The Kosher Slaughter of the American Mind


Dead goys mere toys for Jews

. . . once the criminals got control of the world’s mass media, 
they set about legalizing the crimes they were committing . . .

Kosher slaughterhouses in South America still use the barbaric ‘tie and raise’ method, which causes great suffering to animals before their deaths. Former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger (now in prison) said he is opposed to this slaughter method and has expressed his discontent. (See here) PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) described the method Jews used to slaughter animals as “prolonged suffering and nightmarish deaths.” This torture qualifies these debauched creatures to be sold as kosher.

Halacha (Jewish law) claims to minimize animals’ suffering. “The shochet kills the animal with a quick, deep stroke across the throat with a sharp knife. When performed properly, shechita appears all but painless and quickly renders the animal unconscious.”

PETA’s first investigation at Agriprocessors in 2004 revealed almost 300 instances of inhumane slaughter, in which cows’ sensitive faces were shocked with electric prods, fully conscious cattle had their tracheas and esophagi ripped from their throats with meat hooks or knives, and they writhed in pools of their own blood, trying desperately to stand up for up to three minutes as blood poured from their throats.

May we interpret this as an example of the way the Jews treat all animal life — and especially human animal life? How about the gassed prepositioned body of a dead Syrian child!? The image of that Palestinian boy with half his head blown off is getting a little old. In Israel there are plenty of children just waiting to get their heads blown off by Jews.

If you have the mainstream version of history installed as an operating system inside your skull, you may rest assured you know very little about the actual history of the world.

The kosher slaughter of the American mind really began with Alexander Hamilton, that guy on your ten dollar bill, who coordinated the takeover of America’s financial system by the Jews of London before he was justifiably gunned down in a duel with Aaron Burr. With each passing year Jews hurl new chains across the minds of the unsuspecting, most of whom applaud their masters for the addictive trinkets they dispense that prevent them from confronting the necessary facts of their lives.

Religion of the Abyss

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22 thoughts to “The Kosher Slaughter of the American Mind”

  1. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
    I thought PETA stood for (People for the Ethical Treatment of ARABS)

  2. Again, Kaminski says well that which many of us have already learned from him and other intellectual historians. Unfortunately, he presents us with an almost hopeless and untenable situation if we are to seriously contemplate any “organized” rebellion against the (((usurpers))). That being said, the best we can do is be aware of Jewish designs, and rebel in our personal lives. One such assault against us for eventual, total enslavement, is the thrust for a “cashless” society. Although our cash may have been corrupted a hundred years ago, it still affords us some degree of freedom and privacy which will be gone once we submit to automated, digital commerce in all we do. It gives emphatic meaning to the old Rotheschild
    slogan “Give me control of a nation’s currency…”.
    I firmly believe this trending toward online commerce is a manifestation of the proverbial Mark of The Beast, and all the evil it implies. Be aware. Act accordingly. Avoid the seduction of digital submission. Demand and use cash.
    The jews’ love of money is the root of ALL their evil. Deny them the ease of access to your business – and their total control of it. it

    1. Yep Gilb,
      A cashless society is terrifying. Donaldo is a trucker. I drive the roads of all 48 US (Israelí) states.
      Cant tell you how many times Ive had my debit or credit cards declined while far from home. The bank suspects fraud because the card is being used sometimes thousands of miles away from the card-holders address. So they block the card. The bank is only trying to protect Donaldo which is good. But just imagine one day when some ass-clown POTUS passes (behind closed doors) an executive order putting dissenters (like Darkmooners) on a sh.t list blocking all electronic transactions. All hell breaks lose. For now Donaldo carries $1000.00 cash in pocket at all times just to be safe. If the cashless society ever comes to fruition, Donaldo will retreat to a remote mountain home in México, grow my own food and keep a safe full of gold and silver (full bar of tequila, whisky and 🍺 nearby) living out my final days. 🙂

    2. John is not a pessimist, he’s a realist. The fact is, it’s game over – Jews have won. They won a long time ago, before you were even born. Jews began destroying the world around three thousand years ago, beginning with the first, most advanced ancient civilization, Egypt. Jews have left a continuing wake of destruction since the moment the (((Hyksos))) first divided and plundered Egypt. From that moment of impact, (((their))) horror has continually rippled out across the globe.

      Jews now control the vast majority of the world’s wealth, along with its attending banks. (((They))) control the military, how else can the social rot forced upon the services be explained? (((They))) control the media, the legal system, the police departments, the political arena . . . Most importantly, (((they))) control the education system from which they have virtually excluded the white male. Don’t believe it? Attend any college graduation ceremony and count the women and minorities versus white male grads. The end result of (((their))) control is a nation of idiot minorities that cannot think their way out of a paper equation.

      (((They))) founded and control the Soviet styled “Homeland insecurity”, the umbrella organization to which all other authority must answer. (((They))) control the power and food supplies, now largely imported under their import control. (((They’re))) hosing the atmosphere with heavy metals and radioactive particles to test the reaction of the global populace to the effects of a nuclear winter even as they poison us all. (((They))) are polluting the planet with nuclear waste, petroleum products and disposable garbage. (((Their))) power is overwhelming and unstoppable. If one cannot see that, then they are blind to all reason.

      Jews engineered the buyout of the Bank of England and its stock market at the beginning of the 19th century. (((They))) stopped Hitler and massacred his country over 70 years ago. (((They))) stopped the Russian monarchy before then with results every bit as gruesome. If (((they))) did this more than a half century ago, what are (((they))) capable of today? You speak of rebellion, but for the last three hundred years (or even longer) rebellions and revolutions have been almost exclusively the product of Jew subversion. Absent the Jew, from where exactly might one expect a rebellion or revolution to arise?

      Today one cannot find two white people that agree on anything. Any agreement is immediately countered by disagreement. No whites anywhere seem able to put minor differences aside. A look at the “white” websites confirms this fact. Here one finds the web overwhelmingly filled with misplaced anger, disagreement, conflict and backbiting. The minute two white men do form an alliance, Jews are all over them with agents, infiltrating and setting them up for criminal charges so they can lock them up and throw away the key. In fact just being a white male is now considered a form of criminality.

      As it was in the Soviet Union, American Jews have “eyes all over the body.” No one knows whose real and whose a smiling plant. No one trusts anyone and for good reason with the Janus-faced, rat out society we have been programed to support against our own interest. Be a rat – see something, say something.

      The only possible hope, if there is any to be had, is for the Jews to burn themselves out on their self-aggrandizing, insane, grab for power along with the enslavement of all humanity. However, if and when (((they))) do burn out, you can bet like a super nova, (((they))) are going to take a lot of the surrounding environs with them.

      Like its cousins pessimism, optimism and belief, hope is a product of the imagination. How one feels or what one hopes for changes nothing. Reality is what exists, it is comprised of facts everyone must eventually deal with.

      The reality is Jews now control all the major government factions on the globe and probably the minor ones as well. Thus, even if one could start a truly relevant movement in America, Jews would only gather their global forces to obliterate America as they did Germany. And with today’s military, it would not take much more than a troupe of girl guides to make it happen.

      America has become just another sacrificial goy nation, murdered on the Jews’ altar of blood and hate, so don’t waste your time hoping and waiting for a rebellion that you most assuredly will never see. Instead, plan a graceful exit, maybe involving something with high explosives. Kaminski is an artiste extraordinaire, capturing the scene all too realistically in print. He paints a grim picture because it IS a grim picture.

      John Kaminski – the greatest unheard voice of our time.

      1. Grim, but their victory will prove to be pyrrhic… Like it always is through the eons of manufactured time

      2. Did you see the winner of the New York primary? Its a Hispanic Idi Amin. The Jews will vote for her Anti-White diatribes and open borders rhetoric and TOTALLY IGNORE her get the Rich message.
        Who da Rich? Is it a White guy? Nah. Its Wall Street downtown.

      3. A good summary about the real situation, the jew world order.
        Don’t forget the need of the Goyim for money and the love of money instilled by the jew. When money is at stake brotherhood between Goyim is not possible. All those American soldiers during the second world war of german and Anglo Saxon stock fighting the ‘ nazi’s’ instead of siding with them. All for a salary and a ‘ career’.
        What a waste, a lost chance.

  3. Brilliant article!

    John Kaminski:

    “Reduction of brain space using several methods; first, making illegal statements that are contrary to the approved narrative, then you are labeled anti-Semitic and no longer eligible for inclusion in the Jewish news package presented to us every night on the TV. Word goes out among distributors of your product that you are actually an anti-Semite because you don’t believe 6 million Jews were murdered by Germans during World War II, you don’t believe that in the concentration camps Jewish skin was fashioned into lampshades, and you don’t believe protecting Israel is more important than remembering how Jesus is readily available to all who seek him.”

    Jewish scams and hoaxes and false flags can easily be spotted once you know that their bloody religion is based on the senary numeral system. These bat-shit crazy motherlovers think the world was created in SIX days!?!

    The Jewish “elites” love their kike voodoo numerology. Even 9/11 can be easily outed as a kosher operation by simply looking at the numbers:

    The first plane (American Airlines Flight 11) — note the number “11” and see my previous post about their use of repeating occult numbers to signify staged events to each other — crashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am.

    Is the time significant? You bet!

    With the RATchilds, it’s absolutely obligatory and Satanic.

    8:46 am is 8 + 4 + 6 = 18. A very lucky Jewish number indeed.

    COHENcidentally, the mark of the Beast “666” (6 + 6 + 6) or (3 x 6) = 18.

    Mazel Tov!


    9/11 = 9 + 1 + 1 = 11; the Jews love repeating and self-referential numbers, especially the fabled SIX million kikes allegedly gassed at Auschwitz (i.e. SIX million has the number “6” followed by SIX zeros: 6,000,000.).

    Moreover, it was no accident that the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil is remembered as “9/11”.

    In others words, the numbers are “holy” to them; they have occult meaning and also serve as a Talmudic Talisman. See also my post on their “holy” Six-Day War in 1967.


    How kosher is “British Intelligence”? It’s absolutely 666% kosher!

    The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6, is the foreign intelligence service of the government of the United Kingdom, tasked mainly with the covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence (HUMINT) in support of the UK’s national security. SIS is a member of the country’s intelligence community and its Chief is accountable to the country’s Foreign Secretary.[4]

    Formed in 1909 as a section of the Secret Service Bureau specialising in foreign intelligence, the section experienced dramatic growth during World War I and officially adopted its current name around 1920.[5] The name MI6 (meaning Military Intelligence, Section 6) originated as a flag of convenience during World War II, when SIS was known by many names; it is still commonly used today.[5] The existence of SIS was only officially acknowledged in 1994[6] with the introduction of the Intelligence Services Act 1994 (ISA), which placed the organisation on a statutory footing for the first time and provides the legal basis for its operations. Today, SIS is subject to public oversight by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee.

    The stated priority roles of SIS are counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, providing intelligence in support of cyber security, and supporting stability overseas to disrupt terrorism and other criminal activities.[7] Unlike its main sister agencies, the Security Service (MI5) and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), SIS works exclusively in foreign intelligence gathering; the ISA allows it to carry out operations only against persons outside the British Islands.[8] Some of SIS’s actions since the 2000s have attracted significant controversy, such as its alleged acts of torture and extraordinary rendition.[9][10]

    Source: Wikipedia (MI6)

    1. Justice
      excellent analysis , these creatures love their numbers . flight 93 left at 9:03 .
      twin towers are 110 (11) stories which is why the crypto kikes of Saudi Arabia paid 110 billion dollars compensation half a billion for each floor of the towers. The two towers were built in 1968 and brought down after 33 yrs (11 times 3) in 2001.They love the number 33 because Jesus died at 33 . Also 27 is the death number one of the kikes” beloved numbers which is 3 to the power 3(33). A lot of celebrities were sacrifised at this age one of them is Kieth Ledger .
      The end of Israel according to the kike Henry Kissinger will be in 2022 . 2+2+2 = 3+3 OR 33 again and again and again.

    2. All intelligence services are jewish, occupied by jews. In Germany by german jews, in Spain by spanish jews, in the jewsa by jewsa jews etc etc. Nothing new. They all spie for Israhell.

  4. John Kaminski maybe the last of the real Americans. One of my favorite freedom writers. Keep on with your good work, your mission in life!

  5. The bearded, fanatical Jew pictured above has absolutely nothing in common with Jew Donaldo. He seems to gloat at the “tribes” ability to control the media. They indeed do. But what does it really
    mean? Nothing to Donaldo. I rarely watch tv. No movies. No Cinema. This jerk makes an attempt to convey some superficial and half-hearted loyalty to other Jews. Its all a smoke-screen. At the end of the day, this schmuck only cares about himself. As Gilb once posted, we all have a choice to make decisions on a personal level to counter the injustices and negative forces which surround us. 🙂

  6. Gilbert is the last of the real Americans, not Kaminski, not anyone else but Gilby. 🙂.

  7. Kaminski writes: “What normal human can condone the rape of children?” To that I would add the genital mutilation of baby boys, which is also rape. Any religion which has a fundamental belief that the destruction of a boy’s genitalia was commanded by god starts from a sick, perverted premise. What good can come from that? Sadly, the American goys have bought into the lie.

  8. they do have really good chicken/egg/seafood dishes,and old world foods pirogies ect. ya can keep the glafida fish and matzo, the Sabra is marvelous. fresh bagale and lox.
    if more people knew the yitish language they would be lass surprised by the Jews all the time?
    all the ragheads do nasty religo slaughters as a normal religious act with prayers /blessings ect. the streets run red with blood in the Arab towns as the goats are slaughtered for feasts. they never had refrigerators before, so it was kill and eat right away before it rots.

    but doing that 911 deal was over the top nasty. makes ya wonder if they sell tickets to shoot unarmed protestors

  9. kaminski lives.
    you still know how to think john, and you haven’t lost the thread..
    wish i could put things as good as you.
    history, science, religion, politics – the tribe have controlled those narratives forever, especially since the original group of immigrant vulgarians invented hollywood, now with the high-tech. it’s a satanic cesspool…
    we hope it all won’t survive the web, yet we know the net is one big surveillance mechanism…
    of course the jews controlled the roman empire too, we’ve all seen the ‘roman nose’…
    my opinion, for obvious reasons they invented the whole jesus fairy tale too; not really invented it, just coopted it and carried it on into their empire with catholicism, which is not christianity, as the state religion…
    did the jews invent the usa?
    well, we know the masons did, and the satanic hexagram angles do jive wth the square and compass G symbol…
    but i think the founders of the usa had broken away from the old european power structures, monarchy, vatican, rothschild bank. at least for a while.
    not sure now the usa actually survived the war of 1812 as anything other than a corporation, owned by the vatican and administered by the british monarchy, with the money system under the city of london rothschilds..
    no doubt MI5 and MI6 have been sabotaging our democracy all along since then…
    the fact that most of those principals were murdered, four out of the first five presidents, makes it look like those masons were different..
    probably, masonry reposits the real egyptian creation science, which is also coded into the original hebrew scriptures., maybe common clerical wisdom across babylon, so there was that much of a connection between judaism and masonry..
    now masonry is probably totally infiltrated by zio-tribesmen, with qwacks like gwb showing up smirking and giving the horns sign at the citadel.
    why wouldn’t it be?
    donald c – i deal with truck drivers all winter. i’ve had the same thing happen with my credit cards on cross country trips.. yes carry cash but be advised cops are robbing motorists of whatever cash, as little as 100 bucks, they can catch them with out on the highways..
    they’re doing that to force the credit card companies to get more hip to who they’re customers are, what they’re doing wth their cards, because cash has to go away before the surveillance state can really work…
    cops are now totally unconscionable elite CHEKA bolsheviks, who don’t care what you think of them…

    1. Glad to help, John. You do a great service for us.

      Nothing can change for the better unless & until the necessity of open tallies for voting sinks in…. and public and open voting is established.

      Vote stealing prevents any chance of change. It has been going on in jew-controlled America since before the founding.

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