8 thoughts to “Today America Decides the President’s Future (Video)”

  1. Israel wants Trump elected but most American Jews didn’t vote Republican. Racial diversity is good for Jews, the pure white race ideology helped bring about the Holocaust. Most new Jews are in a mixed marriage.

  2. according to Daniel Klein and Freke Vuijst, authors of “The Half-Jewish Book,” “halfies” now outnumber full-blooded Jewish children under the age of 11, and they’re gaining on the rest.
    New Jewish voters are “halfies” and they outnumber old school Jews. They vote Republican and live among and marry the Goys.

    1. President Trump has undermined his own authority by behaving like a spoilt child. He poses like Mussolini. He is so full of himself It is embarrassing.

      His downfall is approaching. I doubt he will be selected as Republican candidate for the 2020 Presidential election

  3. Ooooof. I haven’t had such an undiluted dose of damnable misdirection, programming, and obligatory traces of BS throughout. The Hegelian dialectic rides herd, as usual. As we intone leaving the Cow Palace in The City, “Mooooooooo!!”

  4. Sure, because today is America’s day. Today America decides. Sorry, but no. The day was a long time ago. It’s too late.

  5. Trump is beating China, with or without the Democrats & elections!! 🙂

    Trade wars cost a lot.

    It’s early days, but so far the economic data that has come out of both countries suggests that it is China, not the U.S., which is bearing the brunt of Trump’s demands.

    Beijing has just reported its weakest quarterly official growth figure in a decade, and its currency has recently fallen to its lowest level since 2017. The 6.5 percent year-on-year growth reported for the third quarter is the official figure, and Chinese officials themselves have long conceded that many of their economic measuring sticks are doctored…
    ….. which means that the unofficial, but real, number is probably much worse!

    By contrast, the U.S. economy has remained relatively robust and shows little sign of a slowdown yet.

    The fact that the recently imposed tariffs in this growing trade war have not yet caused any significant economic dislocation domestically will likely embolden Trump and his trade team to up the ante as far as sustaining additional pressure on China.


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