
        – Albania 200
        – Croatia 40,000
        – Portugal 3,000
        – Rumania including Bessarabia 342,000
        – Sweden 8,000
        – Switzerland 18,000
        – Serbia 10,000
        – Slovakia 88,000
        – Spain 6,000
        – Turkey (European portion) 55,500
        – Hungary 742,800
        – USSR 5,000,000
        – Ukraine 2,994,684
        – White Russia excluding Bialystok 446,484
        Total over 11,000,000

        Now do some counting. You will find that only 4.5 million Jews were in Reich-controlled territories. So that is the maximum number that could have been sent to concentration camps. Interesting, would you say?

      2. @Sophie Johnson

        Reading through this Wannsee Protocol I found this passage :

        “Under proper guidance, in the course of the final solution the Jews are to be allocated for appropriate labor in the East. Able-bodied Jews, separated according to sex, will be taken in large work columns to these areas for work on roads, in the course of which action doubtless a large portion will be eliminated by natural causes.
        The possible final remnant will, since it will undoubtedly consist of the most resistant portion, have to be treated accordingly, because it is the product of natural selection and would, if released, act as a the seed of a new Jewish revival (see the experience of history.)”

        Able-bodied people who work on roads need not “be eliminated by natural causes in large portion” if treated well in terms of food, clothing, housing and medical care. I read in this that they will be deliberately worked to death.
        And what is meant with the passage that those who still survive that harsh treatment (“the most resistant portion”) “have to be treated accordingly” because they would “act as the seed of a new Jewish revival” other than simple extermination to prevent such revival ?

        So this whole scheme was after all an extermination plan, albeit not by “gas-chambers” but mainly by work for the able-bodied and killing for the strong.

  12. I’ve stated this before, and I will say it again: The level of DECEPTION in the West, with regard to the TRUE identity of the COUNTERFEIT “Jews” is mind-boggling, just as it is with regard to the so-called “Holocaust”. Read THE HOLOCAUST HOAX EXPOSED: DEBUNKING THE 20TH CENTURY’S BIGGEST LIE, by Victor Thorn. This book finally puts the ENTIRE Hollow Hoax to rest. You may obtain a copy for a mere $25 (including shipping & handling) on Texe Marrs’ website. Imagine that. $25 for the TRUTH about the most massive deception of the 20th Century! Now, I call THAT ~ A REAL BARGAIN!

    WHY do I call them COUNTERFEIT “Jews”? Read on to find out. (There is an even BIGGER LIE, than the Hollow Hoax, and it pertains to the TRUE IDENTITY of those who say they are “Jews”, and are not)

    Listen. We have been MASSIVELY DECEIVED regarding the TRUE identity of the so-called “Jews”. (10% “Sephardi”, 90% “Ashkenazi”). The 10% of “Jews” who call themselves “Sephardi” “Jews” are of BERBER-ARAB extraction, and their ancestors hailed from N. Africa. The 90% of “Jews” who call themselves “Ashkenazi” “Jews” are of SLAVO-TURKIC extraction, and their ancestors hailed from ancient Khazaria, between the Black & Caspian Seas.

    Read _The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews_, by Paul Wexler. Also, read _The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity_, by Paul Wexler. For further info. on this topic, you may also read: 1) THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler; 2) THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, by Schlomo Sand; 3) THE WANDERING WHO?, by Gilad Atzmon. I don’t know if Paul Wexler is “Jew”-ish, or not, but I fully suspect he is, while the other three authors most definitely are (or were) “Jews”. I would also HIGHLY recommend you read THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY, by Comyns Beaumont, IF you wish to discover the TRUE GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION of the people, places & events described in both the Old & New Testament. (You see, what these BERBER-ARABS & SLAVO-TURKS did, was HIJACK the very name & identity of the TRUE, ORIGINAL IBERI, or IBRI (Hebrews) of the Old & New Testament era, on their way to HIJACKING the entirety of Western Civilization! When did they do it? 1860 AD.

    Page 3 of the 1980 Jewish Almanac states: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

    Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Vol 10:23: “Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860 [AD].”

    Also, it has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that Judaism is NOT the religion of MOSES. Read THE TALMUD TESTED: A Comparison of the Principles and Doctrines of Modern Judaism with the Religion of Moses and the Prophets, by Alexander McCaul. Did you know that there are NO ancient “Jew”-ish cities that have been archaeologically-excavated in (((Rothschild)))-“Israel” (est. 1948 AD, for the VERY FIRST TIME ~ EVER ~ IN HUMAN HISTORY IN PALESTINE)? However, there are A LOT of ancient GREEK cities that once existed there.

    1. Franklin Ryckaert: ‘I read in this that they will be deliberately worked to death.’
      Really? Well, I read this as a reference to the Haavara Agreement, that had been functioning since 1933. Not all Jews were prepared to go to Palestine in accordance with this Agreement. So they would be made to, rather than allowed to stay in Europe.

      Further: Some participants in the Wansee Conference did recommend forced labout for Jews on road construction in the Generalgouvernement. But that was never implemented, given the Warsaw Rising and the general partisan activity — i.e., too dangerous for Jews.

      1. @Sophie Johnson

        As usual you are evading the real issue. The Haavara agreement is not mentioned at all in this Wannsee Protocol.

        Like the initial permission of the Nazis to the Jews to emigrate to any country outside Europe (to the US or other countries that were ready to accept them), or the Madagascar plan, the Haavara agreement or the permission to Jews to settle in Palestine, was part of the original Nazi plan to allow the Jews to EMIGRATE. When that appeared not to be enough to get rid of all Jews in Europe , the Nazis decided to the RESETTLEMENT (“Umsiedlung”) of the Jews in the East as the “final solution” of the Jewish problem. Here is the relevant passage in the Wannsee Protocol :

        “Another possible solution of the problem has now taken the place of EMIGRATION, i.e. the EVACUATION of the Jews TO THE EAST, provided that the Führer gives the appropriate approval in advance.”

        Now if the Wannsee Protocol itself says that of the able-bodied Jews who will work in the East on the roads “doubtless a large portion will be eliminated by natural causes”, that can only mean they will die by being deliberately worked to death by bad treatment, because able-bodied workers don’t die by working alone if treated well. And if they add that those who survive such harsh treatment “have to be treated accordingly” because “if released, they would act as a seed of new Jewish revival”, then it is clear that the policy of RESETTLEMENT (“Umsiedlung”) of the Jews in the East was meant as a genocide program.

        I don’t expect you to react to this message honestly, as you didn’t react honestly to the correct quotes of Alfred Schaefer where he talks about “the extermination of the Kike or the Jew”, several times.

        Truth hurts.

    2. TO: Just Sayin’:

      I have tried in vain to find a vendor of John Thorn’s The Holocaust Exposed. Amazon has ditched it, in response to Jewish demand. If you know of an outlet that will sell it to me, please let me know.

      There are, incidentally, two other excellent books:
      – Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil;
      – Peter Winter, The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?

  13. Until April 3, 1990, the commemorative plates of Auschwitz- Birkenau were bearing: “Here, from 1940 to 1945, 4 million men, women and children were tortured and assassinated by the Hitlerite genocides”. The new text, developed after years of tergiversations, is the following: “May this place where the Nazis assassinated 1,500,000 men, women and children, a majority of them Jews from diverse European countries, be forever for mankind a cry of despair and of warning” (Luc Rosenzweig, “Auschwitz, la Pologne et le génocide” (Tr.’s Note: Auschwitz, Poland and the genocide), Le Monde, January 27, 1995, p. 1). The drop from 4m to 1.5m did nothing to effect the 6m number…interesting to say the least.

    Holocaust denial is a crime punishable by long prison terms in much of post WWII Europe. Why is it a crime? Because it doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever. They claimed at first it was made illegal because it was too horrific for the survivors to be reminded of the horror. Then they started with the memorials, cash cows one and all, and burnt the so called event into everyone’s memory permanently. So now they shouldn’t have any reason to make denial a crime, yet they still do. Go figure.

    The very latest edition of The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? (7th edition) has now been released free to read on the internet.

    1. Franklin Ryckaert: You just keep repeating yourself. Basta: I’m bored.

      I’m guilty of misusing space and time inasmuch as I indulged your hasbara trolling. It just pleased me to watch you dig in and lie relentlessly. I will make a confession, however, as my last statement to you:

      1. Whether I am right about the translation of ‘Ausrotung’ is immaterial: that argument is a very old and tired one, and rests on thin ice. But the B’nai B’rith video just has to be a fake. If the words it attributes to Alfred Schaefer were in fact his own, the whole world’s lamestream media would be screaming about it, and Alfred would have been tried and imprisoned for it. But there is not a word about it in the lamestream media. And Alfred has only just been taken into detention, but not for anything to do with that fake video.

      2. The Wansee Conference document (all copies) was confiscated by the US, and hideously falsified. No historian of note takes it seriously. But I thought I’d string you along, to lead you into the Havaara Agreement, in place from 1933 right up to 1944. That Agreement is very well documented, and very telling. A medallion was struck to commemorate it, the Hagen Kreutz on one side, the Star of David on the other. Several of them are still in existence.

      Given the long operation of that Agreement (1933-1944) between the Zionists and the German government, it is indeed very unlikely that the Germans would have been killing off Jews en masse in the meantime. Also:

      The Stern Gang type of Zionists vowed that they would fight on the side of the Germans against the Allies, for the latter were hindering Jewish immigration to Palestine, but the former were making it a practical possibility. Do you think the Stern Gang type of Zionists just decided to not mind [i.e. ignore the fact] that the Germans were murdering Jews by the millions? (Oy vey! Embarrassing, this Havaara Agreement, isn’t it?).

      The passage I quoted from the (distorted) Wansee Conference records refers to Jews who cannot pay their own passages. If it actually is referring to any passage, it is the passage to Palestine, for lack of any other likely destination. But who knows, or cares? That document is rendered useless by extensive bits of (allegedly very poor) forgery.

      You and your fellow hasbara trolls might as well forget it: The lid is well and truly blown off the holocaust lie. We have hard evidence to refute it. You have nothing at all to prove it: Even Raul Hilberg, your top historian, was forced to admit (in one of the Canadian courts that had the great Ernst Zundel on trial) that there is not a shred of evidence even of the existence of homicidal gas chambers, let alone a single autopsy report that determines death by Zyklon B poisoning, or by steam, or by any other murderous means. But remember the heaps (literally) of naked bodies that we are still shown as the bodies of gassed Jews? So made was the filthy great lie of the 20th century. Mehr Licht!

      1. @Sophie Johnson

        Under the Haavara agreement only some 60,000 German Jews emigrated to Palestine, not enough to “solve the Jewish question in Europe”. The program lasted only from 1933 to 1939 and was stopped after the invasion of Poland in September 1939. The program was controversial both within the Nazi party and among Zionists.

        If the protocols of the Wannsee conference and the video about Alfred Schaefer are forgeries, as you suggest (because they don’t fit into your preconceptions ?), then the burden of the proof is on you.

  14. All band aids. Take the Jewish Word Order down, before to late.

    Germans under Hitler dared to challenge to Jewish supremacy myths. The Germans of today are punished for it severely. The world’s goys will not be far behind. The conniving Jew gangsters run Hollywood (the pied piper), the popular music industry, the lame stream media, US congress, the US president, the EU leaders, their shills in most government positions. And in numeorus NGO’s

    But not Russia or China. Their game is over. Stop watching their movies, buying their music, watch their TV, elect their politicians, take down the EU, and, especially, nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank, the EU Central Bank, all of the Central Banks, and the Bank of International Settlements. Opt for the new monetary system. That’ll do.

    1. Putin signed a law in Russia back in 2014 or 2015 crimalizing denial of the holocaust – I believe it’s a 2 year prison sentence. Russia still is part and parcel of the federal reserve and it’s extended world wide banking system.

  15. According to herself, Michele Renouf is outside the Munich court that is hearing the Schaefers’ trial, waiting to report developments as they occur. Is she not contactable?

  16. Does anyone know why America’s Deep State during Reagan’s presidency wanted to put an end to the Communist Soviet Union Evil Empire BUT now that America’s Deep State was successful in putting an end to the Communist Soviet Union and Russia is NO longer a Communist country America’s Deep State still has a HARD-ON for Russia. One would think that America’s Deep State would be happy that they defeated the Communist Soviet Union, happy that Russia is no longer a Communist country, but NO, now America’s Deep State wants to wage war against Russia because Russia isn’t a Communist country.

    The animosity against Russia now emanating from America’s Deep State is greater than the animosity America’s Deep State had towards Russia during The Cold War when Russia was the Communist Soviet Union. Why did America’s Deep State even bother to attempt to put an end to the Communist Soviet Union — it’s really obvious America’s Deep State is very angry because Russia isn’t a Communist country anymore, so why did America’s Deep State spend so much time money energy and resources into putting an end to the Communist Soviet Union if America’s Deep State prefers Russia to be a Communist country?

    1. TROJ –

      I thought you KNEW, already!!

      The US animosity toward Russia is FAKE, and has been since 1917!!

      Russia is “BIGGLY” the BEST ENEMY $$$$ money can buy. Just watch 5 minutes:

      The $$$$ DEBT from all the “YUGE” the phony animosity keeps the Fed Res afloat.

      Trump will be getting ‘bank acct routing’ instructions from ‘Put-On’ for more payments in Helsinki!! 🙂

  17. @ Franklin, it’s nonsense to say that judges follow the laws. Jewish judges don’t care about the facts, don’t do factfinding, don’t follow the laws and treaties when the application of them is not in the interest of the jewish status quo.
    So you speak as a jew or a trol. I must admit that I can imagine the frustration and maybe the desperation of the Schaefers being the situation they are in.
    As they are not protected.

  18. Toejamicus finds it odd that what passes as Germans, arrest and put on trial, German citizens or not, anyone who does not worship at the alter of the Jew 6 million new dispensation religion. Yet, third world animals roam free in the cities of Germany molesting and raping German girls and women in the cemeteries in the ally, in the streets, and sometimes in their homes. I suppose the mass rape of German females by the Soviets and Americans and their minions after the end of WW2 was not enough. The feckless German males are letting third world human like male animals a go again at the German females courtesy of Germany’s commie leader. Toejamicus is still hopeful that the beast that resides within the inner core of the Nordic male will wake up and cleanse their lands of these sub-human rapist and parasites. Otherwise, the German and the rest of Western Europe including Brits and Irish will be lost forever. Is this reason (((they))) hate Putin and the Russians?

  19. Actually, the biggest lies in all of history are being ferreted out and exposed by Jan Irvin at LOGOS MEDIA (Gnostic Media). For example, learn about how the Salem Witch debacle was in reality nothing as we know its whitewashed version today — see UNSPUN #108 on youtube.

    All “sides” in the Globe theory were Vatican controlled. It was fomented 500 years ago, alongside the Protestant Reformation, presumably as means to undermine scripture and lure people back to Catholic Pope as sole path to God. Believing Jesuits’ globe theory is akin to believing any of their dogmatic religiousity, including the Big Bang, Einsteinism nonsense, and all other related psyence. See youtubes by Johnny Cirucci.

  20. Monika and Alfred Schaefer have not been set free.
    The jewdiciary is an abomination.
    It is getting worse and worse.
    Germany is not a free and sovereign country; not even a state. All lies and betrayal.
    Zionist Jews are the slave masters – the dominant occupying force. Destructive.
    A.Merkel is an anti-German Jewish Zionist and communist.

    1. Apologies to commenters for any unnecessary delay in posting their comments, especially if said comments were held up for routine monitoring. This occasionally happens for technical reasons. We have nothing against your comments…

  21. @ sardonicus, I sympatize with Sophie Johnson because Rykaert is too agressive in his conclusion against the Schaefers, being their fault for being in the mess they are and showing no consideration for their difficult situation. As we all know the ‘ german’ jewish judges don’t care about the facts, factfinding, laws if it is not in the the interest of the jewish status quo. The jewish judges are not impartial. Rijkaert does trust those judges too much. Why? I think also that Rijkaert is a jew because he talks like a jew when you read his comments. Hiding behind being ‘ factual’ but not mentioning the facts which doesn’t suit him, like a jewish judge. He is maybe too good to be true with his ‘ anti hewish’ articles, to buy crediblity with the non jews? Many before have done that. to hide their jewishness. Don’t forget that the jews have a great interest by ‘ antisemic ‘ articles so they can cry wolf. The most antisemitic articles/actions come from jews themselves. Also I would like to mention that his ‘ surname’ Rijkaert means rich man in the dutch language. We all know who the rich man is. Maybe I am wrong but I sense that Rijkaert is a jew. That’s my personal opinion.

    1. @ Notalmudplease

      sardonicus, I sympatize with Sophie Johnson because Rykaert is too aggressive in his conclusion against the Schaefers…etc. etc.”

      You miss the entire point of my comment. You are ENTITLED to sympathize with Sophie Johnson just as I am entitled to sympathize with Franklin Ryckaert. But I hope you don’t sympathize with Sophie Johnson’s regrettable reliance on the ad hominem attack in order to intimidate Franklin Ryckaert into silence? You talk of Ryckaert being “too aggressive”. But what could be more aggressive than Sophie Johnson’s truculent characterization of Ryckaert as a “virulent” crypto-Jew?

      I have nothing against Alfred Schaefer sticking up for Holocaust revisionism, but I do think he has brought Holocaust revisionism into disrepute by giving the Nazi salute quite needlessly and for behaving in an immature manner. A bit like a stroppy skinhead. Note that his sister Monika knew how to behave with more finesse and dignity and so one commends her for her restraint. Her brother Alfred needs to take a leaf out of his sister Monika’s book and in future model his behaviour on his sister’s impeccable behaviour.

      As for Ryckaert’s belief that a time came when the Nazis felt the need to work the strong Jews to death and that this amounted to a policy of deliberate extermination, is this an idea so shocking that it needs suppression and censorship and a resort to the ad hominem attack in order to intimidate its promoter into silence? No, I don’t think so. I’m not saying Ryckaert is right to say this. He could be wrong, as Sophie believes he is. But surely he has the right to put across his point of view without being splattered with the degrading dog excrement of numerous ad hominem attacks over his alleged “Jewishness”?

      In any case, Ryckaert’s comment about working the strong Jews to death could only have applied to a relatively small number of Jews in the final stages of WWII and could certainly not have involved the systematic extermination of SEX MILLION JEWS IN GAS CHAMBERS. So his viewpoint in no way resembles the traditionalist Holocaust position adopted by Holocaustianity. Ryckaert’s views would give offense to most Jews who would insist on the six million figure as well as extermination in gas chambers by means of Zyklon B.

      Bearing all this in mind, surely it is possible to have a civilized discussion of this matter without resorting to rudeness and personal insults?

      1. @Sardonicus

        Many thanks for your support. The wording of the relevant passage in the Wannsee Protocol surely suggests a policy of “working to death”. However, I have done some further research, and found information about the possibility that the document (found by a Jew) was a forgery. The information can be found here : The Wannsee Conference Protocol :

        The information is rather technical and I don’t consider myself competent enough to judge its merits. However, it now does make me reserve judgment about the Nazi policy of working Jews to death.

      2. Well, let’s hope it IS a forgery because it simplifies the Holocaust narrative. Sophie Johnson will certainly be pleased by your concession that you are now in some doubt as to the authenticity of the document in question. In fact, that comes as a relief to me also.

        However, the ad hominem attacks made upon you are still quite unnecessary as a response to the cognitive dissonance Sophie was experiencing by your contention that the Hitler regime was at some stage deliberately working strong Jews to death and that this amounted to a policy of extermination.

        In addition, not all of use agree that giving the Nazi salute is fine and dandy and that horsing around in this high-spirited and juvenile way is likely to increase respect for Holocaust revisionism. On the contrary, it is a deplorable way to behave, and one should be able to voice such an opinion without someone resorting to ad hominem attacks in response.

        If Sophie is reading this, I would ask her respectfully not to transfer her hatred of Franklin Ryckaert to me for the crime of defending him. For I most certainly am NOT a Jew! And I actually do have a very high opinion of Sophie’s intelligence and erudition and would hate her to regard me as her enemy for trying to point out what she already knows: that the ad hominem attack is one of the lowest tricks of rhetoric and should be avoided at all costs.

  22. Two things, Sardonicus:

    1. I have never said that Franklin Ryckaert is a Jew. I said that he is ‘virulently philosemitic’.

    2. The Wannsee Conference minutes are not a forgery. I did not say that they are. I said in various ways that they had been extensively falsified, and are not therefore considered by scholars to be wholly reliable. But you need not rejoice that this discounts the Havaara Agreement evidence as a debunker of the ‘holocaust’. That Agreement is well documented. See the holocaust-bustings works of Winter and Gerard Menuhin.

    Your avoidance of issues put to you, and your preference for bitching inanely instead, give you away rather nicely. I shall not address you again.

    1. @ Sophie Johnson

      Your avoidance of issues put to you, and your preference for bitching inanely instead, give you away rather nicely. I shall not address you again.

      I will deal with you tomorrow, Ms Johnson.
      Prepare to be eviscerated.

      1. You need cutting down to size, dear lady.
        I plan to do a nice hatchet job on you tomorrow.
        Tremble in your boots, yea, tremble in your boots! 🙂

  23. @ Sardonicus
    @ Sophie Johnson

    Give it a rest, Sardonicus. Sophie Johnson is a distinguished English scholar whose views on the Holocaust I have found most exhilirating. Though I have to admit that the lady is being a bit disingenuous in stating that she never referred to Franklin Ryckaert as a Jew. She certainly did.

    Not in so many words, Sophie, but you most definitely gave the impression that you thought Franklin Ryckaert was Jewish and was working for the Jews. After all, didn’t you call him a “hasbara agent” and say he was working for B’nai B’rith?

    Don’t lie, Sophie. It’s doesn’t become you! 🙂 Be nice and apologize to Franklin Ryckaert for your ad hominem attacks on him.

    Best wishes.

    Your sincere well-wisher,

    Madame Butterfly

  24. The blatant hypocrisy and extreme lies of Jewish Zionist propaganda 24/7
    really gets on one’s nerves – endlessly rambling on and on about a “6 million holocaust”, “deliberately working strong Jews to death and that this amounted to a policy of extermination” – but NEVER EVER any mentioning of all the NUMEROUS multi-million genozides committed by Jews. They even celebrate historic genocides as “religious feasts” (Hanukkah (massacre of Greeks), Purim (massacre of Persians, Pass Over (infanticide of Egyptian newly borns) On Purim the victims of the Nuremberg lynch trials were hung – thus celebrating their victory over the genocided German people. And never forget the 66+ million genocide of the Russian people, the 11 million Holodomor in the Ukraine. All done by Jews.

    The plans of exterminating the German people (Morgenthau Plan, Kaufman Plan, Hooton Plan – Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan) are well known – No doubts whatsoever about their authenticity. However – No plan for the extermination of Jews has ever been found.
    No evidence whatsoever to back up their ludicrous claims against the National Socialists (“Nazis” – a derogatory term invented by their enemies) – and the German people as a whole.

    But the Jewish smear propaganda goes on and on – ad nauseam.
    The backlash is coming. And Jews will have only themselves to blame.

    Greetings from Germoney-prison.

  25. From: Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil

    THE WORLD ALMANAC statistics showed the following numbers:
    1936 15.753.633 Jews (worldwide)
    1949 15.713.638 Jews (worldwide)

    Any explanation for that?

      1. For asking the most simple and basic questions
        as to “WHERE were 6 million Jews gassed to death by Cyclone B? WHERE are the gas chambers?“ etc etc and for calling the “Holocaust myth“ the “most pernicious lie“, 89 yrs old Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to two years in jail (death sentence?). For a “crime“ called “Holocaust denial“

        “Truth is no defence!“ and judges are not interested in truth finding.
        Self defence by providing hard evidence to the contrary is IGNORED by the court (forbidden to talk about openly) Laywers have been jailed for defending their clients “too well“ and for speaking out against the lawlessness (Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz)

    1. The disingenuous ‘explanation’ that is often tendered is that the figures you cite, Freya, are just an estimate based on WWI figures.

    1. “Canada ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1976. As you know, General Comments (GC) of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UN-HRC) interpret and specify the ICCPR covenant and constitute international law.

      At paragraph 49 in General Comment No. 34 [CCPR/C/GC/34, 2011] the UN-HRC determined: Laws that penalize the expression of opinions about historical facts are incompatible with the obligations that the Covenant imposes on States parties in relation to the respect for freedom of opinion and expression. The Covenant does not permit general prohibition of expressions of an erroneous opinion or an incorrect interpretation of past events.

      Therefore, the German law in issue, which criminalizes negative expression about the historical events of the Nazi holocaust, is a so-called “memory-law” (HRC term) that violates the human right of free expression. It carries a maximum jail sentence of five years.”

      The “German law in issue” is NOT a German law – It’s a viciously hateful, anti-German law imposed on the German people by the Jewish Zionist occupiers in order to suppress and enslave.

      No protection under the Talmudic (Noahide) Law for non Jews . . .
      The most basic human rights laws do not apply to “animals in human form” according to the Satanist rabbinical teachings of the Babylonian Talmud.

      re: “hate speech – racism – antisemitism – incitement”
      How about banning Satanism (Judaism/Babylonian Talmud – Islam/Quran) then?

      1. i like your comments but as You/we know the jewdiciary is jewish, allmost all the judges are jews to maintain the jewish status quo. The very few Goyim judges must obey their jewish colleagues or they will be fired, must find another job. The human rights were invented by the jews for the jews, interpreted by the jewish judges. I love the German history.

  26. ” I love the German history.”

    the true one – obviously an endless battle for UNITY – JUSTICE – and FREEDOM (the central theme of the national anthem) against oppressive evil forces. There can be no true freedom without justice – and unity is most essential. No effective defence without unity.
    It’s our common cause (specific and universal)

    1. ‘and unity is most essential’

      Indeed yes, Freya. My nasty fear, however, is that they have provided against that by putting well-paid spies amongst us: There are ‘established’ nationalists and revisionists among us who are not what they purport to be. (I know of two, and I have not been around for long.) The NF and The BNF were allegedly raddled with traitors working for Searchlight. There is slim chance that this would have changed in the present time.

      A curious thing: I’m just reading Richard Thurlow’s FASCISIM IN BRITAIN. He makes no mention of traitors within. He says, however, that Mosely’s BUF was thoroughly infiltrated by the Secret Services, but they were not hostile to Fascism. What about the present disposition of the Secret Services in Britain: Are they hostile to us?

      Should there be a system in which traitors are outed? Is such a system even possible? I.e., how do we know that those who do the outing are not themselves the traitors?

      Any thoughts?

      1. 10 part documentary which should be watched by everybody

        Lost for words . . .

        The truth will set us free. The true enemies of humanity must be identified. The liars must be silenced in order to prevent such crimes from being committed all over again.

        Only those are to be trusted who honestly seek the truth (how ugly it might be) and don’t flee from it cowardly.

        Listening to one’s heart helps. It helps to recognize traitors for what they are.

      2. There are more jews in the world than the jews want you to know, also on the Darkmoon site, spying for Tel Aviv! Read beyond the comments and the way some posters comment. Think the unthinkable when you deal with jews, they are always in disguise.

  27. The eternal battle between good and evil and of course the real Germans are the good ones. They should organise themselves on a clever, clever way!!! and never bow for the usual suspects. Germany erwache. Destiny is waiting for you.

    1. It’s about the destiny of all of humanity.
      This time it must be the good ones of ALL NATIONS . . . who organise in the common cause.
      No “Divide and Rule” any more by the usual suspects and their willing lackeys –
      BEWARE: No FAKE peace either

      re: Trump – Putin cooperation – peace initiative
      which is a good thing, not a bad thing

      the global money fraud will be finished once and for all
      the UNSUSTAINABLE “Federal Reserve Act” (1913) will be abolished
      the “Federal Reserve System” (international private Jewish banking syndicate) will be abolished
      the UNSUSTAINABLE central banking system (global monopoly) – IMF – world bank – BIS – will be abolished and
      the power of printing money (issuing currency) will be given back to sovereign nation states and their peoples where it belongs

      DEBT SLAVERY must end!

      1. You say’ ir’s alll about destiniy of hunanity implying that the Goyim should work togther so I understand. . I agree but I am cynical and sceptical about the Goyim masses/sheeple. The Goyim need money and love money so their loyalty will be to their jewish bosses, enployers etc. Renenber the American and English soldiers during the 2 world war. They obeyef their jewish masters and went to war. It’s a tragic situation

      2. Identification of the usual suspects is not enough. We all know who they are. It is a necessity for the Goyim to have/get the power to change the jewish status quo we are living in. So we Goyim can decide for ourselves about our politics and destiny. We don’t need them.

  28. ((( They ))) promised PEACE – and got the “United Nations” Organization – an international NGO (non governmental organization – actually as the basis structure for their tyrannical “New World Order” ONE WORLD government)

    ((( They ))) promised SECURITY – and got the “Federal Reserve Act” (1913) / the power to create money out of thin air and charge interest on it – what the people really got is MORE OF THE SAME (inflation, financial crashes, “bail outs” of banks, financial fraud)

    “The Goyim need money and love money … ”
    IF they REALLY love peace and security they should learn from experience . . . the worst FINANCIAL CRASH is about to come . . . and the reason for that IS the slavish “loyalty to Jewish bosses” – sheepish stupidity and laziness.

    “Military men are dumb animals used as pawns in foreign policy” (Henry Kissinger)

    The ((( Deep State ))) war mongering must be stopped. Hopefully, neither the US military nor NATO will be used as GOYLEM for Zionist wars any longer. ONLY THAT would mean real progress towards real peace. Are Trump and Putin working together for that goal – or else?

  29. “LD (Update) : The latest “news” — unless this is an unsubstantiated rumor — is that the Schaefers have now been set free. This is obviously good news. We have no precise details yet. We are awaiting confirmation from more reliable sources.”

    Have you considered that they are simply no longer in custody, but the trial will continue, with the inevitable outcome? Would that they were no longer subject to FDR tyrannical law. Let us see what happens next.

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