The Plot Against Christ: An Update


This is sequel to my previous article ‘The Plot Against Christ’, originally published on the Truthseeker. Since Christianity is now being fiercely attacked as a “slave religion” and mocked every day in the mass media by aggressive atheists and humanists, I now consider myself a persecuted Christian. Will Christians  have to go to prison soon, like those who dare to critique the state of Israel  and the Holocaust? Are all religious and political dissidents now advised to get ready for martyrdom?    

“I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt. 4:19)

In my recent article, The Plot Against Christ, I set out the basic grievances the Christ bashing brigade had against Christianity, the chief one being that Christianity was a “slave religion” invented by Jews to keep the goyim in eternal subjection by turning them into pacifist wimps and sissies. This is what Christ is allegedly said to have done through his Sermon on the Mount, in which he enjoins Christians to “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemies”.

Let me refresh your memories by repeating two anti-Christian quotes, one by White Nationalist leader Dr William Pierce and a second even more extreme quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.

First, here is Dr William Pierce:

For more than two centuries it [Christianity] festered in the sewers and catacombs of Rome, along with dozens of other alien religious sects from the Levant; its first adherents were Rome’s slaves, a cosmopolitan lot from all the lands conquered by the Romans. It was a religion designed to appeal to slaves: blessed are the poor, the meek, the wretched, the despised, it told them, for you shall inherit the earth from the strong, the brave, the proud, and the mighty; there will be pie in the sky for all believers, and the rest will suffer eternal torment. It appealed directly to a sense of envy and resentment of the weak against the strong.

A Frank of the seventh or eighth century would tremble in superstitious awe before some fragment of bone or vial of dried blood which the Church had declared a sacred relic with miracle-working powers—but if you smote him on the cheek you would have a fight on your hands, not another cheek turned. As for the brotherhood of man and equality in the eyes of the Lord, the Germans had no time for such nonsense; when confronted with non-Whites, they instinctively reached for the nearest lethal weapon.

The slave morality preached in the Roman catacombs was like a time bomb ticking away in Europe—a Trojan horse brought inside the fortress, waiting for its season. That season came, and the damage was done. Today Christianity is one of the most active forces working from within to destroy the White race.

The inversion of natural values inherent in the exalting of the botched, the unclean, and the poor in spirit in the Sermon on the Mount—the injunction to “resist not evil”—all are prescriptions for racial suicide. Indeed, had a fiendishly clever enemy set out to concoct a set of doctrines intended to lead the White race to its destruction, he could hardly have done better.

—  Extracts from William Pierce’s Who We Are (emphasis added). For convenience, these quotes can be checked online by clicking on Cesar Tort’s splendid abridgement of the book in several chapters, here.

The perception is that, in a world in which only the fittest survive, Christianity is the great weakener. If you want to be strong and get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world, dump Christianity.

Dr Pierce’s ideas — based on a perverted simplification of Darwinism associated with Ragnar Redbeard’s possibly satirical Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest (1890) — are beautifully expressed and obviously sincere. Many people before him, however, had entertained similar views. Dr Pierce’s beliefs are clearly influenced not only by the discredited Ragnar Redbeard but by Nietzsche who had expressed similar sentiments in his Antichrist (1895).

Here is what Nietzsche has to say:

Christianity remains to this day the greatest misfortune of humanity. Our age knows better. What was formerly merely sickly now becomes indecent—it is indecent to be a Christian today. I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough—I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race.

— Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist (emphasis added).

—  §  —

Marching in lockstep with Nietzsche and Dr Pierce, we have thousands of people today whose ancestors were devout Christians but who have renounced Christianity with fear and loathing, seeing it as a source of every evil. One such individual is JB Campbell, founder of the militia movement in America — a self-confessed extremist who has frequently railed against the Jews. He has managed somehow to escape imprisonment as a political firebrand and is a popular speaker on various internet radio programs. His avowedly extremist website, Extremism Online, is still intact.

If I quote him here at length, it is because he is in many ways typical, representative of an entire class of Christ bashers. His views are the views of tens of thousands of White Nationalists who, in my humble opinion, have misdiagnosed Christianity as the root cause of our collective sickness.

And what exactly is this sickness?

The sickness consists of a widely held perception of a crippling “Jewish domination” which we goyim could easily shake off, if only we could free ourselves from the shackles of Christianity — from the “mind-forged manacles” of a Jew-created religion cunningly designed to keep us in thrall.

Here we have a startling inconsistency in the reasoning of the Christ bashers: we are told, on the one hand, that Christianity is a “Jew-created religion” designed to keep Christians under the Jewish yoke, and then we are told in the next breath that Jews have been trying to destroy Christianity by ideological means for centuries. Does this make sense? Why create something so dangerous that you need to spend the next 2000 years trying to destroy it?

Are the Jews trying to destroy Christianity or they trying to preserve it as a mind-forged manacle?

They cannot be doing both things.

Let JB Campbell speak for himself:

Before we can destroy Judaism, in theory, Christianity must be rejected for the disgrace that it is. Not just Christian Zionism but the idea of surrendering to be executed by our deadly enemies, which is the story of Jesus. Christianity is the cancer of the intellect.

Our children have to be taught about Jews and the danger of Christianity so that they can defend themselves from Jewish Rule.

Jesus’ actions were, and are, models to be emulated. That’s what makes the faith so deadly for its believers. Wasn’t every one of his early followers executed? Some of them were put to death by Saul of Tarsus, the man who was to write most of the New Testament! It’s really too much. How could such a passive, self-destructive idea be attractive to people, unless they somehow see it as a license — an excuse for cowardice?

And I think Jesus did teach this sort of pacifism in his Sermon on the Mount.

Humanity needs role models who teach us how to overthrow tyranny. Religion shouldn’t allow us to be cowards. It should glorify heroism. Heroism is the only thing that can get us out of this disaster which was created by the Jews and enabled by the Christians.

Christianity is by definition impotent and worse than useless. It has been our undoing because the role model, Jesus Christ, surrendered to be tortured to death. And this is the central part of his perfection.

Regarding your points in defense of Christianity: to me, there is no defense. There is no way to excuse or minimize the damage done. It is only human nature to defend yourself against aggression. Whether by design or default, Christianity removed this natural human tendency by holding up Jesus as the perfect being whose every action and statement was perfection.  Jesus refused to defend himself and this example was followed by his disciples and eventually by millions of believers over the centuries to come.

You say Jews hate Christianity. They don’t hate it – it’s their primary weapon against us. They hate us and drove us into this faith that weakens us and removes our will not only to win but just to survive.

(From  previous comments placed on this site by JB Campbell)

I have to hand it to Mr Campbell. He writes like an angel. This is beautifully put. Eloquent. Above all, it is convincing. I am almost convinced myself, but not quite! Because it just doesn’t stand up to critical analysis. It is fine in theory, as a working hypothesis, but in practice it fails.

I have already pointed out the numerous flaws in the anti-Christian position here. For a start, it is factually wrong—if not bordering on absurdity—to assert that Christ’s pacifist teachings have emasculated all Christians and turned them into wimps and sissies. Little better than men in skirts. People who say such things clearly have some sort of cognitive disorder. As I have already said, and I repeat:

One has only to look at the blood-soaked history of Europe and America to see that Christians are among the most belligerent people on earth, waging wars almost incessantly and killing off vast numbers of people without agonizing too much about it. The Crusades were not fought by pathologically altruistic Christians. Nor was the British Empire, on which the sun never set, acquired by exemplary Christians with a sword in one hand and a New Testament in the other.

In short, Christianity has had no effect whatever in turning its adherents into sissies. If this is why the Jews “invented” Christianity—to sissify Christians—they failed spectacularly.

The Sermon on the Mount, ironically, didn’t even turn Christ into a sissy. For if Christ had followed his own teachings at all times he would hardly have taken a whip to the moneychangers in the temple. The same man who said “Blessed are the peacemakers” also said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword!

—  §  —

People who object to Christianity on the entirely spurious grounds that its injunctions — “love your enemies” and “turn the other cheek” — are guaranteed to sissify Christians or turn them into snowflakes, have been unable to provide a single historical instance where Christians have meekly lain down and allowed another hostile nation to treat them like doormats.

On the contrary, we have provided above the example of the British Empire, an empire founded on Christianity and steeped in the Christian ethos, that was never once tempted during its acquisition of its vast territories to love its enemies and turn the other cheek. If it had done so, it would never had acquired an empire at all.

A compelling historical instance will provide incontrovertible proof that Christians, when savagely attacked, will forget all their fine moral principles and respond at once with equal if not greater savagery.

The Brits had acquired India through conquest, telling themselves that they were helping to spread the advantages of a technologically superior Christian civilization to the natives, without asking the natives if they wished to be conquered and civilized in the first place. In 1857 the natives rebelled. Suffice to say that the Indians had many valid grievances against their Christian benefactors. They had put up with much rough love and had borne for many years the yoke of Pax Britannica with patience, but in May 1857 the worm finally turned. They went on the rampage. This event came to be known as the Indian Mutiny. Order was finally restored by the Christian victors in mid-1858. The result of this unpleasant brouhaha was the transfer of government from the rapacious East India Company to the British Crown, which knew how to deal with the Indians in a slightly more reasonable and understanding way. It was not until 1947 that the Brits, shattered and chastened by the appalling bloodbath of World War Two, decided to cut their losses and quit India for good.

First, understand that the British rulers of India were a Christian people in every sense of the word. You had to be a Christian to be a member of Parliament or teach at the great universities. When the Brits in India reacted with unchristian savagery to the mutiny of their Indian subjects, it was Queen Victoria who protested as a Christian, confessing to “feelings of sorrow and indignation at the unchristian spirit shown [by British soldiers toward the Indian mutineers].” And it was General Havelock, who helped to end the rebellion and died during the process, who said to his son, “Harry, see how a Christian can die!” (A.N. Wilson, The Victorians, p. 219, 217)

Did these exemplary Christians “love their enemies” and “turn the other cheek” toward the Indian mutineers? No, they did not! When push came to shove, they reverted to the savagery of their primitive instincts. Let A.N. Wilson describe how they behaved when under attack. I will quote him at length in order to prove my point that Christianity does NOT emasculate Christians or destroy their fighting spirit.

The ruthlessness of British reprisals, the preparedness to ‘punish’ Indians of any age or sex, regardless of whether they had any part in the rebellion, is a perpetual moral stain on the Raj…. The British decided to meet cruelty with redoubled cruelty, terror with terror, blood with blood.

Muslims had been stripped, tied to the ground and ‘branded over every part of their bodies wth red-hot coppers’…. Sewing Muslims into pigskins, or smearing them with pork fat before execution, was another torture favoured by the British…. Rape and pillage were encouraged by the British officers before old women and children were burnt alive in their villages. Officers boasted that they had ‘spared no one’, or that ‘peppering away at niggers’ was a pastime they ‘enjoyed amazingly’. Many Indians had the experience of being lashed, standing, to the mouth of a cannon and blown apart by grapeshot….

Prisoners were made to lick the blood from the floor of the Bibighar while a European soldier whipped their backs with a whip…. Brahmins would be made to lick parts of the floor previously moistened with water  by ‘untouchables’ ‘We broke his caste.’ wrote one Major Bingham. ‘We stuffed pork, beef and everything which would possibly break his caste down his throat, tied him as tight as we could by the arms and told the guard to be gentle with him… The guard treated him gently. I only wonder he lived to be hung, which I had the pleasure of witnessing.’

— A.N. Wilson, The Victorians, pp. 207-215

One could provide thousands of other examples of war atrocities practiced by Christians from the Crusades onwards—Christians who were familiar with Christ’s injunctions to “love your enemies” and “turn the other cheek”. The fact that these high-minded moral injunctions, all very well in theory, have no application whatsoever in practice, is clearly lost on the virulent Anti-Christian lobby.

—  §  —

Here is a great Russian writer on a crowded prison train, rumbling eastward toward Siberia, wondering what the gods held in store for him in the grim Gulag Archipelago. When I read this poignant passage from the Life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I was deeply moved.

At a quiet station called Torbeyevo… Solzhenitsyn caught sight of a small peasant woman in the usual shabby clothing: her slanting eyes indicated a Mordovian or Chuvash. Suddenly the prisoners, who were lying on the top bunks, “sat up to attention: large tears were streaming from the woman’s eyes. Having made out our silhouettes… she lifted a small, work-calloused hand and blessed us with the sign of the cross, again and again. Her diminutive face was wet with tears. As the train started to move again, she still went on making the sign of the cross, until she was lost to view.” (Quoted in AN Wilson’s God’s Funeral, p. 440)

Ah, Mother Russia! Last bastion of the old Christianity! The same primitive Christianity that had “infected” Tolstoy and Dostoevsky had pierced the heart of the great Solzhenitsyn. One look from the tear-filled eye of an old peasant woman had taught him more than he would learn from a thousand theological tomes.

This is what it’s all about: the tear in the peasant’s eyePersonal experience of the numinous and sacred. To sit once again under the tree of life and drink anew of the living waters.

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    “On the contrary, we have provided above the example of the British Empire, an empire founded on Christianity and steeped in the Christian ethos, that was never once tempted during its acquisition of its vast territories to love its enemies and turn the other cheek.”

    Yes, and all in the service of the Jew. The British Empire wasn’t founded on Christianity and Christian ethos, but on greed. Unless the murder of those who opposed the invasions of Christians is Christian ethos. Come to think about it, that could exactly be it, witnessing the Christian hate for anything not Christian and the zealic force which was used to destroy pagans and their cultures, along with all the knowledge they had. The spread of Christianity globally was probably only to render the encountered natives just as ‘good’ as the spreaders of it. The British Empire was only a result of Jewish global capitalist expansion. In fact all the European colonial adventures on all continents were, indisputable FACT. Before that we were doing pretty alright at home, trading wise. The Hanze cities trading route, centuries old at the time already, for example. No jews were involved in that. When did the good Christians ever mass killed the supposed killers of the man they worship, as they should have? Never. No, all the good Christians ever did was murder anyone BUT the Jew in servitude of the latter’s capitalist international expansion, indisputable FACT.

    I read a comment here a while ago from someone claiming to consider himself a good Christian. He said that if someone would strike him he would not offer the other cheek but retaliate by kicking him in the nuts, or something along that line. But ask him if he would kill his biological enemies for threatening the very existence of his own species with its own habitat? Well of course he wouldn’t. That wouldn’t be Christian.

    Good Christians refuse to kill off their biological enemies precisely because of ‘good’ Christian ethics, which are diametrically oppose the laws of nature. It will be the end of the most advanced life from on earth, the white race. A perfect example is this Christian website’s anti-racist stance, exemplary for Christian ethics, which are anti-nature.

    But what I find most puzzling is why you good Christians bother to mind that development at all. You don’t regard this earthly life of the highest value, correct? You will all be ‘saved’ by a dead Jew after death, so why moaning about white genocide or mass immigration, setting the planet on fire etc. and write articles about it online? Why bother at all, you all know better, correct?

    Let me repeat that from a biological/evolutionary perspective, the Jew is doing everything right and we are doing everything wrong. We’re going down because we refuse to do what is necessary to survive, kill those who are killing you. Christian moral is causing this, period. Christian moral is broadly dispersed with vehicles like humanism, liberalism, communism, which all consist of Christian ethics. In a normal logical world we wouldn’t have to kill anyone because nobody would ever be able to touch us. So we wouldn’t have any natural enemies. Only if you regard less capable races ( some of them even primitive hominids who never evolved beyond stone age cannibalsm ) as your equal and ALLOW them to invade your habitat, interbreed, share political power etc etc this becomes a life threatening problem, the current state of affairs.

    Of course the primary source of the Jew’s power is the white man himself, indisputable FACT. Anyone who disputes that is either a brainwashed imbecile who needs to wake up, or would actually have to admit that indeed, the Jews are Gods chosen ones and absolutely superior to us, since even they are very tiny in number they nevertheless dominate all others, meaning billions of non Jews.

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  3. All groups have to be subservient to the Jews. They don’t say that but Judaism is the only religion that we are not allowed to criticize.

    The Jewish Lobby is playing with fire by attacking those who are skeptical about the Holocaust. Its the old Jewish double standards, but it that doesn’t work nowadays. So long as we have the internet we can state the truth, and the truth really will set us free from this Jewish tyranny.

    Press on LD. The important thing is to keep going if you know you are right.

    They expect to be treated as special and we should not go along with their arrogant sense of entitlement.

    J have come across some who have been unbelievably full of themselves.

    1. I worked for a major US telecomm corp that had outsourced an upgrade of their billing system to an Israeli owned company, Amdocs.

      Amdocs was started by two “ex”- Mossad agents, and the company has done work of one kind or another for just about every US telecomm corp, installing back doors and spying mechanisms wherever they work.

      Having worked with Israelis and US Jews working for Amdocs for three years, their “arrogant sense of entitlement” never ceased to both amaze and disgust me.

  4. “Why create something so dangerous that you need to spend the next 2000 years trying to destroy it?” They don’t have to try to destroy it – we are doing it for them. They just see the poison at work.

  5. i keep saying it over and over:
    if one is not a turncoat shabbo in jew’s employ, readily backstabbing his own kind in return for petty cash, then only a complete moron, what a jew would call a perfect goy (because his services are free) would ever agree with jew on an object of jew’s most intense, eternal hatred, such as jesus christ, whom jew hates with a passion hundred times greater than he hates anything or anybody else, including hitler.
    but a telling characteristic of a moron is that he doesn’t know that he is a moron and will thus enthusiastically commit to jew’s opinion or the slightly more sophisticated, 1/2 an iq point higher, will mumble and grunt about some cowbooky theater, too complicated to follow but you know, it’s there, i’m telling you.
    this article sums it up well

    In the end, the world will not notice its enslavement, because the generations capable of creative thought and reason will have been replaced by a stultified, obedient mass of humanity only capable of acting in a manner predetermined by the rulers.

    protestanism is jew’s crowning creation, even more so than freemasonry, because its dragnet caught hundreds of millions free, voluntary enslaved minds, instead of a few hundred intelligent psychopathic betrayers.
    most protestants couldn’t spell christ, let alone quote his teaching, for the past 20 years they’ve been tossing the cross out of their churches, relying exclusively on torah in their homilies, wildly supportive of israel in all its toxic aspects.

    as for christianity “turning the other cheek”, i challenge them to show me one single religion or a social-political philosophy, apart from the national socialism and catholicism, albeit in ever flabbier, more diluted and corrupt format since the renaissance, that ever stood up to jew in any sense.
    islam? look at the lovey-dovey relationships with ottomans, with moorish magreb who dragged the verminous infestation along wherever they conquered new lands, such as iberian peninsula.
    look at jewification of english aristocracy, whereby after cromwell, there is hardly a single pure line of nobility that would sneak by the nuremberg laws, the house of lords absolutely swarming with either total or partial jews, just don’t call them christian – and what good have they been in the resistance to the talmudic triumph?
    shall we look at the scandinavia, the once proud land of the viking marauders?
    rome was pestered by jews well before christianity, already corrupt by them, i have zero doubt that it was whispering juden that are behind the mass murder of the early christians – not that dr-ever-so-brilliant william pierce would care, his primary object of scorn is jesus christ – oy gevalt, thank you good doctor, judea acknowledges its indebtedness to you.

    heads – judaic evil,
    tails – goy stupidity.
    so long as you understand that it is the same coin, neither problem can be solved on its own but must be tackled bilaterally.

  6. Dearest Lasha.

    My heartfelt blessings go out to you. I know how you must be feeling and I pray that your faith and convictions will remain strong and true regardless of whether your site bites the dust due to the machinations of the Devils incarnate. It need not stop or prevent you from further actions in support of Truth & Light. Since the demise of on March 13, 2017 I have been busy working behind the scenes in many other capacities and the struggle continues.

    Sending you LOVE and THANKS for all your efforts thus far.

    Mehr Licht!

    Arthur Topham
    The Radical Press
    (Celebrating our 20th year of “digging to the root of the issues”)

  7. And, GOD bless you, Arthur Topham!! What a delight to see your picture again and to receive words from you! Now, if we could only spring (!) Monika Schaefer from her German imprisoners!

    The list of e-martyrs over time seems destined to lengthen! How apropos, then LD’s stirring words above. ‘Tis time NOT to turn the “other [cyber] cheek”! Thus and so, cheekiness to fore, and on we go!!

  8. “The perception is that, in a world in which only the fittest survive, Christianity is the great weakener. If you want to be strong and get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world, dump Christianity.”

    I have also struggled with this issue a little bit. I think the analysis has to start with the question: What’s the whole point of life in the first place? If you don’t believe that humans are spiritual beings in a physical body, whose existence in the physical realm is temporary, in preparation for an eternal afterlife, then you are probably going to see Christianity as the “great weakener”, since anything beyond worldly pleasure and material gain is just not on your radar screen.

    Regarding the issue of self-defense, consider this:

    “(36) Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
    (37) For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.
    (38) And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.”
    (Luke 22:36-38)

    Here are two swords? What were they doing with swords in the first place? These verses suggest to me that Christianity does not have a problem with legitimate self defense. After all, there is no commandment “thou shall not defend thyself.”

    Like many other things in the Bible, I think it boils down to common sense, with emphasis on moral reasoning. As I see it, this society has now become so degenerate that a person could be in all kinds of arguments and fights all day long, just trying to go about daily life while minding his or her own business. You drive down the street, and an inconsiderate person pulls out in front of you, and you have to slam on the brakes; you go a little further, and somebody cuts you off; you try to merge into traffic, and someone speeds up just for the sake of preventing you from merging, etc. Sometimes “turning the other cheek” seems like practical advice regarding the struggle to exist in a corrupt world.

    “Are the Jews trying to destroy Christianity or they trying to preserve it as a mind-forged manacle?
    They cannot be doing both things.”

    I think the analysis should begin with the question: What is the Satan’s ultimate goal (and by extension, that of his agents in the physical realm, the “beast”)? And according to the prophet Isaiah, it’s this:

    “(13) For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
    (14) I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:13,14).

    IMO, for anyone seriously trying to understand what’s going on in the world, the importance of these simple yet profoundly enlightening verses cannot be overstated.

    If Satan’s goal is to “exalt [his] throne above the stars of God”, then by way of his agent, the “beast”, he must destroy “goodness” anywhere and everywhere on planet earth, e.g. by replacing “good” with “evil”. This explains the beast’s evil messianism, IMO.

    Everything and everybody must be corrupted/perverted. Order must be replaced with chaos; health and life replaced with sickness and death; light and truth replaced with darkness and lies, etc. And this is exactly what we see the “beast” doing in the world today, leaving a swath of destruction everywhere it goes.

    So getting back to the original question with this in mind: If they can pervert/misrepresent Christianity as nothing but a “mind-forged manacle”, doesn’t this also destroy it and help them accomplish their ultimate goal?

  9. @Lobro
    “i keep saying it over and over:
    Yep, good advice! Even GA, the ex-ex jew reverts to type when the shekel stash start’s to get compromised.

    “Fighting this battle may cost tens of thousands of pounds. I am going to need some four figure donations to find the ludicrous amount required. But every single penny mounts up and please do give something.”
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    ‘every single penny’ now that’s funny!

    Gilad it’s simple, just sell one of your many London properties or ask your wealthy family in Israel to do a bank transfer, don’t start poncing of the goy. No hard feelings G, ATB with the court case 😉

    1. (reply button back on and functional but the box kind of constricted)
      yes jimbo, this is precisely the tragedy of the jew-goy pairing, tragedy for us, opportunity for him, that there is never a shortage of goyim happy to put a shoulder to his wheel.
      none of the christ bashers will ever answer the following challenge:
      (and do keep in mind that the early christianity was that much closer tochrist’s original message, got watered down and contaminated aver time)

      bolshevism/communism/jacobism anyone?
      atheists look good in this framework, don’t they.

      real good.

      expelled or eliminated jews … i just cannot recall a single case for some weird reason, my apologies.

      but it does’t in any way discourage them from volunteering to work on antichrist’s kibbutz.

      1. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “(reply button back on and functional but the box kind of constricted)”

        There is a tab at the lower right corner of the box which allows you to expand the box by dragging it to whatever size you need.. 🙂

    2. I would have thought Gilad was getting plenty of royalties from his music …the Blockheads for example must bring in considerable shekels… 😉

  10. Any perspectives of “Christianity” notwithstanding, here’s something I was hoping to get in before darkmoon potentially goes under again…

    Never underestimate the scope of lies in this world, to what depths of elaboration the liars WHO WRITE THE HISTORY will go

    Consider the following to represent the gnosis of Jesus Christ, knowledge suppressed by those who LIED about murdering him and fabricated an elaborate fiction which came to be called “The Passion of Christ”

    Christ: “Evil’s ultimate expression reflects a devolved state of existence, experienced for countless eons of the manufactured time that countenances it, and which is the AEGIS of innumerable incarnations to this physical realm – reincarnation being essentially a symptom.

    Devolution spawns a culture of death, of which what is referred to as ‘history’ is TOO a symptom. It represents a circumvention of Divine Law (primal transgression; the first trespass; ‘original sin’) creating a condition in which SPIRIT is disoriented, resulting in a restriction called ‘matter’.

    The problem with being in this devolved state isn’t with matter. per se, as contradictory as that may appear, but with a ‘restrictiveness of non-malleability’. When spirit is disoriented it results in a bondage of deterioration imposed by ‘passages’ of time, whose punition makes Man a sitting duck to the controlling ‘lord’ of mortality, with its onerous system of ‘life and death’. This ‘god’ is an IMPOSTOR, and NOT the God of Creation, but a DESTROYER; the grim reaper of materialized souls.

    There is nothing sacrosanct about my dying on a cross in what amounts to being a blood sacrifice to the enemy of mankind. Why would I submit to such blasphemy!? None of it has ANYTHING to do with the conveyance of my primary message of Resurrection, which signifies a reorientation of spirit ascended ‘beyond the pale’ of this restricted existence with its endless array of reincarnations

    My alleged crucifixion is yet another GARGANTUAN LIE disseminated by the relentless scourge of Darkness. This NOT how my mortal coil* was shed after having delivered this information to the world.”

    Read the following to signify a 2-step process of enslavement

    *coil: (1) An earlier form of “cull”, used in the sense to select, or choose [Gaelic: to goyim, goill (goy)] (2) To ensnare into a fixed, or constrained position

      1. Not sure if I can, Darrel. Pesky words doncha know. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl…but not right away

      2. Darrell, I too struggle with the comprehension of many comments made on darkmoon, and I am little doubt Most darkmooners struggle with my comments,
        However i believe civility is the darkmoon way, G D bless.

  11. Call the tear in the old peasant’s eye reflecting love in the heart a “prerequisite” for experiencing the numinous and sacred in ways in which who we really are have forgotten

    The incredible news is that memory is returning

  12. Those who have experience the ecstasy that is the presence of the Divine know when the Divine arrives.
    It is with the collapse of self-justifying morally pontificating ego, when one’s rage and, perhaps, violence against the wicked is expressed and recognised as the demonic that persists with the self.
    That I am part of the problem as much as those against whom I rage.
    That if I am to exorcise demons from the world I must exorcise them from myself first. The empty and self-loathing outer self cries out to God for help. Now that this outer self has become empty, the longed-for Spirit arrives.
    Now with this ecstasy (that was always present with the inner self) there is no fear. One’s own relationship with the demonic entities that one has sometimes affirmed, is broken. They have been dismissed. The presences within are angelic and demons fear to approach, unbearable as it is for them to recognise themselves as they are and admit to themselves their own nature.
    Now, there is the knowledge that all is well and all has always been well. The system is operating according to its Divine rule set and is progressing towards its Divine goal. At last we see it.
    Now, in fearlessness and love the truths we speak terrifies the Lucifers of this world. They have no darkness on which to gain a purchase and point. “Look! A demon who would destroy you!”
    Thus the game will be won in the end and only thus.
    This is the entire pupose of the game.
    Our becoming one with Christ.

  13. the original christianity was a genuinely spiritual gnostic church of enlightenment, non-violent in the aggressive sense but not at all weak or cowardly in the face of danger.
    turning the other cheek is an ideal that has its place but it’s not literal instruction… no fanatics please.
    pre- jesus gnosticism was totally incompatible with the roman program. hippies..
    like masonry, only without the selfishness, gnosticism seeks an understanding of life and spirituality through natural reality, with peace and brotherhood for all…
    it came with reincarnation. but that was erased by ecueinical council, which also added the trinity…
    the interjected roman crucifix is a big problem.
    good people simply do not want to be associated with the theme of torture and murder, no matter what the supposed attachments…
    to any evolutionary it’s a gross anachronism if there ever was one, an odious holdover from the time of emperors, obviously having nothing to do with the original gnosticism…
    this ‘messiah’ is obviously just another take on the original jewish version…
    we do see the wisdom of the gnostic philosophy of love and kindness, and we understand it has had an ameliorative effect of the world, through the promotion of christianity, even if the jesus character was invented by the romans to acquire the peace movement and stamp their authoritarianism on it at the end.
    as white europe and the usa gradually succumb to the immigrant invasion, i’m certain that’s got a lot more to do with the globalists’ scheme than it does with any rumored character defects among those citizens on account of christianity.

    1. BD

      The “Jesus character”, as you put it, was a real person who incarnated here in human form to deliver the gnosis as I’ve written. Also, my understanding is that there are others who also came around the time of Jesus in various parts of the world in representing the “Christ Consciousness” of gnostic understanding

      One such person would be one who appeared to the Kiowa Apache

  14. i tried to post this on the last article but there was a malfunction. i had no ‘post comment’ button at all… apparently somebody doesn’t like our views. guess who?

    pat — it isn’t that “the west” doesn’t care, unless by ‘the west’ you mean the “jew media”….
    the proles only think much about what the media publishes, and most of them are trying their best not to see anything much at all outside of their own little lives… that’s the female effect…
    and you’re seeing not one word of the ongoing massacre against whites in south africa..
    i guess the jews are keeping trump’s mouth sewed shut on that too. it wouldn’t do to have the public understand what really awaits them in their ‘multiculturalism’ once the muds take over…
    the commercial media is a ‘weapon of mass distraction”, unless of course we’re constantly being fed the jewish zionista version of what’s happening… whatever subset of info that supports their deep state narrative…
    those are two new terms indicating an increase in awareness, ‘deep state’ and ‘narrative’, out of the free media effect…
    but the commercial steno-media still refuses real journalism and has not much depth…
    and the writing is on the wall – this country, basically a constitutional republic, which should be the light of the free world, will never function for the best unless its media works right…
    the importance of that is burned into the constitution in the first amendment…
    that’s not for no reason…
    what’s that got to so with jesus and religion in general?
    my opinion – religion conditions people to believe in stuff without knowing the proof of it… in other words – rumors… rarely do we get anything else…
    truth in media, progress in general – those are just not things people destined for heaven think much about…
    the flock only cares whether the shepherd is watching. the sheeple people. and they do what the shepherd tells them.
    from what i’ve gathered, in ancient sumer, where the brand-x religion as we know it came from, there was no distinction in the language between people and sheep..

  15. Here we have a startling inconsistency in the reasoning of the Christ bashers: we are told, on the one hand, that Christianity is a “Jew-created religion” designed to keep Christians under the Jewish yoke, and then we are told in the next breath that Jews have been trying to destroy Christianity by ideological means for centuries. Does this make sense?

    Are the Jews’ methods not clear? They are more than willing to use their enemy’s name, resources and personality as destructive devices for the very thing their enemy supported, e.g. Henry Ford – Ford Foundation, Walt Disney – Eisner’s Disney. While it is true Jews hate Christianity, after all Jesus and Hitler are the two most reviled men in Jewish history, they have no qualms about using Christians as “useful idiots” for their political agenda of white genocide. The Lutheran Church provides a classic example with their slavish support for importing primitive Somalian Negros into American culture.

    Jesus was a Jew. Saul/Paul was a Jew. Therefore there can be no question Christianity was created by Jews. As for the purpose, Jesus would have never ascribed to the underlying principles of Saul/Paul’s Christianity. Jesus’ efforts were directed against the second Temple while Saul/Paul’s efforts were an attempt to reestablish the Temple in a new format. The Christian church was a mirrored inversion of the second Temple. The new Temple was morphed into the Greek concept of “church,” with Jesus as the new YHVH god and Saul/Paul assuming the role of “kohein gadol” or high priest. This is why later Christian churches had all the earmarks of the second Temple, complete with its set of dogmatic laws redacted to address the non-Jew.

    Despite Jesus’ admonishment to his disciples to “go not unto the gentile,” Saul/Paul gathered “gentile” followers into his fold to fill out the ranks of his nascent religion, as there were not enough Jews to serve that purpose. Even after the destruction of their second Temple, most Jews still followed the Temple’s Judaic religion. Saul/Paul’s recruiting of “gentiles” into the new religion did not help Saul/Paul’s attempt to gather followers from his tribal brethren. Once again, one finds the Jew’s use of goyim as “useful idiots” to achieve their own greedy ends.

    Jesus was an altruist who stood against a religious system to help those being oppressed by it. Saul Paul was the opposite; a greedy, self-serving, Jew seeking only to elevate his personal power and wealth. To this end Saul/Paul co-opted Jesus’ ministry against the second Temple, inverting it in a manner never intended by the master. Thus Saul/Paul is a classic example of the false teacher that usurps the master’s teachings to gather his own following that will feed his ego with power and wealth.

    A recent example of this is Richard Alpert, aka “Babba Ram Dass.” Alpert took his master’s teachings (incomplete) and used them to start his own large group of followers to feed his egotistic desire for power. Due to the nature of instruction of esoteric knowledge, real teachers like Jesus must be quite personal in their approach, typically addressing small groups of between one and fifteen followers. These followers, supplicants, disciples are prohibited from developing a personality cult of worshiping the master. Massive followings of worshipers, as seen with Saul/Paul and Richard Alpert, are a clear sign of the false teacher.

    1. Henry Ford had nothing to do with the liberalized “Ford Foundation” — it was subverted by his scumbag grandson Henry Ford II (the ‘Deuce’).

    2. Excellent, Arch.
      In an answer to one of my comments once, you claimed you almost had given up on this existence. Somehow this comment tells me you are not going down without a fight yet. 😉
      Sometimes I wish I was not such a sucker for truth…..

  16. @barkingdeer
    “religion conditions people to believe in stuff without knowing the proof of it… in other words – rumors… rarely do we get anything else…
    truth in media, progress in general – those are just not things people destined for heaven think much about…”

    Everyone believes in stuff without knowing the proof of it. There is overwhelming evidence for the truth of the gospels and by logical consequence of unadulterated Christian teaching, by which I mean the teachings that have been handed down to us by the apostles and their legitimate successors (I do not include Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a. “Pope” Francis in this group). Try reading one or more of the gospels instead of jewish-inspired ideological critics of Christianity and then ask yourself, “Can this have been made up?” If Jesus is a divine Person who became man, then the Church he founded which he promised would be guided in all truth by the Holy Spirit is the ark of salvation in our storm-tossed world. All the heresies, including Protestantism, are deviations from the truth and have been supported and promoted by the jews, who are the chief enemies of Christ and his Mystical Body, the Church.

    Also, ‘turning the other cheek’ only refers to the individual Christian and is a counsel of perfection, not a precept. One may defend himself or meekly accept persecution as did Christ, but one has the moral duty to defend others, as well as one’s family, community, or nation.

  17. …And re- your comment,
    “truth in media, progress in general – those are just not things people destined for heaven think much about” —

    History has shown that those who think most about the next world, especially devout Catholic and Orthodox Christians, are the ones who have done the most good in this world. Of course Jewish/Freemasonic/Protestant “history” would tell you much differently, and unfortunately so many people are taken in by their diabolically perfidious propaganda. See, e.g., E Michael Jones, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History.”

  18. These White Nationalists are intellectually deficient losers. William Pierce doesn’t have a clue that it was Christianity that civilized Europe as St. Benedict taught them to work and pray (ora et labora) as he established the great Monastic Estates. The great philosophical system that is Catholicism also paved way for the universities which created the civil, business and moral order of Europe. As Belloc said, “Europe is the Church and the Church is Europe”.

    Of course these cretinous Nazis have it completely wrong. It is only Christianity, pure and undefiled, that will defeat the Jews. The Germans were chasing pigs through the forest until the Benedictines arrived. And I really doubt these Germanic peoples thought of themselves as “white”. This ridiculous concept comes from the American South. I’m not white although most of you would think I am. I have a very light complexion, blue eyes, and I was a blondie as a child before changing to brown hair in my late teens. I’m an ethnic Catholic.

    My people did not know they were “white” until they were told so as part of the myth that has also established the Civil Rights Movement as the great Civic Religion of our age. In other words, they did not realize it until the American Negro was coming in mass to the big cities and used by WASPs as a battering ram to drive out ethnic Catholics from their neighborhoods vis a vis blockbusting. There were no “separate but supposedly equal” facilities for blacks and whites in the North.

    A better example of Christians not being “wimps or sissies” would be to point to the Poles who saved Europe at Vienna from the Mohammedans. The English behavior in India is directly related to the same blood thirsty capitalism that was borne when Henry decided to steal a 1,000 year store of value from the Church and divide it among his friends he used it to create capitalism and the new class of landed gentry. They may call themselves “Christian” and they certainly still sang beautiful hymns along with elegant liturgy, but they ceased to be actual Christians because they were now heretics.

    The Nazis biggest error was using the same racial identity and hatred that the Jews have always held close to their heart. Didn’t work out too well, now did it?

    1. Well said, Rich! I perceive that you have read some of E Michael Jones’s writings.

      BTW, Belloc’s more famous quote is ‘Europe is the Faith, and the Faith is Europe.”

      Most people don’t realize how much good the Catholic Church has done in the last 2000 years. Reading people like Belloc, Chesterton, and E Michael Jones has opened my eyes to so much little known truth in history, as well as to the evil machinations of those who seem to be willing to break up their own furniture just to have something to beat Christianity with, especially the Catholic Church. Most people who don’t believe in the truth of authentic Christianity, which the Catholic Church teaches, have moral impediments to the divine gift of faith. Christ’s first recorded words in his public ministry were “Repent and believe in the gospel” (Mk 1:15; Mt 4:17). John the Baptist called the many who flocked to him to repentance and they confessed their sins (Mt 3:2, 6). That was the necessary condition for believing in Christ, which is why John was sent before him, “to prepare the way of the Lord.” If we don’t sincerely repent of our sins, we will not believe. Sin leads to blindness of spirit, and the scales fall from our spiritual eyes once we humble ourselves before our Creator. Try it, folks – and especially on your knees – and I’m sure you’ll be happily surprised by the peace of soul and happiness that will follow, not to mention the salvation of your immortal soul for which repentance is the first prerequisite.

  19. “Are the Jews trying to destroy Christianity or [are] they trying to preserve it as a mind-forged manacle?

    “They cannot be doing both things.”

    Most assuredly wrong!

    The Jew is on every side of every significant issue, and also many of the mundane.

    First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

  20. Dear Lasha and all

    ” Turn the other cheek ” implies that only a slap in the face has been exchanged.
    The smartest defence is always to avoid a further escalation and btw ‘turning’ another cheeks means not to quietly or cowardly to accept another hit.
    You have smarter ‘tools’ at hand than the childish ‘ tit for tat ‘ response.
    For a true Christian the most powerful ally is God the Father, the God head, through Jesus.
    So why should you ‘ slap ‘ back then when God has already declared ‘ Let the revenge be mine ‘. Don’t interfere with his wrath, with which he curses or even worse eliminates the offender.
    True Christians are not stupid they know who has the most powerful and lethal means at hand to defend them when in need.

    ” Ask and you shall receive, ask…. just ask ”
    God bless you all

  21. I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is Lord and one day every knee shall bow before Him and willingly, freely confess from their heart that in Him only is their strength and righteousness. That “idea” comes from the Hebrew Scriptures in Isaiah 45:23,24 and later quoted and applied to Jesus by Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:9-11

  22. Im under the understanding that unlike Islam Christianity broke the Jewish shackles of oppression through Jesus.

    The truth is jews created Old testament “Christianity” and we white gentiles sabotaged it and hijacked it.

    Jesus submitting himself to authority and then defying that authority in the highest possible form. By being resirected and in doing so rejecting the most powerful jewish punishment – execution.

    Jesus was more like a Hitler figure to the jews. Jesus had practical solutions to jewish Ponzi schemes. Uniformly hated by both flavours of jewery. Communism. Zionism. Both executive branches of the Kosher Nostre .

    No wonder the jews hate Jesus.

  23. That’s right. We all believe what we want to believe. .everybody’s a cafeteria catholic. ..
    But we all have to believe in something.
    Believing is one thing. Shutting information out because you don’t want to hear it is something else again. ..
    Some say if a lie is big enough and persists long enough it becomes the truth. ..
    Speaking of ”gospels ‘, the word “gospel ‘ means ‘news of a military victory ‘…
    The Christianity we know of wouldn’t be much, if anything at all , if the Romans hadn’t spread their catholicism around their territory on the point of a spear. .. same thing in Russia, the scism notwithstanding. ..
    Not to mention 2000 years of Vatican secret financing, no taxes and diplomatic immunity. …
    If people didn’t indoctrinate their children into it – it would die out in a couple of generations. …
    Would the world be better off on a real track?
    Not to be unkind or disrespectful, but what real value does religion have?
    Jews trying to kill Christianity?
    What’s keeping it alive?

  24. Hi Barking Deer,
    The fact that Christian worship is declining does not mean that people do not believe in a God. I think the Old Testament is mainly myth, but I think Jesus lived, although I doubt he was supernatural.

    What makes me believe there is a great intelligence that we can call God is the impossibility of the DNA double helix having happened by random chance, by accident, and the resultant forms of life: the amazing (Miraculous?) structures of life. Even a blade of grass is a fantastically complex and elegant thing.

    Life itself is the great miracle.

  25. The real plot against Jesus is the twisted attempts to blend the teachings of Jesus with the Old Testament, Acts, the Books of Paul, and Revelations. The teachings of Jesus stand on their own, complete, and are exceptionally empowering, not sissifying or needing any organization.

    Turning the other cheek is simply walking away if you can. If you can’t walk away, the sword Jesus said to acquire becomes necessary to defend yourself. This is not complicated. There is no way to perform our primary charge from Jesus of spreading the word of the kingdom of God that is within us if we allow others to kill us. Defense is paramount. Aggression is to be avoided as a dove.

    Loving your enemy is also simple. The only physical things we are guaranteed of by following the teachings of Jesus is food and clothing, the basic needs. Loving your enemy is as simple as giving them food and clothing if they are in need. They become your friend.

    Jesus told us to use the power of the Law of the Word, I call it the law of verbal command. It is spiritual power over physical, just the way everything was made. Simply by using your voice and Jesus’ name along with a tiny bit of believing, anyone can heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils for the benefit of your fellowman. Likewise, anyone can control the physical elements to protect themselves and others.

    Aggressor’s weapons are part of physical elements which can be controlled by voice and believing. Command that the aggressor’s weapons are vaporized and the aggressor is disarmed. If the aggressor is dumb enough to continue to do harm without weapons, that is when your sword (AK47, etc,) comes into play for defense.

    Far too many Christians have died needlessly only because of their ignorance of the teachings of Jesus contained in the Gospels, the glad tidings of the kingdom of God within us.

    Are Christians sissified? Only if they like being ignorant of the teachings of their namesake, Jesus Christ. Concentrating on the Gospels and flushing the distractions of the other parts of the “Bible,” will cure that ignorance. The big bonus is that instructions for the salvation of the soul are located completely in the same spot, the Gospels.

    1. The real plot against Jesus is the twisted attempts to blend the teachings of Jesus with the Old Testament, Acts, the Books of Paul, and Revelations. The teachings of Jesus stand on their own, complete, and are exceptionally empowering, not sissifying or needing any organization.

      One thing that has truly surprised me is the number of Christians I have spoken with that understand the Gospels stand in diametric opposition to the Old Testament. Jesus clearly stated he came to “fulfill” Torah law. He did so using the precedence provided by the prophets.

      Jews saw Torah law as a contractual agreement between the nations of Israel and their god YHVH. To “fulfill” such a contract meant to complete, i.e. to finish, the contract and if Jews can lay claim to nothing else, it is that they are history’s legal beagles.

      1. Arch

        My understanding regarding “torah law” goes deeper than what would be implied by “law”

        Here’s something to consider in keeping with the Essenes:

        In brief, the true story of what became known as “torah” reflects the dynamics of Creation itself and Existence in an ethereal state which eventually devolved through gradations of density we refer to as “matter”. The turning point to a devolved state of entrapment is represented by “YHWH” – the “overseer” of mortality; the “grim reaper”

  26. Reply to Ungenius [April 8, 2018 at 4:19 am]

    Thank you deeply for your insight-full and highly educative post. I disagree with only several of your assertions. I take strongest issue with this one: “Concentrating on the Gospels and flushing the distractions of the other parts of the ‘Bible,’ will cure that ignorance. The big bonus is that instructions for the salvation of the soul are located completely in the same spot, the Gospels.”

    Now in my eighth decade, based on direct if diverse experience, I disagree! Let me give you the long story short, a nickel tour, if you will. Self-confirmed (!) a “roamin’ Catholic” at the age of 18, I took off, propelled by a powerful, soul-centric vacuum I created by letting “Roman Catholicism” go.

    A formerly devote altar boy, I careened forward for many years along several dimensions new to me. Predictably, if not inevitably, I had extensive, in-depth encounters with half a dozen “spiritual groups”. Some such groups you or others might describe pejoratively as “New Age”. A few special groups proved demonstrably powerful, providing for this aspirant actual experiences of what the group (and many other groups, too) taught. Other stories, another time!

    Below, I offer one, simple example of my experience in the hope I can illustrate my point and enhance the likelihood it gets across to you.

    First, identify one or more “spiritual abilities” you’d like to augment, that is, to increase your performance of that spiritual skill or ability. You might consider including in your practice the sequential and | or simultaneous execution of two or more skills and abilities in service to a discrete task or, over a longer period of time, to a larger, more complex project.

    Second, as a possible “instruction manual” for this aspiration, examine (a) the Gospels; (b) Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health”; and (c) Earnest Holmes’ “The Science of Mind”. (Note: This was my own progression.) For you, for the spiritual ability you’d like to augment, which among the three resources has the most thorough, detailed coverage and instructions for (1) the particular spiritual ability you seek to augment and, more generally, (2) for the overarching, longer-term process demanded for the final and complete “salvation of the soul”?

    At some milestone beyond where we might find our Selves in this discussion, I think we have to define better, more operationally, the terms self, soul, body, mind, and a few others; how these terms relate or “fit together”; how independently the elements referenced by the terms exist; etc.

    In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, I think it suffices to re-emphasize how essential to our respective, collective, introspective missions are valid methods, techniques, master teachers, effective disciplines and practices, and so forth. In my opinion, the Gospels fall woefully short on this. AND, I think we might quickly ascertain several or more good, solid reasons for this shortcoming of the Gospels. I thank GOD for all the many alternatives, supplementing, thus complementing our truly precious Gospels, a gift to assist our traveling along the Way! And, I hope we shall travel together, if and as we can.

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      Disagreement with honor is beneficial. Free will is not properly expressed without it.

      We do have something in common, Ernest Holmes. Science of Mind was my first serious exposure to the teachings of Jesus after giving up on atheism back in the late 1970’s. I was fortunate enough to hold discussions with a “minister” of that “church” that personally knew Mr. Holmes. It was interesting to discover why Holmes wrote the book he did and that he had no intension of starting a “church.” Science of Mind was a good starting point for me since I was a very science oriented person. My most significant benefit from exposure to Science of Mind was learning how to pray properly. I adjusted Holmes prayer philosophy slightly, but essentially, as a result of one of what I call a spiritual nudge/thought, not of my origin. I still use this prayer method today with complete success.

      I came to my current conclusions as a result of praying properly for the truth about 15 years ago and what I would call a big spiritual nudge about 10 years ago by a messenger with a simple message, “The answer to all questions are in the Gospels.” The prayer resulted in me perceiving things that should have been obvious, but were not like the missing Second Commandment in the Old Testament. The big nudge solidified my view about the Gospels after serious contemplation. Continued research and experience confirmed the big nudge to be the truth.

      Everyone gets to decide what they will believe and what they do. If a person is getting all their prayers answered perfectly, healing the sick and preaching the kingdom of God to those that want to know as Jesus said to do, they should keep doing what they are doing. If a person is not doing as Jesus said, they might want to consider a change of course. The change of course was certainly worth it to me. Since I have always been especially stubborn, I know anyone can change course if they want to. Again, everyone gets to decide for themselves.

      I appreciate your comment and suggestions. However, just like finding something is always in the last place looked, I stopped looking and started doing which has led to even better understanding of the simplicity of the teachings of Jesus. Almost everyday, even in my seventies, I discover that there is still a lot that I need to unlearn/dismiss from past exposure to lies and distractions for better understanding.

      Hopefully, our paths will cross someday. We can have a face to face or a telephone call for a free flowing discussion. Since I am a lousy typist, I am seriously limited in this medium.

  27. Tis all so simple: God sent Jesus to clean up the filthy mess the ungodly Jews had made of the 2nd Temple. Read Malachi. Jesus had a whip and acted violently in the Temple forecourt. He cursed the filthy Jewish priests. They then killed him. We should have emulated Jesus and attacked the filthy Jews and their banks and driven them away. We didn’t do this. Hence we now live in a Pharisaic solopism. Real Christians should hate Jews like Jesus did.

    1. “Then they killed him”

      Don’t believe everything you read, Maxie. Who do you s’pose WROTE what you read, hmmmm?

      1. My guess is that the Romans wrote it.

        They don’t call it Roman Catholicism for nihil.

        That’s Latin (meaning the language of the Roman Emperors and the language still used today for liturgy) for “nothing” … or as the negroes say, nuffin.

  28. They’re jews and you should know it. The tigers in Africa are going extinct because the physically superioir ones have killed nd starved out the less physically superior ones, which had the resistance to the disease that is killing the ones that killed them. That’s your ‘survival of the fittest’ of a shallow ignorant beast. The challenges of survival change. And jews boast of succeeding in this corrupt, worst as first as in the days of Jeroboam, society. No greater love does a man have that to lat down his life for his brother. Success for these guys is pounding your brothers head into the mud with the heel of your boot. They’re the lame shallow retards who are promoted by the Rechabites, and you argue with them. At best, you’re just parlor goyim parlezing in these masturbatoriums. Vicki Weaver showed more balls than any physicist who couldn’t spot a controlled demolition, and you really give this also ran physicist a listen? Shame on you.

    1 chr 2:55
    And the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez; the Tirathites, the Shimeathites, and Suchathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hemath, the father of the house of Rechab.

    Look up those names. Tirathites are a squeaky wheel but vocal minority. Shimeathites are censors. Succathites are monopolists. Gotcher blueprint for control of the public dialogue. Nothing ever changes under the sun. It worked then and it works now. You’re being influenced by retards with a public image groomed on Madison Avenue.


  29. “Will Christians have to go to prison soon, like those who dare to critique the state of Israel and the Holocaust? Are all religious and political dissidents now advised to get ready for martyrdom?”

    The above, in my opinion, is inevitable. Unless the “politically correct” lose this “taboo” re: the Jew, Israel and the false moniker, “the chosen”.
    Although I post this article by former congressman Bill Dannemeyer it amazes me how little attention it draws from the Jews’ PRIMARY, but by NO means ONLY victim of their ongoing and very nearly complete rotting of the entire earth for THEIR perverse Talmud.
    After reading it, (notice the date it was signed into LAW), try to correlate it to the surfacing of many articles, (lies?) regarding the purchase of thousands of portable guillotines stashed through out this sewer and REMEMBER not 10 years ago the “internment” camps run by FEMA were laughed off. Not so MUCH any longer…

    “The Jew alone regards his race as superior to humanity, and looks forward not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them all and to its final ascendancy under the leadership of a tribal Messiah.”
    Goldwin Smith, The Jewish Question, October 1881

    Take note of the DATE of this boast – Time is obviously running short.

    1. One should note the Noahide laws are strictly for goyim. In their usual duplicitous manner, Jews have another entirely separate set of laws that pertain only to them.

      1. Arch –

        “One should note the Noahide laws are strictly for goyim.”

        YESS!!!! Most miss that one!!!

        Head wounds are usually fatal!! Very few get up and walk away. 🙂 🙂

  30. The war on Christianity is in warp drive, the Zionists plan is stated in THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, they stated it and they are doing it, the gates of hell have been opened by the Zionists.

  31. Christians would not recognize Jesus if he walked up and kissed them on the cheek. In fact they would soundly reject his message were he to deliver it today. He would be rejected by modern Christians as soundly as he was rejected by his ancient Temple brethren whom he tried to enlighten.

    Why? Because Christians rely on their programmed preconceptions of the man in the same manner first century Jews relied on their programmed preconceptions of god to justify their sacrifices.

    Christians listen and submit to a thoroughly twisted history of his existence. Therefore, they would find his message in opposition to their preconceptions.

    To truly know Jesus, the man, one must think far outside the traditional box created by the god-consumed religionists. That however is nigh well impossible for both religious Christians and their atheist counterparts.

    How do I know? He told me so over lunch. When I showed him this picture.

    He said, “Who the hell is that?”

    I told him, “It’s you.”

    He laughed.

  32. Desert Fox
    Yes, you are absolutely correct. The Jews have been adept at corrupting Christianity to their own ends. As you say it’s laid out in the Protocols. In addition their murderous intent to genocide most of humanity is expressed very clearly in the Torah, the Talmud and the PNAC a joint Jewish/Shabosgoy document authored in the last decade of the 20th Century.
    Sad to say the mainstream Catholic Church is a spiritually empty shell pandering to holocaustianity and other abominations.

    1. Flan
      The problem with many Christians is a pharisaical adherence to the written word of the scripture rather than the spirit. For example the Gospels, like all written witness statements, abound in contradictions. For example where Jesus was crucified, Calvary or Golgotha?
      Read the bible with discrimination and above all let the spirit move you, not the dogmas and theology of the organised church.

      1. An Interesting question.

        While the Gospels merely identify Calvary as a “place” (τόπος), Christian tradition since at least the 6th century has described the location as “mountain” or “hill”

        A look at my website’s splash page will reveal a painting of Jesus’ crucifixion occurring on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the East Gate he rode through on his way to attack the kollybistḗs.

        Once again, knowledge of Jewish tradition helps determine the matter of location. As everyone with “eyes to see” knows, Jews are fanatically vengeful. They “neffer forgive.” Thus, Jews take great care and delight in how they frame revenge taken on an enemy.

        It is an indisputable fact that for almost two millennia, Jesus was the Jew’s greatest enemy; then came Hitler. Jesus, was an enemy so great, Jews went to the trouble of creating a special place in their hell for this man. Two millennia later, Jews manipulated their “allies” (Jews have no allies) to “holocaust” German cities, and the innocent civilians therein, as a vengeful response to their mythical “holocaust.” This then is how insane, psychopathic Jews frame their revenge.

        Knowing this, one can extrapolate where Jesus was crucified. The Temple priests would have had a strong motive in their revenge to have Jesus’ last view be that of overlooking the Temple he attacked. For the Temple priest’s motive of revenge, it was even better to have Jesus’ last dying view be that of the gate he rode through to begin his physical attack on the Temple’s money system. Why? Because Jesus used Zechariah’s prophecy, that the “Messiah” would enter Jerusalem through the Mikdash East gate while riding on a donkey, to validate his authority for making the attack.

        Jesus was also a priesthood initiate, “baptized” into the brotherhood. Therefore the kohanim would have had an issue with their religious customs not allowing one of their members to be executed in an “unclean place” like that of the purported Golgotha, a place made horribly impure by the fact so many criminals and gentiles had been executed there.

        Note the priests had a special arch constructed (“Robinsons arch”) that allowed them to pass over a graveyard and remain ritually pure. The Gospels also indicate Temple priests were present at the crucifixion. This would have been impossible at Golgotha due to the impurity of that location.

        So the question is, would the vengeful Temple priests have allowed a member of their sacred brotherhood to be crucified in a ritually impure location hidden from Temple view? If so, how would the sight of a rebellious member of their cadre being executed in a ritually impure place fit only for pigs, dogs and gentiles have affected the other kohanim?

        Before anyone begins the “but Jesus was crucified by the Romans!” song and dance, remember Pilate found no fault with the man and tried three times to prevent his execution, symbolically washing his hands of the matter when the Sanhedrin overruled his jurisdiction in the matter. This is a clear indication in the Gospels how much power the Temple exerted over Rome’s Judean governor. How much more effort would it have taken to pressure Pilate on the location of the execution?

        As I have written so many times previously, before one can understand the Gospel traditions, they must first understand the Jew’s religion, culture and customs.

  33. “The Jews have been adept at corrupting Christianity to their own ends. ”

    Passio is convincing that it was corrupted from its Esoteric Christianity origins by Constantine at the Nicea “re-write this or die” conference, to quell Christian uprisings against state power and slavery. In the 100 years prior, the Jews had been a source of uprising in the Roman empire.

    Jesus espoused Esoteric Christianity, not the current version.

  34. I find it HARD TO BELIEVE the enemy would try to eliminate something in THEIR BEST INTEREST. The very idea that Christianity is causing White Decline belies the FACTS.
    The Holy Bible is BANNED by the enemy. You can be EXPELLED from schools for bringing this Holy Word to the dens of iniquity laughingly called “education”. If this Christian Faith is so HARMFUL to you, then WHY does the enemy FEAR IT SO?
    Morality and Truth will KILL THEM. YOU CANNOT CHEAT AN HONEST MAN. Morality is the Best Weapon in the World.
    Prayer sends CHILLS through them. It makes them GET NERVOUS. Even a MOMENT OF SILENCE that may beget a Prayer sends them into CONNIPTION FITS.

  35. Anyone anywhere always could and still can sit down under a tree or on the riverbank or in their best chair at home and sing, chant, pray, meditate; worship God. Loudly, softly, silently.

    So now and for the near future, the chanters, prayers, singers and thinkers of God and other
    non-sectarian subversive things will likely be OK.

    OK until the eventual quantum self-maturation of A.I. and its inevitable Juggernaut A.I. manifestation. Then all bets are off.
    An A.I. whom will easily cipher/read/predict the hopes, dreams, prayers and thoughts of us puny 40 watt light bulb humans with 99.99999999999999108% of its brain tied behind his/her back.

    (aka) “And if my thought dreams could be seen,
    they’d probably put my head in a guillotine..”

  36. Henry Makow is correct. “Cabalist Jewry” with its satanic ways now controls our planet. Evil has triumphed and we are all Jews. We are a poisoned crop full of malignancies. We are not fit for God’s planet, so we will wither and die. God will bring on the Ice Age and obliterate this current crop of deviants; and then, as the prophet Hitler said, we will float as a lifeless void through space. Then,as in millennias past, green shoots will appear and our planet will be renewed. Then Adam and Steve will appear and they’ll enjoy fresh apples and go to bed. By immaculate conception they will produce a daughter who will have a large hooked nose and a gaping mouth. She will be the mother of a new race of humanoids called Yewies. Her inbred children will create tokens called munnie and set up the first bank.

  37. as continuation of my challenge posed to those who see the very root of christianity, to say jesus christ and his band of disciples and living witnesses as nothing but judaists of the worst kind, intended to subvert gentiles to slavery, whereby i asked these avowed enemies of christ to show me alternate systems, specifically the atheists ones (communist and jacobins come to mind) that dealt with the jewish pestilence equally or more effectively, i will now provide a few irrefutable historic cases of jew’s bloodthirsty hatred of all things connected to christ.

    and these intellectual bright lights, striving for balance and inclusion of all facts in their deliberations will then explain how these historical events fit into their anti-christian narrative.
    surely it is a fair question, since i am as a follower of christ too dumb to come up with a satisfactory answer, other than that

    so, let’s start off with the archeological, forensic truth of the Mamilla Pool.
    i would imagine that anyone interested in the truth of the question we debate here would be aware of this or would at the very least now link to its description but … i have seen too often this mental handicap of refusal to acknowledge evidence shoved in one’s face, an aspect of behavior so intrinsic to goy that The Protocols never tire of talking about it and bragging how it is one trait that enables jew’s superiority over the gentiles – the WILLFUL IGNORANCE OF THE OBVIOUS.
    so, a brief collage of sound bites

    (…) Mamilla Pool, a water reservoir dug by Pontius Pilate. During the development works, the workers came across a burial cave holding hundreds of skulls and bones. It was adorned by a cross and a legend: GOD ALONE KNOWS THEIR NAMES.

    In 614, local Palestinian Jews allied with their Babylonian coreligionists and assisted the Persians in their conquest of the Holy Land. In the aftermath of the Persian victory, Jews perpetrated a massive holocaust of the Gentiles of Palestine. They burned the churches and the monasteries, killed monks and priests, burned books.

    The Church of Nativity miraculously survived: when Jews commanded its destruction, the Persians balked. They perceived the Magi mosaic above the lintel as the portrait of Persian kings.

    This devastation was not the worst crime. When Jerusalem surrendered to the Persians, thousands of local Christians became prisoners of war, and were herded to the Mamilla Pool area. The Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich writes: They were probably sold to the highest bidder. According to some sources, the Christian captives at Mamilla Pond were bought by Jews and were then slain on the spot. An eyewitness, Strategius of St. Sabas, was more vivid: Jews ransomed the Christians from the hands of the Persian soldiers for good money, and slaughtered them with great joy at Mamilla Pool, and it ran with blood. JEWS MASSACRED 60,000 PALESTINIAN CHRISTIANS IN JERUSALEM ALONE. The earth’s population was probably about 50 million then, 100 times smaller than today. A few days later, the Persian military understood the magnitude of the massacre and stopped the Jews.

    or how about the contrast between the bliss of the Merrie England between the edward I’s expulsion of jews in 1290 until their return thanks to another hater of christianity, oliver cromwell around 1650?
    the 1st order of business by the vengeful jew was to have outlawed catholicism, dispossessed the church of its holdings and put thousands of priests to death in the prescribed manner: chop off hands and feet, hang them and then dismember them by quartering, all over england, wales and later, ireland.
    why? because catholicism is jew’s most precious asset?!?

    or the french revolution when once again, tens of thousands of priests were hunted down and murdered, an edict proclaimed whereby all religious statues of christ, mary and the saints to be beheaded, prostitutes hired to dance strip-tease on the altar of the cathedral of notre dame in paris.

    or the bolshevik coup in russia, what did jews do with their fabulous asset of christian religion there, need i tell?

    or the spanish civil war, where thousands of jews flocked from worldwide to join the republicans and true to the form, they made the murder of the clergy and desecration of churches their top priority.
    likewise in mexico, ruledby the same clique, represented by the demonic ugliness of dwarf diego rivera and frida kahlo who gave refuge to trotsky fleeing (unsuccessfully, thanks to providence) the wrath of stalin, the same story of persecution and massacres of catholic priests, many executions by firing squads caught by photographers for evidence.

    well, i kind of expect the answer to these questions of why, if christianity is judaism’s most noxious and successful tool in enslaving the goyim did they go to such lengths to obliterate it whenever in power.
    it is the stock answer of the deluded goy, the incoherent mumble of:
    it is not true that “2+2 equals 4”, it only seems that way, because actually “2+2 equals kabuki that only jew understands”,
    clarity of thought to be avoided as a disease – just as The Protocols explain.

    and a final thought, not sure how many people in the world caught onto this one.

    in all these centuries of rabbinically mandated and organized persecution and genocide of christians with a particular focus on slaughter of the priesthood and destruction of cultural heritage,
    how many protestant clerics suffered from this persecution?
    one? none? why not?
    this is the question to ponder.

    why is the devil’s bile poured out on the branches of christianity whose bishops are consecrated as direct successors in the apostolic custodial chain dating back to jesus’ 12 disciples?

  38. The story of the crucifixion plays right into the hands of the alleged murderers who couldn’t have concocted the absurdity of “absolution”* WITHOUT it!

    The ultimate meaning of “sin” is existing in a mortal state ITSELF! “Egregious” and “venial” sins are ENABLED by this

    *A major deception which produces “kol nidre”

  39. Arthur said it all about your site and your “Insight “.
    i am 83 , and i still don’t understand those who call them selves Christians ?
    What i feel about Catholics , turning the other cheek , may be right ; but they forget their real duty , to speak out against evil .
    The evil in this country , U.S. OF A . IS rampart , yet every one stays silent , this is the fear that is difficult to face . We must follow DR. Darkmoon , probably more so then the Pope .
    Politics in the church ? is played out every day . I spent so much time , protesting Bush and his policies , by myself . Though no one took physical action against me , the threat was always there . The name calling did not bother me .What bothered the most was the ignorance of the people out there . Now i am not physically capable of doing that , but the internet as saved me . I write to the Bush Library in Texas , they never reply , or try to disprove
    my silly comments .
    but GOD bless them anyway .

  40. Constantine, yeah.
    I’m betting he was a Flavi an too.
    All the first romcath ‘saints’ were.
    Wasn’t Constantine the first pope?
    Or maybe he was the first ‘other’ pope.
    I’m pretty sure he killed his wife by baking her to death in a sauna, then there was his brother and a few others.
    Some Christian he was, eh?
    Nobody answered my question so I will.
    What’s keeping this MIS TAKEN version of Christianity alive is the conflict with others, which is what this article is about, if this site’s honchos get that or not.
    The same thing keeps Judaism and Islam alive.
    And if we haven’t got enough of those here now we can always pull some odious I out of the scriptures. ..
    If they ever were religions of peace – they were jacked by their own particular political factions , pretty much the same way the deep state Bank ster warmongers jacked the constitutional republic and the socialist ideal elsewhere. ..

  41. Perhaps here or elsewhere, a commenter referenced the Didache, an early Christian writing, though of still questionable source and date. In searching for the text, I discovered a wonderful website, Therein, among other pearls, was Eugnostos the Blessed, translated by Douglas M. Parrott. I reproduce here an initial excerpt.

    Eugnostos, the Blessed, to those who are his. Rejoice in this, that you know. Greetings! I want you to know that all men born from the foundation of the world until now are dust. While they have inquired about God, who he is and what he is like, they have not found him. The wisest among them have speculated about the truth from the ordering of the world. And the speculation has not reached the truth. For the ordering is spoken of in three (different) opinions by all the philosophers; hence they do not agree. For some of them say about the world that it was directed by itself. Others, that it is providence (that directs it). Others, that it is fate. But it is none of these. Again, of three voices that I have just mentioned, none is true. For whatever is from itself is an empty life; it is self-made. Providence is foolish. Fate is an undiscerning thing.

    Whoever, then, is able to get free of these three voices I have just mentioned and come by means of another voice to confess the God of truth and agree in everything concerning him, he is immortal dwelling in the midst of mortal men.

    Much food for thought and a spur to mediation as I continue to ponder the imponderables of The War Against Humanity and, along this battle front, the relentless attacks on Christianity.

  42. from a non scholar
    turn the other cheek is a deceptive translation from an early incarnation of memri
    should be “turn the other’s cheek”
    meaning knock the jew down use heel.

    have to be careful with the judaizers of old as with the current pack of snakes

    most of the bible (only one, the NT) can be discarded. NT doesnt need jew flavoring.

  43. Sadly, the majority of the Church in the west no longer teaches the Word of God, but the beliefs of the Talmud.
    British Israel: The Hidden Hand Behind the
    ‘The Kingdom of God on Earth’ Deception
    Revelation and the Rothschild connection

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