3 thoughts to “The Muppet Show Begins — The Inquisition of Alfred and Monika Schaefer in Occupied Germany (Video)”

  1. Not as bad in Russia – so it seems so far
    In Russia so called ‘Holocaust denial’ is no criminal offence –
    The case of Roman Juschkow (Perm, Russia) is of importance. Russian citizen Roman Juschkow has been cleared by a judge from the charge of “rehabilitating national socialism“/ “rehabilitation of nazism“. Juschkow had quoted historian Anton Blagin’s article on the internet: “Jews! Give the Germans the money back for the six million Holocaust scam!“ There are Russians who refuse to forget the Russian Holocaust by Jewish Bolshewics. They don’t want to bow down eternally before what’s called the Jewish Holocaust for that’s distracting all attention away from the much worse Russian Genocide. The jury recognized that Juschkow had reposted Blagin’s article on the internet and doubted that six million Jews were exterminated at the hands of the “Nazi“-government. No criminal offence was established as Juschkow had simply expressed his opinion. The judge found him not guilty of any offence.

    (In Germany there is not even a jury)

  2. How’s the ZIOtyranny defined we are under in the west? What’s declared a “criminal offence“?
    What’s claimed to be “hate speech“, “incitement of hatred“ (§ 130 StGB “Volksverhetzung“) and is said “to undermine the public’s belief in the law, the belief in justice being served“?

    It’s called “Denying The Holocaust“ – “Holocaust Denial“
    It’s Questioning the official version of WWII history – Asking questions – Asking for evidence – Speaking truth to power – Telling the truth – Rejecting lies – Debunking false narratives – Self defence – Exercising the most basic rights – All of which is being denied


    We really hit the bottom – The lowest level in every respect – No law left – No evidence for the claims made have ever been provided – Truth is called lies, lies are called truth – Everything is turned upside down – Terror reigns – Innocent people are being prosecuted and sentenced to long jail terms for speaking the truth

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