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  1. When I had that experience in the mountains 40 years ago, it wasn’t in the form of meeting God like Richard describes, but the rush of what I can only descibe as being unconditional love was the same, which also made me weep for the whole world like Jesus is purported to have done. At least I thought of it like that.

    Every now and then I wonder what exactly I’ve been doing ever since, when I get mad about something, or say stupid stuff like here on darkmoon or wherever, and to whomever. That all seems so trifling when I’m reminded of it with videos like this one.

    I’ll add this: I can’t call it a NDE, so I’ll call it a NLE instead – Near Life Experience

  2. While I commend Richard for his sincerely, I attribute a lot of such thoughts about God to a man’s VANITY. If God Himself wants you to realize something, He doesn’t have to give you a near-death-experience to reveal it. His commands are in the Word. Pray for discernment. Richard only finds he should have been studying The Word, before, anyway. (I find myself neglecting, too, which leads to doubt and uncertainty.) Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law, and that causes me to remember that the OT is as important as the NT for a compass by which to travel – not confined to all the mamsy-pamsy “universal love” behind which cowards hide. God loves the brave and righteous. All religions contain such men and women. God is
    omnipotent. We mortals cannot be so. Accept it.
    Love Him. Honor Him. HE is the boss – not your babysitter.

    1. Psalm 91, the “soldier’s Psalm”. Whenever I am afraid or have doubts, I recite it to myself.

    2. @ Gilbert Huntly

      1 John 4:16 – And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

      Since God is love and universal, the creator of all things, does that mean that God is mansy-pamsy?

      1. What most fail to admit, Ungenius, is that “universal love” as God is related has become a universal excuse for failure to accept and excute responsibility. God is “A Man Apart”. WE are mere mortals. Know thyself!

  3. The intertube reports that there are 4500 religions each with their own Words. None of them are useful, as you might expect from Man. Certain extracts are of course divinely inspired; the parables of Jesus and the Buddha come to mind.

    However, for correct moral evolution, God gave us all a brain, a mind and a conscience. Perfectly adequate for the job, as you might expect from Him. Axiom number 1, that we all know is “Don’t steal others possessions”. Don’t steal their property, their lives, their freedom of expression, etcetera. From this axiom, all moral behavior may be easily inferred.

    As demonstrated by Brownhawk’s tale at the top of this thread , God also integrated a biology into our bodies that triggers a higher working of the brain and higher knowledge. Literature going back to Man’s dawn testify to the existence of such a mechanism in the documents of the sages and mystics.

    However, there is no mysticism here, the rudimentary workings of the biology were documented by Gopi Krishna in the 70’s. Krishna, an autodidact was verbally supported Klaus Nobel of the Nobel Foundation. Krishna’s books were prefaced by Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker who: “was a German physicist and philosopher. He was the longest-living member of the team which performed nuclear research in Germany during the Second World War, under Werner Heisenberg’s leadership.”

    Gene Keiffer, a New York publicist spent a lifetime trying to get suppressed biology (therefore measurable) into the open but failed (for reasons well known on this site). You may listen to Gopi Krishna’s last interview here:


  4. @ Admin

    Thanks for the video, 10-minutes well spent.

    I met a fellow, a total stranger, several years ago that died during a coma from an accident that split his skull. He met Jesus. He wanted to stay in heaven, but Jesus told him he had to return to life to spread a message, “Jesus loves you.” He told me. As soon as he delivered the message, he turned an walked away.

    I have a friend that had an out of body death experience after a really bad accident when steel beams crushed him on a job. He was looking down on himself as fellow workers look at him and started removing the steel from on top of him. He said his whole life flashed through his mind which is when he knew he was dead. He started repeating the Lord’s Prayer and suddenly returned to his body. He did not meet Jesus or God, but he knew who saved him. The story goes on, but it’s too long for just a comment.

    Some of these stories are real as Richard’s appears to be.

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