The Rape of Greece

Paul Craig Roberts,
Genocide of the Greek Nation

The political and media coverup of the genocide of the Greek Nation began yesterday (August 20) with European Union and other political statements announcing that the Greek Crisis is over. What they mean is that Greece is over, dead, and done with. It has been exploited to the limit, and the carcase has been thrown to the dogs.


350,000 Greeks, mainly the young and professionals, have fled dead Greece. The birth rate is far below the rate necessary to sustain the remaining population. The austerity imposed on the Greek people by the EU, the IMF, and the Greek government has resulted in the contraction of the Greek economy by 25%. The decline is the equivalent of America’s Great Depression, but in Greece the effects were worst.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt softened the impact of massive unemployment with the Social Security Act other elements of a social safety net such as deposit insurance, and public works programs, whereas the Greek government following the orders from the IMF and EU worsened the impact of massive unemployment by stripping away the social safety net.

Traditionally, when a sovereign country, whether by corruption, mismanagement, bad luck, or unexpected events, found itself unable to repay its debts, the country’s creditors wrote down the debts to the level that the indebted country could service.

With Greece there was a game change. The European Central Bank, led by Jean-Claude Trichet, and the International Monetary Fund ruled that Greece had to pay the full amount of interest and principal on its government bonds held by German, Dutch, French, and Italian banks.

How was this to be achieved?

In two ways, both of which greatly worsened the crisis, leaving Greece today in a far worst position that it was in at the beginning of the crisis almost a decade ago.

At the beginning of the “crisis,” which would have easily been resolved by writing down part of the debt, the Greek debt was 129% of Greek Gross Domestic Product. Today Greek debt is 180% of GDP.


Greece was lent more money to pay interest to Greece’s creditors, so that they would not have to lose one cent. The additonal lending, called a “bailout” by the presstitute financial media, was not a bailout of Greece. It was a bailout of Greece’s creditors.

The Obama regime encouraged this bailout, because the American banks, expecting a bailout, had sold credit default swaps on Greek debt. Without a bailout the US banks would have lost their bet and paid default insurance on Greek Bonds.

Additionally, Greece was required to sell its public assets to foreigners and to decimate the Greek social safety net, reducing pensions, for example, to below subsistance incomes and so radically reducing medical care that people die before they can get treatment.

If memory serves, China bought the Greek seaports. Germay bought the airport. Various German and European entities bought the Greek municipal water companies. Real estate speculators bought protected Greek Islands for real estate development.

This plunder of Greek public property did not go toward reducing the debt that Greek owed. It went, along with the new loans, to paying the interest.

The debt, larger than ever still stands. The economy is smaller than ever as is the Greek population that bears the debt.

The declaration that the Greek crisis is over is merely a statement that there is nothing left to extract from the Greek people for the interest of the foreign banks. Greece is sinking fast. All of the income associated with sea ports, airport, municipal utilities, and the rest of public property that was forcibly privatized now belongs to foreigners who take the money out of the country, thus further driving down the Greek economy.

The Greeks have not only had their economic future stolen from them. They have also lost their sovereignty. Greece is not a sovereign nation. It is ruled by the EU and the IMF. In my 2013 book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, in Part III, “The End of Sovereignty,” I described clearly how this was done.

The Greek people were betrayed by the Tsipras government. They had the option of revolting and using violence to overthrow the government that sold them out to international bankers. Instead, the Greeks accepted their own destruction and did nothing. Essentially, the Greek population committed mass suicide.

The world financial crisis of 2008 is not over. It has been swept under the rug of massive money creation by the US, EU, UK, and Japanese central banks. The creation of money has far outpaced the growth of real output and has driven up values of financial assets beyond what can be supported by “conditions on the ground.”

How this crisis plays out remains to be seen. It could result in the destruction of Western civilization. Will Dog eat dog? After Greece, will it be Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Australia, Canada, until none are left?

The entirety of the Western World lives in lies fomented by powerful economic interest groups to serve their interests. There is no independent media except online, and those elements are being demonized and denied access. Peoples who live in a world of controlled information have no idea of what is happening to them. Therefore, they cannot act in their interest.


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  1. The destruction of Greece is a successful operation by the kosher usual suspects.

    First organize riots in the streets. Then install a government of traitors. Then orchestrate a financial crisis which will ruin the nation. Then enforce austerities which will ruin the nation even more. Next flood the nation with Third World “refugees”. Finally buy up the nation’s assets (even whole islands) for pennies on the pounds.

    This is the fate our kosher Overlords have in store for all of us. They chose Greece first because it was already politically and financially weak to begin with, but they will try a similar tactic with all our countries. I don’t call these people “Yahweh’s Chosen Mafia” for nothing.

    1. Donaldo is no economist. Dont have the experience of PCR much my senior. Ill speak more on a personal level regarding finances. My lovely Mexican wife now in her sixties has owned a successful shoe business in her country for 30 years. She grew wealthy through intelligence and self-imposed austerity. Throughout the years she never once used banks for loans or financing. If she ever needed an expensive piece of German or Japanese equipment for production she would simply wait until the cash was available. This often meant personal sacrifice such as no vacations for that year. Donaldos point is that banks have absolutely no power over us unless we allow it. Its all about mental conditioning. Most Westerns have been raised with the concept of instant gratification. Want something? Want it now? Have no fear……banker is near. Got no money? Wanna car? No problem. Watch the ballons……we’re scratching the paint off the windshield now. Sign all the documentos……no…..dont read them…..were in a hurry. Donaldo is a trucker. Seen lots of “roadkill.” Mostly deer. But people are the same. In a hurry to cross the highway, the animal abandons all preecaution and is stuck. The banker-vultures arrive at the scene later just to devour the pieces. 🙂

      1. Donaldo is correct! Instant gratification has led to the financial ruin of many a man. However, sometimes, when we know our business, a banker’s assistance is necessary to take advantage of timing. “….time and chance happeneth to them all.” -. Ecclesiastes 9:11

      2. My Mother used to say “If you can’t afford it you can’t have it”

        The problem for Greece originated in its tax-and-spend governments of the 1970s and 1980s. They drove the Greek government debt to such high levels that the economy and the taxpayers could never pay off the debt. This allowed the predators to move in to sieze the real assets of Greece as forfeit, or at cents on the dollar.

        America, with 21 TRILLION dollarsof national debt is headed the same way.

        Banks can produce new money on a ledger, on a computer screen, and charge interest on it.

        Unless we stop them we will all be in debt forever.

        Lincoln and Kennedy tried.

  2. #Crimes of the Plutocrats – Jewish Crimes
    Jew Moritz Steinschneider invented the term “anti-semitic“ in 1860. The term is used to silence those that expose Jewish crimes. Most of the Jews are not even Semites! Ashkenazi Jews don’t have the DNA of the ancient Israelites – or do they? It’s identity theft by an international criminal mafia cabal, ((( the Kosher Nostra ))) and their lackeys. They systematically rob the white European countries blind and destroy western Christian civilization.They have no legitimate claim to the land of Palestine either.

    The same robbery – the rape of the European countries – by the same mafia cabal is going on EVERYWHERE. ((( They ))) throw the countries into GIGANTIC DEBTS, and in come the foreign “investors“ to “help out“ , and all the assets which belong to the people get “privatized“ i.e. robbed, stolen from the public (PPP “Public Private Partnership“ – and who calls the shots? The private central banksters, the unknown, international “investors“, the new owners, nothing but thieves – racketeers! The “Deutsche Bank“, “Deutsche Post“, “Deutsche Bahn“ are “deutsch“ only by name, the new owners are foreigners. ((( They ))) want control over the water supply, the Autobahn system et cetera ((( Their ))) greed knows no bounds. They’ll destroy everything and everybody if they are not stopped. None of the countries get ever “saved”; the criminal banksters “bail themselves out”, enrich themselves- always at the tax slaves’ expense)

    Solutions? – “We just have to do what Iceland did. Shut down the international private central banks, the IMF, arrest the banking dynasties, take back the right to issue currency, make usury a capital crime and put to death anyone who commits the crime. Allow everyone to have their debts to the criminal oligarchs forgiven and let’s build up the economies. Let’s give freedom and life back to the people! Free all nations from usury and debt slavery!“ (author unknown)

    1. The Catholic scholar E Michael Jones has given some fascinating speeches, including on usury, debt and Jews. I’m not a Catholic and I’m not very religious and I was brought up as a Protestant./Lutheran. But he has given me a new respect for Catholicism. E Michael Jones received his PHD in English I believe. He got his first job teaching at a girls Catholic University in 1979. He was fired one year later for his opposition to abortion. Think about that for a minute. Then he often goes on to talk about what else changed in the church, with nuns holding hands of boyfriends on campus and how homosexuals were almost forced on the Catholics so that years later the Catholics could be portrayed as pedophiles. Several prominent people have commented on the Jews leading role in losing no time in publicizing the church as a church of sexual predators after Jews pushed these people on the church. There was a big story in Philadelphia again the other day, with a Jewish prosecutor claiming the church covered up the cases of hundreds of sexual predators, all presumed guilty (just like the church), although none were brought to trial. E Michael Jones talks about how the Catholic church kept racist Jews in their place for most of the last 2,000 years. It is very interesting. It reminds me a little of how a Russian girlfriend once talked about how the Czar kept the Jews in their place. It seems to come down to how most countries felt towards foreigners in their midst until the last 20 years or so. Basically, “it’s our country, you are guests, and you need to act like a guest invited into someone’s home”. If you don’t, we want you to leave. But they stopped enforcing this social etiquette on Jews about 200 years ago.

    2. Good to see you back Freya. We need more Germans, Poles, Hungarians….

      Good Luck and God Bless.

    1. So beautiful ! Thanks for this post.
      The dance is called “Hassapiko” I believe. Beautiful.
      Germany loves Greece 🙂

  3. greece was bred out by african muslims long ago… greeks are supposed to be blonde haired and blue eyed…
    fdr’s fdic is just another insider scam, a nice set-up for his ilk…
    scrap the whole banking system, starting with the fed… start over with one new rule – no more fractional reserve lending..
    dig the volcano. kviabryggja looks like a different planet, kinda sounds like it too…
    it won’t take much of a tsunami to wipe this jail out….

  4. The question is the same for Greece as it was for Africa, to wit, cui bono? In the end who will own and/or control title to Greek land and resources? Jews use others as a front to rape and pillage and then, like the cowards they are, move in from behind to sweep up and profit from the disaster. Jews have been playing this same old trick this since the days of the Old Testament. When will the stupid goyim learn the Jews’ tricks? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me; but fool the goyim for thousands of years is beyond any shame. Only the Jew could be so clever and subversive. Only the goyim could be so gullible and stupid.

  5. Greece debt 130%ge debt is nothing conpared to japan 270% as of now.

    Dont see any reason why this hlerventination.

    People of greece and their europen neighbours should stand together and help each ither

    Penalize politicians who bought debt …trap..

    Nof the common citizens

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