The View of Russia in the West

By Paul Craig Roberts

July 11, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  The upcoming Trump/Putin summit is hampered by the crazed portrait of Russia painted by presstitutes. Jonathan Chait, Amy Knight, Max Bergmann, Yaroslav Trofimov, Roger Cohen, and the rest of the conscious or de facto CIA assets that comprise the Western presstitute media have turned Putin into a superhuman who controls election outcomes throughout the West, murders people without rhyme or reason, and has President Trump under his thumb doing Putin’s bidding. Who could imagine a more extreme conspiracy theory?

Or has the world been carved up a bit like this?

Jonathan Chait in New York magazine writes that “the dark crevices of the Russia scandal run deep,” so deep that “it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility that the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting between a Russian-intelligence asset and his handler.”

So here is Chait, who brands truth-tellers “conspiracy theorists” coming up with the greatest conspiracy theory of our time that President Trump has been a Kremlim asset since 1987. Chait provides a ”crazy quilt of connections” to illustrate his absurd conspiracy theory that “it’s not necessary to believe that Putin always knew he might install Trump in the Oval Office to find the following situation highly plausible: Sometime in 2015, the Russian president recognized that he had, in one of his unknown number of intelligence files, an inroad into American presidential politics.”

Chait believes that Russia is also behind the UK’s exit from the European Union. “Driving Britain out of the European Union advanced the decades-long Russian goal of splitting Western nations apart, and Russia found willing allies on the British far right.”

Chait gets even more conspiratorial. He admits that Paul Manafort’s indictments for alleged white collar crimes are not related to Trump’s election, having occurred years previously in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Chait is certain that Manafort is shielding Trump even though according to Chait Manafort is facing many years in prison. Why would Manafort shield Trump? Chait’s answer:

“One way to make sense of his behavior is the possibility that Manafort is keeping his mouth shut because he’s afraid of being killed. That speculation might sound hyperbolic, but there is plenty of evidence to support it. In February, a video appeared on YouTube showing Manafort’s patron Deripaska on his yacht with a Belarusian escort named Anastasia Vashukevich.”

Chait’s article is long and heavily weighted with innuendo. Chait, or whoever wrote the article, possibly the person who wrote the Steele Dossier, collects every disparaging fact and fantasy about Trump and assembles them in a way to paint a portrait of a person who must also, without much doubt, be a Russian agent. If the public can be convinced of this, the military/security complex can assassinate Trump and blame Putin for getting rid of an asset who was exposed by the Russiagate investigation, no longer useful, and perhaps prepared to spill the beans.

Another conspiracy theorist, Amy Knight, writes that “The real question is where does the Russian criminal state end and the criminal underworld begin, and how do they work together in what amounts to a new murder incorporated?”

Yaroslav Trofimov tells us in the Wall Street Journal (July 7) that “Putin maps out his own empire” to replace the lost Soviet one.

In the Washington Post Max Bergmann tells us that Trump is going to sell out NATO in Helsinki. This line leads to the supposition that Putin is using Trump to unleash the Russian military on Europe. Many conspiracy theorists have come together on the view that first the Baltic States will be invaded and then Putin will move on to Germany and the rest of Europe. The New York Times’ Roger Cohen even pulls Marine Le Pen into the plot which widens to include ethnically cleansing the West of the refugees from Washington’s wars.

This is the level of absurdity that the American media delivers to the public’s understanding of foreign affairs.


24 thoughts to “The View of Russia in the West”

  1. With Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, his righteous blasting of the EU and NATO, and the Putin summit coming in quick succession, his opponents have gone off the charts bonkers. I don’t think that Trump would have agreed to meet with Putin if he wasn’t convinced it would increase his popularity going into the mid-terms. The Deep State, with billions of dollars on the line, never wanted the Cold War to end, and they certainly didn’t want Putin to take Russia back from the Western-backed Jewish oligarchs. PCR has shown how desperate Trump’s opponents have become. Question is, are the American masses intelligent enough to take the Red Pill and see past the Big Lie?

    1. Billions on the line is a trifle when you already have trillions by simply adding more zeros to cooked books
      $0$0$0$0$0$….to their black ❤️’s desire 😎

      1. Rothschild looks and sighs
        How quaint his father’s pry
        that took the suckers offers
        and filled the family coffers
        A slick and crafty coup
        The tale of Waterloo

    2. @ FollyOfWar

      Bonkers is a good description of the actions of Deep State people that have been in control too long to even consider that their time is almost up. They believe that screeching loud enough will make a difference in the outcome. When PCR points it out, you know things have gotten ridiculous.

      Fortunately, the audience of the jewish mainstream media is so low that their Deep State narrative makes hardly any difference except as humorous entertainment.

      Meanwhile, sealed indictments keep being generated at the rate of about 5,000 per month (currently over 40,000 at the end of June) as congress puts on a show highlighting that corruption has been rampant. No one will be surprised when the soon to fall hammer hits the Deep State except the Satanists, the pedophiles, the baby eaters, and the few that ignorantly adore them. Armed Americans are way past ready for the swamp draining.

  2. That PCR reads with all apparent seriousness MSM — I know, someone has do the dirty work — and never seems to peak behind increasingly threadbare curtains for the true operators, thus supporting by omission the TweedleDuh|TweedleDemon puppet show, both domestically and abroad, reinforces my practice not to read anything posted with his byline. Waste of time and still workable neurons. JMO.

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      PCR is actually putting in a good word for Donald Trump. He is lambasting Trump’s enemies in America, in particular, he is attacking the neoconservative warmongers and mainstream media with their heavy Jewish contingent.

      I therefore see no reason to sneer at PCR, as you do, if he is now attacking the enemy we all love to hate. His failure to use the J-word should not be held against him. We all know who he has in mind when he uses the word “presstitutes”.

      He means the Jews, right?

      1. @ I DO SCAN RUS (!( { ;-)} — as does, no doubt, PCR, from his now ancient (communistic?) perspective of the Ronald Ray-gun administration. Gary Arnold of Santa Cruz still fights the good fight and knows MUCH more than I shall ever learn about THAT era! I defer to him any judgment about PCR’s earlier work on behalf of PTB. I myself currently CONsign PCR to the category “CONtrolled opposition”.

        In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, I still wrestle with “Jew-centric” explanations of All & Everything wrong and evil. So-labeled “presstitutes”, as do their putative inspiration, “prostitutes”, come in many races, shapes, and forums, religious or not, all welcome to The Party — yes, we do get along! And, in my opinion, The Donald gets along famously (!) with TPTB, yet another euphemism for cloaked folks behind semi-transparent veils through which, or behind which, we dare not peek.

        One key to this, my dilemma, perhaps enlightening to this discussion, is Orwell’s (?) choice of “Emmanuel Goldstein” for “1984”. Any thoughts? We be Oceania, right?

    2. Well. Cognitive Dissonance.
      No one knows what to believe any longer.
      Just go visceral. Just got feeling.
      PCR is ok, operating within his parameters.

  3. Does President Trump ever stop posing? Is he always playing Mussolini to the camera?

    I think Netanyahu is in charge, certainly of America, through the Jewish Power Network.

    1. Russia has no intention of invading the west. It would cost too much, and they do not see the people of the west as enemies. They are not communists and do not want conquer in the name of Karl Marx, a 19th century Jewish political philosifer who wrote about capital and the workers, but never ran a business and never did a days work in his life. He got it wrong, wrong, wrong.

      1. Correct, John –

        Trump agreed with your statements about Russia’s threat just yesterday, when he “BIGGLY” CLAIMED at the NATO breakfast:
        “Germany is totally controlled by Russia!!”

        “German is a captive of Russia!!”

        ‘Put-On’ sees the West as customers. Consumers of his Gazprom energy supplies. 🙂

    2. Trump can pose all he wants to, he’s a TRILLION times better to have for a president than Hellary. He poses, this is true, he also gets things done in between posing . He would get alot more done, get alot more good things done, but there’s too many Americans who are not loyal to the USA and too brainwashed by Hollywood and the MSM and Academia. He’s under seige in many ways, and all because he has some common-sense patriotic ideas. All presidents pose. Trump is not the first president to pose. Trump poses, he get’s criticized. All the other presidents also posed — and posed ALOT — no one ever criticized them for posing. At least he doesn’t cry on cue, like Obama did. If he would only do something about that hair of his, we would have The Perfect President! 🙂 I LERV Trump! At least we finally have a beautiful First Lady — who’s a real woman, a REAL female, unlike Michelle/Michael. If you ask me, First Grandma Bush was a drag queen also — Or, if George Washington had been a drag queen he would have looked just like Grandma Bush, lol. How do you like them thar 🍎s, Pat?

  4. Orwell, him got the goods. Know plan long ago. Him got good map. Him inside come out.

  5. So not just trump then is a KGB sleeper but also significant numbers among the British aristocracy too, who all want rid of Nato so the Russians can move right in and take over.
    Isn’t that what you’d like to see if you were some big bloodline British Nabob?
    Obviously many media lackytad are paid to maintain the Russian myth, for the deep state pentagon contractors in horde…
    This reporter is one.
    But can we really believe PCR now climbs out of the Ronald Reagan sewer pipe with a brand new mind?
    Well, when we hear him say the Jews run American, the media, the congress, and they did 9-11, so everybody BDS, then maybe.
    It would help a lot with that if he told us how much he’s changed since his RR days..
    Because there is a little there to forgive.
    All those billions the plexus threw at the media to get hillary (“I hate the Russians”) in won’t be wasted quite so bad if trump can somehow be unseated. And they Ain’t Givin Up…
    I guess the question is still there – do the NYC commie central Jews, who did the bolshevik revolution, now control Putin and Russia, as well as the new York times?
    These media types now seem to have journalism confused with writing creative fiction.
    As long as DJT’s USMC1 is still seen landing and taking off from camp king David you can tell the Jews are still telling him what’s cool and what isn’t. . But is he totally under their foot? Or is he giving them the word on how the world will be changing?
    Because he’s obviously against the EU and for brexit, no pal of Theresa may, who still drags feet on that deal.
    I think the whole EU loonie Ness is pure Banks ter NWO machination from the gitgo a long time ago. The David rocky trilateralist plot.
    As coherent as PCB’s commentary is – he still falls short of the kind of honesty needed, to put the finger all the way on the big jew media political scam.
    PCR should have lunch and dinner a few times with the other southern boy down there, David duke, who does not pull those punches, but would benefit the cause greatly with some of PCR’s sagacity…

  6. And what may I ask does Our Lady In Blue from Xanadu Lasha Re-Incarnation of Cleopatra that’s how beautiful 😍Lasha Our Ancient Egyptian Empress is , what does our lady of the cosmos from the dark side of the m00n in the night sky who lives in London think about The Trump Baby Balloon?

    Lasha is an Anglo who grew up in the United States. I wondering where in the United States did Anglo Lasha grew up. Lasha is also a “Catholic”. And my whoodle doodle, just like Lasha, was born and raised in the United States, he’s a Light Being Worker Dawg Angel from The Dog Star ¡Sirius! He’s very kewl that way, 😎.

    ADMIN TOBY: You never give up, do you, you crazy old coot? Anyway, this is just to let you know that your comment in praise of Donald Trump — “Trump can pose all he wants to, he’s a TRILLION times better to have for a president than Hellary.” — will be published tomorrow to go with the new article on Trump.

    1. Toby, ol’ TROJ always makes me chuckle, and I NEVER take seriously his badgering (which is usually very articulate and creative!). Thanks for allowing these comments. 😉 (You know, his discernment CAN be quite amazing, too, when he’s serious…)

  7. Ah yes Jewish wordsmiths and their sycophants at work.

    These wicked witches and wizards of Wordsmithy mutter foul incantations while crouching over their bubbling cauldrons of verbiage. Their teeth drip red with the blood of Palestinian children as they stir in nasty expletives while croaking, “we think it’s worth it!” Demon Shabbat goy and zombie social warriors grovel at their feet, supplying ever more ingredients that feed a vicious vichyssoise of verbosity.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ § ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Eye of guilt, heart of hate, white genocide will be your fate!

    Lump of lies, sweet words and myths, error from tongue of vulture, a flask of horror with shot of terror, will wreck the white man’s culture.

    Small twist of humor to top it off, so they won’t know we kill them soft.

    We spit in their face, we lie in their ear,

    We smother their world with blankets of fear.

    Holocausts and trade towers to make them flinch,

    We’ve stolen their Christmas with our Grinch.

    Monsanto brings fruit from our vines,

    With genes we’ve spliced like Frankenstein,

    This horror food we sell to you,

    Is gobbled down without a clue.

    Promised health, medical incantation,

    It’s a death of stealth by vaccination,

    Laced with mercury that is so hot,

    These kill and maim like bullets shot,

    They cannot see with their own eye,

    Clear evidence that we deny,

    Those trails of death that cross the sky.

    We drive the Goyim to despair,

    For this, a lie we quote,

    “You have a voice in de-moc-rac-y”,

    “You have the right to vote!”

    Stolen houses from widows, Wall Street deals from hell,

    We fatten our coffers with these sweet words: buy! Buy! BUY! No – sell!

    Stealing from the goyim is like taking a grizzly bear’s honey,

    Be careful, make sure they’re fast asleep, before you debase their money.

    These things from our bag of tricks we play,

    So to the goyim this we say,

    A stake to the heart is our only fear,

    But we’ve stolen you mind and soul, killing us will cost you dear!

    – Arch

  8. it would be a world class win/win if Trump and Putin signed a free trade agreement and built a freeway to Alaska, the EU and China COULD “DRY UP and BLOW away”

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