The Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki: A Litmus Test for Trump?

The summit was held yesterday.  

 Two Views of the Putin/Trump Summit

by Paul Craig Roberts

“What can an agreement at Helsinki be based on?  Deep State neocon operative John Bolton’s position has been opposed to making any agreement with Russia or cooperating with Russia in any way.  From the neoconservative standpoint, Russia is in the way of US world hegemony.  Russia is a challenge to the American World Order because Russia stands in the way of the American unipolar world. A successful summit will require Trump to reject this neoconservative doctrine. If Trump can pull this off with Bolton sitting by him, Trump’s critics will look very silly.” — Paul Craig Roberts 

The meeting that the Deep State strived to make impossible with fabricated “Russiagate” assertions and an orchestrated “investigation” by Mueller has now been set in place by no less that Deep State neocon operative John Bolton.  Patrick Lang explains how this came about:

Many see benefits from the Putin/Trump meeting.  For example:

Putin himself sees benefits in the meeting as does Trump.  Putin sees hope of improving relations between the two governments.  Of course, the “strained relations” are entirely due to Washington, which has demonized both Russia and Putin with false accusations and hostile acts such as illegal  sanctions. It was miscalculation for Washington to expect Russia to give up its Black Sea naval base to Washington’s coup in Ukraine.

What can an agreement be based on?  Bolton’s position has been opposed to making any agreement with Russia or cooperating with Russia in any way.  From the neoconservative standpoint, Russia is in the way of US world hegemony.  As the neoconservative foreign policy doctrine states, it is a principle US goal to prevent the rise of any country that could serve as a check on American unilateralism.  Russia is a challenge to the American World Order because Russia stands in the way of the American unipolar world.

A successful summit will require Trump to reject this neoconservative doctrine. 

If Trump can pull this off with Bolton sitting by him, Trump’s critics will look very silly.  Do Bolton and the Deep State have a way of baking failure into the summit that will ensure the continuation of Russia’s enemy status, thereby sustaining the enormous budget and power of the US military/security complex?  Is Trump a superman who can overcome this powerful vested interest about which President Eisenhower warned Americans in 1961?  How much stronger is this complex more than half a century later after being nourished by decades of Cold War and War on Terror?

Assad and no doubt Iran are convinced that negotiations with Washington are a waste of time.  Assad has concluded that “the problem with US presidents is that they are hostage to lobbyists. They can tell you what you want to hear, but they do the opposite. That’s the problem, and it’s getting worse and worse. Trump is a stark example. That’s why when talking to the Americans, discussing something with them does not settle anything. There will not be any results. It’s a simple waste of time.”

Assad’s view has the evidence on its side.  One of Trump’s first actions was to unilaterally pull out of the multi-nation Iran nuclear agreement.  There is no evidence that supports the hopeful Russian view.

It would be an interesting exercise to list all the agreements Washington has made over the course of US history and to calculate the percentage that Washington kept.  If Putin doesn’t want to be taken for a ride, he should contemplate the words of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce summing up his negotiations with Washington:  “I have heard talk and talk, but nothing is done. I am tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and broken promises.”

LD:  It seems Trump has passed the litmus test. He has sided with Russia and turned his back on the neoconservative doctrine of John Bolton and the usual suspects, much to the chagrin of his enemies in Washington who are baying for his blood.

In a strongly-worded statement, US House Speaker Paul Ryan said Mr Trump “must appreciate that Russia is not our ally”.

“There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals,” he said, adding that there was “no question” Moscow had interfered in the 2016 election.

Senior Republican Senator John McCain said it was a “disgraceful performance” by a US president. “No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant,” Mr McCain said in a statement.

Another senior Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham, who is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, tweeted that it was a “missed opportunity… to firmly hold Russia accountable for 2016 meddling”.

In a series of tweets, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Mr Trump’s actions had “strengthened our adversaries while weakening our defences and those of our allies”.

Trump sides with Russia against FBI at Helsinki summit — BBC News

Well, well, well! — Trump’s most ardent supporters will feel vindicated by his bravura performance at Helsinki. It seems the Donald now feels confident enough to give his neoconservative critics the defiant finger. [LD]

15 thoughts to “The Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki: A Litmus Test for Trump?”

  1. It would be nice if Trump would further support this rapprochement with Russia with the following measures :

    1) Lifting all sanctions against Russia.
    2) Withdrawing of all military forces in Europe from the border with Russia.
    3) Stopping all further military provocations in the air or on sea against Russian forces.
    4) Declaring the ridiculous accusations of Russian “meddling” in the American election as false.
    5) Declaring the Russian “Novichok attacks” in the UK as false flag attacks.
    6) Thanking Russia for its positive intervention in Syria.
    7) Declaring the Russian reunification with the Krim as historically and democratically justified.
    8) Apologizing for the destabilization of the Ukraine by the American deep state.
    9) Inviting Russian cooperation (together with Iran) in ending the war in Afghanistan.
    10) Promising to stop the protection of the opium trade from Afghanistan, which is ruining the people of Iran and Russia.
    11) Proposing to abolish Nato and to replace it with a Northern Alliance comprising the US, Canada, Europe and Russia.
    12) Proposing to destroy all chemical and biological weapons by the members of that Northern Alliance and to make the whole of Europe a nuclear free zone, while the US will store its nuclear weapons only in Alaska and Russia its nuclear weapons only in East Siberia. Those nuclear weapons will then be guarded by all members of the Northern Alliance.
    13 ) The Northern Alliance will then make a peace treaty with China and any other country interested in world peace.

    At least that is what I would do if I were Trump (I hope he reads this).

  2. I had nothing better to do so I watched CNN’s coverage of the Trump/Putin summit for hours yesterday. Before the TV summit I was amazed by the consistent and uniform criticism of Trump from all the media heads David Gergen, Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour etc etc. And I do mean ‘etc etc’ loads of them former Ambassadors, new minted media nobodies etc and ALL of them saying the same thing, each one seemingly trying to top the other one in outrage at his attitude etc.

    I have sort of learned from experience whenever we have this kind of unanimity there is a ‘psy op’ going on. If so what is it? My guess is the US is being replaced and downgraded in the public’s mind as the ‘leader of the Free World’. It is being replaced by Russia………… seems so. It’s tricky of course because they are criticizing Trump NOT America but Trump is the President so a lot of this must stick. The funny thing of course is on the surface they are all about how wonderful America is or was, it’s values, it’s promoting of democracy and the ‘free press’ etc etc. We are told America is or was the greatest force ever for good but while on the surface we are being TOLD one thing aren’t we being SHOWN something entirely different. Starting right in front of our eyes the ‘free press’ in action. If this is a free press I would hate to see an un-free one. The can only be described as a modern day Pravda the same kind of ‘correct thinking’ the sheer unanimity and agreement about everything, the competition to top each other in outrage hour after hour spinning and talking rubbish. So it seems to be our ‘masters’ do actually respect our intelligence and trust that we will see through the charade, anyone with even the slightest bit of irony must see through this.

    The press conference itself was fascinating. Putin seems statesmanlike, thoughtful, clever and fair. Trump was set up by several questions where he had to choose between his own Deep State or Russia and he choose for the most part………………Russia. This only increased by multiple factors if that was even possible the CNN media outrage. Now he is seen doing it, doing the very things they complain about all day. He is right in front of them doing it, showing us they are correct, he is a ‘traitor’ they are correct, this guy is way off the plantation, he now trusts these Ruskies more than the FBI or CIA. But again it seems to me we are being told one thing but also let in on another reality. Reality being the FBI or CIA are NOT trustworthy, they have a long history of faking things including 9/11, America has been a lying bully since the end of WW2 but it was always keep hidden, now it’s out in the open. The absurdity of the ‘collusion’ story is manifest, all these phony Mueller indictments of ‘Russians’ and Putin quite rationally points out they are welcome to come to Russia and pursue their investigations, Russia will co-operate, they have mechanisms for extradition etc. He also adds quite rationally that he wants the same in return there are some gangsters hiding out in America he wants to interview.

    I see the whole thing as a ‘play’ or public drama. We are being conditioned for the Fall of America, we see how untrustworthy their Deep State institutions are and media outrage aside we are meant to conclude America is a spent force. It’s incoherence is symbolized by their shambolic leader who is a kind of wrecking ball on everything, alliances, international treaties etc. America for sure always had it’s faults but it’s sad to see it go. It had/has the First Amendment and also the Second which maybe is why it has to go. For Jews to control the world we just cannot have that. We cannot have their ‘holohoax’ story questioned by some so called First Amendment, no no no the modern state has to be like the UK or Germany where free speech is a thing of the past and you will go to jail if you question their sacred lies. These countries are also of course disarmed and that is another reason the US has become unacceptable to the Jews. Why else would they organize bogus school shootings so many of them from Sandy Hook CT to Parkland FL and several more in between.

    So as they say in sports the baton is being passed, the days of the US as being the speartip for the Jews is over and the mantle falls for the moment on Russia. Putin mentioned that Trump was very concerned for the safety of Israel and treating Trump like a child in the family said he agreed with that. So he went on while keeping that in mind he also tutored Trump on the Astana Group of Russia, Iran and Turkey so again like a Father training his child to see there is a bigger picture here, there are other people in the world not ONLY Israel but that said…………..Israel WILL be safe in Putin’s world he told us. The Jews are restless as always and even if Russia now is about to have it’s day in the sun, it is always temporary with these guys. Their next move is planned and Russia will be just another vessel on the way to full global dominance. Maybe Russia will have to be replaced by China at some point on the way to the coming of the Messiah and it will be clear to everybody then that the world will be ruled from Jerusalem

    America was the battering ram for the Jews, it was their golem for a long time now but it’s time is up. It has served it’s function and now it will be sucked up and blown away like a tumbleweed in the Arizona desert. I fear for the future of America and the people in it, it will be brought down financially and eventually militarily though that is already largely accomplished, with over 20 trilliion in debts and an incoherent Deep State and Leader it’s time to let Putin and Russia have their time.

    1. I see things that way, too, Patrick. Watching Fox Morning News this morning, I was disgusted with the “bi-partisan” condemnation of Trump for his stint in Helsinki. To emphasize (((who))) really calls the shots for America, also witness the “bi-partisan” outrage against the pretty little socialist chickee New York congressperson for her reference to “Occupied Palestine”… All the media was parroting the indignation of her daring to give reference to Israhell in truthful manner – as much as the assholes like John McCain and John Bolton quiver at the prospect of toning-down the military indu$trial e$tablishment. (I hope a significant number of Americans can see thru this horseshit – but even then, it may be too late…)

      1. Thanks Brownhawk, in the end I suppose it is mostly guess work as to what is really going on. I just read something in Veteran’s Today which sees it quite differently

        I try to see the ‘long picture’ and trying to learn form history. The Jews always tire of their hosts and it seems to more successful they are the more tired they get! America has given them everything they could ever want but like all neurotics it is never enough and they look for greener grass elsewhere. I have an image of them opening the gates of Babylon where they were comfortable and successful to the Persians only for them to later tire of the Persians. Something similar going on here?

        Imo if they would only stop circumcising their boys who then would be less traumatized and less fearful/hateful they might have a chance to relax and sort of join the human race. Trouble is though the human race itself has largely become Judaized and in the West at least very often circumcised also. Plus vaccinated up the ying yang………… there is a kind of ruin of humanity that will be very hard to recover or find our way back from. Maybe it is indeed ‘The End Times’ we will just have to wait and see

  3. “I see the whole thing as public drama,” like Patrick Griffin, earlier.

    Trump meets ‘Put-On’… “BIGGLY” sells media ads!

    The ‘summit’ is “YUGE” entertainment… for us and the two characters in the staged charade. They met ALONE! They wanted no witnesses to their rolling on the floor with laughter. 🙂

    Roars about ‘sanctions’ drown out any sounds of US losing MANY thousands of jobs to cheap labor in Russia…. like this:

    GE is just one of over 500 US companies manufacturing goods and services in Russia, and GE Russia – alone – employs multiple thousands today!!

    • JOINT VENTURE between GE, INTERRAO UES and UEC to manufacture, sell and service GE’s high-efficient industrial gas turbines
    • License agreement with REP Holding, GE Oil & Gas has manufactured, tested, and sold the MS5002E gas turbine in Russia under the name LADOGA-32
    • Strategic partnership with its local partner MTL, GE Healthcare assembles high-tech
    • GE Transportation – Yakut railroad infrastructure modernization
    • GE Aviation – cooperation with 25 + major Russian airlines; 115 + aircrafts in GE CAS portfolio
    • Wastewater filtration system on Taneko plant in Tatarstan
    • Project on Vankor Gas Turbine Power Plant
    • GE has support facilities for Russian clients and partners: healthcare training center (GE Healthcare Academy), Technology Center in Kaluga, GE Energy Customer Application Center (CAC) and energy and transportation engineering center (ETEC). Sakhalin and Rosneft service contracts.


    GE CAS established an office in Moscow in 2011.

    GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) is the world’s leading commercial aircraft and engine lessor and lender.

    GECAS’s adjacency businesses – GECAS Engine Leasing, Asset Management Services (Parts) and AviaSolutions – offer customers solutions and services for spare engine leasing, spare parts financing/management, and aviation consulting services.


    And ‘Put-On’ is not alone, but gets the bulk of attention to sell news ads! 🙂

    Treasury Sanctions Two Individuals and Five Entities Under Global Magnitsky

    June 12, 2018
    In total, since January of 2017, Treasury has taken action against over 460 individuals and entities engaged in activities related to, or directly involving, human rights abuse and/or corruption, including actions in connection with Syria, South Sudan, Democractic Republic of the Congo, Burma, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and other programs.

    1. While laughing and rolling on the floor, they probably took a break to drink some ‘Trump 24 Karat Gold’ Vodka… 🙂

      A few years ago… Trump said,, “The Trump 24K gold is now truly a super premium gold standard!”

      At first, the marketing worked. Drinks Americas reported sales of 40,000 cases of Trump Vodka by the end of January 2007, for $4.3 million. Later that year the company announced an expansion to Russia, promising an initial 10,000-case order worth more than $1.5 million. “Tremendous,” Trump said in a press release. An ad for that market, made in the post-Soviet sensory-overload style, sent gold-hued cutouts zooming across the screen:
      Trump, a tiger, a buxom woman, plus Vladimir Lenin and the words “MONEY MONEY MONEY” in faux-Cyrillic. The ad ends with a Trump Vodka bottle thrusting skyward in a lightning storm, as little T-shaped hail pellets rain down. The audio track is For the Love of Money, the theme song from The Apprentice.

      Drinks Americas announced it was moving bottle production….. to China 🙂 (Xi likes Trump) from Europe and cutting costs.

      Trump skipped Trump Vodka-sponsored festivities at the 2008 Super Bowl, recording a video message instead. “Have fun, but not too much fun,” he said, “and enjoy our great vodka.” Brody Jenner from MTV’s The Hills guest-bartended.

      Paris Hilton attended, and so did Dennis Rodman and Khloé Kardashian, a few months before taping their season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

      A party photo shows a blonde licking a gigantic block of ice that says TRUMP VODKA. Another shot showed a topless young woman with the drink’s logo on her chest. TMZ said afterward that she was 17 years old and serving vodka. “We are appalled,” a Trump representative said at the time. “Given the circumstances, we can only guess that she crashed the event to seek publicity.”

      1. Pat is so wrong. So, so wrong. His cynicism misdirects the readership of this entire website. I have facts (facts!) that “refudiate” all of Pat’s so called data that seemingly proves all national leaders are liars.

        Now where did I put all those facts? They must be somewhere?!? I thought I had the things in my pocket but all I found was a crumpled, handwritten note to self, “Hopium Springs Eternal” — and like the protagonist in “Memento”, I have deliberately misdirected myself once again.

        Where there’s hopium, there’s life 😉

        I expect Pat is right; I hope he’s wrong. Too much big business going on between all these supposed enemies; too much evidence that everything is owned by a global Oligarchic network. With such power they can fabricate and project any nonsense as truth, in any medium (mainstream or alternative).

  4. I wonder what has been going on behind the scenes with all those Generals, Admirals and other officers Obama and Co. cleansed from the military. Never hear much, if anything at all about Obama’s various ethnic cleansings.

    Are those officers, soldiers and sailors quietly returning behind the scenes? Offering advice and help, if needed?
    This must be how they see it and feel it. They were “retired” were they not?

    President Trump sure has made friends with the troops,
    top to bottom. They bigly love him!
    Tell me that doesn’t keep Hillary and Co. up at night..

  5. The picture posted with PCR’s latest and greatest speaks volumes, too. As shown, Drumpf offers us the “hand sign” performed so often by (East) Germany’s Merkel that some have compiled and published a dozen or more examples of her doing so. Anyone know what the (Masonic?) sign intends to convey to savvy on-lookers? At the very least in this instance, thinking positively, we have something sinister and mysterious, a potential cons’ piracy, to keep mind occupied if not possessed while awaiting another episode of this soap opera, which, I concede, seems a mighty entertaining diversion. (NOTE: I voted for NOBODY for POTUS 2016.)

    1. AD

      That hand sign is just an indication that Trump has signed off on the masonic “Great Work of the Ages” that’s been going on starting with it’s “seed” stage, so to speak, reportedly in ancient Sumer after the great flood. Some info in the post on this thread by Patrick Griffin that addresses this looks pretty spot on where he writes:

      ” Russia will be just another vessel on the way to full global dominance…”

      Pat and I among others have alluded to this sort of thing

  6. ‘It was miscalculation for Washington to expect Russia to give up its Black Sea naval base to Washington’s coup in Ukraine.’

    Come now: Surely Washington did not seriously expect that Russia would give up its one warm-water port, which is also the home of its Black Sea Fleet? How could it possibly afford to do that?

    I have read Lasha’s several approving comments about this article. Even so, I wonder if we can infer anything from what Putin and Trump stage. My awful suspicion is that the two of them and Netanyahu are in cohouts to keep the status quo of the exisiting power-arrangement of states … for the time being.

    But, at some point, Netanyahu will no longer be needed, for American Jewery and its fervent 50-60 million Christian Zionist allies will have become irrelevant. (That is, their ability to dominate Congress will be of no use to them.) This is so because the US Congress will have been disabled by the POTUS, who will have put the country on a war footing: China will need sorting out, and swatables like Netanyahu will drop off the Great Powers’ radar. That is when things will have become interesting.

  7. BOLTON has GONE MISSING someplace in Russia, they are searching (secret service and KGB JOINTLY ) inside every Russian embassy and missile base but he is a SNEEKY BASTARD and can morph into a WOODCHUCK at will. Some think Bolton stowed away on a Russian spaceship on it’s way to the ISS and PAID no ticket fare!!!
    Others swear he is with bennie-the-RAT , high rolling in Israel!!!
    some believe he is in the cage where they kept Solzhenitsyn for life.
    They think he has the H-BOMB he got from Chainey!!!!!
    the good news is NO MORE STUPID COLD WARS!!!!!

    bring OUR BOYS and GIRLS HOME leave the FAGGOTS in the desert.

  8. To hell with Donnie and the summit!! Here is the “YUGE” more serious news about ‘Put-On’ who was “puttin’ it on” really “BIGGLY” with Ireland’s Conor McGregor!!

    Conor McGregor was a guest of Russia President Vladimir Putin for Sunday’s World Cup final between France and Croatia.

    In posing for a photo with Putin, McGregor’s Instagram caption had fans around the world upset at the UFC star. He called Putin “one of the greatest leaders of our time.”

    Great photo-op for ‘Put-On’ the lesser in the pic…
    ….without Trump’s 24 Karat Vodka! 🙂

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