The Lies You Still Believe

By John Kaminski


Nothing our government can say can ever be believed until the suppressed truth of 9/11/2001 is finally revealed. Until then everything our government does is a sick charade meant to protect the criminals who have usurped our nation.

The reality in which Americans exist consists mostly of fabricated accounts designed to enslave the population to a world view that benefits only the controllers of misled dupes (us) who have been taught to accept their slavery.

They’ve stopped trying to explain their false flag atrocities. After Malibu burned to a crisp, it’s more programming by actual examples now. If you’re going to live in the country you’re going to get burned out, one way or the other.

There’s nothing you can do to stop them. Just ask the people who were vaporized in their cars one ugly California afternoon. And then contemplate what your future portends.

These are government crimes

Two disasters of 2017 — the Las Vegas concert shooting and the strange fires in Marin and Sonoma Counties that torched houses but not the trees outside them — set the stage for November’s disastrous fires in California which signal a new era in American life — one in which Americans are murdered by their own government for geopolitical reasons unknown to the general public. In far too many cases, normal people just like yourself were incinerated in their own cars while trying to escape living hells apparently caused by strange new weapons fired down from the sky.

There are numerous videos of them on YouTube.

It’s rather interesting that America would test these weapons on itself.

If these unprecedented crimes were not inflicted on us by our insane government, now famous for such cynical false flag operations as 9/11 and Sandy Hook, then there is a power above and beyond USA Inc. which American government officials dare not interdict.

The Las Vegas catastrophe marked a new era in the relationship between the police and the public because the government stopped trying to explain — or solve — the 2017 shooting deaths of 58 people at a country music concert. The government claimed a lone nutcase, one Stephen Paddock, murdered 58 and injured 422 others and has stuck with that story despite numerous anecdotal evidence of multiple shooters including some in helicopters, as well as the physical impossibility of the task.

Officials got so confused about their own stories that they finally stopped talking to the public about it, sticking with their completely implausible lone nut fantasy.

The curious white ash patterns in the suburbs of San Francisco in 2017 first revealed the fire-from-above scenario through cell phone photos and now this same portrait of a living hell has been eerily re-created in the hills around Los Angeles, as well as in many portions of northern California. Ordinary forest fires leave black ashes and do not buckle bridges, melt car radiators or cause metal guardrails to burst into flames.

There is a cosmic truth in the statement that the government destroyed Paradise, California with murderous lasers fired from satellites. That truth is the government can murder anyone for any reason or for no reason at all, which was the case in Vegas.

And for the past year, random murders and vaporization of property and even whole towns show there is no avenue of appeal from this new and barbaric government reclamation project. And worse, there is no government authority to appeal to for help.

With Snopes calling it a fraud (which means it’s actually true), the new scandal matches the location of fires with the planned route of California’s proposed high speed rail system. (See here)

Making this whole affair even smellier is the connection of Diane Feinstein’s multimillionaire husband Richard Blum having already won in 2013 the billion dollar contract for the first phase of the construction project from the suburbs of L.A. to Fresno.

If we had an actual real press not owned by Jews, every reporter in the world would be asking Trump why he had decided to torch California. But he’s too busy playing footsie with designated migrants on salary with Jewish millionaires massed at the border in Baja California. Perhaps one event obscures the focus on the other.

The government hires all these terrorists and stages all these false flag fiascoes to prove to the population that it really needs the government for protection, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is our government that is the greatest danger to all Americans. It is the government that creates all these crises.

The only thing the government needs to protect us from today are all these low-IQ savages it has imported from the slums and jungles of the world who refuse to assimilate and, as in Sweden, rape and rob the local population.

I think everybody now knows that we would be a lot safer without the government that we have now, and have had for the past century. It all went south for America when the Jews got the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913. Within a single century the value of a dollar has sunk from one hundred cents to one cent, and you absolutely know where all that money went.

Who’s in charge?

The majority of the population simply does not comprehend the scope of Jewish influence on their lives. Like me for most of my life, the people believe that Jews are just another ethnic group.

Life is all about the money. Via their network of central banks all wired to a base in Switzerland, Jews control almost all the money in the world, which gives them control of all the media in the world, which means they control the minds, the desires and the political attitudes of all the people in the world. The U.S. Treasury is little more than an arm of Wall Street with a direct line between the two.

First there is medicine, then there is school, followed by entertainment, and most of all, the media — newspapers, TV and movies — that mirror the reality you live in, and distort it in favor of the men making money from weapons, drugs and kidnapping children and selling them for money.

Revisionist history is probably the most important political issue in the world today, because current politics are based on the artificial history propagated by Jewish media throughout the world and these false distinctions have enabled a neverending series of wars throughout the 20th century.

Americans, deceived by the long suppressed truth about World War II, tend to turn on Revisionists because of the crass Holohoax propaganda that has deceived them. Instead of 6 million Jews dead that Lester Holt on the NBC evening newscast harps upon almost every night, the real story is that the Jewish allies — the U.S., Britain and the USSR — murdered at least 12 million defenseless Germans AFTER the war, mostly by deliberate starvation. Jew media don’t do many stories on that subject.

Jews control every facet of modern society. Soon all citizens of every country in the world will be subjected to a standardized test. Those who fail will be excluded from society.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should have realized by now that a single group of psycho parasites has controlled the world for at least a century. At least this is the centennial of one of their greatest triumphs, The War to End All Wars. which because these freaks are the greatest liars who ever lived, turned out to be The War That Will Never End.

A new technique

The latest phase of Israel’s war on the world involves sending millions of hungry refugees from countries still largely excluded from the Technological Age rushing pell mell into the streets of Europe, raping whom they may, welcomed by the Commie agents who sabotage society the same way they do in the U.S.

It’s like throwing sand in the gas tank of a car, many thousands of Democratic voting welfare recipients are surging toward America’s Southern border intent on capsizing the greatest ship of state that the world has known.

America is under attack. Its leaders are inextricably linked to the enemy. In fact because, really, they work for the same Rothschild company,

U.S. leaders are complicit in the trashing of the country as they pile up many millions in their secret overseas bank accounts. You can’t expect our oppressors to stop expanding their advantages

Why am I here? I was put here by God to stop humans from destroying the garden that provides everything they need to live a long and happy life. And so were you.

Failure to recognize the Jewish sabotage of the American republic has destroyed the United States and turned it into another Banana Republic robbed of its valuables by the international bankers.

We need to understand the hidden Jewish impact on the world.

The heat of the fires betrays their unnatural origin. Typical forest fires do not melt the aluminum in burned out automobiles, nor they vaporize porcelain toilets in immolated houses. Then there is the color of ashes: in a normal fire the ashes are black; the ashes throughout the California fire scenes, particularly the houses, are usually whitish.

Here I see this one group vowing to destroy everyone on Earth if the mad Jews in their desert fortress don’t get their way.

No one’s friend

Israel is friend to no country. It only bribes and pampers those witless countries that do its bidding. All the others are constantly victimized by Jewish crimes, principally in the financial area, but also in medicine and education, providing cures such as statins that don’t work and cause new afflictions as well, or history that is deliberately slanted in favor of Jews.

Those who are wildly famous in the world have gained their fame through the approval of the Jews

The Jews keep saying that anti-Semitism must be eradicated so the Jews will no longer be the victims of “hate”, but that is not the problem. The real problem is Jewish criminality which cries of anti-Semitism serve to conceal.

But everybody is afraid to say that, because if they do, chances are good their paychecks will disappear, which does in fact happen often in the real world.

Besides most acts of anti-Semitism are done by the Jews themselves, to keep the theme alive in the public mind and to convince other Jews to keep contributing to the cause.

What Jews call anti-Semitism is what Gentiles call crimes against humanity in every single area of human endeavor.

Jews determine who will be the U.S. presidents and who the U.S. will make war upon.

Jews put poisons in their medicines that cause many more diseases than they pretend to cure.

Jews want to teach your children the most horrible things society has proscribed for thousands of years.

It’s almost as if Jews arrived on this Earth from the pit of hell and are determined to drag us all back there with them.

And maybe this deed has already been done.


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  1. Kaminski you are absolutely right and I always enjoy your articles. Keep writing and writing and be our conscience, moral compass.

  2. “It’s almost as if Jews arrived on this Earth from the pit of hell and are determined to drag us all back there with them.”

    “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” (Rev 17:8)

    1. Harold

      The first paragraph of your post is probably sufficient. Quoting from Revelations is fraught with problems because so much of its content has been corrupted by the very beast being alluded to

      One thing to keep in mind in keeping with my understanding: The fact that there are 22* chapters indicates a fragmentation which weakens what John of Patmos was conveying in reflecting a true accounting of Jesus and his message. Most of it as it exists in extant Christian Bibles is a load of fear-mongering crap, the majority of whose lines can be stricken out

      *A very powerful esoteric number

  3. BTW speaking of government crimes, lately I have been wondering why J. Leroy Hulsey has not yet published the results of his study on the “collapse” of WTC 7.

    My first thought was that he may have been threatened, but after a short search, I found the following linked interview, which took place in september 2018; according to which it seems he is still working on the paper but anticipates publishing it by the end of the year.

    Interestingly, it seems he was at first hesitant to do this research because of potential “consequences”:

    “LH: One of the members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth contacted me. He is originally from the East Coast and is now located in Anchorage. He was looking for a person who could actually conduct research. So he made contact with me. That was several years ago. I turned the opportunity down to do the research work. The approach was made again and I turned it down again. The approach was made again, and I put together an estimate of what I thought it would cost to do it. The dialogue began. At that point I decided I was old enough to not worry about whether there would be any consequences to this, so I went ahead and said, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.'”

    With laughably absurd accusations against Russia et al. now coming on a regular basis, I wonder how the glass-house-dwellers will receive this study?

    1. Thanks, Harold –

      From the report:
      “Now keep in mind, when I said that initially, as a forensic engineer, I would start experimentally, we didn’t have that option here. We did not have the option of having parts and pieces and crumbled debris to be able to evaluate the materials. That just wasn’t an option for us. However, what we did use was the erection drawings: Take those erection drawings, which is what the building was built by, and from that create our computer models. But we were not able to correlate against experimental damages that were out there in the field. That was all hauled away before we ever had access to it, unfortunately.”

      This is a crime. Tampering with & destroying evidence at a crime scene:
      “That was all hauled away before we ever had access to it, unfortunately.”

      If no suit is filed.. They got away with it. They will do it again.

      1. “U.S. Attorney Takes First Step toward Prosecuting Explosive Destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11”

        About time.

        I roughly calculated there were well over 10,000 killed on 9-11. May 20,000!!

        Giuliani ordered 100,000 body bags:

        —Fordion Body Bags—

        Body bag maker sues NY over September 11 order
        July 14 2003

        A New Jersey plastic bag company has sued New York City for refusing to pay for 100,000 body bags it had ordered after the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre.
        Fordion Packaging of Hackensack, which filed suit in Manhattan federal court, is seeking payment of $US203,388 ($310,420) plus interest.
        The suit said the company had received a written order on September 13, 2001, from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services and signed by its director of purchasing.
        Fordion said it had to put other clients’ business on hold to meet the order and had produced the bags within seven days.
        However, the city later told Fordion that it had only used a small portion of the bags and wanted to return the balance.
        The company refused, saying the bags were not returnable because they were specially produced items.
        “Defendant then belatedly attempted to reject the bags on the erroneous basis that they were not suitable for their intended purpose,” the suit said.
        Fordion said that, since some of the bags were used, they were acceptable by the city.
        “The true reason the city belatedly attempted to reject the body bags was that there were far fewer bodies recovered from the World Trade Centre disaster site than the City had anticipated when it placed the order,” the suit said.
        The death toll from the attack on the World Trade Centre was 2795.


        Company Sues Over Deal for Body Bags
        The Nation | IN BRIEF / NEW YORK
        July 11, 2003|From Times Wire Reports

        A New Jersey company that manufactures body bags filed suit against New York City, charging that the city has reneged on a deal to buy 100,000 specially manufactured bags after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
        Fordion Packaging Ltd. of Hackensack is suing the city for $203,388 it says the city still owes the company for making the body bags it manufactured on a rush basis in the days after the terrorist attacks.


        Interesting, that although the case is not sealed, none of the documents are available for public viewing on line.
        U.S. District Court
        Southern District of New York (Foley Square)
        CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:03-cv-05097-AKH
        Fordion Packaging v. City of New York
        Assigned to: Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein*
        Demand: $0
        Cause: 28:1391 Personal Injury
        Date Filed: 07/10/2003
        Jury Demand: Plaintiff
        Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other
        Jurisdiction: Diversity
        Fordion Packaging Ltd.
        represented by
        Joseph Michael Heppt
        521 Fifth Avenue
        Suite 1805
        New York, NY 10175
        City of New York
        represented by
        Gary P. Rosenthal
        Corporation Counsel of the City of New York
        100 Church Street
        Room 3-125
        New York, NY 10007
        Date Filed Docket Text 07/10/2003
        COMPLAINT filed. Summons issued and Notice pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 636(c). FILING FEE $ 150.00 RECEIPT # 478544. (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
        Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck is so designated. (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
        RULE 7.1 CERTIFICATE filed by Fordion Packaging . (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
        AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE of summons and complaint as to City of New York by Rachel Brozen on 7/24/03. Answer due on 8/13/03 for City of New York. (jco) (Entered: 08/06/2003)
        STIPULATION and ORDER; answer due to complaint for 9/17/03 for City of New York . ( signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ) (jco) (Entered: 08/12/2003)
        ANSWER to Complaint by City of New York (Attorney Gary P. Rosenthal from the Firm: Corp. Counsel of NYC) . (moc) (Entered: 09/23/2003)
        Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein : Initial Pretrial Conference held on 11/21/2003. Next conference set for 7/9/04 @9:30 a.m. (pl, ) (Entered: 12/09/2003)
        Set/Reset Scheduling Order Deadlines: Pretrial Conference set for 7/9/2004 09:30 AM before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein. (pl, ) (Entered: 12/09/2003)

        CASE MANAGEMENT PLAN: all non expert discovery is to be completed by 5/30/04; joinder of additional parties and amended pleadings may be filed until 12/31/03; the last day for filing dispositive motions shall be 6/30/04; counsel for parties shall meet for at least two hours at the office of plaintiff’s counsel, to discuss settlement on 6/18/04; the case management conference will be held on 7/9/04 at 9:30 a.m. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 11/21/03) (Lewis, Diahann) (Entered: 12/01/2003)
        Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein : Status Conference held on 7/16/2004. Trial set for status 11/8/04. IPTC dwt for 10/27/04 @ 4:00 p.m. (jco, ) (Entered: 07/20/2004)
        ORDER OF DISMISSAL, It having been reported to this Court that the above entitled action has been settled, it is hereby ORDERED that the Clerk of the Court shall mark this matter closed and all pending motions denied as moot. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 10/21/04) (dt, ) (Entered: 10/26/2004)
        STIPULATION AND ORDER OF DISMISSAL: this action is dismissed with prejudice, each party to bear its own costs pursuant to Rule 41(a) of the FRCP. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 2/4/05) (db, ) (Entered: 02/14/2005)

    2. Most of the content in Revelations is a corruption of John’s vision. Corrupted by those responsible for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    3. If you want to find out how the zionists took down the seven WTC buildings go to and read her book where Did the Towers Go and see her videos on youtube, direct energy weapons were used!

      The pentagram was an internal wired deal , look up April Gallup.

    1. @yukon Jack

      First you need to prove the possibility of such a laser gun that can be fired from outer space, or a device in orbit. Such proof requires scientists.

      A plausible explanation for the California fires has been provided by Bollyn. Bollyn thinks Israelis hacked into our electric utility companies and started the fires by putting too much juice into the lines. His article about this is on his site.

      1. The military has at least two aircraft fitted with lasers, a 747 and a C-130. See this article for details:

        Wikipedia “The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) program was a US military program to mount a high energy laser weapon on an aircraft, initially the AC-130 gunship, for use against ground targets in urban or other areas where minimizing collateral damage is important. The laser was a 100 kilowatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL). It was expected to have a tactical range of approximately twenty kilometers and weigh about 5,000–7,000 kg. This program is distinct from the Airborne Laser, which was a much larger system designed to destroy enemy missiles in the boost phase.”

        The question is not if they have the weapon, it is the motive. All those expensive homes in Santa Rosa and Malibu pay $5,000 or more yearly property tax. That’s a lot of lost county property tax. Butte County (Paradise/Magalia) lost half of its tax roll.

        The most suspicious event of the fires is the timing – they started in the dead of night, the least likely time since the sun is down and the air is cooling.

      2. I agree with Bollyn about the smart meters and hacking – a few months ago a bunch of houses in the northeast blew up from over pressurized gas lines.

        I also think the Israelis ordered the fires. They are behind all the terror in the United States, it takes no imagination to think these same bastards did this one. All the false flags are staged by Israel, and recently the recent Synagouge shooting no blood, no bodies, but an attack on the first and second amendment.

        Israel did 911, the Beirut barracks bombing, Fukushima, USS Liberty attack, etc. etc. All of it comes from one place: Tel Aviv – the center of worldwide terror. The biggest joke is how Amerikans think Israel is our greattest ally, here is what Satanyahu really thinks of us:


        “If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So, it does not matter what you do. America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

        My essay fingering Netanyahu as the doer of dirty deeds is posted here:

  4. Evidence regarding 9-11 is amazingly strong. Only once in a hundred years does state military intelligence screw up and leave such strong evidence. The evidence comes from the nanothermite used. Due to this evidence it is known with scientific certainty that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. There is also strong evidence that Isreal was the culprit, with help from American Jews.

    My complaint with Kaminski’s article is that he mixes this extremely good evidence with stuff that is questionable and is even probably disinfo. I have in mind Sandy Hook and the supposed directed energy weapon.

    I think Kaminski’s heart is in the right place, but his skills as a critical thinker are not the best.

    1. Oh ya, you still think Sandy Hook was real, but you say Kaminski is not the best critical thinker. Good one.

  5. John Kaminski is a classical example of what is called useful idiot. Those who are really in charge do not mind, of course, John speaking his mind and dumbing down dump people even dumber by simple formulas like “It’s the Jews, dummy!”

    Getting back to reality from the fantasy world of John Kaminski:

    We are getting closer by the day to the showdown I have been talking about lately; the outcome of this “Cuban Missile crisis II” will be Russia walking free and, as the ultimate result of that, the Anglo-centered unipolar world order basically collapsing.

    1. I will let this comment though because it sounds sincere, but please note that you are in breach of the rules of our website by calling John Kaminski a “useful idiot”. This is an hominem attack on one of our regular writers. Polite constructive criticism of our writers is allowed, but abuse is not allowed. Please note this site rule of ours:

      # 10. WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language. Commenters are free to abuse and insult other commenters if they wish, within reason, but for legal reasons they must not apply the same level of invective to the writers we publish. Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent; or go to some other website where scurrility and scatology are standard practice.

      You could easily have said that Kaminski was “wrong” or “misguided” without giving offense. Saying he is a “useful idiot” is going one step too far. It amounts to personal invective.

    2. Circ

      You miscomprehend the essence of “unipolarity”.

      The names may change
      But the game
      remains the same

      We’re ALL victimized by various manifestations of “useful idiocy”, and at this juncture one’s nationality doesn’t make them immune to that

    3. I don’t like your comment and agressive. Don’t forget that Kaminski is the real deal, he doesn’t hide himself, he presents himself with his own name, a real picture and even his address you can find if I am not mistaken.

  6. “The Muslims inside the occupied land must kill every Jew and kuffar, by running him over, or stabbing him, or by using against him any weapon, or by burning their homes.”


    just a few radical nutcases with a pack of matches can do a lot of damage in a place like california…. i don’t know about you, but i don’t believe this PG&E story for a minute… not that it couldn’t have happened that way.. it could have, but maybe it was really something else… one thing for sure – if it is radical muslim terrorists setting these fires, the state will never tell you…

    “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    1. Interesting article – Wolf Street – What’s Behind the US-Saudi Nuclear MegaDeal? by Wolf Richter
      It is End Time according to the book.

    1. Pat, the trees are GREEN (still juicy and ALIVE). The houses are SEASONED wood. Seasoned work ignites much faster then green wood. No mystery there….

      1. Gilbert Huntly
        November 29, 2018 at 1:24 pm
        “Pat, the trees are GREEN (still juicy and ALIVE). The houses are SEASONED wood. Seasoned work ignites much faster then green wood. No mystery there….”

        Judging from the aerial photography it would appear that most of the trees are deciduous rather than coniferous. Green deciduous trees such as oak and maple and birch, etc., are more resistant to ignition than are coniferous trees (e.g. pine and spruce and fir, etc) BUT THEY CAN AND THEY DO CATCH FIRE NONETHELESS ….. It must be true that a living deciduous tree can ignite when enough heat is applied or else there would be no such thing as a forest fire !! What remains to be understood is how these so-called “wild fires” were able to jump the “fire breaks” that were literally everywhere. A “fire break” represents a zone that is free of combustible materials. Looking at the aerial photography it would appear that what we’re looking at here is a war zone in which the dwelling units were deliberately targeted for immolation.

  7. IMO, it’s ridiculous to call Kaminski a useful idiot. However, I do agree with Kendra Blewitt’s prior comment that he tends on occasion to go off the deep end. One such incident she brought up is his oft stated belief (shared by many who comment here) that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Megyn Kelly (fired by ABC for her politically incorrect “blackface” comment) put that hoax to bed, for me anyway, when, on her short-lived Sunday show, she made a blubbering idiot of Alex Jones for his promotion of it. When one thinks that everything is a conspiracy (and I don’t think that Kaminski does) it negatively affect ones credibility. Does he exaggerate when he claims that the Jews are responsible for all the troubles in the world? It’s up to the reader to decide.

    Nonetheless, I always look forward to reading Kaminski’s columns, although I see them as a mixture of truth, speculation, and creative writing. On a personal level, which has negatively affected my own quality of life, he’s dead right about the harm done by “statins” and the cholesterol con. At the insistence of my PCP I took statins for several years, and only quit them after developing a debilitating, painful idiopathic neuropathy in my feet. There is much research confirming the devastation done by statins (thank you Big Pharma!) that I don’t have the space to get into here. I urge everyone to do their research before agreeing to take them.

    I’m glad that there are independent red-pilled thinkers like Kaminski out there, and hope that he continues writing without getting totally censored by the globalist oligarchs of Big Tech, the most powerful monopoly the world has ever known.

    1. @Follyofwar

      I like Kaminski too. He is a very good writer and he sees the big picture extremely well.

      Nevertheless critical thinking is important because there is so much disinformation being put out these days. Without critical thinking you have no defense against the disinfo.

    2. @ Folly

      “When one thinks that everything is a conspiracy (and I don’t think that Kaminski does) it negatively affect ones credibility.”

      And when one ignores facts that don’t comport with one’s presuppositions, it negatively affects one’s credibility.

      BTW how do you explain what Wolfgang Halbig discovered and explained in this video?

      Even the most perfunctory analysis of the Sandy Hook Elementary School “shooting” proves by preponderant evidence that the whole thing was a fraud. And the deeper one looks, the more convincing it becomes.

      1. Wolfgang Halbig is a true American hero, and not only was Sandy Hook a fraud but so was the Boston marathon deal and San Benadino and MSD High School and all the rest, false flags perpetrated by the deep state!

  8. @Yukon Jack

    You apparently think the synagogue shooting by Robert Bowers was a hoax. I think otherwise. I am certain that it was real.

    Why? For one thing the motive makes perfect sense to me.

    Is it true or false that the Jews intend to genocide the White race? I think there is good reason to think this is true, and I think Bowers fully believed this.

    I think the objective of Bowers’ act was not terrorism of the Jewish people but instead was to communicate to his fellow White Americans the truth that the Jews intend to kill our kind dead.

    I think Bowers was a hero who sacrificed his life in order to sound an alarm to his people.

    1. KB –

      We are always set up to accept the media versions. I doubt we will ever KNOW what really happened.

      I do KNOW that ANY paid off or mind controlled stooge can be useful to commit crimes to set case law. The criminal can have his memory erased or even killed if he survives the police action. Similarly, using “critical thinking”…. Lee Harvey Oswald and many others are evidence.

      These two Legal Precedents, along with those I omitted, will be further established and become case law:

      18 U.S.C. 247(a)(2) and 247(d)(1) Obstruction of Exercise of Religious Belief Resulting in Death
      (Counts 1-11)

      18 U.S.C. 247(a)(2) and 247(d)(3) Obstruction of Exercise of Religious Belief Resulting in Bodily Injury to a
      Public Safety Officer
      (Counts 23-26)

      SEE the charges:


      I have been giving out this info since 1994 in the Clinton Crime Bill…. which is NOW codified as law!!

      Even “ATTEMPTS” are prosecuted!

      This will protect jews and synagogues – death penalty included:

      18 USC Sec. 247 01/05/2009




      Sec. 247. Damage to religious property; obstruction of persons in
      the free exercise of religious beliefs


      (a) Whoever, in any of the circumstances referred to in
      subsection (b) of this section –

      (1) intentionally defaces, damages, or destroys any religious
      real property, because of the religious character of that
      property, or ATTEMPTS to do so; or

      (2) intentionally obstructs, by force or threat of force, any
      person in the enjoyment of that person’s free exercise of
      religious beliefs, or ATTEMPTS to do so;
      shall be punished as provided in subsection (d).

      (b) The circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that the
      offense is in or affects interstate or foreign commerce.

      (c) Whoever intentionally defaces, damages, or destroys any
      religious real property because of the race, color, or ethnic
      characteristics of any individual associated with that religious
      property, or ATTEMPTS to do so, shall be punished as provided in
      subsection (d).

      (d) The punishment for a violation of subsection (a) of this
      section shall be –

      (1) if death results from acts committed in violation of this
      section or if such acts include kidnapping or an ATTEMPT to
      kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an ATTEMPT to commit
      aggravated sexual abuse, or an ATTEMPT to kill, a fine in
      accordance with this title and imprisonment for any term of years
      or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death;

      1. @ Pat

        Nobody thought the news completely fabricated events until Sandy Hook. That was Fetzer’s work. Fetzer also claimed the Dylan Storm Roof church shooting of Blacks was complete fabrication. Do you believe that?

        I don’t know of a single instance where complete fabrication of a big news story has happened. True, it’s easy for us to believe this because the news lies so much. But I don’t think complete fabrication of a big news story ever happens.

        As for Bowers being mind-controlled, I don’t believe that either.

      2. Are you really that naive, Kendra? Guys like this Bowers character are virtually ALWAYS set up to be pasties. A hero? This is what a hero does in the name of saving his race? Shoot up a bunch misguided Jews “worshipping” in a synagogue?

        A TRUE hero was Adolph Hitler, who attempted the same thing, but all HE wanted to do was kick ALL of them out of Europe and put them in a modern day Pale, not genocide six MILLION of them let alone a relative few, like millions of TRULY useful idiots still believe.

        Let’s get something straight – these false flag events using the classic patsy m.o. are the work of ZIONIST jews who have no compunction for using their own to suit their nefarious purposes, whether or not people actually die in them

        For the umpteenth time – READ THE PROTOCOLS!

      3. Brownhawk,

        I am trying to help you out, my redskin brother, but you seem just as ineducable as all paleskins around here. Let me try one more time.

        For the umpteenth time – READ THE PROTOCOLS!

        The Jews are the shrewdest but extremely unreliable servants of the real rulers of this world. Unreliable servants – especially, the sly and shrewd ones – should always be kept tight by the balls, and the protocols is nothing but one of the many tools to that end. When push comes to shove the Jews can be made (and have been made many times in the past) the scapegoats – very convenient indeed.

        A TRUE hero was Adolph Hitler

        Hitler was a patsy par excellence. For the umpteenth time – READ GUIDO PREPARATA!

      4. KB –

        “Nobody thought the news completely fabricated events until Sandy Hook.”


        Please leave me out of that circle of people.

        Fabricated events and false flags have been backed by media lies and complete fabrications for centuries. You might have even read about 6 million being snuffed out in a ‘media-fabricated’ holocaust in Europe last century.

      5. Circ

        Alas, you misread me. My many posts on the subject INTIMATE what you are saying regarding how the Jews “on the ground” are manipulated by the Protocols as well. I say this in keeping with making a distinction between “Elite Jews” and what I’ve termed “Esoteric Jews”, i.e.; the actual Protocolian authorship of which some individuals aren’t Jews.*

        As for the Protocols being one of many tools, I would simply say the tools are ALL covered under that umbrella

        *think ” British-Israel”

      6. Circ

        I’ve ALSO written that Hitler was indeed a patsy, but not a Zionist agent as many misinformed people WANT to believe. The undermining of military Intelligence is something most folks just can’t get their heads around, but is something absolutely crucial to (((those))) who would effect it.

        P.S. I don’t need your help 😎

      7. I think the Synagogue shooting was another fake, just like Fetzer has always been a dissembling fake. Fezter latches onto concepts into order to blackwash ’em — that is his toxic job.

        Pat is right (Hopium Disruptor set to maximum — fire! 😉 ) because THEY have always used such events as part of their manipulation toolkit. Some events are spun; some are created; and some are just sheer bunkum-bollocks-made-up claptrap, like the Synagogue shooting.

        For example, 9/11 was a created event. Brexit was a real outcome now being spun by the globalists into a narrative against nationalism. Gulf of Tonkin was a bulls**t event. The Holocaust theatre uses all three techniques — certain most things massively faked, others spun and some created.

    2. @Kendra,

      Just to clarify, Bowers did not sacrifice his life. He remains very much alive and has pled Not Guilty to the charge, setting things up for his lawyers to pursue a temporary insanity defense. BTW, no one who kills innocent people is a hero in my book, even if those people happen to be Jews.

      1. @ Follyofwar

        I think Bowers’ “not guilty” plea was made on the grounds of self-defense.

        If Jews intend to and are actually engaged in killing us, what’s wrong with killing them? Are these people really “innocents”?

        I think we are dealing with really bad people. Some of them might be very pleasant and nice, but none of them is innocent. That’s the conclusion I have come to.

      2. @ Follyofwar

        I draw a distinction between assimilated Jews and nationalistic ones like Zionists. Nevertheless, regarding the assimilated ones, when they became citizens of White countries they assumed a responsibility to control their nationalistic elements. In the USA there was almost no anti-Semitism, as stated by the Jew Lindemann. Yet, despite their welcome Jews gave us 9-11 and the circumventing of our 4th Amendment so they could spy on us. The assimilated Jews have failed to live up to their responsibility as citizens, therefore. 9-11 is proof of this failure.

    3. High Testosterone levels in males have been found by psychologists to cause the birth of the bully. Jewish youngsters who normally lack a high Testosterone level become victims of this bully. The Yeshiva as a religious school can eliminate exposure to Bullying. Jews are gifted to fight with verbal talents and the written word. They will always remember the taunts of the Bully when verbally gifted Jews flood the Bullies neighborhood with high Testosterone Mexican grape pickers.

    4. Show me the bodies. No evidence = didn’t happen. False flags are part of daily Amerikan police state reality. If you believe anything on the main stream media then you are being fooled. They lie all day everyday about everything, they have created a completely false reality in the mind of the sheeple. They have never told the truth about 911 so why would you trust anything they claim? Once a liar is identified then a person of integrity would no longer trust them or pay any attention to them. That’s why I do not have a TV because I am denying the evil Jewish liars electronic access to my brain.

      One way to identify a false flag is how it is used to push an agenda, like gun control or censorship. In this case they also pushed for more synagogue funding – most are built like brick shithouses, now they want armed guards paid by the amerikan slave taxpayers. It’s a game the Jews play to screw us and take our money. Dead bodies or not, Jews are running a huge psyop on us. If real Jews got killed then we wouldn’t hear the end of it, their faces would be on the Jewtube 24-7.

      BTW 96% of Homeland Security grants go to Jewish organizations and much of that has gone to synagogue fortification. Those are now Talmudic military control centers. They have destroyed the United States with their control of the money, and now we are in the end game, they know we know that they screwed us so they are taking defensive measures and waiting for the Goyim uprising.

  9. @ Pat

    The series of events that followed in the wake of the news story of the synagogue shooting speaks of Jewish vengence; which in turn suggests the event was real.

    Here is the series of events:

    1. Within a few hours of the news story Edward Clark supposely committed suicide. Clark was a 23 year old guy who had recently been “red pilled” regarding Jewish power and influence, and he had been in contact with Bowers on the Gab site. Some say he feared he would go to prison because of his Internet contact with Bowers, and that was the motive for his suicide. But did Clark break any law? The suicide left no note and had no motive.

    2. About a week after the news of the synagogue shooting there was a shooting of about a dozen White country music fans in Southern California by a White guy named Long who had no motive. The people Long had allegedly shot had been his friends. Long was found dead at the scene, so he couldn’t tell his story.

    3. About the same time as the Long shooting a fire utterly destroyed the town of Paradise California. Paradise had been 90 percent White and had been reputed to be “racist.”

    4. Shortly after the destruction of Paradise and the Long shooting of his White friends, Jeffrey Clark, the 30 year old brother of 23 year old Edward Clark who had supposedly committed suicide 2 hours after the news of the synagogue shooting had broken, was arrested for owning a gun while being addicted to marijuana — a crime that carried a 10 year prison sentence. Jeffrey was newly enlightened to the Jewish problem, as had been his brother. Meanwhile marijuana was legal in Washington DC where Jeffrey lived and it was not addictive. Clearly Jeffrey, who is being held without bail, is being punished for his beliefs.

    Does this series of events not look like Jewish vengence against White people?

    1. KB –

      You and I and ALL here… ‘think and believe’ – guess – what we wish to.

      I gave you the exact charges. We will see if he dies in jail under unusual circumstances, like Oswald, or like the very wealthy, James McDougal, who had his insulin withheld in jail…. and died begging for it:


      Lawyers involved in the Whitewater inquiry said Mr. McDougal’s death was a blow to the investigation.(HA!!) For years, Mr. McDougal had denounced the prosecutors and proclaimed his innocence. But after his conviction in 1996 on 18 felony counts stemming from his operation of a corrupt Arkansas savings and loan, he received a lighter prison term in exchange for his cooperation with the Whitewater investigation.

      Even though he had given conflicting accounts of events and suffered from mental illness a decade earlier, he became an important witness, was debriefed dozens of times by investigators and made many appearances before a grand jury in Little Rock, Ark.

      Mr. McDougal’s – SECRET TESTIMONY – will almost certainly be part of the report that must be filed by the Whitewater independent counsel, Kenneth W. Starr, at the end of the investigation to the Federal appeals court that appointed him.

  10. @ Brownhawk

    I don’t think Bowers shot dead some Jews in a synagogue for the sake of killing Jews. I think he did this in order to generate a big news story that would reveal the intention of the Jews to genocide the White race.

    As for the Holocaust, like you I think it was a Jewish psycholocical operation and a complete fabrication. But here is something to consider: I think the purpose of the Holocaust psyop, in addition to instilling guilt in Whites, was to justify the genocide of Whites to Jews. I think the genocide of the White race has been planned by top dog Jews for a long time, and the Holocaust psyop was done primarily to justify this genocide to the so-called “little Jews.”

    1. Kendra

      No news story like that would see the light of day. That’s been locked down verboten kept in the dark especially since 9/11.

      As to the plans for genocide, yes, but as a “slow kill” in keeping with the Coudenhove-Kalegi Plan

      I will refer to Pat’s post indicating the motives behind these manufactured events as it pertains to case law. Using the classic Hegelian “problem-reaction-solution” method to justify to the sleeping Jews and Gentiles alike despicable articles of fraudulence legislated into “law”.

      Part and parcel to the plans for a slow kill…but not necessarily of only Whites…depends on whatever contingencies may arise

    2. Most Jews left behind to die during the Holocaust were the penniless. It took big bucks to buy a forged passport. Joining the German army under an assumed name and ID was a common ploy. Over a million German/Polish Jews fled and escaped to Britain and NYC. Dogs were used in railway terminals to spot fleeing Jews. Pretty Jewesses became mistresses to Nazi officers for protection and to shield their identity. Crafty Jews were able to trick the Nazis by posing as church workers. Thousands who were posing as Jews for financial benefit were executed. These were crazy times.

      1. @Melvin,

        If you care to comment, is there any truth to the widely held rumor that, to determine if one was a Jew, the WWII Germans would have males drop their drawers to see if they were circumcised, (a disgusting religious ritual that the Germans had wisely rejected)? Further, afraid that this could happen again, after the war a Jewish conspiracy was hatched to attempt to circumcise ALL gentile males (citing unproven health benefits) so that it would be impossible to determine who was a Jew. Still, the Germans and most Europeans were too smart to fall for it, while we gullible Yanks fell for their scam, thus falling under their spell, and under their thumb.

      2. Richard Evans et al are that-away —————->

        You’re just spouting the official narrative which is pure, unadulterated propaganda.

        1. Remember that (((Melvinn Polatnik))) is a self-confessed Jew, so he is simply presenting a world view as seen through the eyes of a typical Jew.

    3. In addition

      The primary purpose for the psy-op of Holocaust was as ammunition for the creation of Israel, the cover story of which is for it to be a homeland for the Jews (the ‘little Jews”). Behind the scenes “Israel” can be seen as Is-ra-el, connoting its esoteric meaning. Roughly speaking…

      Is= short for “Isis”, conveying a veil of secrecy
      Ra= Egyptian Sun god
      El= its Semitic component

      In my view, the plan of the “Red Shield”
      (Rothschild) is for Baghdad, and not Jerusalem (Jeru-salaam, or Jeru-shalom) to be the seat of World govt., achieved through machinations of “Greater Israel” that are playing out today

    Foreskin restoration is the process of expanding the skin on the penis to reconstruct an organ similar to the foreskin, which has been removed by circumcision or other injury. Foreskin restoration is primarily accomplished by stretching the residual skin of the penis, but surgical methods also exist.
    Jewish doctors that specialized in foreskin restoration were busy before their offices were closed by Nuremberg Laws. But these Jewish doctors continued to make house calls. Nose surgery was also done in the home of Jews that wanted to be undetected. Forged birth records were obtained after bribing hospital administers. Penniless Jews bore the brunt of deportation to Polish death camps.


      “Mr. Greenhalgh

      I read your article in VT regarding the synagogue shooting. Earlier today I found a full 1+ hour police audio transcript of the shooting done by Broadcastify (listen here: What we couldn’t figure out is WHY in the audio the police kept referring to the shooter or suspect as ‘actor’ and the crime scene as ‘stage’ throughout the audio. Now I know why.”

      ““No bodies,
      No injuries,
      No ambulances,
      No stretchers,
      No blood,
      No video of a single victim,
      No interviews with congregants or rabbis present,
      No photos of a single piece of real evidence,
      Nothing whatsoever has been presented that proves the synagogue massacre even happened.””

      1. @yukon Jack

        I visited your website and saw that you believe in extraterrestials, or what I call flying saucers.

        That you have such a belief has implications regarding your grasp of material reality — unless you are a disinfo agent, which is something I am inclined to trust people not to be.

        Here is physical reality regarding the news media, as I see it: They are dishonest in their interpretations of factual reality, however they do not invent facts.

        According to my grasp of reality there is another important consideration as it regards the Bowers shooting: Namely, there is a tremendous amount of disinformation being pumped into our social space by government agencies. This is a change from the White America that used to be. Disinformation is something a government’s army does to the army of an enemy in time of war. Today the American government is treating the American people as an enemy, therefore. This is not how it was in the old White America, which was much more a goverment of the People, as America is supposed to be. My point is that in these times you have to be aware of the possibility of disinformation.

        In conclusion, my grasp of reality tells me that Bowers really did shoot up a synagogue. I think the motive was to sound an alarm to Whites that the Jews are working to genocide them; and I think Bowers killed some Jews in this synagogue shooting.

        As for the info to the effect that the synagogue shooting didn’t happen and no Jews died, I think it’s disinfo.

  12. “BANNED CASINOS”… are just more “Lies You Still Believe” from ‘Put-On’..!!

    Both ‘Put-On’ and Trump use the BEST method for making “YUGE” profits… GAMBLING CASINOS..!!

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing the establishment of a gambling zone in Crimea and extending the Krasnodar gambling zone to Sochi, according to a statement published on the official web portal of legal information.

    **In Sochi – CASINOS – will be located near the Olympic Village… as PLANNED.. using foreign and Pharisee-Jew oligarchs’ money to do so..!!

    ‘Put-On’ banned gambling in Russia in 2009, EXCEPT – EXCEPT – for special designated zones across the country.

    The four zones established earlier are located in Kaliningrad near the Baltic Sea, the Far East, Siberia’s Altai Region, and southern Krasnodar territory….. STILL IN RUSSIA..!!

    MOSCOW, July 23, 2014 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing the establishment of a gambling zone in Crimea and extending the Krasnodar gambling zone to Sochi, according to a statement published on the official web portal of legal information on Wednesday.

    **The statement says that Crimean authorities will determine the borders of the new gambling zone.

    The Crimean leaders already said that they will either spread gambling facilities across the peninsula, or establish a gambling zone in the south coast of Crimea, near the town of Yalta, where the majority of resorts are located.

    At the same time, the borders of the Krasnodar gambling zone will now be set by the Russian government so that the territory of Sochi will be included.

    Russian lawmakers believe that allowing gambling in Crimea will attract investors, increase the number of tourists and create new jobs.
    A treaty allowing for Crimea’s reunification with Russia was signed on March 18, following a referendum held on March 16. More than 96 percent of voters who refused to recognize new Kiev government, supported region’s integration into the Russian Federation.


    Russia’s UNDERFUNDED Beach Destination to Attract New Hotels and Casinos

    ‘Put-On’ “BIGGLY” needs Trump and Adelson help!! 🙂

  13. Kendra Blewitt
    December 1, 2018 at 7:19 pm
    @yukon Jack
    “I visited your website and saw that you believe in extraterrestials, or what I call flying saucers.
    That you have such a belief has implications regarding your grasp of material reality — unless you are a disinfo agent, which is something I am inclined to trust people not to be.”

    If you were to confront the average person on what they believe, you’re going to find that all kinds of strange & bizarre beliefs are running rampant. There’s no shortage of folks who believe in Space Aliens & even the editors @ Backwoodsman Magazine are pretty much unanimous in their belief that Sasquatch-Bigfoot is REAL, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should classify all of these people as “disinformation agents.” Rather, it simply means that there are lots of folks who insist on clinging to beliefs which may not be in accordance with reality.

    “Here is physical reality regarding the news media, as I see it: They are dishonest in their interpretations of factual reality, however they do not invent facts.”

    Hollywood has the ability to invent reality.
    Harrison Ford seems real enough on the big screen in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”
    Steven Spielberg can invent facts,
    so why can’t Dan Rather invent facts ??
    Why can’t CNN invent facts ??
    You can do so much nowadays in the realm of special effects.
    All you need is a big budget and a big studio and you can invent all kinds of “facts.”

    Leon Uris was able to get his fiction accepted as Official History and he was basically nothing more than a novelist, a scriptwriter & a storyteller !!

    1. @ Kendra Blewitt

      You are right to be wary of Yukon Jack and his bizarre beliefs, which cast some doubts on whether he should be regarded as an entirely rational human being. Apart from his propaganda for extraterrestrials, flying saucers, and the takeover of planet earth by alien entities as in the movie “They Live”, Yukon Jack has an even more extreme belief. This is his passionate belief that the entire universe is a computer simulation.

      None of us are “real”, according to Yukon Jack, or have the slightest free will. We have even less reality than the characters in novels or on movie screens. This is because we are no more than computer generated entities on extraterrestrial computers: the creation of artificial intelligence. We are the creation of some computer geek in a distant galaxy. Nay more, this same computer geek is himself an artificial intelligence creation (without knowing it) of yet another computer geek or set of geeks in an even more advanced civilization set in a parallel universe or dimension.

      This is quantum physics taken to its extreme: a multiverse of parallel universes infinite in number, all crisscrossing each other in multiple dimensions. Can any of this stuff be empirically proved or verified? No, of course not. But this is the kind of things Yukon Jack is promoting. You need to be on LSD or peyote or mescalin to come up with bizarre theories like this.

      Yukon Jack used to be a columnist on Veterans Today before they kicked him off for some reason. His views were too weird even for VT. But full marks to Yukon Jack for imagination. He’d make an excellent science fiction — or science fantasy — writer.

        1. Could be, Homer. I’m not denying the existence of the weird and improbable! The great biologist J.B.S.Haldane said: “The universe is not only weird, it is weirder than we can possibly imagine.”

      1. It can be confidently said that when you shed these mortal coils you are entering mysterious territory whose experience is bound to surprise you. In that case, I recommend bringing along all that you truly possess – love and imagination

        Is that “unreal” enough for you, Sardonicus? 😄

      2. If only the slackers at VT and elsewhere did go far enough.
        The jig is up!

        Didn’t the Ramayana take place two million years ago, give or take?
        Rama’s Bridge to Sri Lanka, which the natural born usurpers now call, (lol)

        (Damages website formatting)

        (there’s no such thing as Dwarka)

    2. @ Save the Goyim

      I didn’t mean to accuse Yukon Jack as being a disinfo agent. I just meant this as a logical possibility. In fact I think Yukon Jack is a mere victim of disinfo, not one deliberately disseminating it.

      Some years ago the flying saucer disinfo obtained a grip on my soul. I struggled to get this belief out of my head, but was unable to do so. Finally I turned to Kant’s metaphysics (which should be named pre-physics, not metaphysics) and found the answer that freed me of this illusion.

      The question I asked concerned the motion of the flying saucers. If they go so fast, why don’t they burn up like meteors? Also, if they accelerate at such tremendous rates, how can any animal form of living being survive the force acting on it? These things would only be possible if the motion consisted of a de-materialization of the flying saucer then a re-materialization of it in a different place, I reasoned. That way it would remain at rest and would only appear to undergo continuous motion. Thus there would be no friction from the air no matter how fast its motion seemed to be, and there would be no force acting on the living bodies inside it when it appeared to accelerate. Thus my question was whether such motion were possible — could an object de-materalize then re-materialize in a different place? From Kant I came to see that such motion was impossible. Why? Because every change is a change of something that stays the same (substance).

      As soon as I understood this the illusion of flying saucers vanished, and it has never returned.

      1. @ Save the Goyin

        Let me add to what I just said. The belief I had that aliens from another world had occupied our world was extremely powerful. It was horribly ugly to me and I badly wanted to be rid of this belief, yet I couldn’ shake it off. Moreover, it was more than a single belief that had seized hold of me — it was a worldview!

        I finally broke loose from the grip of this worldview, but it wasn’t easy. I had to develop a good understanding of Kant’s metaphysics to do this.

        The strength of this disinfo illusion that had gripped me is a phenomenon that needs to be understood. Michael Collins Piper thought the gripping power of crowd beliefs was involved in the Sandy Hook disinfo illusion. I think the same principle is involved in both the flying saucer thing and the Sandy Hook thing, whatever this is. However it is done, and I think it is done knowingly, a worldview seizes hold of you with a vise like grip.

  14. Kendra Blewitt
    November 29, 2018 at 9:55 pm
    “The series of events that followed in the wake of the news story of the synagogue shooting speaks of Jewish vengence; which in turn suggests the event was real.”


    You seem to have an extremely misguided view of Jewish Vengeance, in that you seem to be harboring the mistaken belief that Jews must suffer an actual “tort” or some type of actual injury in order to incite them into seeking vengeance. Most normal gentiles would only consider seeking vengeance after suffering a real injury of some kind, but Jews aren’t normal folks and when seeking vengeance it is often in retaliation for the “suffering” that was incurred by the infliction of some type of imaginary injury. If you merely express a point of view that Jews don’t agree with or which they find to be distasteful – say for example by expressing the view that the “holocaust” never happened, THEN IT’S POSSIBLE OR PERHAPS EVEN LIKELY that your statement will be taken as more than just an affront but as an actual “harm” that you’ve inflicted on Jews in accordance with their own twisted way of thinking. And so as a result of being forced to suffer amid the exercise of your right to freedom of speech, Jews may decide to seek vengeance against you on the grounds that you are harming them. If you were born a gentile, that alone is oftentimes enough to incite the wrath of Jewish vengeance. Just ask the Palestinians and the Historical Revisionists. So what you need to understand here, basically, is that the standard definition of the word “vengeance” simply doesn’t apply when speaking of Yahweh’s Favorite Children. I won’t go into the problem of the “Kassam rockets” which often serve to provide the necessary “spark” or the much sought after pretext for igniting the barely hibernating Jewish desire for vengeance. Suffice it to say that the Jewish Deity = vengeance = Judaism = the actions of Yahweh’s Favorite Children. Where is Lobro when you need him ? This forum just isn’t the same without him.

    1. @ Save the Goyim

      Good point. The insult does’t have to be real. Nevertheless, if there had been no real shooting of the synagogue and this were something being pretended, you would think they would not risk exposing this by such things as the “suicide” of Edward Clark, and the other events I mentioned that suggested a Jewish response to the shooting.

      1. @ Save the Goyim

        Let me clarify what I just said. The issue of White Genocide is something the Jews would be very careful about. They would want to promote the idea that their involvement in the massive colored immigration into White nations was being done for humanitarian reasons, and only a person who hated the Jews would think it was being done to destroy the White race. Now if they kill people to make it look like revenge in order to make the pretended synagogue shooting appear real they would give credence to the idea of White Genocide, which is the last thing they would want to do. They are supposed to be the poor innocent Jews who wouldn’t hurt a fly, and such people don’t kill out of revenge.

    2. @ Save The Goyim

      “Most normal gentiles would only consider seeking vengeance after suffering a real injury of some kind, but Jews aren’t normal folks and when seeking vengeance it is often in retaliation for the ‘suffering’ that was incurred by the infliction of some type of imaginary injury.”

      As Elie Wiesel explained to Rabbi Menachem Schneerson (regarding his “stories”):

      “Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred.” (Elie Wiesel: Legends of Our Time (New York: Avon, 1970), p. viii.)

  15. Deep study tells that net everyone that calls themselves Jews are Jews! When Judah was conquered because they would not listen to God, and they were warned judgement was coming, as well as the northern tribes called Israel.
    Their were Edomites that moved into Judah, South of Samaria…There are very few real Jews living in what they call
    Israel. Many left after being dragged off by Assyrians, and the Babylonians in Israel North and South. So to call everyone a Jew is not always correct…How ever in Israel it can be a good possibility that they are the term Jews,who are really Edomites from Esau..Judah is one of the tribes of Israel. Remember when Jesus said, those
    that call themselves Jews and are not….Lack of knowledge can really cause big problems!

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