58 thoughts to “This Lady Should Be Prime Minister Of The UK (Video)”

  1. I am surprised a woman of this caliber did not address the fact that her government for centuries attacked and colonized so many countries and stole their wealth from which she and her countrymen benefited and enjoyed a high standard of living. Her country was and is still like a circus horse, its manure is still everywhere.

    While I do sympathize with her, I say that if those countries were left alone, she wouldn’t be raising these issues now. Speaking as a Palestinian, I maintain that it was her country (Britain) that caused my people to lose Palestine, the country of my ancestors. We were forced to leave Palestine to escape the terror of the Jews, a terror which is still going on to this day.

    It is also worth mentioning that the USA told the government of Saudi Arabia to spread the Wahhabi version of Islam in the eighties and also to stop it now. Otherwise true Islam would have prevailed. You cannot have it both ways: displace people from their countries and then, when you allow them into your country later on, you bitch and complain about it. You can’t do that! YOU are to blame for the problem. Can’t you see that?

    Stop luring immigrants into your country and then whining and complaining about immigration. You can’t do both! If you enjoy screwing women and producing children, for example, you must pay the price of child support. That’s the price for your irresponsible behavior.

    The UK has bombed the hell out of so many countries and then forced their citizens to flee to Europe for sanctuary, which I think is the agenda behind all this bombing. But no one talks about that, do they?

    1. Hi AL,
      Don’t blame the British people, espcially those who were not even born in 1948. Yes, what happned to the Palestinians was a tragedy and most Brirish people can see that.

      The British and American Jewish leadership dragged and blackmailed Britain into fighting two world wars which did tremendous damage to Britain and Europe, but it is now clear that the seizure of Palestine by the Jews was their most impotant objective.

      Since then we have all had 70 years of saturation propaganda about the suffering of the jews, when in fact the holocaust is the greatest lie ever told.

      God Bless and help the Palestinians.

      1. You are right Mr. Kirby. The scale of death (fine European men and women) in the two world wars was unimaginably large. Total wars fought totally unnecessarily.
        Just think of the loss of so many people (and their potentialchildren!) who could have contributed so much beauty and value in this world. We are definitely the Survivors of the very real Holocaust.
        I do not lay all the blame of this on the collective Jewish people, however many were involved.
        The Western leadership (those “Great” men, and of course I include the Czar and his government), the arms merchants and the other profiteers, the propagandists, the Bolsheviks, and the gullible, easily herded volunteers all also share the blame. I do believe this list includes a great many non-Jews.

      2. We should also blame the “common” british people, the sheeple. Remember the many british soldiers who fought in the second world war against the germans and should have refused but they didn’t. The same in the Jewsa how many American soldiers fought against the germans and could, should have refused. Even American soldiers of british, german descent. But they DIDN’T. They obeyed the usual suspects instead of targeting them! They sought the easy way for money, carrier, for jewish bullshit. It’s always the common people who maintain any regime especially, this jewish regime we are in worldwide.

      3. With the recent massacre in Gaza WW3 looks more likely every day. The Palestinians are smart people and they will eventually figure out a way of destroying Israel.

        The present Israeli government is playing with fire and the consequences could be terrible.

    2. @ Al
      @ John Kirby

      Well said, Al! And John Kirby. Agree with you both 100 per cent!

      The Palestinians were sold down the river by evil Albion, in thrall to the Jews ever since . . . well, I can’t put a date to it . . . but maybe ever since Cromwell let the Jews back into the country in the 17th century. As Nesta Webster said wittily, formerly this country was known as “Merry England”, but it was no longer quite so “merry” after the influx of swarms of Jews from Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe that subsequently took place.

      By the mid-19th century, with Britain getting its first Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, who was a favorite of Queen Victoria, the Jews were all set to turn the screw on Britain. Disraeli even went on record as saying that most European countries, including Britain, were now under control of a “secret cabal” or society which he left unnamed. Jews were not mentioned, but Jews were implied.

      @ John Kirby

      Of course you are correct! Ordinary Brits are not to blame for this situation. We don’t decide policy and most of our citizens remain blissfully unaware of Jewish dominance. Even to speak of “Jewish power” is now evidence of “antisemitism”. We dare not mention the dreaded J-word without risking the stigma of being classed as “Jew haters”, “racists”, and “neo-Nazis”.

    3. I wish I knew why the Globalists are doing this. There could be several reasons why:
      1. Start a war in Europe (with the help of the US) between the Christians and Muslims.
      2. To expand the borders of Israel by war and displacement of people. Maybe they made a deal with Saudi Arabia— we (the Zionists) will give you Europe for the lands in the Middle East.
      3. WW3 might start sooner than # 1, with Russia and its allies, which means that most European cities will be nuked, along with US cities. If there are Muslims in those cities, they will die. So basically the Globalist are sending these immigrants to their death.
      The U.S. is threatening China over South China Sea and its man made islands.
      4. A pending natural disaster. Europe is not the safest place to be because it’s surrounded by the oceans and seas. St. Patrick prophesied that Ireland will be underwater and other predictions (by Nostradamus) state that England will be half underwater which means that London will be gone-York will be the new London. One Catholic saint predicted that all the major European cities on coastline will be wiped out, including Rome and the Vatican.
      5. A Bulgarian seer, Baba Vanga and the remote viewer, E.M. Nicolay, predict the end of the Catholic Church. The Vatican will be destroyed. Baba Vanga names the future Rome—- Muslim Rome. They both predict that Rome will become Muslim. So how does this happen? How about the above, # 1234. These tragedies could cause a great vacuum for outsiders. Many Europeans could leave Europe for other lands because of #1234. The Great Catholic Monarch prophecies then comes into play— to do what Catholic Spain did-“Reconquista” or reconquest the European lands taken over by Muslims. He is called the Last Roman Emperor. The most interesting prophecy of all! Soon as he dies, the Antichrist comes.
      All those mystery booms heard all over the United States could be from our government building underground tunnels and bases. You wonder, why are they doing this?
      What about Sweden (and other Baltic countries) telling its citizens to prepare for war.
      Before, the UK invaded lands for profit. But now and the future, there is a different agenda. We are definitely headed for war!

      1. If there is a WW3, it would be U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Israel vs. Russia, China, Iran, Lebanon and Syria. Maybe Serbia and other Orthodox countries will join Russia.
        There will be destruction on both sides!

      2. If there is a “WW3”, it will be a contrived/agreed and limited war between the West and Putin to have finally the ONE WORLD ORDER, ruled by marshall law and talmudic/noahide law. Don’t forget Putin the crypto-jew who must play the bad boy but he is in it, big. Jerusalem will be the head quarter of the selected/chosen jews overseeing/ruling the world.

    4. I’m still waiting on the Great Indian Novel.
      “1000 Years Together” (subtitled) “I Wouldn’t Trade the Truth of Political Islam For All the Buddhists in Afghanistan!”

      Ohhhh riiiight, there are no Buddhists in Afghanistan.
      Not anymore..

  2. The video started at 5:19.
    Make sure to take it back to the start, there’s quite a good bit from the beginning.

    (ADMIN: Problem fixed! Video now starts at beginning.)

    Very well-spoken woman. I admire her.

  3. The woman says the protestors don’t condone violence, but violence is exactly what is needed. Dead commies don’t cause trouble! She says the Brits “lost their backbone”, when what they (and many others, including Americans) have lost is a sense of duty and responsibility. People must fight when they are able. We Americans must recognize that lesson, too, and NEVER allow any laws or government to disarm us. Someone must always die violently to enforce the issue – until it becomes a non-issue.

  4. “This Lady Should Be Prime Minister Of The UK”

    No one should be Prime Minister!

    The jew system encasing a need for a Prime Minister – a “YUGE” shield for the crown – IS one of the roots of the problems in the UK.

    It is a problem by proxy for much of the globe, including the US. Dubya linked arms with Blair to pull off the wars still continuing in the Mid East.

    1. The germanic tribes in former times never had kings. They had a democratic society. Only if it was necessary, in case of war, they nominated a “king”. the socalled Duke. Kingship is not a germanic concept but an oriental. It was copied from the orientals and brought in to western europe. Let me guess by who.

      1. Is “Oriental” the new code word for “Jews”?

        If not, then it should be clarified that “Oriental” in the North American context refers to North East Asians like the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.

        As the resident Sinologist at Darkmoon, and in order to promote racial harmony and world peace — too much talk of nukes and WW3 these days — I take this opportunity to dispel some long-held beliefs and modern memes floating on the Internet about the “evil Chinese”.

        Contrary to popular misconceptions, China never tolerated nepotism and never adopted monarchical absolutism, also known as the “Divine Right of Kings”, which would be the closest thing to autocracy or dictatorship, but which has been falsely ascribed to the Chinese in particular, and Orientals in general. This has been done either deliberately by 1st-rate trolls or ignorantly by 3rd-rate intellectuals on too many sites, and even on supposedly high-brow pro-White sites like Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer. 

        Moreover, the so-called “parliamentary system” of modern Western democracies, I would argue, was already well-established in China during the Sui dynasty in the year 581. This predates the British constitutional monarchy and the first known British “Prime Minister” in 1721 by 1140 years! The Chinese parliamentary system was known as the “Three Departments and Six Ministries” and can trace its origins to Chinese Legalism:

        Though Chinese administration cannot be traced to any one person, emphasizing a merit system administrator Shen Buhai (c. 400 BC – c. 337 BC) may have had more influence than any other, and might be considered its founder, if not valuable as a rare pre-modern example of abstract theory of administration. Sinologist Herrlee G. Creel sees in Shen Buhai the “seeds of the civil service examination”, and, if one wished to exaggerate, the first political scientist.[14] The correlation between Shen’s conception of the inactive (Wu wei) ruler responsible for examination into performance, claims and titles likely also informed the Taoist conception of the formless Tao (name that cannot be named) that “gives rise to the ten thousand things.”[15]

        source: Wikipedia (Legalism, Chinese Philosophy)

        I fear you have carelessly conflated the Occidental “Divine Right of Kings” (autocracy) with the Oriental “Mandate of Heaven” (meritocracy), which served China for thousands of years just fine, until the God damned Jews destroyed it; first with their opium, which created hundreds of millions of drug addicts; followed by their “Christianity” vis a vis the Taiping Heavenly Rebellion, which killed up to 70 million Chinese in a bloody civil/religious war; and then, finally, with their bullshit democracy for Taiwan and their bloody communism for China, which further killed and displaced tens of millions more Chinese.

        The Mandate of Heaven or Tin Ming, Tian Ming (Chinese: 天命; pinyin: Tiānmìng; Wade–Giles: T’ien-ming) and in various dialectal spellings, is a Chinese political and religious doctrine used since ancient times to justify the rule of the Emperor of China. According to this belief, heaven (天, Tian)—which embodies the natural order and will of the universe—bestows the mandate on a just ruler of China, the “Heavenly Son” of the “Celestial Empire”. If a ruler was overthrown, this was interpreted as an indication that the ruler was unworthy, and had lost the mandate. It was also a common belief that natural disasters such as famine and flood were signs of heaven’s displeasure with the ruler, so there would often be revolts following major disasters as citizens saw these as signs that the Mandate of Heaven had been withdrawn.[1]

        The Mandate of Heaven does not require a legitimate ruler to be of noble birth, depending instead on the just and able performance of the rulers and their heirs. Dynasties such as the Han and Ming dynasties were founded by men of common origins. The concept is in some ways similar to the European concept of the divine right of kings; however, unlike the European concept, it does not confer an unconditional right to rule. The Mandate would be a preoccupation in a rulers lifetime, where they would hold onto the Mandate and live according to Heavens. Intrinsic to the concept of the Mandate of Heaven was the right of rebellion against an unjust ruler. Chinese historians interpreted a successful revolt as evidence that Heaven had withdrawn its mandate from the ruler. Throughout Chinese history, times of poverty and natural disasters were often taken as signs that heaven considered the incumbent ruler unjust and thus in need of replacement. The Mandate of Heaven was often invoked by philosophers and scholars in China as a way to curtail the abuse of power by the ruler. While each dynasty was not the same, they each had a lineage that passed on the prospective ruler by order of generational descent or their priority of birth. Many emperors during the imperial times would optimize to have many sons who could be candidates to fill the position after the current ruler has died. In addition Heaven was thought to be of how a ruler’s works and performance was, which reflected upon how favorable they would be to Heaven.

        Such as Mencius, a great philosopher who many thought was the successor to Confucius proclaimed[2]:

        “The people are of supreme importance; the altars of the gods of earth and grain come next; last comes the ruler. That is why he who gains the confidence of the multitudinous people will be Emperor… When a feudal lord endangers the altars of the gods of earth and grain, he should be replaced. When the sacrificial animals are sleek, the offerings are clean and the sacrifices are observed at due times, and yet floods and droughts come [by the agency of heaven], then the altars should be replaced.”— Mencius

        The concept of the Mandate of Heaven was first used to support the rule of the kings of the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BCE), and legitimize their overthrow of the earlier Shang dynasty (1600–1069 BCE). It was used throughout the history of China to legitimize the successful overthrow and installation of new emperors, including non-Han ethnic monarchs such as the Qing dynasty (1636-1912). This concept was also used by monarchs in neighboring countries like Korea and Vietnam.[3]

        source: Wikipedia (Mandate of Heaven)

    2. “If voting made any difference, the kikes wouldn’t let us do it.” — Mark Twain

      The late great American wit and novelist Mark Twain is reputed to have made that “antisemitic” pronouncement on his deathbed in 1910. It was a prophetic pronouncement, indeed, made 50-years before electronic voting systems were even invented. Today the “kikes” have complete control over elections in all ZOG countries like JewSA and the Jewnited Kingdom, as they competely own all the electronic voting systems, inclusive of all the electronic social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.

      1. Yes, Andy –

        The same holds true in all countries using voting machines, including Russia.

      2. No Chinese “Divine Right of Kings” or Monarchical Absolutism?
        Well, did not Emperor Qin Shi Huang burn both historical records and scholars? I understand there is controversy over this, yet it is true there were absolutist Chinese Emperors, whether they believed Divinity had any say about it or not.

        Of course this is totally off the subject at hand.

      3. Is this concise and back “on the subject” enough for you?:

        Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, takes orders from Evelyn de Rothschild, the King of Jews. Democracy is a smokescreen for the Divine Right of Kings.

      4. @ Justice For Chinese….”Democracy is a smokescreen for the Divine Right of Kings.”

        I do agree. And the Mandate of Heaven is admirable. But of course the Chinese are human beings, with both the perfections and the faults we all share (to greater of lesser degree individually).

        I need only to reference the late Mao Tse -Tung in order to illustrate the ‘faults’.


  6. OT : After having their shabbos goy Trump withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran (and probably preparing for a war with that country) and after having him move the American embassy to Jerusalem (without condemning the Gaza massacre), the insatiable Israelis now want Trump to recognize their illegal annexation of the Golan Heights :

    Israel Pushing Trump to Recognize Hold on Golan Heights, Intel Minister Says.

    Israel is pressing the Trump administration to recognize its sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, an Israeli cabinet minister said on Wednesday, predicting U.S. assent could come within months.

    Interviewed by Reuters, Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz described endorsement of Israel’s 51-year-old hold on the Golan as the proposal now “topping the agenda” in bilateral diplomatic talks with the United States.

    Source : Haaretz, May 24, 2018.

    (and when that happens, will Lobro say this is again such a “4D Chess” move actually against Israel?)

    1. ” . . . and when that happens, will Lobro say this is again such a “4D Chess” move actually against Israel?

      The more Lobro is proved to be wrong, which is now every day, the more he will shout and scream that he is right. He is the last man on the Titanic, insisting as it sinks beneath the waves: “There’s nothing wrong with this ship! If necessary, I’ll drown to prove it!” 🙂

      1. Sard –

        Did you see the well documented video posted by Wiggins?

        Every person in THE WORLD + Lobro 🙂 should watch it more than once and take notes.

        Trump is owned by Rothschild. And he appointed Rothschild’s man as Secretary of Commerce!


        wiggins – on British Patriot Jez Turner faces a prison sentence for criticizing Jews
        May 24, 2018 at 2:52 pm

        Interesting video…..Syria and beyond.


      2. Pat

        Even though in general I see religion as being like a man with two perfectly working legs using a crutch, in returning to that quote by Dr. Johnson for a moment, I’d say that a more concise term for “Islam is Judaism for Gentiles” would be, say, “Wahhabism and its fellow bastardizations of true Islam is Judaism for Gentiles”

        T.E. Lawrence’s “British-Israel” bosses would agree, seeing as they are instrumental in fostering the “jewification” of both Judaism and so-called “fundamental” Islam

      3. B-Hawk –

        Only those who had spoken with Mohammet, if he existed, would know EXACTLY what “true Islam” is.

        WE are guessing still!! 🙂

      4. Pat

        So let’s just say that the very EXISTENCE of religious institutions makes humanity vulneable to manipulation by bad actors

      5. Islam. In Kali yuga, Islam, like everything else, ain’t what it used to be..

        “The Lord has many names, and chanting the holy name of Allah is non-different from chanting the holy name of Krsna.”

        (aka) non-sectarian

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      The war with Iran will be just like the WWIII war with North Korea that did not happen. Why has the topic of the war with North Korea fallen off of the list of discussions?

      1. Ung –

        You wrote:
        “Why has the topic of the war with North Korea fallen off of the list of discussions?”

        Since N Korea has piped down “BIGGLY” …. and stopped their bottle-rocket shows… the “YUGE” “end of the worlders” had to stop trying to scare folks with their hysteria. 🙂

        The right $$$$ dupe is in the White House:

    3. Franklin

      Let’s put it this way, it COULD reflect a “4D chess” move against Israel, but Trump, Putin, et al wouldn’t be the ones making the moves

      The moves of politicians are “3D REACTIONS”

    4. Drumpf doesn’t look like a chess player. I bet my 12-year-old daughter could beat him at chess.

      If the (((POTUS))) is playing anything at all, he’s probably playing “Chinese checkers”.

      Here’s what the Chinese checkerboard looks like:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_checkers#/media/File:ChineseCheckersboard.jpeg

      Chinese checkers (US and Canadian spelling) or Chinese chequers (UK spelling)[1] is a strategy board game of German origin (named “Sternhalma”) which can be played by two, three, four, or six people, playing individually or with partners.[2] The game is a modern and simplified variant of the American game Halma.[3]

      The objective is to be first to race all of one’s pieces across the hexagram-shaped board into “home”—the corner of the star opposite one’s starting corner—using single-step moves or moves that jump over other pieces. The remaining players continue the game to establish second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, and last-place finishers.[4] The rules are simple, so even young children can play.[5]

      History and nomenclature
      Despite its name, the game is not a variation of checkers, nor did it originate in China or any part of Asia (whereas the game 象棋 xiangqi, or “Chinese chess”, is from China). The game was invented in Germany in 1892 under the name “Stern-Halma” as a variation of the older American game Halma.[6] The “Stern” (German for star) refers to the board’s star shape (in contrast to the square board used in Halma).

      source: Wikipedia (Chinese checkers)

      The real name of the game should be Eretz­Israel and Jewish full spectrum dominance from the city of Jerusalem, which Drumpf just presented to the Rothschilds on a silver platter full of bloody Palestinian skulls.

      I’m not religious, but I can’t help but believe he is the Antichrist.


    This lady has her heart in the right place but I cringed at her ignorance. She needs to take a break from joining marches, (which make no difference anyway), lock her TV away in a cupboard and then do some serious research for a while.
    All she’s doing now is reinforcing to the MSM narrative and adding to the number of ignorant fools who follow Tommy the Zionist Robinson.
    “7% of the Germans were Nazis”!!!
    I think we can assume that she knows nothing of the true History of WW2, or of the existence of the Kalergy Plan and doesn’t question the big H.

  8. • “This Lady Should Be Prime Minister Of The UK”
    Hum… With her “partial awareness”, as a Prime Minister she would cast the arsenal of war (Muslims and other Asians) into the sea and spare the blacksmith which she mentioned only remotely (the NGOs) and the small percentage of radical Muslims. However, she failed to mention the unsuspected, very, very small percentage of evil beings behind every major calamity throughout the world.
    • When she says: “The evil practices in the Koran are there and there is no need to be an expert to for anybody to look at and read and see you don’t have to be an expert to know…” I beg to disagree.
    You do need some expertise to understand the Qur’an. The Qur’an had been revealed throughout 23 years and most of its “evil” calls were issued in specific contexts at that time, addressing specific situations with specific characters hence, irrelevant to the current situation.
    • “We will never bow the knee to the evil plans of Islam”
    If there be plans of Islam, it’s to free the Christian World from the blasphemous allegations added to the Christian Bible. Rid the bible off all the inconsistencies and you will encounter the true Jesus lenghly mentioned in the Qur’an,, the messenger of God, the One and only God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all creatures.
    • We Britains will be free”. Yah, it’s high time you spoke your mind and most importantly, thought out of the j box.
    I noticed that mostly senior citizens, brave ladies and brave gentlemen dare question the statu quo imposed by the Jewcracy. What have become of the young citizens? Are they lost for ever?
    Change needs resolution and endurance and these ones need a lot of energy to sustain them.

    1. @SEAN,
      Just because you have one enemy doesn’t mean you don’t have others.
      Just because you have a greater enemy, doesn’t mean you don’t have a lesser.
      And your various enemies may coalesce at times.

      I am a (poor) follower of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, the Gospel Message he proclaimed, and his personal Sacrifice were God’s greatest gift to mankind.

    2. Sean –

      “What have become of the young citizens? Are they lost for ever?”

      They are in the ‘cell-phone-zone’ looking down while exercising their thumbs and not their minds!

      Those born into the ‘texting-generation’ are owners of strong thumbs & weak minds. 🙂

      1. Hi Pat,
        Neither are they exercising there bodies. Young women used to have waists, not now.

        Intresting photo taken in NYC on VJ day in 1945; not a single fat person out of hundreds, but a photo taken in 2015 from the same spot shows many fat people, and very few girls with slim waistlines.

        I agree, smart phones seem to be addictive to our young people.

  9. S.W.
    Sorry S.W. and all the honorable Christians here. I didn’t mean to belittle Christianity or Jesus Peace be upon Him. You know, one can’t be a Muslim if he denies Christianity or Jesus (PBUH) as they are reported in the Qur’an, i.e., before these two “notions” were tempered with by the Jews.

    Darkmoon is the only web site I have been visiting regularly … (I don’t know how long) and believe it or don’t, I feel closer to some Darkmooners than to people I encounter and greet almost daily. Moreover, I highly value the faith- I mean the very fact to believe whatever is in the Scriptures without questioning their authenticity for, this absolute faith does require a genuine piety especially from learned people.

    So, if I dare interfere (if I may say so) in matters of belief it’s only on this basis: If the God of Muslims and the God of Christians are different deities, debating the issue of religions is irrelevant for obvious reasons. But if their God together with the Jews’ is One (monotheism) then, Islam raises an important issue: “Al-Shirk”.

    “ Shirk” i.e. the association of another deity with God, is the ultimate and unforgivable sin (unless one repents).

    Allah says:
    23: 91.” Allah has never begotten a son, nor is there any god besides Him. Otherwise, each god would have taken away what it has created, and some of them would have gained supremacy over others. Glory be to Allah, far beyond what they describe.”

    He also says:

    (4:116) “Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly gone far astray.”

    Now, my brothers and sisters, if we have different gods there’s no problem believing what you believe; but if we have the same and Only God, I simply don’t want you to commit the ultimate, unforgivable sin. I want you saved. Honestly.


    1. @ Sean

      Do not interpret this comment as criticism, just food for thought. Everyone is free to belief as they desire.

      The assumption that the God of the Jews, the Christians, and Islam are the same ignores some basics. Jesus said in John 8:44 that the father of the jews is the devil. To claim commonality of God with the jews would be an error for sure. Just because the jews claim that their God is The Father of Jesus does not make it so. The Father of Jesus is love. The God of the Old Testament cannot reasonably be considered the God of love based on the “record,” the Old Testament, that the jews had control of for many centuries. The jews, being liars and murders according to Jesus, created the God they wanted and it was not The Father of Jesus, the Creator of all things.

      Your quote of 23:91 is the fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity. Islam views Jesus as a prophet and Christianity views Jesus as the redeemer, The Son of The Father, with no need for prophets after him. Unfortunately, most Christians claim that Jesus made John the Apostle a prophet via Revelations contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

      Jesus instructed his followers to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, command the physical elements, and preach the kingdom of God that is within everyone. This is only possible if The Father is love since it is the fulfillment of the Second Commandment of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” which fulfills the First Commandment of loving The Father. My personal experience is that Jesus was telling the truth having performed or witnessed all of what Jesus said to do. Even before I knew what I know, my choice was easy. I like bacon. 🙂

      If Mohammed said to do the same thing as Jesus taught, then the God of Christianity and Islam could be the same. If not, then the God of the jews and the God of Mohammed could be the same.

      Everyone gets to pick their God and should choose wisely based on all they know. Being a reformed atheist, I know there is always room for knowing more.

      You are blessed. Be thankful.

      1. Well, what a big can of theological worms Sean has opened. I do believe he means well.
        The more I know of words about God, the less I know of God.
        I do believe in the triune God, who is the One God, who is Love.
        The Islamic world simply doesn’t accept the concept of the Trinity. That is no reason for Christians to attack them, or for them to kill Christians.

        Let each seek God as they will, or not. But let all treat others as they wish themselves to be treated.

      2. @Ungenius

        “I like bacon. 🙂”
        Enjoy your bacon; If you live up to when Jesus comes back you’ll fall short of this “delice”.

        Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Hurayrah said that the Prophet said,

        “The Prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one. I, more than any of mankind, have more right to `Isa, son of Maryam, for there was no Prophet between him and I.
        He will descend, and if you see him, know him. He is a well-built man, (the color of his skin) between red and white. He will descend while wearing two long, light yellow garments. His head appears to be dripping water, even though no moisture touched it. He will break the cross, kill the pig, and banish the Jizyah and will call the people to Islam.”

      3. @ Sean

        Wow. You judge me based on bacon?

        Of all the significant religions in the world, only two have pigs as taboo for consumption, judaism and Islam. Jesus did not teach restrictions on what is acceptable food. Based on pigs alone, the God of judaism and Islam must be the same God which is good to know.

        The importance of pigs is obviously highly underrated.

        Question, does Islam accept the Second Commandment according to Jesus of “Love thy neighbor as thy self” or just the Ten Commandments of “Moses” that does not include Jesus’ Second Commandment?

        Do not take my comments personally. You, as I, have made our decisions. Civil discussions of religious differences is an honorable thing.

    2. I like the cut of your jib Sean, lamh dearg.
      But I like bacon.
      Ungen, Islam has all the answers.

      1. HARRY

        I didn’t judge you; how could I? based on bacon or anything else. If you felt I did, I am sorry but be sure, it wasn’t my intention.
        Sometimes I think mankind would be better off without politics and religion but alas! These bugs are imbedded in our genes. The first helps us navigate through this life and the second helps us transition into the unknown.
        “judge not lest ye be judged”.

      2. @ Harry

        Did you leave “/sarc” off intentionally or are you Islamic?

        @ Sean

        Personally and based on the teachings of Jesus, I do not believe that religion is genetic. Instead, religion is the kingdom of God that is within us all, put there by the Creator. Acceptance is not genetic, but free will.

        “judged not least ye be judged” applies to the disposition of the soul which is up to The Father. Otherwise, Jesus would not have said to “judge by the fruit” concerning your fellowman while here on earth. Not hanging out with an axe murderer is an example.

        BTW, am I free to assume the Islamic answer to the question concerning the Second Commandment according to Jesus is no? If not, what is the answer?

        I’m not trying to pick a disagreement, just understanding since I am not an expert on Islam.

    I have the answer to your question but I estimated that dwelling on belief matters doesn’t benefit the subject at hand: breaking the yoke of slavery…to a slave- the Government. (The Government is itself a slave to a “shadow Government”).
    Here are some aspects parallel to the 2nd Commandememt:
    a)Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
    The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “By Allah, he is not a believer! By Allah, he is not a believer! By Allah, he is not a believer.” It was asked, “Who is that, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “One whose neighbor does not feel safe from his evil”.(1)

    b)Another narration of Muslim is: Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “He will not enter Jannah whose neighbor is not secure from his wrongful conduct”.(1)
    “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should do good to his neighbor and he who believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to the guest and he who believes in Allah and the Last Day should either speak good or better remain silent.”(1b)
    d) Another:
    “Jibril ( 2 ) kept recommending treating neighbors with kindness until I thought he would assign a share of inheritance” (3)
    It is narrated on the authority of Anas that the Prophet (may peace blessings be upon him) observed:
    “By Him in whose Hand is my life, no, bondsman (truly) believes till he likes for his neighbor, or he (the Holy Prophet) said: for his brother, whatever he likes for himself”. (4)
    f) The story of Emir Abd-el-Kader [a fellow countryman] (5) and his neighbor:
    There was a great man called Abd-el-Kader in Syria. His neighbor who went bankrupt had to sell his house but he was given an unfair price for it. He was so angry he shouted in the face of the potential purchaser: “By Allah! I’m not going to sell the neighborhood of the Emir for this price!”
    The Emir heard of this incident and called him up. He gave him a fair price for his house and said to him: “Stay in your house as my neighbor, as you won’t sell my neighborhood for this price, I won’t sell you neither”. (6)
    g) Finally here is a quote from the Holy Qur’an:
    004:036 Pickthal: “And serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him. (Show) kindness unto parents, and unto near kindred, and orphans, and the needy, and unto the neighbor who is of kin (unto you) and the neighbour who is not of kin, and the fellow-traveller and the wayfarer and (the slaves) whom your right hands possess. Lo! Allah loveth not such as are proud and boastful.” (7)

    1) https://sunnah.com/riyadussaliheen/1/305
    1b) https://sunnah.com/muslim/1/83

    2) Gabriel, in the Abrahamic religions, is an archangel who typically serves as God’s messenger.
    3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkJqngX-ybA
    4) https://sunnah.com/muslim/1/78
    5) http://www.worldwisdom.com/public/products/978-1-936597-17-8-Emir_Abd_el-Kader-Hero_and_Saint_of_Islam.aspx?ID=253
    6) http://www.nabulsi.com/blue/ar/art.php?art=5939&id=181&sid=180&ssid=179&sssid=175
    7) 8 Parallel English Quran Translations

    1. @ Sean

      Thanks for the reply.

      I disagree with you concerning belief relative to government enslavement. Evil is a belief just as good is a belief. The struggle is the old good versus evil, truth versus lies, battle. It is the evil of lies that results in slavery.

    I am “Islamic” in the sense that I summit myself to GOD, however I am very much flawed.

    1. @ Harry

      “…I am very much flawed.”

      Join the crowd. I have never met anyone that wasn’t flawed including the guy in the mirror. I avoid those who claim to be flawless.

      1. Quite right, Ungenius, you are definitely a flawed human being! 🙂

        You have two massive flaws that I hold against you:

        (1) You are too modest for your own good and sham the rest of us narcissists by comparison.

        (2) You have chosen a highly deceptive name (“Ungenius”) which gives people the completely wrong idea! 🙂

      2. @ Sardonicus

        Thanks for the comment. I’ll accept it as a compliment. 🙂

        I chose Ungenius quite intentionally. It wasn’t until I was about 56 that it dawned on me that I had been a dumb ass my whole life because most everything I thought was true was not. Ungenius was shorter and sounded better than RecoveringDumbAss. 🙂

        BTW, my wife would most likely disagree with your opinion that Ungenius is deceptive. 🙂

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